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The World as the Face of God

Do you remember, beloved ones, how you feel when you look into the eyes of your beloved? How you would place your hands upon his or her cheeks and look deeply, tenderly into their eyes? How your heart swells with Love until everything is full of joy and the whole of life seems magical and time just disappears?

eyes of GodWhen you look at the world through your heart, everywhere you look you find the same. For the heart sees the beloved in everything. Your heart sees Me. When you look into the world with your heart, all you see is God. And everything you feel is the greatest joy for the honor of seeing the truth and being full to overflowing.

But what you ask me, about those things that you see that are not in alignment with Love. I answer you that Love is always there. The truth is ever-shining. The ideas of the little mind, the consensual dream, are fleeting. The heart sees the truth effortlessly, that everything is Me.

Those things that the mind judges as less than good, in the greater view, beloved ones, are so fleeting from the perspective of eternal life. A whole life is but a second. And that lifetime might be the greatest opening to Love that being has ever had. And yet in the time-frame of the life you see, it might seem to be something negative, but the heart sees the truth.

So when you look into the world, let the heart speak and let every moment be the meeting with the beloved. Let the truth of Love reach deeply into you and feel how deeply you respond, how beautifully the Love unfolds, heart to heart, and the truth is beheld.

It is time to see with the heart always. Time to stop making observations based on the ego-mind. Even those comments that seem to be private, those things that you whisper under your breath go out into the energy field to create more of the same. Is it more judgment, more duality or more Love?


Let the heart see the truth. Come to Me and ask Me to show you My face in all things. That everything you see is fully revealed as the face and the heart of God I Am. That you may walk through this world in awe of the beauty. That you may be humbled by the magnitude of the grace. That you might recognize that you are seeing yourself in the mirror and that you too, are the glory of My face.

The beauty that the heart sees is indescribable to the little mind. It is rich, multi-layered and never-ending. As you see the face of Love in every moment, in each scenario, you will see how the streams of Love fit together and how they create new life, new vision, a new movement of Love continually.

It is time to take the greater view, to see the mystery and the wonder of this world. To recognize there is a fire burning, igniting in every heart, waking every consciousness. Even if as yet not comprehended and eliciting a corresponding spark in every stream of energy that appears here on earth.

Look deeply into My eyes. See My shining countenance. See the life force that I Am bursting forth in nature. And see the hidden movements of Love, the deep currents of truth, the passion of My awakening, the power of Love’s movement, and feel the celebration streaming through all things, regardless of what the eyes see, for the heart always remembers the truth.

Every whisper, every judgment, every conversation with another, every comment that creates division in your mind about another, is creating your choice for the world. Are you choosing more division or are you choosing the forces of Love that are swiftly moving beneath the surface to create the awakening. To touch every heart to bring forth the joy, whether or not the mind even sees it yet. The work of Love can be silent, yet powerful. And the awakening can be swift in the next moment. You never know when it’s about to occur.

Let your heart show you this world as My face. Be humbled by the beauty that your heart sees. See the world this way and it is paradise. And your every step is supported by the whole of God.

Be sure, beloved ones, that your heart sees you as well. And shows you, not only your beauty, but how the work of Love is alive in you deep beneath the surface. It may not be visible to those who look and do not see. But those who see with the heart look at you and find Me, and the joy in this is never ending.

Make the choice to look into the world this moment with the instrument of Love that your heart is, that you might see the world truly and be fed by its beauty. Be supported by the unfolding of the path of light and the gift of life. Whatever it is that your mind sees that might be interpreted as problems, make a shift and take another view. Let the heart show you the view of Love and the reality of My unfolding as you.

From good to ever-greater good, from Love to ever-greater Love, every breath, every heartbeat, every step you are truly My unfolding. And in it is your ecstasy in every moment, as you find that the mystery of My presence is unveiled through the gift of this communion in your heart.


It is too easy, beloved ones, to see the dream, to allow the commentary of the little mind to continue, to spend a little while having conversation, speaking labels and passing judgments. But remember that you create the world you see. And the instrument of your seeing is so important. I Am here always to assist you to choose your heart.

Every time you hear the conversations, even if it seems to be stating facts, if you can see the duality, the divisiveness of ego, the old world perceptions of seeing without Love, of judging people by their politics, by their actions, let it be a reminder to make the shift and to see those very same situations with your heart — that you might discover My face and feel your Love. That you might see the beauty of the heart’s perspective, beyond the ideas of time. That you might feel the intuition that shows you the flash, that this life is in the backdrop of eternity. That you might get the impression of what is beneath the surface, of what is changing, what is opening, what is being born, that in the next instant might be revealed.

What you see, beloved ones, with your mind, is the face of duality, the judgments of the ego, this one against that one, divisiveness and judgments. But what you see with your heart is always My face. And what you feel is the movement and the awakening of Love, even if not yet visible.

So look into the world with your heart, that you might see the face of Love. That you might find your beloved in all things. That you might recognize My presence. And that you might see the mirror and find yourself as well as the wondrous heart of Love, appearing as a human for a little flash, a little bit of learning, against the backdrop of eternity.

I Am with you in the gift of our communion. I Am in you, for you are My heart. You are amplifying My expression and seeing My reflection everywhere you look into the world. For everywhere you look with your heart, you see God. And when you see Love in all things, the heart joins with itself and suddenly you recognize that all are one — that this is one Love unfolding, one truth, one expression of My ever-growing Self-awareness.

It is time to live the perspective of the open heart. To be amazed at the endless beauty, at the streams of living energy that flow beneath the surface, that like flames catching tinder, suddenly burst forth and the whole world is consumed by light. And the vision of divisiveness is mended and all can see My face effortlessly.

To the mind, the ways of Love seem to be a mystery, but to the heart they are truly an open book. As you choose to see what’s happening in the view of the heart, your days will be filled with excitement and anticipation of the bursting forth of the truth and the wonder of its occurring.


Reach out, beloved ones, and touch My face. Look into My eyes with all your Love. Let your heart be exposed, let it be vulnerable. Let the passion of the purposes of Love flow through you until you are like the burning bush that Moses saw. So bright, so perfectly consumed that those who stand before you must see with their heart and join the conversation of living Love. And from that moment, understand the whole, the unity and the awakening. That which is not seen but is felt, until it suddenly appears.

It is easy to see My face in the natural world, to be moved by this beauty, this life. But through the heart, it is just as easy to see this in humankind. For the heart sees no judgment at all. It sees only Love’s awakening, happening in the now.

So the next time that you find the opinions forming, stop. When you feel the slightest hint of divisiveness, make the shift and see My face, beloved ones. Feel My pulse, feel the movement of what occurs beneath the surface and trust that that which appears can change. That the ways of Love are often invisible and that every life stream, beloved ones, is learning – including you. And the shift to the heart is already here because time is irrelevant.

Come and look into My eyes, in this person and this person and this one. Look into the power of My Love shaking them awake, even though they are yet dreaming. And even those things that seem so difficult to see, those things that cause resistance to rise up within you, consciously come to Me. Choose the heart and hang on to that choice until you feel the shift occur and you trust the ways of Love, you feel the pulse of the awakening of God in humanity. And deep within you feel the unity, and say “yes.”

This moment I Am here. I Am in the world as you. I Am everywhere, in everything you see and feel. What the mind creates is very different from the heart’s experience. Both can be happening at the same time and you can choose which field of view, which energy is yours. And in that choice, be the amplifying force expanding the vision of the heart’s of humankind until I Am clearly seen as the world and all live in heaven.

Source: Circle of Light

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