SuperNova ~ Implosion of the Matrix ~ Total Expansion ~ THE SOLAR FLARE FREEDOM CODE ~ Staff Codes of her Original Divine Feminine Blueprint

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 SuperNova ~ Implosion of the Matrix ~ Total Expansion ~ THE SOLAR FLARE FREEDOM CODE ~ Staff Codes of her Original Divine Feminine Blueprint

Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Galactic Earth Angelics of our Sacred Shambhala!

Today is a pivotal day in our Ascension process. A New Key has opened a New Lock freeing more of our Galactic teams to assist us from the higher realms. This doorway of perception opens a new Gateway and Path with the Illumined HEart of Christos Consciousness. Although every day new codes and keys are coming in from Galactic Core and Universal Source as these puzzle pieces fit together and unlock new codes in our DNA, the expansion of Consciousness accelerates exponentially each and every day. This energy continues building until the ultimate release which will be the Quantum Leap we have all been working towards. Great job Lightworkers the cultivation has reached a new culmination point ,The Light is celebrating.

Although we still have a little Way to go before full Activation we call the Event, we need to take a moment and feel and see with the eyes of our Spirit what we have accomplished thus far. When you do it will help you continue keeping the Hope alive and building the Faith we need for our full Transformation. Each day with Courage our Faith grows, builds and expands until all doubt and fear is resolved in the Unborn Mind of Buddha.

This Gnosis has been encoded in me by the Masters from a very young age, many moons ago. I transmit this Buddha Mind to you in this Now for the Mind to Mind Transmission from ShakyaMuni to be complete.

Open the Portal within, to Divine Connection, and let your Spirit free. Wake up, open your Clear Eye of Bliss and see Reality as it truly is.

We free you eternally from the confines of your mind. In this we liberate you Now..A’Ho!!


Singularity will happen when ALL is revealed as the Game it is. Then this Grand Cycle will come to a Divine end and New BEginning. I Know humans want justice and they will see it. Though no judgement, not all players are what they appear to be. There will be a quick leveling up in Truth, Compassion and Unity. ALL of the Players come from Source. The roles played were necessary to wake up a sleeping civilization. And they are waking up.
The conjured up will be extinguished. Soon. BE in Peace. Solar Plasma affects on the body are ramping up! Let your Rainbow Lightbody Shine! The Event approaches, you feel it. WE ARE Ready to Remember it ALL and do what WE came to do. I Love US ALL so much. ☀️💛👑
Powerfilled M4.7 Flare from Sunspot 2860 is speeding to catch up and merge with the multiple strong C Flares as they are headed to Earth. 80% probability of continuous C Flares, even 5% chance of X Flare. This is quite an event. The XRays from this M Flare are BEing absorbed into the Atlantic Ocean. However, a subsequent large Flare could cause radio and electric blackout conditions on mainland Americas, including a dramatic intensification to Hurricane Ida. WE ARE seeing an increase in Deep Earthquakes as well. Waiting on ENLIL Spiral for graphic. Bless the Day Pilgrims.
Gratitude to our Artist SiStar: Patricia Ann Melstrom 💜

SA Smith


Radio Blackouts hit overnight.
As an M class Solar Flare shot off the Sun and straight at the Earth.
Hitting us around 2 am EDT!
Even the Schumann Resonance is waking for these energies.
It’s an Amazing day of massive energies!
An “Anything is Possible” type of day.
Tonight is a massive energetic night as well.
It’s a full weekend of Upgrades and Amazement.
In these energies, follow your Resonance.
You instinctively know what’s best for you.
All of this is happening FOR YOU!
It’s an amazing time 🌟
WOW the sun keeps popping!! We just had a HUGE M-class Solar flare! These last two flares are powerful long duration Earth facing CME’s, this is no joke! What I’m getting is that we’re in the middle of a major solar event, we have a c-class BASELINE and it looks like a never ending solar flare is ongoing! We also have geomagnetic storms and the Schumann Resonance levels spiking! Not for the faint or weak of Heart, literally speaking! Powerful energies supporting our Ascension and to manifest our dreams so create wisely as the energies continue to build! Soak up these codes in the sun, they carry powerful Healing Frequencies and Upgrades for your vessel.
The sun also helps with the clearings such as internal parasites and toxins and assists cell renewal not to mention the vitamin D. I use Organic Coconut Oil instead of sun screen but if you do make sure it’s organic if possible. Nature and Earthing are our best friends and bring so much balance to our system as the earth’s magnetic field continues to shift and fluctuate/ wobble, connection with nature allows us to align our with earth’s heartbeat! Increase in water intake is highly recommend, also to assist the cellular renewal and clearings.
Let’s do this and show everyone how we shift in density whilst staying balanced and having fun! Some may have a hard time navigating these topsy turvy energies, no surprise. Make sure you listen to what your body, mind and soul need to assist this massive transformation and shift we’re going through. The body is transmuting a LOT and needs our support! It’s super intense but there’s also so much clarity, expansion, bliss and joy available, depending on where we’re at. We’ve had take off! 🥳 Some may fluctuate a lot between the two. So staying balanced, centred and as relaxed as possible is where it’s at. Do whatever it takes, self care comes first, the rest can wait!! All aligns from here for us. Powerful Holy Shifts unfolding as we shift into higher density! It’s all happening peeps! 😃 Enjoy the ride! 🥳
SOLAR TSUNAMI AND CME (UPDATED): Sunspot AR2859 erupted on Aug. 26th, producing a C3-class solar flare: The flare, however, was not the main attraction. The eruption also caused a massive “solar tsunami.” (
The Sun is revving up again…..
This may explain why I had such a problem with the material dimension yesterday. I kept dropping things and walking into things……
Today, still feeling tired and needing some rest and integration time.
This is not the time to be taking on the problems of the world, but more a time for internal integration after the Lions Gate and all the changes.
I think that September will bring more surprises and changes, as we head towards the 9/9 Portal and the Equinox on the 21 September.
We are in an intense pressure cooker of change and transformation. Many souls, both human and animal, are choosing to leave now.
Archangel Michael says that in our daily lives we need to be kind rather than judgemental, and to avoid the “I am right, you are wrong” attitude that is creating anger, fear and division.
Be in the NOW, in the moment, and seek to enjoy the blessings of life. Life is still a beautiful blessing and Love will see you home.
Have a beautiful week-end!
❤ ❤ ❤


For those ready with the intention to move ahead as their True Self and in their True Power,
Divine Solar Mother is showing the way.
She has re-ignited the Solar Flare in us.
They are only the Living Ones that can receive this re-ignition in their bodies and inner worlds.
This became possible again because
we made it back to our starting point after so long!
This is only just beginning now!
We are to allow, receive and express again our True Power and
we are guided to Thrive as we truly are.
The Solar plexus is transforming to be able to process this Power.
This Power has nothing to do with the human material power as we know it,
this Power is coming from the Presence of the Self, the Solar Self
and it is one with True Eternal Life.
It carries purity, the essence of life, knowledge and responsibility and it is connected with All that Truly Is!
It is in absolute harmony, respect and honour with the energy of service for the good of all.
In order for all the above to take place,
we have entered a correction and settlement phase.
This means we have available an energy that is blessing us with healing, freedom and renewal like never before and
we will now start witnessing the resolution in situations that have been standing for very long long time and were unable to be resolved.
In this session we will address specific situations that the
True Self wishes to practically clear out of the way,
correct and settle so that the way can be free.
The freedom code will be given as a powerful tool in this process.
One free from weights, free from worry, free from stress, free from pain, free from trauma
can be using energy constructively and effortlessly,
in full capacity!
This is a very different reality than the one we have been experiencing up until now.
‘Once one starts clearing the way, one will realise how much energy was loosing just by being in the 3D fallen reality and just by keeping unresolved issues and trauma in his/her personal field and how easy manifestation can become from then and on.’
G1 solar storm in progress coupled with a M4.7 solar flare
Now this makes all the difference as the extra magnitude of ‘light’ enables us all to See more, and depending on where you are on your path of remembrance will determine how this is experienced.
Experiences with pain and suffering are offering connection and teaching the long forgotten lauguage of light. Where we hurt is where we lack, and this is simply a slip of the value system. Change the values from external to internal, remember what it is to be in the rhythm of the all in which we move and flow with the Universal stream as opposed to trying to dictate and control it, which is a pain filled way of operation. When we choose to remember then all pain and suffering leaves and makes way for miraculous healings and reveals a baseline frequency of unwavering peace.
Relationships going awry? The 3xtra light can appear to reveal the most bizarre communications and changes within relationships that cannot be described in any other way but perhaps bonkers or out of character. Flares cause flare ups when we don’t understand the extra light, imagine it as though people have been living in the darkness and then they see light for the first time, it hurts the eyes and people retract, extra light particles from our sun happens the same, and we follow the same patterns, it just manifests in our reality 3xp3riences in a multitude of different ways. Solar winds create change, and can literally clear away Kansas and have you arriving in Oz minutes earlier than you left.
But what is most important is to own EVERY relationship as a direct reflection of YOU and the relationship you are having with yourself.
REMEMBER who YOU are 🌀
Emotions arise with extra light, all is a language requesting to be processed FOR the purpose of all LIGHT, which is ultimate growth energy.
That which is content in the darkness and sleeping in the perceived blissful ignorance resists the growth injection that these super waves create. The realignment that opens up during solar surges can and will bring super transformation the moment the priority switches from the mundane view and attachments and into the super natural where miracles happen once you slip into the willingness to play with the unknown.
This willingness is the energy that powers the desire to explore the possibilities, that watched all boundaries disappear in the warbling illusion of reality and realised there to be zero separation other than the workings inside the mind of man, and this viewpoint opens up a whole new world to discover.
Breaking the illusion ends the turmoil of the confusion, it brings clarity, and everything behaves clearly. This extra light drives us all collectively out from the dark and into the light where we get to experience the perfection and the precision, a space where agendas become redundant, so if during the 3xtra light things feel somewhat tough, remember where you are being guided, remember you are being supported from your highest most Divine aspect and for your greatest good, and remember, most importantly that you are love and that you are oh so very loved.
Presence is the state of being
Gratitude is the key
Growth is the purpose

Channeled by Jennifer Crokaert

How to cope with the implosion of the Matrix? ✨

Beloved brothers and sisters of Gaia, very soon you are about to see the rules, standards and cultures of your world unveiled as lies and manipulation. A lot of y’all are already aware of a large portion of this information. Most will have a lot to learn. Even those of you who know a lot will be presented with new, more deeply upsetting information.
How to cope with this implosion?
Lies are made visible in order to dissolve them in the light of clarity, compassion and love. Darkness is dissolved by light and you are light. That’s why every action you take from light will extend the overall grace required to transmute this time as quickly and efficiently as possible. What we present below is a reminder of what you already know, and is in no way exhaustive. It’s a memoire! This is a reminder for when your mind becomes empty and your heart goes numb: get back to basics.
In essence, humanity is light. Get back into your hearts, in your love. It’s worth noting what makes your heart sing now, so you can develop a menu of solutions, paths to feelings of love and lightness; it will help when you feel overloaded and you can’t even remind you how to feel love. Suggestions include family, friends, pets, meditation, nature, yoga, deep breath…. take note now and list what helps you reconnect with your inner light, your I divine inner me, your sense of love.
Limit your exposure. When you feel overwhelmed by the situation, it’s appropriate to take time to take care of yourself, love yourself, feed yourself. You can’t be there for anyone if you lost yourself: there’s a reason adults need to put their oxygen mask on before kids on a plane. Many will return to experiencing the child’s overwhelm – you can’t comfort them if you’ve lost your center.
Remember: it’s a phase, the most painful phase in many ways. It will end. This deluge will clear, cleanse and cleanse more than anything that has ever existed, so when you feel overwhelmed, remember the worst of this is going to end: soon.
Be gentle. Be gentle with yourself and others. Compassion, forgiveness, heart centered listening, kindness… these qualities are your compass of the soul. When in doubt about how to react, return to these qualities.
Channel anger and outrage in a proper way. This is not the time to divide against each other, now is the time to see reality clearly and when your innate sense of decency is so appalled that you are overwhelmed by anger, take a time out. Immediately Write your anger, talk to a plant, cry in a pillow, draw it… there are as many ways to spread anger (without hurting or scaring others) as humans.
Deep breath is one of the most transformative workouts you can do. It opens channels to your deep heart, your innate wisdom and your divine source. In case of stress, R E S P I R E Z. It’s magic.
Let others have their reactions – most will be unable to respond thoughtfully. If you’re prepared for this, you won’t take their reactions personally. None of this is directed at you. If you are sensitive or empathetic, which is likely if you are reading this, be consistent in cleaning your energies, daily and even every hour. You can use any method you currently use, from purification to using light tools such as the violet flame of Saint-Germain, where you imagine its purple flame instantly dissolving all negative thoughts, feelings and fears of your energy field.
Personal care. When possible, use all the tools at your disposal to keep your energy clear, that includes fresh air (open a window), drinking water, choosing healthier food options when you have access to it. Zoning using addictive substance may seem appealing, but it prolongs the pain.
Generosity of mind to others, sharing your time and resources, will reassure others that humanity is good, kind and loving. Many will need this reminder, it will be their safety net.
Be yourself. You are the strongest of the strong, the bravest of the brave. You woke up to be a conscious light in this time. While others will only see tragedy and terror, you will have greater insight and a wise heart. Trust yourself. You are where you are for a reason. Allow your mastery to shine with kindness and compassion.
Give us a call Whoever you turn to in difficult times, call on them. Whether you turn to a divine source, galactic, angelic or nature – no matter who you turn to, bring them closer to you. All those who assist humanity on subtle levels are here for you, as equals, as partners. We are all One. Notice the signs, symbols and coincidence: these are our ways to report our presence.
We love you and we are with you at all times.

Staff Codes of her Original Divine Feminine Blueprint

Until she embodied her inner flame and activates the staff codes of her original divine feminine, she would be unable to find and attract her genetic equal partner. Her genetic equal held her matching rod and staff genetic coding from the first seeding.
She have been waiting several lifetimes during the Dark Ages for the time when the planetary frequency would be high enough for the staff codes to be reclaimed and activated safely.
She need to remember her souls mission to act as the main spiritual catalyst. The Rod and Staff coding would ignite in the genetic equals who would be reunited once again into sacred marriage couples during this ascension cycle. When they embody their original Christos blueprint they can merge into Hieros Gamos – Sacred Union.
In Love

By Erik M Roth

Pluto squares Eris
On August 27 th , Pluto moves into its 4 th (out of a series of 5) square with Eris at 24 degrees and 40
minutes (Capricorn-Aries). In an orbit more than twice in duration as that of Pluto, the dwarf planet Eris
(relatively the same in size as Pluto) is located in the Kuiper Belt and takes 559 years to complete one
orbit around the Sun.
Eris is in a slower part of its orbit and is in the sign of Aries today (between the Cetus and Fish
constellations), which began in 1922 and will go on until 2044-2048, when it begins to transition into the
sign of Taurus. It’s currently moving as a pace of only ¼ of a degree per year.
Eris is a disruptor and change agent of societies and civilizations, assisting us, like Pluto, to uncover our
own internal and external conflicts, shadows and disharmonies. Eris is the Greek goddess of strife and
discord while the Romans called her Discordia. She is sister to Ares, among many others. She
symbolized certain levels of chaos and trouble for humanity, as projected by those at the time. Eris
initiated the Trojan War with a Golden Apple.
Pluto is a dwarf planet that assists us into surrendering to our soul’s truth while facing our deepest fears
through events beyond our control. It is a process of acute cleansing or detoxing our natural state of
being and organic systems and structures (especially while in the sign of Capricorn).
Together, this squaring period between 2019 to 2021 when the 2 planets have been within 1 degree of a
square of each other adds to the greater composting and rebirthing in the world. It also represents a
crucial period at this Turning of the Ages of a co-creation and a mission to free individuals from inequity
and imbalance.
Turbulence becomes a temporary norm (especially so while Uranus squares Saturn currently in 2021)
but also an awakening to a greater conscious clarity of purpose of spirit, due in large part to the flushing
out (voluntarily or otherwise) of the collective soul, as well as individually. This square can be a
Revelation for Humanity as allies on our spiritual paths.
Venus in Libra quincunx Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn square Eris retrograde in Aries – Sadly it comes as no surprise that world tensions have escalated as Pluto and Eris reach the fourth of five passes. Pluto in authoritative Capricorn breaks down long-term structures, demolishes institutions, transforms systems. But shadow Pluto is brutal, warmongering, power crazed. Eris in battle-ready Aries makes us aware of anger, calls out toxic masculinity and game playing, points to the elephant in the room. In shadow though, she is a troublemaker, sows discord, delights in disruption. In light she demotes those who abuse their powers and forces us to confront our fears. Collectively, it isn’t easy. The pressure is acute.
The connection between personal planet Venus and transpersonal Uranus shows how our hearts are troubled by what we see playing out in the world. Freedom, politics, group alliances, financial issues are all uppermost in our minds. All that we once took for granted is changing. It’s hard to stay centred and balanced when it feels like the world is spinning off its axis. Do your best to maintain equilibrium. Stay flexible. Reach out to those you love. In times like these, friendship is everything.
Degrees and Times
Pluto 24°Cp40′ R, Eris 24°Ar40′ R – 04:12 (BST)
Venus 14°Li45′, Uranus 14°Ta45′ R – 18:43 (BST)
Painting – ‘The Friends’ by Jules Breton
Kin 257 ~ Red Planetary Earth
The number 10 is called ‘Planetary’ and it’s key words are ‘Manifest, Perfect and Produce.’ The 10th step of any wavespell is about manifesting what you need, it provides perfect opportunities.
Today is Red Earth which represents ‘Evolution and Navigation’. We are all evolving all the time although it can be indiscernible as it happens slowly, unconsciously and subtly. As we grow older it is easy to look back and see how we have grown up, softened, matured. But while we go through the process, it’s so hard to see. You are a work in progress! On Red Earth days, we can be more conscious about our evolution and take steps to ‘navigate’ our way down the right path.
Today’s guide is Red Serpent which represents ‘Life Force, Survival and Instinct’. The serpent has incredible acute senses, always aware of what is going on in the neighbourhood. Let this energy guide you through your evolving day. Expect to feel over sensitive but this can greatly aid navigation and so accept it.
The Challenge for the day is the Blue Hand and so people born on Blue Hand days will find evolution more challenging than the rest of us…challenging but not impossible, they just have to try harder.
The Occult or Magic energy of the day is brought to you by Yellow Seed which represents ‘sowing awareness’ suggesting the awareness about magic is the key to evolution.
Today’s Ally is the White Wind, the communicator… and so if you need assistance grab a White Winds as they are everyone’s friend today, they offer support and good advice.
As we draw close to the end of a Tzolkin cycle, contemplate your lessons learnt. What were you doing when this cycle began? (Dec 15th 2020) What is happening now is the conclusion of a journey that began 260 days ago. This was a tough round, especially that last Blue Western Castle of Burning! However, the drama wasn’t for nothing. Did you develop, grow or alter your outlook on life? If you think about this over these last few days, you will be better equipped to start the new cycle. Lastly, every time we consciously travel with the Tzolkin we connect with it on a deeper level. Ask yourself… are you ready to go deeper? Prepare yourself mentally for another round!

Today is Red Planetary Earth day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Red Earth, (tribe 17 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), evolves, navigate, synchronicity.
Red Earth encourages you to evolve yourself by consciously navigating your path. You are the captain of the ship, you are the navigator, you are holding the steering wheel and making all course and direction decisions. As you navigate your way upon your chosen route, you will begin to notice synchronicities marking the way as you go. Synchronicities have been mislabeled as coincidences. Coincidence is a word we created to describe the phenomenon of two instances of something happening simultaneously that catch our attention. The implication is that these occurrences are happening in a seemingly random or unexplained way. Everything and every event that occurs is synchronized and connected.
We have all had the experience where we are thinking about someone and the next thing you know the phone rings and it’s them, or moments later you unexpectedly run into them. Let’s assume that you started this synchronized process by thinking about this person first. As you begin thinking about this person, you naturally radiate thoughts and emotions about them. This energy then goes out into the universe and magnetically finds that person. Now this person has your energy swirling about them which then acts as a catalyst causing them to begin thinking about you. The next thing you know, your phone is ringing. It is actually your act of conscious navigation which is creating these synchronicities. Synchronicities are the signposts that come up along your evolving, consciously navigated chosen route acting as reminders that you are on the synchronized path.
Planetary tone of Manifestation, (step 10 of the 13-step creative energy cycle), perfect, produce, manifestation.
The tenth step on the creative energy tone cycle is where manifestations come into existence. Having set your intentions yesterday through and about questioning, intelligence, and fearlessness, (Yellow Warrior), manifestations are now ready to take form. All manifestations are perfect, the result of divine orchestration. Like the law of attraction, or the law of energy, (every action has an equal and opposite reaction). Whatever energies, resources, and intentions go into the bringing about of a manifestation, is exactly what will bring those manifestations into existence perfectly. Some manifestations come in the form of challenges. Challenges can only happen when you are qualified and ready to meet them. These are also perfect manifestations. Strive for perfection in all that you do, then let go and know that you did it perfectly. Becoming overly perfectionist runs counterproductive to the manifestation process.
Strive to manifest, then let go and experience the perfect manifestations of evolution, navigation, and synchronicity
Day 10 of the 13-day cycle themed Yellow Star, beautifies, elegance, art.
Written by Roger Grossman
10 CABAN – KIN 257
28 AUGUST 2021
I perfect in order to evolve
Producing synchronicity
I seal the matrix of navigation
With the Planetary tone of manifestation
I AM guided by the power of life force.
28/8/2021 = 41= 10/8/5=1/13=1/4=5
28- Great promise/Success
41- Power/Attraction/Charm
10- Manifestation/Authority/Power
1- New beginnings/Leader/Original
5- Freedom/Change/Transformation/Liberation
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
8- Abundant Infinite Source Flow
5- Freedom/Change/Transformation/Liberation
13- Goddess/Cosmic Consciousness/Natural Lore
4- Foundation/Form/Earth/Angelic
KIN 257 = 77 = 14=5 Freedom/Change/Transformation
Another HUGE PLANETARYday, in our ever evolving Ascension journey on PLANET EARTH!
Day 10 of the spectacular YELLOW STAR✨ WAVESPELL – where we are AWAKENING our sparkle,🎆 and using our creativity to attract more Beauty, Grace and Harmony in our lives.. so that our lives become a living work of ART! 🎨
And so we reach day 10 in the final countdown to piercing the veil through to SOURCE!🌞 Today we are perfecting the manifestation of PEACE and HARMONY in our beautiful new world that we are collectively co creating. Perfecting the creation of the reflection of TIME⏳=ART🎨🖼 – As ABOVE so BELOW! It is decreed! 🌟
PLANETARY🌏 – Tone 10 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – produces, POWER – perfects, ESSENCE – manifestation. The 10th stage of the Yellow Star Wavespell🌟 is the perfection of all we imagined as possible. And more! It is the HARVEST stage where we happily reap our manifest splendour. The forms we have been imagining begin to manifest into our reality, and our lives begin to reflect the Beauty and harmonious flow that we desire.
Our lives are transforming, our minds and hearts are at peace!
All is well in our beautiful world!🌹🌹🌹
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED PLANETARY EARTH 🌏 CABAN A much softer, feminine, flowing energy today, following yesterday’s masculine Warrior challenges! The Warrior questioned and thus rejected the status quo, now CABAN is bringing forth the era of PEACE! It is TIME to build the foundation for these new peaceful societies. Changing the combative and competitive culture to one of peace and unity, in harmony with Mother Gaia and the natural synchronic flows.
The time is NOW, in this present moment! Stop pushing everything into some future time! Bring forth your ideas into the NOW in order for them to be made manifest. Stop stalling and start creating! 🌟🌹✨
CABAN🌎 is the energy of GAIA and today it is DOUBLED🌏🌍 as we have the RED EARTH🌏 tribe uniting with TONE 10 – the PLANETARY🌍 level MANIFESTATION code! This adds phenomenal PLANETARY POWER to this day – really expanding the BIG PICTURE to a GLOBAL LEVEL.🌐
CABAN reveals the SIGNS and synchronicities pointing the way for our best focus point in order to MANIFEST our highest Starry potential as a collective.🌟🌟… Many clues will be revealed today on a GLOBAL level as GAIA will be talking to the masses! 👫👬👭
RED EARTH will be indicating which flags are RED and which are WHITE🏳 today… CABAN will answer your question of what is next, by providing the signs and synchronicities showing you how to NAVIGATE the best path forward. RED EARTH will show you which path is treacherous and best avoided (beware the quicksand!), and which paths are CLEAR – leading you to the greener pastures.
The questions to ponder today are,
❓ “How can I ground my ideas, through synchronisation and appreciation of nature, to manifest what I desire in this physical world?”
❓Do your ideas support Peace on Earth? Are they sustainable, renewable and sympathetic to all of nature’s kingdoms?
If you are in the natural flow, then your constructs will be supported by Spirit flowing naturally into form. Watch for synchronicities today guiding you into this natural flow.
CABAN also enables us to access the WISDOM of our ANCESTORS – the WISE ONES from cycles past. When we learn from our ANCESTORS we are not doomed to fail in our lessons. They have overcome the problems so it is WISE to heed their advice as written in the prophecies and ancient texts. The stories passed down in the oral traditions also hold valuable keys to our evolution – so it is important to LISTEN and LEARN to choose a higher trajectory for our PLANETARY EVOLUTION.
✨NOTE: HUMANITY will need to be alert and LISTENING👂 as GAIA will most definitely be communicating her current emotional state – so be mindful of Planetary movements and events – particularly in the Grids.🌐
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED PLANETARY SERPENT🌏🐍 CHICCHAN We move from our minds to our gut instincts today. Tapping into our inner wisdom and knowingness, our intuition will guide us in the right direction. What FEELS right and what feels wrong? Tuning into and listening to Mother Gaia to guide us with the right timing to initiate our actions.
CHICCHAN will help you build a strong foundation for a sustainable and enriching life where all your needs are provided for. We do not need to COMPETE for resources or struggle to SURVIVE on an ABUNDANT planet. When we are in the FLOW in sync. with Mother nature life becomes effortless. Once we are in the FLOW then all our needs are met naturally.
Respecting Gaia’s needs, ensures the survival of our human species. We become a part of nature, woven into the web of life, 🌐 as we organically merge into the landscape at ONE with all kingdoms.
The Earth is our Eden providing all the FRUIT we desire from our Utopian endeavours. 🍉🍓🍎🍇🍒🍍
The SERPENT🐍 in the GARDEN of EDEN is not there to TEMPT us and lead us astray – but rather to remind us of our innate WISDOM as CREATORS who can MANIFEST all our heart’s desires!
We hold the KEYS🔑 to paradise within us.🏝🐬🌴
CHICCHAN🐍 in the Higher Self position on a PLANETARY🌎 day – puts the SPOTLIGHT 🔦 on our two Planetary Serpents – the Rainbow Serpent 🌈🐍and Quetzacoatl the Feathered Serpent🐉… so watch out for Grid activations🌐 and activity in the form of Volcanic🌋 eruptions, Earthquakes etc.
EARTH changes can get quite PHYSICAL today!
SUPPORT: WHITE PLANETARY WIND🌏🌬🍃 IK Communicates and emphasizes the messages from Spirit.
IK works in unison with CABAN to bring us much stronger messages today. We have the messages from Mother Earth🌎 amplified through the whispering wind.🍃
Feel the connection to Spirit, to Mother Gaia and to the natural kingdoms allowing the synchronicities to FLOW🌫 through you today. Take note of which direction the WIND🌬🌫 is blowing in order to navigate your correct path. Open your sails⛵ and produce a steady flow of energy through your body, using your breath. Allow pure consciousness to FLOW🌫 through your physical vessel. Dance, channel, play instruments, write, draw and allow the Divine to animate your being.
Feel yourself in synchronic FLOW🌫 with the cycles and timing of the Natural world and each other at this revolutionary time.. Allow the breath of Spirit🌬 to course through your body becoming a Divine conduit, the living bamboo reed. Surrender as a conduit of flow for spiritual evolution helping to realize the DIVINE PLAN here on Planet Earth.
LISTEN to the WIND and follow the SIGNS allowing Spirit to help you find your Divine FLOW.🌫
How BRILLIANT that we have the Divine Will supporting humanity’s evolutionary passage today on this PLANETARY MANIFESTATION day. Spirit is ACTIVATING the DIVINE PLAN for our planet.🌍✨
✨THY WILL BE DONE! ✨The DIVINE TIMELINE is fully ACTIVATED and operational today.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW SELF-EXISTING SEED 📦 🌾 KAN is blossoming today and bringing in the keys to constructing our New Earth – allowing us as Planetary Star🌟Seeds🌾 to fully blossom🌸 and flower 🌺into our fullest potential🌹…in so doing, as each and every StarSeed OPENS and blossoms, then so too does Gaia, and our beautiful planet becomes a sacred Divine garden of ROSES🌹🌹🌹 once more.
KAN brings forth the energy for all the new wondrous solutions to take root! The ideas in the minds of men must be perfected, and then acted upon in order to be made manifest. A brilliant example of this is how Nikola Tesla visualized the blueprint of every invention he designed in his mind’s eye. He continually refined and honed it in the aethers until he was satisfied that it was perfect. Only then did he create a working model made manifest in physical reality. Tesla was in total sync. with natural laws, using his uncanny psychic abilities to bring forth inventions that were harmonious with the planet, in order to make life better and more joyful for us all.
Use your MIND today to PERFECT the blueprint of your holographic creation in order to produce it in physical form. VOILA! ✨ MAJIK HAPPENS!! 💫💫
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE PLANETARY HAND 🙌 MANIK brings forth the blessings of Healing, Knowledge, Wisdom and accomplishment – allowing us to have all these GIFTS🎁 at our disposal today – but we must remember to ACT on our input in order to PRODUCE something!
MOTHER GAIA provides a cornucopia of healing foods, herbs, plants, minerals and medicines as the SOLUTIONS needed to live a HEALTHY and ABUNDANT life on EARTH. We must honour what she provides for us and remember to keep our land and environment PURE for ourselves and future generations.
The shadow of BLUE HAND is that of lacking the resources, skills, time, energy or knowledge to bring forth your ideas into the full COMPLETION stage. MANIK is encouraging you to become aware of your resistance and distractions.
❓❓What is getting in your way of manifesting and completing your desires? 🤔
Learn to FINISH what you start, by taking small steps each day, toward your long term goals. Use your commitment, focused intention and openness, to assist you in achieving your purpose. Experience yourself as a TOOL of the LIGHT! Take satisfaction in each step you take along the way, and if the job gets too difficult then ask for help and do not get overwhelmed with the enormity of the task.
“Many HANDS 🙌make LIGHT💡 work” so call in volunteers and willing participants to cocreate your wonderful imaginings. As united LIGHTWORKERS we will need to reach out to others for help and also become accustomed to stepping up into our greater Divine Missions and being the Starry Wayshowers 🌠 that we came here to be… shining BRIGHT in the sky for all HU-MAN-ity to SEE our luminous glory. ✨✨✨
GAIA is strongly calling all the PLANETARY WIZARDS to unite in their collective VISIONS of UTOPIA today… Meditating and being in stillness in order to PERFECT our Manifestation of this GRANDE PLANETARY NEW DREAM of PEACE ON EARTH!
Today’s question is ” How can WE perfect the MANIFESTATION of the Divine Harmonic Matrix of Mother Gaia? ✨🌎🌍🌐✨
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for PERFECTING extra-ordinary GLOBAL manifestations today!.🌈🌍✨
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Artist – Mariano Gonzalez Chavajay DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

Pleiades 1 Messages August 28 2021

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Portal 2020 being opened. Appropriate separations initiated. T3/T4/T5 >>> 94% (non-regressive).

Attention *Mystics of Hebah! Support of SPECIAL Projector started: 92% (non-regressive).

Mystics of Hebah: SPECIAL Reverberation of Projector: 92% (non-regressive). The Light Celebrates!

Attention The Romanian Line! Support of Projector for Illumination Initiated: 83% (non-regressive).

The Romanian Line: Line Illumination in progress: 83% (non-regressive). The Light Celebrates!

Renounce – they happen.

Elevating Potential increase.

Crystalline Unifications increase.

Momentum of healing increases.

Controlled dramas diminish.

Terrans called to final harvests.

Expected rebirths in progress.

*Nevic Grid potentiated.

Temporarily, end of transmission.




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