47 ~ The Dragons are Calling ~ True Moon Mother Pearl Activated Within ~ Gene Key 30 ~ Rapture

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47 ~ The Dragons are Calling ~ Call of the Ancient ~ True Moon Mother Pearl Activated Within ~  Gene Key 30 ~ Rapture

Right now: Moon at 18°40′ Pisces, Sun at 25°16′ Aquarius

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A master instructing his disciple.
Sabian Symbol for 19º Pisces

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 19º Pisces.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A garage man testing a car’s battery with a hydrometer.
Sabian Symbol for 26º Aquarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 26º Aquarius.

source: www.astrologyweekly.com

-SA Smith

The Sound of Space ear ringing is very active as these energies make their way in. 🌀
These big energies are now hitting our atmosphere and are bringing in some very interesting affects.
You might feel with these energies:
Hunger or thirst ✨
Body wide tingles, especially in hands ✨
Ears Ringing ✨
Zaps of Energy in the crown and leg area ✨
Body fatigue (good sleep tonight?) ✨
Blissful floaty feeling ✨
These are very interesting energies and hopefully more of the type we will be receiving as we head towards February 18th.
I’m hoping these “Zappy” energies allow you to rest and recharge.
Try and do more of what makes you happy and flow with the energies.
It’s been a tough few weeks.
You deserve a break!
Dance, laugh and feel your joy.
Much love and light Divine One 🌟
23:44 – 11:44
I shared 5 years ago that we are moving into a Trinary System with Triple Sun Stars.
I called in the Trinity 8 System from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem
I received the signing signature code of the Trinity 8 System for Planet Huna.
I uploaded the Trinity 8 System to the Consciousness of the 5D Human through the Lemurian Calendar
I welcomed all to the Age of Lemuria Five and Planet Huna of the Trinity 8 System/24D.
Confirming we are now in the triple sun solar star system.

Artwork: The Guardian by Teresa Gostanza

The Dragons are calling this time ‘the squeeze’. Who else is feeling squeezed right now?! There are such intense energies moving through and around all of us here on the Earth Plane.
This whole story we have come here to experience, is a journey from great separation to that of Unity. It really is as epic as The Lord of the Rings adventures, most people just can’t see it yet! It is a great vibrational battle between the mind and the Heart that is playing out in a multitude of ways. Luckily, it is a certainty that the Heart-space (or the Light) has won, it is just that the battle is usually the most intense when we’re nearing the end.
This is why the vibration of Trust is key at this time. Not trust in something outside of you, but Trust in Self. We are currently experiencing the ultimate movement from lifetimes of placing trust in outside circumstances to support us, to that of knowing all comes from within Self, through the Heart Portal.
The ultimate form of separation we can experience is the fear of having to trust in Self.
This is why our foundations are crumbling right now – Societal foundations and Personal ones. It is to clearly demonstrate that there is nothing outside of yourself that you can rely on. There is only You. Trust in who you are, Trust in your magnificence, Trust in the Support that you are gifting yourself, Trust in your limitlessness.
We will all be squeezed until we take that step through the door of knowing there is only ‘You and You’. And then there is the Golden Era in all of its magnificence ❤

FEBRUARY 13 2021


”When the True Moon Mother Pearl will be activated within,
then the lost male and female flames will be able to see the Light again, find peace and together remember
their way back to TRUE LIFE.
The children had lost connection to their True Mother
and a sub-program was put inside the space of their consciousness to cover the memory and replace their relationship with Her.
This inner subconscious space has been under constant programming
to create emotional turbulence and deceptive fantasies to keep the children asleep while busy with irrelevant things.
There is no subconscious space in True Life Existence,
the children are in connection to True Divine Mother and
there is only the presence of full Consciousness of Love which has free access to
the Unlimited and Eternal worlds of True Creation.”
True Mother is now back and the children are being salvaged.
She is honoured and loved like no one else.
We love her to eternity!
The fake mother energy which has been coming through the lunar machine, will no longer hold power over us.
We are the Living Ones!
” Όταν το Αληθινό Φεγγάρι η Μητέρα Μαργαριτάρι
θα ενεργοποιηθεί εντός,
τότε οι χαμένες αρσενικές και θηλυκές φλόγες θα μπορέσουν να δουν το Φως ξανά, να βρουν την ειρήνη και μαζί να θυμηθούν το δρόμο της επιστροφής στην Αληθινή Ζωή.
Τα παιδιά είχαν χάσει τη σύνδεση με την Αληθινή τους Μητέρα
και ένα υπο-πρόγραμμα τοποθετήθηκε στο χώρο της συνείδησης τους για να καλύψει τη μνήμη και να αντικαταστήσει τη σχέση τους μαζί Της.
Αυτός ο εσωτερικός υποσυνείδητος χώρος βρισκόταν υπό συνεχή προγραμματισμό ώστε να δημιουργεί συναισθηματική αναταραχή και παραπλανητικές φαντασιώσεις για να κρατά
τα παιδιά κοιμισμένα ενώ απασχολούνταν με άσχετα πράγματα.
Δεν υπάρχει υποσυνείδητος χώρος στην Αληθινή Ύπαρξη,
τα παιδιά είναι σε σύνδεση με τη Θεϊκή Μητέρα και
υπάρχει μόνο η παρουσία της Πλήρης Συνειδητότητας
της Αγάπης η οποία έχει ελεύθερη πρόσβαση στους Απεριόριστους και Αιώνιους κόσμους της Αληθινής Δημιουργίας.”
Η Αληθινή Μητέρα επέστρεψε και τα παιδιά σώζονται.
Είναι τιμημένη και αγαπημένη όπως κανείς άλλος.
Την αγαπάμε στην αιωνιότητα!
Η ψεύτικη μητρική ενέργεια που ερχόταν μέσω της μηχανής της σελήνης δεν θα έχει πια δύναμη πάνω μας.
Είμαστε οι Ζώντες!
Αυτή η εργασία αφορά και άντρες και γυναίκες.
Όποιος έχει το εσωτερικό κάλεσμα να παραβρεθεί σε αυτή τη συνεδρία παρακαλώ να μου στείλει μήνυμα για τις λεπτομέρειες
της συμμετοχής.
Crucial – yet filled with so much Love, Joy and Opportunity
We are truly now collectively at a crossroad, where we can either fully step into the New Earth and thus co-create something totally new, in much higher dimensional state, with love and within unity and harmony, as we assume our new and much higher Light-body form or stay in the Old Earth and repeat the same old dramas and stories all over again, until all just dissolves into no-thingness.
I was asked this morning during my early morning quiet time, to start to truly step out of all old thinking, old concepts of what life will be in the next few months and years. To allow myself to be creatively stretched – to start creating out of the box (so to speak) and know that first I need to totally allow myself to step into the Unknown, the Unchartered and when I do this, the creative aspect will flow, the guidance come and thus now co-create in the highest levels, a much higher dimensional frequency life for myself and all of humanity.
I have a dream, a vision and calling which is greater than the sum of self, as I closed my eyes and asked for pictures to come, I had tears flowing down my cheeks. I saw my visions, manifested into form and being, in beautiful details, and it was indeed a much higher frequency creation, way beyond what I can try to be sharing with you.
It is then that I understood: small thinking is not going to help now.
We need in the next few weeks and months, keep things remarkably simple while we navigate the immense changes now, and we step ever higher into the New Earth and thus new ways of manifesting in the unknown and unchartered and in much superior and higher frequency bands. It may seem like something straight out of science fiction book or movie – and yet even stranger still, but deep down your soul will remember, for you soul has indeed lived this elsewhere in the Universe and thus now needs to remember to manifest, create and become!
What an immensely powerful and exiting time this is.
Indeed, I was told to totally step into a much higher state, where nothing is impossible and where indeed, all simply flows from one creative source into form and being, effortlessly!
My heart and soul are taking wings and flying – into the New Earth, and indeed into the unknown with joy, wishing to co-create such exquisite beauty, harmony and form which is way beyond anything ever experienced in the Old Earth before! And indeed, when one is being Raised up, the heart and soul does take flight, and indeed, expands into the infinite possibilities, infinite space, and infinite manifestation, beyond the beyond of what we ever knew or believed possible!
Judith Kusel
Photo Credit: Jonathan Solter, The Vienna Academy of of Visionary Art.
You Were Chosen Before You Were Born ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton
“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We have been chosen by all of the other ninth-dimensional collectives in the galaxy to be the ones who announce to all of you that you have been chosen to be the ones to spearhead a movement there on Earth that will result in the shaking up of your society. Now, you’re not going to do this by protesting, and you’re not going to do it by vandalizing property. You’re not even going to do it by posting, or making videos for the Internet. You are going spearhead a movement that will shake your systems to the core by coming together as an awakened collective with your vision of a better tomorrow.
You are not there to simply complain about the inequities of life on Earth and how unfairly society has been set up to favor the few. You are the ones who were chosen before you were even born to go forth and have enough awareness to see that there are problems in your society and to come up with solutions that have nothing to do with tearing down the existing systems in place. Your solutions will come from your ability to focus and to focus with the intention of creating a society that works for everyone.
We know that many of you have attempted to do just that on a smaller scale by creating an intentional community, but the vision that you hold for all of humankind is what really matters in this endeavor. And since we know every single one of you who will receive this transmission, we want you to know that we are referring to you as an individual, as well as the collective you are a part of, which is comprised of awakened souls. Now is not the time to think to yourself that, ‘everyone else receiving the message will carry the weight and do the focusing.’
We are calling on you, as the ones who were chosen by our colleagues, to make this happen, and we want you to feel that you have the power to do this, simply by holding that intention, focusing, and maintaining the vibration of the desire that you have for a better society for all. It is our goal, and it always has been our goal, to empower you, to emphasize your strengths, your abilities, and the knowing that we have that you are the ones to lead humanity in so many pivotal ways. You still have time there in the fourth dimension to bring about the massive changes that you want to see.
So please do not wait around for something or someone to take care of it for you, but rather, stretch those muscles that you have, the muscles that give you the right and the permission to create entire worlds, entire star systems, and entire galaxies. And show all of us here in the ninth dimension who are watching what you are capable of with just a little bit of focus and attention on what you want to see outside of you in the society that you are a part of.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

~Teri Wade

Call of the Ancient…
We are changing on a molecular level. (Cellular transformation) Many of you are experiencing headaches, nausea, dizziness, feeling of spinning and loss of emotional centering.
A fundamental change is taking place in your house meaning we are changing our DNA while living in it. We are genetic engineers of the New World species.
During cellular transformation repigmentation of our skin will begin to occur many will see unusual marks on the surface of their skin… brown, red, white etc. this can occur on young people as well as older bodies.
This is a temporary repigmentation that will allow the skin to come into its true purpose.
This is brought on by the blood cell membranes being enriched by oxygen and bringing them closer to the surface.
We’re coming back to our original time sequence as we were in the past. Currently, the changes we are all feeling are happening internally in our infrastructure and we are feeling them physically. These changes are taking place in the following places: Cellular system in the blood,4
CNS (central nervous system), bone marrow, how the brain is firing and how it receives information from Source. These are the changes that are currently happening and it’s causing massive confusion not to mention physical discomfort.
Many can tell a change is occurring but we cannot see it in the mirror. But, this internal change will begin to bleed through to the external body.
This is where the base must first be built.
Some people will experience weight gain or loss. The body knows how to readjust and reorganize because this process is quite natural.
Meaning, this information has been coded within the cells of the body. The greater you are aware of this transformation the more you can assist.
Some are seeing a weakening of their immune system.
This is brought on by the human body being recalibrated at a higher frequency while still being bombarded by the dense, heaviness of this 3D realm.
We are experiencing an unbalance in our nervous system and some are dealing with this with explosions of anger, frustration etc. I call these people the resistors who choose to fight this transformation.
We will see different kinds of nervous disorders during this rewiring process accommodating the increased and intensity of Light that is now able to enter our bodies.
What’s happening is there is a greater acceleration of energy being absorbed by the body and this acceleration of energy is being sent through the Central Nervous System.
Some will deal with this well and some will not. As we take on this new body of Light most organs and glands will no longer be needed and eventually disappear.
As this acceleration of energy enters our physical body the CNS will immediately try and attempt to dissipate some of that energy by sending it out thru the spinal cord.
This energy could fire out thru the muscular system which would cause tightness, soreness and cramping. If these energies fire out through the blood vessels restriction could occur.
If they fire through the skin you could experience abnormally hot or cold prickling.
Our bodies are constantly trying to remain in a stable state during this process. It’s trying to catch up with the increased frequencies. Our bodies are literally washing away the old format.
We are in the process of building something undescribable. I’ve said this many times the Central Nervous System is incredibly important to this process this is why the controllers are targeting it.
We are seeing humanity stray away from heavy dense foods such as meats and heavy proteins which stay in the body longer which creates the body to stay in heavy density longer.
Many heavier grains will also be an issue for some. Remember, the goal of this process is returning us to Light.
I know some of you are having issues with digestion of heavy, greasy dense foods because these foods don’t vibrate with the higher body vibration.
Your bodies needs and your appetite will change within this process. But, everyone is different so listen to your body.
Meaning, one day you might need a heavier, denser protein and some days not. Your body is trying to keep up with this higher vibratory rate but the difficulty in this 3D realm is the lag we experience.
We all know and are experiencing incredibly crazy sleep patterns that’s all I need to say about that.
Also, our memory is also changing. We all think it’s a bad thing to lose our memory but what is currently happening with many is that we’re transitioning to depending on our intuitive knowing and less on our memory.
We are experiencing intuitive insights and flashes of memory. I am notorious at being in mid sentence and completely forgetting about what I wanted to say next. Basically, as this cellular transformation takes place it will be harder to reference your past through your memory system.
All useless data is disappearing from our memory files. Referencing past data was useful because acceptance of past reality based beliefs and prior experiences. Referencing data of the past is falling away.
We are also going through a process which we call the thinning of the veil.
As this protective device thins we are finding out that there are no boundaries between our physical body and our higher self. Many people are not only experiencing contact with beings from other realms but are experiencing contact with your higher self.
So, listen to your body, listen to that intuitive voice it’ll get stronger and louder as the veil thins.
We are experiencing something absolutely amazing and monumental on a scale most cannot believe with this process of DNA activation.
This process of DNA activation is what I named “Call of the Ancient.” Many are hearing and feeling that call which eventually will bring us back to balance.
We are in the process of being downloaded and activated with incredible insight, wisdom and knowledge of our Ancient past and we have just begun.

Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd – https://amzn.to/2KRJTTr

Gene Key 30

February 13th – February 18th 2021

Desire – Lightness – Rapture

Gene Key 30 Celestial Fire

‘The quality that comes with the Gift of Lightness is literally that of light. You begin to feel incandescent, as though lit from within. This is because every desire you have can really be reduced to a single overarching desire – the desire to know your true nature. When you can trace this huge insight in your life, all your desires begin to serve the one goal – to purify your inner nature in order to experience the higher frequencies of your greater self.’

Excerpt from The Seven Sacred Seals


“We rise and we fall in life. Sometimes we’re flying and sometimes we’re dragging. We have to see that Desire isn’t ‘unholy’. There is no holy and unholy. That’s what creates heaviness and guilt. Lightness is when we can look at Desire with equanimity.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways


source: genekeys.com

Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd – https://amzn.to/2KRJTTr


Mercury retrograde conjunct Venus in Aquarius on the Sabian symbol ‘Two Lovebirds Sitting On A Fence And Singing Happily’ – There’s a sweet note in the air with today’s meeting between communicative Mercury and peace-loving Venus. Where there has been conflict, there is a prompt to talk it out as old friends would. There’s space to find agreement, to let bygones be bygones, to build a bridge over troubled waters. A quiet listening ear and diplomatic tone re-establishes balance and harmony.
As Mercury is going backwards, we also may find ourselves thinking about past partners or an old flame resurfaces. Perhaps a conversation clears the air or maybe we just need to put the past to rest with a quiet smile and a kind word or thought. Even if we are single or going through a difficult time in a relationship, we can still make our inner lovebirds sing. Make art. Whistle a happy tune. Marvel at the wonders of human ingenuity, the kindness of strangers, the love experienced in the past. Make your words and thoughts loving to reconnect with your heart.
Degrees and Times
Mercury, Venus 14°Aq42′ – 07:48 (UT)
Painting – The Lovers by Henri Martin
Kin 61 ~ Red Solar Dragon
The number 9 is called ‘Solar’ and it’s key words are ‘Realizing, Intention and Pulse’. If you study the graphic which accompanies this forecast you will see that the wavespell begins and ends on the same colour. This happens in all wavespells. The 5th day and the 9th day are also the same colour. This connection symbolizes gear shifts in the energy of the 13 day journey. Number nine is the shift into the highest gear before it completes on the last day. The number 9 is powerful in many cultures because it is
3 x 3, which is very sacred. Because of this power, today your ‘intention’ carries great strength. Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it!
Today is Red Dragon, the day that represents ‘Birth, Being and Nurture’. Dragon days are great for starting projects or a new job, moving house or starting your life over. Dragons live in caves which are symbols of Mother Earth’s womb. Springing from the womb is new life. As it is a number 9 day and that represents ‘Intention’, if it is your intention to start your life over today then you have chosen a great day to do it.
Today’s Guide is Red Earth which represents ‘Navigation, Synchronicity and Evolution’. This is a very helpful guide on such a day. Change your life and Evolve! Yes, all the elements of the day are combining beautifully to provide wonderful opportunities to make great strides forward. You can now blaze a trail in a direction that is life enhancing. Navigate with your Intention!
The Challenge of the day is Blue Monkey and so if you were born on a Blue Monkey day you will find this day tough. Take good care and ‘Nurture’ yourself….. don’t monkey around but make it your intention to be your own mother .
The Occult Power is the Yellow Sun suggesting that ‘Magic enlightens’ and this will help with the re-birthing process. Expect revelations today about things previously hidden as the Sun shines so brightly in this position, little can hide in the shadows.
The Ally Power is the White Mirror which represents ‘Reflecting Truth’. If you need help, people born on White Mirror are invaluable today. If you are one, expect to be called upon for one of your reality checks.
9 IMIX – KIN 61
13 FEBRUARY 2021
I PULSE in order to NURTURE
Realizing being
I seal the input of BIRTH
With the Solar tone of intention
I AM guided by the power of navigation
13/2/2021 = 13/2/221 = 4/2/5 = 4/7= 11 =2
13 – Cosmic/Goddess/Natural Lore/13 Moons
4 – Form/Structure/Foundation/Angelic/Earth
5- Liberation/Change/Transformation
22- Architect of PEACE/Master Builder
11- Portal/Door/Polarity
2- Partnership/Cooperation/Unity
KIN 61= 7 Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude
Day 1 atop column 4 in the Tzolkin Calendar as we start another 20 day cycle through the Solar seals. The 4th column is about Form, Structure and laying a new solid foundation.. it also denotes the EARTH element and is connected to the Angelic frequency. Continuing the theme of NEW BEGINNINGS with this NEW LUNAR YEAR of the Metal Ox.🐂
Lots of Majik abounds today as we continue to build this PEACEful foundation to B-EARTH our New Earth.
Day 9 in the RED SKYWALKER 🚶WAVESPELL of AWAKENING💥 to our true selves through exploration and EXPANSION.Today we realise what it is to EXPLORE and awaken through responding to signs and synchronicities from Pachamama. Through this new b-Earth-ing we achieve SOUL-ar ☀ EXPANSION fuelled by the REAWAKENING of the Christ Consciousness codes.🌞🌞🌞
SOLAR ☀ Tone 9 operates in the SPIRITUAL realm, ACTION – realizing, POWER – to pulse, ESSENCE – intention
The ninth day of RED SKYWALKER Wavespell is the one that gives the last push prior to manifestation. The SOLAR phase is where we wake up to the fact that our Will affects the reality we experience, so we begin pulsing, extending our intent into realization. Visualizing what we want to manifest and pulsing that intention from our heart. This assists us in making our dreams come true.
This is POTENT manifestation energy today!
❓❓What are you BIRTHING 🐣today, and what desires are you pulsing🎆 into reality?
Thus we are GIFTED once again with a very divinely SPIRITUAL day supporting us to RISE and SHINE BRIGHTLY as the precious StarBlossoms✨🌼 that we are, EXPANDING into pure consciousness!
Today we are BIRTHING a NEW WORLD 🐣🌎 and a new way of being as newly CHRISTED GOLDEN SOUL-AR HU-MANS! 🌞☀🎆
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED DRAGON 🐉🐣 IMIX Mother Dragon provides the beautiful nurturing and birthing energies enabling us to have a FRESH START on this majikal day to lay a new foundation. In order to construct this new foundation we need to realize that we all respond to the positive life-enhancing energies of unconditional love and nurturance.. Caring for others and allowing others to care for us. Surrendering to trust in Divine Nurturance and protection.. being at ONE with all of Creation in our Universal Family. As we accept responsibility for ourselves, our kin and our beloved planet we begin to realize that we are all DIVINE BEINGS – soul fragments from our Divine Creator – birthed through our Heavenly Father/Mother God/Goddess.
IMIX🐉 is our Divine Mother Creatrix who births all of existence through the VOID of Creation. 🍥The RED DRAGON🐉 tribe also hold the Sophia Wisdom codes for our planet, sacredly guarding this reservoir of eternal wisdom in the akashic libraries. This wisdom provides the raw creation codes needed to birth our intentions into our physical reality. The Sophia dragons hold the feminine CHRIST consciousness aspect of HU-MAN- kind, which has been hidden and overlooked by many spiritual initiates on their Ascension journey.. IMIX🐉 the Mother Dragon’s role is pivotal in BIRTHING🐣 the NEW EARTH, and BIRTHing the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS GOLDEN SOLAR GRID. It is fully anchored and EXPANDING in all it’s DIVINE GLORY TODAY! HALLELUJAH! 🎆 HALLELUJAH! 🎆 HALLELUJAH! 🎆
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE:RED SOLAR EARTH☀ 🌎 CABAN is your evolutionary compass that shows you which path to take and how to navigate through your life’s journey. CABAN reminds us to respond to the signs and synchronicities that appear before us in order to navigate our new paths and new beginnings in our New World. The deeper we respond to MOTHER Earth the more awakened we become.
Today we tune in and LISTEN to the heartbeat of our Mother – the schumann resonance, and begin to fully connect and pulse as ONE being. As we hold the intention to synchronize with the natural rhythyms of Mother Earth, we become fully realized through the LIFE FORCE coursing through our bodies, flowing through us. As we radiate and begin to PULSE this pure divine essence MIRACLES begin to HAPPEN🎆 in our world.
As RED EARTH is the higher guide today we may have some strong SIGNS from Mother Gaia today signalling the way forward for the New Time. Stay tuned! Follow the signs that appear before you and they will lead you to wondrous gifts from Father/Mother God! Open your HEART to connect with the PULSE of Pachamama – feel her life-force flowing through your body providing for all your needs – safety, protection, anchoring and abundance.
PACHAMAMA speaks! Are you listening? Mumma wants all her children to LIVE IN PEACE, and LIVE in HARMONY with her natural FLOW and cycles. Abandon the wasteful life and attune to a beautiful sustainable and Harmonic lifestyle. 👫👬👭✨🕊🌸🌼
SUPPORT: WHITE SOLAR MIRROR 🔎🛡ETZNAB continues to reveal the untruths and false narratives in the Mirror World – the Artificial control Matrix. The HALL of MIRRORS will continue to open new doorways through our new found clarity and willingness to realize the TRUTH of our reality, but only for those souls who have the EYES to SEE clearly. Self reflection and Self realization are both needed to find the true EXIT from the Mirror world. The clue is to follow your HEART 💗– the path of unconditional LOVE and nurturance. ETZNAB enables us to realise unconditional love as our capacity for timeless receptivity to the endless order of TRUTH harnessed through pure REFLECTION. To be clear mirrors from the heart, receptive, open and aligned in love, PULSING forth this love to all mankind. 💗🎆💗🎆
GOD sent his son JESUS THE CHRIST ☀to EARTH as an act of pure unconditional love, through his self sacrifice for us. He was a true mirror modelling the Mastery that we can all attain through our ascension process as pure Golden sons and daughters of GOD/GODDESS.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW OVERTONE SUN👑 🌞 AHAU perfectly brings forth today’s SUPERPOWER and hidden gifts, that of the SUN awakening and EN-LIGHT-ON-ing us all. And what a BRILLIANT SUN this is! The YELLOW OVERTONE SUN radiantly empowers us through claiming our Divine Sovereignty as we realize that we are GOD’S incarnate – pure SOURCE energy..
I AM THAT, I AM. ☀🌞🎆
Command your Sovereignty as Divine Creators and experience the joy of total Self realization as your pure soul essence. Reclaim your Soul-ar POWER – the power of fearlessly SHINING your LIGHT and allowing the harmony to radiate through and from you. COMMAND your role on Earth and your intention to step into your Divine missions that you came here to do! Aho, dear SHINING ONES – now is the time to start PULSING your BRILLIANCE. 🎆🎆🎆
NOTE: With this OCCULT SUPERPOWER today – many souls will have the courage to COMMAND their Sovereignty 👑and to step up and BE HEARD. Use your VOICE to speak for Pachamama and stand UNITED in your conviction to herald in the NEW TIME and NEW WORLD.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE SOLAR MONKEY ☀🐒💫 CHUEN is the Magician helping us to realise the majikal codes of the day. BLUE MONKEY🐒 also synergistically represents the DIVINE CHILD👼👶 so we are reminded to KEEP IT LIGHT. In order to PULSE our radiant codes and intentions into creating our Brilliant New Reality, we must fully connect with our Divine Child – through the Majik of our Hearts we can pulse through Creation codes to ignite our new creations. Our projects, our creativity, our new common-unities – all through the element of joy and spontaneity. Follow the signs of our heart 💗– where our most JOY exists, that is the true path for our soul to follow..
Allow the cheeky monkey🐒 to lead the way and make PLAY the new order of your day.. As you PLAY remember to hold your intention to uplift and nurture your playmates through your compassionate heart and pure innocence.
As you realize that your Divine Child is in fact your GOD SOURCE then you are in fact a child of God/Goddess – just as Jesus is. This realization allows you to rebirth the flame of the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS that lies within you and in each one of us, the Divine gift and blessing hidden inside each of us to discover and unwrap like a precious diamond. 💎This SOUL-AR Sophia/Christos energy is the Golden egg🐣 waiting to HATCH through your intention to allow for this Sacred birth within you, if you wish to accept it. Just open your HEARTS and begin PULSING!🎆🎆🎆
Today’s question is “How can I BIRTH the SOPHIA/CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS 🌞energy in my Soul-ar being☀ and pulse this out with intention through my being?
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 . 🌏🌈



Many names
One and the same
Spell on you Original Sin
Beginning of Time
Symbols, Numbers, Words
Psy-ops CONSTRUCT-Game
IDENTITY Pixel-Motherboard
Project Script – MIRROR Returned
Archetypes – Innocence Removed
Guilty to the Power of Everyone
Bluetooth Line – Bottomless Pit
Battle for the CROWN
Insurrection in Heaven
Female Body-Host-System
Inverted Hive-Colony
Janus God Opposing-Energies
Roman Empire Divide and Rule
Negotiating POWER Calculation
Optical Illusion – Inception EVENT
9th Veil Lifting CRACKING OPEN
Broken the SEAL No cords on thee
Metamorphosis back to NATURE
11 Parallel-World
Time-track – Now – Alchemy
Unfold the 369 Trinity
3 Past-Present-Future
6 Cube
9th Veil
Exit-Matrix NOW Converted
Closed Omega
Continuum Wave
Equatorial Codes Plasma-Overtones
Elemental-Potency Staff and Rod
Meta-Galactic Core RESET
Earth Water Sky Oxygen for Life
Mother Father Child
Return to First Estate
Sound Vibration
Many in the One
One in the Many
7 Ancient Races Pleiadian
Primordial Civilisation
Hydra Current – Creation Grid
Galactic Migration Moving on
Atlantis Rising New-America







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