KINS 196 – 208

Galactic Destiny Readings

24 January – 5 February 2020

The YELLOW WARRIOR wavespell commences in Column 10 and continues into Column 11 in the Sacred Tzolkin Calender with only 2 GAP portal days in the whole 13 day cycle. Column 10 represents Authority, Leadership and Manifestation which is very appropriate for our brave and questioning Warrior who LOVES to challenge authority and the current status quo. Column 11 represents polarity and a gateway, which the Warrior is fearlessly leading us through to the promised New land.
YELLOW WARRIOR is a YANG masculine wavespell after the yin introspective BLUE NIGHT wavespell. We are now being called to ACTION. 💥As we emerge out of the Dreaming cycle where we received a deep connection to the collective unconscious dreaming, we are now being called to attract and demonstrate fearless intelligence, and the fearless STRATEGY to put the DREAM INTO ACTION! No ifs, buts, or procrastination – FULL STEAM AHEAD!
The THEMES that we will be exploring through CIB – the YELLOW WARRIOR encompass:
Battles, Power, Confidence, Grace, trust, inner voice, fearlessness, courage, cosmic consciousness, high standards, galactic conduit, mystic transmission, divine communication, golden pillar, ferryman’s staff, reception, intelligence.
Our main goal during this Wavespell is that of FEARLESSLY QUEST-I-ON- ing the status quo. Constantly questioning, in order to keep course correcting, to find your true and desired destination – locating our TRUE NORTH. The cycle of the fearless Warrior requires quest-i-on-ing everything in his path with a profound intelligence that does not take NO for an answer! Receiving the undistractable mission of piercing to the core of what is ours to unwaveringly focus upon. Using his power of intelligence to cut through the ignorance of the illusory world, clearing all obstacles along the way. The path you are now walking has made you QUESTION everything that you once regarded as unquestionable! As the WARRIOR awakens, his intelligence grows and empowers him, to bravely confront what once was – rules, regulations, routines, traditions, customs, systems, beliefs, patterns, conduct – it is ALL up for review!. All this passes through the Warrior’s intelligent filter, and all that is not in alignment with his new found wisdom is quickly and bravely DISCARDED to make space for the new regime.
CIB is the mighty warrior that QUESTIONS everything, analyzing the status quo in order to focus more on where he wants to GO GO GO! YELLOW WARRIOR is the QUEST-I-ON focusing on the LIGHT up ahead. He faces every FEAR that IS ILLUMINATED, and comes to LIGHT as he bravely soldiers on his path. CIB encourages you over this 13 day cycle to ASK the TOUGH QUESTIONS and then face the revelations. The FEARS of deeply and intimately connecting with others, the FEARS of SUCCESS and the FEARS of FAILURE! The FEARS holding you back from stepping up fully into your POWER and SOVEREIGNTY as a wayshower leading HU-MAN-ITY boldly into our NEW WORLD!
The WARRIOR’S QUEST is supported by his dreams, and even more deeply by his intuition that senses what is happening beneath the surface. In times of battle, his capacity to rely on his intuitive senses is paramount to survival, the nuances of the limbic brain that senses and intuits movements before they materialise. The FEARLESS WARRIOR must tune in to his senses in conjunction with using his intelligent mind. A synergy of knowing and feeling, in order to correctly gauge his next course of ACTION. During this WARRIOR cycle we need to tune in to our own personal dreaming, what is in our HEART that is fuelling our MISSION. Use this as your compass in service to the Divine to fearlessly forge ahead in leaps and bounds.
The WARRIOR’s become fearless advocates for justice, liberty and a higher truth. We ask continuous and bold, highly intelligent questions, then COMMAND answers and solutions. We are on a Divine Mission and are unstoppable. No false “authority” can stand in our way! The RAINBOW WARRIORS of the New Earth will not stop QUESTIONING, as they fearlessly confront HEAD on all obstructions to attaining Nirvana. If it is not for the betterment of ONE and ALL, then it must crumble and yield to a new way of being. The YELLOW WARRIOR applies focused intention on discovering the best choices and the best road to travel reaching to the desired destination.
The WARRIOR attuned to Divine Guidance through his HEART 💓 is THE MOST POWERFUL WARRIOR of them all!!. 🔥 Thus the true RAINBOW 🌈WARRIORS, the Soldiers of Christ, are the souls who fearlessly uphold the codes of Christ Consciousness through the power of unconditional love in their PURE HEARTS.
“YELLOW WARRIOR is a conduit for cosmic communication, offering access to the universal web of consciousness. This is the web of the Mayan mystic spider that weaves intergalactic threads, the conduit of interconnected consciousness. Yellow Warrior is the spider in the web, the grid connection for divine communication. Receive these ripples of knowing from Yellow Warrior’s web through the central axis in your spine, your staff (which is the symbol for the Warrior tribe) Accept this gift of knowing in grace, as you would receive the morning light by turning your face to the Sun. GRACE is an unexpected touch, a blessing given in love, a natural gift from the universe. Use the power of love like an electrical current to serve the light. Open fully to feel and receive it!
The number for Yellow Warrior is sixteen, the number of unity with the cosmic foundation of resonant evolution. As you embody the ferryman’s staff, you become anchored in your connection to cosmic consciousness. Holding within you the foundational steps of the trinity, you carry the “Christed one” into the world. As a living mystic, you are the conduit of the spiraling galaxies that creates a union with cosmic consciousness. Sixteen may also be seen as the beginning of another octave – a higher octave characterized by organic balance and the new Earth under your feet.” Ariel Spilsbury The Mayan Oracle
“The legend said [the Native Americans] would also be joined by many of their light-skinned brothers and sisters, who would in fact be the reincarnate souls of the Indians who were killed or enslaved by the first light-skinned settlers. It was said that the dead souls of these first people would return in bodies of all different colours: red, white, yellow and black. Together and unified, like the colours of the rainbow, these people would teach all of the peoples of the world how to have love and reverence for Mother Earth, of whose very stuff we human beings are also made.” Wikipaedia
NOW IS THE TIME – of this HOPI PROPHECY to be forthcoming. The RAINBOW WARRIORS of our planet are being called to ACTION. To STEP UP, claim their sovereignty as the new LEADERS forging the path FEARLESSLY to the NEW WORLD!
💥💥💥 BATTLE WARNING!!! Be mindful and focused on PEACE during this 13 day wavespell as the WARRIOR energies can fuel battles on all fronts for those souls who are not emotionally balanced. Egoic desires and power struggles can arise as people feel more courageous and FEARLESS thus more prone to volatility and engaging in duels. A wise WARRIOR always choose his battles carefully. It is much better to walk away than engage in a win less war! Lead by example as the Way of the Peaceful Rainbow Warriors do!
NOTE: You may also be called upon to protect or speak on behalf of those vulnerable members of our communities – the children, the aged, the frail, the disabled, the ill, the impoverished, the suppressed. Our beautiful animal kingdom, the environment, our minerals and our resources will also need voices to be protected and honoured as will our Pachamama!
There may be a STRONG call to step up for JUSTICE, EQUALITY, FAIRNESS and TRUTH during this wavespell. HEED the CALL and step forth as the new RAINBOW WARRIORS bringing forth a better world for us all! 🌏🌍🌎
I UNIFY in order to QUESTION
I seal the output of intelligence
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!
Read this mantra through once, then REPEAT it out loud as a COMMAND using your breath and pausing between each line tuning into the feeling it evokes in your body. This will attune you to the frequency of this Wavespell activating the POWER within your cells and DNA to EVOLVE through FEARLESSNESS.
🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈
Divine blessing for NAVIGATING a FEARLESS path on your DIVINE QUEST!
Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Female Rainbow Warriors DIVINE GRATITUDE to unknown Artist 🙏🙏🙏



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Dreamspell Journey by Valum Votan & Bolon Ik

Welcome, Wavespell 16 of the Yellow Warrior 
Unify in Order to Question. Attracting Fearlessness. Power of Intelligence!
13 days from 24 January until 5 February 2020.
Wavespell Blog:
Video Meditation:

The Yellow Warrior Wavespell is the 16th wavespell of the Dreamspell Journey, as well as the fourth and last wavespell of the Yellow Southern Castle of Giving. Through Giving, the planetary kin attain the Power of Ascending.
In the Dreamspell transcreation, the solar seal of “Warrior” is inspired on the Mayan glyph of “Kib’” (Cib), which signifies “Owl, Vulture or a similar Bird of Prey”, as well as “Wax, Bee” and “Sin and Forgiveness”. The glyph sign in itself is the representation of a sea shell which according to Ancient Maya Cosmology symbolised the mythic Era from a distant aquatic past.
In the Dreamspell, the Yellow Warrior is the Solar Seal number 16 that is associated with colour “Yellow”, being part of the “Yellow Root Race” of the “Spiritual Ripeners”. The Yellow Warrior has the action of “Questioning”, the essence of “Fearlessness and the “Power of Intelligence”.
The Yellow Warrior represents the Shaman within who invite us to Question the beliefs that we accept as Truth. The Warrior within asks us to discard the illusion and keep what is real. In a world ruled by falsehood, it is important to pay attention to the corruption, deceit and lies around us. As the popular saying goes: “Actions speak louder than words”. From the Synchronic Order perspective, a way to find what is Real is through the synchronic codes we have learnt.
The Yellow Warrior Wavespell channels the Power of Intelligence to helps us discovering new paradigms in order to distinguish Fallacy from Truth. The Shaman within gives us the essence of Fearlessness, so we can walk with Integrity according to Truth.
Today’s Kin 196 (Magnetic Warrior / 1 Warrior) is the kin bearer of this wavespell, which precisely codes the purpose of Seal 16 (Warrior). Number 16 represents the Telektonon’s Warrior Cube, which is the Cube of the Law: 4×4 = 16 Units. The Warrior Cube symbolises the Spiritual Test within the Dreamspell Journey and the Telektonon Prophecy.
Today’s Kin 196 marks the midpoint of the Dreamspell Solar Year (Moon 7, Day 15), as well as the 81st Anniversary since the birth of José Valum Votan (24 January 1939-2020). Exactly, Kin 196 represents the Warrior Quest embraced by José during his last years on Earth, in order to deactivate the abusive powers of the Babylon Tower. However, he died of peritonitis “before time”…
Within the multidimensional realm of Telektnon, the Warrior Quest is always given by Bolon Ik, the High Priestess of the Galactic Maya Cosmology. Precisely, key codes of Lloydine Bolon Ik are divinely inscribed within this wavespell.
* Kin 196 (1 Warrior). Purpose of 16. Exactly at the Age of 16, Lloydine Bolon Ik was crowned “Queen of the Bethel Number 119” (note that number 119 relates to the 119 pieces found on the mask of Queen Tz’akbu).
* Kin 197 (2 Earth) marked the last Birthday and Solar Return of Lloydine Bolon Ik (15 May 2014).
* Kin 198 (3 Mirror) marked the Ascension of Lloydine Bolon Ik (16 May 2014), exactly 1 Katun (20 years) after the discovery of the tomb of Queen Tz’akbu (16 May 1994).
Thus, the original narrative of the Galactic Maya Transmission keeps on repeating.
The DreamTime is Real because it is a mirror of the Maya RealTime.
The Telektonon is the Mother of All Prophecy! 
24 January 2020 ~ NS1.32.7.15
Wavespell Blog:
KIN 196: Yellow Magnetic Warrior
I unify in order to question
Attracting fearlessness
I seal the output of intelligence
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled
Harmonic 49: Magnetic Output
Express Intelligence of Purpose
* Journey:
– Tzolkin: Day 196. Column 10 of the Crystal Dragon.
– Wavespell of the Yellow Warrior: Day 1.
– Magnetic Gate (Tone 1): Identify Purpose.
– Yellow Southern Castle of Giving. Court of Intelligence
– Galactic Season of the Serpent. Red Blood Element of Life Force.
* Kin Synthesis: 1 Warrior
Solar Seal 16 = Warrior
– Action: Question
– Essence: Fearlessness
– Power: Intelligence
Galactic Tone 1 = Magnetic
– Function: Purpose
– Creative Power: Unify
– Action: Attract
* Oracle:
– Guide: 1 Warrior (Kin 196)
– Analog: 1 Night (Kin 183)
– Antipode: 1 WorldBridger (Kin 66)
– Occult: 13 Serpent (Kin 25)
* Root Race:
– Yellow Family of the Yellow Root Race.
– The Ripeners. Key note: Flowering.
– Yellow Members: Seed, Star, Human, Warrior, Sun
* Earth Family:
– Cardinal Family: Establish the Genesis.
– Members: Red Dragon, White WorldBridger, Blue Monkey, Yellow Warrior
* Chromatic Clan:
– Blue Sky Clan.
– Position: Throat. Action: Transmit.
* DreamTime:
Galactic Maya Dreamspell Tzolkin Count
Powered by Tortuga 13:20 – Planet Art
Based on the visionary publication:
“Dreamspell: The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013” (1990-1991).
By José and Lloydine Argüelles (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik).
Under Fair Use:
For educational and memorial purposes only, and not for profit.
* RealTime:
Ancestral Maya Sacred Tzolkin Count.
Original Blueprint of the inter-dimensional 13:20 Tzolkin Matrix.
– 7 Ok = 7 Dog, Kin 150
– Ok = Dog, Guide, Friendship, Fidelity.
– K’an Trecena (Corn Trecena) = Seed Wavespell
Dreamspell Journey by Valum Votan & Bolon Ik
– In Loving Memory of José and Lloydine (Valum Votan & Bolon Ik), Masters of the New Time, Archetypal Mother and Father of the Planetary Kin.
– The Authors in Eternity of Dreamspell, the Telektonon Prophecy, the 13 Moon Calendar, The Discovery of the Law of Time is Art, The Galactic Culture Master Plan, The 20 Tablets, The 28 Meditations, amongst others.
– The Founders of the Planet Art Network (PAN), Harmonic Convergence, Day Out of Time, Rainbow Bridge Project, The World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, the FLT, the Rinri Project, and the Earth Wizards seminaries.
In Lak’ech 
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