GALACTIC PORTALS OPEN 11th January (11/1)


11th January (11/1)

Another level of ascension is happening right now as galactic key code downloads are flowing in soft waves into earth and especially charging Starseeds right now.

Positive surprises are in store for everyone over the next 3 days as the 5d energies are again amplified. The frequency of pure love! Get ready to watch miracles manifesting.

Step into the sunlight and be in nature as much as you can today. Stay away from red meats, alcohol, and drugs.
Side effects from this open portal :
– Exhaustion, extreme sleepiness (it’s easier for galactic codes to download when we are in alpha and delta state of mind because those are the brain wave states where you are receptive to their galactic downloads and communication).
– Energy purging (my sinus has been triggered and I’ve been sneezing non stop since yesterday- that’s my energy release), remember that everyone purges their own way.
– Mild headaches. 3rd eye chakra activity and stronger activation.
You will feel a sudden blast of happiness flowing through you, making you feel like dancing and laughing and spending time doing the things you love. Love is the key today. To everyone and to yourself.
Keep an amethyst and a rose quartz near you to help you decode and digest the downloads.
Love and blessings,
Your sister from the stars,
Alyonna Parveen
Divine Healing

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