Worldwide Visualization for a Breakthrough

Worldwide Visualization for a Breakthrough – Please Join Us!


Suzanne Lie, PhD

The Arcturians: About Happiness

It is within the sharing of happiness with others that you can learn more about the happiness within yourself.
If you never share happiness with others, it will be difficult to find it within yourself.
If you want to understand happiness, allow yourself to feel the happiness that begins from within your own heart and mind.
Happiness cannot be bought, but it can be given away for free.
The more that you give happiness to others, the more happiness you will find deep inside yourself.
Happiness can cure sadness and sorrow, especially if that happiness is shared with others.
There are times in your daily life that happiness is natural and automatic.
There are times in one’s life when happiness is easier to receive, remember and give to others.
In fact, the more you give happiness to others, the more happiness you will be able to feel within yourself.
And in times when you are surrounded by happiness, it is easier to find your happiness.
You want to share happiness with fellow humans, but it feels good to share happiness with pets and other animals, too. To share your happiness in nature can feel really good. There you may share your happiness with all the myriads of life.
Happiness can found in the third through fifth dimensions of your reality.
Happiness in your third-dimensional, daily reality is often about something fun, important, or loving that has come into you daily life.
Happiness in your fourth dimensional may come to you through a creative activity, fun with friends, informative dreams and/or meditations, or just a good night’s sleep.
Happiness can expand and reverberate through the dimensions making more people and pets happy. Camaraderie with others all merge into the Oneness of “Shared Happiness!”
There are certain seasons in which happiness can be more easily experienced, such as holidays with family and friends.
However, if one is alone with no family or friends, one may sometimes feel quite unhappy.
What if you could always tell if someone is happy or unhappy?
We know that many of you who read this have that ability.
How do we know that? The answer is that we, the members of your Galactic Family, as well as the members of your human family, ALL know each other. So, as higher-dimensional beings, a Galactic Family, we have the ability to share our happiness together!
Of course, very often your human self will forget that you are also a higher-dimensional being who is simultaneously living as a higher-dimensional expression of your third-dimensional self.
What if you could remember your higher-dimensional SELF?
Would you remember to communicate with your Higher SELF on a regular basis to assist with your happiness?
Or, would you get lost in the daily challenges of your third-dimensional self so that you would totally forget to take a moment, now and again, to tune into your own higher-dimensional SELF to share happiness?
This is something I can discuss in my private readings also. If your interested in a reading, please e-mail me at [email protected] !
**By Suzanne Lie, PhD
The Arcturians
The Arcturians


Source: Galactic Channelings

Dear Reader,

We live on a beautiful planet. There is so much love and beauty. But the powers that rule it, the governments and the elite, just don’t seem to want to do what’s right. Mother Earth produces enough to let at least 10 billion people live in peace and abundance, but all our rulers can think of is how to keep their power, create conflicts and war, and make us pay more and more. Through dark brotherhoods and secret operations, they ignore the will of the people. They try to keep us in a state of dependence and fear through the media that they

Isn’t it time to change that? Isn’t it time that WE decide how our planet is run? It’s easier than you think. Yes, really. There’s a law of physics that maybe you’ve already heard about, which is perfect for breaking this old and worn out paradigm where the rich few control the rest of us. This law is called the “Law of Attraction”. It says that whatever you focus on that you want, and truly feel in your heart, you attract to yourself. Just look it up on the web or in the library (read “The Secret” for instance), there are many, many stories of people who changed their lives successfully this way.

The way to use it, is through visualization. When you visualize something that you want, and you feel the joy AS IF IT HAD ALREADY HAPPENED, it will manifest itself.

You can apply this to your personal life, but also for the greater benefit of our planet and mankind. The more people that focus on it, the stronger the energy gets. The energy that is sent out by a group of people, multiplies itself, it becomes stronger than the sum of those people. Don’t just take our word for is, it has been proven scientifically. Just watch a video that we made about it, you can find it here:

Now, there have been many group visualizations and meditations already. For World Peace, for instance. Still, there’s no peace. Didn’t these actions work? They sure did! You could see it in our video. The problem is, that once the peaceful energy has done its job, if meanwhile the ruling powers keep working in the opposite direction, everything reverts back to the old situation again. Soldiers are ordered to pick up the weapons again that they laid down, crime rises again due to the difficult situation that people are still in, etc.

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That’s why we need to focus on something that cannot be reversed. Never.

And that is: a BREAKTHROUGH.

Don’t worry about exactly what you focus on, energy is an intelligent thing, it will find its way. As you could see in our video, when people visualize peace, also crimes against people decline, traffic accidents decline, emergency hospital room visits decline, and stock market soar. Peace is peace, a visualize-world-peace-coloring-page-by-thaneeya-mcardlebreakthrough is a breakthrough. Energy knows where to go. If we focus on a breakthrough, it will find the weakest link in the chain that still holds this worn out paradigm together. And it will BREAK it.

When enough people visualize it, and truly feel it in their hearts, it will happen. It might be the 6,578th participant who gives the old paradigm its final little push, or it might be the 10,234th, but break it shall. Just wait and see.

Focus on something that will make you really, really happy. And feel the feeling as if it had already happened. Whether it is Obama announcing UFO disclosure, free energy becoming available for the public, a major tv station or newspaper revealing that 9/11 was an inside job, or something else major. It all comes down to the same thing: the end of the dark establishment. Just take your pick 🙂

What’s most important, is the joy that you would feel if this breakthrough had just happened. Visualize, for instance, war and hunger making way for peace and abundance, all around our planet. Desperate children getting new hope. Stress and fear making way for happiness and time with your loved ones. Corrupt politicians and ineffective medical care making way for inspirational leaders and true healing. Toxic food and oil based industry making way for healthy food and free energy. All these things ALREADY EXIST on our planet, but are still being oppressed by the dark system. That’s why we need a breakthrough. And we’re gonna make it happen!

We’re not going to name a time and date for all of us to do it, we ask you to do it NOW.

It’s not important how long you do it, 5 seconds is enough. The important thing is that you truly feel the joy of this breakthrough, as it if had already happened. That’s enough to add your own little (but BIG!) contribution to the quantum ways through which the Law of Attraction works. Together we make it a HUGE power that will change this world forever, for the good of the people.

Please go ahead, you only need to do it once. Stop what you’re doing (probably reading) and close your eyes. Imagine that there is Breaking News about something that you’ve been wanting to happen for so long, and feel the joy that you would feel at that moment. Visualize it………..RIGHT NOW!!!!!

That’s it! Did you enjoy that? Our collective consciousness just took your vote. Thank you. Your contribution was added to a huge wave of paradigm shifting energy that is already sweeping over the planet. The law of attraction will make sure that it comes into being.mass-visualization

If you have done your visualization, now comes the second important part. This project works through the ‘everybody knows everybody’ principle. It is said that within six times of forwarding, you can reach every single person on the planet. So, we ask you to forward this email to EVERYBODY in your address book that you think would like to join this action. By doing this, we can create an enormous army of light, even in one day!

Thank you so much for joining this action. Mother Earth and all of us who are longing for peace and harmony just like you, will be thankful to you. And to everybody else who joined, because we are doing this TOGETHER! Please forward this e-mail now. Don’t postpone it, NOW is the moment.

Thank You!!!

Adriano, Boogy, Guillermo, Jimena, Ale, Teddy, Eduardo, Cristian, Kiki, Stephan, Martin, Ute, Alain, Luísa, Kees, Alexandre, André, Winny, Milna, Puk, Per, Cagga, Diana, Dana, Gertie, Mara, U2awaking, Camelia, Gloria, Steve, Krystal, Elizabeth, Livia, Siniša, Leif, Sorin, Danusa, Yonghun, Takuya, Toni, Gloria, Charlotte, Guillermo, Maja, Zeljka, Haim, Claudio, Bénédicte, Stella, Darko, Slava, Javier, Michelle, Louise, Anneliese, Casandra, Eniko, Tauno, Pierre, Paco, Light River, Edward, Marijana, Petra, Alessandro, Sheldan Nidle, Colleen (feel free to add your name)

PS After the paradigm has shifted, we can use or collective power for other causes. Like cleaning our planet, helping people in need, etc. if you would like to join these actions too, please leave your name at the bottom of our site


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To The Ascending LightWorkers / Starseed Souls There have been major planetary shifts .The earth is currently surrounded by a lot of collective darkness and celestial intervention is here for us . Divine light is piercing the darkness and higher help is at hand. Advanced light and celestial beings are flooding Earth’s atmosphere to intervene on the behalf of humanity. So far it has not been a fair fight with the dark because most humans dont realise that they are even in a war. When you are a Light Bearer a Lightworker, Gridworker. Your light will always trigger those still living in the Dark.
We are experiencing massive activity and on all fronts , Energetically, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. This is a significant turning point for the collective and each of us as ascending individuals. Christ light codes that you embody are being activated to level you
Up so your physical vessel can hold more light.
The 3D and 5D have split into two seperate worlds on this planet and many can no longer sit on the fence . Now is the time to fully embrace your light, your authentic self and begin to meld with your higher self. Spiritual and energetic cleansing is taking place In your systems also as well as discernment and humility these are extremely important right now. your intuition is being heightened and sharpened this is so you can trust your inner wisdom and higher self to always guide you .
There is no denying or stopping this global collective shift in consciousness and many are feeling it intensify .Those who have been doing the work to heal and transcend limiting beliefs will continue to move forward. Those who are possibly still unwilling to see the role they play in their own destructive patterns and beliefs will be resisting this wave of change and with their own free choices will remain on a 3D timeline.
The higher energies are releasing light codes of more knowledge to ascending humans to assist with their ascension processes .Over the next 6 weeks there will be a lot more uncovering of deeper awareness and truth of hidden knowledge .
Some of you might be struggling to sleep during the nights . This is your Spirit being activated by the increased celestial presence. You are a divine being preparing to receive higher divine knowledge as Humanity is slowly but surely making the transition to a more heart-based consciousness.
This is a significant event on Earth a new birth on a collective level, and you are a big part of this transition. You are the forerunners the leaders in the field of the new consciousness. Your souls have been called upon to support this process and to assist in moving it along on the waves of change that are part of the birth of this new reality this process will not always be an easy one for you.
The journey through life is filled with wonder, challenges, broken hearts, extreme highs and lows, celebrations, special moments and memories that define our experience
as a human. It is these events, planned or unexpected, that impact our travels and define our purpose.
The greatest journey of your life will be the journey into your heart. It is going back to who you were at the beginning of your time on this planet before the mind and the world of thought got in the way. You were born in your heart and it is your real Home.
You are returning home to real self .
There have been a great deal of upgrades and expansions to assimilate and integrate
This is also taking place energetically and some of these activations have felt overwhelming for some.
Old cycles and karmic ties are being released throughout the collective .So many are awaking up to their remembrance and true divine nature. As we awaken we become conscious of our patterns, conditioning, traumas, and cycles.
Soul families around the world are choosing to release these patterns and step into a new way of being. As we continue to move through this huge evolution in human consciousness it is always important to pause and reflect to Bring a conscious awareness of how you are being in each now moment.
This is how we are breaking the patterns and cycles of suffering that have been plaguing the planet for centuries. We now have a entirely new energy on the planet available to us . This will help us to release what is no longer serving self .
Now is the time to take the leap the steps outside of your comfort zones and live the life your soul truly desires and baby steps are very valuable right now .
Current cosmic energies are pushing you towards a reset mode. The familiar will no longer seem good enough any more Years of relationships and past bonds may possibly still be in question. Things will be shown to you to see past the illusions you might of held on to for a long time . as you start seeing beyond the illusions. You realise You are not crazy instead
You are ascending past the fakery in this world .
The universe is within you containing all the potential and power you need to create the life you desire here . Believe in yourself and tap into your inner strength to manifest your dreams into reality.
In loving and dedicated LightWorker service
Written by Ascension LightWorkers
Yin Yang Love
Yin Yang Love




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