Frequency of the Week ~ Ascension of Mass Consciousness

Frequency of the Week ~ Ascension of Mass Consciousness

By Janosh, 05/21/2017

It is time to look back no longer. What happened, happened; it is an experience you carry with you. There is nothing left to find, since truth doesn’t exist. For centuries people have tried to explain life on earth. Tens of thousands generations have been looking for answers. Millions have been preaching and talking about it. Thousands have attached a value to it. Hundreds have stretched their boundaries. Just a few have been able to change history.Ascension of Mass Consciousness

Now is the time to realise that nobody knows the truth, except for you. Let passion create experiences you are longing for, and the road will make itself known to you. Do not act from ego by trying to explain to others how things are, but accept we are all striving for unconditional love and we are all choosing our own path to achieve this. Ascension of mass consciousness takes place out of the desire of the individual to be the director of life itself. When we cultivate from confidence and break through fear, we give freedom of speech to our heart.

The frequency of Ascension helps you to get in touch with your own truth, thus breaking the pattern of ‘following’.

Affirmation: I am the producer of my own life.

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