Just Hours till the Solar Eclipse Activations

Just Hours till the Solar Eclipse Activations

by Med Benedicte

In just hours (1:05pm PT/ 4:05pm ET) on February 15th we will experience the extraordinary New Moon Solar Eclipse at 27° Aquarius. The Leo Lunar Eclipse on January 31st opened the cosmic portal to the photonic plasma light infusion that is altering life on planet earth. We will be broadcasting ‘live’ Thursday during the Solar Eclipse in our Global Activation show, a powerful time for Lightworkers to unite and transform the world consciousness.
The amazing Leo/Aquarius eclipse cycle is bringing up the theme of empowerment…how we use power, master power and feel self-empowered in our lives and with each other. As the anti-patriarchy #metoo movement gains momentum, we are shifting into a new relationship with power. Instead of ego dominated power of aggression, competition and external power symbols (money, material acquisitions and male authority), we are transitioning into living soul-based empowerment.
Several years of eclipses on the Leo-Aquarius North-South Nodes is transforming power structures from patriarchal domination to balanced (masculine/feminine) societal co-existence. This depends on the infusion of divine feminine to rescue the world from destruction. As the feminine energy rises to hold balance with the masculine, our entire world paradigm shifts into unity consciousness.
As we perceive ourselves and others as Sovereign Beings, we transition into a new energy, a field of consciousness that honors the individual in the context of the ONE. As the left-right brain synchs up, our viewpoint expands into multi-dimensional perspectives. Our mind co-exists in the personal and the group essence, micro and macro simultaneously. Instead of winning/losing, we evolve into experiencing win-wins in all our interactions.Solar Eclipse Activations
Since we are currently riding the eclipse wave, take some time to focus on what you want to create in your Soul’s life. Eclipses work as catalysts to effectively shift directions. Breathe deeply and spin out any patterns, programs and emotional trauma that has been holding you stuck in outdated life issues. Clear out of your biofield any remaining patriarchal patterns. Set yourself free! The eclipse energies are building up right now, lifting us higher to the next level of our Ascension.
Envision the bigger picture of your life, your mission and your service to the greater good. You carry cosmic codes and consciousness that contributes to the global ascension happening now. Open and allow your soul’s gifts to unfold and activate within you. We need every single one of you to actualize your divine presence and purpose as a Lightworker on the planet at this momentous time. Be the god/dess that you are!
Join other Starseeds and Lightworkers on Thursday, February 15th for our Solar Eclipse Global Activations at 12pm Pacific. We will step through the Solar Eclipse doorway and launch our Soul’s life together. The webcast/telecast will include timely energetic activations and empowered intentions to accelerate personal and planetary ascension. Let’s create 2018 as the ‘Break Free’ year of accelerated transfiguration!
Register to attend here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=121005
Lovingly, Meg
PS: We’ve upgraded the payment options to make the registration process easier. When you select either Paypal or credit card, there is a final step required to click on ‘Pay Now’ button to complete the registration.
If you cannot attend the ‘live’ show, you still have the replay link to work with the Eclipse Activations later. All is ‘activated’ in the timeless Quantum Vortex no matter when you listen.
If you still encounter problems, please email us for further assistance at least an hour before the show begins. We also offer a 2nd option to register at EventBrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/leo-lunar-eclipse-global-activations-tickets-42581593693
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