Post Equinox DNA Changing!!

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Post Equinox DNA Changing!!

I am going to start today by reinforcing the “assume nothing” stance.  Since i have come back to reading the field in this way (2011 – post massage readings) one thing was always consistent, when spirit said an energy event was going to be longer than a day it was always divided up to just before and after an event.  For example, spirit said this equinox was a full three days in duration, prior to now, that would mean the day before, the day of, and the day after.  So with this equinox being powerful and spirit said it is a three day event, I booked myself off the 20th, 21st and 22nd so we did not have to endure rescheduling because I couldn’t see or talk.  Dammit if on the 19th I went to do my first reading and my voice blew out as I opened my mouth.  So I decided to reschedule everyone that was on the 19th to the 22nd (with their permission of course) since i had that day blocked off.Changes-in-DNA

It was full view yesterday and I had to eat my very consistent assumptions about the three day event.  The energies were all in front of the equinox!  Never has it done it like that before.  So even what we knew to be true about anything, leave that in the past.

Another thing I had seen yesterday that I had never seen before, every person had their backs up against the equinox pole (keeping in mind I see equinoxes and solstices like large flag poles emitting their energies from various places.  This particular equinox was all released from the very top of the equinox pole, the highest most intense energy we could handle as a planet.

Every person, in one way or another, had their DNA upgrading with this back alignment, all in prep for April and beyond. At the same time, some of the older, unneeded firings within the DNA were shutting off.  This shutting off is creating endings to many story lines in our ongoing personal experience in this game of life, while new story lines are lining up.

The one thing that remained consistent on the other side of the equinox, there is still zero view-ability into April.  That said, there is a new twist with these doors of emotion, they are moving and morphing like a kaleidoscope!  Getting to the equinox, the door lineup was consistent, stable and never moved, now, there is zero standstill with them.

What I did not realize, cuz not a single spirit  said so… that the doors thru now were at the base emotional level of choice.  Now those emotions are opening (and even closing) multidimensional opportunities based on the emotional signatures you carried beyond the equinox.  So there is a phase two to these doorways.  It is hard enough trying to find words of explanation in readings, I am at a total loss here in this sharing.  No two groupings were alike yesterday and none had the same energies and understandings around them.

Of course, I am still reading every one over in my landlords field.  It wasn’t until the last reading of the day, when she asked about someone son who passed 2 years ago, did I completely understand why until he showed up.

Anyone showing up in my actual backyard is still releasing themselves from the old story lines and karmic energies.  This particular field has been set up with some intense challenges heading into the September equinox.  These challenges are set in a persons field on purpose, to push for a deeper awakening.  Her son set himself up to be her super hero (wearing a cape and all) and the lady that asked about him, assigned to be the awakened friend to help her see beyond the mundane aspects of what is happening.

Be prepared, we may all be paring up with those who need unsolicited assistance.  This too is part of our growth challenges.  But, not to focus on the details of what may be happening, but the emotion hidden within it all, that is the only true place the understanding is at.

What I do find interesting as well, those that are in alignment with my back yard (finishing up story lines), that is a viewable/knowable field.  Those in my landlords field, unknowable prior to the release of Aprils energy.  We are enacting a brand new earth story that WILL change everything to its core, even us… especially us!!!

We have a sub-event around the Junes solstice that leads us into the Sept equinox of solidification (for lack of a better word.)

So with that in mind, my team is requesting that I create two specials and keep them running thru the end of this month.

The first part of the first special is the 15 and 30 minute packages (second part of that special includes single readings.)  I will let you spread out all three appointments from April to the June Collective  (for my friends down under, remember I will hand set earlier or later appointments for you (7am thru 2pm CDT, you just need to email me after you set you appointment and I can reschedule it on my end.)  DO NOT use the website contact me, I have no idea where those emails go, but they don’t get to me.  Use [email protected]

And once again, we are calling all virgins!!  I love virgins!!  (As does my team!!! lol)  Details below!!

I love you all soul much and appreciate the bajezuz out of each of you too!!!

(((((HUGZ)))) filled with multidimensional energies and wild, productive rides thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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