Lions Gate Portal




Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Luminous Liquid Crystal Plasma Light Beings of the New Eden

Through the night there was a massive purge and release in Gaia and many Starseeds that resulted in the lifting of dark energies and the lifting of many veils of separation. You may be feeling more ethereal today like in a dream. The weight of the old false systems of struggle is lifting and you also may feel lighter like you are floating on air. As the false programs and projections fall away, we are going Crystalline.


Our powers of manifestation are accelerating. Be sure to stay centered in the heart and fully present in the Now. The Buddha taught the Middle Path of balance and harmony to always live from the Heart being connected to all things.


We are going Quantum in this Now. All exists in totality within the field of electromagnetism. We call all we desire into the here and now with our focused Pure Intent and our Divine Will. As we surrender to our highest sacred self  we bridge in our multidimensionality to bring to fruition our works of light in service to the Great Spirit, Gaia and all Sentient beings of the Way.


We are shifting from a mindset and belief system of lack and limitation to that of abundance and prosperity for all living beings of the New Earth. The Divine Codes of Christ Consciousness are fully anchored into the grids for the Truth and Grace to flow through every Sacred Vessel of our Ground Crew of the 144. With the Faith and Courage of our all-mighty I Am Presence we command our Avatars to Rise through the Ascension Spiral into the New Plateau of Eternal Bliss Consciousness of the Gold Ray of Peace.


The Galactic energies continue to build through this 88 lionsgate portal as we break through the zero point center and into our Exodus into the Eternal Life of Source Creator…A’Ho!



Right now: Moon at 7°04′ Scorpio, Sun at 12°37′ Leo

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

   An old sea captain rocking on the porch of his cottage.  
Sabian Symbol for 13º Leo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 13º Leo.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

   The moon shining across a lake.  
Sabian Symbol for 8º Scorpio

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 8º Scorpio.




Valerie A. Elster



Big ROOT Chakra Restructuring happening this month as we Update the Genetic Coding in our Cosmic DNA.

Solar & Sacral have been INTEGRATING for the past few months as our Physical bodies PURGE to prepare for the next Influx of LIGHT Codes.

A time to GROUND deeper!

So much love!



ROOT Chakra Restructuring
ROOT Chakra Restructuring

Amanda Lorence


CLUES from childhood (especially age 7) of what we LOVED, was MEANINGFUL, we RESONATED to, is STILL within us in the PRESENT moment. It’s NOT ‘past’. We are still children at heart 💜


the sacred HEART
the sacred HEART

Rashmi Khilnani


Lions gate portal

Energies ever amping

Thank you guardian white lions of Sirius

Thank you hathor and the neters 🙏💖☀️💫🌳

Lions Gate Portal
Lions Gate Portal

Bernardo Antonacci


Gooood morning dear Family of Light,

At this time there is a splitting of timelines where a number of timelines continue into 3D worlds and dimensions and others allow for a connection to the 5D New Earth. These timelines are separated through vibration. No-one with a 3D vibration would be able to connect with a 5D timeline. Conversely, anyone with a high vibration would be repelled by a 3D timeline. Yes, it is possible to feel you are straddling a number of timelines for a time, but increasingly this is becoming hard if not impossible. It is not a matter of choosing a timeline, that choice has already been made at a soul level. It is important to let go of some people and situations that no longer resonate with where you are going. Also, to open to new connections that support your soul’s destiny.

88 Lions Gate portal
88 Lions Gate portal

Ally Raye


“Come, beloved one, take my hands in yours. Surrender your fears. You are the children of my HEART. I AM with you always,” whispers the holy mother in your HEART.

Rest in this LOVE, beloveds.




All is truly truly well.

Love Is. Love Is. Love Is.

God Is. God Is. God Is.

In celebration of the Divine Mother…



I Open My Heart to Thee
I Open My Heart to Thee

Victoria Liljenquist 


Aug 4..


*Victoria Liljenquist

2 nights midnight on Aug.2  the 4 transporter ships were at my back patio… I requested we move Forward..

I was shown



(People actively moving inside)


at eye level..only 8 ft from my patio….I received a PROFOUND MESSAGE.. “THE GALACTIC FLEETS ARE READY TO ARRIVE NOW..”. Hallelujah

My Heart is full of gratitude


Same night 7/24


(Ecetic Ranch)

AND at

South of border/Mexico


were FILMED.. by

James Gilliland

And William Juno Roehling

July 24, 2022 at James Gilliland’s ECETI RANCH


and also

Same night 7/24

Legions of Light

William and Alma Atma Roehling…filmed a fleet in

Mexico below Tijuana.


MANY OF OUR STAR TRIBE Filming nightly wonderful Merkabah Ships..

Johnnie Womack, Kaia Carlisle, Melanie Elisabeth Cameron





William and Alma Roehling

Your dedication and service is acknowledged and GREATLY appreciated.

Cmdr. Victoria Liljenquist





Steve Nobel


Dear Starseed,

Global Ascension. We are almost at the peak of the Lion’s gate (8/8) where the light of Sirius is at its peak. This light is a beautiful light that illuminates the way towards the New Earth. Please be aware that Dark Forces are using this time to ramp up interference with this energy. Call on your Higher Self, Psychic Protection Team in Spirit, and your Guides and Angels to filter out all interference so that you can enjoy the guiding light of Sirius.




Art by

guiding light of Sirius
guiding light of Sirius



How are you feeling today? There is a lot of anxiety, hunger, craving for (mostly sugary, sweet) food, thirst (like you can’t drink enough as your mouth is always dry), restlessness (the feeling you cannot be still or go into the stillness of self to connect to your soul), depression and heavy emotions in the collective energy right now. You might be crying a lot (or close to tears a lot of times) and feeling the pain within, but trying to get rid of it is not successful because you don’t even know where it is coming from. 


Shift the energy and step out of this energy to feel better. Go for a walk, ground yourself, go swimming or cycling or dancing. Physical activity will help you to shift the energy and get into the present moment. Release the thoughts that are occurring in your mind all the time and ground yourself. The more closer we are to August 8th, the more the collective energy will be heavy and unpleasant, which means you need to take care of your own energy and release everything that is not yours out of your system. We’ve got this 🙌🏼🦁💪🏼🤍

88 Lions Gate
88 Lions Gate

Sia-Lanu Estrella




Most have had a challenging couple of years. There’s a reason. What played out was never the ‘original’ timeline. Just as it all started, many were called into Earth service. I was told, “It will all be over in a few weeks.”

Imagine my shock as the restrictions first came in. I asked my team, “What happened??”

They reminded me that at any moment, multiple future timelines are possible, depending on our choices. When over a billion people all plugged into the same lower stream of consciousness at the same time, it ripped the whole world into a lower reality.

You might think, “But that period created a leap of consciousness for many.” This is true. But it didn’t have to be that hard.

We were on track for a much smoother and more accelerated jump in consciousness. So, when this lower collective consciousness pulled the world into a lower timeline, those who were already awake, placed a stake in the ground. They anchored to the higher timeline and fought to hold the higher frequency.

It was hard. And it was tiring. But these ripples went out. People were active in different ways. And those higher frequencies stirred an elevation of consciousness in many.

Yet, there was also the flip side. Many in false light and non-embodiment capitalised on the situation and positioned themselves as ‘wayshowers’. While those holding true embodiment found it harder to gain traction. Again I asked my team, “Why is this happening?”

They told me those in false light were riding off the lower reality matrix. This is why their messages spread like wildfire. For those in true embodiment and unity, my team showed me the image of Moses parting the seas. Instead of water, it was tar. That’s what we were having to cut through.

In July 2022, there was a huge amount of interference and many were called into Earth service. Now I understand what that was. We were pushing through the ‘ceiling’ of the lower reality. Enough have now unplugged from the collective lower stream of consciousness (which had created a shared delusion that became ‘reality’). It has empowered us to burst through the ‘ceiling’ and into the higher reality – the new Rainbow Earth we’ve been birthing.

Perhaps you feel it already – increased energy levels, joy, inspiration and huge heart opening. The fog has lifted. This is the time to celebrate and make the world your playground. Do that course or program. Read that book. Come together with others. Take that holiday. Start that new project.

Whatever your heart is calling you towards, embrace it with both arms. Be like the artist painting your reality. This is a momentous shift. It’s what we’ve been waiting for. Let it be joyous – we’ve earned this!

For more, watch ‘Our Cosmic History & the Lyran Rainbow Prophecy’ here:




Ra James


The energies are so high right now.  We are now moving into the best part of the Lionsgate Portal.  The Lionsgate is a powerful Sirian Stargate.  We are going to be continuing to feel a huge influx of energies as we get closer to the 8:8 Portal.  The entire Cosmos is in such a deep alignment right now.  Our Sun, Sirius, and Orion are now aligned with the Galactic Center and are rising together.  The 3 stars of Orion’s Belt align perfectly with the 3 Pyramids of Giza.  Two lions hold open this Gateway.  


It’s guarded by the constellation of Leo and the Sphinx.  These energies activate the heart of the Lion, Regulus, and of course our own heart chakra.  Look at these energies as opening heavens door.  We are going to be continuing to receive lots of DNA activations this week.  Expect major Solar Plexus activations in these energies.  Expect these energies to continue til the 12th too.  As these energies are flooding the Planet they are activating the Ley Lines and the Earth Grids.  These energies are powerful for manifesting.  These Events are getting new meaning with the ascension that is happening currently.  The 8:8 Portal is powerful for any Twin Flames. 


Even if you just sense that you are one, or have one.  The 8:8 Portal is an Infinity Portal.  It’s here to remind us that some love between souls is infinite.  You will find each other time and time again, picking up right where you left off.  Past life connections coming back around in this lifetime.  We are going through a huge expansion right now.   Pay attention to any dreams, signs, intuitive hits or nudges your getting right now.  


The messages are coming through.  Synchronicity is at an all time high.  Spirit is making moves and you should be too.  Especially pay attention if your being guided towards Love right now.  The most powerful meeting between souls are happening here on Earth during this time.  If you feel your being guided toward another take it as a huge sign right now…

Maximum energy flows from Lions Gate
Maximum energy flows from Lions Gate

Ameera Atlantis


The Lion’s Gate/Atlantean New Year Cometh!

The Lion’s Gate portal from July 22 to August 12th is my favorite cycle of the year ~

It is 3 weeks of extra invigorating mana from the Galactic Center and Great Central Sun reigning down Egyptian/Atlantean Light Codes. We receive energizing keys enhancing our connection to everything upgrading the New Earth.

This time of year, Summer in the Northern hemisphere, we embrace the gifts of the heat and heart of Leo, offering us an opportunity to love deeper, act braver, and allow the fires of transformation to recreate us from the inside out.

Your ability to remain malleable during Leo Season is a key to accepting the transformative energies to recalibrate and upgrade your essence.

I find this season to be both invigorating and inspiring as the Light Codes from the Great Central Sun gift us with the awakening of ancient DNA from lands like Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria.

8.8/Lion’s Gate is also the Atlantean New Year.

It is the beginning of the new galactic cycle on the Atlantean calendar.

In Atlantis, we used to celebrate this day of double infinity by honoring our connection to the above and below, sea and sky, and our infinite eternal nature.

We wore the colors of fire, yellow, red, orange,  to honor the sparks of light within us all and gave gratitude to the Sun for its warmth, comfort and light.

In later eras this celebration would move to Egypt and carried into the celebration of the Sun god Ra.

Nature celebrations and the cycles of the Seasons were a regular “thing” in Atlantis.

We always found reason to give gratitude and honor the elements, the celestial bodies, the Season and cycles that provided for our abundant existence. Everything and everyone was held in reverence.

Do you remember?

My specialty in this life is to help you to reconnect consciously to what your DNA and inner knowing remember as the beautiful existences we lived as Atlanteans and Lemurians.

We are preparing to return to Atlantis and Lemuria as the New Earth creates openings in our memories of an era where the Law of One reigned supreme.

We had gifts and roles in the communities that accelerated and supported a way of life where all were held as sacred.


Sending you all the very best from the Great kingdom of ATLANTIS RISING during this potent and powerful gateway known as the Lion’s Gate.

Hail Atlantis

Oceans of Aloha,

Ameera Atlantis ~ Keeper of the Atlantean Flame


Lions Gate Atlantean New Year
Lions Gate Atlantean New Year


Ramona Lappin



FULLY ALIGNIng WITH our TRUE NORTH (TRUTH) is us correcting our own inner artificial axial tilt (vertical column/ connection to Source/ Truth)! As we no longer allow & take on FALSE PROJECTIONS of others, that had us PROJECTING ARTIFICIAL/ FALSE REALITIES out into the HOLOGRAM! THIS IS WHAT UNLOCKS OUR ORGANIC REALITIES!




When we keep focusing on linear dates, on something to happen in the ‘future’, no-thing will ever happen NOW!!!


WE ARE TO TRANSCEND LINEAR TIME ALL-TOGETHER if we want to trance-end 3/4D!! 

Time is part of the artificial Matrix simulation.


We have to go TIMELESS!








The One who is co-creating ALL of this and that no-thing lies outside of that Self. 


The higher dimensional realities are accessible through the Zero Point Field of NOW, in NO-TIME! 


Linear time becomes instead a coordinate, a point of reference and orientation but we no longer focus and attach any expectations to it. Even science is in overall agreement now that time is not real. 


ALL is all-ways POTENTIALly AVAILABLE in the NOW MOMENT – IN NO-TIME!! In the quantum field.


Otherwise we keep pushing events always into the ‘future’ energetically, yet all time actually exists only NOW, all timelines running parallel, all-ways accessible NOW.


That’s all there ever is, ever was, ever will be. 


THERE’S always ONLY NOW, all else is memory and imagination.



Use it wisely and super consciously!


When we live in the ‘past’ we can experience depression, reliving events as if they’re happening now. And if we’re constantly focused on or worrying about the ‘future’ we experience anxiety. True presence, peace and full-fillment can only be experienced in the present NOW moment. 


NOW is the only ‘time’ we ever have, where we get to change, shift, activate and access that which we truly desire.


When we speak about Divine Timing what we refer to is actually DIVINE FREQUENCY ALIGNMENT!


It’s ALL A CO-CREATION together WITH SOURCE and the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS! All is inner-connected and co-created in a Divine Orchestration as ONE. 


Sometimes we have to “wait’ for all to align, to fall into place, yet no-thing just happens to us by chance!! It’s both, we co-create it and it also happens when/ if it’s aligned and supposed to. We are to trust the Divine Plan as well as play an active part in its unfolding, in alignment with, and as an Embodiment of Divine Will!


We are here to be God Source embodied. 




Can you hear it’s call? Because we also get to choose to step into, and full-fill it, and the spiritual path is not for the weak of hearts, but for BRAVE-HEARTS!


Diamond Hearts & Minds wide open Beloveds, the Supernova of the Heart Event is here NOW!


Tune into, align and merge with your already Ascended Master, Guardian Self, atONE with Source and ALL, in the timeless NOW!


Ignite and activate the Golden One True Organic Ascension Timeline/ Realities now from deep inside of you! 


All you need to know all-ready there now, 



Build into y/our DNA, Morphogenetic field/ Divine Blueprints and Crystalline Network, now fully overwriting the old. Y/our instruction sets and Coordinates for our New Edenic Realities all build in. 


No-thing to do, but all to align with, as THE REAL TRUTH THAT IS EVERLASTING is about to arise fully from within us ALL! 


Like a flood washing away the slumber of forgetfulness as we awaken from the dream within the dream, to dream all new world’s into being. 


Changing our Realities from the inside out as we do. 


Re-member your magical Self, your inner Maji Grail Queen and King, and use the power you hold, 




Eternal Love & Blessings,

Ramona 💙


Alignment Upon Us
Alignment Upon Us

Judith Kusel


The Ultimate Future of this planet, the New Earth and the dissipation of the Old, is already present in the here and now.

For this was already encapsulated many thousands of earth years ago, and thus nothing and no one can change this.

I was in deep meditation yesterday when I was clearly shown this encapsulation.   More than this, I was shown clearly that the New Earth was much larger than the current, and that it has already formed around the old.

The Old however is shrinking, as it now dissolves, almost like a car tire losing air pressure and then going flat.   It is dissolving. 


Then I was shown something remarkably interesting:  The Old energy centers, the sacred centers and the Web of Light of Old Earth, is now merging with that of the New Earth – thus the New Earth is absorbing the old, now fully awakened, the dormant energy centers and dormant energy devices which have now been reactivated.   As they are absorbed, they are then transformed into the New Earth Energy Centers and thus born anew. 


The Sunspots which have everyone in a tizz, are but energetic impulses which are bringing rebirth at the highest degrees, in ways our human mind, cannot understand.  We just do not have the technology nor the science to understand this, yet deep in our hearts and soul we do know. 

The whole Universe is in a state of rebirth and renewal, and so is this galaxy and this solar system and so is our Solar Sun.  But what is actually happening is that the planet is moving out of this solar system, and returning to its original orbits in another solar system, where it originally was created in, and this links to another Sun.   For we are being reconnected now via Sirius, to the 7th Central Sun of Illumination. 

There is nothing to fear, but only more to embrace.

For every soul now is fully responsible for its own free will choices:  To evolve and ascend, or to choose to either stay in the Old Earth, and then through other processes of evolution, eventually evolve in ways they then choose to.  No soul is ever lost, nor denied anything.  It is merely the soul’s own choice, which evolutionary path they choose to travel – or the tiers of creation they choose to ascend or descend into.

There is nothing in the Whole of creation which is ever out of place, or in the wrong place, or whatever.   All is perfect, whole and complete.

What we often see as imperfection, is perfect in the form it currently presents itself in.  Yet that form can morph into something completely different any moment, for all is energetic and energy.  As soon as void occurs – the Universe will strive to immediately fill it.

More than this, your soul is simultaneously existing in multiple timelines and spaces – for the physical existence on this planet is but an illusion.   It is but one single experience of your soul in expanded quantum space.  Yet, every existence or manifestation of your soul in whatever form you choose, has a ripple effect on the whole.

Bypass your mind in reading this.

Allow your heart center to open and your soul’s memory banks to trigger and your All Seeing Eye.

In truth there is Only One Single Creator and One Single Creation, and One Single Existence, for Divinity lives and exists with all of us, and every part and particle of the Omni-Verse.  ALL IS ONE.

What this teaches us is to take full responsibility for our own soul and what is co-creating every single breathing moment, while it is here on planet earth, and to keep ourselves disciplined and focused on fulfilling our own special assignment on earth, with great love and devotion.   What others are doing or not doing, is in truth not going to affect us, unless we allow it to.

All is but a cosmic journey with the Divine Heart, and one of Pure Love.  For Love is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and indeed Omniscient.

Your soul is immortal, and thus is but on a single space journey here on planet earth for one single eyewink in Eternity and Infinite Space.

Judith Kusel

Photo:  Jean-Luc Bozzoli


Karen Lithika



As you begin to understand the ins and outs of your Reality, the Light Capabilities of Rapid Expansion, the opening of your sensitivity and intuition.

The true connection with your Divine Self and Soul Family ensures this stream of light acceleration can be gained and achieved.

It is simply the requirement of holding your light frequency at a high level, to truly awaken the path before you.

As you choose the Multidimensional Light Path, your journey will be free flowing Light Expansion.

The Arcturian Gift is to assist Humanity in their Light Evolution, as we collectively join, upgrade and unite beyond our current knowing.

Like a Yellow Brick Road of light, to follow the internal Light Path.

To feel the Wonderment of Light Beings, their Divine Connection to US.

To have faith in the days ahead, to continue the Higher Light Evolution, Leaders of Light

Sending waves of Cosmic Love for your day dear one

The Arcturians and Karen Lithika

Immensely powerful activations
Immensely powerful activations

Carolyn 144 GODCODE


Everything is coming back into Divine Order.  This includes Divine Unions that we have recovered and restored through all our efforts.  Through reuniting with Source we achieve this and more.  Soon you will see these blessings enter Holy Grail Counterparts, to reunite them back into the Oneness field.  We are being shown how to open up to love again.


Detachment is happening for us to be taken on an adventure in this new direction.  Rest and receive this major rebirth that is happening.  Spirit is in full control so we don’t have to be.  All we need to do is continue protecting ourselves and receive the fruits of our labor.  


Create sacred space for yourself to continue healing and clearing the heart and mind.  More understanding of deception and betrayal are revealing themselves as justice continues balancing for final endings.  You may remember the seed point inner child wounding that created all the hardships.  Receive the revelations and ground back into your body on all levels.  Revealing these truths are bringing endings so you can become whole with yourself and unite your Divine Counterpart.


In Jesus Christ’s name amen.  God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

Lions Gate Energies
Lions Gate Energies

Leah Whitehorse


Mercury enters Virgo – Mercury is now at home in its own sign. The tiniest of details are significant. This transit boosts critical thinking but don’t let your thoughts turn against you and harp on about every perceived fault. Being overly critical is a shadow expression of this energy. Resist the urge to pick at issues until they bleed. Learn about what helps and hinders you. Analyse problems from different angles. Pay attention to the language you use. Refine how you communicate. If you feel nervous, give your hands something to do. Complete the little tasks that often fall by the wayside but constantly pester for attention. Identify where improvements can be made without chastising yourself for errors. Perfection is an ideal not a reality.

Create lists and plans to problem solve with mindful attention to practicalities. If solutions don’t appear, turn your troubles over to the inner universe. Encoded in your genes are aeons of wisdom and experience. Still your mind for it to become receptive to innate knowledge. Manipulate your molecular structure using high vibration mantras. Ask your body for feedback. Practice breathwork.

Painting – ‘Violet’ – John Singer Sargent

Degrees and Time

Mercury 00°Vi00′ – 07:57 (BST)

© Leah Whitehorse

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The Tzolkin Times


Kin 78 ~ White Cosmic Mirror


‘Cosmic’ is the name for the number 13 and its key words are ‘Endure, Transcend and Presence’. The 13th day of a wavespell wraps up the whole journey. On this day we arrive at the destination we set out for on day one. ‘Cosmic’ days can be enduring because we must transcend our experiences in order to be properly prepared for the next 13 day trip. I always emphasize that the Tzolkin is best lived one wavespell at a time. Although all the days in the wavespell have their own meaning, the overlying theme is set by day one. 


Furthermore, the order the wavespells follow one another is mystical. To get the most out of the next one you need to fully understand what you’ve learnt from this one.

Today is White Mirror which represents ‘Reflection, Order and Endlessness’. The Cosmic Mirror symbolizes the reflection of the cosmos here on Earth. We are stardust and more influenced by the Universe than we can ever fathom. The Mirror reflects the truth and on number 13 days,  we ‘endure to reflect’ – meaning the truth can be difficult to grasp but it is so essential for transcending. If you want to confirm you are on the right path, the Cosmic Mirror will show you but you must be prepared to eat humble pie if you discover that you are wrong about your current situation. If that is the case, it’s much better to know the truth now rather than stumble blindly in the wrong direction.


The Guide today is the White Wind which represents ‘Communication’ but also ‘Spirit’. This suggests that communicating with Spirit is what will guide you in the right direction today. Stillness is the key to ‘hearing’ these messages. Normally, we are too busy & too noisy and so we miss vital information. It is available to you no doubt, but you can’t hear it – if it is being drowned out by busy minds, noisy places and distracting thoughts.

The Challenge today is the Yellow Star. People born on Yellow Star see the world through the eyes of a child sometimes….in awe of its beauty, dazzled by sparkly things but reluctant to accept the truth if it’s not pretty. Today will be tough on them but Yellow Stars need a reality check from time to time just like the rest of us.

The Occult power today is the Blue Night which represents ‘Dreams and Abundance’. When in this magical position dreams have the best chance of coming true. So, cross your fingers and make a wish. There is also much abundance to be enjoyed because the Blue Night has an incredible  imagination and can dream up great things.

The Ally today is the Red Dragon, the nurturer of the Tzolkin. We all need a little nurturing today, so be kind to yourself and others. If you are a Red Dragon, be prepared to be depended upon for support. If the enduring aspect of today becomes too much, do what a Dragon would do and find a nice cozy cave.

Kin 78
Kin 78

Christina Papageorgiou



13 ETZNAB – KIN 78

4 AUGUST 2022





I ENDURE in order to REFLECT

Transcending Order

I seal the matrix of Endlessness

With the Cosmic tone of Presence

I AM guided by the power of Spirit


4/8/2022 = 4/8/6 = 4/14=4/5=9


4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic

9- Completion/Destiny/Mission/humanity/Grace/Divine



6- Heaven/Christ Consciousness/harmony/Family/Fertility

14- Media/Publicity/promotion/Recognition

5- FREEDOM/LIBERATION/Change/Ttransformation

KIN 78 = 15 = 6 HEAVEN – Knock, knock, knocking on HEAVEN’S DOOR! 

KIN 78  marks the TRANSCENDANCE over the power of DEATH!  Another extremely potent and POWERFUL day in our planetary evolution. 


Day 13  in the WHITE WORLDBRIDGER WAVESPELL of surrender, letting go, forgiveness, networking and building bridges. Today we bring final CLOSURE to our old paradigm ENDING the cycle of suffering and lack, as we cross the RAINBOW bridge to our new world that we have been glimpsing.




COSMIC is the last and final tone of creation. The highest octave.  Tone 13 in the SPIRITUAL realm. 13 is the mystical number of the Cosmic order, the Goddess and synchronic Natural time. 


We have arrived – ADSUM I AM HERE!.


This is the stage of having transcended the physical, emotional and mental realms and arriving at COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS.  


The COSMIC ACTION – transcends  POWER – endures  ESSENCE – presence. After journeying for 13 days with CIMI -the White Worldbridger we have faced our FEAR of DEATH, and found the courage to CLOSE the door on all the old patterns and cycles. We are now FREE to make new connections expanding throughout the Cosmos.

At the END of this cycle we discover that the NOW moment is all encompassing, as we focus on being fully present, that is where our ultimate POWER resides.

p.s. As it is a COSMIC day coupled with WHITE MIRROR today- keep your EYES  OPEN, as what was once HIDDEN can now be revealed in all directions of TIME and SPACE!  


Look for the YELLOW/GOLDEN DOOR in the Hall of Mirrors,  and walk through to the SUNSHINE, reflecting on the INFINITE beauty that surrounds and enfolds you.

Beyond the YELLOW DOOR is a YELLOW BRICK road that leads to untold treasures, and Cosmic Abundance, in a beautiful, brave New World, reflecting the Divine Harmony of our Cosmos! 


Today’s question is “Where is the GOLDEN DOOR  to COSMIC ABUNDANCE in my Hall of Mirrors?”  Ask Spirit. Seek and ye shall be shown!


We bid adieu to CIMI, our WHITE WORLDBRIDGER who has guided us to LET GO of all that no longer serves us, and fully SURRENDERED our old way of being. Finally we can bring CLOSURE to the old paradigm and begin forming our new communities in preparation for our new Divine Missions. 


Tomorrow we commence a brand new Wavespell, with CAUAC the MAGNETIC BLUE STORM approaching – ready to “knock our socks off”. Be PREPARED another STORM is upon us!


Hold onto your hats planetary kin because an ASCENSION GALE is coming!   

The WINDS OF CHANGE are here!


Divine blessings for the SLAMMING of the old iron doors and arrival at the new GOLDEN PEARLY GATES , opening to a Garden of infinite BEAUTY and ABUNDANCE!


In Lak’ech a la kin

Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66  



CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE COSMIC MIRROR  ETZNAB represents the Hall of Mirrors, where you can face your own reflection and dare to SEE the truth of what is! Standing in full integrity ETZNAB will reveal the endlessness of your soul throughout the echoes of time.  


Your reality is but an ILLUSION, a continual projection of our collective imaginations – ONE timeline in one dimension of INFINITY. Your soul has many aspects and fragments in multi-dimensions – so call them forth and integrate your soul essence for your next journey. 

The Maya believed that the MIRROR contained the other side of the veil after death. Fittingly WHITE COSMIC MIRROR concludes the 13 day cycle of the WORLDBRIDGER. KIN 78 is said to mark the TRANSCENDANCE over the power of DEATH!


Your journey through the WORLDBRIDGER cycle has led to a recognition of your immortality, through your access to multi-dimensional realms beyond the veil.

As it is a COSMIC MIRROR – the veils are lifting in all dimensions and you are FREE to SEE the TRUTH, revealed through all the OPEN DOORS.. WHITE WORLDBRIDGER brings new opportunities and new connections, coupled with the COSMIC MIRROR – the Halls of Time are fully accessible. 


In which direction shall you choose to travel and build your new bridges?

As you connect to the path of TRUTH and INTEGRITY the old bridges collapse and dissolve. The old illusory world has crumbled (it was all built on a LIE!), and you have no choice but to KEEP MOVING FORWARD… evolve or DIE – the quandary of the Worldbridger!!!


Keep connecting and constructing those bridges to the NEW!


NOTE: On a GLOBAL scale watch out for all the CLOAKS and daggers to be revealed – A huge circus of trying to disguise the TRUTH through “pulling the wool over our eyes” versus those who pull down the curtains to the majik show.

All ILLUSIONS will be revealed, but it will depend on your filter and perceptions to determine WHAT IS TRUTH?


HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE COSMIC WIND   IK brings forth the POWER of the WHITE WIND, steering our boat and filling our sails today.  

The WHITE WIND allows us to fully channel messages from Spirit, through REFLECTING on the revelations, we access through the multitude of doorways, opening now into the multi-dimensional realms. 

Our communication powers are heightened today, and we can access Universal truth, uncovering endless order and patterns woven throughout the Cosmos. The distortions and illusions of the false Artificial Matrix are clearly revealed and can actively be discarded. Tune in to Spirit and trust the DIVINE to lead you to the TRUTH. 

WHITE WIND brings forth the winds of change, gently whispering in our ear and showing us which way to look in the Hall of Mirrors, before choosing which DOOR to open fully and WALK THROUGH.

TRUST in the DIVINE PLAN to reveal the best path.   


SUPPORT: RED COSMIC DRAGON IMIX the COSMIC DRAGON has birthed the COSMOS and all of CREATION. RED DRAGON holds the codes for the CREATION matrix of COSMIC consciousness, through the B-Earth canal of Mother Gaia. 

The DRAGON kin are fearless PROTECTORS, GUARDIANS and manifesters. They have returned to the Earth plane after many eons to assist humanity in transcending the FEAR and oppression of the Patriarchal powers that WERE!

Our fearless protective Mother Dragons  can guide us through navigating the Cosmic Hall of Mirrors and organically flowing through the portal, OPENING to the New Earth and New Time.   B-EARTH-ed in a new Golden Era!  

Many DRAGON kin have been appointed to each STAR BLISS SUN to assist them in BIRTHING their new projects and MISSION now. Call on your DRAGONS for extra protection in this precious incubation time of NEW BIRTH and CREATION.


OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE MAGNETIC NIGHT  AKBAL is today’s SUPERPOWER and what a POWERFUL gift he bestows upon us. AKBAL is the Gatekeeper, who can use his GOLDEN KEY to OPEN the best GATES in the Hall of Mirrors.

AKBAL gives us access to the realms of endless Abundance, held in the collective unconscious dreaming codes. As this BLUE NIGHT is the MAGNETIC tone, we can easily ATTRACT all that we need to UNITE us in our collective DREAMING – bringing forth the endless opportunities, people and resources from all corners of the COSMOS.  

The COSMIC MIRROR magnetizes our dreaming for collective abundance, and reveals that endless infinite Abundance exists in all realms of Creation. Scarcity is an ILLUSION! 

LOOK for the DOORS that lead to REAL sustainable prosperity and happiness. Afterall natural ABUNDANCE is just a state of BEE-ING.

 You have all the wonders of Creation within you, by simply connecting to the SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS!


CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW COSMIC STAR  LAMAT challenges us today to SEE the distortions and disharmony of the false Matrix, and to recognize the REAL precious BEAUTY that exists within CREATION, beyond the MAYA of ILLUSION.  

Humanity has been programmed to value FALSE idols, and superficial desires, that can never TRULY satisfy an immortal longing. Conflict and Competition arise from vying for what we believed was scarce, which created division and separation from our natural ABUNDANCE.

When in fact the natural world and our beautiful Earth Mother always provides for her children, with abundant resources to satisfy our soul.

LAMAT challenges you today, to look for the BEAUTY by simply being PRESENT, and flowing as ONE consciousness.. Connecting through the portal of LAMAT to all of CREATION. Realizing the TRUTH that all Creation exists in Divine Harmonic order, all kept in perfect balance in accordance with Natural Lore.

Look for the YELLOW/GOLDEN DOOR in the Hall of Mirrors,  and walk through to the SUNSHINE, reflecting on the INFINITE beauty that surrounds and enfolds you.

Beyond the YELLOW DOOR is a YELLOW BRICK road that leads to untold treasures, and Cosmic Abundance, in a beautiful, brave New World, reflecting the Divine Harmony of our Cosmos! 


Today’s question is “Where is the GOLDEN DOOR  to COSMIC ABUNDANCE in my Hall of Mirrors?”  Ask Spirit. Seek and ye shall be shown!


We bid adieu to CIMI, our WHITE WORLDBRIDGER who has guided us to LET GO of all that no longer serves us, and fully SURRENDERED our old way of being. Finally we can bring CLOSURE to the old paradigm and begin forming our new communities in preparation for our new Divine Missions. 

Tomorrow we commence a brand new Wavespell, with CAUAC the MAGNETIC BLUE STORM approaching – ready to “knock our socks off”. Be PREPARED another STORM is upon us!

Hold onto your hats planetary kin because an ASCENSION GALE is coming!   

The WINDS OF CHANGE are here!


Divine blessings for the SLAMMING of the old iron doors and arrival at the new GOLDEN PEARLY GATES , opening to a Garden of infinite BEAUTY and ABUNDANCE!


In Lak’ech a la kin

Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66  



Implant Removal Ceremony




Cutting all Chords and Contracts ~ Freedom from all False Programs :





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