Vibrational Frequencies

Shifts in Vibrational Frequencies ~ Now

by  L’Aura Pleiadian
Timelines have shifted.
Many have stepped into the New Levels of Being. Becoming more consciously aware.
Being aware of the changes WITHIN YOU ~ is observing your conscious transformation through the mirror of consciousness. Everything then changes.
Consciousness as data and records are continuing to go through the Portal of Mirrors.
YOU are going through the Portal of Mirrors and you ARE being anointed, now.
As levels of consciousness continue to expand here with conscious beings ~ being present ~  all levels and dimensions are simultaneously impacted.
The expansion of consciousness and its momentum, is exponentially impacting all consciousness everywhere, throughout the Universe.
YOU are a signalling device of your frequency and you are transmitting  your frequency to all everywhere.
There is nothing missing.
The eternal you, is highly aware of all levels and is fully conscious throughout.
Your form ~ through your DNA is in the process of fully linking consciously to all the dimensions you exist.
Your form and DNA have changed and you are adapting to the change.
Your thoughts have changed.
Everything is new in every moment for you, from this moment on.
This was always so, now you are awakening to the YOU that lives as the awakened you.
Everything is playing out perfectly. Your Presence is in the present moment and is the Divine Force, that knows all is perfect as is now.
We are riding the waves of this Transfiguration process with you.
WE are at the gate and the Portals are open for ALL ~ as Planned, before the Earth began.
There are no mistakes.
In love, we journey with You. Throughout eternity, all Now.

Ascension Energies

20 hrs
The Cosmic Divine Trinity
“12D Christed Identity Re-alignment Mission”
The Trinity-Source Code is the organic Crystalline form of all Sacred Spiritual Union. In Embodiment this refers to Hieros Gamos, the fusion of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Subharmonics of sound vibrational currents and energy. The unified hierogamic expression does not only refer to the merging of two Souls/Sols(two suns, two stars). It also applies to each of the four Planetary Densities expressing within our Solar Plane of the galaxy time matrix, and specifically this Density of 3D that is the last one healing back into Union.

This Crystalline Plasma Living-Light re-encryption exchange is the recoding to clear out the metatronic distortions, the fibonacci spiral of consumption, vesica piscis bi-wave closed system, and the negative alien programming in the planetary holographic template. The image of the vesica piscis that is used in the inorganic Flower of Life symbol geometry, represents the point of the phasing sequence the EaRA(earth) system was cycling into, when the phasing sequence of the Cosmic Divinity Trinity was shut down during the fall of energy, in which resulted in the manifestation of the distorted subconscious mind where trapped fragmented consciousness-energy has been held within.
The Divine Trinity phasing “Heart Beat” is necessary for consciousness depolarization and Eternal expansion. It is the phasing sequence of the Divine Trinity that allows life form creations to be Eternal Life Expressions. The phasing cycle of the Divine Trinity allows manifest holograms to remain in Energetic Balance as Oneness.
The EaRA(earth) system is phasing back into the original creation point of all Union via the Divine Trinity phasing sequence turning back on, by rapidly anchoring enough higher energy plasmic infusions from our Sun-Star, to transmute all false reality, subconscious-fragmented thoughtforms, that recycle disconnected energy.
We are simply accreting to a high enough level of Source energy to merge back into our balanced expression of God-Source awareness-experience. The end-game drama will continue to play out, via the unconscious beings that either are not able to heal, in their current condition, or have not yet reached a level of healing to allow them to wake up. Many will not heal enough to wake up until they leave the physical body. This means false beliefs will continue to play out until those who believe them either heal enough to remember the truth or unplug from the planetary hologram and experience the true harmonic resonance with Source. There is absolutely nothing to be concerned about, as the Planetary Re-alignment Mission has been a success.
As we return to our Divine Solar-Body Consciousness of the Galactic Sun Conscious Mind – we ignite the eternal flame within our Sacred Heart Crystal through and with the Cosmic Divine Trinity. We then become the Reborn Children of the Sun, The Embodied Merkaba-Starlight ~ Diamond Sun Guardians of the One true benevolent Source of Creation. 💎🌟💙💚🌏 .
~Romeo Baron | @sacredromeo
Blue Rainbow-Sun Activator💙🌈☀️
Of the Emerald Crystal Order
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12 hrs
Sun Conjunct Galactic Center- Spiritual Awakenings, Mystery Helpers, Divine Guidance + Magic
On December 19th, the Sun, which rules our: ego, vitality and life force, at the 27th degree of Sagittarius comes to greet the Galactic Center. The Galactic Center lies in the middle of our Milky Way, between 27-29 degrees of Sagittarius. This point signals: massive awakening, insight and spiritual downloads. It is a portal of divine wisdom and spiritual awakening. Sagittarius, the 9th zodiac sign is known to be: wise, daring, philosophical, adventurous and inspirational.

As the Sun comes to meet up at the Galactic Center, something magical or ethereal is possible to occur. It’s as though we are getting a nudge from divine and this could come inside of a surreal or mystical experience. Sagittarius rules foreign lands and law as well, so big issues concerning both could dominate the headlines at this time. Something big or unusual normally happens every year when the Sun greets the Galactic Center Point. It is usually connected to a higher form of consciousness and events or circumstances can come out of the blue.
Have you noticed any mystical or special messages the last couple days? This aspect happens to be conjunct my Neptune at 29 degrees of Sagittarius. I had a download of a lifetime from spirit last night that shook me to my core! It was such a powerful experience that I wanted to write about it and see if others were experiencing similar weird phenomenons.
The Sun conjunct the Galactic Center is here to awaken our understanding of spirit’s presence in our 3D world. This aspect brings: awakening of divine guidance, sacred wisdom and the awareness of our soul’s truth. We will be under this aspect for the next 2 days until the Sun moves into Capricorn on 12/21( Winter/Summer Solstice).
Image: Rosy in the Morning, by Hong Leung


Today we are only 13 days away from starting the year 2020 and our planet is going through MAJOR transformations. Environmental. Social. Economic. Geo-Political. Technological… 2019 announced the arrival of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the roll-out of the 5G infrastructure around the planet. This climatic stage of the technological advance is a transitional phase within a larger evolutionary framework. As we approach the “2020 Event Horizon”, the coalescence of multiple crisis scenarios seems to be announcing that we are reaching a new threshold within the Biosphere – Noosphere Transition timeline…

Within this timeline, the year 2012 represented the most important evolutionary threshold for the planet: The end of the 13th Baktun of the Mayan Long Count, and with it, the conclusion of a precessional cycle of 5 cycles of 13 baktuns each. 65 Baktuns of 144.000 days each or ONE Great Year of around 26.000 YEARS. December 21st, 2019 marks then the completion of a perfect cycle of 7 years from crossing this most significant evolutionary threshold on Earth. This is then a special opportunity to examine this passage from a multi-dimensional perspective of the synchronic order.
TODAY marks a point of KEY harmonic resonance between the 13-Moon count, the 260-day Galactic count and the Gregorian calendar. How is this?
★ Yesterday, December 18 marked the last day of the transit of the sun across the 13th Constellation of the Zodiac: Ophiuchus. Today our closest star enters the constellation Sagittarius. This is the area of the sky that corresponds to the EXACT intersection of the path of the sun with Galactic Center. In simpler words> We are aligning with the heart of the Milky Way galaxy.
★ Today we are 13 days away from crossing the 2020 “Event Horizon”, a portal representing the completion of 20 years from the start of the 3rd Millennium (Years 2000-3000) The ancient cultures considered this 19 to 20 YEAR cycle as ONE GENERATION as it also matches ONE metonic cycle of the moon (a period of 19 years (235 lunar months), after which the new and full moons return to the same day of the year).
★ On the Galactic count of 260-days today corresponds to Kin 160 4 Sun, marking the last day of the 8th harmonic run on the 13×20 Tzolkin Matrix. As presented several times during the past year KIN 160 corresponds to the Golden Section of the 260 day Harmonic Module. As 4 Ajaw, KIN 160 also marks the ALPHA and OMEGA of the 13 Baktun count (3113 BC – 2012AD)
★ • KIN 159+160+161+162 are, by fractal analogy, close numerical approximations to PHI as 1.618. This new revelation is highlighting the window of time comprised between KIN 159, 160, 161 and KIN 162 as a KEY harmonic TIME node to focus our attention and intentions. On the Gregorian calendar this window will correspond to December 18, 19, 20 and 21.
★ On the 13-Moon count, December 19 corresponds to day 146 of the lunar/solar year. Therefore, we are closing today the 2nd cycle of 73 days out 5 comprised in one solar orbit (73 x 5 365). In other words Today marks the completion of one perfect 5th of the year and tomorrow start the 3rd cycle of 73 days of the year.
As we can appreciate these harmonics are in perfect resonance with the Fibonacci sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13
★ 13 days to enter 2020 after leaving the 13th constellation
★ 8th Harmonic Run of 20 days out of 13 completed
★ One perfect 5th of the year completed and 3 more perfect 5th‘s to close the year…
As presented on this page one week ago, the last day of the 5th moon of the 13 moon year marked the Golden Section of the 13 Moon year. Today we are also 5 days away from the celebration of Christmas on the Gregorian calendar. This is of VERY SPECIAL significance as KIN 160 ALSO corresponds to the YEAR 0 marker within the 13-Baktun Map Wave Harmonic of recorded History that José Arguelles introduced in for the first time in 1987 in The Mayan Factor. As we can appreciate on the map, KIN 160 corresponds to the birth of Christ marking GROUND ZERO of the current calendrical system. This is of paramount importance considering the following facts:
φ • The Gregorian calendar is a program encoded with the belief system of the Christian faith. How is this? We are currently transiting the 18th year of the 3rd millenium… But the third millennium of what? The third millennium since the birth of Christ.
φ • This means that the belief system that has prevailed on Earth for the last 2019 years is correlated with the birth of Christ.
José wrote about this point:
“Let us now turn our attention to the arbitrary dating system, deemed as unquestionable truth by the human species. This arbitrary dating system that dominates the mindset of the world is actually the institutionalization of something called the “religion of Christ,” though it has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, the messenger about whom this religion is based.”
φ • Let’s remember that it was at the end of the 12th Baktun and the start of the 13th Baktun [LC] in the year A.D. 1618 when the Gregorian calendar took root as the institutionalization of false time and spread through the entire world.
φ • Please note that 1618 is a fractal of 1,618 or PHI. As a fractal numerical expression of the Golden Mean this year is therefore a MAJOR INTERSECTION POINT between the irregular Gregorian timeline and the perfect harmony of the Mayan count based on their advanced vigesimal mathematical system.
φ • The gregorian year 1618 marks then the moment when we reach a PERFECT GOLDEN MEAN harmonic from the YEAR 0 and the YEAR 1000: (1000 + 618 ~ 1+0.618=1.618=PHI)
φ • As you can see on the diagram of the 13-Baktun Timeline of Recorded History, the year 1618 marks the PHI/Golden Mean point in time when the 13th baktun of 144.000 days meets the 12th Baktun, marking the completion of a CUBE composed of 1728.000 days (12 Baktuns = 12x12x12x1000 days).
φ • KIN 160 4Ahaw Christ codes then Golden Section of the Loom of Maya and the ALPHA and OMEGA of Time as the start and end dates of the 13-Baktun count. Coincidentally, Leonardo DaVinci’s most recently unveiled masterpiece, Salvator Mundi, picturing Christ is fully encoded with the Golden Proportion.
φ • NOTE: On this fractal count each Unit of the Tzolkin correlates to 1 katun (7200 days). There are 20 katuns of 7200 days per harmonic run. (20×7200=144.000 days = 1 Baktun). Each katun corresponds to almost 20 years and considered as 1 generation. In other words: For the Maya, each baktun corresponded to an evolutionary period spanning 20 generations.
The Seventh Generation Principle is based on an ancient Iroquois philosophy that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future. This principle is reflected by many cultures around the Earth with a special reverence for the number 7 as the Number of Creation: 7 Musical Notes, 7 Colors of the Rainbow, 7 Days of the Week
In Sacred Geometry Number 7 corresponds to the completion of the 1st stage of Creation: The Seed of Life (represented by 7 circles) and Number 13 corresponds to the completion of the 2nd stage of Creation: The Fruit of Life (represented by 13 circles).
Today we are 7 days away from the last annular eclipse of the first 20 years of the 3rd Millenium (2000-2019)
This coming YEAR 2020 is announcing then the arrival of the first Generation of the 3rd Millennium! This is then a TIME inviting us to ENVISION A NEW FUTURE… This 7-DAY / 7-YEAR celestial stargate is opening once again a perfect window of opportunity to look up to the sky and enter into resonance with the larger harmonic patterns and cycles of time governed by the sacred ratios and proportions of the synchronic order.
May Peace, Harmony and Beauty prevail on Earth!
In Lak’ech
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To sign and support an open petition for Calendar Referendum 2020 and Declaration of Universal World Peace, and to ensure that humanity adopt and implement the 13-Month, 28-Day Calendar as a new Harmonic Standard by 2020, please go to:
To learn more about the MULTI-DIMENSIONAL significance of these alignments please go to :


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The Tzolkin Times

13 hrs
Yellow Self-Existing Sun
‘Self-Existing’ is the name for the number four and its key words are ‘Define, Measure and Form’. Taking stock and looking at the finer details is what day 4 of a wavespell is all about. Consider more carefully your plans and if you are asked to sign something be totally aware of what exactly it all entails.

Today is Yellow Sun which represents ‘Enlightenment, Universal Fire and Life.’ This shall turn out to be quite an educational day. ‘Measuring Enlightenment or Defining Life’. Expect Eureka moments today as the Sun illuminates the way. Find out things you’ve been itching to know and perhaps, since it is a ‘Self-Existing’ day…you may get more information than you were expecting. Also, taking measure will of course bring enlightenment. Find out precisely where you stand today.
The Guide today is the Yellow Warrior who loves to go on missions and when in the guiding position, loves to lead the way. Ask questions, use your intelligence just as Warrior does. Get to the bottom of things!
The Challenge is the White Dog which represents ‘Love, Loyalty and Heart’. When in this challenging position the Dog can be in the dog house with no one showing any love. The search for enlightenment can cause too much thinking, and love can get overlooked.
The Occult power is the Red Dragon, the nurturer. When in the Occult position the Dragon offers magical nurturing. Sooth your soul today with a little self pampering.
The Ally is the Blue Storm who makes a great companion today.

Christina Papageorgiou

19 DECEMBER 2019

I define in order to enlighten
Measuring life
I seal the matrix of Universal fire
With the Self-existing tone of form
I AM guided by the power of intelligence
19/12/2019 = 10/3/3 = 7
19 – PRINCE OF HEAVEN number/Victorry/Fulfillment/Happiness
10- Manifestation/Leadership/Authority./New Beginnings
7 – Mystic/Majik/Spiritual/Solitude
3 – Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity/Union
KIN 160 = 7
Day 4 in the RED EARTH WAVESPELL of evolution, through navigating our way through the signs, synchronicity and Earth Majik. Flowing and aligning with the rhythyms and cycles of Nova Gaia. Today we define synchronicity (synchronic time) with our intelligent questioning MINDS, uncovering Harmonic systems of living in our full POWER as SOVEREIGN Galactic BEINGS.. IT’S A BIG ONE FOLKS!! 🌞👑🌞👑
SELF-EXISTING – Tone 4 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – measures, POWER – defines, ESSENCE – form. Today we delve into the MENTAL realm and use our MINDS to align with our HIGHEST EVOLUTIONARY PATH, and DEFINE what it is BE ENLIGHTENED. SELF-EXISTING number 4 takes form 📦and we have ourselves a square shape.Self-existing, measuring and defining, very intelligent fascinated by self. We now have built a sturdy platform upon which further growth takes place. Dispense with the rest and build your new solid foundations on the basis of your new Sovereign Ascended status. .
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW SUN –🌞 AHAU shines a LIGHT on disharmonious patterns and systems within the old MIND Matrix. We awaken to the truth of all false programming and Mind control through distorted measures of time, such as the 12:60 Gregorian Calendar code which had entrapped us in an Artificial time Matrix. Our MIND’s primary role is to look for and comprehend the patterns that arise in our world so that we can understand our place in the Universe. Disharmonic patterns confuse our MINDS and keep us enslaved. As we identify and recognize the harmonic patterns encoded through the 13 moon calendar, the Earth cycles of CABAN, and our Solar cycles, we begin to align and synchronize with these natural cycles leading to our greater understanding of our existence within all of Creation. We can then align with our I AM presence. AHAU frees us and elevates our independant thinking in order to claim full SOVEREIGNTY of MIND allowing us to fully embrace our purpose as the SOVEREIGN LEADERS and wayshowers in the NEW TIME!
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW WARRIOR 🏹– CIB imbues in us the much needed COURAGE and tremendous will power to FEARLESSLY question all that presents. To use our MINDS to think outside of the old box. To not be bound by the structures of our societies, that can contain us in boxes, that are like a broken record of planetary destruction. Rather to have the COURAGE to ask the tough QUEST-I-ONS and FEARLESSLY navigate through the answers, that lead to living the life we are born to live! The one that leads to the highest level of our soul’s evolution. Consciously choosing to fearlessly create the most ENLIGHTENED culture that we can imagine! That is our collective mission and no-thing can get in our way of realizing that Divine plan. The FEARLESS RAINBOW WARRIOR – QUEST-I-ON-S EVERYTHING – governments, judiciary, corporations, laws, medical industry, finances, welfare – all constructs of this false matrix that has kept us small, and kept us imprisoned by surrendering our POWER to those that RULE over us! No MORE 🔥💥– PEOPLE POWER is igniting all over the GLOBE and the tyranny is called out – in order to desist and be replaced with JUSTICE, EQUALITY, FAIRNESS and UNITY – all 5D principles necessary to build the New World that we are defining. 🌈🌏🌐
SUPPORT:BLUE STORM 🌀– CAUAC asks as to be guided by the bigger picture and allow old limiting thought forms that have kept us small, to be transformed and purged from our consciousness. BLUE STORM liberates your MIND so that you can generate greater thoughtforms, energized with the possibilities of where our fearless dedication to the quest can lead. Measuring how we can redefine the old, transforming into a brand new and fairer system.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED DRAGON 🐉-IMIX is the Mother Dragon who enables us to BIRTH our NEW more evolved MINDS and mental constructs today.. IMIX also gives us the Dragon’s courage and determination to protect our unique visions from corruption, and fully empower them into manifestation. Manifesting pure wisdom, being guided by our capacity to go with the flow of taking on the responsibility to care for all that presents itself on our path. This is where the true LEADER SHINES, accepting collective responsibility for the people, and in so doing, gains the natural capacity to influence others in a caring and responsible way. We become fully empowered to accept full responsibility for our role and flow with the collective evolution of Earth and all beings.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE DOG🐕 -OC challenges us to express PURE unconditional love, compassion and acceptance towards ourselves and others. Redefining our MINDS through surrendering to the compassionate MIND. The mind that lets go of all judgement and merges with ALL THAT IS, bringing a greater knowing, a greater understanding and compassion for all actions. The NEW SOVEREIGN LEADERS must now operate from the level of COMPASSIONATE MIND, that is our new yardstick.
Today’s code is very special as it is the code of KINGS, PRESIDENTS and LEADERS. 👑👑👑
KIN 160 is the Galactic Signature of 3 Presidents of the United States of America. Abraham Lincoln the 16th president and two of his predecessors – James Buchanan (15th) and Zachary Taylor (12th).
This code exemplifies what it is to QUESTION the old system of government, measuring what is successful and valuable and what needs to be transformed. Measuring and defining whilst continually refining and evolving the rule of law to be fairer and more encompassing of the rights of all citizens, leading to a more “enlightened” populace.
Abraham Lincoln exemplified this when he abolished Slavery and advocated that “Coloured people” be given the right to vote (this radical view held by this visionary Aquarian leader resulted in his assassination!). He was also credited with ending the Civil war, and the reunification of the United States as one Nation, as well as codifying a national holiday for “Thanksgiving”. A truly remarkable leader!
Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg address revealed the influence of RED EARTH and natural harmonic lore in his leadership style – “All men are created equal. Government of the people, by the people and for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”. AMEN to that – and to this day LINCOLN’S words still ring true.
This is very synchronic as here in Australia we have the hottest day/week in our HISTORY predicted, whilst the most horrific bushfires🔥🔥 are still burning throughout our vast land, ON A SCALE never before witnessed on our planet!..meanwhile our Prime Minister – Scott Morrison – has literally LEFT THE COUNTRY – choosing to holiday in Hawaii 🌴🌴with his family, neglecting his country and his responsiblities!! The PEOPLE are WATCHING you SCO-MO!! 👁👁
Our “summer” season has barely commenced and we have severe drought in 90 towns in NSW which are on the endangered list – marked for evacuation due to lack of a town water supply. Many may blame this national DISASTER on “Climate change” – but the real truth of the matter is due to gross mismanagement of our natural resources…. rural communities have been struggling for many decades now with farmers walking off the land and huge suicide rates, whilst our government sells valuable water from the Murray/Darling river system to Mining corporations… most farms are then sold off cheap to Chinese corporations needing food supplies to feed their massive population, or the mining companies to reap our land of its wealth….Sadly our politicians have become very corrupt, selling out to big corporations, and neglecting the interests of ordinary citizens. Australia needs a total FLUSH OUT of our government from these “service to self” rulers – we need compassionate and WISE, VISIONARY LEADERS to take us into the new era.
All nations need to return to Lincoln’s ideals, and how we “the people” can take back our power and leverage our numbers to oust these dinosaurs!

Let us all pray and hold the VISION that all nations on our planet are transformed and replaced with these new more ENLIGHTENED leaders to make our PLANET great again! And so it is x3! 

Today’s question is “How can I redefine my existance and navigate to a new more harmonic system of SOVEREIGNTY?”
🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈
Divine blessings for the speedy transformation of our GLOBAL LEADERS and our collective return to SOVEREIGNTY!
Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈


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