We are at the End of the Matrix – Suffering Experiment is Over

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We are at the End of the Matrix – Suffering Experiment is Over

by Paul Butler  Dec 17th 2016

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!!

This is it my friends. This is it…

We stand here now in the center realizing that we are at the end of the matrix. We are on the threshold of the shift to higher consciousness. The experiment of suffering is ending. You did well my friend.

Fear is no longer necessary for survival. We have lived out the experience of fear and suffering. We are being released into a timeline of letting go and freedom. At last we will experience the fruit of our long labours. Our labor of Love. This end is a new beginning of Life and Light. Our long dormant DNA is awakening or should I say activating.

I am sure if you are hearing or reading this you are feeling what I am saying. You may feel the chills or a light feeling of Bliss in your heart center. Smile because you know you have arrived. The gateway is open just step through. There is no hindrance, there is nothing holding you back. The Holy Spirit and Heavenly Realm surrounds you and protects you every step of the way.

Now you are stepping over the threshold. You feel and hear the buzz of the heavenly choir. Do not resit the flow of energy lifting you along the path. Allow yourself to feel and be in peace in the glorious light. God/The Great Spirit/The Great Mystery is your guide and all that is. There is no separation, it exists only in the mind. When you look back through time and space you will remember your self, your source.

This is the end of suffering. You and the human race have suffered enough. We have lived out that timeline are emerging into a higher state of being. You realize there was nothing to attain. You are that which is the unknowable. Beyond all concepts, beyond duality. It is all very clear now. No conflict remain. We rest in peace in the still center and expand our joy out to the ends of the universe. We fill the sphere with the glorious light of Truth. We are experiencing the Truth that shall set us free.


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