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Divine Feminine Goddess

The Rose of Venus (QUEEN BEE) Synchronicities are “Instant Manifestations”

The Rose of Venus (QUEEN BEE) Synchronicities are “Instant Manifestations”



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Golden Lotus Blossom Evolution Ground Crew Team

All Starseed Earth Angelics are experiencing massive energetic activations and timeline leaps as we integrate the Galactic Gamma Plasma Adamantine Light flowing in through the Great Central Sun, from the most High.

Always remember the way out of the matrix is to go within and the way into the matrix is to go without. This is the great paradox of all simulated realities where form is emptiness and emptiness is form. In the Holographic Nature of the infinite multiverse the one is the many and the many are the One. There is no separation only in the mind of man. The original sin is the sine wave, the One Law, that caused the seemingly separation. We fell asleep within the dream causing the ignorance of our Bright Virtue.

All beings are born perfectly awakened Buddhas. We return to Truth through mindfulness and Self Realization of our Pure Awareness, that which is interpreting these words in this now. 222 coming in.The lower densities are acting out through the false ones attempting to hold our Good People down. Anything external that arises on the negative polarity please do not engage. Stay centered and be the Peace you would like to see and experience in this world.

Nothing can stop this Great Awakening and flowering of Human Consciousness for we have reached critical mass, are way beyond the tipping point and event horizon as we full remerge with the Still White Magnetic Light at the Center of all things. Mother Father God Source Prime Creator.

We step away from the drama and trauma of duality and in Unity Consciousness, in the oneness of all things, we raise ourselves from the valley of the shadow of death, into the Eternal Life of the New 5D Golden Age of Enlightenment for all Sentient beings of the Way… Aho!






Right now: Moon at 4°53′ Taurus, Sun at 22°51′ Gemini

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree.
Sabian Symbol for 23º Gemini

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 23º Gemini.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A widow at an open grave.
Sabian Symbol for 5º Taurus

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 5º Taurus.




You are confronting something deep. A significant possibility for evolution is being offered. 🔥
Several areas of your life could be under the examination of your soul, pushing you forward for change. Action is needed. A leap of faith is required. Things may feel uncertain, as if in the process of becoming something else. Your willingness to continue the journey, take more leaps and see more truths is being tested, once again. Continue in the direction that’s calling you now. You know what this change is about. The Universe has your back.
Well, that was a fun collective wormhole that we traversed today😂 As the collective moved through different points in the time- space continuum, many were catapulted back into lower frequencies to collect soul fractals still left on those timelines.
I personally gathered several, lol. This Solstice transit is like no other, no doubt! 😜😍 Unions that manifested in the past couple weeks are in the process of being initiated, soul agreements being rearranged more often as council meetings are happening literally DURING initiations… trippy! The collective trajectory is now fully Galactic.. ♥️
Divine Mother
Divine Mother
Become aware that the vibrational frequencies are now shifting so powerfully that:
Every thought you think is instantly manifesting, so is every word you speak, every action you are taking or not taking and deed.
The Divine Law of Cause and Effect is instant.
You are what you are broadcasting with thought, word and deed.
Let every thought, word and deed be in alignment now, with the truth of who and what you are, in truth and steeped in unconditional love, the Power of Love.
Become more aware.
What is it you wish to manifest, live, be and become and attract more of into your life?
Then affirm and demonstrate it, with thoughts, words and deeds.
Photo: Josephine Wall
Divine Law of Cause and Effect is instant
Divine Law of Cause and Effect is instant
There are very Intense Personal and Global CLEARINGS that are Taking Place at this Time. . .
and it is important to understand that any ENERGY unable to Align with the refined Frequencies of Ascension will automatically CLEAR or CHANGE and NOT just those that are fear based and traumatic.
Many of us may BE Experiencing a sense of sadness. . . depression. . . and of belonging nowhere as WE Realize that much that brought the “old us” Happiness and Satisfaction is finished and nothing seems to be replacing it.
In fact. . . WE Accept that every Life — People of All Colours. . . Animals. . . Trees and Plants. . . are Pure DIVINE Consciousness.
Just as WE Speak of a Body of Water. . . WE think of our SELVES as a Body of GOD.
DIVINE Consciousness is Infinitely Expressing the Fullness of IT SELF in. . . as and through ALL IT’s EXPRESSIONS.
WE Look ONLY to DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS. . . which is CLOSER than Breathing. . . NEARER than Hands and Feet.
DIVINE Consciousness
DIVINE Consciousness
Dear family of love and light, the Divine has a message for you.
The Divine says that currently, the Divine and the company of heaven have been busy clearing the planet and humanity. So far, the clearing has been effective and as a result, the planet and humanity are much lighter, and light workers, too, are much more active in their light work activities. For that, the Divine and the company of heaven are encouraged.
Now, per Divine and Gaia’s design, the Divine and the company of heaven have decided to give light workers a special Divine compensation.
The Divine asks light workers to take this Divine opportunity and start using the Divine intervention to clear thyself, families, friends, situations, areas and regions and anything that needs Divine intervention.
The Divine gives light workers this opportunity to call the Divine intervention for any situation or souls who need clearing and Divine intervention. The Divine says that this way, the clearing process will be sped up, and light workers will feel much better and lighter after the Divine intervention and clearing.
The Divine intervention is easy for light workers to call. Simply invoke your own I AM THAT I AM, and then states that in the name of my own I AM THAT I AM, I CALL DIVINE INTERVENTION TO CLEAR…… whatever you need to clear or intend to clear, either it is thyself or family or situations or places. Just send the Divine intervention to intended individuals or places or situations and allow the Divine intervention to work.
Invoking our own I AM THAT I AM is a powerful and fast way of embodiment. And our own I AM PRESENCE will take care of the rest. Remember, on new earth, humans are I AM new humans and invoke our own I AM PRESENCE helps us to walk as our own I AM PRESENCE and stabilizes us into new earth.
The Divine encourages light workers to fully take advantage of this Divine offer and clear all that needs to be cleared for the greater good of all concerned. That way, together, we will speed up the Divine plan and Gaia’s ascension process. Each light worker will also have a chance to speed up their own Divine mission. So please feel free to use this Divine intervention as much and as often as possible.
Thank you for your beautiful work and powerful Divine presence. Divine love for you always.
Linda Li, Gaia, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.
white mirror
white mirror
The Solstice energies are there to support you. Align to these frequencies and emit the intention to let all the emotions that want to express through you rise, pass and flow away.
You will be tempted to cling to your old ways because it gives you a sense of security.
It’s the illusion you must run from.
Become aware of and let go of that belief/program.
Remember that everything is vibrational and the new will knock at your door through your heart.
So be mindful and ready to receive this frequency of love and unity that is already there.
Contrary to what you think, she’s waiting for you.
She cannot enter your vibrational field if you cling to the old, if you focus on low frequencies (on what’s wrong, your unbeing, your fears) and if you emit resistance.
When the new is in your vibrational field, that frequency will be so strong, so powerful, that you will be disrupted.
You will be immediately transported to a dimension where doubts and uncertainty do not exist.
You will be and you will know. ✨
blessings of abundance
blessings of abundance
Present times are not for the faint of heart. Remember that you chose to be on Earth at this time and were fully aware before incarnating of what it would entail.
The increasing presence of high frequency Light energy along with the fact that people are spiritually waking up is causing many traditions, societal rules and laws to crumble because the beliefs in them are crumbling
Fifth density is Not the final destination, nor even the next phase. 5D can be the next dimension for many, and it is not the only next realm humans can move into as you exist in a quantum multi-realm, not a linear one.
Big changes are upon your world! it’s not coming, it has arrived.
As mentioned many times before, you are going to witness more dissolving of many beliefs within your present systems of education, science, medicine, law, religion, old distorted concepts and beliefs that have been accepted as being high intellectual truth.
This already has created outcries and resistance from intellectual communities, humans who believe that present facts and information represent the highest reality.
Stand back and observe the world with compassionate loving detachment and emotional neutrality of Light Heart, give EVERYONE SPACE, including yourself.
These increasing Energies affect the planet and you may have many strange aches & pains for which there is no definitive diagnosis. There are many minor chakra & meridian points within the physical body. As the higher frequencies of Light flow throughout your vessel, they can meet resistance at these critical junctures, which can cause discomfort.
Allowing is a step in every person’s evolutionary process to attain the consciousness of The ONE, living life with trust, confidence and an awareness of unseen energies that produce all physical matter.
Allowing means choosing to live each NOW moment from your highest level of spiritual awareness, observing how the conscious Quantum Reality manifests itself within your daily experience to fully understand these physical expressions of the Universe.
Divine Source communicates to you through everything, the humans you interact with, animals, nature, signs, numbers. Everything has potential for your awakening and self-realization.
In a meditative state, take moments from your busy daily lives to regain balance in your natural state of flow and increase the vibrations of your being.
Lastly, remember that Synchronicities are ‘Instant Manifestations’. They are the very thing you need to see or experience at that moment, to move forward. They are also small tests for One’s awareness of their Present Moment – to see if you recognize them. Acknowledge them and interact with them. Recognize all synchronicities, be grateful for them, no matter how small or insignificant they seem, and expect more and greater ones to come. They will grow and expand with recognition and give it more of your Energy.
You are loved 💙💎💙💦
Elder of the Blue Ray Council and guardian of the Mother Ark🐋✨💎💙💦
Fifth density
Fifth density
Bee still … Align … And receive 🌹🌟🐝
Brilliant Venus – our sky’s brightest planet – will take on the beneficent qualities of Queen Bee when it buzzes by the Beehive star cluster on June 12 and 13, 2023.
The Beehive Cluster, is an open cluster in the constellation of Cancer. One of the nearest open clusters to Earth, it contains a larger population of stars than other nearby bright open clusters holding around 1,000 stars
Beehives are created from hexagon, cell like structures and are impenetrable we can see the influence of this at a macro to micro level with our own cellular state
As our cellular memories integrate, we fortify our own geometrical patterning
Venus is depositing her precious pollen within our Galactic Beehive
Praesepe: meaning manger … ‘away in a manger’ of the Bee Hive Cluster: a wondrous swarm of stars in the Cancer constellation
All the while Mars stands as sentinel and in awe as Venus and Praesepe set to work on their alchemical booster shot of photonic cross pollination of the Rose 🌹 Line as true male, female, sacred child triuning

The Rose of Venus 🌟🌹🌟

The Rose of Venus is a geometric pattern Venus makes with Earth over 8 years. This nodal pattern is made up of 5 Venus cycles as the formation of 5 rose petals, which take approximately 18 months for each cyclic petal to form
Venus Aligns with the Sun
Direct Venus aligns with the Sun. This is known as the superior conjunction and she is currently edging toward the peak of this grand cycle. It is at this stage that Venus is exalted as Evening Star – Queen of the Heavens
With Venus as an evening star, we reach our zenith in imbibing Self-Love
Venus functions to turn knowledge into wisdom, and we bees drink of this rose infused nectar, anchoring in the energy signature and astro architecture of our own divinely guided gnosis
Re-men-ber-ing that Venus is the esoteric ruler of the bull and is the Higher Self of Earth, adds to this wow factor
As Venus now sits on her throne of max elongation in this peak cycle of alchemical fertilisation with the the sun
As Evening Star, she will then begin to turn inward for retrospection, introspection and gestation on the 22 June Solstice
And as she transitions as evening star to morning star in August – the 8:8 Lion’s Gate is again flung open and we are invited to alchemise the petals of our own rose line, both personally and planetary via the nodal points of the sacred geometry of Venus, as the Rose songlines and gateways reach full dialation and galactivation
Prepare to receive an extra infusion of golden stellar and Solar ambrosia during this Solstice 🌞🌟🐝
The magnetite in our solar bodies have been rebooted with the primordial encodements of our Earth’s very own Star Mitochondria, Matristic Mythos and Divine Lore
As a result, both our inner and moral compass are now back on course.
Venus as Queen Bee is back on the Throne
Is the War on Terrorism nothing more than a Mental Virus? … Exo political? … Secret Enemy always works from within.
On the surface seems to be a male dominated organization. But that’s a “Cover Story”. At the very heart of the ILLUMINATI SYMBOLISM you’ll discover that there has been a false light faux QUEEN BEE matrix that had till now usurped the True Queen Bee geometric codices, skyjacking the HIVE mind.
*Side Note: 8 Earth years equals 13 Venus years. 12 as 1 principle as The Law / Lore of One
Interestingly Regulus – heart of the Lion is our guide to pinpointing the Bee Hive cluster. Another clue for our upcoming Solstice to 8:8 Solar Lion’s Gate transmission window
From the recent Honey Full Moon to the dark moon La Luna has been in a metabolic process of photonic fermentation
This new Moon in Gemini, is cradling us as we receive a mega in-fusion of solar honey-ied nectar
Alchemical reactions are afoot as her lunar light shines on that which has been covertly hidden in plain sight to do with faux queen bees and femme fatale allurement
Whose or what bed are you laying in?
‘Away in a manger’ of the Bee Hive Cluster suggests Krystic qualities and a return to innocence for all of Venus’s children here on the Earth
“Come unto me as little children”
Remembering that Venus, esoteric ruler of the bull is considered the Higher Self of our earth planet
Our Galactic Allays are bringing much needed support to the ‘on ground crew’ of our Earth Star
The Star of Bethlehem is Venus, the brightest star in the sky. This star guided the Magi by pointing to a picture in the sky of a lion with a golden scepter, indicating the the Lion of the Tribe
Secrets of Venus and the Honey Bee tell a story about Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail, which is connected to Extraterrestrial DNA and the Merovingian Bloodline.
The true Queen Bees are rising in Feminine qualities of beauty, grace, virtuosity and abundance for all
May Grace & Godhood Prevail ~ Raeline Sqs Brady
The Queen Bees are Rising
Call of the Oracle Melissae of Delphi
Divine Feminine Goddess
Divine Feminine Goddess
Take time every day to be in the present moment and have awareness of the blessings of abundance all around you. It shifts you into a space of peace, tranquility, harmony and gratitude, which can then attract more grace and miracles into your life. ♥️
The Moon, ruler of our emotions, will be making a shift today, from Aries the Ram into Taurus the Bull at 2:31pm EDT. Before her shift, the Moon will challenge Pluto, ruler of death and rebirth, bringing up old frustrations in order to transmute them. There may be an energy of impatience or impulsiveness as our emotional buttons get triggered. This is an opportunity to recognize and transform these difficult feelings and energies, and take back our power. Once Luna shifts into steadfast Taurus she will feel more grounded and centered.
She will connect with Jupiter, ruler of hope and faith, also in the patient sign of the Bull. The rest of the day will be about being in the present moment, recognizing the blessings around you, and having appreciation for the simple things in life. Remember, to be in an energy space of gratitude expands us into new blessings and more to be thankful for. Blessings of Love and Light to All! ♥️
Aries the Ram into Taurus the Bull
Aries the Ram into Taurus the Bull
Pluto retrograde in Capricorn trine Sedna in Taurus. Venus in Leo quincunx Saturn in Pisces. Sun in Gemini semi-square Venus – Potent shifts are in progress but it’s hard sometimes to perceive the changes. Take a moment to acknowledge how far you have come and express gratitude for what you have. In a world that teaches us that consumption is everything, choose to take back your power and honour your deepest values. Don’t allow yourself to be pressured into buying unless your heart is fully invested. Further restructuring may be required to give you a foundation for long term security. Through release of the old, there comes an opportunity to access a wealth of resources.
The Venus-Saturn connection however is awkward and uncomfortable. The idea of living from the heart and creating a fun and colourful life may feel marred by doubt. Stage fright kicks in and hesitation takes over. For some, it may be necessary to banish the inner troll that snickers, this isn’t for you, you’ll never be happy, it’s not allowed. Banish that little beast with a flick of your hair, a fancy pirouette, a flourish of attitude. A small reality check might not be amiss, but it doesn’t mean life has to be dull. Entertain yourself with your favourite hobbies. Be playful to bring back the light.
Degrees and Times
Pluto 29°Cp58′ R, Sedna 29°Ta58′ – 04:42 (BST)
Venus 07°Le11′, Saturn 07°Pi11′ – 10:59 (BST)
Sun 22°Ge36′, Venus 07°Le36′ – 22:08 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Dancer with Tambourine by Edgar Degas
Dancer with Tambourine
Dancer with Tambourine

Kin 131 ~ Blue Magnetic Monkey

‘Magnetic’ is the name for the number one and its keywords are ‘Unify, Attract and Purpose’. And so, we begin a brand new wavespell, the second half of the Tzolkin aka the Monkey Genesis. The first day of any wavespell sets the agenda for the 13-day journey ahead and it is best approached as a journey rather than living it – just one day at a time. Today, contemplate the agenda ahead and consider its ‘Purpose’. How can you best prepare yourself for this experience?
Today is Blue Monkey which represents ‘Magic, Play and Illusion’. Monkey promises a magical and fun filled 13 days. If however, you need teaching a lesson then Monkey will be an enthusiastic and willing tutor. Beware if you have been living an illusion, or if you need humbling. Be thoughtful and try to be a clever little monkey yourself and you’ll avoid getting pranked. Always remember, Monkey has your best interests at heart. You have permission to let your inner monkey out to play today and through this whole wavespell. Monkey reminds us to have fun and not be so serious all of the time.
The Guide today is also Blue Monkey. What does it mean when a day is guided by itself? The energy of the day is fairly focused and not influenced by another source and so this simplifies the message, it concentrates the lesson.
The Challenge is Red Dragon which represents ‘Nurturing, Birth and Being’. Monkey energy is always in opposition to Dragon symbolizing Monkey’s destiny to evolve into a Human Being. Monkeys need ‘nurturing’ but it doesn’t come naturally to them and often monkeys do not take care of themselves sufficiently. People born on Dragon days will get monkeyed today and through this whole wavespell too. We all may have so much fun with Monkey that we will end up quite worn out and in need of care by the end of it all.
The Occult is the White Dog which represents ‘Love, Loyalty and Heart’. And when the playful puppy is in the position of magic, he has a lot of fun and adventures. There’s magical love to be discovered and much tail wagging.
The Ally is Yellow Star which symbolizes ‘Beauty, Art and Elegance’. Appreciating beauty is what the Yellow Star is all about and so today is great for stargazing. If you know a sparkly Star, they can help you cope with all the monkey business going on. If you don’t know one, take a leaf out of their book and shine like a star.
Kin 131
Kin 131


26 SEPT – 8 OCT 2022
KINS 131- 143
The BLUE MONKEY WAVESPELL🐒 is the 11th wavespell in the total of 20 cycles, so we are exactly halfway through our Tzolkin journey. ⏳
KIN 131 🐒 literally initiates the second half of the Tzolkin Calendar. This point means we have arrived at zero point/Source once again. We are at a pivotal and potent space for great Soul-ar evolution as our journey through the Tzolkin progresses one Galactic spin at a time on our Ascension Marathon.
The BLUE MONKEY occurs in the 7th and 8th vertical column of the Sacred Mayan Tzolkin Calendar.
KINS 131 – 140 occur in the 7th CENTRAL column, the SPINE of the TZOLKIN. 7 is a very Spiritual number and holds HIGH MAJIK.✨.
The Central column of the Tzolkin is very MAJIKAL as it is the MIRROR REALM – another dimension in space and time. We are still journeying on the RAINBOW BRIDGE🌈 to SOURCE – within the ZERO Quantum field – where the veil is thin – and MAJIK SPONTANEOUSLY HAPPENS! ⚛⚛⚛
KINS 141-3 commence the 8th column of ABUNDANCE 🌻 where the SOURCE☀ energy FLOWS outwardly, leading us into….
✨KIN 131 – DAY 1✨ 26 SEPTEMBER, 2022 – We commence our playful adventure with the BLUE MAGNETIC MONKEY🐒 – 1 CHUEN – seeking to attract our purpose for this wavespell, which is to uncover our ORIGINAL PURE innocent CHILD essence through the power of MAJIK and JOY. . What makes us HAPPY?
✨KIN 145 – DAY 13✨ 8 OCTOBER, 2022 – We conclude with the BLUE COSMIC NIGHT – 13 AKBAL – the MAJIK GENIE who can transcend intuition to manifest our greatest BLISS, through realizing our natural DIVINE ABUNDANCE…. Our innocence is our key to UNLOCKING the greatest ABUNDANCE and JOY in the UNIVERSE 💰🌻
NOTE: We commence the BLUE MONKEY WAVESPELL🐒🐒🐒 on 26 SEPT 2022 = 8/9/6 = 8/15=8/6= 8/14= 5 This has an 8 ABUNDANCE code with the 5 – LIBERATING ABUNDANCE through the power of MAJIK.
The final day is the 8th of OCTOBER, 2022 – We have another 8 ABUNDANCE CODE on a COSMIC ABUNDANCE DAY✨🍥💰 activated by the BLUE COSMIC NIGHT – the Majik Genie of the Universe. The day code is 8/10/2022 – 8/1/6= 8/7 = 15 = 6 giving us HEAVEN’S BLESSING to manifest our greatest DREAMS.
✨✨✨MARK THIS DAY 👉– the 8TH of OCTOBER on your CALENDAR📝
This is EXTREMELY POTENT✨⚛✨ ABUNDANCE 💰💰💰energy to utilize in launching new projects, creations and desires!!
Aho Planetary kin – enjoy this beautiful, MAJIKAL play filled journey through BLISS realized.
Divine BLISSings💞💞💞
Christina – Magnetic Worldbridger – 1 CIMI 💕🌏
PICTURE CREDIT: Affirmation, Wavespell, Chuen Solar Seal, Tzolkin – Tortuga 13.20 Divine Gratitude 🙏❤🙏❤


1 CHUEN – KIN 131
13 JUNE 2023
I UNIFY in order to PLAY
Attracting ILLUSION
I seal the process of MAJIK
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
13/6/2023 = 4/6/7 = 4/13 = 4/4=8
13.13. cosmic majik
4.4. NEW EARTH portal
13- Goddess/Cosmic Consciousness/Natural Lore
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Angelic/Earth
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Harmony/Fertility
13- Goddess/Cosmic Consciousness/Natural Lore
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Angelic/Earth
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the Lion/Strength/Protection
KIN 131 = 5 5 – Change/Transformation/Freedom/Liberation
💥 BREAK FREE from the dark Magic Dream-spell.
MAJIK✨ MAJIK💫 MAJIK✨ MAJIK💫 – Triple MONKEY MAJIK🐒🐒🐒 on the 7th central column of the TZOLKIN!!
MAJIK to the order of 4!!! LIBERATION OF 5th DIMENSIONAL MAJIK. 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
KIN 131 – is a DIVINITY GATEWAY as 3 the frequency of the Holy Trinity, is inside the 11 doorway.
✨✨✨To say that TODAY IS AN UBER POWERFUL DAY – is an understatement with this potent alignment of MAJIKAL codes! KAPOW 💥💥
Today is the 11th day in our journey down the 7th MYSTICAL vertical column which forms the CORE of the Tzolkin Calendar. The MONKEY is also tribe number 11, so we have a plethora of CODE 11 today which represents a DOORWAY between worlds.
✨11.11✨ Get ready to walk through the MAJIK doors into another DIMENSION!!!! ✨🌟✨
We are also at the EXACT CENTRE 🔘 of the whole calendar meaning we are at ZERO POINT, which the Maya called HUNAB KU, the Galactic Central Sun☀ and FULL ALIGNMENT with SOURCE! 🌞
Get out your MAJIK WANDS and MAKE A WISH. You have DIRECT ACCESS to the GOD FORCE today! 🌞🌞🌞
NEWS FLASH! ✨✨✨Today we commence a new 13 day SUPER MAJIKAL💫 Wavespell. The BLUE MONKEY🐒 takes our hand and asks us to PLAY, PLAY, PLAY and PLAY!! The 4.4. CODE is OPENING the doors so that we can now PLAY on the NEW EARTH adventure playground.
This cycle is all about a RETURN TO INNOCENCE.👶 OUR original DIVINE innocence that we have rediscovered through our journey in the Hall of Mirrors… The purity of the Divine Child👶 beckoning us to return home to our SOURCE as pure sparks of creation.🌞✨
The BLUE MONKEY🐒 also represents the Dolphin🐬 5D energies, so our journey is one of finding BLISS, JOY and extreme happiness in our daily lives and our world.
Who is up for that????? BRING IT ON!🎈💫🌈
HEAVEN is here NOW for the taking – or rather EXPERIENCING! CLAIM IT! 💞💒💞💒💞
MAGNETIC 🔘is tone number 1 in the SPIRITUAL realm as we initiate a new wavespell cycle. Power: Atrracts Action: Unifies Essence: Purpose. Day one of a new wavespell always starts with the Magnetic tone of purpose. In the beginning was the ONE!. From out of nothing, here ONE comes. Spinning happily – magnetising all that it requires for more excellent adventuring. Once strong in purpose, all will effortlessly come together.
The Magnetic tone is all about ATTRACTION. Attracting everything that you require to fulfill your purpose and your goals. People, resources, relationships, money, support and all that you can imagine. The attraction seeks to unify all as one!
MAGNETIC kin have a very strong connection to SOURCE, and a gravitational pull to return there and bring all their buddies with them.
The power of ONE is very strong today as it UNITES us all as ONE HU-MAN-ITY! ONE SOURCE!! We have returned HOME to the ONE!
PLANETARY UNIFICATION 🌏🌐 through white Majik💫 and PLAY is on our agenda today!
It is TIME to crank up the BLISS FACTOR💕 on this beautiful bejewelled planet!💎🌏🌈
We have arrived at the HUNAB KU/SOURCE position ✨✨
We have transformed through the chrysalis into the beautiful 🌈RAINBOW GALACTIC BUTTERFLY🌈 about to take our VIRGIN FLIGHT – unfurl your beautiful wings and SOAR.
SET YOUR PERSONAL GOALS for the next 13 days.
What is it that you desire to attract/manifest?💫💰🌞🌈
A great day for VISION BOARDS, listing your desires, meditation, daydreaming, spell casting, rituals, affirmations, mantras et al.. 🐬🐬🐬
Today’s question is “What do I wish to magnetically attract through play, joy and merriment, leading me to greater UNIFICATION with our CREATOR and my kin, in our new BLISS filled reality?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
🚫🚫🚫 WARNING!!! BLUE MONKEY is also the MASTER ILLUSIONIST and Trickster, so there may be a tendency to fall prey to deception, illusion, deceit, betrayal or trickery, which is the SHADOW side of BLUE MONKEY – if you fall into FEAR or mistrust..
🚫Be very ALERT, discerning and AWARE over these next 13 days so you are not taken advantage of.🚫
👉👉👉AVOID signing legal documents or contracts 📝over this period, as the cheeky and often mischievous monkey’s personality is similar to that of Gemini people, whose ruler is Mercury. June is GEMINI season, so we have double MONKEY/GEMINI energy throughout this cycle. Mishaps and miscommunication can be common – so keep your EYES OPEN and ride the waves.
REMEMBER to always CHOOSE LOVE and BLISS💕 – which is the ultimate FREEDOM code from any external influence, this will keep you on the right path.
Keep your VIBE HIGH and manifest the LIGHT SIDE of BLUE MONKEY. ✨🐒✨ You can make offerings to placate CHUEN, the Majik Monkey🐒 from turning mischievous. He loves bananas 🍌 and watermelon 🍉 and totally blisses out on Mangoes!🍊 Make sure you EAT plenty of his favourite treats during this cycle too, to align with his energy for manifesting.
Be vigilant for ✨MAJIK SIGNS✨ and the appearance of MONKEYS🐒🐒🐒 on your path. Last monkey wavespell 9 months ago I had a SURPRISE appearance of a MONKEY in a TREE… so cheeky and uplifting! 😆😂😍😆😂 I love this MONKEY – he always appears at the start of each Monkey wavespell to greet me with the MAJIK that he brings in this cycle. Soooo much FUN in store for us beloveds.
Visits to the Majik Monkey forest🌳🐒🌳🌳🐒🌳 and swinging on Monkey bars at the playground is also highly favoured. Enjoy your return to INNOCENCE👶
Sweet PLAYful journeys🌹 dear Planetary kin. 💞
Divine blessings for your BLISS filled transformation through this MAJIKAL doorway – IN-JOY – your PLAYtime 🎡🎠
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
TODAY we have the TRIPLE MONKEY PLAYING his majik tricks! 🐒🐒🐒
Retrieve your MAJIK wands and bring out all your majikal and sacred tools, for today is a day to energize your CREATION VORTEX! 🌪🌪🌪
The GODS are SMILING upon us today, and the HEAVENS are showering us with GOLDEN ENERGY and magnetic blessings. Chuen reminds you to keep your high manifesting vibe happening through lots of play and merriment.
✨Keep it ✨LIGHT✨ and know your DREAMS really ARE being manifested.
CHUEN is of course the DIVINE CHILD 🙇who connects to our Creator through his intuition and innate knowing. It is time to establish and TRUST your own connection to SOURCE🅾, through your Divine child👶 in order to claim your Sovereignty and rediscover your innate MAJIK.
👶👶👶Be like a child and KNOW that you are a child of GOD with all the MAJIK of CREATION at your fingertips! 🙌 ✨
Our purpose as we incarnate on this Earth plane, is to know thyself as SOURCE.🌞 Remembering and AWAKENING in our journey back home from separation, to the realization that we are the full embodiment of DIVINE LOVE. 😍💑 💕
LOVE IS ALL THERE IS! 💞💞💞 We came from LOVE❤ and we return to LOVE.❤
Open your HEARTS❤ and your ARMS to receive the ABUNDANCE of CREATION☀ being freely offered today through the infinite FLOW from SOURCE on this 8 ABUNDANCE day!
Set your intention and ✨EXPECT MIRACLES✨ over the next 13 days! ✨✨✨
SUPPORT:YELLOW MAGNETIC STAR 🌟– LAMAT is your passport to COSMIC ABUNDANCE today, opening the YELLOW DOOR to your beautiful, harmonious and ABUNDANT NEW WORLD.🌏🌈
Our Galactic kin, applaud you today and your remarkable achievements and SUCCESS. Take a bow, planetary kin and SHINE YOUR LIGHT as BRIGHT as you ever have, becoming the TORCH🔦 bearers for all those that are following.
Use your Artistry🎨 to create exquisitely divine creations and focus on the beauty and harmony in our wondrous planet. ✨💖✨
Today KIN 131 through the MAGNETIC STAR activates the ✨NEW HARMONIC MATRIX✨ of PEACE, BEAUTY, ELEGANCE and living a life of PASSION through our ART. The 13/4 and 4.4. codings activate the SELF EXISTING GODDESS Year – 4 MULUC.. which is bringing forth this new beautiful compassionate world we are building. Very potent encodments active through this 13 day cycle.. By DIVINE DECREE direct from SOURCE – now is the time to revel in the beauty and Bliss of paradise. Let’s build this wonderful world and FREE ourselves from the Artificial Time Matrix and prison planet.
Snap your fingers, and as if by ✨MAJIK✨ – we are there – in our NEW REALITY.. HALLELUJAH!
Wondrous NEW BEGINNINGS and de-LIGHTS await you through the golden doors to 5D.
The Magnetic Star🌟 will help us attract all that we need to manifest the beautiful PEACE filled world through the Harmonic Matrix.. We can pull through the SOURCE energies from the void at ZERO POINT, to create a DIVINE reflection –
✨Welcome to the NEW HARMONIC TIME, and our NEW REALITY. ✨🌈✨
NOTE: BLUE MONKEY is a gifted TIME TRAVELLER and dimensional explorer – so use this cycle for REALITY BENDING and manifesting your IDEAL REALITY.. AHO!
🎼Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older?
Then we wouldn’t have to wait so long
And wouldn’t it be nice to live together
In the kind of world where we belong?🎶
🎼Wouldn’t it be nice if we could wake up
In the morning when the day is new?🎶
BEACH BOYS – Wouldn’t it be NICE
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE COSMIC DOG 🍥 🐕✨– KIN 130 from yesterday, is BACK as today’s SUPERPOWER💪❤💪 opening HEAVEN’S GATE through the power of LOVE.❤ This provides the perfect entry point for our journey into SOURCE today.❤🎆
❤UNCONDITIONAL LOVE❤ is the glue that holds Universes together and bonds us through the unified field. 🌐💞
✨DOG = GOD✨ revealing that the WHITE DOG🐩 holds the keys🗝 to the KING/QUEEN-DOM👑, our access point to GOD/GODDESS/SOURCE through our COSMIC HEART PORTAL. ❤❤❤
COSMIC OC🍥🐩 guides us to OPEN and MAGNETIZE our pure and precious HEARTS 💗 today, so that we can MANIFEST the highest form of MAJIK. 💫
As we SEEK to merge with the unlimited and unconditional LOVE💞 from SOURCE, we can magnetize to ourselves all that our pure hearts desire.😍
Feeling the ONENESS 🔘of ALL THAT IS, and the UNITY of our planetary kin.💠
UNITED in our quest for Universal love💗 and collective ABUNDANCE in a peaceful and HARMONIOUS world. 🌈🌏
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED MAGNETIC DRAGON 🐉– IMIX represents the wisdom of the feminine aspect – the SOPHIA WISDOM, that holds the Creation codes within the void, ready to birth new imaginings into matter.
The Magnetic Dragon has the power to attract all the base elements needed in our alchemical process.⚛ All is possible in the womb🍥 of our Creatrix mother. 🌪⚛🎆
IMIX challenges us today to take responsibility for welcoming the NEW energy to b-Earth in us continually, by allowing ourselves to simply be present. This NEW ENERGY then becomes today’s gift, enabling us to feel loved, nurtured and supported in our BLISS filled lives.🐬🐬🐬
✨✨✨Our challenge for the next 13 days is to actually BIRTH🐣 our new creations, and not get FOOLED or DISTRACTED by the illusions, the smoke screens, the party tricks, or the temptations to over PLAY, PLAY, PLAY! (Although I will take PLAY any day!!😄😄😄)
✨We must be mindful of fully utilizing these powerful Creator energies to make our GREAT DREAMS come true.🤔🙄🤗🌈🌏
HOLD the MAJIK💫 in your HEART ❤and KNOW that YOU are CREATOR!🎆
LIFE IS MAJIKAL💫 and BLISSFUL😍 if you make it so!⚛✨⚛
Today’s question is “What do I wish to magnetically attract through play, joy and merriment, leading me to greater UNIFICATION with our CREATOR and my kin, in our new BLISS filled reality?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
🚫🚫🚫 WARNING!!! BLUE MONKEY is also the MASTER ILLUSIONIST and Trickster, so there may be a tendency to fall prey to deception, illusion, deceit, betrayal or trickery, which is the SHADOW side of BLUE MONKEY – if you fall into FEAR or mistrust..
🚫Be very ALERT, discerning and AWARE over these next 13 days so you are not taken advantage of.🚫
👉👉👉AVOID signing legal documents or contracts 📝over this period, as the cheeky and often mischievous monkey’s personality is similar to that of Gemini people, whose ruler is Mercury. June is GEMINI season, so we have double MONKEY/GEMINI energy throughout this cycle. Mishaps and miscommunication can be common – so keep your EYES OPEN and ride the waves.
REMEMBER to always CHOOSE LOVE and BLISS💕 – which is the ultimate FREEDOM code from any external influence, this will keep you on the right path.
Keep your VIBE HIGH and manifest the LIGHT SIDE of BLUE MONKEY. ✨🐒✨ You can make offerings to placate CHUEN, the Majik Monkey🐒 from turning mischievous. He loves bananas 🍌 and watermelon 🍉 and totally blisses out on Mangoes!🍊 Make sure you EAT plenty of his favourite treats during this cycle too, to align with his energy for manifesting.
Be vigilant for ✨MAJIK SIGNS✨ and the appearance of MONKEYS🐒🐒🐒 on your path. Last monkey wavespell 9 months ago I had a SURPRISE appearance of a MONKEY in a TREE… so cheeky and uplifting! 😆😂😍😆😂 I love this MONKEY – he always appears at the start of each Monkey wavespell to greet me with the MAJIK that he brings in this cycle. Soooo much FUN in store for us beloveds.
Visits to the Majik Monkey forest🌳🐒🌳🌳🐒🌳 and swinging on Monkey bars at the playground is also highly favoured. Enjoy your return to INNOCENCE👶
Sweet PLAYful journeys🌹 dear Planetary kin. 💞
Divine blessings for your BLISS filled transformation through this MAJIKAL doorway – IN-JOY – your PLAYtime 🎡🎠
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




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Gentle and profound heart-shifting, consciousness-expanding waves are flowing in Gaia’s fields. The air feels like plasma, full of crystalline harmonics.
We are in the realm-shifting Gateway of Solstice (next Wednesday, June 21st at 7:57AM PDT).
Right now, massive waves of New Light are activating Gaia’s Crystalline core, shifting the magentics and plate systems, and emanating pure celestial frequencies.
Feel the waves this week as they intensify – the light is anticipated to make another jump in acceleration this month.
Whirling and weightlessness sensations may be felt due to the magnetic core shifts, celestial lightbody upgrades, and a lot of plate activity (began June 3).
Create conscious higher choices: Focus on your desired outcome, and light-ground the etheric into the physical with right actions, thoughts, words, and emotions, moment by moment.
Let these freedom & bliss waves wash away the illusion of density. Many crossing the crystalline bridge (Infinite Kryst Heart + DNA + New Cosmic Light) to a new consciousness in this Now.
Because #Ascension
celestial lightbody upgrades
celestial lightbody upgrades

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