New Earth Children

New Earth Children

Ascension Energy continues to flood through the planet transforming everything in it’s path… We have all experienced massive changes in our inner and outer world in preparation for this new reality to be birthed 💖🌎💖🌏

Everything in your life had prepared you for this…
Take sometime and reflection of all the challenges that you have overcome to transform into who you are NOW… Dream space continues to follow on with the same themes…
All of the collective heavy duty energy work has created a point where we are able to start to see more physical manifestations of this work as it filters down through the dimensional levels… Things will begin to flow with greater ease than ever before… When your in your own frequency and balance. Energetically aligning to your souls path 🌠💖
If your not ~ divine intervention has a way of stepping in to create the opportunity to leave situations for more soul aligned opportunities & environments which is your highest path 💙🙏 Abundance ~ Fulfillment ~ High level of inspiration ~ Divine Partnerships ~ Soul Mission all incoming…. Being rolled out in stages ~ This is exciting times we are living in.
Divine Children who are from higher levels are also being assigned at present to Twin Souls who can carry and hold their higher frequency. Various stages of this process have been unfolding for years… Some waiting to be born as the energy on Earth becomes in a higher frequency match to be suitable for them, while others will begin their journey of connecting with the soul and energy of the child ~ 😍💖
Last night’s dreams state was incredible as all this information was coming through I started to see reality change before my eyes ~ the vibrant New Earth 5D colors started to phase in and out ~ as this happened I noticed my energy lift and feel the overall feeling of bliss 💙💖🌈 Feeling & Seeing the two worlds meet and become one 💖🌈🙏
Sending New Earth bliss vibes
Alisha Braché
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New Earth Children

Solar Winds have arrived…. When I checked this morning nope, looked again hello yes they have arrived interesting combination in the mix of having multiple CME’s the Sun is incredibly active at the moment for a solar minimum 🤔
Sun activity can make us feel incredibly spacey ~ not really here nor there. It expands our conciousness and brings forth ideas, insights and heighten awareness.
For sum it can bring up symptoms of anxiety and heart racing.

Then we have what we can experience with solar winds below…
So perfect time to be still allow these energies to merge with us. As we take check of where we are at right now with self care before the next forward motion 💖💖
~ PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS ~ Here is the list of the most common symptoms during the influx of solar winds and how you can assist yourself🙏😘
➡️Heightened Emotions
➡️Anxiety & stress (no particular reason)
➡️Heightened Mental patterns ~ looping negitive thoughts ( 3D/Monkey Mind)
➡️ Sleepy ~ need to rest or nap
➡️ Broken sleep & intense dreams
➡️ Nausea
➡️ Dizziness or vertigo
➡️ Heightened spiritual & psychic phenomena
➡️ Irritability
➡️ Triggers coming up for release
Things you can do to alleviate these symptoms:
Drink plenty of water
Rest, Rest, Rest & More Rest!
clear your energy ~ Free Audio to assist:
Eat grounding goods; such as potatoes, nuts etc (Veggies that are grown underground)
Connect with nature
Be gentle with yourself and others
Respond Vs React
If/when triggers arise observe them ~ be conscious that it’s an opportunity for release & transform ~ you are releasing what no longer serves you 💜
“MULTIPLE CMEs ARE COMING: Three and possibly four CMEs are en route to Earth following a series of explosions near sunspot AR2741. The most potent so far occurred on May 12th when a filament of magnetism surrounding the sunspot became unstable and erupted. The blast zone was more than 220,000 km in diameter:
Similar eruptions on May 10th, 11th and 13th combined with this one to produce a train of faint coronal mass ejections (CMEs) heading in our direction. The incoming CMEs are lightweights compared to the bright massive CMEs typically seen during Solar Maximum. However, their combined effect could rattle Earth’s magnetic field.”
Sending so much cosmic love Alisha Braché
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  1. Dr. Schavi M. Ali

    Namaste! Thank you so much for this posting, Paul!
    I just sent out this information to my students. I also suggested that we envision Earth being bathed in bright, healing, peaceful light blue or turquoise LIGHT. It is a wise idea for us to wear calming blue colors in the coming days too and to wear calming, healing gemstones such as Blue Lace Agate, Chrysocolla, Amazonite, or Turquoise and to carry a lovely Rainbow Quartz. However, also carrying and wearing Black Tourmaline, Black Jade, and Shungite will assist in protecting us from radiation. The point, therefore, is to engage loving, healing, protective energy as our planet receives these potent Coronal Mass Ejections which can disturb the magnetic field as well as human physiology, mind, and emotions. Love to Everyone!
    Dr. Schavi M. Ali

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