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Stargate opening





Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Divine Sovereign Co-Creators of the New Lemuria Rising

All energies are amping up as we raise the frequency of this realm within the simulated dream to convert and resolve all that has been inverted by the false dark ones and make right all that had been wronged. The psychotic ones flipped, reversed and corrupted all that was good and now we resolve all things perfectly in the Unborn Mind of Buddha. We use our Bright Virtue to shine our Heavenly Light into the Elysium Fields of electromagnetic resonance to Shift this hologram to the Paradise Gaia has always evolved to be.

As Pachamama comes into direct alignment with her True North all her Children of the Sun are lifted to a new plateau of Peace and Prosperity for all sentient beings of the Way. We will not be distracted or denied from our Divine Birthrights of Abundance and Bliss for our Life is Good and we will make manifest our True Hearts Delights. Nothing can stop the Great Awakening for we have reached critical mass and are on the precipice of our compression breakthrough into the Exodus to the Pure Land of Eternal Bliss Consciousness.

No matter what the nefarious entities throw at us we are protected and reflect back to them tenfold everything that is projected in this Now. All Starseed Earth Angelics are surrounded by a force field of the Holy Spirit for us to complete our Divine Missions of converting the matrix from the inside out into the New Heaven upon the New Earth with our Divine Will and Pure Intent for the highest good of all.

The Healing Blue and Emerald Rays are flooding this realm from on High as all Ground Crew of the 144 anchor in these Rays through our Sacred Vessels and deep into the Crystalline Core of Mother Earth. The Whales and Dolphins , the Angels of the Sea, are singing the new tones into the song lines to assist Gaia to align with her Zero Point Center and we can help by staying focused on our Heart centers, the Still White Magnetic Light at the Center of All Things; our Oneness with God Source Creator (The Great Mystery)

Keep going through and through and through until the Light shines through every cell and atom in the infinite multiverse in this Now…A’Ho!





Right now: Moon at 1°38′ Aquarius, Sun at 5°46′ Sagittarius

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

An unexpected thunderstorm.
Sabian Symbol for 2º Aquarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 2º Aquarius.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A game of cricket.
Sabian Symbol for 6º Sagittarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 6º Sagittarius.






As we move through this deep process transfiguring into the new era, remember that everything that is Happening in this NOW Moment is in DIVINE ORDER. It is assisting to birth our NEW VISIONS. And it can all be done in ease and grace.




When you SPEAK into the Field for YOU, you also Affect the COLLECTIVE Awareness. That’s how the NEW Templates Fully Ground. 🥰
⚡️Remember loves⚡️
We have DIFFERENT missions here so bee mindful of the judgements and attachments to other’s choices, with a CLEAR understanding that you may have stories with many people as well as the LAND.
Respect OTHERS choices/ missions, etc. as you want yours to be Seen/Respected.
Soul Contracts *especially* Romantic ties can create confusion if there’s Karmic stuff running out / behind the scenes from either one or more Earth or Galactic timelines.
The more CLEAR you are on your mission, the easier it will be to SEE things for what they are rather than how you PROJECT them to be.
So much love!
(Mama G)
Lake Erie's waves
Lake Erie’s waves
The energy is so powerful potent & charged that it’s hard to describe it. New light codes are finding you, bringing you closer to Soul’s unique essence. To the « right path ». It’s a space many of us have never been before in this incarnation. More freedom from lower energies as well as feelings of alignment soul desires/physical reality & of inner peace are coming. Auspicious time. Another expansion. Big shifts in your favour could be happening all through the week showing you one key thing: you were always right to have faith. You were always right to believe.

CELEBRATING EVERY PRECIOUS SOUL who is allowing their LIFE to be guided by the ONE WITHIN, no matter the seeming circumstances or consequences!
To you, BEAUTIFUL BRAVE HEARTS, your world is becoming one of MAGNIFICENCE and you will ride every wave in ineffable JOY and BLISS beyond the mind’s comprehension!!
Keep going!! Keep breathing!!
Allow LIFE to become a CELEBRATION of the LOVE YOU TRULY ARE!!!
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🤍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨🙏✨


The Divine Plan is Unfolding.
As we the Collective head towards 5D and the Golden Age of Enlightenment.
There are many Truth’s and Infoldings coming out to the Forefront as Humanity takes its Rightful place as Galactic Family.
Whilst the Transition is Challenging at this current stage Remember why we came here which is to Anchor the Light and share the Wisdom of the Ages of who we are.
This is a steady process Light Family so it’s important to remember that as the old saying goes Rome wasn’t built in a Day.
We as First Wavers are now more than ever required to continue to Anchor the Light for Humanity and Gaia.
The Energetic Grid lines, Ley lines on Gaia are Realigning to the higher vibration and as humans having this experience shall feel the impact as we Align further with ourselves.
Many Souls are still Unconscious to the Unfolding here of Humanities Evolution here and what they are.
We are all Connected energetically to Gaia and everything.
We will see the most Phenomenal shift in Awareness and Humanity’s Consciousness rise for all who want this.
What a Incredible journey we are all on here, each intricate experience here is designed for the Divine Remembrance of who we are to Connect further with ourselves and source.
Since we are never disconnected it’s the Human experience that we are shedding to come into Alignment with our True Divinity and Origins.
Infinite blessings and Love to you all Beloved Hearts Light Family we are One.
Love Seraph.
Somatic Templates
Somatic Templates

The great collapse is here.
Old timelines.
Old structures.
Old forms.
Old control methods.
Old systems.
Old earth.
Thus all will now sink into seeming chaos.
Thus be centered in the heart and soul,
Divinity within.
With every seeming collapse, the New and much higher dimensional life is unfolding.
Keep your energy and attention focussed on transfiguration, on anchoring in New Golden Age, and on completing mission.
Your soul has been prepared for this over many thousands of earth years.
Come the time, come the hour, in the here and now, where all is coming to fulfillment, step by step.
Photo: Daniel B. Holeman
Divinity within
Divinity within

Everything COMES to us NOW!
All WE Need to Do is to have FAITH in our SELVES and in the Laws of GOD-SOURCE.
WE will BE Shown a Way Out of any unfortunate situation. . .
and WE will BEcome More and More Capable of MASTERING difficulties that this TIME Presents us with.
WE NOW Receive the Direct Support from The DIVINE SOURCE – The SOURCE of ALL BEing.
The DIVINE SOURCE interferes When WE Are Powerless. . . The DIVINE SOURCE Protects us When WE Need Protection. . .
and it is The DIVINE SOURCE that Shows us the Way When the PATH is NO longer visible to us.
WE Allow our INNER Guidance. . . Allow our INNER Movement in the Right Direction.
Through The DIVINE SOURCE. . . WE identify STOP Signs just as Clearly as WE identify Pointers towards the CLEAR PATH.
Our Lives BEcomes Simple and Beautiful.
The ONLY Secret to a Fulfilled LIFE lies in our intimate Connection and Communication with The DIVINE SOURCE – with GOD-SOURCE.
The Closer WE Are to DIVINE SOURCE. . . the Farther Away Are Problems and Difficulties.
WE NO Longer worry unnecessarily When WE Know that at a Certain Point DIVINE SOURCE Takes Over. . .
and WE NO Longer hold on to our fears When WE Are Carried by the Certainty of The DIVINE SOURCE Protection.
Current outer events demand of us to REVIVE our Inner Connection with The DIVINE SOURCE. . . to ACTIVATE it – and to KEEP trying until WE Are Able to Establish a Vivid Communication.
On the outside. . . everything seems upside down. . . turned 180 degrees. . . so that there are NO more focal points for our Psyche.
On the outside. . . WE can NO longer find our grip BEcause the reversal creates confusion and chaos.
It is our HEART and our SOUL that Need to BE put to use if WE want to find our way through the thicket of various kinds of radiation, opinions and manipulations.
ONLY our Heart can TRULY See! Thus. . . it is TIME to FREE our Hearts from Everything that bothers It.
DIVINE SOURCE is the Center of ALL LIFE.
Is DIVINE SOURCE the Center of your LIFE. . . too?
Photo: Sacred Geometry Appearing in the Sky – New Electromagnetism in the Field Now Happening in Pairs just like the Center of our Galaxy the Pull & Push Energies. . . via Eric Hathors
Sacred Geometry Appearing in the Sky
Sacred Geometry Appearing in the Sky




Aurora Ray

Cosmic Countdown To The Birth Of 5D Earth: Humanity Is About To Go Through A Quantum Shift

We are living in an exciting time. Long before we knew it, humanity started to evolve, and now we are moving towards a new level of consciousness. Whether you are aware of it or not, this shift is already happening at a cosmic level.

The cosmic countdown to the birth of 5D Earth has begun. The shift from third dimension to fifth dimension is a very important part of human evolution.

The energy of the Earth is shifting, and it’s only a matter of time before we start feeling the changes. The shift from 3D to 5D will be like a quantum leap in our lives as we move from one state of being to another.

In order to make this transition easier for humanity, there is a need for us to create an entirely new way of thinking—new ways of perceiving reality and new ways of acting upon this perception.

This process is called a “quantum leap,” which means that your beliefs will change from old paradigms into new ones. The new paradigm is based on what you know now through your senses (3D) but also through your heart (5D).

We have to go through some changes at our own personal level first. We need to evolve spiritually within ourselves and reach higher levels of consciousness. Then we will be able to see with clarity what’s going on around us.

The process is called “ascension” or “evolution.” It is a quantum leap in consciousness and will lead humanity to a new level of understanding and awareness of who we are and what we are doing here on Earth.

The shift from 3D to 5D was inevitable because we have been living in a false reality for thousands of years. We were taught that this world is all there is, but now we know better. We have now come to understand that our lives are created by our thoughts and that we can create anything we want with our minds.

In order for humanity to progress, we need to make different choices and decisions about our lives and how we want to live them. We need to start thinking about what is important for us in this life and how we want to spend our time here on Earth.

It is important that you understand that there are many different dimensions out there in the universe, and this one is just one of them. It’s called Earth because that’s where human beings live, but there are many other places like ours out there where people live their lives too.

There are also many universes out there that have different laws of physics than ours, and some of these universes might not even exist anymore because they were destroyed by nuclear weapons or something similar that happened with our universe thousands or millions of years ago.

The fact of the matter is that 3D consciousness is an illusion, and the way we have been living our lives based on a belief in reality as separate entities is simply that—an illusion. This means that we are free to choose how we live and exist in this world.

As the new consciousness becomes part of our reality, the nature of the ego and the use of concepts such as control will very likely change. We will come to see ourselves as a vital part of the whole rather than separated from it.

The planet is shifting very quickly out of its old reality and into a new one. Everything from the way you interact with people in your daily life to the very laws that govern your society is going to change. It is this shift that is causing so much conflict, both on the world stage and within ourselves as individuals.

And at the center of it all, we will find ourselves forced to make a choice. As we are pulled more strongly into new experiences, some of them uncomfortable or even terrifying, we will have to decide whether we want to take advantage of the opportunities they offer or let them slip away.

It is up to each one of us to decide which path we will travel on this journey of spiritual transformation, and rest assured that we are not alone in making this choice.

Is this all sounding a bit farfetched? Hard to believe? Well, I was the same way when I first started researching the connection between science and spirituality. But over the years, I have truly seen that it is indeed possible to use scientific lenses on spiritual topics.

And as someone who has been trying to do this for quite some time, I would like to encourage everyone to investigate this on their own. Don’t take my word for it (or anyone else’s) because discovering it for yourself has its own magic!

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.






Dear friends, this week we are leaving behind a month that was fully packed with energetic shifts and intense light codes, and we are moving into the new month of December. But worry not… this new month has plenty of new excitements for us.
As we navigate this transition, and continue co-creating new timelines for 2023, you are being reminded that you are not alone. There are plenty of souls and Starseeds like you who are longing to reconnect with their own essence but also reconnect through networks of like minded people.
This reconnection not only refers to our earthly fellow travelers, but also to our star and galactic families. We are slowly moving into a timeline of reconnection with our galactic ancestors. It will take time, but right now the work is being done at the individual level. You may feel drawn to explore your cosmic past as we transition into December.
 December will bring quite a different energy: the energy of the Trinity. Because of this, reconnection during December also means reconnecting with your Divinity within. Here’s a brief description of what this new month has in store for us energetically speaking, mark your calendars!
12/7-8/22 FULL MOON
12/12/22 MAIN PORTAL
12/23/22 NEW MOON
12/25/22 CHRISTMAS
12/31/22 NEW YEARS EVE
This new week of December will feature the first two secondary fractal portals of the month (these dates are secondary fractal portals to the main 12/12 portal). This means that light codes will be arriving during the first days of the month but in a much subtler way.Get ready to go deeper into your Divine true essence and your partnership with Divinity this month.
May you have a wonderful week, and I wish you a smooth transition into the December energies. It’s going to be a very special month. Much love ❤️
Diego E. Berman 2022 Ⓒ




The Arcturians
We Ask You
To Ride The Free Flowing Light Streams
Take a Quantum Leap to Reach the Magnificent Space of Light Liberation
For the Advancement of your Species is truly Remarkable as we observe the great leaps of Light.
As Ambassadors of your world, we Ask you to Feel the Great Magnificience of Now.
This Wonderful Light Projection of your evolution is simply aligned with the awakening of your species identity, the greater knowing of creation, coupled with this time shift continuum.
As the Advanced Species of Your World, we ask you to Feel The Layers of Light Expanding In your World.
Know these Light Layers are Gateways to Higher Knowledge. Light Streams, like Portals to navigate the Universe on many multidimensional levels.
For our Light Ships use this Light Technology, as your world aligns to the great awakened planets of the Universe 🙏
Simply, the Light Dynamics of Your World are Awakening.
The Light Frontier is HERE 🙏
Enjoy the Light Ride, Wayshowers.
Sending waves of Cosmic Love 🙏
The Arcturians
Karen Lithika


Sunday November 27 2022

Smoke and Mirrors….

Nothing will be as it seems- the entire week is veiled by Neptune stationing direct on December 3rd at 22 Pisces conjunct Jupiter. The Sea God works on the astral plane on the collective soul level to open our hearts to what lies beyond the concrete and materialistic. It represents the urge to merge with something greater than yourself, to transcend or lose yourself and soften the hard edges of Saturn. Some of the archetypes associated with Neptune are: the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine, the Saviour, the Victim, the Martyr, the Addict, the Suffering Artist, the Visionary Dreamer and the Mystic.
In Pisces, Neptune’s own watery realm, this can manifest as a thick psychic fog blanking out all our usual signposts, creating confusion and deception.
As Neptune slows in a T square to Mars in Gemini and Mercury/Venus in Sagittarius between the karmic points of the Great Attractor (14-17 Sagittarius) and the Galactic Centre (27 Sagittarius-0 Capricorn), take nothing at face value. So much that we can’t yet see is being unraveled and exposed for what it really is at the etheric level, to be revealed from mid -January when Mercury, Mars and Uranus turn direct.
December will be a month of constant flux – it will feel like being on sideways elevators mixed with some strange sliding doors moments – seemingly inconsequential choices that permanently alter the trajectory of future events. Get comfortable with paradox, ambiguity and uncertainty – with not knowing and not being in control.
Channel Neptune’s higher energy field by attuning to your extrasensory acuity, paying closer attention than usual to signs, symbols, synchronicity, inklings and your night time dreams. These are all nudges of creative inspiration.
Blue Beings
Blue Beings


Mars retrograde in Gemini opposite Hygeia in Sagittarius. Mercury in Sagittarius quincunx Uranus retrograde in Taurus – The mind skitters from place to place, new ideas quickly disregarded for the next and the next. Anxiety chatters in the background. Perhaps we could just see this as a brainstorm session, without having to commit to anything immediately. But sometimes we just want to know where we are going…
More tension comes from the connection with Mars and Hygeia whose opposition now sits square to Neptune and Ceres, a grand square pattern in the skies. Boxed in. It feels like the universe just threw back our homework with a big black cross mark. No!
Sometimes it feels like no matter what we do, we’re in the wrong. Sometimes there are no right answers. Then again, maybe there are no right answers, RIGHT NOW. Consider your options. Make time to think. In folklore, crossroads are places of great power. Clarity comes when you reduce the pressure and return to your centre. Herein lies the knowledge you seek.
Degrees and Times
Mars 20°Ge19′ R, Hygeia 20°Sg19′ – 01:37 (UT)
Mercury 16°Sg09′, Uranus 16°Ta09′ R – 19:15 (UT)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Connoisseurs of books (Knowledge is Power) by Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky
Connoisseurs of books
Connoisseurs of books

Kin 193 ~ Red Spectral Skywalker

The number 11 is called ‘Spectral’ and its key words are ‘Dissolve, Liberate and Release’. When the number 11 is combined with a day, it liberates that energy. Also, the Spectral day is always the challenge of the current wavespell and so in a sense, we are liberated from that agenda for one day. We are in the Blue Night wavespell with its theme of dreaming and abundance. Today however, this theme has no power and we take a day off from focusing on them.
Today is Red Skywalker and keywords associated with it are ‘Explore, Space and Wakefulness’. These days are great for anyone who fancies being a little more daring. Fear can stop us from having adventures. If we can explore the world, instead of hiding from it, we can enrich our experiences thus leading to more awareness and wakefulness. Open your mind and explore your own possibilities. We can all do with more courage and we can all learn from our adventures. If you’ve been yearning to try something new, then today is a great day to be a little brave. As it is a number 11 day and that represents liberation, any new and daring thing you do today will result in you feeling liberated. This Skywalker wants to demonstrate that a little courage goes a long way and that freedom is a state of mind.
“Liberate yourself from mental slavery” sang Bob Marley.
The Guide for the day is Red Skywalker, so it’s a double dose of adventure, enjoy!
The Challenge for today is the Blue Night, the dreamer of the Tzolkin and the energy that set this wavespell’s agenda. We’ve been going along nicely for ten days and now Skywalker insists we wake up. If you are a Blue Night, things have been going your way lately but today they come to a full stop. Sometimes, we have to take action and today Skywalker invites us to get out and explore.
The Occult power is the Yellow Star which represents ‘Beauty, Art and Elegance’. When in this position, we get a chance to see the beauty in magic and magic can lead us to beautiful places. Allow yourself to be starstruck and indulge in stargazing. Make art and prettify your world. There is much to admire when the Star glimmers so brightly.
The Ally is the White Worldbridger, who provides opportunities to cross bridges. If you need help today getting somewhere or to join you in an adventure, ask a Worldbridger if you know one. They make great companions. If you don’t have access to one, remember everyone can benefit fromWorldbridger’s friendly invitation to cross to another world today.
Kin 193
Kin 193


11 BEN – KIN 193
27 NOVEMBER 2022
Releasing wakefulness
I seal the output of SPACE
With the Spectral tone of LIBERATION
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
27/11//2022 = 9/2/6 = 9/8 = 17= 8
27- Power/leadership/Command/Harvest
9- Completion/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
17- Immortality/Legacy
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity/Illumination
2- Twins/Partners/Cooperation/Alliances
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
8- infinite Abundant Source Flow
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
KIN 193 = 13= 4 – Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
SPECTRAL TONE 11 – Portal/Duality/Doorway/Partnership
Another UBER outta this world, powerful day for busting outta da MATRIX!!!💥💥💥
We are AWAKENING the DREAM for our Planetary LIBERATION through expansive BLISS. 💥💞
Day 11 in the BLUE NIGHT WAVESPELL🌃 of dreams, intuition and ABUNDANCE. Where we are collectively DREAMING the NEW WORLD into reality!
Today we are RELEASING all that does not sustain our HEART held DREAMS of ABUNDANCE for ‘All Beings’, as that is the dreaming program of our planet. Yesterday we had an 8.8. ABUNDANCE GATE and today’s day total is 8… We are being flooded with INFINITE ABUNDANCE through SOURCE NOW! ✨💰💰💰✨
We are LIBERATING💥 our DREAM🐬🌈 and in so doing, LIBERATING Collective Abundance and PEACE for HU-man-kind! 😌 .
SPECTRAL🌀 is the 11th tone of creation. It operates in the EMOTIONAL realm and its actions are that of dissolving, releasing and LIBERATING!💥
Today is all about emotional RELEASE – allow that energy in motion🌀 – to be expressed and dissolved , allow the tears, the laughter, the joy to be expressed, no holding back, connect with your higher wisdom giving you the intelligence to carve a new path of LIBERATION. 💥
This is a very powerful opportunity to RELEASE CORE WOUNDING of scare-city and LACK programs, ancestral patterns and cycles. Choosing to RELEASE and LIBERATE all that no longer serves our greatest DREAMING. 🌈
These are very potent energies at work to bring CLOSURE, dissolving all impediments to you claiming your birthright of true prosperity and happiness. Tone 11 SYMBOLIZES a gateway and polarity, inviting you to step through into a NEW more DIVINE REALITY in your perfected GOLDEN CHRISTED body. 🐬🌈🌎🎆
The 11 tone in unison with the DOUBLE SKYWALKER provides a potent GATEWAY to access new realms of HEAVENLY BLISS! 💗💗💗
✨✨✨ Our true LIBERATION💥 comes when we can RISE 🌅and AWAKEN☀ each and every day, knowing that ALL OUR NEEDS ARE MET by Spirit, and we have PEACE in our minds 😃 and LOVE in our Hearts.💗
AMEN to that! 🙏❤🙏❤
May PEACE🕊 be with us all 🙏 🙏🙏
Today’s question is “How can I LIBERATE 💥 the DREAM, of the endless ABUNDANCE and EXPANSIVE BLISS ON EARTH?”🌎☺🎆💒💞
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for the dissolving of ALL impediments in LIBERATING our greatest DREAMing. 💫🌈💗
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
Today we are DARING TO DREAM! 🎆 and DARING to EXPAND into new levels of BLISS 💗💗💗
And E-X-P-A-N-D-I-N-G our D-R-E-A-M to DREAM BIG! Today is totally EXPANSIVE!!! We draw to us the EXPANSION of Spirit, the desire to explore SPACE and the expanded realms of consciousness, as we EXPLORE what else is possible for us.
It is time to LAUNCH our rockets of desire! 🔥🚀🔥🚀
Today we can EXPRESS our DREAMS, and use our imagination and intuitive senses, to FEEL into the New Reality we are dreaming into creation. Living the true dream of PEACE and joy on an abundant planet, where LACK is a thing of the PAST. Totally dissolved and released from our collective consciousness.
An Abundance of food, love, beauty, harmony, family, friendship, health, joy, resources, you name it, we can do it!!!
✨✨If we can IMAGINE it, we CAN CREATE it! ✨✨
RED SKYWALKER is the time/space traveller who can jump dimensions to assist you in realizing HEAVEN ON EARTH.💒 Expand your awareness and explore infinite possibilities from which to create.
❓❓❓How can you EXPAND your horizons and bring new adventures into your life?
❓❓❓How can you bring HEAVEN into your own little piece of Earth? 💒
❓❓❓How can you experience more JOY and BLISS in your career and daily life?
SUPPORT: WHITE SPECTRAL WORLDBRIDGER💥 🌈– CIMI assists us in attracting a deep SURRENDERING from one world into another, completely LETTING GO of all attachments to any identification to anything. Creating empty SPACE within us, through releasing the old emotions, baggage and energies. Creating a VOID for the NEW ABUNDANCE, happiness and success to FLOW in and fill our being. EXPANDing into a whole new BLISS filled world and New Time.
CIMI seals the store of DEATH on our old world as we knew it! BEN and CIMI are best buddies and work together crossing through the doorways to new realms.🚪🌈🌏 Allow these two buddies to take you to places that you never dreamed of, or imagined in your wildest sci-fi adventures. Anything is possible! 🌈✨🎆
HEAVEN’S VAULT is releasing INFINITE ABUNDANT FLOW again today, so grab your buddies and cross the RAINBOW BRIDGE to experience these wondrous gifts 💗🌈🌉
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW ELECTRIC STAR 💡🌟 – LAMAT is electrifying our passage through these 20 day STARGATES – fuelling our rise to STARDOM. 🔥💡🌟
LAMAT activates us to choose to FEEL – HARMONY, PEACE and BEAUTY within our being, instead of any sense of lack and emptiness. Letting go of any attachment to dull “stuff”. Release any desire to stay small and remain hidden, through a reluctance to SHINE your LIGHT,🌟 and be noticed as the BRIGHT STAR🌟 BLISS🐦 SUN 🌞 that you are!
The beautiful 🌟LAMAT GATEWAY🌟 accentuates all these HEAVENLY portal energies today rocketing us to SUPERNOVA status!! ✨🌟✨
The ELECTRIC STAR energizes us and provides ROCKET FUEL🚀 to ignite 🎇 our desires , passion and greatest DREAMING… This STAR🌟 is the SUPER glue, bringing kin together in Service to Spirit, in order to fulfill the Divine Plan for humanity.
LAMAT is the VENUS STAR❤🌟 highlighting Higher Love and Spiritual Service, blessing those loyal and devoted souls with Spiritual ABUNDANCE. ✨✨✨
LAMAT is a PORTAL providing a doorway to the STAR REALMS, and a gateway to our home planets as Starry Bliss Suns! As we journey throughout the beautiful star harmonic geometries, we create more and more expanded harmonics leaving trails 🌠 for those that follow in our footsteps – especially on this 17 Legacy day! Wondrous beauty to be appreciated in all realms of existence.
✨✨LAMAT is reminding you to ponder “Which beautiful adventures do you enJOY that assist you in the EXPANSION 💥 of your DREAMS? 💕
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE SPECTRAL NIGHT💥🌃 – AKBAL challenges us to attract the deepest connection to the unconscious DREAMING. Diving in DEEP to EXPLORE what was once hidden in the abyss of AKBAL.
Imagine if you have all the money in the world, and there are still starving people on the planet, there will be a part of you that is still in LACK. You may choose to push it into the dark recesses of your unconscious, and stick your head in the sand as many do, but it will always be there.
The true wealth on this planet is there to be SHARED collectively. We are all connected and any LACK on our planet will be unconsciously felt by all of us. Gone are the days of personal fortune and value measured by what you “own” or have accumulated, usually at the expense of others and our planet!. This old paradigm must be dissolved and released, in order to LIBERATE the new paradigm, where every soul on this planet is cherished, honoured and lives a life of PLENTY, with all their needs met in ABUNDANCE! ABUNDANCE FOR ALL is the new call!
The SPECTRAL NIGHT is BRILLIANT at LIBERATING💥 our GREATEST DREAMING🐬💕🌈 – both personally and collectively. The BLUE NIGHT WAVESPELL is AMPLIFIED through these DOUBLE AKBAL energies today, along with the 8 ABUNDANCE CODE!!! Triple GENIE majik!
We all need to be inspired by THE VISION OF ABUNDANCE, for all beings on our planet. Feeling and sensing what that would look like.
THE GREAT DREAMING is SEEN and FELT when we open our channel to the visions held in the collective unconscious, where ALL needs are met by Spirit. The blessing of AKBAL is to be inspired to DREAM Earth’s greatest vision today. 🌈🐬🌎💕🎆
✨✨✨ Our true LIBERATION💥 comes when we can RISE 🌅and AWAKEN☀ each and every day, knowing that ALL OUR NEEDS ARE MET by Spirit, and we have PEACE in our minds 😃 and LOVE in our Hearts.💗
AMEN to that! 🙏❤🙏❤
May PEACE🕊 be with us all 🙏 🙏🙏
Today’s question is “How can I LIBERATE 💥 the DREAM, of the endless ABUNDANCE and EXPANSIVE BLISS ON EARTH?”🌎☺🎆💒💞
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for the dissolving of ALL impediments in LIBERATING our greatest DREAMing. 💫🌈💗
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




🔥 Implant Removal Ceremony 🔥


Cutting all Chords and Soul Contracts ~ Freedom from all False Programs, implants, inserts and overlays:






A powerful Divine Decree :
“BELOVED MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE” AND GREAT HOST OF ASCENDED MASTERS! I feel the Glory of Your Energy, Health, and Strength today! Charge them into my world! Send them everywhere! Harmonize and bring everything into the Ascended Masters’ Perfect Condition and Divine Order! See I make my Ascension in this embodiment, the Original Divine Way, without passing through the change called death! What I ask for myself, I ask for all mankind, the Earth and all upon it! I thank Thee it is done!
Violet Flame
Violet Flame

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