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New Earth Updates September 2023


New Earth Updates September 2023











Keep Anchoring the Light Dearest Family of Light. ❤
As we enter into a New Dawn many varying light codes are streaming through us these Diamond Light Codes are ‘symbols’ representing Geometric structures of light. They awaken dormant aspects within your DNA, helping to align you with the frequencies of energy streaming on to our planet. They are Awakening further Dormant DNA as we Embody more of our lightbody to further become aligned with our Higher Self.
The amount of Light we will be able to Embody will be greater than ever before.
For in truth as we Ascend into Higher Vibrations, we are becoming the New Human and Reconnecting with our Higher Self.
Timelinee have Split there is a Timeline of Fear and a Timeline of Love, the world as we know it has split into two different worlds, choices, one based on Fear or one of Love.
Which One do you choose??
I choose the Vibrational Frequency of Love.
We are NOW in the midst of powerful incoming Diamond / Plasma / Rainbow Light Codes Energies that are NOT only activating our original template, but also throwing off all and any distortions and alterations in our DNA Genetic Key patterns.
We are NOW experiencing the reactivation of our Divine Human Template within our DNA.
We have NOW reached that point where our DNA is BEing purged and cleansed, and we are reconnecting with our Divine Power and merging fully with our Higher SELVES, as we return to the Original DNA Blueprint from Eons ago.
This is a most beautiful time for Simplicity and we have been invited to interweave the Divine SOURCE’s vibration of Simplicity into every area of our existence both physically and spiritually.
In accessing and embodying the Divine SOURCE energy of Simplicity we are creating space within our BEing, Mind, and Reality for us to engage with our Divine SELF (Higher Self).
Our Divine SELF is our view of ourselves which is beyond boundaries, limitations, and illusions. It is our essence, our relationship with the Divine SOURCE and our expression of the Divine SOURCE.
Our Divine SELF is our Knowingness of our ONENESS and Unification with the Divine SOURCE as well as the immense Love and Support the Divine SOURCE constantly shares with us.
To access our Divine SELF allows us to recognise all WE are capable of as a Sacred BEing and expression of the Divine SOURCE.
We Allow ourselves to BEcome a reflection of All That Is the Divine SOURCE, exploring and understanding this reflection upon the 5D New Earth.
We NOW make choices as to where we would like to BE and what we feel we want to BE doing to express our SOUL Purpose on the NEW Earth.
The Fifth or Third.
With Loving Gratitude and Love to you all Dear Hearts. I’m here to be of Service to you all.
It felt like a huge leap in consciousness yesterday, where a new something or other, seemed to arrive, a new level of clarity, new level of understanding, compassion, something else perhaps.
Sisters have been reaching out last night and again today, speaking of the conscious shift. Many also shared that they were aware of some major womb activation a few days ago, which was really quite something else.
I felt it arrive, into my consciousness last night, and so this afternoon I went into deep meditation and was shown, that there was a distorted masculine energy that needed to be cleared, released, and those codes came from, the false or distorted father frequency, for me, the symbol of both my biological father and my step father arrived for me to work with. I was asked to neutralize all of the distorted codes from them, by aligning with them and owning them all as my own and therefore moving into unconditional love for them and myself. That any resistance, attachments, judgements, projections, etc. must be zero-pointed.
I was told that once this was done, I would no longer be a match for this energy and would no longer send out signals, so it would then create as a reality, into my field. This was the collapsing, a massive collapsing of more of the patriarchal frequency, that would no longer be supported or enabled, by her, the feminine and then he too would align with these new codes. And that would assist in the merging of the Masculine and Feminine principals of self.
As this was finalized in that vision, I understood that all of the sadness, grief, sorrow, anger, etc, felt by the feminine, was her, letting these familiar codes, be neutralized via her, own transmutation, through her own heart.
She was re-writing the script, from within, the dream of the masculine. It might break her heart to do it, but she must let go, of these old memories, beliefs, programs, etc. The distorted versions, had to die, go through death in order to make way for new creation, new birth, new frequency.
When this was completed, I felt like a asparagus, wrapped in bacon. Like a thick coating of energy was covering. A divine, and magnificent, masculine energy wrapped energy around my entire being, I could feel an amazing energy pouring out from my heart , slowly moving down my whole body. It felt almost dense, there was so much of it and I felt his warmth, his strength, courage etc.
It was incredible and then just as I was wondering why he was on the outside of me, was that okay, I did not want to be smothered or taken over, by the masculine, he moved into my entire being and become one with me. I heard this is the true twin flame, this is the true sacred union.
And a distinct change , in synchronicities, like we landed in the river of FLOW itself, everything just lining up, like magic.
But that sure was an arduous labor
The Aquaferians also known as the guardians have come forth at this time to call forth the groundcrew to summon as it is now extremely important and needed to stabilize the crystal christ grid of the new earth and that everyone that feel the calling are in the knowing, they signed up for this at this pivotal stage in the ascension and that it is an obligation to your planetary mission to embody and anchor the unadulterated christ templates within self and within the planetary body.
Well if you didn´t read my previous post some days ago I suddenly felt a gigantic impact of wave and blast coming in thru my crown almost knocking me off my feet and I could hardly stand up and then the downloads begun…..
The beings that worked on me shared the following information which I was guided to share. We are your Aquaferian family of light, originating from Andromeda, we are plasma 12th dimensional beings and keepers/guardians of the unadulterated template of christ consciousness and continued to say that those pioneers of light with Andromedan origin are ready now to have your crystal plasma bodies activated and to embody the christ template. They said you are carrying the christ codes within your dna and crystal record keepers in your body. They said the 144 strand dna is embedded in your Andromedan linieage and Aquaferian Diamond Rainbow body, which will now be activated.
They said it is now extremely important and needed to stabilize the crystal christ grid of the new earth and that everyone that feel the calling are in the knowing, they signed up for this at this pivotal stage in the ascension and that it is an obligation to your planetary mission to embody and anchor these templates.
The energy of this download and activation was so strong I had to go into the horizontal and I was totally in-operationable. I could hardly breathe, felt shaky, nauseous, everything spinned and I felt extremely ice cold energy ran thru my entire body. My crown felt like being blast fully open as well as my heart and high heart and then a full blown whole body kundalini blast beyond anything I ever received. (and I have received many kundalini activations these last 12-13 years).
My central nervous system went off the roof and the slightest sound was so intense that I shivered. (my beloved put an ice cube into a glass and as I heard it… my entire body shivered as it echoed thru the entire living room in an almost metalic spheric reveberating sound. My whole central nervous system went overdrive from the extreme high energies.
The Aquaferians further explained, that the reason why I felt so overwhelmed is because thru receiving the dna upgrade it ignited a full kundalini rise and that I received what they termed likened a cosmic shaktipat activation, which is a basically a blasting open of all kundalini channels and chakras both terrestial and celestial chakras of cosmic consciousness. I am not a yogi in this life time in the traditional sense and have had no previous knowing of what shaktipat is other than knowing the word is used in the indian spiritual practice. Neither had I been in contact with or had any previous knowledge of the Aquaferian beings other than have heard it mentioned a few times. I have however had contact and worked with my beloved Andromedan family of light at several occasions in the past, but not with these specific beings who are originating from Andromeda. I was aware of my andromedan origin for the last 20 years but had not previously been contacted by my specific lineage, the Aquaferians until today, who are known as the guardians.
This activation will initiate a monumental quantum shift to your next evolutionary octave beyond ascension as the Aquarian krystos template is 12th dimensional and is activating your original 144 dna genome.
I have felt a profound shift and new unwavering interconnected-ness with Source/father/mother/god and crystal sharp clarity enhancement of my intuition and multiple sensory perception as well as a rooted sense of peace and calmness and divine joy.
If you feel an inner pull and recognize the energy transmitted thru this post, you are of the Aquaferian lineage and have contracted to incarnate at this time to anchor the krystos eden template to birth the new earth and carry the seed, that is ready to germinate and awaken the christ keys and codes within so that you may embody your Aquaferian krystos plasma rainbow body and serve as an anchor of these most sacred codes, which are urgently needed at this pivotal time in earth´s ascension and BEYOND.
Come join your andromedan family of light and the Aquaferians this Sunday for this global dna activation, which is going to be extremely powerful and revolutionary on all levels of being, both personally and collectively.
In devoted service
Amma Grace Solaris and the Aquaferians
Artwork: Erial Ali




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