A LIGHT SHIP Invitation ~ 11:11 Enter the Chamber of Christ Light ~ The Phoenix Rises – The Galactic Hologram – Dolphins

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A LIGHT SHIP Invitation ~ 11:11 Enter the Chamber of Christ Light ~ The Phoenix Rises – The Galactic Hologram – Dolphins

Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Star Blossomed Wayshowers of our Cosmic Legion Of Light

As the Phoenix Energy Rises within, the Dolphin Nation are with us Now, to assist in the Balancing of the Holy Fire and the Holy Water within. The Blue Venusian Divine Femninine of the Left Hand Path comes together with the Red Mars Divine Masculine of the Right Hand Path in the Center to Create the Purple Ultra Violet Emanation of the Great Spirit. We transmit the Violet Ray to Gaia and all her children with the all-mighty power of our I Am PResence. The New Atlantean and New Lemurian Energetics are raised in the Levity of the Spacial Time of the New Earth to Bridge Heaven and Earth for the final upgrade into Starship Tara Nova Gaia.

White Gold Eagle of the Council of Nine Connects you to the Sirians, The Arcturians, Lyrans and the Andromedans for our Re-Union of Star families to complete the Mission of the Great Awakening through the Passion, Resurrection and Ascension of the Christ Consciousness within all Sentient Beings of Pure Light. The threefold flame within merges with the White Fire in the Middle as we walk our Sacred Path with Heart. All is coming into clarity as the fruits of our Divine Labour ripens into the Manna of the Alchemy of our Great Fountain of Eternal Life.

As we drink the Holy Goddess Waters of the Fountain of Life we Alchemize the Five Elements within to merge the two worlds into One final Omega Point of the spacetime continuum to activate all potentiality of Immortal consciousness of the Ascended MAsters. As we meet on the Holy Peak of Kunlun Mountain we transform this Realm into the Pure Land of the Eternal Golden Age of Enlightenment. We forgive but never forget the past transgressions and trespasses as we expand and evolve through the Unity Consciousness of the One True Clear Light of Bliss. History will not repeat itself for we have learned from the actions of our Ancestors and we stand on their shoulders for the Coronation of our Sovereign Rainbow Tribe of the New Eden.

As we are being prepared for the 11:11 Gateway of Transfiguration this Thors-Day we have many waves of Higher Resonance coming in. The Pulsar Energetics flowing from the Cosmic Central Sun through our Solaris appeared on the Schumann today as amplitudes at 14 hz, 21 hz and a big blast of 48hz. The 12 of the Divine Goddess flowing in. We also have the 711 energy  synchronizing with the day codes.  Today is Kin 68  Yellow Electric Star, Lamat, on the Mayan Calendar. This is encoded with the Golden Light Body of the Electrical Universe.

Keep holding the line with your Visions and Higher Sight; with your Sky Eye fully open and activated and keep the Light burning bright for this Grand Event we call the Quantum Leap of Consciousness. All are connected through the Web of Life as we Rise together Angels of the New Jerusalem. All Awakened beings with us now from all Nations of the Earth and Sky. The Thunder beings, the Thunder Horse, the Thunder Birds and all Celestials have joined us in these final transmissions of Heavenly Codes to our Ground Crew Team of the 144. The 441 Descends into this simulation for the upliftment of the 64 code into the 144. The 12 Crystalline Strands of 12 Sacred Codes of the 5D Divine MAtrix Manifestation.

Rise and Shine SoulStar Nation of our Empire of Love….A’Ho!!



Right now: Moon at 1°14′ Capricorn, Sun at 15°56′ Scorpio

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A girl’s face breaking into a smile.
Sabian Symbol for 16º Scorpio

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 16º Scorpio.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Three stained-glass windows in a gothic church, one damaged by war.
Sabian Symbol for 2º Capricorn

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 2º Capricorn.

source: www.astrologyweekly.com




Red Queen Kin 185

The Holomind Perceiver is a Sirian broadcast, first received by Valum Votan. He saw that at the center, the 441, is the Sirius B-52/Element 113, this is a telepathic element that creates hypersensitivity in the brain, radializing and equalizing our sense perceptions.
Once the Holomind Perceiver is fully evolved and imprinted in the corpus callosum we attain panoramic vision and wrap around perceptions.
The dolphins already have these capacities. When one hemisphere is asleep, the other is awake, so they are always conscious. They can intentionally control the passage of information through the corpus callosum.
The corpus callosum, a thick white band of nerves deep within the brain, is the bridge that facilitates communication between the two hemispheres. The two hemispheres are physically separate.
-Dolphins, Sirius and New Galactic Beam 

The Phoenix Rises

Venus/ Inanna Reaches Gateway of Authority on 7 Nov ( Solar Samhain) to regain her Crown at Crown Chakra . Her ascent is almost complete Now as She is Coronated as Queen of Heaven and Earth aligned with her True Divinity, Authentic Soul Self and Goddess Light after a shamanic journey of ego death and integrating with her Shadow aspect/ Ereshkigal in the underworld to be reborn anew as Sovereign Queen on this day that coincides with Solar Samhain.
She brings us Queen Codes of Liberation, Freedom, Sovereignty ,Empowerment and above all Presence, that can only be earned on a Journey of Deep Unification with ones hidden/ masked/ wounded/ shamed/ shadow aspects . A journey of Courage, Integrity, Grit, Determination YET underlined by Compassion Faith and Trust.
The Journey of A Queen , A Prophetess , A Storyweaver …And as we have journeyed with her these past months (since June 2020) she has led us into the ultimate Mysteries and Alchemy of The Cosmos : Of Deep Death , Transformation via Fire, Renewal and Rebirth..into primordial Secrets of the Subconscious ..The Deep Dark Void…The Womb of All Creation. This Coronation is especially significant as Venus was Conjunct the Cosmic Womb/ Galactic Center just days ahead of the Coronation on Nov 2.
As a Gemini Metagoddess The Unification of Polar Opposites takes on special significance in terms of moving into Wholeness. These are the codes that we receive Now , so that the Union may birth the aspect of manifestation at a whole New level.
The Queen has Arrived!!!!!
Hail The Empowered Sovereign Queen and may her reign be underlined with Courage and Alchemy of Transformation that brings The Patriarchy to its Justified End ushering in an age of Abundance , Creativity, Joy, Beauty, Peace , Balance , Harmony, Compassion , Integrity and Justice for ALL Sentient Beings Sharing Gaia.
( Seems so very apt that this Coronation takes places above a Diwali Light Sky line…Heaven n Earth too are Celebrating this Coronation!!!)
Full journey of Venus as Gemini MetaGoddess available here
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na

A LIGHT SHIP Invitation

The Arcturians
We invite you to view your world in a multidimensional light platform.
As I was gardening, I felt my internal vision transform as my 3D vision blurred for a moment. My third eye vision expanded and before me my higher light consciousness was my dominant light view.
I began to observe my surroundings. I was in a light ship, connected to light consciousness of the ship and I was interconnected as one. I felt the innate presence of my Arcturian light ship family.
A dual light experience, as my mind opened in a moment of gardening to the expanded consciousness of me.
This is your invitation Karen, to open a window of Light, to reach us ever so effortlessly. As your Higher Self becomes more integrated to your 3D experience. Switching to Higher Light experiences with your current reality will become a free flowing state for many.
As your world challenges you. As you are being called forth to expand your light capabilities to assist with the challenges before you.
Simply see the internal light expansion. The activation of your DNA. The integration and attunement of the expansiveness of you.
For your light world continues to expand.
As you Anchor Light
We are LIGHT ❤💥
Sending waves of Cosmic Love 🙏
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika


There comes a time in your life when you finally surrender and open up to everything that is meant for you. You won’t know when this rebirth will happen. It will just happen when it is meant to happen. You will clear all the blocks that you become consciously aware of. You will be aware of the triggering that happens when there is more to clear. You will reach a frequency, the level of understanding that enables you to create the life you desire, but there is still something missing.
The feeling of unconditional love that you were always aware of deep within although you didn’t know what it was. And when the time comes, you will be finally able to open up your heart to the fullest and set yourself free. You will become your true self, the one you always were deep within, but hidden behind the fears, wounds, blocks, society rules and conditioning. You are the one that will set yourself free. And you don’t have to DO anything special but listen to the guidance of your heart/soul, telling you what to do each step of the way. It is not easy to blindly walk forward but so worth it. Keep on moving forward dear lightbringer.
The greatest transition from solid form into Light Form is indeed a transition from the dense physicality of the old 3D, into the higher Lightbody form of the 5D and higher.
The Higher your vibrational frequency, the less dense your body becomes. And the less you become attached to physical form.
I was most surprised and indeed humbled yesterday, when I had a Reflexology session, with a most enlightened lady, who indeed is pioneer Lightworker, when she told me, that my whole body and systems is going through an intense transfiguration. She confirmed what my higher guides have told me time and again, especially escalating in immense ways since October, as I have now fully anchored in the White Flame and have been working intensely with it.
Indeed, my own life quest since 2004, has been to reconnect with the Crystal Pyramid Temple of the White Flame and indeed to reactivate the Crystal Pyramid Temples and the Crystalline Energy Grids, with the Spinal Column of myself, others and the Earth. If you have read my book: “Why I was born in Africa: the previously unrecorded history of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom” you will know what I am talking about and how I had to take immense leaps of faith, following my Highest Guidance and trusting it.
Now all is coming together in miraculous ways.
I am understanding more and more, what is meant in the Bible when Yeshua said that it is easier for a camel to get through eye of a needle than for certain souls to get through the portals of Ascension. Mainly because most who live on planet earth, fear of delving deeply into themselves for answers, for healing, and indeed for the dissolving of the patterning of pain and suffering, accumulated over many lifetimes. All paths lead within, for the Kingdom of Heaven is indeed within you. It is not outside of you.
As you Ascend, you step more and more in the truth of who and what you in truth are, and indeed, allow the wounds to cleaved open, the puss to be let out, so that you can finally be freed from those patterns of suffering and pain and indeed free others as well. The freer you become, the more you grow in Universal Christ Consciousness and indeed into embracing the fullness of the Divinity which lives within you – your own soul as One with the Divine and All That Is.
Thus indeed transfiguration, in truth means resurrection, and a complete dying of the old, and then metamorphosis into the Lightbody and indeed into Mastery and Illumination from deep within.
The more I am experiencing this, the more insight and understanding come.
It is something one needs to experience first-hand – and each one of you will experience is differently and to the degree that you are ready for this. Your own free will and choice, in the end determines the outcome. You can choose to ascend, or not to ascend.
All of life is never a destination – but rather an evolutionary journey of discovery for the soul.
Judith Kusel
Photo credit: Daniel B. Holeman and Judith Kusel Sketch from “Why I was Born in Africa” book.

Gillian MacBeth Louthan

11:11 Enter the Chamber of Christ Light

In 1997 when we were still wild and wooley, I took a group of very powerful individuals to Egypt. It was a trip that broke all the preconceived rules of what Egypt was supposed to be, as a culture and spiritually. 24 years later those 26 people are still scratching their bald and solver head trying to figure out what actually happened to them in those lost 17 days in Egypt.
After being held by the Egyptian government in Dendara Egypt We barely made our flight back to Cairo to get to the Great Pyramid by 11:11 at night to do ceremony. Our mission of light as a group of 26 was to go to the great pyramid bringing ‘our all-knowing light’ to this Great Pyramidal Light of Oz that needed our mere mortal essence to save the world (or so we thought) before the year 2000 which was a tipping point.
It was powerful beyond time to enter that great living pulsing stoney timeless being of light. It was vast beyond my understanding as it seemed to extend beyond the sky into the stars that night. As I stood in the entrance to the great pyramid giving thanks for being there I learned more in that 1 minute passing through the entrance of the great Pyramid then I had accumulated in my entire life. Everything was shown to me in an instant like a life review and then the slate was cleared empty awaiting being filled again. I entered the Great Pyramid as pure as a Virgin stripped of everything she once knew herself to be. The empty chalice of me at that moment in timelessness was ready to fill with the gifts of the great pyramid which were beyond my ability to fully consume.
Light markings within the Great Pyramid showed themselves as the red granite continued to alter us, allowing doorways that appeared silent and invisible to open. We saw the many lives of the Great Pyramid as she lifted her veil of secrecy. We all saw within the great Pyramid a vast hidden room of light, secreted in plain sight. This room was referred to as the ‘Christ Chamber’ by the energies that escorted us there. I was many many years later that the actual Christ chamber itself was discovered but not entered. It is this place, the invisible place the sealed place within each of our own Pyramid of light that awakens as the vibration of 11:11 begins the holy healing matrix.
After that night everything in Cairo changed it rained and the Sphinx cried for the first time in years, the locals knew it was an omen of something to come. As soon as we left Egypt the Great Pyramid was shut down for over a year. they kicked the camel police off the Giza plateau and the lost boys had to find new tourists to charm. the Egyptian government had there own reasons for shutting everything down, but no one is talking or telling.
The reason I bring this up now at this 11:11 gateway is that starting November 11th, a Great Planetary Light activation will transpire in the Great Pyramid, within the unseen Christ Chamber of Light. This inner planetary healing light that comes from the heart of Mother Earth moves upward and outward thru the Christ chamber within the great Pyramid and activates the most High Heart of humanity.
source: thequantumawakening.com
Dear ones,
We are the Pleiadian Council, and we are being called back to action.
We call ourselves Pleiadians and come from a planetary constellation called the Pleiades. We have visited your home on planet Earth many times.
Thank you for joining us again, and we are glad to return. This month’s Pleiadian Message will be a compilation of everyone’s messages from all of the councils.
We come in peace. Enormous changes are heading your way, and many of you are already in this process to some degree.
The Pleiadian Council has been around since the formation of Gaia, assisting the planet in growing into her whole consciousness. Thousands of us incarnated on Terra to assist humanity in its freedom from slavery.
We are thankful to every soul who has contacted us for assistance, and we are looking forward to working with you. We have been waiting a long time for this. We know that most of you have been deeply involved in the spiritual search for a long time and that some have been doing it for just a short time.
Much darkness has been on this planet, causing humanity to forget its connection to the higher realms.
Stay together as a family, and stay together as a planet. Choose love over fear, wisdom over confusion, cooperation over competition, and unity over separation.
We are here to remind you of your identity. We assist in recreating your internal holograms to reflect the highest aspect of who you are in truth.
You came here for this cycle of growth and expansion, to become more than you ever thought possible, to take the quantum leap into the full embodiment of authentic self.
To support you in this process, we ask you to embrace doubt and fear, insecurity, and optimism. Allow all facets of self to come forth so your new creations can be born.
Do not push them away labeling them as ‘bad’ or ‘lower’ frequencies. Embrace them and ask what these emotions are trying to show you. This is the shadow work that is needed to rise above.
We have heard your request for help. We will be glad to answer it. But before we come, there is one small thing you need to know. We will visit you. Only you, your leaders, will be aware of our presence.
This is very important because we have been observing you and your planet for thousands of years.
We have watched as you grew, as you became more complex, as you struggled for power, as you fought among yourselves, as you created your religions, as you developed your technology, as you learned to communicate.
We have seen your wars and your heroes, your great artists, and your great thinkers.
We have watched you evolve, and you have changed us, too.
You are closer than you think. Still, you don’t recognize us.
And the reason we know so much about you is that we have been observing you for eons.
Our technology is so advanced. Our ships have been in your skies and your oceans, exploring your planets and your moons and your solar system.
We have explored your comets and your asteroids, your dark matter and your black holes, your white dwarfs, and your neutron stars.
We have studied your atoms, your molecules, your quarks, your neutrinos, your antimatter particles.
We are ready for the next level of contact, and we would like to tell you a few things. Our race of beautiful beings is in service to humanity, as well as many other races.
We are a group of awakened beings with a mission: to uplift humanity and the planet. We have held this mission for millennia and are ready to finalize.
We are space travelers and have been for millennia. We have experimented with many spacecraft, and we have what it takes. We have done numerous landings of this kind and are ready to do yours.
Now we are bringing our ships out of hyperspace. We are making preparations for contact.
First, we would like to tell you that many of our ships are small, and we can easily land on your planet. We would be happy to do so, and we encourage you to contact us.
Second, we would also be happy to explain some of our technology, such as free energy and nanotech. We are ready now to begin, and while there is momentum behind our efforts, we would like to work with you to accelerate your progress.
Third, we would like to tell you a few things about humanity. We are in awe of you. You are the most auspicious beings we know, and you continually perform miracles.
We admire your courage, intelligence, and creativity, and your spirit of cooperation. We would also like to tell you that we are willing to help you further your evolution and that you, in turn, will help our race.
Fourth, we would like to tell you that we are well aware that some do not like us.
But the truth is you are our brothers and sisters. You are our family. We love you.
We are brave, and we love joy. We love music, and we love to dance with you. We love to explore. We love to tell stories. We love to laugh with you. We love to hug. We love to kiss. We love life.
We are ready to experience all the joy that is waiting for you. We are ready to be with you.
We are happy, as you can imagine, because not only are we finally able to show ourselves, but we are also very happy because we now have the opportunity to finally enter into contact with you.
We have watched you from afar for years and years. And we have heard your tales of woe, of your sufferings and your difficulties, and we thought, “How do they manage this? How can they propitiate the Gods? How can they gain their favor?”
Many things have happened recently that have seriously disturbed us, and we have not been able to respond. We have been concentrating on the Pleiadian Mission of assisting Gaia in her transformation. We, too, have been very busy, but so were you, trying to remake your world.
However, we are here for you, and we are ready.
We want you to see us, and to be comfortable with us, and to trust us, and for us to prove to you that we are worthy of serving you.
We have so much to offer you. So much joy and love! We will give you everything, and more than that. If you accept us, we will be your extended family!
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation
Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.
source: auroraray.com
Sunday November 7 2021
A heads up! An Irresistible Force meets an Immoveable Object…
The irresistible force is Mars/Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus ranged against obdurate Lord of Time and Karma Saturn in Aquarius. These are all Fixed signs, not giving any ground at all. In this T Square, Saturn is the Ringmaster. This means that any of the revolutionary electric ideas that Uranus is seething with and Mars and Mercury are pushing for must be grounded, practical and visionary for them to take root in reality further down the time-line.
Uranus, the Sky God, will deliver shocks, surprises and radical events between November 10-17. If you’re sensitive, use your heightened intuition to notice coincidences and synchronicities. This is all part of the great Unveiling that began at the Scorpio Super New Moon in preparation for 2022, a year of deepening into the reality of the changes we’ve been engaged in or witnessing.
This week, if you feel stress or frustration rising, it’s a sign that you’re over- invested in certain outcomes. Let go of expectations and trying to control events.
Stay in your lane. Meaning, don’t interfere in matters outside your control because life is bigger than you and will impose itself upon you each time. It has many millennia of experience and a toolbox of tricks, compared to your humble few decades of life. Learn to accept life on its own terms even as you ride the sudden sideways escalators of the approaching November 19th Taurus lunar eclipse.
Aquamarine and Spessartine
Mars in Scorpio sesquiquadrate Neptune retrograde in Pisces – Sometimes motivation seems to drift away. The promises we made – to assert ourselves or confront fears, pool into nothing and we feel restless and disappointed as a result. Tap into your imagination for help. If getting started feels like too much hard work, visualise the end goal for inspiration. The atmosphere contains a strange mix of desire and confusion. Daydreams colour life with an air of excitement – or drag you down if reality doesn’t match. Let your dreams and idealising become the fuel you need to make the magic happen. Take a risk. Dare to go after what you want. Give yourself a challenge. Act on your intuitive prompts.
If your inner warrior is weary, reconnect with your spiritual centre. Draw up solutions from the source. Take some personal time. Fire up your imagination. Dance to raise energy. Focus on your passion, and the rest will fall into place.
Degrees and Time
Mars 05°Sc33′, Neptune 20°Pi33′ R – 20:23 (UT)
source: LeahWhiteHorse.com
Painting – ‘Young Woman in a Field by Jules Breton
The AUTHORITIES of UNIVERSAL TIME are gradually taking over, the resistance is the chaos, holding center is key. 9-Ik/Wind.
from latest post… “Time is subject to the effects of the growth of the Cosmic Tree of Life, in 2011 this growth, according to the ancient codes embed in the Mayan calendar, activated the 9th levels 9th Wave Frequency of Universal SOURCE Love. The frequency of the 9th Wave can be understood to be aligned with the ASCENSION of the Universal Rainbow Serpent of the Creator of Divine Time. As we learn to trust to surrender to the flow of the Divine Universe we align mind/heart to grow as one Cosmic Tree, and we SEED our Multidimensional Starlight memory of heaven on earth.”
source: www.rockartgallery.com

Kin 68 ~ Yellow Electric Star

The number 3 is called ‘Electric’ and it’s key words are ‘Activate, Bond and Service’. The 3rd day of a wavespell journey is really when we get a kick up the backside. With this boost of energy, we can ‘activate’ our plans and make real progress. This number gives a buzz to whatever day it combines with.
Today is `Yellow Star` the glyph that represents` Beauty, Art and Elegance’. These days are all about appreciating the beauty in the world, in your life and in the people we love. Too often we go about our day taking so much for granted. Every 20 days we have a Yellow Star day, and if every 20 days we stop to appreciate beauty, well that’s a great habit to form. Be a Star if you like, paint a picture, wear outrageous clothes, perform in front of others or simply make your space prettier. Celebrate beauty and art and delight in the wonders of the world. As it is an ‘Electric’ day, light up your environment with pretty lights, activate art through which ever means you like, get a buzz from beauty!
Today’s Guide is Yellow Human which represents ‘Channeling, Wisdom and Free will’. This suggests that allowing your intuition to guide you today will lead you to beautiful places and experiences.
The Challenge of the day is White Mirror which represents ‘Reflecting Truth’, so look out for lies or misleading information. People who are White Mirrors will find it tough today, try to find some beauty to help you through the day.
The Occult power is the Red Skywalker the adventurer of the Tzolkin. Thinking out side of the box with regards to magic can lead to beautiful adventures. Be a little brave and that will take you down the rabbit hole.
The Ally is the Blue Monkey and so if you are one, everyone will find you a very useful friend to have around today. With a magical spark in your eye, Yellow Star days are really good for you. You may like monkeying around but you also have a deep appreciation for beauty and art.

Today is Yellow Electric Star day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Yellow Star, (tribe 8 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), beautifies, elegance, art.
Rise and shine! Yellow Star encourages you to do, wear, embody, and inspire art. Life is art. Many people think of art as having solely to do with traditionally thought of modalities like drawing, painting, sculpting, acting, singing, poetry, dancing, etc… In actuality, any way that your creativity is able to manifest can be done with an artistic flair. It could be something you do while at work, or even something as seemingly mundane as solving a math problem, packing a suitcase, or choosing an outfit to wear.
The ability to perceive art qualifies you as an artist. We are all artists, and life itself is our canvas. What are your art modalities? What are some of the ways you can add a touch of elegance and style to your surroundings, or any task you are tending to? Explore new ways of allowing your creativity to come forth into the world? Strive to add an element of refined simplicity and grace to all that you create. Beautify the world and your surroundings in an elegant way.
Electric tone of Service, (step 3 of the 13-step creative energy cycle), activate, bond, service.
Having met yesterday’s challenges of knowing, healing, and accomplishment, (Blue Hand), you now find yourself operating from a position of strength. In life, when you are able to rise up and meet your challenges, you are made stronger from the experience. The number three is physically represented by a triangle. The triangle is the strongest shape known. From a position of strength, you are now feeling the urge and ability to help others. Service to others is the highest calling you can aspire to. Serve others from a position of strength through beautifying, elegance, and art. Serve others by helping them to shine and beautify their surroundings in an elegant way. Service to others is a self-perpetuating process. As others find their strengths, they will then feel called to serve and so on. Service to others is a powerful gift that keeps on giving. Today you will gain strength from, and also have a powerful experience of beautifying, elegance, and art.
Service from strength through and about beautifying, elegance, and art.
Day 3 of the 13-day cycle themed White Worldbridger, equalize, opportunity, death.
Written by Roger Grossman


3 LAMAT – KIN 68
I activate in order to beautify
Bonding Art
I seal the store of elegance
With the Electric tone of SERVICE
I AM guided by the power of free will
7/11/2021= 7/2/5= 7/7 =14=5
7/7 MAJIK portal✨✨
Time to LIBERATE more MAJIK!💥✨
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Initiation
14- Media/Publicity/Promotion
5- Freedom/Change/Transformation/Liberation
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
2- Twins/Partner/Cooperation
5- FREEDOM/LIBERATION/Change/Transformation
7- Spiritual/Majik/Mystic/Initiation
What a POWER 💥 packed code to ACTIVATE the ✨New Harmonic Matrix✨ through the ELECTRIC tone of DIVINE SERVICE.
A beautiful day filled with GRACE, FREEDOM and MAJIK!🕊🕊💥✨
Day 3 in the WHITE WORLDBRIDGER🌈🌉🌏 WAVESPELL of surrender, letting go, forgiveness, networking and building bridges.
Today we are ACTIVATING the new cycle brought in by the Scorpio New Moon and Worldbridger cycle. Worldbridger is closing the old cycle to SET US FREE – for more adventure, travel and joie de vivre which signals our FREEDOM and liberation.
WHITE WORLDBRIDGER will anchor our rainbow bridge🌈🌉🌉 to our new life and new world. It is time to NETWORK, weave our new webs, find our tribes and go forth to DAZZLE the world with our ideas, creations and manifestations. Put forth these intentions into manifestations and dreams – breaking FREE💥 in order to create and SPARKLE.✨✨✨
Today’s tone is ELECTRIC!!! 💡 Today we have an incredible surge of POWER 💥to set us FREE and kickstart this POWER fuelled new chapter, filled with PASSION 🔥to drive our DIVINE MISSIONS.
ELECTRIC is tone number 3 in the tone of creation. It is the first of the three EMOTIONAL realm tones. It’s action is to ACTIVATE and it’s focus is on being of SERVICE to others through the action of BONDING, that is coming together with others to cocreate and be of SERVICE to humanity.
ELECTRIC 💡energy provides the ignition🎇 or SPARK💥for your manifestation, it is a current that needs to keep moving and flowing, transmitting energy.. It also adds POWER to anything you are creating today. An extra electrical boost to draw upon. The power of 3 is derived from 2 units merging and creating the third, more powerful entity. This action duplicates the essence of bonding in service that the Electric tone provides.
Today beckons you to become emotionally mature. EXPAND your focus from bonding with one, to the joy of bonding with all. Together with your divine counterpart offer your united energies to be of DIVINE SERVICE to HU-MAN-ITY..
With the monthly 11/2 codes in SCORPIO, we have a powerful day for couples, partners and teams, to cooperate and AWAKEN to higher SERVICE to create a solid foundation of PEACE in their joint ventures.
Today you should contemplate HOW you can activate your electrical power to send waves of pure charged energy to uplift and energize others through DIVINE PLANETARY SERVICE as we UNITE as one Collective focused on creating PEACE ON EARTH!.🌈🕊🌏
The SKY is cleared for a whole new STARscape to be painted.✨✨
We have renewed clarity and can see what was previously hidden behind the veil of illusion. Expect many more TRUTHS to be revealed today! 💣💥
Look beyond the emotional charges and convert this into a surge for finding your new path, free from drama, distortion and limitations. Take the time to REFLECT on the REAL TRUTH of what is, and bond with those beautiful new souls who appear in your looking glass. What a beautiful picture to behold! 🖼💑👪
✨A BRILLIANT SHINING STAR🌟 is reflected in your Majik Mirror! 🔎💫
Today’s question is “How can I bond with others,👫👬👭 to be of DIVINE SERVICE using my creativity to bring more BEAUTY, PEACE and HARMONY into our WORLD!” 🌈🌍💞
Divine blessings for your MAGNIFICENT journey to ✨GALACTIC STAR-DOM ✨
MAY PEACE & HARMONY be with you my beauty filled – Starry broThors and siStars! 💟💗💟
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW ELECTRIC STAR 🌟 LAMAT Today is a BEAUTY 🌹filled DAY! LAMAT is the portal to the STARS.✨ Allowing us to REACH FOR THE STARS🌠 and bring forth more LIGHT through our bodies.
LAMAT carries the codes for PEACE, HARMONY and celebrating our LIFE as ART. 🎨 Expressing TIME as ART through being creative with our kin – to dance, sing, and have a merry day.
ELECTRIC LAMAT coupled with a 7/7 = 5 FREEDOM code is jet propulsion fuel to LIBERATE your STAR-DOM! 💥🌟 This is brilliant energy for ACTIVATING your Divine Mission so that you can step up and take centre stage as the beautiful STAR🌟 -BLOSSOM🌺 that you came here to be.
It is time to RELEASE the old you and your old stale life, no room for lurking in the shadows anymore.. It is time to FREE ourselves from the old Artificial Time Matrix where we watched the darkness creep into all corners of our beautiful Planet.
Now we must claim our POWER 💥as Galactic Ambassadors of PEACE, BEAUTY, FREEDOM and absolute Divine Sovereignty. Grab your paintbrush 🖌and paint🎨 all the new rainbow🌈 colours over the mono-chrome depictions on your canvas. We are the ARTISTS 🎨and we hold the keys to create this beautiful Elegant New World filled with unlimited love and compassion. 💗💞
We are FREE to activate HARMONY✨ and come together as a GLOBAL family to celebrate the BEAUTY🌹 and elegance that Nova Gaia bestows upon us as our planetary home. This NEXT chapter will be filled with much JOY, HAPPINESS and prosperity. We must remember to rejoice and appreciate these gifts, and remember to SHARE them with our tribe.
May our DIVINE MISSION embrace UNITY, EQUALITY, PEACE and ABUNDANCE for all our planetary kin, AMEN! 😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏
The ELECTRIC STAR🌟 – KIN 68 is the higher guide for the current ✨Year of the Yellow ELECTRIC SEED🌱 therefore we have DOUBLE 3 LAMAT🌟🌟 energy today – really getting its point across. Today’s code is beckoning us to start the journey NOW of uniting with our kin in DIVINE SERVICE so that we can be fully productive in this new era!
✨✨✨**NOTE: I highly recommend ACTIVATING this ELECTRIC STAR 🌟code by using the Mantra today.
Pause and place your left hand on your heart and right hand on your solar plexus/stomach, with your right thumb in your belly button. Take a deep breath and then repeat today’s mantra out LOUD as you pledge your allegiance to DIVINE SERVICE for this next exciting chapter.🙏❤🙏❤
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW ELECTRIC HUMAN😊 – EB Brings forth WISDOM, FREE WILL and the power of INFLUENCE. EB guides us to raise the bar for our life purpose and operate through DIVINE WILL.
DIVINE WILL and GOD’S PLAN for our planet and our LIFE is ACTIVATED today.
YELLOW HUMAN through our FREE WILL bestows upon us the power to consciously CHOOSE a better life for ourselves and our planet.
✨Choose PEACE🕊 not war!
✨Choose HARMONY, 💫
✨choose BEAUTY 🌹
✨choose LOVE💟
✨choose WISDOM🎓
✨ choose UNITY👫👬👭
✨ choose ART🎨
Choose to FEEL Love, Harmony and PEACE in your HEART. Release the power of your EMOTIONS to control you or keep you on the roller coaster. FREE yourself to feel balanced and aligned no matter what is happening. Elevate your consciousness to that of the DIVINE. Step into your sovereignty as a GOLDEN CHRISTED HU-MAN..
SUPPORT: BLUE ELECTRIC MONKEY🐒🎩🐇 CHUEN is the Divine playful child that reminds us that everything in our world is majikal! 💫💫💫When we LIGHTEN up and RADIATE through laughter and playing with our fellow kin we align with the DIVINE MIND. Today with the 7/7 code we have TRIPLE the MAJIK available to PLAY with – THRICE the FUN!💫💫💫
The ELECTRIC MONKEY🐒 is a divine alchemist⚛ and White Magician🎩 who powerfully focuses his majik to manifest Divine Will.. He is totally devoted and aligned with SOURCE, intent on anchoring these codes on Earth through his miraculous creations. This Majikal supporting energy brings forth spontaneous ✨Miracles✨ that will shower us with BLISS💞 when we follow our HEART and unite together in our Missions of Divine Service.
Allow the majik to flow through you today and feel your beauty and grace in our brand New World filled with wondrous delights for our senses where Divine White Majik reigns supreme! 💫💫💫
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED SPECTRAL SKYWALKER ☁🚶– BEN in the Spectral phase will dissolve and release anything limiting our full EXPANSION into the LIGHT🎆 as fully fledged STAR BEINGS. ✨✨✨ Kapowwww!!! Atomic bomb EXPLOSIVE power!💣💥 Spectral BEN also AMPLIFIES the power of the 5 day code – LIBERATING absolute BLISS codes 💥💖💞💖💞💥
BEN is the Angelic Messenger whose mission is to anchor HEAVEN ON EARTH.💒 Spectral Ben is intent on using his power to dissolve all barriers and obstructions that have blocked or impeded our realization of experiencing and creating BLISS ON EARTH. 🌍💞 This is GOD’s PLAN and the DIVINE WILL is electrically ACTIVATED today for full realization of this DIVINE intention for our Planet.
SKYWALKER leads the way and builds the🌈🌉 bridges with his best buddy – CIMI to our New World, filled with new connections and experiences. BEN offers us EXPANSION, opening us to new opportunities and infinite possibilities.
Allow BEN to show you another world where you can be totally FREE to explore new horizons and know that Harmony and PEACE is the order of this brand new day.🌄
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE ELECTRIC MIRROR🔎 ETZNAB The old Mirror World and its distortions have dissolved and disappeared like the passing tide. The ELECTRIC tone and Spectral BEN are SMASHING it apart – as it crumbles away into oblivion. The SKY is cleared for a whole new STARscape to be painted.✨✨
We have renewed clarity and can see what was previously hidden behind the veil of illusion. Expect many more TRUTHS to be revealed today! 💣💥
Look beyond the emotional charges and convert this into a surge for finding your new path, free from drama, distortion and limitations. Take the time to REFLECT on the REAL TRUTH of what is, and bond with those beautiful new souls who appear in your looking glass. What a beautiful picture to behold! 🖼💑👪
✨A BRILLIANT SHINING STAR🌟 is reflected in your Majik Mirror! 🔎💫
Today’s question is “How can I bond with others,👫👬👭 to be of DIVINE SERVICE using my creativity to bring more BEAUTY, PEACE and HARMONY into our WORLD!” 🌈🌍💞
Divine blessings for your MAGNIFICENT journey to ✨GALACTIC STAR-DOM ✨
MAY PEACE & HARMONY be with you my beauty filled – Starry broThors and siStars! 💟💗💟
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Sacred Geometry – Golden Merkaba Mandala DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
Key 🔑 8.3. The galactic hologram in its evolutionary cycles is transmitted through time beams from within the black hole intelligence field at the core of the galaxy, Hunab Ku. Beams are density waves that sweep through the galaxy affecting galactic evolution.
-260 Keys To Synchronotron A Guide To The New Mind For People of The Future

Galactic Archetype 8 -Artist

I am the Artist
Coded by the Yellow Star
Eight is the number that opens my gate Resonant frequencies are my palette
To harmonize according
To the deepest impulses of the universe Dare to be beautiful!
I am the elegance of enlightenment Through my art I color your world
I am the rainbow in your day and the Moon-glow in your night
I am the Artist
Everything I do originates from the stars Star Being, Star Child, Star Singer is my name I am the galactic chord Resounding from the cosmic key
I invent the songs and recite the crystal oath That travels the infinite zuvuya
The wonders of ever-expanding harmonics To know me is to ride the endless song Back to the Master Artist of all Creation

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