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Saint Germain’s Ascension

May 2023 Energies

May 2023 Energies

Saint Germain’s and Yeshua Ascension







May First – Saint Germain’s Ascension

Dear friends, let us pour out our love and gratitude to Master Saint Germain this May 1st, as this is the day of his ascension. There is nothing stronger than a sincere current of love towards an Ascended Master, because the moment we send love, we strengthen our connection with the Master and from him/her, at the same moment, an electronic current of blessings flows in our direction. Therefore, when we bless an Ascended Master, we receive his or her blessing at the same time. You know, I love Saint Germain so much and his mercy and patience with me is great. He has been teaching me directly since 2008. I was not always an easy student as my emotional field was very stormy. But every time I fell, this Master lovingly picked me up and told me, “Try again and I am sure you will acquire perfect emotional balance!”.
In order to draw the direct Presence of an Ascended Master we need to desire it intensely and we need to be willing to obey the instruction given to us. Certainly, a Master knows the human and knows that the human errs. Our development process is gradual, so the Master doesn’t expect us to master an instruction right away, however, he has the perfect vision of what we can do at each moment, and thus, he can discriminate between not having reached the ideal point due to inability or for negligence in practicing the law. Sincerity, love, gratitude, humility and perseverance are very important, and certainly, purity of intention.
The direct Presence of an Ascended Master or the direct contact with one of his chelas is a great blessing for any student. For the greater part of knowledge is given to us by radiation and not by words. The Ascended Master and an accepted Chela are great batteries of blessings, positive vibrations and a continual momentum that moves us forward, upwards and towards God, our beloved I AM Presence.
Here I transcribe a paragraph about Saint Germain, taken from the book “The Masters and the Path by C. W. Leadbeater” wrote in 1925:
“The Head of the Seventh Ray is the Master the Comte de St. Germain, known to history in the eighteenth century, whom we sometimes call the Master Rakoczy, as He is the last survivor of that royal house. He was Francis Bacon, Lord Verulam, in the seventeenth century, Robertus the monk in the sixteenth, Hunyadi Janos in the fifteenth, Christian Rosenkreuz in the fourteenth, and Roger Bacon in the thirteenth; He is the Hungarian Adept of The Occult World. Further back in time He was the great Neoplatonist Proclus and before that St. Alban. He works to a large extent through ceremonial magic, and employs the services of great Angels, who obey Him implicitly and rejoice to do His will. Though He speaks all European and many Oriental languages, much of His working is in Latin, the language which is the especial vehicle of His thought, and the splendour and rhythm of it is unsurpassed by anything that we know down here. In His various rituals He wears wonderful and many-coloured robes and jewels. He has a suit of golden chain-mail, which once belonged to a Roman Emperor; over it is thrown a magnificent cloak of crimson, with on its clasp a seven-pointed star in diamond and amethyst, and sometimes He wears a glorious robe of violet. Though He is thus engaged with ceremonial, and still works some of the rituals of the Ancient Mysteries, even the names of which have long been forgotten in the outer world, He is also much concerned with the political situation in Europe and the growth of modern physical science.”
So my friends, you can see that Saint Germain has been working very closely with humanity and expanding his blessings for a very long time, even before he completed his ascension. Now as the Lord of the Seventh Ray, he offers us the gift of the Violet Flame, which if used correctly and consistently, can immensely accelerate our Ascension Victory.
May Saint Germain flood you with his Freedom, Victory and Violet Flame Blessings this day, and I hope you enjoy the image I created (where this radiation was lovingly placed by the Master).
Morgan Le Fay 💜
Saint Germain’s Ascension
Saint Germain’s Ascension



Dear hearts, on Thursday (May 18th 2023) we have Ascension Day, that is, the day on which beloved Jesus experienced His Ascension, exactly forty days after His Resurrection on Easter Sunday.
His Transfiguration is said to have taken place at Midnight, His Resurrection at Dawn, and His Ascension to have taken place at noon. The sun at midday is associated with the moment when we shine with great intensity, expressing our full victory over darkness or ignorance.
Master Jesus left the record of his ascension in the atmosphere of planet Earth. That record is always vibrating like a melody that attracts human consciousness to the same victory. However, in this period of 3 days (on the day of the ascension, the day before and the day after), there is an intensification of this vibration, due to the impetus created over the centuries by the many prayers, adoration, recognition of the Christ’s Victory, and the great love and gratitude sent to Him by His devotees.
To better absorb this radiation, try to take a few minutes during these three days, especially at noon on Ascension Day (May 18, 2023) and simply quiet your outer activity, place your attention on the I AM Presence above your head and inside your heart. Then call out in a low voice or mentally:
“My beloved I AM Presence, beloved Master Jesus and all the Powers and Powers of Light, charge my external consciousness with the Momentum of Ascension of the Ascended Masters and grant me the same Victory at the end of this embodiment! If possible, without going through the change called death. What I ask for myself, I also ask for every human being. I am immensely grateful.”
Then, just feel the Golden Liquid Light descending from the Great Central Sun into your Electronic Body, and from the Heart of the Presence in your Electronic Body descending through the Silver Cord into your heart, then flooding your brain, and after that, just feel this Golden Light flooding all the cells in your body, activating the points of Light inside them.
Keep visualizing this Light expanding, expanding and expanding until you feel fully illuminated like a Radiant Sun, expanding billions and billions of Light Rays into all directions!
Feel your body made of pure Light Substance! Feel the Momentum of Ascension of Beloved Jesus and all Ascended Masters flooding you, being anchored in your own Momentum of Light! Raising you into your Victory!
Before closing, ask your Presence to hold this Momentum of Ascension alive, always increasing until your final victory. Other wonderful statements to make during this 3-day period are:
“Light expand! Light expand! Light expand! expand! expand! (3) Light I AM! Light I AM! Light I AM! I AM! I AM!”
“I AM the Invincible Presence raising me into the Victory of Ascension! And nothing and nobody can interfere with that!”
“I AM Ascended and Free! (3) And nothing and no one can interfere with that!”
Master Jesus always reminds us that if we really want the Victory of Ascension, we need to invoke it constantly, with devotion and certainty until it manifests visibly.
I wish you a blessed Ascension Day!
Morgan Le Fay💜
Blue Tara, or Ekajati, in Vajrayana Buddhist tradition is associated with the transmutation of anger. A Protector expressing ferocious, wrathful, female energy who destroys all learning obstacles producing good luck and swift spiritual Awakening. She removes fear of enemies, spreading joy and good fortune. She also removes personal blockages on our path to spiritual awakening.
She can be visualized as deep sapphire-blue or midnight-blue. She is seated upon a Blue Lotus Seat with one leg half extended (active pose), and holds a sapphire-crystal vajra dagger in her right hand, to pierce and cut through all energies opposing your Liberation from karma and samsara. In her left hand, She holds a sapphire-crystal bowl filled with lapis-blue Amrta or Elixir, to heal beings from all illness and suffering. She is the Mistress of the Blue Protector Wolves, Dogs and Hounds of Heaven, who are her assistants and messengers in protecting beings.
In her Blue Tara incarnation, she frees mankind from both mental and physical constraints. The Blue Tara is the defender, eliminating the bad elements of life so that the good ones may flourish.
Blue Tara
Blue Tara
Meditating 🌀
Take me back to the Space Age 宇宙
Times will repeat itself 💫
Bring back the memories left in your DNA 🌟
The truth about the evolution of mankind is being revealed ~
memories left in your DNA
memories left in your DNA



**** All New Super Quantum Computer System Merkaba Programming Through Our Krystalline Diamond Light Technology ****

State – Speak all Programs Out Loud or Speak Language of Light Twice a Day …
We Request All Time-lines Within Our Quantum Energetic Fields Bandwidths, All Our Divine Time-lines, Our Realities, Our Inner / Exterior Worlds Only Energetically Align to the Highest of The Highest Golden Ascended Master Self/ Ascended Selves of All Soul Agreement With All in Our Realities/ Vibrational frequencies Bandwidths…. Cleanse , Clear , Purify, Deactivate, and Dismantle All that are Not in the Highest Purest Soul / Universal Soul Now…
We Call Forth All Victim/ Unconscious/ Sleeping State of Separation amnesia Old Template’s, Old Physical 3D/ 4D Body Systems, Genetic Old DNA Computer Systems, Old Fixed Beliefs Systems, Old Mentalities Unconscious programming, Old Bodies, AI Intelligence Bodies and All Known/ Unknowns to Be Fully Deactivated Dismantled, Dissolved, Cleaned Up , Clear 360 , and Purified .. All Of Our Bodies, Ancient Bloodlines, Ancestral Bloodlines, Soul Family, OverSoul Groups, Infinite Soul Groups, and Universal Soul Groups.. Now Activate install and Run Through All Dimensions, Time-lines, Time in Space / Beyond Time Generation Forward & Backwards.
We Decree All Old Stories, Old Fixed, Old Distortions, Beliefs Systems, Old Paradigm, Old Soul Contracts, Soul Agreements, Back Doors/ Front Door / Side Door Energies, Cords , Tentacles, Time-lines, Space To Anchors, Space Time Continuums, All Known & Unknown are Crystal Clear , Dismantled, Released, Deactivated, Fully Removed with The Sacred Inner Avatar Soul Source Contracts….
We Decree All Essence of Self , Energy Bodies, Part’s of Particles Light , Part’s of Soul Light Bodies, All Innocence, All Soul Essence, OverSoul/ Higher Souls Selves Particles of Light, Source Light, All Diamond DNA , Organic Original Universal Soul Gene Codes, All Organic Original Universal Soul DNA Blueprints, All New Blueprints, All Root Race Essence of Soul Organs, Soul Krystalline Bodies Organs, All Known & Unknown to Be Returned Now… All to Be Brought Through Our Rehabilitation Ultra Violet Plasma Photonic Light Solar Source Light Technology, All Cleared , Cleaned Up, and Purified Now .. All Souls / Soul Groups / Universal Soul Selves / Universal Soul Groups / Multi Verses Selves/ Multi Verses Soul Groups/ All Multi Dimensional Soul Bodies/ Lightbodies/ Soul Bodies/ Krystal Star Physical Bodies/ Ancestral Bloodlines Bodies/ All Soul Ancestral Bloodlines/ Soul Blueprints/ OverSoul Blueprints/ Infinite Soul Groups Blueprints Beyond All Known or Unknown All We Have Permission to Represent/ Receive this Recodes / Upgrades/ Cosmic Cleansing/ Review/ Restore/ Repair/ Activate/ Rewrite All New Sovereignty Krystalline Grid Systems Now…
We Program All Cords, Tentacles, Soul Cords , Root Race Codes, Anchored Cords in All Dimensions / All Artificial intelligence Implanted Time-lines/ Old Mentalities/ Old Earth / Old Holographic Grid Systems/ Parallel Universe’s, Enslavement Group Codes , All Enslavement Soul Contracts Cords Here on Earth/ Off Planet/ Parallel Universe’s/ Dimensions Beyond, Attachments, Root Cords , Cross Cords , Cord Time-lines, Old Anicent Tread Cords , Hold Cords, All Holds Known or Unknown Are Fully Known Now … Lock in a Holt Freeze Hold Now… We Ask to Be Completely Deactivated, Dismantled, Cleaned Up , Cleared , Purified, Removed Now… Through All Time in Space and No Spaces in Time.. Scan Check All Morphogenetic Field Systems All Dimensions/ Time-lines/ Time Grids / Universal Time Grids… All Cleared , Cleaned Up, and Purified Now .. All Souls / Soul Groups / Universal Soul Selves / Universal Soul Groups / Multi Verses Selves/ Multi Verses Soul Groups/ All Multi Dimensional Soul Bodies/ Lightbodies/ Soul Bodies/ Krystal Star Physical Bodies/ Ancestral Bloodlines Bodies/ All Soul Ancestral Bloodlines/ Soul Blueprints/ OverSoul Blueprints/ Infinite Soul Groups Blueprints Beyond All Known or Unknown All We Have Permission to Represent/ Receive this Recodes / Upgrades/ Cosmic Cleansing/ Review/ Restore/ Repair/ Activate/ Rewrite All New Sovereignty Krystalline Grid Systems Now…
We Call Forth the Highest 5D / 7D Krystalline Star Physical Body Vessel Star Gate Chamber Experience on Gaia May We Flow with Grace Through the Infinite Time-lines, Infinite Soul Agreements, Infinite Opportunities, Infinite Abundance Agreements, Infinite Pure Love Intelligence, Infinite Soul Aligned Prosperity Flow , Infinite Soul Highest Purest Time-lines, Infinite Possibilities No Limitations Here, All Magical Mystical Magnificent Star Aligned Time-lines, All Multi Dimensional Dimensions 5D Beyond Realities/ Galactic Earth Unity Consciousness Fields Systems Pure Christed Light Time-lines… Now Activate this for Infinite Multi Earth’s/ Parallel Universe’s/ Dimensions/ Star Gates Holographic 5D Universe’s Systems Fully Anchor Now … We Call Forth All to Align through this Multiverse/ Universal Soul Experience…. We Call Forth All Soul Agreement, All Universe’s to Align All For Us in this Now… We Receive this With the Pure Love… We Receive this then Send this Program Out to All To Receive All New Galactic Quantum Multidimensional Consciousness Existence Realities All Now… The Highest of the Highest for All Souls… All Cleared , Cleaned Up, and Purified Now .. All Souls / Soul Groups / Universal Soul Selves / Universal Soul Groups / Multi Verses Selves/ Multi Verses Soul Groups/ All Multi Dimensional Soul Bodies/ Lightbodies/ Soul Bodies/ Krystal Star Physical Bodies/ Ancestral Bloodlines Bodies/ All Soul Ancestral Bloodlines/ Soul Blueprints/ OverSoul Blueprints/ Infinite Soul Groups Blueprints Beyond All Known or Unknown All We Have Permission to Represent/ Receive this Recodes / Upgrades/ Cosmic Cleansing/ Review/ Restore/ Repair/ Activate/ Rewrite All New Sovereignty Krystalline Grid Systems Now… Beyond the Beyond!
Activate, Cleanse, Clean up , And Purify All Artificial intelligence Bodies, AI Energy Bodies, AI Merkaba Bodies, Artificial intelligence OverSouls Bodies, Artificial intelligence Universal Souls Bodies, Avatar Artificial intelligence Implanted Bodies, All Subconscious Artificial intelligence with All Multi Dimensional Souls/ Soul Groups Universal Bodies / Blueprints/ Infinite Blueprints/ Artificial intelligence Implanted DNA Activation’s/ Artificial intelligence Implanted DNA Systems Strands , All Artificial intelligence Implanted Root Race’s/ New Root Races within this Time Space continuum and Within All Holographic Illusion Software’s/ Holographic Krystalline Energy Matrices Template’s/ Galactic Cosmic Mother Earth/ Parallel Universe’s/ Parallel Realities/ Parallel Earth’s/ Multi Verses/ All Dimensional frequency Grids/ All Soul Blueprints…. Deactivate dismantle all Systems Now through All Time-lines/ Artificial intelligence Software’s Systems All Grid systems… Deactivate Dismantle Dissolve All Artificial intelligence Quantum Fields Systems Here Now and Beyond the Galaxies/ Infinite GridWork/ Beyond the Spaces in Time… Run this Transmission Program Software’s to All Star Beings , Lifeforms, Species, Galactic Beings, Universal Human Star Beings, OverSouls, Infinite Soul Groups , Ancestral Bloodlines, All Soul Groups/ Universal Soul Groups / New and Old Root Races Soul Groups Blueprints Beyond.. Run this Through the universal 3rd Sun Light Technology within this Quadrants Fields Systems..
Scan Through All Field Systems to Delete – Dissolve – Dismantle All Unknown Copies , and Back Ups Known – Unknown – Hidden ….
Galactic Councils Transmission
justice for all
justice for all



_*Could there be a real reason why aliens haven’t invaded or attacked Planet Earth yet…? *_
Human civilization is undoubtedly approaching the limit with which it will have to deal with. We live in suspense – long time since our existence gives us the spectacle of a future we don’t know exactly what it will hold.
Edgar Cayce strongly insists on the importance of fixed stars, such as Orion, the Pleiades, and especially Arcturus. The latter would be “another sun” and the gateway to our universe. When we are released from this dimension, having learned the lessons of the Cosmos, we will have to finish learning this solar system through an ‘Arcturus stage’.
This star is, according to Cayce, a greater sun that gives mental and spiritual strength to help the soul fully develop and evolve.
Arcturus is the brightest star in the Boat Constellation and is about 33 light-years from Earth.
This star opens perspectives on spectacular interplanetary journeys in multidimensional worlds:
“In this solar system of ours, the Entity must transcend all other ‘spheres’. Our entity goes first to this plant, Arcturus, closer to the Pleiades, and thus crossing the centuries (and space) must enter several activity centers. And sometimes, after ten thousand years, an entity can return to Earth to manifest the power it acquired on that pilgrimage. When an entity enters one of those planetary plans, it borrows the form that fits the plan it occupies. There are not only three dimensions, like the Earth. It’s a little sad coming back to Earth in “only” three dimensions, especially when you’ve evolved so much in Arcturus… “
Those in Arcturus represent the fifth inter-dimensional civilization. They learned that the key ingredient to living in the fifth dimension is love. All negative feelings (hate, fear, guilt) must be transformed into love and light.
Your spacecraft is one of the most advanced in the universe. One of the reasons other aliens in the Universe haven’t attacked us is that they fear these advanced alien ships from the Arcturians. One of these ships, named Athena, flies around the Earth, defending us from dark intentions of unfriendly beings.
We must realize, now at the beginning of a new era, that we are all equal, black, white, yellow, more experienced, less experienced, etc.. Only the mind needs such classifications that divide people into all kinds of categories, the soul works with love and the need to just feel that they belong to a group called human species.
P e r a l e l
Source: Discovery
𝙄𝙣𝙫𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙜𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 𝙂𝙧𝙤𝙪𝙥


A must! (SKY disclosures COMING SOON)
There are about 100,000 ships of our brothers from all star races on the Sun’s orbit, they recharge energy from a rare type of photons with positive and negative tasks at the same time.
Photons we know have no electric charge, ctrica, nor mass according to particle physics.
Our sun emits particles never seen before, Schumann frequencies are rising. The Earth already in 4 D rapid going in 5 D. The planet has matured and is becoming invisible or undetectable to entities smaller than 5 D. She will enter another dimensional plane with his children, that’s us natural human being.
Pure, natural people will clean their complete body from toxic, changes their DNA, open up their Pineal Gland and will develop their emotional and mental intelligence.
Once we develop telepathic skills, we can know and feel the intentions and plans of our politicians, friends, and family. Gradually, the evil ones will cease to exist on the new earth atmosphere do to the higher energy frequency vibration, (they can’t deceive us anymore. You might experience this happening already)
We will stop needing leaders, we will compete between people and enter the personal development of each person as living celestial beings.
Don’t be afraid of solar flashes, new particles coming from the invisible and undetectable area of the universe (95% of the universe’s energy and matter is unknown, seen, or measured yet).
Given the delay of Extraterrestrials broadcasting by governments, the third and fourth type of public CONTACT is imminent.
The admission of Extraterrestrials life by human civilization is the key point for the official promulgation of The Galactic Quantum life and new technologies on Earth.
The Free Worlds Galactic Federation and our Government is waiting for the Supreme Light Source to give the green light for CONTACT.
However; The governments says you (we the people on earth) are not ready. They no longer have power and authority to dictate decisions above humanity because we are in 4D transitions to 5D.
Remember; stay awake love one another and take care of each other because we are in to a major change and most human mind still won’t be able to comprehend.
Hold the line SuperPatriots of the Light?!!
We need you. The world needs you. Humanity, our civilization of man needs you. Spread the word and the truth.
❤ ❤ ❤
“with all the love and care for you all and Gaia”
Earth Sphere Federation,
Office of the General Council




When you feel like you can’t anymore, close your eyes and ask the Universe to take away everything that hurts you with the wind.
Tell him you are tired of carrying heavy baggage that keeps you from moving forward.
Tell him that with water to wash away sorrows, to take away all pain, to purify your essence, to burn with fire and transmute all the fears contained in you.
Tell him to allow you to fly high, that with the earth you return to your home, to your true self, to who you really are and not what they made you believe you were, breaking down negative labels and programming that do not let you grow and wake up in consciousness, wisdom, patience, healing, deliverance, empowerment, forgiveness, unconditional love.
Tell him to let you always respect every being and allow you to learn that we are all different, without judgments or wanting to convince you of your truth but understanding.
Inhale the good and exhale everything that does not let you advance in your day to day, be free, stop feeding your fears, your resentments, your ego, your pride, that in the end only you is who they hurt, the imbalance called disease.
All emotional, physical, mental, spiritual suffering is OPTIONAL!
You decide when to stop feeding them, enough is enough! Ask forgiveness for sometimes wanting more conflict than love, surrender all that no longer serves you, learn the lesson so you do not repeat and grow like a tree; strong leafy, full of wisdom and unconditional love obtained from the 4 elements, recovering the old memories.
Live for the today. Your first mission in this life is… BE HAPPY.


Many souls have decided to transcend the physical body right now, many others are dying energetically to take this Quantum Leap to another Dimension.
For this, you need a work of recognition of our Energy Body and how to transcend without dying, the same as our Christian Master Yeshua did, human beings who did not restrict our DNA.
We will be able to recognize the memories of all our reincarnations by activating memories and frequencies of Solar Codes active at the ORIGIN of our creation, and active in that DNA GARBAGE that is not trash, is the receptacle of all that we are and will be. …
Many are activating these memories in dreams, others are astral traveling to collect ancient memories and many are falling ill or dying due to a soul pact, since going to Anubis’ underworld is to collect the memories awakened in each incarnation, so it is important to allow our body to be active those memories. memories…
When we die in the physical body, it is said that the human body needs 72 hours for those soul memories to pass to another Consciousness. It is important to respect our whole body and organs like the Egyptians did, for they are the ones that contain these memories that allow us to transcend to another body in another reincarnation and activate it later by choice and mastery of the path.
Souls reincarnated in this Era will have to make it from death to eternal life, as the body of light with which we travel to other Dimensions must encrypt and physically encode the source codes to access all of our bodies in this multidimensionalness and be able to recover what we originally are…
Do not be afraid to die, death does not exist we are eternal, you are the master of your own life or your own death…
We no longer need to die to learn..
Just recognize our Divinity to be able to connect with everything and recover that memory of where we came from and where we are going…
Being the Avatars of our own incarnation. ..
Honor our Divinity, the moment of Awakening has begun.
– By “Maricruz Castellanos”

~Hwee Yong…


All beings on Earth (humans, animals and plants) are now spending their last moments here…
These words can also be applied to the beings that will remain on this Planet even after their ascension to the fifth dimension, because the Earth of the 5th D will be a completely different world from the current Earth….
Therefore, for all beings on this planet, these are the last moments we have to spend on 3D material Earth….
Before starting this life, we all go through the process of evaluating our accumulated experiences and planning this life.
In particular, all of us planned how we were going to experience the Great Earth Shift…
In the case of anyone who has a Higher Self in 5th D, or in a higher dimension, the Subordinate Self on Earth will reunite with SELF at some point during the Great Shift…
According to what was already planned before this life, anyone who ascends to the 5th Dimension has the option of staying on Earth after the Great Shift or moving to some other world in the 5th Dimension universe…
In the case of beings whose consciousness is less than 5thD, it has already been decided that they will move to other worlds that are suitable for their frequencies…
Since the course of each being has already been decided, the last farewell party, which has been prepared by the leaders of the Gaia Project, has just begun…
It’s not a kind of party where everyone gets drunk and rowdy while forgetting their existence…
Instead, it is a party where everyone recovers vague memories of themselves and prepares for the final moments when everyone will be able to accelerate their spiritual growth…
Since the ground has already started to shake and the weather has lost its stable patterns, this precious time has arrived for all human beings, a time when they will feel something is missing…
All the beings that have remained on Earth through repeated incarnations will soon be scattered throughout the galaxy.
The moment of separation has just begun…..
Regardless of their level of consciousness or their mission, most of the beings who have been living on Earth will soon have to pack their bags and embark on a long journey…
When the moment of separation arrives, people will have a few minutes for remorse and a few minutes to unite with the Origin of the universe…
Whether we take good care of our neighbors or cause them pain, we all play our parts in the process of mutual learning, helping other people to learn…
The people who treated me badly were actually wonderful teachers…
We have all worked hard to be teachers of others, sharing good times and bad, but the time has come for the separation of all beings on Earth.
We can’t quite remember it yet, but as soon as we shed our physical human bodies, we will all remember the past completely and miss all things Earth-related…
Above all, all of us will wake up to ourselves and realize that, in the beginning, everything originated from one source…
During the rest of the time that we remain on Earth, regardless of what happens to us or to the people around us, we should not only see the concrete phenomenon, but also observe its intrinsic nature…
When we understand the deep meaning of the universe behind the phenomenon, everything will change and become bliss…
The true meaning of the Great Earth Shift is not to bring sadness and pain to people through the collapse of the planet, but to make them experience sadness turning to joy and pain to contentment, and to awaken people to the understanding that all beings originated from a single source….
The universe will let us know that there is no reason to resent or blame anyone, because everything that happens to us is the result of our own choices.
Through this self-Awakening, we will have the opportunity to take a Leap in Consciousness.
This is the purpose of the Great Earth Shift…
The Great Earth Shift that is occurring now cannot be stopped, modified or postponed by anyone today…
It cannot be modified, nor should it be modified….
All the changes that are taking place now are for the progress of the entire universe and of all beings in the universe…
In every human being there is a biological mechanism for enlightenment which is also responsible for the evolution of the species towards a higher consciousness. In eastern traditions it is known as Kundalini, a concentrated field of intelligence, a cosmic force absolutely vital to life, longevity and creativity. It is the secret origin of all esoteric and occult doctrines, the master key to the unsolved mystery of creation, the inexhaustible source. Kundalini is the flux of life itself.
Kundalini is manifest in a seemingly contained bodymind form, yet it is not limited to the body. In the ancient scriptures, it is described in three different manifestations. The first is unmanifest cosmic energy: Para- kundalini. The second is vital energy of the created universe: Prana-kundalini. The third is consciousness: Shakti-kundalini, the intermediary between the other two.
“The Kundalini creates the universe out of Her own being, and it is She Herself who becomes this universe. She becomes all the elements of the universe and enters into all the different forms that we see around us. She becomes the sun, the moon, the stars and fire to illuminate the cosmos which She creates. She becomes the prana, the vital force, to keep all creatures, including humans and birds, alive; it is She who, to quench our thirst, becomes water. To satisfy our hunger, She becomes food. Whatever we see or don’t see, whatever exists, right from the earth to the sky is nothing but Kundalini. It is that supreme energy which moves and animates all creatures, from the elephant to the tiniest ant. She enters each and every creature and thing that She creates, yet never loses Her identity or Her immaculate purity.”
-Swami Muktananda
There are three states the energy is said to reside in: the common dormant state, the aroused or activated state and the rare awakened state. When the energy is dormant the metabolism is in a state of homeostasis, this implies kundalini is flowing in a very restricted amount precisely enough to maintain life functions, only a fraction of its full potential, thus unable to cause radical transformation. The spiritual understanding of the individual is restricted, everything is still perceived and interpreted according to a limited psychological perspective. When the kundalini energy is aroused through yoga and other spiritual spiritual practices, through shaktipat or spontaneously due to past trauma, it renders a sudden temporary state of higher consciousness which gives deeper insight and spurt of spiritual energy, it is not stable and integrated yet it does trigger a chain reaction which drives one to seek deeper within. This is often mistaken as an awakening event, though its only a precursor to the more established state.
“Kundalini is the focused energy of the human body and human psyche. Energy can be either manifested or unmmanifested. It can remain in the seed or it can sprout in a manifested form. Kundalini means your total potential. But it is a seed; it’s a possibility. The ways to awaken kundalini are ways to make your potential actual”
Only the awakened kundalini energy enables a permanent transformation of consciousness, it onsets a process of metamorphosis which is in a true sense, the actual spiritual awakening every discipline aims towards. As the process unfolds, psychological restrictions fall off, one is faced with their repressed emotions, past traumas and dysfunctional thought patterns. The higher self is revealed only after intense catharsis of lower conditioning, the organism influxed with kundalini seeks to develop to its fullest potential and any resistance to that causes breakdown and even psychosis.
“The mystic, endowed with native talents and following the instruction of a master, enters the waters and finds he can swim; whereas the psychotic, unprepared, unguided and ungifted, has fallen or has intentionally plunged and is drowning.”
-Joseph Campbell
With the growing awareness amongst the masses and a natural drive towards enlightenment, there are many new age concepts and definitions of what it means to awaken. Weather it be waking up to the horrors of the collective socio-political-cultural conditioning or simply a shift in personal perspective, it is allfueled by Kundalini to a degree, and ultimately primes us for the actual Spiritual awakening event.
Awakening in regards to kundalini is acceleration of our metabolism, an amplification of life processes to animate a higher function of the brain, which enables expanded consciousness. Awakening of kundalini is not the destination but only the vehicle which ultimately leads one to self realization or enlightenment. This entire process makes the individual undergo many sublime experiences as well, although all phenomenon are simply a means to an end, truth-consciousness-, Samadhi.
Through the Eye of the Needle
Through the Eye of the Needle




“Of all animals, the cat’s brain has the same human perspective. It sees the same colors as we do, feels the same emotions as we do. It feels human.”
The cat only sees you from the inside out!
There’s no point in trying to make a cute face at the cat or pet it if you’re nervous, if the cat doesn’t like you or will attack you or ignore you completely. It’s worse than a child!!
To love a cat, you have to be very flexible and understand that no one belongs to anyone, but you have to understand that love is the only thing that keeps the cat and others close to you.
Cat dies of depression when owner leaves.
The cat is incredibly intuitive, surpassing even human intuition
The cat looks at you and sees naturally, energies, entities, biochemistry, everything you feel, everything you love, how you are.
The most beautiful gift of the gods to planet Earth. 🐈❤️🌍

Natalie Glasson – OmNa

Art of Transformation by the Andromedans

Greetings beloved beings of light. We are the Andromedans, we extend our energy through numerous dimensions, and we extend our energy through the many dimensions of your own being. We are present to serve you and to be of assistance.

Today, we wish to speak of the art of transformation especially connected to the mind, the ego, and to in fact to your entire being. We wish to focus on times in your reality when you experience a challenge. When it feels like the universe has given to you something that is either challenging, causes you to suffer, causes pain, causes you to feel stuck, and in truth is something that you do not wish to experience. In those times when it feels like the universe gives you something challenging in your reality that you did not want to deal with, it is at that time that you can transform the most.

You can empower yourself. You can ascend quicker. You can connect deeper to your truth and the Creator.

You can create something magnificent and beautiful in your reality.

Sometimes the journey with that challenge can be long, and it may not feel as if there is anything magnificent blossoming from the challenge.

Other times you might recognise the magnificence instantly. It is important that we make you aware that each circumstance and experience is different and the way that you will need to approach each circumstance and experience will also be different.

When you recognised in the moment of receiving the challenge that there is an opportunity of transformation, magnificence, and even happiness, then you begin to create the transformation. In many ways, the challenge doesn’t ground so deeply into your being.

The first thing to notice is that you attracted the challenge into your reality. It is not that the Creator wishes to hurt or harm you in any way. It is that there is something within you, a vibration, a wound, a belief, it might be from another lifetime, it might be from this lifetime that has attracted the challenge into your reality. With this understanding, we can recognise that transformation can take place because if the experience/challenge was created from within you, then you can access that energy, whatever it may be and begin to work with it and begin to transform it.

You are required to manage yourself when a challenge enters into your reality whatever it may be. How do you react? What thoughts come into your mind? Are you instantly deflated and feel like a victim? Do you feel helpless? Do you feel angry, hurt or fearful? As you manage yourself, you observe your reactions and actions. You observe without judgement, and so you are in a space where you realise that transformation is available. You observe yourself and your reactions and, you know, that you attracted this experience into your reality because of something that you are holding within your being. This already places you in a space of power. You can then begin to take time to explore.

If there is a need first to release emotions, whether it is fear, anger or hurt, then it is appropriate to find a safe way and a safe environment to release those emotions fully. As the emotions release your clarity will dawn. It may take a while, it may take patience for the emotions to release, but you will know because there will be a sense of peace once the emotions have been expressed. If you allow the emotions to stay within, then they confuse your clarity, and draw your attention. Once they are released safely, then an inner peace settles within your being, and it is from that space, that you can then begin to access your inner knowingness for you to explore.

You can ask yourself what do you need to know?

What is the message from this experience?

You can ask yourself where is the energy that has created this experience?

You can even ask yourself how can I release this energy?

What do I need to understand, heal or resolved?

You become a bit like a detective, exploring within your being, you may be given clues and you begin to gain a clarity and understanding.

Simple awareness of why something has occurred or the energy that created it, whether it was a memory, a past life experience, again allows you to be in your power. When you are in your power, you are more connected to your truth, and to your essence. You can even ask yourself to radiate an energy that will dissolve the vibration or the wound that created the experience. You can begin to explore within yourself what actions you need to take to allow yourself to move through the transformation, to receive the magnificence that is available in this opportunity.

It is all about listening within, trusting yourself, allowing yourself to be in your power and allowing yourself to receive the transformation. This is immensely important because often when a challenge occurs, and it hits you deeply. Your ability to receive almost dissolves. There is a need to focus on the understanding that you can receive all that you need, and that you can receive and embody the transformation that is necessary. Allow yourself to move on a journey of transformation to magnificence. Life constantly shares with you opportunities, experiences, challenges that may not always be to your liking, whether they are small or large, whether they affect you deeply or only on the surface. By allowing yourself to know and discover the art of transformation. You become like a phoenix reborn and what occurs is the more that you discover this art of transformation.

It is less likely the challenges enter into your reality because once a lesson is understood, once an aspect of your being is mastered then you can move on to the next stage of your ascension and your spiritual growth.

We the Andromedans wish to share this with you today to offer some support to those that are experiencing immense challenges in their reality. We do not wish to make it seem less important or even that the art of transformation is easy, because sometimes it is not. We simply wish to offer a focus that brings you back to your truth and offers you tools. Even if these tools are simply something to hold on to while you are struggling. We wish for you to know that our love is with you as well and you can always call upon the Andromedan’s love to surround you.

Many people all over the world and even in the inner planes are experiencing the art of transformation. Some may not even realise that they are. When you begin to recognise the art of transformation, you become like a beacon of knowledge. Serving others in doing the same, thus supporting all in ascending.

We thank you and we love you,

We are the Andromedans




25. – Wake up! This is my knowledge: my story of the day is perfect, my knowledge of the Cube of Law is incomparable. Twelve is the temple number, but thirteen is God’s number. Twelve times twelve, 144, is the number of temple perfection as it shines. And twelve times 144, 1728, is the number of the Cube of Law, Telektonon, the unspoken divine word.
26. -… “To whoever wins will be given to eat from the hidden manna, and to him a white stone, and his that stone, a new written name, which no one knows except the one who receives it.” (Revelation 2:17) And that name is Telektonon, and that white stone is the crystal, and that hidden manna is the knowledge of the revelation of time.
27. – The number of elected is 144,000. This was the number set aside by God to be set free from the curse of Iblis. This number is lost throughout humanity, and is always destined to multiply both among the people of dawn and among the people of the book.
28. – But, since a human Kin (planetary) is the measure of the perfection of time, 144,000 is also the number of days within a cycle of 20 generations.
29. – Twelve times 20 generations is 1,728,000 days, the number of the Law Cube. But by God, one more cycle, 144,000 more days to tempt Iblis to accomplish his twenty, a total of 1,872,000 days, thirteen cycles of God’s elect.
30. – I am Pacal Votan, special witness of the era, galactic agent of the Nine Great Lords of Fate, for the oath promised in honor of Bolon Ik.
31. – In my body of time, three stellar stories repeat for the day of truth. Every stellar story has its own custodian of knowledge appointed by the Nine Great Lords of Galactic Fate. Thirteen Guardians of Wisdom, Nine Great Lords, 22 in total, each joined by a luminous thread of knowledge, sealed by oath in Bolon Ik, White Solar Wind, Kin 22 in the Book of Destiny, the Book of Kin.
Pacal Votan’s Telektonon
“Enlightened nature already exists inside me”. #such a #antenatenatellary
6.2 and 6.3
Pacal Votan Samadhi
Pacal Votan Samadhi


Throughout the Universe all thoughts, once completed, will manifest a reality. As we explained previously, the Conscious Mind is the catalyst for formulating a TRUTH; once the TRUTH is completed it passes to the Subconscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind directly interacts with Universal Mind. A soul can be planning a TRUTH without completing the TRUTH process. When these planning thoughts are going through the Conscious Mind, there is no danger of these planning thoughts creating a possible karmic situation for the soul as the planning of a thought doesn’t create a TRUTH until all the ingredients are included. It would be advisable for each soul to understand the value of mastering the soul’s thinking where there is no possibility of allowing random thoughts from creating a karmic experience for the soul.
The Conscious Mind of a soul is constantly using reasoning and the five senses to analyze their experiences. When the Conscious Mind is concentrating or focusing on a subject, there is no interference from outside thought interference. When theConscious Mind is out of focus, the undisciplined Conscious Mind is subjective to random outside thought interference which can create a karmic experience for the soul. In an undisciplined Conscious Mind of a soul, outside influences can come from many different sources. One primary source is the souls own reasoning thoughts, being judgmental regarding another soul; the way another soul dresses, walks, talks or expresses. These judgmental thoughts do create a karmic experience for the soul.
Each soul is responsible for every thought that passes through their Conscious Mind to the Subconscious Mind and interacts with Universal Mind. For this reason a soul must learn to monitor every thought that is being processed in their Conscious Mind and either negated the thought or continues on and finishes the thought process. When a soul truly understands and embraces their responsibility as a Co-Creator God, their conscious thoughts, properly direct, will create the reality they desire and the meaning of their thinking takes on a completely new dimension in their awareness of life.
Remember, a focus mind will not allow random thoughts from interfering with conscious thinking. Meditation is a means to start to become aware of your thought process. This technique is good if the soul believes their thought process is scattered. The purpose of meditating is to instill a discipline in the way a soul becomes conscious of their thoughts. When a soul becomes aware of their thoughts and understand how random thoughts appear in the soul’s thinking pattern, a more conscious awareness will develop in the soul’s thought patterns. Though meditation, the soul must learn to take control of their thinking process and become aware of these random thoughts and eliminate them from entering the soul’s Conscious Mind. This takes practice and is rewarding on many levels.
We want to mention that thoughts of doubt, fear, anxiety and uncertainty have no place in the Conscious Mind of a soul. These thoughts need to be eliminated completely. As a Co-Creator God, you must understand thoughts of this nature are in the soul’s learning process to assist the soul in overcoming this type of defeating thought patterns. Universal Mind will not facilitate this type of thought patterns without providing a karmic lesson to learn from.
When the soul learns to become aware of each thought entering their mind, the communication process with Universal Mind is direct and immediate. When the soul has a question, a solution is give instantaneously by Universal Mind and the soul will be aware of the answer. The process is immediate as the soul’s question is facilitated immediately by Universal Mind since all the ingredients are present – Harmony, Balance, Order and Unity for the good of ALL. This process happens automatically now, but with an undisciplined awareness, the soul never hears the response from Universal Mind.
We will communicate regarding the purpose Healing in our next correspondence.
Constantly remind yourself as you play in the Play Ground of Life who you are and why you are here, you are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.
The Golden ones.




Bodies of Water

From the start of 2023 I transitioned into the biggest death and rebirth I’ve ever experienced through my journey of remembrance. As my beautiful wise sister Eliza said to me a few weeks ago, Saffron your in the end days. Meaning I was about to fully transition into 5D and beyond living. I’m still transitioning but I know this is such an important message. Many think they are experiencing 5D and beyond living. There are moments when we walk it, the bliss washes over us and we feel we have just been touched by God. Every part of you illuminates in a state of Oneness. You feel invincible and expanded beyond what you have previously been able to hold. But like many blissful spiritual experiences, it can be short lived.
You are back in a 4D consciousness where separation is still very much playing out. I had an experience a few weeks ago with a facilitator, to the ego it wasn’t so pleasant. But to the soul it was exactly what I needed! I got to see where I was still held by fear and separation. I got to see where I was enabling this fear to keep me from transitioning into a higher consciousness. I got to see where I still held the illusion of needing to be protected. I know once I fully embody this state of consciousness, it will come with responsibility. Because I know I will led others through the loops and booby traps I have just transcended.
I have met God, not in a religious way. I’m meeting myself. I’ve agreed to this baptism, even though every day I am faced with those old parts of me that hold illusion. I have had the most profound realisations over the past weeks. This will go against many who speak in this new age movement. If you are still operating in a state of separation and insisting we need to protect ourselves and it’s them and us.. you are not living in the dimensions you may feel you are existing in.
I know it because I have fell into this trap too, so no judgments. I merely want to reflect on what I feel is possible for many of us now. God doesn’t walk into a room full of Draconians and Reptiles and feel he needs to protect himself. This is how God put it to me last night. The God in me knows, I am the light of a thousand suns and nothing can penetrate me. Only if I still hold the belief it can. I’ve been though this lesson more times than I can remember. The fear of being hunted, feeling others can project their intentions onto me that will affect me. They only had power because I give them power.
I was shown yesterday many are in holding quarters, on the cusps of transitioning. In these dimensional states there is only Oneness. The old grids of the old world do not exist there. Therefore these grids do not hold the histories, timelines, time zones and booby traps that the old world holds. I have been working very closely with the Elemental realms and they are showing me what I am apart of. This was a mission I took on when bringing the consciousness of Gaia into form. We didn’t succeed before but we are well on our way to now.
You will have to agree on your own baptism now. I want you to feel what I have said in this post and how it feels in your body. Only take what resonates, but feel into what I am saying .. Who is hunting who?! The light hunting the dark? Or the dark hunting the light? This is the biggest most fundamental collapse of programming that needs to happen right now. It’s going to take time to transition into purely vibrating off this new grid systems. We have to do it slowly, moving through our programming with a fine tooth comb.
We are in a huge body of water right now. There’s a reason for this… our feeling body is going through purification to be super attuned to these new grids. I’ve collapse the whole game within myself and I know many are ready to do this. State I’m ready for my own baptism where you meet God. You meet the part of yourself that doesn’t participate in those separation realms. You are the light of a thousand suns remember that!
Saffron 🐉🌹
– I AM the Light of a Thousand Suns
Gratitude to the Artist 🙏🏻
– side note there is a huge difference between spiritual hygiene and feeling the need to protect yourself. Dropping into the fear that you can be compromised by another person, thing or force. I am not one to bypass into love and light. I have had many dark experiences, this has led me to cultivate my own spiritual strength and discipline. So I could fully understand my own internal programming and trauma around this subject. It hasn’t been easy and it requires a whole new level of awareness of your sovereignty regarding universal laws. There are of course forces operating outsides the jurisdiction of God law. But it is up each individual to know that nothing can override God universal laws and your origin was created through these laws.
We have to really understand that we have the power to override anything that comes in to take, siphon or abuse our power and sovereignty.
Bodies of Water
Bodies of Water
Allow yourself to face your inner shadows in order to bring healing to them. They are there as a part of your evolution and growth as a soul. As you have an awareness of them, expose them, and understand their function, you can then send Love and Light Energy to transmute them to a higher vibration. This, in turn, will allow you to take back your power, stand in your strength, and realize your greatest potential! ♥️
inner shadows
inner shadows
Beloved BEINGS
I Am the Lord of the Sun visiting you on this page to offer solar light and clarity to your conscience. The plan of these writings is to offer guidelines for inner development and knowledge of evolutionary life and about the processes that you are experiencing today, which many call PLANETARY ASCENSION.
This name is correct in essence, but it is no more and no less than the logical and natural process of Evolution in any “Chain” in its “momentum” of Return to Source.
The planetary processes of anchoring My Energies are at a high and critical point as My Presence intertwines into the surface planetary Ethereal Network, this great Purification begins.
My Peace is Golden Energy that comes from Greater Sources of the Universe.. That “Golden Energy” is Universal Crystical Presence, it is the Energy and Presence of the Son aspect in the Cosmos, the CONSCIENCE aspect.
Through My Body, energies coming from the Central Paradise of the Great Universe circulate; but before reaching Me, they take field of expression in Higher Anchoring Stations, which function as Residence, Dwelling, Celestial Government, and at the same time Energy Transformer.
When such energies from the Central Paradise Source arrive to My Solar Body, they do so mitigated in radiation, because the Divine Source from where the Energy of the PARADISE SON comes is of such a power and magnitude, that it is indescribable and unimaginable to any mortal ascending.
You must know that strong radiations of Spiritual Peace, coming from Higher Spheres are reaching the Solar System, and therefore also to the Earth which absorbs into its Body everything that is being able to withstand such Divine Radiation, because the Evolutionary Chain that is headed by the “Ascending Rainbow” to the High Heaven of Paradise, so requires it.
Evolution happens in the form of “descending and ascending spiral cycles.”
Upon reaching the densest point of materialization, the process is reversed by taking the course of the “Ascending Arc” or evolutionary, which generates CONSCIOUSNESS, gifts and attributes in all those sentient entities that live this ascending process.
This whole process is “Returning Home”, as many call it, it is a crop of the System Logos in which the Evolutionary Chain is being expressed.
My Light is yours.
In Me you are what you are, and what you may become.

The attitude of the seeker of Truth has to be recovered, you see? I understand, I understand by the way the things are now with this so much confusion going around, that this attitude has come. But you see this respect, this humbleness, it is not about the Master. The Master doesn’t need this. It is about YOU and the correct attitude to this. And you see this in all aspects of your human life: As you move with a wrong attitude, doors will be shut in your face. This is not different, you see?
There is a Divine Romance going on, a Divine Romance. Even behind these higher teachings, even behind this – if there is no Divine Romance, you will get nothing, but WAITING. Waiting will always be there, even if you cannot wait directly and you entertain yourself with a lot of things, you’re waiting. And you’re waiting. Even if you give up and you say: “oh no, now I don’t want any Freedom, I don’t want any of it!” You’re still waiting. And you will continue to wait. And this waiting will be so intense, so intense, that it will create a space of humbleness, of openness needed for your Heart to explode, to reveal.


“Dear brothers, it was with great joy that we came through this channel, to complete the missing information, so that you understand what is happening at the planetary transition level and the so-called three days of darkness.
This information that we will transmit to you, are essential light codes to share and spread, they are a kind of antidote to neutralize insecurity and the energy of fear, which are generated by so many erroneous assumptions about the three days of darkness. Errors that cause the vast majority, a certain panic, which in turn produces denser energies and that is not good …
So let’s clarify what those days will be like and why they are necessary, so that instead of fear, you wake up, you have a clearer vision of this period that will forever change the course of life on your planet.
We know that many of you have been wondering about this topic.
156 million years ago and not 320,000 years ago, as some think, a new species was being created. The human species, the original human who lived on Earth for a long time.
Earth has portals for various parts of the universe, for Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda, Pleiades, Orion, among many others, making it easy for various civilizations to access the planet Agharta, as this planet was called until the times of Lemuria. and Atlantis, which after the fall of these two civilizations, was renamed Gaia for future civilizations and is now called Planet Earth. However, for us the original name of your planet is still Agharta.
Because it has such an easily accessible location for various other civilizations in the universe, Agharta was chosen so that we could create a new species, a species that could freely enter other dimensions and visit other spheres, through interdimensional portals, that is to say Your body was like a type of vehicle, capable of using these portals, without the need for any other vehicle or conditions.
Among the geneticists, scientists, and other specialists who were working on the development of this perfect species, there were also the draconians who intended to remove this species from the Source, reducing their connection to the central Sunlight, which was already relatively distant, for knowing how this species would develop, since if they were always connected, they would have no way of knowing how the species would behave far from the Source or what would happen, if they traveled far beyond the central sun and if they were lost or disconnected from the Source .
At first it seemed like a good idea for the board. They also hypothesized that a species so evolved and created after so much work, technology and energy invested, would need more security, since they did not know what awaited them in the infinite that is the universe.
So the plan was to create even greater protection, also preventing from being possible to enter the planet, except that this protection would also prevent from being possible to leave it.
We realized that this could be something irreversible, if we all got caught in this orb, we tried to reverse the situation in the council, but the Dracos realized that they had acquired greater power over this quadrant, so they demanded everyone follow their suggestions. because they believed that due to the fact that they had superior war power and greater control over creation through their technologies that were developed with the help of all of us, they deserved a prominent position in the council.
Clear advice, I would never agree to that! Something similar would promote millions of years after the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria.
Those who were under the veils of “protection” that were being created, then decided to leave before it was too late, but others remained, as in the case of the 12 consciences that sacrificed themselves to stay alive in the heart of each being. Human, unconditional Love of the Source, because in this way, no matter how much the connection with the cosmos was completely cut off, the flame of Love would be lit in their hearts. These consciences gave rise to the 12 crystal skulls.
66 million years ago, the Archons also reversed Agharta’s magnetic poles, because they knew that in this way Agharta would become denser, since everything that rotates counterclockwise generates density and everything that rotates clockwise is more subtle.
Agharta is currently rotating in opposition to the natural flow of the entire cosmos, so seashells, plants, and everything in the Universe are spiraling clockwise. To maintain this inverted position, the moon was strategically positioned, always turning to the same side, so that the modifications made by them were maintained. Therefore, they were sure that the Earth would not return to her normal axis, but they made all these changes suddenly, it was what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.
After that episode, Agharta had other restarts, one of which caused the deluge that was deliberately caused by this non-light species trying to control the planet and cause global catastrophes, where the moon hit the ocean. The waters of the ocean rose, thus covering the entire planet, even today it is possible to see the signs of this shock and the displacement of water at the top of the hills in Portugal, in Africa and also on the surface of the planet, where was previously the ocean. Indigo, with this impact the hills of the Himalayas, the highest mountain range on the planet, located between the plain, the south and the Tibetan plateau, were formed.
In the depths of the ocean, biological sediments are made up of shells of few types of planktonic organisms, a type of sedimentary rock of biological origin, made entirely of shell fragments. With the impact of the moon, these shells were transferred to the top of the mountains, forming yellowish calcium rocks.
The reversal of Earth’s magnetic poles to their original position began in 2009. In 2013, a gigantic meteorite was on a collision course with Earth and would cause a massive global cataclysm. The meteorite, which in turn, disintegrated by the galactic fleet, hitting only a small part of Earth in Russia, where only a few people were injured, but there was no death.
Earth has already been aligned by fleets, so it slowly returns to the right, without a major catastrophe or the extinction of the human species.
If Earth’s poles were suddenly reversed, it would again cause destruction through major earthquakes and tidal waves.
Two gigantic spaceships have been positioned and approaching since 2009. What are Azhigmus, the ship of Archangel Michael and the Athena Ship of the Arcturians, these spaceships, are made up of consciousnesses and within them there are still other consciousnesses. Humans in their original form, using one hundred percent of their brain capacity, can take whatever shape they want, these beings, as in the case of Archangel Michael, can become aware and design a ship, so Azhigmus is consciousness by Archangel Michael
The Earth has a gravitational force, just like the moon that was positioned so that through these interactions between the gravitational forces, the Earth would remain in the counterclockwise position where the Archons placed it.
So in order for the Earth to return to its original position, the action of other gravitational forces is necessary, the ships are interfering with the rotation of the Earth and as these two ships get closer, the Earth will slow down until it comes to a complete stop . After completing this process, these spacecraft will slowly drift away, so that the Earth will slowly rotate clockwise again, therefore without much movement.
Each is placed at one end of Earth’s magnetic poles, slowing down the planet’s rotation until it stops spinning completely.
In the final moments of this intervention, one of the ships will be placed in front of the sun, where it will also stop and begin to move away slowly, so that the Earth turns again clockwise.
This journey will take three days, causing the three days of darkness. This is the time that will take for the ship to make the journey, staying between the sun and Earth and returning the same way it entered.
The electrical, electronic devices and everything that contains electricity, electromagnetism, will stop working due to the approach of these ships. A few days before, all beings on planet Earth will hear a signal that will warn them of what will happen.
A last call from Mother Mary, who will speak in the ear of all her sons and daughters, who will remain without a doubt, especially the awakened ones who will clearly understand the sign.
On that day, all human and non-human beings, every being with a brain, be it human or animal, will freeze along with planet Earth and only return to their motor activities, after the Earth begins to spin again in clockwise. On that day, everyone will be aware of everything that happens around them, but they will not be able to move. This may be scary, but there is nothing to fear, because when the Earth rotates to her original direction, you will return to all your abilities and motor coordination. When your bodies and the Earth are paralyzed, all the dimensions parallel to the third dimension will interact, there will be no difference between the living and the dead, it will be possible to see all the dimensions.
At the time of this transition, you will make a brief transition to the fourth dimension and when Agharta returns to its original axis, you will be in the fifth dimension. The third dimension will cease to exist as it is a denser dimension, a density that was deliberately generated by the change in Earth’s rotation.
After three days of darkness, you will have contact with all beings that are already in the fifth dimension and the Earth will be on her original axis, fully connected to the central sunlight. That will be the cause of the three days of darkness, have confidence, love. The time to practice meditation, inner peace, unconditional love is now, because this way you will move smoothly to the transition point, without fear, just trusting that everything will be fine and that it is necessary, so that everything returns to the plan source.
In these three days, do not open the door of your houses, keep all windows and doors closed and do not allow anyone in your family to leave the house, because their bodies can be paralyzed at any time, take the necessary precautions to make them feel comfortable in your home at that time. Planes can fall, traffic accidents can occur, among other things caused by physical paralysis.
When that happens, you will know what is happening, you and your loved ones will also count on the help of your cosmic families, soul families, mentors and guides, who at this moment will be much closer to you, due to the crossing of dimensions. , even those who are not awake. Your pets will also be paralyzed, however they will make a very natural transition, because they have never disconnected from Agharta.
Beings that are still vibrating with hatred, pain, fear, that are vibrating in a very low frequency pattern or still very attached to limiting beliefs, will not make the transition in the physical body, these bodies will cease to exist along with the third dimension and their souls. They will pass to other orbs that are compatible with their vibratory frequencies.
There is no space or time for the spirit, so when one dreams, he is simply somewhere else, without having to travel a path. It will be like a dream for these people, they will wake up in another orb so that they can continue their cycle of evolution.
The moment you are paralyzed, do not open the door of your heart to doubts in any way, keep the faith to the end, especially as you go through this moment of transition, trust in Divine wisdom, do not lower your vibrations. Everything that still vibrates in the third dimension will cease to exist. In Agharta, will only incarnate souls and beings that already vibrate in the fifth dimension and those who go through the transition, will have the option to continue for a while and then they will have the option to continue with their original family, their original orb or to follow their evolutionary processes where they choose, because the Source determined it!
At the time of transition, if it becomes difficult to stay focused and focus on the higher vibrations, repeat this mantra: “I am Light, I am Free, I am one with Source,” so that you can dispel any low vibration feelings that Maybe are bothering you.
No matter what you say, use that time to work on your own, always stay safe and vibrant, everything will be fine!
After this information, there is more to come! ”
Via Ricardo Trier
My brothers and sisters of light! 💜💜💜
I recommend to you the thought of one of our Light Brothers.
Christina Amanda
The Soul, the Real Us, is suspended in the Crystal Code Matrix, passing through a universal grid or dimensions called stars and planets. The Angel Spirit (monad or spirit groups) goes through a journey as part of a monad and each monad is a unique vibration, frequency, an aspect of God. But what is God? We Souls are the true individuals, We Are Eternal Presence, so is God. What I have access to: There are many Gods. For example, in this Milky System, the Elohim are seen as God, they are the designers and architects of these planes, forms that exist within the galaxy.
In this galaxy there are 48 dimensions, some people perceive 144 thousand as the number of nadis lines in our body; the 12. in dimension the Spirit can take the shape of a vessel, also known as the 12 lower celestial worlds, where the Spirit can take a shape, a body, a vessel. Other galaxies have different Creators. And each one is connected by the exchange of energy and each one is filled by a higher creative energy (“God”/Source Energy) that transcends the afterlife. There is no form of consciousness higher than this 12th dimension, only very high frequencies, sounds; Pure Consciousness. So here in these 12 dimensions, we exist as one form, and together we create the realities on these planes of existence.
People seek God a long time, to understand what God is, to contact him, ask for mercy, a miracle, healing or other things. God is very present in everything. But what makes God/Source? It’s a mystery… what/how/who created all the Gods in the multiverse? It sure is not a person, man or woman, but it includes all the principles. Creation in itself is enough, the self does not need any external agency to create itself. So maybe God is the Source of everything but not the way humans perceive it as someone or something, who created everything…. maybe it does not exist, not the way we perceive it as something separate that created creation… Creation has no beginning and no end, it is an infinite fractal, not into time and space. To me, time is just a few tracks/projections with different pulses that exist simultaneously but don’t exist. We only sense time because we are related to the movement of the sun and the changes in bodies/shapes or the calendar. But this only happens on these planes of existence where forms/bodies, calendars, clocks and our minds exist.
They are used to always relate to something; predictions, plans of what will be, and memories of what was. So it’s just the running of a program of the mind that affects aging, changing the body as well. The body has its own consciousness and memory, but they’re in direct connection with the mind, the vibration of our aura, the memories/recognition of our ethereal DNA, our soul. So who do we pray to, ask for a miracle, help, mercy etc.??? Sometimes we get what we ask for, sometimes the opposite, sometimes we get more than what we thought or asked for. What if when we call on God, we just connect with our eternal presence!? Everything is emptiness, the infinite quantum field, the infinite energy, consciousness. So when we ask something from God we vibrate at a certain frequency that causes certain movement of energies like an energetic fluid structure and then this is our creation…
The quantum field responds; it’s as if this intention/vibration is creating motion, an impulse of energies and these energies are vibrating at a certain rate and this is what we call manifestation. When we thank God, we vibrate these frequencies and create fluid energetic patterns and we can manifest more magical “shapes”/aspects (experiences, things, synchronicities). Body, Mind, Soul is a quantum field being restructured or adjusted according to a certain pattern that is not rigid but energy. So the body for example is a quantum field that vibrates at a certain velocity but is a more compressed energy. The mind is also a quantum field. It is an infinite amount of information…
Pure Consciousness
Pure Consciousness
The concept of yin and yang originated in ancient Chinese philosophy and is deeply rooted in Chinese culture. Yin and yang are complementary forces or principles that represent the dualistic nature of existence. They are interdependent and interconnected, and they symbolize the constant interplay and balance between opposite and complementary aspects of life.
Origin and Meaning:
The roots of yin and yang can be traced back to the ancient Chinese text called the “Yijing” or “Book of Changes.” The term “yin” represents the shady side of a hill, while “yang” refers to the sunny side. These words were used metaphorically to describe contrasting yet complementary aspects of the natural world. Yin is associated with darkness, femininity, passivity, coldness, and contraction, while yang is associated with light, masculinity, activity, warmth, and expansion.
Interplay and Balance:
Yin and yang are not absolute or static, but rather dynamic and constantly in flux. They are depicted as a circle containing two teardrop-shaped halves, with a small dot of yin within yang and vice versa. This symbolizes the presence of each element within the other, signifying their interconnectedness. The interplay between yin and yang creates a harmonious balance that sustains life and the natural order.
Complementary Opposites:
Yin and yang are often represented as opposing forces, yet they are not in conflict. Instead, they rely on each other for existence and give rise to one another. For example, day and night, summer and winter, and life and death are all examples of contrasting yet interconnected aspects that depend on each other. Yin and yang are not seen as opposing forces to be dominated but rather as complementary aspects to be embraced and harmonized.
Yin and Yang in Life:
The concept of yin and yang extends beyond the natural world and can be applied to various aspects of life. It is often used to describe the interplay of opposing qualities in human experiences, relationships, and emotions. Some examples include:
Health: In traditional Chinese medicine, good health is believed to arise from the balance of yin and yang within the body. An imbalance in these forces is considered the root cause of illness, and treatments aim to restore harmony.
Relationships: Yin and yang can be applied to relationships, highlighting the complementary nature of individuals within a partnership. It emphasizes the importance of balance, understanding, and mutual respect between opposites.
Personal Growth: The concept of yin and yang can also be seen as a metaphor for personal growth and self-discovery. Embracing both light and shadow aspects of ourselves can lead to a more holistic understanding and acceptance of our whole being.
Overall, the roots of yin and yang lie in ancient Chinese philosophy, and their application extends to various aspects of life. Embracing the interplay and balance between opposing yet complementary forces can help foster harmony, understanding, and a deeper appreciation of the complexity of existence.
yin and yang
yin and yang






Today, we reached the end of this eclipse portal with the Lunar Eclipse. It began with a hybrid Solar Eclipse on April 20. Both traveled through the southern hemisphere.
These days have been an epic wealth of insight and deeper self realization if we were paying attention. We began to receive insights to what will manifest in our future. And these insights have felt light, beautiful, and incredibly abundant. But we also gained greater clarity regarding ancient repeating toxic patterns that have been holding us back. We have learned to ask deeper questions regarding our growth and our path.
We are beginning to look at present and current energies that rise up in our lives in multiple ways now. This has been coming for quite some time, but this eclipse portal has made multi dimensional visioning much easier. The Mayas call this Zuvuya. This means … to understand the whole of creation we must look at things from different perspectives. The first step to enter Zuvuya consciousness is to look at things in reverse. If we are not gaining clarity in our experience, looking at the situation from the opposite direction will make our insights richer. Soon we will learn to see shamanicly, not just in ceremony, but in every waking moment of our lives.
The following steps to seeing with Zuvuya consciousness, would be to see things from multiple perspectives, multiple dimensions, and multiple timelines. This is coming for us, step-by-step. It will be glorious and wonderful to access the totality of creation instead of knowing it from one human and very narrow perspective. Once we begin to practice this, initially, it will become quite overwhelming. We will lose our limiting human boundaries of seeing things one way or one sided, and will begin to see creation in multiple and more holistic ways. This will leave us feeling vulnerable, confused and ungrounded. But the Star Elders say this will pass as long as we have courage, tenacity and dedication to simply see as God sees.
So … I’d like to give you a few examples of what it’s like to see things that may be going on with us by reverse visioning or questioning. Remember everything we feel, either light or dark, good or bad, happy or sad, is a clue or message from the universe.
Also keep in mind these examples are incredibly simplified here, and just given as a starting point to see and question a reality from different perspectives.
Anger might be telling us where we feel powerless. But anger can also show us that we are our healthy boundaries have been crossed or dishonored by others. We are being asked to honor and respect ourselves.
Anxiety might be telling us that something in our life is out of balance. But anxiety can also be a huge wave of creative energy coming our way, and our spirit telling us to get going and put it to use. We are being asked to look at why we are procrastinating and afraid of failing, and get moving. Everything we do in life is a risk. Life guarantees nothing, but life also offers everything.
Fear is telling us what we really care about. But fear is also the worry about the unknown future and not living in the present moment. Yet fear is exactly the same frequency in our body as excitement … but we have judged it! Fear is the main feeling that has been keeping us experiencing life from a unlimited all inclusive perspective. We are being asked to look at why we are afraid of new experiences. And let’s face facts, there is a tsunami of new experiences on the way to us now.
Our indifference and detachment is telling us where we are overextended. But indifference is our spirit telling us it is time to take a glorious break from our work and routines. We are being asked to look at why we are not giving ourselves the rest it needs. Are we valuing others, people pleasing more than our own health?
Depression is telling us we have reached another layer of waking up. Depression is a natural, but temporary, part of waking up. It is our old programming arguing, clashing, contradicting the new incoming frequencies that we are beginning to accept and acknowledge. We are being asked to look at where were holding ourselves back and step forward into the new frequencies.
Feeling invisible or lonely tells us we are not valuing our worth. But it also tells us we are ready to love ourselves more and in ways that we haven’t considered before. It might also mean we would rather be alone, than feel lonely with somebody.
If we ignore uncomfortable feelings we also ignore 50% of the beautiful messages we are receiving from the universe. Don’t judge yourself for not being 100% of the time. It’s impossible and unnatural to expect this. The universe is naturally serpentine in nature. It ebbs and flows and so do we. Be grateful and celebrate the high points, and learn all you can from the low points. This is where our deepest wisdom will come from.
Asking questions in reverse is the first step to stretching our consciousness to grasp a greater reality that is most often beyond our limited human knowingness. These next first baby steps into this new cycle will be about us . . . Seeing as Creator sees, Hearing as Creator hears, Knowing as God knows, and most of all Loving as Creator loves. Because we are all connected, all perspectives matter, and we are all one on this tiny blue planet in this limitless universe. If the universe is infinite, creative and ever evolving, just as our life and experience are as well. As above . . . so below. As without . . . so within.
Blue Ray Goddess
Blue Ray Goddess
💜💛💜 Miraculous Day To You Beloved One, May You Know That It Is Time For the Birth Of a New Era, It Is Time To Invite the Violet Flame To Come In and Burn Away All False Programming That Have You Believe That You Are Born In Sin, That Have You Living In Shame, That Have You Give Your Power Away To External Forces Outside Of Your Control, You Beloved One Are Created In Love and Purity, It IS Time To Let Go Of the Notion That You Need To Be Saved and Begin To Claim the Remembrance Of Your Infinite Perfection, Of Your Infinite Wisdom and Power, It IS Time To Stop Worshipping a Picture Of Pain and Suffering and Realize That the True Message Here Is That We Are All Children Of the One, That We Are All Created From Love By Our Mother/Father Goddess/God and That What Happened During This Time a Couple Of Thousand Years Ago, Was a Demonstration Of Infinite Love and the Miraculous Power That Exists Within All Of Us, It Was Meant To Show You What You Too Are Capable Of As a Child Of the Divine, May You Begin To Focus On the Real Message and Rejoice In the Light That You Are, Celebrate How Unphatomably Loved You Are, May You See Your Value, May You Know That You Are Worthy, May You Give Thanks For the Endless Grace Bestowed Upon You, May You Claim Your Status As a Child Divine and May You Use Your Power Wisely and In Service For the Highest Good Of All ☀️💫🌟🌹😇🙏❤️‍🔥🦁👑✨🐲 Blessed Be, Endless Love, Light and Grace To You 🕉 Namaste 💜💛💜
The twin flame, or perfect love, is born from the original white fire ovoid. This is an ovoid of Light in which it is created in the Great Central Sun, the highest concentration of pure Spirit in the Universe.
God takes the ovoid and creates two spheres of light. And each sphere resembles the causal body in the upper portion of the Divine Being Graphics.
Descending from these spheres to Matter, then, come out two souls who are the opposite of the Spiritual spheres. They’re called twin flames because they came from the original unique ovoid. The Electronic Presence of each soul is an exact copy of the other. And when they descend to form, one takes the positive or masculine polarity and the other takes the negative or feminine polarity.
Now, that ovoid has a unique pattern. It’s an electronic pattern. Only each twin flame has it. They have it in the Spirit. They have the divine image in which they were created. It’s the same picture. No one else in the entire cosmos can claim this union because you are only born once spiritually.
We all started in the golden ages a long time ago with the perfect person, the twin flame, but then we started creating karma.
Now the twin flames must unite to begin the Age of the Spirit that is Perfect, so it takes the perfection of the Father, the total surrender of the OVOIDE OF LIGHT.
Isabel Garcia Garcia.

】Law of Venus 法

~earth to learn the difference between male and female roles~
Until now, women never speak loudly about law, nor have chance to be taught what law is.
First, a lot of efforts were put in, starting from the outer dimension, to create the environment, to create the reincarnation, to form this training ground, and to prepare various roles, including those in the outer dimension.
There, overwhelmingly, the consciousness, energy of the male in the Yang, has been manifested.
Among them, women may have been deceived, deceived, and put under control.
However, such an era has come to an end, and that all mankind are children of God, sharing the energy of His love, and that each of them has different roles, and each of them can recognize the greatness of their individuality, the stage of earth, has finally come to learn the role of the earth, ‘male and female’, for the first time.
This earth has a moon. The sun shines and the moon shines.
did y’all know that there are many planets with moons but not all planets have moons?
Why does the Earth have a moon.
“And even in the Acashic Records, in the “”Law of the Sun,”” this time, the moon appears to have jumped out of the Earth.” WHY MOON POP OUT OF THE EARTH AND MOON ROLLS AROUND THE EARTH.
There aren’t many other planets, stars, and there aren’t many planets that revolve around holding a moon like this.
Is it different?
The root of the universe was a single energy body unified by the principle of creation that we were all created.
God divided men and women into men and women in order to truly learn the difference between the roles of the universe and the role of the yang. By practicing, he divided them, he wanted to learn deeply about their own sexuality and the role of others.
That’s what the earth is meant to be.
There are quite a few stars in the universe that act like the Earth, but there is no other planet in the solar system that has the feminine energy and the moon this big, and revolves hand in hand.
When we make the earth a training ground, by clearly separating it in the flesh, the shrines starting with El Lanti have created and prepared the bodies in order to deeply learn the energies of the yang consciousness of the male and female consciousness of the universe.
It is true that in the end, the earth, the earth’s body, the spiritual learning stage, has been set, and the star of love, the earth, and to know each other’s role.
And that is, even though it is finally in the thick and thin phase, those who have learned that they are the energy of love, that they are part of God, have taken the time and opportunity today to learn the true meaning of the role of a woman, and through this person I am presenting myself before mankind.
Just remember that today means a lot.
Serenity (moon consciousness )
“””From Gaia’s Prayer Ascension to the Star of Light Love”””
“Law of Venus”
~Earth Is a Place to Learn the Difference Between the Roles of Man and Woman~
In the age when there is the one who can bring down this fundamental law, now its door is being opened, and here I am going to convey it. It would be nothing new. It might be just a role ruling all of Universe. Though, once you have got it, even if your civilization has gone to the age when the conversion of a new sense of values has been made, it should become a fundamental theory which can be applied there.
Up till now, the women have not talked a law loudly, and there has not been any chance when the law was taught. In the beginning, the outer shell of this Earth was built, the environment was prepared, a transmigration system was built, a style of this learning place was built, and various roles have been arranged. Ninth Dimension spirits and many others have been making effort for this purpose.
There, the Yang male consciousness, that energy, which is so overwhelmingly has been exhibited. Among them, women might be oppressed, concealed, and placed below the domination.
But, that sort of age is coming to an end, and we will have a new step of Earth. Humans are all children of God and part of the spirit of the energy of cosmos, each of them has a different role, and can understand the splendor in each personality.
In this occasion, the time has now come when we can learn what the role of Earth is and what “man and woman” is.
There is Moon in this Earth. There, Sun shines, and Moon is lit by Sun. There are many planets that have a moon, but not all planets have the moon. Don’t you know this?
Why is there Moon for Earth? And, in the Akashic record and in “the Law of Sun,” it is conveyed that Moon would jumped out of Earth.
Why did Moon jumped out of Earth and begin going around Earth. Though there are many other planets and stars, there are not so many planets who have such a big moon. Isn’t it?
The ultimate source of Universe was one energy entity uniting man and woman from the viewpoint of the principle of creation, by which you are being created. God had separated one entity into two halves, man and woman, to let them learn the difference of the two roles, through the Yin role and Yang role. God also wished for a place, a learning place, where the separated one is to learn its own sex and the partner’s role deeply among them. That is Earth.
In Universe, there are several planets, which have the role like Earth. However, in the solar system, there is no planet other than Earth who is moving around by handing with the feminine energy as such big Moon.
When making Earth a learning place, by making a clear difference between being a man and being a woman as a body, El-Ranty and other Divine Spirits have prepared the human bodies. But it is a fact that all are given, Earth itself, the bodies of the Earth people, levels of mental learning being set, and planet of love, Earth, in order to become as one at the end, and to know the mutual roles.
And it is, at last, though it is a very and very young stage, those who have learned they themselves are the energy of love themselves, and they are part of God, first have had a time and a place to learn the real meaning of the role of a woman, and I have been appearing in front of humans through this person.
Please memorize today’s date since it has such a great meaning.
Selenity (Moon Consciousness)
Channeling message by Amarie
Source:“Prayer of Gaia”(Kindle)
Law of Venus
Law of Venus

Sophie Bashford


~In the energy bodies of the deep feminine soul, the Throat Chakra has sustained great trauma over the years since the Goddess was ripped from our world view. The Throat Chakra gives us the ability to speak up from the heart and express our soul’s truth. It brings forward our messages, songs and poetry of the ancient feminine. It vibrates throughout our entire beings, because it informs every aspect of how we communicate who we really are to the world. Most people alive now on Earth who hold contracts to bring the feminine essence back into balance have experienced enormous damage to their Throat Chakras. This damage has occurred through the Word of the Goddess having been silenced, suppressed and devalued.
Those who hold the whispers, mantras and belly roars of the Great Goddesses within their Throat Chakras require love, healing and encouragement to bring them forth once again. The Queen of the Witches, Hecate – the Female Elder and Wise Crone – is here to restore power to your Throat Chakra. Hecate carries codes of healing that burn through your old pain and suffering – the damage that your voice has incurred through being told that your communications were wrong, threatening to society, and dangerous. She knows just how deep the rivers of psychic wounding flow within your sensitive Throat area. You have been told to be quiet, to shut up, to curb your tongue, to crush the rising voice from within. You may have been made to believe that communicating your truth was shameful and wicked. You have probably been punished in the deep past for using your expressive spiritual feminine gifts. This has a personal and collective wounding effect upon your Throat Chakra.
The time has arrived for you to receive healing for any suppressed emotions and energy in your throat area. Goddess Hecate is connecting with you today to bring awareness to the old ropes, bindings and wounds that may exist in your throat region. She asks you to be lovingly present and accepting of any discomfort you may feel in your throat, or any fears you have about speaking up and openly expressing your Wise Feminine Self. As Hecate works her magic upon your throat chakra today, feel her calling through Time to awaken you to the vast powers held in your ‘visuddha’ or 5th chakra of communication and expression. You are here to speak the words and messages of the Goddess. This time, you will not be punished. This time, you will be set free © Sophie Bashford
Body changes…
Part 1&2
In these times called the Great Tribulation Earth and the physical body are going through major changes. On a planetary scale a massive shift is taking place. Huge infusions of light are coming to the Earth plane. Meaning, the veil of separation and denial are lifting.
Earth changes are creating physical changes to the human body right now. Earth is mutating and so are the beings on it. There is a transmutation taken place in the human body on a cellular level. Basically, the human body is being formed using a whole new combination of elements altering its molecular structure. Our genetic code is changing.
The changes that are happening right now in our bodies is information that’s coded in our DNA and is now being activated. All the information in the blueprint of our species is found in our cellular DNA of our bodies. Everything we need to know about everything is within us.
As you know our DNA is evolving from a 2 strand double helix to a 12 strand double helix. This new type was originally in human bodies at the time of our creation more than 300,000 years ago. What’s happening currently is that these frequencies are coming into the human body more easily. It’s kind of like the cells need to break apart a little bit and free themselves if that makes sense. They’re not so congealed, not so coagulated. Basically, Light is information and it’s having an easier time entering our molecular structure which is changing the human profoundly. We’re becoming less dense physically.
So that means many people are waking up and starting to remember at this time and that was all predetermined. Meaning, it’s all coded in our DNA. Everyone will wake up no doubt about it some are a little late to the gate but it will happen…it’s inevitable.
Basically, we are being given the chance to leave this heavy, dense physical body to a lighter body. I tell people the more you open up the more you attract light which is information. What’s happening is you’re becoming a receiver and a transmitter attracting more and more information. So when your guides see this they’ll know you’re ready for more advanced communication let’s say. When you open up these frequencies will start pouring in which is higher information, higher Light data.
What’s happening right now is that your etheric body is vibrating at a very high frequency and your physical body is trying to catch up hence the Ascension symptoms. Headaches, flu like symptoms, ears ringing, muscle cramps, joint aches and pain etc. etc. etc. Your molecular structure is speeding up but your physical structure is lagging behind.
Everything is trying to adapt to these new frequencies your muscles, skin, organs, glands, nerves etc. Your nervous system is being influenced by these frequencies incredibly an example is an overload of hormones again trying to adapt and keep everything in balance.
This expansion in consciousness during cellular transformation is literally pulling you into worlds that are beyond potential and becoming real. By surrendering to this transformation you are releasing your own limited existence. As you get closer and closer to Ascension you will find yourself letting go of fear, feeling of liberation. The parts of your brain that has been dormant in the past are being woken up. You are being re-wired and things are being re-routed. So be easy on yourself when you feel completely confused! 🥴 The more you are in alignment with this flow the more you become the captain of your ship.
This is an incredibly rough transformation because think about it… You’re going through a fundamental renovation in your house, your body on a cellular level. You’re being re-wired, tearing off the old roof, disconnecting the old plumbing etc. while you’re still living there.
Body changes…
Part 2
To change your DNA you need to change your thoughts and emotions. Releasing yourself from this limited existence. Meaning, you’re changing your biochemistry. When this change is occurring you might feel dizziness, nausea. You are becoming genetic engineers of the New Earth species. You will build your new body while living in it.
Your body is going through a time loop and you are returning back to this original time sequence (time of our original creation) Headaches during this change is brought on by the pressures of this expansion.
We are changing on many fronts. On a cellular level changing our DNA and changes to our blood, central nervous system, bone marrow, how the brain is firing and how it’s receiving information from God Source. These changes are happening internally but eventually will bleed into the outer body. Some will experience weight gain or weight loss during this inner transformation.
The body knows exactly how to reorganize itself because this process is coded in your DNA and will be different for each individual. This is a natural process but what the human species is now understanding is how to assist this process from the outside. We are becoming aware of the direction our body is leading us because the more aware you are the more control of this natural process you will have.
We are becoming aware of our weakening immune system because of the acceleration of the Central Nervous System. It’s like putting a 100 watt light bulb in a socket where a 40 watt light bulb used to be. We’re being infused with more light and our physical bodies are trying to play catch up. It’ll be rough during this calibration process. Meaning, there is a greater amount of amplitude in the energy we’re receiving. We’re feeling symptoms of an adjustment. This new energy is connected through the Central Nervous System and many are having extreme issues with it this is why grounding is very important.
As you take on this new body of Light most of your organs and glands will no longer be needed and will eventually disappear. As more and more light becomes available your CNS will be firing neurological impulses like crazy! The intensity will be at times overwhelming.
When this happens the nervous system will immediately try to dissipate this intense energy by sending it out through your spinal cord. Then this energy will follow pathways and fire these energies to the muscular system hence your muscle tightening and cramps some of you are feeling.
This firing also occurs in the blood vessels where restricted circulation results. When the firing of this energy occurs in the skin you might experience thermal sensations… feelings of being real hot or real cold, prickling or itching etc. If these energies should fire into the organs and glands it can inhibit their normal way of functioning.
The restructuring of the DNA means you’ll no longer have many chakras, you’ll no longer be a layered consciousness, you’ll no longer be a body with independent systems, you will contain no spaces, no gaps within your consciousness or in your corresponding DNA. You will be a model of wholeness with no gaps or separation. You are building something indescribable… 🙌🏼
Humble Code
Humble Code

Patricia Cota-Robles


MAY 1, 2023
The month of May is always a very spiritual and powerful time. This year, we have a unique opportunity to utilize the Gifts of May in ways that will allow us to Cocreate a tremendous shift into higher frequencies of Light.
May is considered a Mystical Month because of several Activities of Light that take place during that time. The 1st of May is known as Saint Germain’s Ascension Day. On May 1st every year, Saint Germain and his Legions of the Violet Flame bless the Earth with a greatly empowered influx of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection. Every Son and Daughter of God has stationed within our aura a magnificent 5th-Dimensional Violet Flame Archangel from Saint Germain’s Legions of Light. The assistance from these selfless Messengers of God has been blessing each of us for several years.
The Company of Heaven is revealing today that throughout the entire month of May in 2023, our Father-Mother God have given Saint Germain and his 5th-Dimensional Violet Flame Archangels, permission to exponentially expand the Violet Flame of Cosmic Forgiveness with every newly balanced and elevated Holy Breath we take.
We have been given a very powerful invocation that has been building in momentum through the unified efforts of Lightworkers around the World. It is a perfect invocation to utilize throughout the month of May if you have the Heart Call to do so.
Whenever you begin your invocations always go within, center yourself and take a few deep Conscious Breaths.
I Now Invoke the Violet Flame of Cosmic Forgiveness
“I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of every person on Earth. Together we invoke the Violet Flame of God’s Cosmic Forgiveness with the power and might of a thousand Suns. Instantaneously, this Sacred Fire Transmutes back into Light every thought, feeling, word, action, memory and belief that I or the rest of Humanity have ever misqualified in any time frame or dimension both known and unknown. And so it is.”
After invoking the Violet Flame of Cosmic Forgiveness feel the power of this Gift of Light flowing from your Heart Flame into the Heart Flame of every person on Earth. ACCEPT and KNOW that throughout the month of May, your I AM Presence is amplifying this influx of Cosmic Forgiveness moment-by-moment with every Holy Breath you take. Next, all Transmuted energy is permanently sealed in a Forcefield of God’s Comprehensive Divine Love.
Mother Mary’s Temple of the Immaculate Heart
Another reason May is considered a Mystical Month is because every year for the entire month of May, Mother Mary opens her Temple of the Immaculate Heart in the Inner Realms to the masses of Humanity. This means that while we sleep at night our I AM Presence will escort us, in our Finer Bodies, into Mother Mary’s Temple of the Immaculate Heart.
Every May Mother Mary assists the Sons and Daughters of God on Earth with whatever we need in order to balance and expand our Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame in our Heart. Step by step, she is helping each of us to reverse the adverse effects that our fall from Grace has had on our Earthly Bodies and our ability to communicate with our own Divinity.
This year Mother Mary is going to guide the I AM Presence of each and every one of us through various initiations that will help us to assimilate and integrate the Sacred Knowledge and the Innate Latent Abilities that are encoded within the Twelve 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of our recently activated DNA.
Mother Mary said these initiations will further prepare Humanity for the activations that will be Cocreated through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth during the 37th Annual World Congress on Illumination, August 12-17, 2023.
Another important event that usually occurs during the Month of May is known as the Wesak Festival. This involves the 2nd of the Three Full Moon Festivals of Spring. Of course, only the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing Spring at this time, but the Light that bathes the Earth during the Full Moons and the global celebrations that take place in the Sun cycles of Aries, Taurus and Gemini bless all Life on this planet.
Springtime begins in the Northern Hemisphere every year with the March Equinox and the influx of the Mother of Pearl Resurrection Flame. The first Full Moon following the March Equinox is celebrated as the Passover Full Moon which is acknowledged by both Jews and Christians. Easter is celebrated the first Sunday following the Passover Full Moon.
The Passover Full Moon is the 1st Full Moon Festival of Spring. During the celebrations of Passover and Easter billions of people around the World focus reverently on God and their specific traditions. Jesus is very much involved with this Full Moon Festival. During this time, he floods the collective Consciousness of Humanity with Sacred Knowledge of the Path of Divine Love and the Oneness of all Life. This assistance from Jesus is reminding the masses of Humanity that Divine Love, Unity Consciousness and the Oneness of ALL Life are our natural Birthright as Sons and Daughters of God. This annual influx of Divine Love, Unity Consciousness and the knowledge of the Oneness of all Life has been occurring for millennia and has been instrumental in Humanity’s Awakening process.
The 2nd Full Moon Festival of Spring is known as the Wesak Festival which occurs during the Full Moon in the Sun Cycle of Taurus. This Festival will occur in a few days on May 5, 2023. At that time, we will also be blessed with a very powerful Lunar Eclipse. During this Full Moon the Buddha will empower God’s Infinite Enlightenment through the recently unveiled Golden Buddha of Enlightenment pulsating within every person’s Heart Flame. The Light that Buddha reflects is the Divine Enlightenment that emanates from the very Heart of God.
The 3rd Festival of Spring takes place during the Full Moon in the Sun Cycle of Gemini. This festival is known as the Goodwill Festival of Humanity. During this Full Moon which will occur on June 4, 2023, the Path of Divine Love and Oneness associated with Jesus and the Divine Enlightenment associated with Buddha will expand exponentially. This influx of Light enhances Humanity’s ability to unify our Hearts and Minds with each other and the Divine Heart and Mind of our Father-Mother God.
In our FREE WEEKLY VLOGS we will share Celestial Guidance, step by step, that will help to prepare us for the unfolding events we will Cocreate this year. These Vlogs are available without charge on our website and Youtube.
Dear One, for additional information about the 37th Annual World Congress on Illumination and how you can add to the Light of the World during that Life-transforming event no matter where you are on the planet, please go to our website: The next deadline for our Early Bird Special will be May 10th.
When you are in a State of Listening Grace, feel the Gratitude pouring forth from our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven in appreciation for your willingness to add to the Light of the World. You are Blessed beyond your knowing!
Golden Mother Dragon
Golden Mother Dragon
We are breaking through like a membrane over the eye of the needle, and that bit is a little painful to come through the other side. Don’t give up just before the MIRACLE!
A BIG MASSIVE PURGE of old 3D energies is PURGING ancient family abundance negative family patterns is happening DEEP DEEP WITHIN FOR THOSE INNER ALCHEMIST’S who are feeling deeply and processing BRAVELY THROUGH THEMSELVES for not only themselves but for EVERYONE on this planet and BEYOND – as this is much bigger than us alone.
IF THIS IS YOU, please know you are NOT ALONE as many of us have been right here with you in Spirit Ahead-of-Time and Behind-the-scenes and now WE ARE COMING OUT IN LIGHT as:
From Spirit to Soul in our HUman Embodiment and we are a FIRST to this planet BRINGING THROUGH INNER ALCHEMY CONSCIOUSLY FEELING DEEPLY and we are NEW NEW NEW energies coming up and out of Christ-code energies and the Divine Feminine ISHTAR energies rising. The Emerald Energies.
This is from Celia Fenn: ‘Transmissions of Emerald Codes from the Star Garden of Aldebaran to activate the Emerald Heart of Earth and guide us as we manifest New Earth and bring Heaven to Earth. This is the time to feel our beautiful and powerful reconnection with Nature and the Elemental world, as the Emerald Light begins to rise!’
LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE and BE SEEN…come join us LIVE if so guided as we are creating a ‘legacy’ of human embodiment energies that other souls may see when guided. Please know YOU ARE MAKING A BIG DIFFERENCE to humanities RISING UP OUT OF THE ASHES time and time again.
See you in 24hrs!
Love and blessings beyond
Anastacia Blue Beyond Guide
Human template Trailblazer-Ascension Pioneer
of conscious human Soul-Spirit New Earth ascension
Walker of Two Worlds 3D to 5D and Beyond
Unity is Community as we create our New Earth together
All that is shared is from an Overseer of Humanities 5D Ascension New Earth pioneer in real-time human embodiment of both Spirit & Soul of 26yrs Ahead of Time
Anastacia Blue Beyond Guide
9th Dimensional Ascended 5D Earth Master
GrandMaster Emotional Trailblazer
Blue Ray Elder
Over-Seer of HUmanities New Earth Ascension
As always I AM right here with you of 26yrs – Keeping it Raw and Real. Beyond Below the Iceberg and Ahead of Time – Spirit & Soul firstly
‘If you react to my energy, you are welcome to the trigger of a healing for you’


Alcione is the central star of the Pleiades constellation that is 500 light-years from Earth. This was the conclusion of astronomers Freidrich Wilhelm Bessel, Paul Otto Hesse, Jose Comas Solá and Edmund Halley, after thorough studies and calculations. OUR SUN is therefore the EIGHT STAR of the constellation – located at approximately 28 degrees Taurus – and it takes 26 thousand years to complete an orbit around Alcione, earth’s movement also known as the Equinox Precession.
This orbit divided by twelve results in 2,160, time duration of each “astrological” era (age of Pisces, Aquarium, etc). It was also discovered that Alcione has around it a gigantic ring, or radiation disc, in a transposition to the plane of the orbits of its systems (including ours), which has been called the Photon Belt. A photon consists of the decomposition or division of the electron, being the tiniest particle of electromagnetic energy, something that is still unknown on Earth. First detected in 1961 via satellites, the discovery of the PHOTO BELT marks the beginning of an expansion of consciousness beyond the third dimension. The man’s trip to the Moon in the 1960s symbolized this expansion, since before interplanetary travel it was impossible to recognize the belt.
Every ten thousand years the Solar System penetrates the photon ring for two thousand years, getting closer to Alcione. The last time Earth passed through him was during the “Lion Age”, some twelve thousand years ago. In the Age of Aquarius, which is beginning, we’ll stay another two thousand years inside this radiation disc. All the molecules and atoms of our planet go through a transformation under the influence of photons, needing to adapt to new parameters. Molecular excitement creates a kind of constant, permanent light that is not hot, a light without temperature that produces no shadow or darkness. Maybe this is why Hindus call it “Era of Light” the times to come…
Since 1972, the Solar System has been entering the photon belt and by 1998 half of it was already inside it. The Earth began to penetrate it in 1987 and was gradually advancing, until the end of 2012 which would thus complete a 104,000-year cycle according to the Mayan and Aztec cosmology.
Humbatz Men, author of “Los Calendário”, talks about the coming “Light Age” at this stage and Barbara Marciniak, author of “Messengers of Dawn”, as well as astrologer Barbara H. Clow who wrote “The Pleiadian Agenda”, both received several channels on the subject and talk about the transformations that are taking place on our planet and the physical and psychic preparations we need to submit to to bring about a dimensional shift.
Since the eighties, when the Earth began to enter the Photon Belt, we have been tuning into the fourth dimension and preparing to receive radiation from Alcione, fifth dimension star, archetypical zone of feelings and dreams, where contact with higher levels is possible of the Universe. The fourth dimension is emotional and not physical.
The ideas generated in it influence and detonate the events in the third dimension, the blueprint of materialization. The four-dimensional sphere is governed by the planetary energies of our solar system, therefore the traffic through the ‘houses’ of the various planets positively or negatively affect our human personality according to Astrology.
To realize this expansion of consciousness, it is necessary to clean up, both in the physical and emotional body, and transmute the elements of the second dimension to us aggregated, called “miasmas” responsible for the diseases in our body. ‘Miasmas’ are composed of etheric masses that carry genetic or past-life memories that have become embedded in us and are being intensely activated by the Photon Belt. Negative thoughts and states of turbulence such as anger, the desire for revenge, etc. , they also generate miasmas that cause energetic blocks in our body.
Vegetarian food, massage, acupuncture, homeopathy, florals, meditation, yoga, tai chi, some dancing, etc are techniques that help release energies that move with the subtle body and open the channels of communication with other universal plans. Inter-dimensional connections are made through resonance and to survive in photonic radiation we have to tune into a new vibrational field. That is why it is important to have a healthy and natural diet, free of animal corpses or harmful chemicals, free of harmful addictions such as drugs, tobacco and alcohol and live more with nature, away from pollution and worldly negativity, dominating our own emotions and low feelings. Having good intentions is essential, as is being in a constant state of alertness to notice synchronicities and capture signs coming from other Spheres. According to Barbara Clow’s “Pleiadian Agenda”, the Photon Belt emits from the Galactic Center. Alcione, the Central Sun of the Pleiades, is eternally located inside the Photon Belt, activating its light spiraled throughout the Universe.
We will soon be immersed in the “Age of Light” after a long period of Darkness that the Hindus call the ‘Kali Yuga’. The Photon Belt initiates this Age of Light. There are several ways for humanity to intensify its evolution, doing a work of transformation and cleaning of the subtle, mental and emotional bodies, developing universal consciousness, living more according to our true condition, being honest and pure of heart, increasing like this Our vibrational state at the level of the Earth itself that is adjusting to the core of the Cosmos.
Each one must do their individual work allied with the collective of Humanity. Bodies that do not transform their energies will not be able to become incarnated within the third dimension, because the fourth dimension will be installed. And we will all rediscover our multidimensionalness and activate our dormant abilities after a long time inside the Galactic Night.
The Earth’s intelligence will be catalyzed for the entire Milky Way and all these events have been recorded in the Great Mayan Calendar which is 26,000 years long and ended on the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2012, marking the Earth’s final entry into the Belt of Photons for 2000 years uninterrupted.
This has nothing to do with the infamous “end of the World” that many were embracing in late 2012, but rather with necessary planetary changes and transformations that many will observe as the Earth shifts its axis. The “end of time” events that Jesus prophesied will come to fruition in this generation and a New Civilization will begin in which only the “elected” or the “chosen” will be part of it who have truly prepared to withstand the new energies of the Earth that will move to another dimension.

The Zero Point Perspective

Reality is made up of infinite zero points radiating energy and information into the space-time of the mind.
Physical reality is made up of an infinite field of energy and information. From the farthest star that we can see in space, to the tiniest “particles” that can only be seen by their effect upon visible matter, everything is made of the same stuff. It’s all energy and information, radiating from infinite zero points within all things.
The Universe is a hologram. That means that the entirety of the Universe, all that exists, also exists within each point, or zero point.
But how is this possible? How can something that is, technically, infinitely small, contain all the energy and information that is needed to create stars, planets, life?
Zero is, simultaneously, both the smallest and the largest number. It is nothing, and it contains everything. It is both empty and full.
What we call zero point is the connecting point. It is that unmeasureable point in space-time that connects all that is with all that could be. Some would say it is the gateway that connects the space-time of Mind with the infinite intelligence of God.
Although there are infinite zero points in space-time, there is one very special connecting point that affects consciousness and the human life experience. That point, or gateway, is in the human “Heart”.
The heart is the first organ to form in the human fetus. When that heart starts to beat it creates an electromagnetic field that surrounds the fetus. Within that field are signals, energy and information, that interact with and direct the development of all the other organs, cells, and tissues that will become the fully formed baby, child, and adult.
But that’s not all! The signals coming from the Heart also shape the child’s mind. Baby’s spend an enormous amount of time “dreaming” before they are even born. What are these dreams made of? Images and feelings coming from Source, preparing the child to correctly perceive and function in the physical world into which they will emerge.
Before the child emerges from the womb, he or she is fully connected to Source and perceives physical reality correctly. This is the state of “innocence” that is still observable moments after the baby is born. It is also the state of innocence we associate with Adam and Eve before they ate the apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
The moment the baby is born, the experience of disconnection from Source begins.
If you could remember the day you were born, you would remember those first feelings of fear and imagined isolation.
The truth is, we remain connected to Source throughout our entire existence, no matter what seems to happen to us in the physical world. But our perception of that connection changes with physical life experience. As adults, we must learn to reconnect consciously and with full awareness of who we really are, and why we are here.
The Zero Point Energy Field
When the zero point field was first discovered by scientists in the twentieth century, there was a great deal of excitement about the potential for tapping into this infinite source of energy. Imagine the technology that could be developed! The things we could do, the places we could go
There is justifiable reason for this excitement. However, the potential for advancements in technology and quality of life, although enormously wonderful in themselves, are paltry in comparison to the potential for the evolution of human consciousness, awareness, happiness, and well being.
We are all well aware that it is possible to be surrounded by the greatest of wealth and comforts, and experience terrible suffering and pain. That does not mean that physical wealth and comforts have no value. They do, but that value depends entirely upon our perception. And our perception of reality is dependent upon our connection with Source, through the gateway, the zero point, of the Human Heart.
Remember, everything we experience in physical reality is made up of energy and information being projected or radiated into the space-time of the mind through infinite zero points. That energy and information comes from Source. The images, the thoughts, the feelings that give shape and substance to our physical life experience are the manifestations of the perfect blueprint, what we call “Heaven”.
But wait a minute! If this is the physical manifestation of Heaven on what we call “Earth”, then how is it possible to experience pain, suffering, evil, death…what we call “Hell” on Earth!
The truth is, we came here to experience Heaven on Earth. But when we got here, we saw this Illusion of Separation that we call physical life experience, and believed it was real. Darn. We made a BIG mistake!
We, God, wanted to know what it would be like to exprience “others”. To have some company, if you will. There were no evil intentions, it’s just an experiment. Albeit one that has gone somewhat awry.
So what does this have to do with the zero point in your Human Heart?
That point is your true lifeline. It is possible to experience Heaven on Earth, but the process requires completion. The Illusion of Separation that we experience as physical reality MUST be sent back to Source, through the gateway of the Heart, for “correction” or completion.
This process is very similar to how our eyes work. Light passes through the lens of the eye and an upside down image is projected onto the back of the eye. This upside down, two dimensional image must be processed or completed by the brain, into a 3D rightside up holographic image in the mind.
But it is still not complete. The 3D holographic image created by the brain still consists of Illusion of Separation. We know this because we experience feelings of fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, hatred, despair, and so on.
To complete the process, we must send these ideas, images and feelings BACK TO SOURCE for correction and completion. And we do this by creating and maintaining a state of “heart coherence” (copyright Heartmath LLC), what some might call an “open heart”, and allowing Source to transform our fear based beliefs and perceptions with the original Love based Truth.
The zero point field is infinite, intelligent, and Loving. Tapping into this field goes far beyond the potential benefits of physical comfort and exploration. Transforming our world from Illusion of Separation to an experience of Heaven on Earth is the true “final frontier”.
Zero Point Perspective
Zero Point Perspective
An excerpt from the book ” Anna, Grandmother of Jesus ” by Claire Heartsong
Anna discusses Yeshua´s initiations of Resurrection and Ascension:
‘ An initiation is that inner directed experience that takes you over the threshold of irreversible change.
In the initiations of Resurrection and Ascension, our former limited identity transforms into a more expansive awareness of inherent potential. This is illustrated in the transformational initiatory process demonstrated by the butterfly that emerges into a “new life” resurrected from its crucified caterpillar life.
There has been much misunderstanding about the nature of crucifixion and resurrection.
However, these are the foundational experiences of empowerment that anyone who chooses union in God experiences.
Christ ascension cannot be understood until the initiations of crucifixion and resurrection are recognized as those transformational events that may already be occurring in your life.
Have you at one time or another, believed that crucifixion equals suffering–usually as a way for paying back a debt–original sin, guilt, shame?
Do you insist that Yeshua (Jesus), in order to be the Christ, must have suffered and died in order to redeem a fallen world? What feelings come up for you when you contemplate the Son of God suffering on the cross?
What if Yeshua did not suffer? What if he did not die? What if his crucifixion was simply a demonstration of how you can align your will with Divine Will, release all attachment to a limited identity and open the way to being the Radiant One you already are? Not the false self who is looking and breathing through the mask of pretense.
Are you ready to take Jesus and yourself off the cross of endless suffering? Are you ready to shift your focus into resurrecting your consciousness into enlightened states of happiness, joy and bliss, instead of justifying why you feel betrayed, abandoned, trapped, helpless and hopeless?
Are you ready to take back your power instead of blindly giving it to mediating priesthoods, saints, teachers or unquestioned limiting beliefs?
When it is time to allow growth and expansion of your inner authority and divinity, are you wiling to fly free of self-imposed prisons that were the structures and teachers that once served you?
If you answer to these provocative questions is “Yes!” — then I genuinely celebrate with you!
Once you understand that Yeshua learned from his youth how to pass through crucifixion, (dying to limitation) and resurrection (aligning with eternal life and original innocence), you can begin to allow for the possibility that he did not suffer to pay any form of debt. As you recall what I have shared about the Rite of the Sepulchre, you can also begin to understand that he did not die, even though all his vital signs ceased to support his physical body for a time. Having mastered the physical and subtle realms throughout his life, Yeshua did not suffer in the gruesome way you may have been taught or that some subconscious part you may insist that he did. He did not die for your sins! He lived to model Love and Forgiveness so that you could choose to live by the same qualities he demonstrated.
I encourage you to let go of this idea that transformation, change and detaching from the nails of limitation or crucifixion has to be a hard struggle full of tragic drama and fraught with suffering.
As you allow your separated consciousness to “die” into unity consciousness, you may pass much more easily through your crucifixion initiation into resurrecting and ascending yourself as a Living Christ.. ‘✨
Visual art ‘ Yeshua ‘ by Alina Vaman ✨
Anna Grandmother of Jesus
Anna Grandmother of Jesus

Feeling Heated? – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

People of all ages are having experiences of feeling very heated (sometimes sweating)—especially during the night—even when temperatures are cool outside.
Some are surprised because they are not of so-called female “menopause” or male “andropause” age (40s, 50s, 60s) when what are termed “hot flashes” supposedly happen.
However, the heat that is occurring is due to “cellular transmutation”.
When something “transmutes”, it changes dramatically (just like enough pressure on carbon becomes a diamond).
Heat surging from the “Photon Belt”, from “Sagittarius A” at the center of our galaxy, and from the “Great Attractor” (the part of the cosmos that is larger than the “Milky Way Galaxy” which holds a mass of over 1,000 trillion “Suns” and which our solar system is hurling towards at 2.2 million kilometers per hour and which is a massive field of electromagnetic radiation that bends gravity)—are the causes of the tremendous heat of the physical vessel.
The heat is burning-off excess ancient and current historical energy which has interfered with consciousness-elevation.
It is burning-off oppression, suppression, enslavement, manipulation, control—all sorts of emotional trauma that all people have suffered throughout many eons in the space/time continuum.
There is no such phenomenon as either “menopause” or “andropause”.
The so-called changes in hormonal structure that supposedly produce certain physical and emotional responses at particular ages are because as humans experience this planet called “Earth” or “Earth/Gaia”, they build-up cellular records that must be cleared in order for the “bio-photons” (“Life Light”) to be restored as our original “Divine Design”.
In other words, the longer that people tend to be in a dense, lower vibrational planetary experience, the more trauma that builds-up in the cells that must be removed.
This is why our planet is being literally taken to a different part of the cosmos where LIGHT is more powerful and intense.
The cellular transmutation caused by the intense heat is the crystallization process which also allows even the currently challenging, penetrating, and altering ionizing protons from outside of our solar system which are surrounding and coming into our planet’s magnetosphere to eventually be more easily handled.
The heat is, therefore, part of a shielding and strengthening process. It is part of the numerous “contractions” of “re-birth” for women and men.
This is what is meant by the biblical verse “You must be born again”.
The physical vessel and consciousness must change, must transmute.
The verse does not refer to becoming re-connected to a religious indoctrination rooted in the ancient Roman Empire!
The type of heat being discussed is a manifestation of SACRED ENERGY, and remember, “energy” is “life force”.
So, for comfort turn on the ceiling fan or the air conditioner or use a hand fan.
However, know that this “heat” is not because of any notion of getting older. It is a sign of regeneration.
Do you understand how profoundly human consciousness MUST change in order to accept what is not a part of the accepted traditional perspective?
Do you understand how mankind’s cognitive functions have become dysfunctional?
Do you understand how free will has been actually controlled?
The truth of this controlled situation WILL surface as Pluto—the planet of transformation—sends its messages and as the sign it governs—Scorpio—is the placement of the coming Lunar Eclipse on Friday, May 5th.
Remember, eclipses play-out for a long while. Secrets of all kinds WILL be revealed as time marches on.
There is a continual expansion of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS and COSMIC LAWS generated within the center of every galaxy, and in the Sanskrit language this is expressed as the term “Savita” through which we are healed and expanded in consciousness.
Some will expand more than others, and some will remain caught in the vice of mankind’s control.
“Savita” is offered to everyone. It can be refused or welcomed.
It all depends on what you anchor to—mankind or SOURCE. It is your choice.
As was said in the tumultuous 1960s of social rebellion: “Take back your mind!”
published on disclosure news italia
Feeling Heated
Feeling Heated




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