Update about the Plan for Planetary Liberation

Update about the Plan for Planetary Liberation

The recent mass meditation that happened during the Solstice of June 21, 2019, was part of the Plan for Planetary Liberation. Different and independent channels helped to spread the information about this critical mass meditation that allowed the Light Forces to make important movements in order to ensure that the Goddess Leyline is being cleared and now, controlled by the Light Forces.

The call for this mass meditation appeared everywhere so we can point out only a few sources that we were able to collect:

It doesn’t matter so much if you participated in the mass meditation following a specific guideline from a particular source. The nuances in each guideline were intentionally designed in order to connect with as many people and star seeds as possible. The collective consciousness expressed and manifested by everyone who was connected during the time of the mass meditation was the important factor in this battle for the control of the Goddess Leyline.

The general guidelines of the Plan for Planetary Liberation were giving by the Resistance Movement through Cobra – Portal 2012. To get a better understanding of this plan, we would like to ask you to pay attention to the following paragraphs:

Clearing of the Chimera group continues, as well as clearing of the plasma toplet bombs. Clearing of the toplet bombs is approaching the stage where “certain unprecedented action of the Light forces may be possible in the not too distant future”.
The only comment permitted here is that the Plan for Planetary Liberation is deeply classified since January 27th, 2018, and NO intel about it is coming out (except from a brief leak about spy satellites in August 2018). Therefore you might take the story about sealed indictments with a grain of salt: https://wmerthon6.wixsite.com/website-1/home/who-started-the-60k-sealed-indictment-claim
The Plan will NOT be popularized on the internet. Everybody will be taken by surprise.
One of the crucial situations that are ongoing is the battle for the energy grid around the planet, between SURFACOM and the Black Nobility families especially the battle for the Goddess Leyline, which holds the master key for control over the planet.
~ April 4, 2019 – Soul Families Workshop Report and Planetary Situation Update:

The SURFACOM – SURFAce COMmand – was presented to the general population through the same website, as can be seen in this query to filter articles by the SURFACOM keyword:

~ Saturday, February 16, 2019:
ROOTEXE isolated, SURFACOM modulation in progress to RRR10.
~ Tuesday, February 19, 2019:
Our Solar System is now full of beings from the Cosmic Central race and they are cooperating with the Light Forces from the Jupiter Command, Ashtar Command, Atlantis Command, Pleiadian, Sirian and Andromedan Fleet, Resistance Movement, positive Agartha factions and certain special forces called SURFACOM.
~ Thursday, February 21, 2019:
RRR10 / SURFACOM sequence in progress, APR.exe clearance approved.
~ Thursday, April 4, 2019:
One of the crucial situations that is ongoing is the battle for the energy grid around the planet, between SURFACOM and the Black Nobility families especially battle for the Goddess Leyline, which holds the master key for control over the planet.
~ Showing posts sorted by date for query SURFACOM:

The SURFACOM was called by the Light Forces in order to make the necessary physical movements inside the Matrix, in order to fulfill the Plan for Planetary Liberation. Ukeron is only one of the aspects of everyone involved in this plan. Perhaps this situation is not yet clearly understood. The Light Forces guided Ukeron to present himself in order to offer a glimpse of the battle that is being fought in the surface of our beloved Planet Earth. Ukeron is aware that the Light Forces activated a myriad of souls around Planet Earth, souls that were incarnated in this planet but that could be “activated” only in this particular point in our “linear time”.
As already described by FM 144 blog, the SURFACOM – SURFAce COMmand – is also referenced as SILVER COMMAND:

The Light Forces, on the other hand, have assembled an Elite Force (of the best people from the different planets), which was created specifically for the purpose to liberate the Ground Crew. It can be seen as a kind of “Silver Command”, and the information provided on the following pages is partly correct:

Ukeron was instructed by the Light Forces through inner guidance to release his own “Cosmo Biography” on May 27, 2019. His biography is only one, there are hundreds or even thousands of incarnated souls who are receiving information about who they are and why they are here in this Planet Earth, particularly at this point in time.
Everyone that is awakening to their own soul purpose is collectively joining forces with SURFACOM or the SILVER COMMAND. There is no structure of control in the Ashtar Command since everyone is a COMMANDER of his own “Two Wolves Within”. The SURFACOM is really advanced since no one is following orders from a top-down hierarchy. The Plan for Liberation of Planet Earth is being revealed like “bread crumbs” for everyone, people are receiving inner guidance and performing their own activities. The nature of the majority of such activities can’t be reported at this point in time. And the dark ones can’t simply stop such operations just because there is no structure of control. Every single soul is already deeply connected with their own HIGHER SELF, is receiving guidance from their SPIRITUAL GUIDES, through THOUGHT-FORMS or through TELEPATHY.


A glimpse of what was already being done by the SURFACOM is already publicly available here: https://pfcleadership.org/blog/2019/06/06/surfacom-and-the-galactic-federation-of-light
Please understand that this report is intentionally not accurate nor precise since SURFACOM is still dealing with critical missions that are aiming for the Final Liberation of Planet Earth. There is a real war happening in our Solar System, but the “Wannabe” or “TPW – The Power that Was” are not releasing this information just because they are scared and they know that their own defeat is a matter of time.
A better understanding of this Galactic War can be obtained through the articles mentioned bellow:

The Galactic Federation of Light already instructed Ukeron to create a Facebook Page and you can find it through this link: https://www.facebook.com/Galactic-Federation-of-Light-2009469582498153.
Stay tuned since we expect to have more people from SURFACOM/SILVER COMMAND connected.
Star seeds that are dealing with sensitive or critical missions can contact directly Ukeron through Tutanota. His email is [email protected].

The Light Forces would like to let clear that the guidelines shared in the “BE a Sovereign Being and Act Accordingly” article are the “real deal“. In a universe where the FREE WILL of all souls must be respected, each one is being invited to join forces and manifest your own intentions and desires for the GOLDEN AGE that is just around the corner. The guardians of the Galactic Codex are already incarnated on Planet Earth, you have an unprecedented opportunity in your current reality, you are having all the necessary and possible means to manifest your own FREE WILL without being forcibly put in a state of control. What YOU are waiting for?
As Gaia Portal already stated in the update from June 17, 2019:

Howitzers of Light come to the fore.
Premonitions fulfilled.
The Light has “won”.
Markers are in place for future generations of Energy workers.
Articles of the Galaxy are written.
~ Howitzers of Light come to the fore:

When you are not understanding what is going on in our beloved Planet Earth, we would like to share with you the images of the Ash’Tar’Ka’ree spaceship taken on June 9, 2019. These images were taken by Ria Aurora Athena Ash and they were recently released in her Facebook profile.

Ria Aurora Athena Ash is sharing images of the Venusian Spaceship of Ash’Tar’Ka’ree, taken on June 9th, 2019:

The number of appearances of the spaceships that belongs to all forces of the Ashtar Command is reaching an unprecedented amount of reports that the controllers are being simply unable to block or suppress this information anymore. People are spreading around the internet hundreds of similar images shared by Ria Aurora Athena Ash.
As a final note, the Light Forces would like to politely advise that the dark ones who are trying to attack the representatives of the Ashtar Command in this physicality would have to face Divine Justice, according to the already published “Decree of Sovereignty of Mankind“. The Ashtar Command is offering all possible means of restructuring and reconciliation, they are compassionated forces and they don’t want to suppress anyone. But on the other hand, the Ashtar Command is here to implement the expressed desire of the PRIMARY SOURCE and will take all necessary steps to ensure that the DIVINE PLAN is being implemented in our Solar System and Beyond.
Our beloved Planet Earth is being liberated from the remaining darkness.
Victory of the light!
Commanders Ukeron and Ria Aurora Athena Ash,
Guardians of the Galactic Codex,
Representatives of the Galactic Pleiadian Delta Security Forces,
From the Jupiter Command & From the Ashtar Command

Interchanging mind control
Come let the revolution take its toll if you could
Flick a switch and open your third eye, you’d see that
We should never be afraid to die
(So come on)
Rise up and take the power back, it’s time that
The fat cats had a heart attack, you know that
Their time is coming to an end
We have to unify and watch our flag ascend
(So come on)
They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
(So come on)
~ Muse – Uprising

source: https://pfcleadership.org/blog/2019/06/23/update-about-the-plan-for-planetary-liberation/

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