Chakra Tones F Heart-A Inner Eye "Angel People"

Chakra Tones F Heart-A Inner Eye “Angel People”

Published on Sep 20, 2015

This is the third of my chakra tones Chakra pairs series, notes are F and A, chakras are Heart and Inner Eye. the corresponding energy in the chakra Arcana is Temperance, #14. The only time you will see the arcana reference image is at the very beginning, wiht the tarot angel with two cups, and energy flowing and balancing from one to the other. when one is linking the heart and the inner vision a cosmic connection is established, and doorways to universal consciousness are opened. with tthis video I decided to focus on one particular series of fractals images, they are all related, there are primal body forms, to me they are angelic, subtle, but flowing, open and floating out into the cosmos.
the sounds are from a selection of Himalayan singing bowls that contain the tones F and A. I used a Pythagorean tuned set of tuning forks to select the bowls. However with singing bowls you always get a rich series of harmonics, so other notes are there too.

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