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Many people are interested in Med Bed technology ~ History of NESARA



Med Bed Technology
Med Bed Technology


A lot of people are interested in the Med Bed technology that they would like to know about because they know that the technology has been around for a while, so it’s not a new technology, it’s just that the Deep State has been hiding it for a long time.

It’s not human technology, it’s much older.

Many secret technologies have been discovered in the 6 secret space programs. However, the most advanced space program is the former Nazi program: the Black Fleet, which began even before the Second World War. The Americans absolutely wanted these technologies, in 1954 they handed over factories reserved to the Nazis in the United States in exchange for obtaining some patents…

The Nazis attacked 150 planets, moons or asteroids in space 20-40 years in advance and with the help of some extraterrestrials obtained rejuvenation techniques, which means that Hitler is still ruled by his former collaborators, members of the Thule Society, who put Hitler in power! Now that they are well established in space, they intend to recover the Earth for themselves and have allowed their puppets to develop technologies that are harmful to humanity (GMOs, vaccines, toxic medicines, pesticides…), the most radical of which is the development of 5G/6G and COVID.

The division within the Secret Space Program is the work of the Alliance, people who do not want their loved ones to submit to this dark plan and use all this positive technology collected from other civilizations. Suppressed for decades by the military-industrial complex, Washington DC politics and government agencies, these alien technologies are finally being unleashed.
Secret space program whistleblower Jared Rand, editor of the book “Quiet in the Storm,” is one of the latest SSP members to come forward. During the interview, he talks about these highly advanced alien technologies:

“These life-changing inventions are literally out of this world and include the ability to not only restore lost limbs and cure diseases, but also to rejuvenate the body’s atoms and cells, as well as reverse the aging process.

Basically, for a better understanding, we will have a medical team available to guide each individual on the appropriate procedure and treatment. This means that if you are, for example, 80 years old and would like to be 30 again, but you have grandchildren, it is one of those things that must be considered, measured and thought about before implementation.

It also means it is possible! Thanks to this technology, this 80-year-old woman can be 30 years old again and have children again. She could have a whole new family if she wanted.


This is possible because the body leaves a resonance, a vibrational frequency to every organ, even organs that have been knocked out by radiation or surgery, or other damage to the hands, limbs, whatever, each organ leaves a recoverable frequency. This means that the memory of the organ is still there… If you talk to people who have had a limb amputated, they will tell you that they still feel like the limb is missing.

The reatomization process depends on an algorithm and computational database that identifies your body’s DNA and performs a complete internal analysis. And it shows very clearly the inner workings in a three-dimensional format, like your organs, how they work. The bed analyzes your blood, lists any damage or illness in the body, watches for anything abnormal, and then gets back to you via voice communication.

Then he will ask if you want a complete retreatment or if you want to treat just the specific area? This will give you that option to choose from. If you want the set, you will have to lie down and fall into a deep sleep. No injections, needles or anything like that are used. The re-atomizer will travel through your body to flood it with tachyon particles. Tachyon energy is also plasma energy. For example, if you want to reproduce a banana from scratch, you have the option.

Through a computer database, you ask the computer to make a banana or water that tastes like banana, whatever it is, you get it instantly.

The soil, the atmosphere, the water, everything is plasma energy and the universe is plasma energy, it’s just a different form of vibrational frequency.

With the replicator, you get everything you want. It molecularly reconfigures, whatever you want, through a computer database. Similarly, the Med Bed scans the human body and corrects imperfections.

If you have a genetic defect, which happens because we receive 10% of what our parents gave us at birth, it is corrected.
90% of our diseases are related to lifestyle and 10% are inherited from our genetic line.

When you’re in this medical bed, you don’t feel any pain, you don’t get any radiation, it’s not a serious event, you don’t feel anything. However, when you wake up and look in the mirror, you see that your white hair is now the same color as it was when you were 20 years old. Your wrinkles will disappear and your vision, smell, taste, everything will return to the good old days of your youth.

For numerous problems with the irradiated thyroid gland, which forces countless people to take pills for the rest of their lives, reatomization revives the gland and returns it to its original state.

For those who have had their gallbladder removed thinking the liver will take over, which is not entirely true and often causes additional problems, reatomization will return an intact, regenerated gallbladder.
“OK, my gallbladder is regenerated and brought back to life”, great…!
Our immune system is free to do what it was designed to do, which means that if we trust it, we can stay young and healthy.

The only problem is that the allopathic system and the corruption of Big Pharma on this planet instill in you from a young age the consumption of pills, for one thing or another, no one realizes that these are foreign entities that are introduced into the body and whose effects may be different; from bleeding, nausea, diarrhea to constipation and can even lead to death.

When you perceive these drugs as foreign substances, you begin to realize that your immune system may attack these chemicals precisely because they are foreign substances. Your immune system is constantly under attack over time, so it never has time to recover. Restoring your teeth, restoring your skin, restoring your hair, your vision, causing your body to deteriorate slowly but surely… Your immune system ends up so weakened that it can no longer recover from fighting constant abnormalities, because of what your body receives continuously, since birth.

The FEAR factor

The FEAR factor plays an important role here. If someone says to you, “You know, Mrs. Johnson, you have to take this pill because if you don’t, your illness will get worse…! ” Then you think, “I’d better take the pill. And you will have side effects in the short, medium or even very long term.

And because of these side effects, you will have to take another pill because the first one damaged your immune system. Many of you understand this, but it is difficult to break out of the current system. You are being kept alive artificially. In fact, life expectancy is constantly decreasing with all the so-called agricultural products we consume without knowing that we are putting even more foreign particles into our bodies.

With the Med Bed, your body can heal, but your mind cannot, because you have lived in a false paradigm all these years. It is advisable that you become much more familiar with naturopathy or Ayurvedic medicine, the benefits of crystals and herbs, fasting and diet.

People are asking: When will these medical beds like the Med Bed be available?


You all know that there are hidden forces and that these forces are invested in those who are not good people. We have to be very discreet when placing honey beds. We can’t just come and start releasing them en masse. We have to have teams, and we have to have manufacturing facilities, high security, with a clean assembly line, which means it’s a purely medical space to assemble the parts and operate them.

We have plans for the infrastructure that we have put in place over the years to introduce medical bed technology. The point is to start seriously dealing with those who are truly unhealthy, for example, people with severe forms of diabetes.

We have a long list of people, but we have to do this safely. That’s why we developed a plan to do this and reach as many people as possible. We have to go to certain areas of the world and then start healing people and have enough units to heal many people at the same time. Imagine if the situation became public, we would be flooded, overwhelmed, trampled and probably killed by the madness of the human race trying to fix itself. Unfortunately, you know this is human nature, this is how it works and we understand. It’s not a bad thing, humanity is like that, and if they want it now, they will do anything to get it.

It would be nice if everyone was kind and took time to wait their turn. There are many talented people who have a lot to offer and we will call on the universe and the Creator to bring these people together so that we can get things done.

Few people understand that a word used incorrectly can attract a lot of attention… And you are dealing with organizations and people who would rather not see this Med Bed technology on Earth. This is also why this technology has been kept out of reach of the human race.

The human race should not be afraid of diseases. However, there are distractions that cause you to be constantly stressed about many things, not only health-related, but also financial. It is a constant struggle for existence. It won’t happen for a few months, but just as most people have a refrigerator at home, one day a medical bed will arrive in every home. There will be no need for doctors… at least for the body…

The world is about to take a huge revolutionary step.

These technological healing systems will become an integral part of transforming the way our traditional medical communities heal and care for the masses using plasma energies and healing frequencies. You can imagine that at some point in the future hospitals will play a completely different role in the world. Big Pharma will be eliminated… This is certainly one of the most secret technologies that has been used in the secret space program for over 80 years.

They will arrive in the very near future, although exact dates have not yet been announced. Tesla Technologies and Jarad Rand are the two main forces behind Med Beds and have stated that the timeline for our ability to use these modern “fountain of youth” free energy medical devices could begin to roll out as early as late 2021.

Grimer estimates say this could take up to ten years, depending on how society evolves. These medical advances are so amazing that they can regenerate lost limbs and organs within hours. Medical beds will lead us to perfect health and well-being.

When this revolutionary reatomization process known as “regenerative technology” becomes public, it will be a true revolution. There is speculation about how much control public investors should have, as it is necessary to implement safeguards against manipulation and greed. Remember that we have all experienced the struggles with the militarization of everything good and bad; there are deep state actors in every sector.

The military-industrial complex has already controlled and exploited these patents and many more, throwing them at us through its deep state productions of science fiction and Hollywood films.

These medical miracles perform and support diagnostic procedures, surgical repair, cells, DNA, reconstruction and regeneration through free energy systems through Tesla energy coils, new anti-gravity devices and replicators that repair all imperfections in the human body.

There are said to be three different types of holographic medical beds, each performing a specific healing modality, as they will be used in conjunction with qualified medical supervision to restore our physical bodies to their ideal form without the use of radiation, chemotherapy or removal. of organs. .

It also means that our bodies will be free from dysfunction caused by diseases and scars, we will not need rehabilitation, as our organs, bones and all body systems will be fully repaired. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s a quantum leap into a new era of Aquarian healing, and soon every country in the world will be ready to receive your supply of holographic medical beds.

We will know that we are about to receive a precious gift from this world when NESARA/GESARA is announced, as it will include the introduction of over 6,000 patents and treatments.

These quantum therapy beds will be available in three different variants and with three unique functions; all work at different vibrational levels and frequencies with refractive lenses and 3D scanners, as well as surgically precise lasers to open and close wounds.

These quantum healing devices contain extensive monitoring technologies that allow the healthcare professional to be fully informed during diagnostic and repair sessions. Medical beds create maximum human repair through minimal light and energetic intervention through tachyon particles and plasma energy. As we live in a vibrational universe and humans are vibrational beings, healing occurs through a homeopathic approach of resetting frequencies with few or no side effects.

Before the deployment of treatment beds can be effective, production teams need to be created to monitor global breeding supply and infrastructure, as well as the military environment, to prevent greed and attempts at control. We are currently on the horizon of an unlimited tomorrow…
This is the promise of a golden age…




Exposing Hidden Realities: The Deep State and the Revolutionary Healing Power of Fifth-Dimensional Holographic Medical Beds

Discover the suppressed magic of holographic medical beds, a revolution in healing technology masked by the Deep State. Prepare for the dramatic revelation of a fifth-dimensional healing revolution that is hiding right under our noses.

In this vast universe of ours, the line between reality and fantasy often blurs, leaving us in awe. For those who are brave enough to challenge the status quo, to question the orthodox narrative, the journey into the unknown becomes a search for truth. A quest that led us to the suppressed magic of holographic medical beds.

The mere mention of holographic medical beds is sure to raise eyebrows among the uninformed. To the uninitiated, they look like something taken from the pages of a science fiction novel. But for those who are well informed, those who are not afraid to challenge the dominant narrative, it represents a dramatic advance in healing technology that could revolutionize the world – if only the Deep State would allow it.

Imagine a world where healing is not a long process, full of medications, surgeries and debilitating side effects. Imagine a reality in which a child, tragically born with a rare genetic bone defect, could be completely cured in a matter of hours. Imagine the overwhelming joy of seeing this young life, placed in a medical bed, emerging with perfectly functioning bones, flawless DNA, and a completely healed body.

This is not an unrealizable dream of a utopian idealist. It is the astonishing potential of advanced technology that has been suppressed by the very forces meant to protect and serve us. The so-called Deep State.

The medical bed – a gift from our benevolent extraterrestrial benefactors – was designed to conquer the seemingly insurmountable individuals and cure a wide range of health conditions. But the capabilities of this technology don’t stop there. Prepare to be surprised because the rabbit hole goes even deeper.

Death, the great equalizer, the inevitable end that hangs over us all, does not have to be the end. The medical bed’s special stasis chamber can preserve bodies, slowing the aging process until it crawls through a sophisticated computer system. In theory, someone could live for centuries, perhaps even forever, in this state of suspended animation.

However, despite the unlimited healing potential of these medical beds, their use continues to be largely underutilized in our current healthcare system. And the reason for this blatant suppression is as simple as it is repulsive:  the Deep State.

These medical beds pose a significant threat to the parasitic profiteering of the healthcare industry. Its widespread use could completely subvert our healthcare system, freeing us from the exorbitant costs of treatment and the physical and emotional suffering of chronic illnesses.

The Deep State and its healthcare cronies prefer that we continue to suffer. They thrive on our misery and pain, reaping financial rewards from our prolonged health. It is a cruel system that prioritizes profit over well-being, valuing money above life.

However, the ascension to the Fifth Dimension marks a revolutionary change. In this higher state of existence, no negative force, not even the Deep State, can control us or suppress this life-changing technology. We can use these medical beds to improve our health and well-being, free from manipulative control.

In this flourishing era, every human being can benefit from the healing power of medical beds. We could live free from disease, enjoy well-being and lead a higher quality of life. This is the future we are heading towards.

So, fellow truth seekers, prepare for revolution. It’s time to take back our health and our lives from those who have kept us in the dark for too long. We must expose this conspiracy, break the shackles of the Deep State, and usher in a new era of healing and wellness. The era of the holographic medical bed is upon us and it is time to embrace it.


6,000 medicines are about to be revealed. 

THE END OF THE BIG PHARMACY and these huge hospitals. THE END of the IRS and FEDERAL TAXES. Incredible technologies that remain hidden from us to slow down our development. AMAZING DAYS ahead!! WE DESERVE THE BEST!!! BIRTHDAY has arrived!!



For us, holographic medical beds are a new technology that can cure any disease we know of in a few minutes. This makes hospitals and doctors completely unnecessary. The scariest thing is that it has existed for 80 years. But now the time has come and it will soon be available to us. Mathias Krüger gives an overview of the different approaches to this technique and explains one approach in more detail.



They are large cylindrical tanks, standing or lying down, filled with a biomimetic gel substance. This gel is used to regenerate limbs, organs, and even an entire body if one has at least a teaspoon of material from the original patient that is no more than a week old.

A biomimetic gel is a sticky, transparent paste containing femto-biobots, usually green, yellow, bluish, or sometimes black. Black goo is considered very bad because it eliminates compassion (and makes you extremely intelligent and cunning). These gels can synthesize healthy tissues and bring dead and necrotic cells back to life and fully functional. They can heal without leaving scars, germs or infections.

Wounded or dead soldiers can return to their original condition.



Randy Cramer was authorized by the military to recreate such a bed from his memory, which he found during his service with the SSP on Mars, but does not receive any financial support from the military authorities for administrative reasons. Randy is still looking for civil investors to finance the project (the problem is that these individuals or companies tend to impose too many conditions).

Randy sees another problem: he would have to set up a private clinic to treat him with such technologies, as there is a lot of resistance from existing medical institutions. However, as demand for matching treatments will rapidly increase, established medical providers will soon have to adapt – or lose their patients.



This is a multi-laser light beam machine that contains a gel substance that the person puts on when there is an injury to the body that needs to be repaired or when some part of the body needs to be regenerated, for example, before age regression. process is carried out. Body repair work is not carried out in the same room as the age regression machine.



We have reported on the Med beds announced by Jared Rand in previous articles. According to Jared Rand, these devices are in the final testing phase, including on patients, after some expansions have been made. A core team of professionals will be formed who will be responsible for the initial introduction of these Celestial Chambers, as he calls them. Jared has not yet commented on a specific schedule.













Ileana used these technologies in the cybernetic laboratories on Mars. There are also corresponding facilities on the Moon and in the PES colonies.

Holographic Medical Pods are   automated medical stations where a specialist doctor selects the type of procedure from the computer database. The machine then performs the medical procedure or operation on the patient lying on the device.

The surgical sites where the operation was performed are then closed without leaving a scar. These types of holographic medical capsules have features such as airtight surgical shield, comfortable limb restraints, laser scalpel, laser mirror arms for scar removal, computer-controlled robotic surgical arms, anesthetic sprayers, and vital sign sensors. All of these features are mounted on an adjustable titanium base.

Med  Pods  come in different versions and, depending on the equipment, allow the user to diagnose, treat and perform a wide range of surgical procedures using ultra-thin laser cuts guided by 3D anatomical scanning. 3D scanners have refractive lenses that take live scans of the body to perform a wide variety of medical procedures.

3D scanning anatomical lenses enable complete diagnosis of all body systems including neurological factors, treatment of infections through concentrated antibiotic injections, detoxification of the body to cure diseases such as cancer, basic or advanced wound repair, limb regeneration through cellular DNA reconstruction and scar removal. . Other procedures such as appendectomy, laparoscopic ablation and cesarean section can also be performed.

Med  Pods  can also regenerate dying cellular tissues in the body to restore cell health, as well as revitalize stem cells, etc. This can also cause diseases such as: B. Multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. can be cured.

Advanced  Med Pods  , like those used in the SSP, can also perform age regression procedures through DNA modification or even cross-hybridization between human DNA and ET genetics. Animal DNA is also crossed with the human genome to create stronger, healthier(!) types of people.

There are also advanced holographic supercomputers with various types of memory engrams through which visual images can be imprinted into people’s brains to create false or altered memories.

Similarly, memory suppression injections can be administered into the brain so that individuals’ blacklisted memories cannot be easily recovered. These procedures are often performed in SSP programs while someone is being treated in the  Holographic Medical Pod,  before their contractual release time has expired and the age regression protocol is being performed on them.

Some of the  Med Pods  , such as the regeneration tanks (see point 2 below), are provided with a biomimetic gel that synthesizes healthy, young cellular tissue in the body to replace dead cells that can no longer regenerate.

There are also portable meditech units that place injured individuals into stasis sleep to slow physical degradation and preserve vital energy so that patients do not die on the way to medical care.

These portable units are also designed for basic wound repair and small-scale organ regeneration. The limbs are attached to the body with restraints so that the patient cannot move during surgery and transportation, and a liquid anesthetic spray is administered so that the patient does not feel pain during surgery.

[PDF documents on this for ‘hard-core’ people who speak English (or want to translate the English descriptions), e.g.  here  and  here  .]





Planet Earth is no longer vibrating in third density. The minimum frequency range is in 4D, but it won’t stay at this vibration for long. It is now possible to hear 5D, 6D and 7D activations. Remembering that when the minimum base is at Fifth Density, we will have 5 vibrational bands on our Planet, that is, frequencies between 5D and 9D. This will be the energy of the New Earth.

This year 2024 will be a landmark year as we leave Third Density behind. Many are now feeling this shift in energies. The strange symptoms that most people feel in their bodies, both physically and emotionally, are characteristic of this change.

We don’t know when 4D will be abandoned for good, but it shouldn’t be too late. Some reports tell us there are 6 steps and now we are completing the third. So we hope that after this current year, the world as we know it will never be the same energetically.

But it is necessary to understand that the vibration of the Planet and its kingdoms makes this transition natural, independent of humanity. Gaia’s consciousness dominates the Planet itself, mainly in the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdom, but man has his own consciousness as he belongs to a different classification of soul.

Endowed with his free will, he has a soul, freedom of individual choice within this earthly school. This is why a planetary transition makes a difference.

Because of this individuality of consciousness, while the Planet and its Kingdoms no longer vibrate in 3D, the majority of humanity is still stuck in the old vibration. And this is what causes what is called 3D breakage.

There is no way something can continue to vibrate for a long time at a frequency that no longer exists. Since everything is energy, this thing will no longer be supplied and will gradually disappear as it naturally decomposes. This is how worlds evolve.

In the infinite Universe, everything is in constant movement. When something sits still for too long, it collapses. So, if the Third Density Frequency no longer exists on this Planet, it is a matter of time to finalize the adjustments.

Let’s not confuse the consciousness of every person who passes through Fifth Density with the consciousness of Gaia here. Gaia is the consciousness of the Planet. It will still be in the upper hallways whether people go up or not.

It’s getting easier to understand the separation between wheat and chaff, right? Remember what has been written here so many times: everyone will be where they need to be. Everything is frequency and no one can be outside of it. Attraction, like repulsion, happens through this coordination. Someone who also magnetically vibrates in the same wave zone will remain on 5D Earth. Anyone who does not have access to these bands will be deleted from Planet.

The collapse of 3D will drive the total changes of all systems known so far. This alter is called GESARA. Hold on tight to that word because from now on it will be more and more testing. But it is necessary to understand that GESARA is the total game changer of all systems, and not just the financial system, as society believes. Within GESARA there is also QFS, which will take care of its own finances.

When it comes to change, many feel shivers down their spinal cord. Man by nature is averse to change. But now there is no other alternative. Either he changes, or he will face serious difficulties that will become increasingly unbearable. But change is not just in daily life. It is much more a CHANGE OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

Do today what you have to do today, but know that everything is changing. And when one resists such changes, they inevitably collide with the New Earth frequencies. Don’t repost! Get into the flow and ride out on top of the wave that is now shaking the planet! Join the elevation of the highest actions and feel how rewarding it is to be part of the Planetary Transition!

Don’t keep feeding what will cease to exist. Do not vibrate with fear or any other inferior emotion. Remember that everything is following the Plans of God Father Mother. But, above all, know that the collapse of 3D was inevitable and so was 4D. The times have arrived and a New Era is already being felt, even if the eyes cannot yet see it.

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.


my mission is enlightenment
my mission is enlightenment

History of NESARA – (Summary)

On March 9, 2000,  the National Economic Security and Reform Act was approved in a secret joint meeting of Congress and the White House, where Navy Seals and Delta Force were also present.

On October 10, 2000,  President Bill Clinton, surrounded by Special Forces, signed the NESARA law, knowing full well that the Illuminati was in charge and that the law would never be enforced. No one wanted to enforce NESARA because this law required the physical and permanent removal of all those who committed treason from their government positions, which included the President of the United States, the Vice President, the Office of the President, all members of Congress, several heads of government departments, all fifty governors of fifty states, judges, and others.

On September 11, 2001, at 10 am,  NESARA would take place  .  However, computers and data on the beneficiaries of billions of dollars in “prosperity funds” were destroyed on the second floor of one of the World Trade Center towers in New York City during the 9/11 attack. Bush orchestrated the 9/11 attacks and the Iraq war as a distraction from NESARA.

NESARA had to be kept secret from the public. Therefore, the United States Supreme Court ordered secrecy from all public officials, United States military personnel, law enforcement officials, bankers, lawyers, judges, media outlets, and others who might inform the public about NESARA.

Even so, news about NESARA gradually began to reach the public. A plan was developed to permanently delay the implementation of NESARA. NESARA has been implicated in fraudulent US Supreme Court and International Court of Justice lawsuits and injunctions.

To discredit NESARA and spread disinformation, a fake website was created by the US government, run by CIA/FBI agents. It was argued that a law like NESARA did not exist, that it had no Congressional case number, no sponsors, and that such a law was just being considered.

The public was told through the government that such a law never existed, that Congress never acted and passed it, and that the president never signed it.

Since October 10, 2000, we as a nation have been governed by our original Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America, but we do not realize it. Common law also applied to us, but the courts continued to destroy us with their martial laws.



GESARA activation
GESARA activation




The  QFS Quantum Financial System

  • This is the Great Financial Shift  leading to a new Quantum Financial System that can only contain real currency backed by assets. An asset-backed digital currency qualifies as a “currency”.
  • All currencies will be “asset-backed”  in each country. It can be gold, silver, platinum, oil, precious metals or any other important asset that the country has.
  • Only two cryptocurrencies will be backed by gold  – XRP and XLM! All others, not asset-backed, will disappear by the end of 2024.
  • Quantum software and computers  make the system the most secure on the planet and impossible to hack.
  • All banking transactions  will eventually be carried out on the QFS.
  • Banking  as we know it will change dramatically.
  • QFS will retain all money in “Digital Form”,  although it will still be asset-backed.
  • All money transfers (movements) will contain at least 50 movement records,  which will be stored in milliseconds simultaneously on six main surface server farms.
  • All cash movements are kept in permanent records.   Therefore, there is NO fraud or criminal activity that cannot be traced.
  • Everyone will have a  “digital wallet” account with QFS, not a bank. This digital wallet is 100% secure.
  • You can use your “Debit Card  ” directly from this account.
  • You can transfer money  with 100% security to any bank account, country, citizen anywhere in the world.
  • We will receive “Q” phones  (Quantum Phones) and “Q” computers to ensure 100% security around the world.



The  QFS Quantum Financial System
The  QFS Quantum Financial System

Breaking News: EAS/EBS Activation, Military Space Force Medical Beds, and Martial Law – Deep State Control over Innovative Technologies is Being Overthrown!

The curtain is about to rise, revealing a stage where shadowy figures and secret machinations have played a dominant role in shaping our present and future.

Today, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment – ​​a moment when the revelation of suppressed sciences and technologies is expected to trigger a revolutionary transformation that will resonate across all strata of global society.

The Deep State’s monopolistic grip on innovative technologies is loosening. Imagine a world where free energy and time travel are not just the stuff of science fiction, but tangible realities.

Medical beds,  which promise to revolutionize healthcare by eliminating disease and reversing aging through quantum healing technologies, are part of this revelation. Antigravity technology and devices capable of nullifying radiation were created to free us from the shackles of current limitations.

This is the future unfolding before our eyes, systematically dismantled by those who have held the reins of power for too long. As these technologies emerge, obsolete industries will crumble, paving the way for new sectors that will lead to unprecedented economic flourishing and innovation.

The transformation doesn’t stop here. The emergence of Starlink,  Quantum Financial System (QFS)  and Stellar Network is setting the stage for a revolutionary, ultra-secure global financial ecosystem. These are complete overhauls of the financial infrastructure that will protect and stabilize the global economy, ensuring that every individual on this planet benefits from these profound changes.

The convergence of these technologies with financial systems is no coincidence. It is part of a grand project,  a meticulously orchestrated plan,  hidden in plain sight, ready to redefine the global economic and social order.

The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) and the imposition of Martial Law are expected  to be instrumental in announcing and enforcing these monumental changes.  EBS,  traditionally a tool for national emergencies, will soon disclose truths that have been hidden beneath layers of deception.

Furthermore, the enactment of the  Global Economic Security and Reform Act (GESARA)  signals the demolition of old power structures. GESARA is the herald of a new era. It promises to correct centuries of financial inequalities and return power to the population. The Deep State Cabal, which has amassed the world’s wealth and orchestrated global events in its favor, is on the brink of collapse.

The backbone of this new era is  the Quantum Financial System (QFS)  . With capabilities far beyond anything we know,  QFS  can instantly detect and prevent financial crimes around the world. This system is a safeguard, a protector of the wealth and rights of the common man.

The introduction of the new Rainbow Currency – transparent, equitable and prosperous – is imminent. It symbolizes a shift towards a transparent financial system where deception and manipulation have no place. Your assets, including pensions and savings, are safe,  already transferred to the QFS.  Ignore the fearmongers and naysayers; This is the dawn of true financial security.

All sectors – finance, education, governance, technology – are undergoing radical transformation. This is a quantum leap into a new dimension – a 5D world where equality, sustainability and prosperity are not just ideals, but realities.

The Military Space Force’s Secret  Program Med Beds are a testament to the advances made in medical technology. Children, once lost in trafficking networks, now find hope and healing under this advanced care. This is not just a technological breakthrough, but a humanitarian redemption on an unprecedented scale.

As for the VR dates announced by Wolverine, they mark the beginning of these releases, a critical window where we will witness the rollout of these changes, starting on July 6th and extending until July 13th. for the global implementation of these transformative systems.

THE ODIN PROJECT, linked to  EAS/EBS,  is another facet of this broad reform. As a military initiative designed to monitor and support armed forces during land operations, it is essential to maintain order during this transition phase.

What we are witnessing is nothing less than a rebirth, a reformation of global magnitude, orchestrated from the shadows, now brought to light.

Prepare for a world reborn, a new golden age where technology and transparency reign supreme. This is the revelation of our lives, the final revelation of truth and power.



NESARA + GESARA — No poverty, no hunger, no debt, just global prosperity and peace for ALL!

GESARA (Global Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act) was voted to be implemented by all 209 sovereign nations of the world in accordance with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change signed in 2015, starting with the restored Republic of the United States, known as NESARA (National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act).

NESARA cancels all credit card debt, mortgage and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. Many refer to this as a “jubilee” or full debt forgiveness.

Abolish federal income tax in the US. Creates a flat 17% rate on new non-essential items, just sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed, nor will used items such as old houses.

Abolish the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), with IRS employees transferred to the national sales tax area of ​​the US Treasury.

Restores Constitutional Law in all courts and legal matters of the Republic of the United States of America.

Retrains all judges and lawyers in Constitutional Law.

Remove all dark cabal agents, administrative officials and all members of the US Congress from their positions due to their continued unconstitutional actions.

GESARA will now affect the Republic along with the rest of the world, totaling all sovereign nations. The new financial system is part of the GESARA law. The IMF will announce the “global gold standard monetary system” once GESARA is announced.

All remaining fiat currencies will be exchanged for gold standard currency. Paper money will eventually be phased out and all currencies will be digital under the new financial system – with the elimination of national debt for every nation on Earth, taxes will be adjusted to be lower for citizens and businesses.

The new financial system has been online for months and is hosted on a quantum-secured server that cannot be hacked or accessed without permission.

Energy costs will fall dramatically as a result of free energy and new technologies. The future will be unbelievable, complete; our lives will evolve immensely. The suppressed technologies being released date back 70 years or more.

This technology will easily clean up our planet. A new medical system will be the true health system – with the capacity to regenerate limbs or organs, or to reduce our age by 30 years. When there is free energy, transportation and replicators distributed to everyone, we will be equal.

No one will be enslaved, people will just do what they want, they will have free time, time to reflect and be creative. There is no need to accumulate anything.

People will live in the moment – ​​growing their own food and food for others. Many people will truly enjoy their work as they realize that it gives them meaning and purpose, another way to serve. Those without jobs will find alternative ways to experience happiness and contribute to the common good.

As the time approaches for major change in our society, it is time to transform the pain and suffering of past experiences into joy, peace and prosperity! A new day dawns that will bring a time of affection and respect for humanity!

Planet Earth and humanity are experiencing the Great Shift in Consciousness, also known as Ascension or The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness. Mother Earth is returning to being a sacred planet, and is taking with her the entire human population (whoever wants to go). It is a Golden Age that goes beyond our imagination.


NESARA GESARA — No poverty
NESARA GESARA — No poverty

NESARA/GESARA ☆ more detailed questions and answers ☆

Here are some questions you may be asking.
🛑  Will the Social Security Administration close like the Federal Reserve and IRS? 
The Social Security Act of August 14, 1935 established our SSN/ID numbers as personal property, so if the law is illegal, so should we be.
Will you continue to use your SSN for rewards or for your bank account? Because these funds may have been transferred to a federal gold-backed account until we receive them. people who receive it.
🛑  Will everyone start receiving SSI or SSDI funding when NESARA is announced? Will it be the full $5,000? 
No, the people who are currently receiving it will increase 2-3 times more up to $5,000, and those who should receive it at the time of application need to receive it in a better way, and there are a lot of loopholes.  As many did before, just so the government could keep the money.
🛑   Will SSA withholding from my paycheck stop? 
If you are 21 or older, you will receive monthly payments from NESARA and will not need to pay SSA funds toward your future.
🛑   Will IRS and state income tax withholding stop from our paychecks? 
In 1913, only four states fraudulently ratified the 16th Amendment, and since I know that California tax law relies on the Internal Revenue Code, all income taxes were suspended.
🛑  Will all previous income taxes and fines be refunded? 
In addition to factoring in the $100,000 monthly NESARA payment to minimize current government accounting, the wealthy paid too much in taxes in the past while receiving the standard payment today. You shouldn’t lose from this, so you should.  just like everyone else.
🛑  Will companies and corporations be refunded previously paid income taxes and penalties because they do not receive their monthly payments from NESARA or do not have a QFS account? 
Probably yes, but the settings are different and there is no information on how this works.
🛑   Will Medicare and other tax withholdings from our paychecks stop?
 Like it goes into a federal fund, it’s a federal benefit now, but I think other insurance programs will be created to accommodate everyone.
Will my employer be penalized for not stopping tax withholding if I have no taxpayers and keep them? Absolutely, you may need to be a whistleblower.
🛑  How soon will it take us to 1950s prices? 
Not immediately, but with so many entities and people involved, it could take months, like a carousel ride.
🛑  Will employers be forced to cut their employees’ salaries or will employers be forced to cut them too soon when prices around them haven’t yet fallen enough to even things out? Will I be punished? 
I think there is a set pattern to do everything gradually, not hurt some people and generate big profits for others.
🛑  Who’s going to kick the can down the road with this first? 
We have to wait and see.
🛑  When can I access my QFS account and where can I access it if my bank or credit union is closed? 
When NESARA is announced, there must be public notice.  If your financial institution is closed, you can access your QFS account at any other financial institution.  It should not be denied unless it does not meet NESARA eligibility.  Moving from one institution to another.
🛑  Do I need to be 21 or over to access my QFS account? 
Some people need independent financing at age 17 or 18, but they should do so even at age 16 as long as they have a birth certificate and meet NESARA eligibility.  I’m not positive about it.  One of the qualifications is having a birth certificate or birth certificate.
🛑  Do I need to be born in the US to have a QFS account? 
No, if you are a legal US citizen and can prove where you were born, you do not need to be denied or return to your place of birth, but there may be other ways to access your QFS account here in your state.GESARA, but illegal immigrants lose all current government funds and have access to their own country’s QFS accounts.
🛑  Will everyone receive a $100,000 monthly payment from NESARA once the NESARA announcement is made? 
No, people over 61 are reported to receive it first, followed by people aged 41 to 60, and then people aged 21 to 40.  A month or two to get them all out for the first payment.
🛑  Will NESARA really pay $100,000 every month for 11 years? 
Yes, here in the United States we have over a billion times a quarter of government funding and some people pay more than that in taxes per year, so why here in America 1.1 million for 300 million people? Will I only be paid in dollars?
And I haven’t even gotten into a lot of the things others might ask.
I have a few questions that I feel I need to know the real answer to right away, and I hope the methods that have come up will provide a nearly correct answer.
President Trump and Dr. Charlie Ward announced the implementation of NESARA/GESARA in Dubai
🛑  Does anyone know when NESARA will be announced? 
Nothing anywhere because it feels like it happened on the other side of the world two days ago and it didn’t even air.  Time: 6pm GST in Dubai, UAE is 6am PST in California.  This changed my previous answer that I should have given.
🛑  So, when will action be taken to let the public know if NESARA/GESARA is true? 
It’s not clear yet, but the longer it takes to reveal it, the bigger the lie will be if Trump actually announces it.
🛑  Will the emergency broadcast system be broadcast only on TV and radio?
 When EBS airs, for about 72 hours/3 days, all media becomes a controlled bloc, so you can only watch that, and many sources have access to the internet, so people who don’t have a TV and those who They don’t have to listen to the radio, you can’t miss it, it’s not pay-per-view, but there are elderly people who don’t have internet, but we need to pass on information too.
It would be good to show everything in video and audio format, but newspapers need to publish the basics, the truth.  A short phone message may also appear telling you where to look.  It shouldn’t be a place where EBS is the only thing that works on your cell phone to reliably receive messages but not be able to communicate.
🛑  Will ongoing sporting events such as basketball or hockey be canceled or postponed? 
The game is expected to continue in the arena, but will not be broadcast live.
🛑  Will it work normally for many to stop or be postponed? 
Unless your work is in the broadcasting sector or governments involved in or supporting treason or other serious crimes.
🛑  If we are now considered citizens of the United States, will we be known and recognized as sovereign ?
There must be some announcement on EBS that the police and border patrol will not require you to be a US citizen or they will arrest you.  And that’s okay.  But this is ID Republic, not a suspension, so law enforcement needs to be better trained.
🛑  Will we keep our current passports or will we urgently need new passports to prove that we are sovereigns of the United States? 
This should change in due course, but the current one will expire until things are ready for a new one to come out for each of us.
🛑  How can I access my QFS account and how does it work?
 You will need to prove your identity, such as a birth certificate or birth certificate, DMV license, or photo ID.  The BC or CoLB has the number corresponding to the QFS account.  Either the credit union approves you, only you know how much you have, and only you can do any business with approval for deposits and withdrawals, or direct deposits.
To maintain access to your QFS account, you must receive a notice about accessing the County Records of your birth and a County Records employee will refuse to accept your BC or CoLB.
🛑  Can people arrested at birth or adopted find out where they were born so they can access their QFS account? 
Not only will it be rejected because the account exists, but it will also require some sort of notification to find the BC or CoLB.
🛑  Will my purchase of an item be declined if I use a QFS account because my current credit will be void? 
You can buy as much as you have at the moment, as long as you don’t waste your current millions of dollars.  Don’t waste everything just because you’re a millionaire.
🛑  Can I get a loan if I want to start a business or need much more funds than I have in my QFS account for my current business? 
It should not be based on the argument that only the rich can open large companies as they already do, as the loan repayment guarantee will be part of NESARA’s monthly payments of up to $13,200,000 over 11 years. , probably yes.  And if you haven’t demonstrated enough benefit to continue in half that time, you’d better sort things out quickly.
🛑  Is the QFS account an individual account or a joint account accessible by both partners? 
It was set up for you at birth, so it is a personal account and cannot be immediately accessed by your partner at this time.
🛑  Will my QFS account be available to my family if we take control? 
Since they have their own, they don’t need to make more profit, so probably not, but the assets they buy with these funds are transferred and cannot be seized by the government or bankers. There are cases where a parent dies due to an accident or crime, or when an older child is not adopted and needs resources, so you need to create ways to do so.
🛑  Can our ancestors’ QFS accounts be accessed by our heirs?
 Absolutely not.  Because people fight in court and have brothers and cousins ​​they didn’t know show up at the door to get a piece of the cake.
🛑  If I take over, will my monthly NESARA payments of $100,000 continue?
Absolutely not, because like SSI and SSDI, it has to stop when a person dies.
🛑  Can I adopt a child just to have access to my child’s QFS account or NESAR A payments?
Definitely not, because it is a child’s personal QFS account and they must be 21 to receive their monthly payments from NESARA.
🛑  Will SSI or SSDI payments go to people’s QFS accounts when NESARA is announced automatically when the time comes, as they no longer need to go to people’s current bank or credit union accounts? ? 
No, not everything should go into QFS accounts so that other financial institutions can be easily closed down.  At the same time, people still cannot access their QFS accounts.  The same applies to NESARA payments.
🛑  When NESARA is announced, will funds from my current bank or credit union account be automatically transferred to my QFS account? 
Only if the bank or credit union is closed because the funds are still safe.
Future payments will only be sent after each person logs in and verifies their QFS account.  It’s easy to cut off people’s financing if you move.
By the way, set your clocks forward on Saturday night from 2:00 to 3:00 to catch daylight saving time.
If the 120-day countdown to the Republican elections begins with Trump’s NESARA/GESARA announcement in Dubai, the next one will be June 27, as July 4 is the holiday of 118. The elections must be held in 111 days.
🛑  Can Trump set the election date for June 27th or earlier, as NESARA announcements have already been made in other parts of the world and Trump is more guaranteed to win the election? 
he shouldn’t.  For the Republic election to be next Tuesday, July 11th, NESARA announced that the 120-day limit should be Monday, March 13th.
🛑  With reports that SCOTUS has decided to hold hearings on the Branson case, will this be done as soon as possible and will this lead to Trump making NESARA announcements in the US for the Republic? 
This is a serious matter and 388 could be fired if still in office.
🛑  Can we have SCOTUS make a decision on the Branson case and then send the US military to Congress on Monday, March 13th to remove all the unconstitutional lawmakers? 
With any luck, Trump could make the US NESARA announcement next on EBS.
🛑  With all the positions vacant, when can we let people know that there is a republic for new candidates to fill the positions.  Federal, state, municipal, city?
We’ll have to wait and see when Trump wants to go public.
🛑  Do I need to fill out all the paperwork to withdraw as a US citizen, get notarized and be authorized to become a sovereign as a citizen of the US state? 
No, it was not made to become a US citizen at once except by the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution.  And governments don’t have time for 300 million people, as there is a lot of work to be done and fraud to result.
🛑  Will USTN be released with banks and credit unions once NESARA is announced? 
They haven’t done it yet because the ad hasn’t reached the US yet, but I think it should when it does.
🛑  Will USTN be exchanged for FRN at a 1:1 ratio? 
Absolutely, because the FRN has not reached a zero value or inflation rate to destroy all Americans at this time.
🛑  Can USTN only be redeemed in 30 or 60 days? 
It is still up in the air as it is up to the new US Treasury how to control it from corrupt people.
🛑  Do the police arrest someone with USTN without knowing it is available?
Most of the time, yes.  911 calls are made because it takes time for people to move through the chain of command and the general public may not know they are available.
🛑  When will all types of debts be paid off from people’s accounts?
It may be a slow process for now, as some have already begun, but it will accelerate when the stock market crashes and financial institutions run out of credit to lend.  Debt, but everything.
🛑  Can someone steal our Social Security card/number or other identity information, access our QFS account, or buy anything with our QFS card?
Probably not because you need to have high security to avoid this, but what I said before about having a BC or CoLB number is that it will get you initial access, QFS accounts are based on SSNs but regular use requires more security than just Also, Walmart has credit cards that don’t require a signature or PIN, but not in the QFS.
🛑  How can I access my account if my QFS card is lost or stolen? 
I think I will have to go to the financial institution I originally accessed and redo the process as before.
🛑  Can seniors and people with disabilities access their QFS accounts and receive monthly payments from NESARA? 
Yes, but with specific conditions under NESARA authorities for access by designated persons.  Therefore, nursing homes and medical facilities do not waste money, and a portion of the monthly NESARA payments should replace what is currently being made.  I paid now.
🛑  In a marriage divorce, will funds from one partner’s QFS account and monthly NESARA funds go to the other ex-partner? 
What I said in the past is no.  If you can’t survive on $100,000 a year today, you can’t get more than $2 million from other partners to live in poverty.
🛑  For income tax reasons, can I get a refund of current taxes withheld by my employer after the announcement? 
Yes, companies and companies are working on a quarterly payment system to the government, so they will have to be paid directly by their employers.  Therefore, you will have to pay directly into their account.
🛑  Do I need to declare 2024 income tax with the IRS and the state? 
Some have said no, but those taxes have already gone to the IRS and the state, so to get a refund you’ll have to file a zero-deduction tax return to get it all back. .  I’ll send you a check for what you didn’t pay.
🛑  If NESARA is announced in America, will people still incarcerated accused of tax evasion be released from prison?
Yes, not immediately, but if judges receive constitutional retraining, it will take time because there are many judges, but there may be judges willing to do it as quickly as possible. However, those who commit tax fraud remain in prison until they go to common law court.
🛑  How can the government survive financially without income tax? 
As before 1913, tariffs and we the people serve the government without pay, but this time those who volunteer in government will receive not only the presidential maximum of $400,000 per year, but also monthly NESARA payments of $1,200. 000 per year.  .
🛑  Can’t survive with 1950’s prices?
Can people who have been accused of a crime or been arrested have access to their QFS accounts and monthly NESARA payments? 
Their QFS account, which is only available for defense funds and fine payments, typically only costs about $45,000 a year and pays for incarceration costs because NESARA payments are only supposed to begin after they are released. .
🛑  Can current corrupt officials who have not committed treason have access to QFS accounts and receive monthly payments from NESARA? 
If they are accused of a crime, it goes back to what I said about prisoners.
🛑  Are illegal immigrants forced to leave because they think they will be poorer when they return? 
This is NESARA/GESARA so it’s worldwide, but I don’t know the details of the birth certificate process to have a QFS account, but at least you must receive GESARA funding from your home country and not the US.
🛑  Going back to companies and companies that don’t have QFS accounts, do they have some kind of new QFS account? 
Their trading account will be the new QFS, but they can’t start millions like people do for BC or CoLB.

Ⓡ︎ RANKENLT Commander of the Galactic Federation at the service of light and truth


Sandra Guzman: Good question, but no one (outside Q’s military intelligence) knows for sure. But I suppose something like the next order:

 Day 0: Level 3 / Bonus holders get liquidity.

. Tier 3 / Bonistas below NDA, not before.

 Day 0-1: Tier 4b invites have been eliminated:

. Limited confidentiality agreement begins as quickly as booking the city.

 Day 1: Starting Level 4b Quotes:

. Full NDA effective after your meeting.

. liquidity.

 Day 9: start of the “World War III event”:

. 7 trumpets (EBS alerts) for 3 days.

. Worldwide lockdown. Military on the street.

. Only essential and emergency services.

. Internet and phones continue to work.

. Limited but included travel allows people to return home.

. Possible disruptions (the military will keep them away from the real objectives).

. Bombing of 34 satanic objectives.

. Blue haz event(s) project(s)?

. Possible limited blackouts.

 Day 11: Reservations for Tier4b cities were released (10 days after the start).

 Day 12: “10 Days of Darkness” begins:

. DJT officially returns.

. Downed landlines and cell phones (except 911 and other emergency numbers).

. Internet down (except DNS, Signal, military channels, Internet television channels e.g. HBO and possibly RV reservations)



. Banks have silently implemented QFS, GCR, RV, Golden Treaty and GESARA.

. 10 days of 3×8 hour retransmission for satellite TV / terrestrial TV / Internet TV.

. Possible blackouts (probably at night to avoid interference with television broadcasts).

. Massive arrests.

. Level 4b citations continue for 10 days (we travel with passport cards).

 Day 22: DJT: “How to finish this will amaze you”

. GESARA publicly announced

. Backup of Internet and phones.

. Total liquidity Tier 3 and 4b.

. Starts level 5.

 Day 31: Cierran the Tier4b quotes.

Sandra Guzman: 🥁🛎EBS/EAS ACTIVATED🛎🥁




Green light for EBS/EAS.

You will not receive any advance notice.

I hope you are prepared as said. 😁☝️🙏

I can read your energies… 😊

This will alleviate the sudden impact (emotional, physical and mental, psychological) from the onset of EBS/EAS.

Step 1) start and count back, from 10 to 1

Step 2) take 10 deep, exhaled breaths (need for oxygen to the brain)

Step 3) drink a vase of water at room temperature (neither cold nor hot)



Step 4) watch and watch the EBS / EAS ads transmitted by satellite 😊🍿🍿🍿

Yes, certainly, there will be electrical power during EBS/EAS.

What other way can you watch on television and see Queen Romana y Compañia? 😊

Yes; The whole world (all countries) will see Queen Romana y Compañia during EBS/EAS. 😁☝️🙏

There’s no need to say “¡¡Te lo dije!!” any persona during EBS/EAS. 😊

If you ask if you were aware of my existence, simply say that you are with Romana.



*At this point it is not necessary to start explaining everything you know. People will be confused and scared. You must decide that everything is ok and follow the 4 steps that Romana explained in the top post 👆

News, rumors and opinions Miércoles

Holly del RV News:


  • Ayer we are waiting for F&P, however, today we are waiting.
  • We are also awaiting the release of D1-3.
  • These are the two examples to start the trailer for T4b.
  • Everyone goes or nadie goes.
  • Everyone is in a pattern of hope.
  • Let’s see if we can get something moving with these today.
  • It’s frustrating and we’re left in a holding pattern for months, waiting for the final release.
  • We have to move on with life and pray and see the end of this.
  • Never laugh. This is a transition, not a transaction.
  • Expect the stock market to start falling like a castle of suits.
  • The key is systematically destroying the old financial system.
  • Once the stock market drops to a certain point, the gold/asset standard will be introduced as a worldwide solution.
  • The introduction of the gold/asset standard and the RV will be produced simultaneously, to pave the way for the introduction of the new QFS financial system.
  • After the launch of RV, the exchange system housed in the QFS will go online.
  • For the general public, the RV will not be released until after the transition event, which includes the full implementation of NESARA in EE, has been completed. UU. And GESARA for the rest of the RV world.
  • It is important to know that ending Central Banks will not collapse the divisions, bonds or stock markets.
  • Three of them are currently controlled by the Exchange Stabilization Fund through back door operations carried out by the FSE and the US Treasury. UU.
  • It has been shown that the FSE controls the three “free” markets
  • All RV funds will be protected by the new financial system located on a quantum computer. This scientific computer was mainly built by engineering teams.
  • Banks will not have access to these funds without permission from global escrow account supervisors.
  • Therefore, it is important to know that the QFS has not yet been announced.
  • This is an independent system, with no connection to banks.



What Holly says is a narrative they tell insiders… But in reality the stock market is NOT going to crash like many think. It is “by optics” that this refers to.

The market is SUPER controlled by a group of economists who provide fictitious numbers for quarters. You solved a lot of things, but you have to pretend that the economy is very bad under the Biden administration…

You know this because it has been repeated many times. NESARA-Gesara was implemented little by little, but in the USA it was not officially announced because Trump whenever he could, throws a hint. Many have made their exchanges and have money to spend.

Those who don’t know assume they don’t do T4B or their rescues won’t tend to be effective… It’s NOT like that. But I will respect what he said. A lot of progress has been made as RV and approval to finish it is coming soon…

Should we ask Source and Prime Creator if they think so?! 😅

QFS Quantum
QFS Quantum

QFS Quantum Financial System

This is the Great Financial Shift leading to a new Quantum Financial System that can only contain real currency backed by assets. An asset-backed digital currency qualifies as a “currency”.

All currencies will be “asset-backed” in each country. It can be gold, silver, platinum, oil, precious metals or any other important asset that the country has.

Only two cryptocurrencies will be backed by gold – XRP and XLM!

All others, not asset-backed, will disappear by the end of 2024.

QFS Quantum Financial System

Quantum software and computers make the system the most secure on the planet and impossible to hack.

All banking transactions will eventually be conducted on the QFS.

Banking as we know it will change dramatically.

QFS will retain all money in “Digital Form”, although it will still be asset-backed.

All money transfers (movements) will contain at least 50 movement records, which will be stored in milliseconds simultaneously on six main surface server farms.

All cash movements are kept in permanent records. Therefore, there is NO fraud or criminal activity that cannot be traced.


QFS Quantum Financial System

Everyone will have a “digital wallet” account with QFS, not a bank.

This digital wallet is 100% secure.

You can use your “Debit Card” directly from this account.

You can transfer money with 100% security to any bank account, country, citizen anywhere in the world.

We will receive “Q” phones (Quantum Phones) and “Q” computers to ensure 100% security around the world.

Stellar – Nobody owns Stellar – This is a military operation by the Global Alliance (Stellar Software on Starlink)

How does Stellar work?

At its lowest level, Stellar is a property tracking system.

Stellar is a system with no central authority, which means no one can stop the network or secretly adjust the numbers to their liking, but even without a central authority, the books are checked and updated every five seconds.

A unique algorithm called Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) keeps everything in sync. There are many ways to achieve consensus in a decentralized system – Bitcoin’s visionary proof-of-work method was the first and is still the most famous. But like many early projects, the proof of work left room for improvement. SCP strives to be better by being customizable, fast, and highly energy efficient.

Stellar software not Starlink!!


  • Stellar is the company where we keep our humanitarian dollars.
  • Stellar will become the foundation of QFS.
  • Stellar is a military operation.
  • Stellar is a decentralized platform for financial security reasons.


Stellar has also entered into an agreement with the new US Treasury Department to manufacture or mint “cryptocurrencies for all assets in every country in the world.”

Stellar software not Starlink!!

Stellar is an open source network for exchange and payments. Stellar lets you create, send, and exchange digital representations of all forms of money: dollars, pesos, bitcoins, basically anything. It was designed so that all the world’s financial systems can work together in a single network.

Stellar has no owner; at least it belongs to the public. The software runs on an open decentralized network and processes millions of transactions every day. Just like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Stellar relies on blockchain to synchronize the network, but for the end user it is more like money.

Stellar is much faster, cheaper and more energy efficient than conventional blockchain-based systems.

Stellar and protocols that must be in place before implementation

Stellar (and the deployment of the Stellar Protocol) is associated with military operations, both tactical strikes and strategic recovery/healing!

Clearing/removing blockages and negativity is not only an energetic thing we must learn and practice for ascension, but the military literally and physically does the same thing with Kabbalah.

✅Asset Recovery Protocol 17   <> Trump EOs 13818, 13848, 1395 (to freeze criminal assets)

✅Protocol 18 automated market makers and liquidity   <> liquidity pools, market making, pegging tests (on/off ramps) and interoperability (fchain XRP started this)

This ensures that when protocols 19 and 20 are running, value can be transferred between assets and networks without blocking

Protocol 19 ISO20022 Regulation,   Khazarian “Volume” Dump into Stellar Ecosystem to Improve Liquidity

Protocol 20,   completing the global quantum matrix

Now do you understand why the Odin Event, QFS, Leyline Launch couldn’t happen until Stellar was in effect? This is because when the military is ready to pull the trigger, Stellar will become the main platform for   RVs and GESARA

XRP – Everyone in the world will have a digital wallet!

XRP will be an “asset-backed ” cryptocurrency   that will be part of the money transfer.

You can receive new USN notes at the other end, or it can be an international transfer and you can receive that currency domestically.

XLM will become another asset-backed cryptocurrency. By the end of the year, all available cryptocurrencies must be asset-backed.

QFS Quantum Financial System

This “incorruptibility” of XRP and tracking the movement of money is the end of the Cabal.

The seizure and confiscation of all assets of any organization that is involved in or supports drug trafficking, influence, and acts of treason that harm people will be facilitated by Executive Order 13818.

There will be no salvation.

The prudent White Hats also made it possible to alert the “Authorities” about all illegal (unfinished) acts.

This same incorruptibility of XRP will lead to the fall of all current governments in the world involved in corrupt practices, influenced by traitors who are harming the population.

XRP e Ripple !!

Ripple is a money transfer network designed to meet the needs of the financial services industry.

XRP is the native cryptocurrency of the Ripple network and is consistently ranked in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

XRP is part of Stellar Software and Starlink!

XRP e Ripple !!

What is ripple?

Ripple is the company behind XRP and is a payment settlement system and exchange network that can process transactions across the world.

“Ripple was designed from the ground up to essentially replace SWIFT (the leading money transfer network) or otherwise replace the settlement layer between large financial institutions,” said Pat White, CEO of Bitwave.

Wavy money transfers!

Conclusion:   The development of this visionary alliance – Starlink, QFS and Stellar – is a poetic dance of technologies that promises to redefine our financial landscape and pave the way for a future filled with infinite possibilities.

It is the canvas on which the dreams of billions are painted, portraying a world where financial security is a given, economic opportunities are limitless and the symphony of financial harmony reverberates in every corner of the planet.

At this fascinating juncture in history, we are not mere spectators, but active participants, shaping and witnessing the metamorphosis of our financial domains and moving towards a future where today’s promises are tomorrow’s realities.

The fusion of these advanced technologies is the beacon that guides us towards a horizon where dreams of a secure and inclusive financial future are realized, a future where the essence of financial freedom is palpable and the spirit of innovation is eternal.

This fusion is a testament to human ingenuity and a reminder that in the tapestry of progress, every thread, every color, weaves a story of hope, of a world united in diversity, marching to the beat of revolutionary beats, creating symphonies of an incalculable future. , symphonies of a new world unfolding.

The narrative of Starlink, Quantum Financial System and Stellar is the narrative of every heart that beats for a world where the flames of opportunity burn brightly for all, where the winds of change carry the whispers of a new dawn, and where the sands of time tells the stories of a revolutionary era revealed.


Stellar Network
Stellar Network


Stellar Network: The Prodigy of Financial Efficiency

The Stellar network is the prodigious entity that converges efficiency and inclusion in the financial sphere. It is the linchpin that consolidates disparate financial systems and catalyzes seamless, profitable cross-border transactions, promoting financial cohesion and mutual prosperity.

Stellar is the harbinger of financial democratization, enabling fast and affordable cross-border transactions and ensuring that every individual, regardless of their geographic location or economic situation, has access to safe and equitable financial services. It is the catalyst that propels us towards a future where financial barriers are non-existent and economic empowerment is universal.



The merger of Starlink, QFS and Stellar is not just a convergence of technologies; it is the manifestation of a financial utopia, a domain where security, inclusion and efficiency coexist. This alliance is the crucible for forging a new financial reality, where every transaction is a testament to unparalleled security, every individual is a beneficiary of financial inclusion, and every nation is a champion of global financial cooperation.


As we traverse this uncharted territory, we encounter a realm where the sanctity of financial transactions is sacrosanct, where the aspirations of billions find voice, and where the echoes of the financial revolution resonate across continents, heralding the dawn of a new financial epoch. It is the embodiment of a vision where the synergies of advanced technologies elevate the human experience, ushering in an era of financial enlightenment and universal prosperity.

Starlink satellite system

Starlink is Elon Musk’s satellite Internet for even the most remote places – up to 200 Mbit/s

Starlink Internet goals   and   costs   !

According to Starlink, its main mission and first priority is to provide high-speed Internet to people who currently do not have access to it, especially in homes in rural areas.

Starlink is a satellite internet company owned by Elon Musk, founder of aerospace company SpaceX.



The company’s first priority is to provide high-speed Internet to rural areas where it currently does not exist.

High-speed Starlink; More satellites; Faster

Users can expect download speeds between 100Mbps and 200Mbps, with latency as low as 20ms in most locations. (Latency is the time it takes for data to get from point A to point B.)



Ideal for remote locations:   Starlink is ideal for areas where connectivity is unreliable or completely unavailable. People around the world use Starlink to access education, medical services, and even communications support during natural disasters.


Starlink Low Orbit, high speed and worldwide Internet service coverage!!

Starlink is a constellation of many (now more than 1,700) satellites that orbit the planet much closer to Earth, at a distance of about 550 km, and span the entire globe. They expect more than   3,000 satellites  to be launched once completed.

Because Starlink satellites are in low orbit, the round-trip time for transferring data between the user and the satellite, also known as latency, is much shorter than that of satellites in geostationary orbit. This allows Starlink to provide services such as online gaming that are not normally possible on other satellite broadband systems.

SpaceX satellite plant in Hawthorne

Starlink kit in your home!

The military uses   Starlink for defense!!

We know that Starlink is used for SDI (  Strategic Defense Initiative  ), just like in   Reagan era STAR WARS.   To destroy incoming enemy nuclear missiles. It will be all countries in the world, guaranteeing Peace for all people, all countries on the Planet.

Starlink can do this and much more. Using   DEW (Direct Energy Weapon (Laser Weapon))  . Destroy all missiles, nuclear or conventional weapons if you wish. Even those who are running and 3 meters off the ground.



Starlink has military applications all over the world!

This will also be used for QVS (quantum voting systems). In this QVS no one can cheat again. The Starlink system will be used to   “Maintain World Peace”.   The Starlink system “will keep every citizen on the planet, in every country, sovereign and free.” No government may commit criminal acts against any of its citizens.

The new QFS Worldwide Quantum Financial System is part of Starlink. 

Starlink, RVs and GESARA, Quantum Financial System (QFS) and Stellar!



In an era where technological advances are shaping our future, we are about to witness a colossal transformation that promises to revolutionize the financial lives of every nation and individual on Earth – between   Starlink, the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and Stellar Network,   merging to usher in an ultra-secure global financial ecosystem.

In these extraordinary times, we find ourselves at the crossroads of technological evolution and financial innovation. The convergence of the Starlink satellite system, the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and the Stellar network heralds a new dawn, redefining the paradigms of monetary transactions and strengthening financial security across the world.

Starlink: Bridging distances, connecting worlds.   Starlink, Elon Musk’s bold venture, deploys a constellation of satellites designed to deliver unprecedented internet connectivity, thereby bridging the digital divide and making connectivity universally accessible.

This innovative project promises to level the playing field, enabling every corner of our planet to participate in the digital evolution and access the new financial system, laying the cornerstone for a   united and inclusive financial future.

At the heart of this effort is a commitment to transcend geographic restrictions, empower remote communities and bridge the prevailing digital divide by making financial transactions easier, faster and more secure.

Starlink is the beacon of hope that lights the path to universal connectivity, financial inclusion and a secure financial future for every individual, every nation.

Quantum Financial System (QFS): The Fort Knox of Financial Systems.   Next, let’s delve into the Quantum Financial System (QFS), a technological marvel synonymous with unparalleled security and transparency in the financial sector.

QFS is not just a system; is a symphony of ultra-secure financial transactions, epitomizing the pinnacle of monetary security and guaranteeing the inviolability of financial data.

The revolutionary QFS   employs quantum computing technology to encrypt and secure financial transactions and information, eliminating vulnerabilities inherent in conventional systems and making unauthorized access and financial crimes obsolete.

The integration of quantum technology translates into a financial ecosystem impervious to external threats, guaranteeing the sanctity of each transaction and solidifying the trust of individuals and nations in the new financial paradigm.

source of intel:

Wolverine’s Guidelines

When you go to the REDEMPTION CENTRE for Your Appointment:
Make Sure You NEVER just hand over your Currencies or ZIM for EXCHANGE w/o asking the following questions first w/ someone from there as a WITNESS.
Write everything down and have the person asking and answering your questions print their name and initial or sign what you wrote down.
Here’s why:
When the security person asks for your currency and ZIM to verify it with the De la Rue Machine to determine if it is AUTHENTIC, DO NOT just hand it over. I REPEAT, DO NOT just hand it over. Do one Country and one denomination at-a-time. Ask them if by handing it over to them “ ARE YOU EXCHANGING IT?” Their answer should be NO.

This become MOST IMPORTANT when they are giving you the rates. You MUST make sure you have all your questions answered first before “handing-over” ANYTHING. Have you completed the Summary Sheet for each currency? Have you separated everything by Country and denomination and put in separate clear ZIP-LOCK Bags, ie., Dinar -$1,000, $5,000, $20,000 so you will have a post-it with  of each, then paperclip each stack. Put each in it’s own Zip Lock Bag then put Dinar Zip Lock Bags’s (3 in this Example) into 1 that Holds All three.


People that walk-in UNPREPARED
will be the 1st to “SPIN OUT” (their head will not think straight) and they will make HUGE MISTAKES. REMEMBER: They are not there to tell you what to do or fix what you haven’t done. You are on the CLOCK, so you must have your head on straight. Practice w/ a friend or Spouse, etc
ZIM STEP ARE EXTRA CRITICAL; Are you aware there could possibly be “LIMITS” on just how many ZIM you can EXCHANGE for FULL PAYOUT. Right, now, your head is on the edge of “SPINNING-OUT” because this is most likely the first time you’ve heard me or anyone else mention it. Now, QUICK! What is the Capital of Rhode Island?
Your answer should be, heck I don’t know. That was your one practice situation. And, so long as you can stay calm and breathe, why are you there? To “EXCHANGE” YOUR CURRENCIES AND ZIM.
BRICS countries
BRICS countries

Advance to GESARA! BRICS countries become the main actors in the world!

In Plan Q, BRICS is promoting the realization of GESARA. BRICS countries are finally in the world’s spotlight

BRICS countries are advancing to become the main players in the world! ?

BRICS countries are advancing to become the main players in the world! ?

One of the action guidelines (objectives) of Plan Q is  to break and eliminate the enslaved society  that the cabal (DS, globalists) controlled for a long time.

The BRICS countries (BRICS/BRICS+),  led by Russian President Vladimir Putin, are playing a central role  .

After the slave society is defeated and eliminated,  the “GESARA society” (5th dimensional world)  awaits.

Therefore, it can be said that BRICS trends represent the progress (current status) of Plan Q on the main stage. in particular

How much influence did the BRICS have on the world?

What is the global participation of the BRICS in areas such as finance and trade?

These are the elements that indicate the progress of Plan Q.

As a personal consideration, finally

BRICS countries have emerged as leading actors in the world

I think so.

1) The center of oil production will move from the Seven Sisters (Europe and America) to the new Seven Sisters (BRICS)

The center of oil production shifts from the Seven Sisters (Europe and America) to the new Seven Sisters (BRICS)

As one of the mechanisms by which the Kabbalah (DS) builds an enslaved society.

Fuel monopoly (oil resources)


The “oil concession structure”  was built from Standard Oil, founded by John Rockefeller, a central figure in DS  .

Later, large oil companies (DS companies) from Western countries called  the “Seven Sisters” were created  , and to this day they control the finances, stock markets and politics of the world through oil interests (slavery).

By the way, “Seven Sisters” is a general term for a conglomerate of giant oil companies that control the majority of the market share.

It is.

A major shift in the structure of cabal enslavement (DS) is emerging. This led to the decline of the Seven Sisters and the emergence of a new one.

Existence of the new Seven Sisters

It is.

The new Seven Sisters will be the main actors of the big oil companies!

The new Seven Sisters consist of the following oil companies from non-Western countries:

・Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia)
・Petronas (Malaysia)
・Petrobras (Brazil)
・Gazprom (Russia)
・China National Petroleum Corporation (China) *PetroChina
・Iran National Oil Company (NIOC) (Iran)
・Venezuela National Oil Company (PDVSA ) (Venezuela)

All countries except Petronas (Malaysia)  are members of BRICS  . Currently, Malaysia has also expressed its intention to join the BRICS, so it is unlikely that the new Seven Sisters will become a major player in the oil industry.

Seizure of oil interests by BRICS

This means that

And in fact, right now (June 17, Japan time), we are aware of the fact that last week (June 9, local time), “Saudi Arabia, an oil-producing country, was forced to sell oil only in US dollars, which was imposed on Saudi Arabia for many years (70 years).” From the expiration of the contract (elimination of the petrodollar)

The new Seven Sisters have emerged as major players in the global oil industry.

I’m in a situation where I can judge that.

BRICS broke the DS oil concession structure

That’s why.

2) Embargoes imposed by BRICS countries on the United States and Israel

Embargoes imposed by BRICS countries on the USA and Israel

Another incident occurred the other day that shows that the BRICS countries have reversed their power relationship with the DS countries, centered on the United States. that is

Implementation of embargoes by BRICS countries against the United States and Israel

It is.

Until now, the United States (DS)  has controlled countries around the world  by implementing “embargoes” against various countries through  the Federal Reserve Board  (slavery) mechanism.

Although the United States (DS) frequently uses “embargo measures”, it has almost never been subject to embargo measures by other countries.

This was reversed last week.

Freed from the spell of the petrodollar (elimination of the petrodollar)

The influence of the Federal Reserve Board has disappeared.

This is an event that proves it.

In addition to the “embargo” measures, there are also

More than US$70 billion will no longer be settled in US dollars

That’s what he said.

This month (June), the global trade and financial structure changed to focus on BRICS countries (reform).

I see it as something. This is a great development for a GESARA society.






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Fun facts about promissory notes related to securities, part 2

✅ The 2024 Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) is the first currency to break the Matrix, and the asset-backed Zimbabwe Historic Bonds are set to usher in GESARA.

✅ When purchasing Zim Bonds, you must be 100% sure to purchase Promissory Notes that are in fact backed by Gold.

✅ In all cases, the promise to pay a certain amount of money must be absolute.

✅ A Promissory Note is a written promise from one party to make a cash payment at a future date.

✅ The lender (you) will keep the original Promissory Note until the loan is paid off.

✅ Redenção stated that we are waiting for “one last thing that can be completed quite quickly”, before the activation of GCR/RV and bond payments.

“A last opportunity and great investment for those who want to increase their asset portfolio…





06/17: Show time! It’s judgment day! I must believe in the plan

Monday morning, June 17, 2024

“Black Swan” is quietly underway! ?

We will continue to check the “financial market” related to the “world currency reset”!

Well then

From Judy Notes on June 16th

I’ll extract the parts that interest you!

Today’s message

It’s Judgment Day.
Believe in the plan.

Plan to save the world
A white hat disarmament plan.

The prison war began.
I need a power outage

Judy notes

Things got very confusing in this movie about the White Hats. The deep state pursued a 16-year plan to destroy America and depopulate the world.

Europe has an arsenal of 40 million bird flu vaccines. When will the truth be revealed?

Through the HAARP device in Alaska, the fake US government has been disrupting the jet stream, blocking the rain, blocking the sun and causing hurricanes for years and years.
Hurricanes, one of which was Katrina. Chemtrails still floated above. In Oregon, the paint on cars was peeling. When will this calm down?

In Idaho, half a million acres of farmland were planted with dying potatoes.
The U.S. Department of Water Resources has halted potato harvesting on 500,000 acres of farmland to provide water for the $150 million Jerboa facility. It will supply water to a $150 million facility funded by the Department of Justice.

Meanwhile, the Deep State and Democrats continued to send our taxes to Ukraine.
That Ukraine was known as a hub of activity for cabals, Soros and the Nazis.
We continued to send our taxes to Ukraine, which was known as a hub of activity for America’s illegal bioweapons labs in underground tunnels used for organ harvesting, mass shootings and child sex trafficking.

– It ran underground on 200 acres of land owned by Biden. In 2020, Biden, Pelosi and Obama were accused of treason and collusion with the Chinese Communist Party. Julian Assange once claimed that there was irrefutable evidence that President Obama ran a pedophile ring from the White House.

However, two years earlier, in 2018, it was reported that Hillary Clinton was executed at GITMO for crimes against humanity.
Now, Joe Biden’s obituary has been found on He died at GITMO in 2018. what’s going on?

Worst of all, the remains of raped, tortured and murdered people (mostly children) have been found in McDonald’s hamburgers and other fast food chains. However, the Cabal franchise continued to exist without mainstream media informing the public that they were being fed child flesh.

They were forced to eat the flesh of their children.
Doesn’t that make you sick? The time for judgment has come.

 The eye of the storm has arrived, but it is no match for the armor of God. Hold Line …17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram Saturday, June 15, 2024

 Saturday, June 15, 2024: FISA=Start: Deep State and Military Counterattack!
Military Intelligence Intercepts 16-Year-Old Deep State Plan to Destroy America… – American Media Group (amg news)

 December 31, 2018 It was reported that Hillary Clinton was executed at GITMO for “crimes against humanity.”
Joe Biden’s obituary found on says he also died at GITMO in 2018.
Real Law News claims this is due to “crimes against humanity.”

BQQQM! Shocking Video Claims Joe Biden’s Obituary Found on
Claims 2018 Death at Guantanamo Bay: Deep State Conspiracy Exposed
American Media Group (

Guantanamo Bay for the Global Elite – Welcome to Guantanamo Bay.
Guantanamo Bay, home sweet home!

 Sun. 2021.4.25 In a bombshell report on Fox News Hannity, Julian Assange claimed:
“There is irrefutable evidence that President Obama ran a pedophile ring in the White House.”
According to Assange, an email sent by WikiLeaks to Obama said: “A 5-year-old boy would be perfect fodder for a pedophile in the White House.
He will arrive from Romania on Tuesday. ‘ “Rô”

 BOOOM! Bombshell Report from Judy Byington: Biden, Pelosi, Obama Indicted.
Treason by collusion with the Chinese Communist Party to commit election fraud in 2020. American media group (

 The terrorist attack in Moscow was an MI6/CIA/US State Department operation.
ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, but it was because Obama created ISIS.

 Saturday, June 15, 2024 Julian Assange says the CIA is responsible for paving the way for ISIS.
Julian Assange has more than 500,000 confidential US diplomatic documents dating back
to 1979. Mr. Assange also said that the CIA, in conjunction with Saudi Arabia, decided to inject billions of dollars into ISIS.

Pour billions of dollars into the Afghan Mujahideen against the Soviet Union.
As a result, the terrorist organization Al Qaeda was born. This is why Julian Assange is hated.

 The Democrats did everything they could to block Trump’s wall in order to get illegal immigrants to vote for them.
To stop Trump from building a wall. They fought Trump tooth and nail over the $5 billion wall bill.
But there is nothing wrong with sending more than 200 billion dollars to Ukraine.

 The reason Democrats support Ukraine is because it was a hub of activity for cabals, Soros and the Nazis.
It was also the center of Nazi activity. It was located underground on 200 acres of land owned by Biden. US-run bioweapons lab discovered on Ukrainian land owned by Biden, where thousands of children were rescued and dismembered bodies recovered (

 HAARP was located in Alaska and was one of the elite’s secret weapons for weather modification .
HAARP devices pump millions of volts of electricity into the ionosphere, heating particles in the air and causing large-scale climate change.
The US government stops the jet stream, stops it from raining, blocks out the sun, and causes lots of hurricanes. One of them is Katrina. The climate changes drastically, with snow falling in the summer and heat in the winter. It is being accused of global warming.

 Saturday, June 15, 2024 The Cabal reinforces its 2030 Depopulation Agenda by imposing another untested and dangerous vaccine.
Once again, we will impose an untested and dangerous vaccine on the world. Bird flu vaccine.

 Remains of raped, tortured and murdered human beings (mainly children) have been
found in McDonald’s hamburgers and other fast food chains. Now it’s all revealed: the Red Shoe Club, adrenochrome and Ronald McDonald’s disgusting bloody lips.

McDonald is a big name in the multigenerational satanic family of the Global Elite Illuminati Zionist Cabal Deep State. McDonald’s chain closed worldwide: human meat and body parts found in food? Crime All Stars (

 President Lincoln’s son, Omar, is JFK Sr., who was adopted by the Kennedy family, but his natural lineage is Lincoln/Kahruni/Druze/Jesus.

 President Lincoln’s other son was William Wallace. William Wallace’s son is General Patton.
Trump was adopted into the Trump family, but his biological father is General Patton, and
Trump, by birth, is also a descendant of Lincoln/Kahrunni/Druzo/Jesus.

 Saturday, June 15, 2024: Boom! Judy Byington Bombshell Report! The military in white hats
implemented evolutionary planning. The prison war began. We need a blackout… American Media Group

 Friday, June 14, 2024 Situation update (video): NATO rejects peace talks with Putin. Preparation for nuclear attack

that’s all

Chat: History of the QFS digital currency
June 17, 2024

Shared by Baum

✴️ Chat: History of QFS Digital Currency Last night, I shared that the “Global Deployment of QFS Digital Currencies (QFS Enabled Countries)”, which is an important factor for “GCR/RV”, has been carried out including testing (in last week). 😊 Firstly, it appears that tests are being carried out as to whether the QFS digital currency works as intended. In response ✅ Suspension of some banks/ATMs (maintenance) It turns out that it is scheduled (wake up) from last weekend until the first half of this week. (That’s my consideration) 😊 This time, I couldn’t tell you last night * The role of QFS digital currency I would like to talk about. Let me tell you the conclusion first ♻️ QFS Digital Currency (tentative name) plays the role of making currencies around the world a “gold-backed currency” and the role of “intermediary” that determines the value between currencies. It becomes an element. In the “GCR”, every country in the world will eventually have a “gold-backed digital currency”. However, at present, only a few developed countries can build and have their own gold-backed digital currencies. 😅 “QFS Digital Currency (tentative name)” is used to solve this problem. If the unit of QFS digital currency is called “token” * 1 token = 1 gram of gold It is said to be set to. (The token is backed by gold) After that, the QFS digital currency is distributed (deployed) to each country. Connect this QFS digital currency with each country’s currencies. First of all, it seems that the ratio will be according to “RV”, but in the end it will be * QFS digital currency: national currency = 1: 1 It is said to be defined as. 😆 By measuring QFS digital currencies in this way, it becomes possible to determine the value of each country’s currency, in addition to being “backed by gold”. for example If it becomes “1 US dollar: 1 token” and “1 yen: 1 token”, each currency will be backed by gold and the ratio of US dollar to yen will also be “1:1”. By using this mechanism, the currencies of developing countries can be transformed into “goldback currencies”, and the exchange rate can be adjusted (currency revaluation). ✅ QFS digital currencies have been deployed in each country This means that the physical conditions of GCR/RV are in place. (Looks like it’s still being tested) That is, ✅ It will be possible to announce the new exchange rate after the RV on this.👍 ✴️ “VR” Flow I would like to summarize the “VR flow” based on the latest information at the moment 😊. (Because GESARA is different. Don’t get me wrong (laughs))

1) Settlement of “Tier 3” funds (funds will be available)

* A portion of the “Tier 3” funds will be the source of the “Tier 4” funds.

2) Start of “Tier 4” procedure (notification-payment)

* It appears that the procedure should take several weeks to a month. (It is thought that there will be a period that will be carried out in parallel with the Tier 5 procedure)

3) Stock market crash (may occur before item 2 above. Basically during item 2 above?)

4) “Publication of Queen Elizabeth’s Obituary” and “Biden’s Exclusion”

* It is said that the latest information will occur after the “previous item 3”, but I think the event may occur even without the “previous item 3”. (Personally)

5) Announcement of new exchange rate after reaching RV

6) Start of “Tier 5” procedure

* In Tier 5, you will be “exchanged” at a bank that handles foreign currencies. (HSBC, etc.)


✴️ Chat: Elements to remember

I’ve talked about a lot of things on Telegram, but due to the characteristics of SNS, some people inevitably forget the information (elements) I talked about before. 😅

Also, for new visitors, it will be a “story (information) I didn’t know”, so I’ll just restate a few important elements that I really want you to remember (rewording).

For your reference.

1) The beginning of GESARA is “debt forgiveness”.

It may be a little different from the GESARA announcement, but anyway, the first factor to confirm that GESARA has started is

* Debt forgiveness (Jubilee)


Put the other way around, if we could confirm “debt forgiveness” across the world, GESARA would have begun. 😊

2) “GCR/RV Flow” and “GESARA Flow” are different.

Well, basically, “GCR/RV” is also an element of “GESARA”. Therefore, I find it easy to equate the GESARA flow with the GCR/RV flow.

Currently, “GCR/RV flow” and “GESARA flow” are being promoted separately.

This is a compelling factor because the departments responsible for the alliance are different (GCR/RV is promoted by the QFS team, etc.).

Of course, as a result, it is possible for “RV” and “GESARA” to occur at almost the same time.

3) The final announcement of “GCR/RV” is “Waiting for Qphone”

“When will RV (Tier 4.5) start?” “When will the Queen’s obituary be released?”. What is needed for RV (mainly Tier 4 and 5) to start… (What are you waiting for?) Yeah?)

It seems like there are a lot of people shouting, but the answer is…

✅ Waiting for phone Q

is. (See previous post for details) 😆👍

I think “RV (Tier 4.5)” will start when Q-phone is distributed to people all over the world.

Therefore, “Queen’s Obituary” is just timing the Q-phone’s production status aside. (Laughter) 😅

For the latest information related to the “Q phone production status” of the WH corresponding to Tier 3

* Plan to receive funds and Q-phone

* We plan to receive a Q-phone when the liquidity of funds for programs humanitarian aid (being available) begin.

Recently, these stories have started to be heard.

I think this means we are in a situation where “Q-phones” can be distributed to at least level 3 people.

Along with “Q-phone”, many people were waiting for “Medbed”… Actually (although is still in the confirmation process (bitter smile))

* Recently, the minimum number of Medbeds planned to be deployed around the world has been completed.

I also see the information. (I hope to be able to talk about this story again when the information scrutiny is over 😅)

In other words, the first production stage of Medbed has been completed.

From this, it is speculated that the production of the “Q-phone” may be completed (or may have been completed) at the same time.


* There is a possibility that financing and settlement of Tier 3 (usable) will be done in the first half of this week.

I think it’s linked to that.

✋ So don’t get me wrong as the Alliance didn’t extend the “RV” 😅

I’m sure I’m making Q-phones with priority so the world is “semiconductor short” 😊


History of the QFS digital currency
History of the QFS digital currency

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