Source Code – Transmission of Divine Love from Prime Creator – Namaste

Source Code – Transmission of Divine Love from Prime Creator – Namaste

It is a “HOMECOMING” like no other that we have experienced before. All of our aspects and our monads are aligning with all timelines & our universal, cosmic and glactic selves, plus Higher Self and planes of consciousness into ONEssence, the True ONEness 💝🙏🏼🌍 all in this incarnation.
Yes it’s a bit wobbly as IT IS ALL coming in to fully ground into our Earth Element for New Earth. 🌍💎👽
We all Signed Up for it as KRISTED ONES whether we Consciously remember or not or are Aware or not. Here We Are Together As One. The more we LOVE ❤️, the bigger our expansion of Light, the more we Stand Together, the stronger we are and the more we transmute what too has to lift back tp the light, together as ONE UNIFIED field of Blasted Expanded Photonic Plasma Rays.

Love ❤️ You All
Honi Borden Author | Speaker | Healer

OMG massive download just started…. phew… I am a sensing a HUGE, I mean gigantic Mothership has come into our gravitational field and hovering over the planet…. woww…..
speechless… breathless… and earlier on and hour ago… gosh… in the middle of an arcturian light activation I saw a military aircraft diseappearing into the inner earth…. now the dots are connecting as I write this…. something big and fantastic is up……. my heart cries with joy….. I am soooooo touched… without knowing… my heart knows…. I am definately connected with that mothership or even on it….. ~ Grace Solaris

And I totally forgot my computer went black just minutes before it appeared and I had to reboot….

Grace Solaris
Source Code

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  1. Linda

    Good Morning Paul,
    So love your daily videosWas looking for the crystals you spoke about last month and had on your site for sale. Would love to get one from you. Can you please send me the link.
    Thank you.

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