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March 29 2023







There’s a serious media campaign for monetary reform.  It’s getting louder and louder with each passing day…the last week of March has great potential for the monetary reform to expose more to the citizens.

Sandy Ingram

 The bank made an announcement that travelers in Iraq should come to the bank during business hours to exchange currency for U.S dollars.  It appears the money shortage of Iraqi dinars is over especially since Iraq will be paying its debts to Iran using another currency other than U.S. dollars.

Mnt Goat

  “MINISTER OF TRANSPORT: THE GOVERNMENT’S VISION ASPIRES TO TRANSFORM IRAQ INTO AN INTERNATIONAL TRADE CENTER BETWEEN ASIA AND EUROPE”  …I told you that Iraq is going to be a huge clearing house for the middle east between Asia (China) and Europe (EU).  So here it is now in black and white from their own news media. Their words not mine….  No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions…Just the FACTS!  They can not possible continue with this approach with a program rate and not being an internationally traded currency.


 Yes, you can go to the CBI website and it’s at 1310 right now.  You saw the article.  The CBI governor is the one who is suggesting/presenting the 1132 exchange rate.  When he approves it, it will be on the CBI website.  They are talking about that’s the next step.   I told [Firefly] they’re talking about making another change before we get to the 1 to 1.  That’s exactly what we told you…

Early summer of last year I started to tell you, you needed to start paying attention because…they are about to tell the Iraqi citizens everything about the new small category notes…back then…I said there wouldn’t be any coins right away…UPDATE!  UPDATE! …it turns out the coins are coming out…what did you see this month?  Articles about coins …this is the month of March where they are educating them IMO.  In the month of April IMO is where they are going to show them…new small category notes, with a new exchange rate and coins.


3 In the final stage, what we’re expecting is the education of the citizens.  On the street we’re hearing that the citizens have been told about new things that are coming and it has to do with their currency.  Not money but currency.


 “Advisor to the Prime Minister: Iraq’s economy is strong and moving towards improvement”  Quote:  “Salih reassured the Iraqis that Iraq’s reserves are sufficient and freedom of transfer is available through legal frameworks and compliance, as imports are made at an exchange rate of 1,300 dinars to the dollar, which gives strength to the Iraqi dinar… The central bank’s reserves today are around $115 billion, which is the largest reserve in the country’s history.”


 We are getting a tremendous amount of chatter – surprisingly from Iraq. They seem to be on an expedited time scale. What I am hearing is to watch between the 1st and the 3rd right now. We are still trying to “vet” some things…They keep telling us they are about to have more money…we should listen to them.

My guesses or hunches:  We are seeing a lot of scrambling as if they are preparing and trying to go between April 1st-3rd. It actually would not surprise me if we got notices today. It would not surprise me if we got notices in 3 weeks. …it appears that 3 day window is in their targets. So my hunch is somewhere in there. But this is just a hunch.


 Is the IQD on life support?  Yeah it is…Currencies around the world are being crushed right now by the US dollar.   That’s a fact.  Not to mention the fact that on the open market/black market rate…at one time was 1750 dinars.  It dropped down to 1500 which is a good moment but…1300 dinars for every dollar is the official rate.  I think one of the ways to combat that would be to continue to increase the value of the IQD.  Move it from 1300 dinars for every dollar down to somewhere around 1050 dinars for every dollar.  It’s a huge jump.  It’s big.  It’s not small.  That’s big.

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 “The Ministry of Planning discusses the effects of changing the exchange rate on the Iraqi market”  Quote: “The meeting discussed a number of proposals and recommendations, which aim to address the repercussions of changing exchange rates on the economic and trade movement…the ministry will submit its recommendations to the Council of Ministers in the near future.  Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani had directed that the Ministry of Planning study the effects of changing the exchange rate on the Iraqi market.”

Bruce’s Big Call Bruce’s

l Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 3-28-23   

   Welcome everybody to the big call tonight. It is Tuesday, March 28th and you’re listening to the Big Call and yes, I am back. We are back. And we didn’t have our ”last” call as we thought we would on Thursday. So here we are back on Tuesday. Welcome everybody the call glad you’re all tuned in from all over the globe wherever you are.  Let’s see if we can get some intel out there for everybody now.   Obviously, we had a call tonight. We didn’t take her to have one on last Thursday because we were told that that would take care of it that it was done. Now what has happened is, this is just preliminary stuff. First of all, regarding Iraq, last week, Congress voted to end sanctions on Iraq. Well, that was nice of us, they finally did that. And then a matter of whether it was yesterday, or today, our Congress US voted to end the War Powers Act.   In other words, they cancelled the war with Iraq. That’s nice. So that seems like those are two moot points, but evidently, there were some things that needed to be done. 

So thank you for getting those done.   And now it puts Iraq in a position where they’ve been exchanging three zero notes in country of Iraq for lower denominations times the rate that they’re giving the dinar in country, and it’s varied and it continues to go up even in country. And so we’re really pleased that that’s taken place and people are getting exchanged through the banks into the ATMs and also through vehicles that are circulating around Baghdad, that are helping people to get their the rest of their three zero notes in before it’s too late.   Now the other thing for us is we are in a window that looks like according to one of our good sources – It looks like we’re in position to get this thing started for us between Wednesday and Friday – so that’s tomorrow to Friday, is what we’re getting from one of our best sources.   That’s what he’s able to determine for us. So I feel really good about that. And there’s a few people out there that are talking about Friday into Saturday. And that may be the case right now but I’ve got Wednesday into Friday. It’s looking very solid for us – So I’m gonna say that and go with that. 

We’ll see what happens – if Friday great so what. It’s great. We can make it.   The other thing is the information has been out on the so called nine stations of the redemption and exchange process. I don’t use that term stations  because I believe when we go in we will be put in a situation where we basically stay put, we stay put and the people in the redemption center  – the staff will rotate and come to us is what my understanding is.   It’s not like we get up and move. Then we get up and move again – and then we gotta move. It’s not like that – it’s like we’re gonna be seated. 

They’re gonna be doing the KYC – Know who your customers are, first of all, they know who the zim holders are  unless you’ve been gifted zim and they don’t know you. So you’re gonna have to prove who you are. That’s not a big deal. One or two photo ID’s, and then a bill showing where you live, which is a utility bill, cell phone bill, something like that. You want to bring that in.   And then after that, it’s a matter of them getting your currency, you let them know how much of each currency you have. I’ve got that printed out so they know what I think I have and then through and they run it through the Delarue machine.  We’re talking about rates after they found out how much we have in each currency. We get that going.     

The concept of when we’re doing our presentation I think is sooner than what was indicated online. I believe it’s more like in the middle of the process. Remember they want it in and out of there in 35 to 40 minutes – That’s what they want. Obviously, if you’ve got a suitcase full, five different currencies, they can work the currencies through pretty quickly but it might take a little longer. And we’re going to be setting up in ones I’m going to call them segments.   Now the idea of you bringing in Fiat dollars and exchanging it – forget that – that’s not happening. That’s something you do later at your own bank later. You don’t tie them up in the redemption center with that – that’s ridiculous. You don’t do that. You have the so don’t worry about bringing fiat money in.  

 You’ve got your presentation in five to eight minutes to do. Yes, you will get a quantum account card or quantum access card that’s that they’ll have for you. You’ll do a biometric fingerprint a thumb print and get that set up. They’ll give you a password you use an email password, and another code from the  StarLink Satellite System to activate that card.   You get that activated after you’ve done your total of your currencies. And then as you get that you’re setting up, probably just one account with Wells Fargo because they are over all redemption centers, but I’m going to use Wells and set up master accounts with them and move funds and it’s not $100,000 By the way, as somebody put out, you can move up to 1.5 to 1.8 billion with a “B” into each quote unquote business account.   And by that I mean an LLC account or a trust account, or however you want to set your project accounts up. 

Okay, you’re gonna be doing that. So I’m using four different LLC accounts. And I may not be able to have time to set up all four separate bank accounts for that. So I may just have to put whatever I can put in my master account and then come back at another time in a day or so after that and put in so much in each LLC account – maybe a day or two later – let’s see – So we get that initiated – we’ve got our presentation.   If you have projects, it helps if you have them – if you don’t have projects and you’re a zim holder, they’re going to encourage you to do a project from their list of projects. And when you do that, you’ll be subject to the oversight of the wealth management division of the bank. And it might leave – you may want that – you may not want that. They’re going to try to get you to take one of their 600 projects off their list and make that work for you and your money.   Personally, I’ve got enough projects. I don’t need any additional from the bank. I’m happy to do the projects that I’ve talked about on the call and then that’s what I’m gonna concentrate on. Remember whose money this is – your money – God’s money – you’re just good facilitators of it and stewards of that of the funds of this blessing.   

Alright – So you’re gonna get through – I think the phone comes at the end. Like you get it as your last thing and then you go out from there. They may give you a certificate for the phones – we think they have been shipped already to the redemption centers there for zim holders – now. They may give you a certificate –  for  – like we need it right  — for a laptop – to take to Best Buy or another place we would find your laptops – we’ll see how that works. I heard about that – I don’t know too much about it but basically that’s how that’s going to be structured.   It’s going to be good. It’s gonna go quickly. I would just say try to pay attention and breathe and enjoy the experience as much as you can. And we’ll see where it goes from there. But you know, we’re looking good, I believe for anywhere from tomorrow through Friday and maybe it is this Friday.  

 And then good things should be happening this week for Social Security recipients are supposed to get an announcements on some sort of this week, that talks about an increase in Social Security for the month of April of $1,000 or more for each Social Security holder. So that’ll be an additional thing that we’re not really going to need. But that’s also going to come for help to those who are receiving Social Security   We’re looking for NESARA announced somewhere around the first, President Trump said to keep an eye on the first that might be significant for us in terms of a political change. And it also could be significant for NESARA because I believe it’s Kevin McCarthy that’s supposed to announce as speaker of the House announced NESARA. I’m looking for that either Saturday or Sunday – Hopefully it is on Saturday, the first   So a lot of things are going to be happening the rest of this week we hope, and next week. It’d be very interesting for us – As far as any disclosure goes. I think some of that could start with NESARA because there’s a lot of things that come with NESARA.   And I know that there are countries that are jumping at the bit to get this thing started, like Vietnam and Indonesia, and obviously a Venezuela and also Iraq, but we’re doing a lot of things right now to get ready for it. I don’t think any countries are going to go before we all go together.   And we got a number of countries going up in value and some going down in value. So you know, they finally agreed on all the rates. 

Let’s see what’s today – Tuesday they agreed on it on Saturday at 11 in the morning, all those rates were agreed upon and at 2pm in the afternoon, the admiral began downloading access codes to the pay masters for the admirals groups. And so that is in process.   And I think a lot of things with bondholders are predicated on them still getting their quantum access cards. There’s still quite a few that need to go out. There were half a million that needed to go out internationally, all around the globe a few days ago and they have not been received yet. So they should be receiving shortly and bondholders should get access to their funds. I hope its tomorrow. I think it could be tomorrow – and if that is that bodes well for us starting tomorrow. Okay, so let’s see.   We’ll see how this goes. There’s a lot happening. 

There’s major, major pick up /drop off going on all over the world right now, especially in the continent of South America. I think quite a bit of activity going on down here. I’m not going to get into the specifics of it. But I think that we’re really looking in good shape for that.   So that’s what I wanted to bring to you tonight. I hope you guys appreciate the fact that we’re still in this thing and we’re gonna stay in it till it’s over. And I’m looking forward to the end of it as much as you are, but we’ll see where it goes for the rest of the week. And then we’ll take it we should have a very interesting April Fool’s Day, coming up Saturday. So we’ll see what that looks like for us.   In the meantime, I want to thank everybody that’s listening to the big call. So thank you for everybody out there in the sound of my voice. Don’t forget Jersey Mike’s tomorrow for lunch. They donate 100% of tomorrow’s receipts to local charities that look up and find a Jersey Mike’s sub shop in your area of the country of the US. And hopefully you can go just like I am tomorrow. Everybody have a blessed night as praying to call out.

Goldilocks Tuesday Evening “Monumental Achievement”

 Goldilocks and Seeds of Wisdom  

  RJ:  Good evening Dinar Recaps,   Goldilocks just posted a link with comments:   “World Bank supports automated public financial management in Iraq”   Iraq is in process of integrating their new budget inside a new electronic format.   This new digital program will enable them to fulfill obligations to the World Bank and surrounding countries on agreed upon proposed services.   These automated payments require rates to be processed between two countries utilizing smart contracts to ensure funding is there on both sides of a trade.   Truly, this is a monumental achievement for Iraq and for all of us around the world who are participating in this global event.   © Goldilocks   World Bank supports automated public financial management in Iraq

Iraqi News Wednesday Morning Iraq Economic News Highlights

 Iraq Economic News Highlights 3-29-23   The Iraqi Central Bank Wants To Issue A Denomination Of 20,000 Dinars: We Will Issue A Decision To Print It Or Not   Today, Wednesday, the Central Bank expected a decrease in the difference between the official and parallel exchange rates during the coming period, and while it indicated the imminent issuance of a decision regarding printing a denomination of 20,000 dinars, it clarified its procedures for monitoring commercial banks.   The assistant general manager of the bank’s investment department, Muhammad Mounir, said, according to the official media, that “the packages and procedures of the Central Bank of Iraq contributed to limiting the continuous rise in the dollar exchange rate,” expecting “a decrease in the difference between the official and parallel exchange rates in the coming period through packages: The first, second and third of the Central Bank, as well as the government’s continued support.   

Mounir continued, “The Central Bank is in continuous updating of all procedures, and every step that is launched is reviewed and the extent of its response and impact on the market is measured, and what are its pros and cons, if any.”   Regarding printing new cash categories, Mounir indicated that “the Central Bank is amending and updating currency papers in response to market requests and developments and limiting counterfeiting,” noting that “the Department of Issuance and Treasurys is working to study the possibility of printing a cash category of 20,000 dinars, and in the coming days a decision will be taken. The decision to print or not to print.  

 Regarding the central bank building, he emphasized that “work is in full swing and 24 hours to complete it.”   On the other hand, he pointed out, “The Banking and Credit Control Department monitors commercial banks, and there are field and office inspection teams that are responsible for monitoring the work and performance of banks.”   

And he stressed, “The doors and phones of the Central Bank are open to any complaint submitted by the citizen to the banks or one of the financial institutions or merchants, and the complaint is met and urgent action is taken in its regard.”  LINK Declining Central Bank Of Iraq Sales Of Dollars   Shafaq News/ The Central Bank’s sales of dollars decreased in the currency auction today, Wednesday, to reach 205 million dollars.   Shafaq News agency reporter stated that the Central Bank sold today, during its auction for buying and selling US dollars, 205 million and 333 thousand and 39 dollars, compared to yesterday, Tuesday, in which sales amounted to 230 million, 3 thousand and 162 dollars, which the bank covered at a basic exchange rate of 1305 dinars per dollar. Dollars for documentary credits and international settlements of electronic cards, at a price of 1310 dinars per dollar for foreign transfers, and the price per dollar is in cash.  

 Our correspondent added that most of the dollar sales went to reinforce the balances abroad in the form of (remittances, credits) at 156 million 333 thousand 39 dollars, while the rest of 49 million dollars went in the form of cash sales.   Our correspondent indicated that the number of banks that bought the cash dollar amounted to 12, while the number of banks that responded to requests for strengthening balances abroad reached 18, while the total number of exchange and mediation companies participating in the auction was 167 companies. 

 New Talk From The Central Bank Regarding The Exchange Rate And The Possibility Of Printing A Denomination Of 20 Thousand Dinars   Economy News – Baghdad  On Wednesday, the Central Bank expected a decrease in the difference between the official and parallel exchange rates during the coming period, while it indicated that a decision would soon be issued regarding the possibility of printing a denomination of 20,000 dinars.   The assistant general manager of the investment department in the bank, Muhammad Mounir, said, “The packages and procedures of the Central Bank of Iraq contributed to limiting the continuous rise in the exchange rate of the dollar,” expecting “a decrease in the difference between the official and parallel exchange rates in the coming period through the first, second and third packages of the Central Bank.”

 In addition to the government’s continued support.   Mounir added, “The Central Bank is in continuous updating of all procedures, and every step that is launched is reviewed and the extent of its response and impact on the market is measured and what are its pros and cons, if any,” according to the official news agency.   Regarding printing new cash denominations, Mounir stated that “the Central Bank is amending and updating currency notes in response to market requests and developments and limiting counterfeiting,” noting that “the Department of Issuance and Treasurys is working to study the possibility of printing a cash denomination of 20,000 dinars, and in the coming days it will take the decision to print it or not printed.”   

   The Central Bank Records The Highest Cash Reserve In Its History   Economical  2023/03/29   The Central Bank of Iraq recorded a financial reserve, the largest in the country’s history, according to what the government’s financial advisor said on Tuesday.   Adviser to the Prime Minister for Financial Affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, said in a press statement: The central bank’s reserves are currently the largest in Iraq’s history, after reaching $115 billion.   And Saleh considered that “the Iraqi economy is strong and faces crises easily, and the situation is heading towards improvement,” noting that “Iraq is moving towards gradually improving the digital payments climate and compliance with the world.”  

 He stressed that “the packages launched by the Central Bank are smart and give reassurance to the Iraqi citizen,” explaining that “we have entered the stage of digital payments correctly in Iraq.”   On January 19, the Iraqi Central Bank announced a significant growth in its foreign currency reserves in the past year.   The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ammar Hamad, said, on January 23, that “the central bank’s reserves amounted to more than $99 billion.   The Iraqi Council of Ministers had approved the adoption of the Central Bank of Iraq’s decision to raise the value of the dinar against the dollar to 1300 dinars instead of 1470 dinars, in a step aimed at enhancing the value of the local currency.   

The rise in oil prices over the past year, which in some months reached more than $100, contributed to the rise in Iraqi financial revenues, which was positively reflected in the rise in Iraq’s hard currency reserves.    

 The Iraqi Central Bank’s Sales Of Dollars Reach More Than 200 Million   Economy  |Today, 10:58  Baghdad today – Baghdad  The Central Bank of Iraq’s sales of foreign currency decreased today, Wednesday, to record 205 million dollars.   And the currency sale window stated in a table it received (Baghdad Today) that “the total amounts of transfers abroad (remittances, credits) amounted to 156,333,039.”   While “the total amounts of cash sales amounted to 49,000,000, and the total sales amounted to 205,333,039.” 

 Central Bank: Our Measures Contributed To The Stability Of The Exchange Rate   Posted On2023-03-29 By Sotaliraq   Yesterday, Tuesday, the governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al-Alaq, spoke about the stability of the exchange rates of the dollar, stressing that the reserve depends on oil revenues.   Al-Alaq said in a statement to the official news agency, “The central bank’s procedures are continuing, and the packages that it launched are serious and have contributed to the stability of the dollar exchange rate, and we are still continuing our procedures.”   

Al-Alaq added, “The central bank’s reserves depend on oil revenues through the sale of oil, as it is the source of foreign currency reserves that come from Iraq’s oil exports and is the main factor in determining the reserves,” noting that “the central bank’s reserves are within international standards.”   It is noteworthy that the Central Bank launched a set of packages in order to advance the banking sector and stabilize the exchange rate of the dollar.   For his part, the financial advisor in the Council of Ministers, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, stated that “the Iraqi financial sector is living in a transitional circumstance that includes several goals, including reducing the value of the dollar against the dinar from 1450 dinars per dollar to 1300 dinars per dollar.”  

 Saleh denied, in an interview with the official news agency, “the existence of transient or ambiguous external transfers or intersection with international compliance at the present time.”   He pointed out, “There is freedom in the transfer of trade and capital, such as buying a property outside the country, provided that it passes through the correct banking digital tools and through international compliance.”   Saleh pointed out, “This procedure generated two prices for the dollar: the first is official, and the other is parallel, but the difference between the two prices began to shrink over time.”   He stressed, “The economic situation is gradually improving as long as there is freedom in transfers that must be subject to compliance,” noting that “during the next few weeks or months, the official exchange rate will match with the parallel.”   

Saleh stated, “The banks have begun to comply properly, and have begun to make the correct transfers.”   And he noted, “The number of external transfers from the Central Bank’s window reached a normal rate, which is 200 million dollars per day.”   Salih reassured the Iraqis that “Iraq’s reserves are sufficient and freedom of transfer is available through legal frameworks and compliance.”   He stated, “Imports are made at an exchange rate of 1,300 dinars to the dollar, and this gives strength to the Iraqi dinar.”   

And he stressed, “The central bank reserves today are around $115 billion, which is the largest reserve in the country’s history.”   And between Saleh, “The Iraqi economy is strong and easily faces crises, and the situation is heading towards improvement.”     He explained, “Iraq is moving towards gradually improving the digital payments climate and complying with the world.”  

 And Saleh went on, that “the packages launched by the Central Bank are smart and give reassurance to the Iraqi citizen, and we have entered the stage of digital payments correctly in Iraq.”   It is noteworthy that the parallel market is still recording high numbers in the exchange rate of the dollar, which are higher than what is officially announced by the Central Bank.  LINK   The Maximum Limit Is 150 Million.. An Iraqi Company Determines Deposit Compensation Rates   

Money  and business  Economy News – Baghdad  The Iraqi Deposit Insurance Company set, on Wednesday, deposit compensation rates in banks subject to the company’s guarantee.   The company said in a statement, “Do not worry about your money deposited in banks that are subject to the guarantee of the Iraqi Deposit Insurance Company. With the guarantee ratios provided, you can open a bank account with complete confidence.”   Regarding compensation percentages, the statement explained, “Up to 25 million, the rate is 100%, from 25 to 50 million, the rate is 30%, from 50 to 100 million, the rate is 20%, from 100 to 250 million, the rate is 10%, and from 250 to 500.” 

One million, the rate is 5%, from 500 to one billion, the rate is 4%.   

The statement indicated that “the maximum compensation is 150 million, and the percentages are determined by the Central Bank of Iraq.”  

  Lawmakers: The Three-Year Budget Cuts The Path Of Corruption   The first  2023/03/29  Omar Abdul Latif   Representatives believe that preparing a budget for the next three years will reduce the chances of looting and corruption from public money, while an economist warned against adopting 2023 allocations in the 2024 and 2025 budgets, explaining that these allocations may go into the pockets of manipulators and corrupt people, he said.   Representative Abbas al-Jubouri said, in an interview with “Al-Sabah”, that “the three-year budget that the government sent to the House of Representatives is a financial plan for more than a year, according to what is designed by the Ministry of Finance and after the approval of the Council of Ministers,” adding that “the stages of budget formation are preparation, approval and implementation.” “


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