Ancient Souls ~ Return of the Children of the Sun King ~ Royal Stellar lineages

December 20, 2021

Share This: Ancient Souls ~ Return of the Children of the Sun King ~ Royal Stellar lineages    Paul White Gold Eagle Greetings Sovereign Wayshowers of the Keepers of the Crystal Arc After the powerful Full Moon in Gemini and the Solstice Doorway open and activated we have more major energies flowing into the field.  We are on day 6 of the intense Red Serpent Wavespell and the fifth…


How To Prepare For Ascension

March 28, 2018

Share This: How To Prepare For Ascension by Claude Lauzon, Guest writer, Ascension is coming. Are you ready? Most of Humanity is vibrating at the 3rd Density. Since the year 2000 we’ve been vibrating at the 4th Density, but the time is drawing near that we will be rising to the 5th Density. So how can we prepare ourselves to match this higher frequency? It all begins with modifying our…


Just Hours till the Solar Eclipse Activations

February 14, 2018

The Leo Lunar Eclipse on January 31st opened the cosmic portal to the photonic plasma light infusion that is altering life on planet earth. We will be broadcasting ‘live’ Thursday during the Solar Eclipse in our Global Activation show, a powerful time for Lightworkers to unite and transform the world consciousness.


Holographic Realities vs Physical Realities, Spine, Physical Body

October 28, 2016

Lisa speaks about whatever is going on with Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, LightBody Upgrades, Light Activations, Awakening, Ascension, Integration, Light, Consciousness, Opening Hearts, Letting Go of OLD Earth Programming, Crystalline DNA, Star BEing Evolution, Quantum Jumping/Leaping/Existence, The Unified Field, The Quantum Field, Everything NEW Earth NOW! All things Sacred, it is an honor to be a part of your journey here!