Libraries Of Liberation

Libraries Of Liberation
T h e A r t, M u s i c & M e s s a g e s of Visionary Master Teacher . . .K A ‘ r y n a S H ‘ h a
T r a n s c e n d e n t T r a n s m i s s i o n s ~ L u m i n o u s L e g a c i e s
A Visual Odyssey Into The Harmonic Heart of All That Is…The highest principles of causality and the deepest mysteries of reality unfold in our heart…
Embedded into every frame of this visionary art-piece is an invitation to:
* Breathe Into the “Language of Light” Ascension Codes
* Be Bathed In Quantum Fractal Messaging Of the Heart
* Be Inspired and Uplifted By Harmonic Sacred Geometry Forms
* Be Revivified and Restored In Timeless Illuminated Truths
Replete with fractal geometries
sacred soundscapes,
visionary art & primordial
wisdom of the ancient mysteries…
This breathtaking multi-sensory
immersion transports viewers
into realms of exquisite beauty !
Who Is KA’ryna SH’ha ?
Known as , G r a n d m o t h e r AH ‘ LU ‘ SHA ‘ MAh
Master Teacher of Advanced Spiritual Metaphysics…
Offers the “Sacred Gateways of the Heart Masters”,
manifesting permanent states of Harmonic Consciousness.
Metamorphic Mentor Author Spiritual Guide
Award-Winning Artist Sacred Performer

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