Mother's Mini-Message #22: Operation Home Free

Mother’s Mini-Message #22: Operation Home Free

by Mother God

Dearest Children, I have an important message for all of you. I will embed with this message the pictures and feelings that I hope will make it possible for you to understand the deepest meanings behind my words.
This is a turning point for Earth. All of you have worked so hard to lift yourselves higher and higher within yourselves, and you have turned your attention to creating Light all around you with your loving actions. You have made it possible, in accordance with our long-standing agreements, for us to contribute in important ways.
You may not have been able to see the effects of what we have done, because the last layer of darkness left on Earth has been controlled by the remaining cabal – the minions who are left here since the Archon Alliance, the Anunnaki, and the Reptilians all left to return to the Light. Our combined important actions did not change the effects of the last remnants of the most dedicated practitioners of darkness – those remaining in human bodies – the ones you have called the 13 families, the Illuminati, or the cabal. Their intransigence has been without precedence in the Universe, which you may find as much a revelation as we do.
As we have told you, you were created in our image. Humankind was designed to be sturdy, resilient, resolute and determined. These qualities are SheldanNidlePAOdisplayed in full measure among the ones who have aligned themselves with the dark and destructive Matrix – a system of programmed thoughts and feelings that was created by their handlers and mentors who have since left it behind to return to us in the Light. Ironically, the cabal allegiance to darkness is a demonstration of these very qualities we intended for you, simply misdirected in service to a program that is now obsolete.
It is not surprising is it, that our brightest and most experienced souls came to Earth in this lifetime to stand against the most powerful of their brethren who are holding fast to their dark belief system. Regardless of whether their strengths be used for good or evil, all our human children have the qualities of strength and determination.
These are human qualities you have seen demonstrated everywhere across the globe, by many who cling to their religious and cultural beliefs in the face of all opposition. You do not think of religious fanatics as cabal, or belligerent political separatists as Illuminati, but the strains of obstinacy, opinionated positioning, pious self-righteousness, the use of violent imagery of all kinds – all are an outgrowth of the allegiance to darkness. They are also an outgrowth of the valiant human spirit.
This is what we see in our human children – the combination of their wondrous bodies and minds, their eternal souls whom we have known since their birth, and the present culmination of lifetimes of experience here on the darkest of all planets, your beloved Terra.
Those of you who have held fast to your Faith and your own determination to bring Light to your planet have appealed to us with such urgency and heart-felt longing to bring an end to this terrible struggle that you have inspired round-the-clock efforts on the part of the Company of Heaven to find a quick and peaceful end to this current reign of terror. It has continued in spite of the programs conducted in the Temple of Light in which the higher selves of the Earth cabal were rehabilitated and trained to bring their incarnates back to the Light. We acknowledge to you now that we truly expected this dramatic shift to have a more immediate effect on the ground.
In response to your continued cries to put an end to the suffering these determined incarnates have perpetrated on all with their sadistic programs of chemical, biological and sound frequency pollution, we are moving quickly into a new phase which must, by definition, be felt by all of you on the ground. I am speaking with you now of these things in order to appeal for your support and wisdom in carrying them out.
Operation Home Free is already under way. It is an amnesty program that will work most quickly and efficiently to remove those who are causing the greatest harm. If we were to proceed with prosecution of all, programs which have been going on for years, it would require continuing years of evidence gathering, court procedures and agonizing divisiveness amongst our children, including the Lightworkers. We wish to take the most merciful and swift path to resolving the nightmare that is darkness on Planet Earth. Do not think, Dear Ones, as I hear you preparing to object, that this is “letting them get away with it.”
I assure you, if every person on Earth who had participated in darkness were to be taken away in handcuffs to jail, all of you would be under arrest. Revenge and punishment is part of what created the current dilemma, and it cannot be resolved with violence or retribution. Beware what you wish magicfor for those you consider your enemies, or you will find yourself in another millennia of war, poverty and suffering, with or without the cabal.
Now, with that admonishment ringing in your lovely ears, let me continue to tell you what our Operation Home Free really is. It is an opportunity for the cabal members who are here on Surface Earth in bodies to leave their positions of power over the current destructive programs, and to turn themselves in, without prejudice, as you say in the law. It is the only way to clear away all programs and to allow the people who are running them – and there are millions – to turn away from the vortex of planning, designing and executing the complex web of dark programs through which they control every element of life on Earth.
The ones in charge are as much prisoners of their own programs as you are, for they each fear the retribution of their families and colleagues as much as you do. There is no way for them to leave their niche in the great wheel of the Matrix, even if they wanted to, without an escape route to safety. They will be offered refugee status if they agree to leave all connection to the old power systems behind. Like refugees from war-torn countries, they will leave everything they have known and profited from, to seek protection in the Light.
We must be able to offer and provide physical safety for those who choose willingly to leave, and we will guarantee that they and their loved ones who flee with them be treated with dignity, and be provided opportunities to join in the efforts to dismantle the programs they helped to create, as a part of their restitution efforts. We have seen how powerful and effective are our Reptilian children who came to the Light. They will be helping to organize and teach the restoration programs for refugees from the cabal, just as they were welcomed and restored to their capacity to be dedicated Lightworkers. All are working with the Ashtar Command to establish safe zones for escapees.
You are already feeling a massive shift in the Light quotient on Earth, which we are sending to you in preparation for the implementation of Operation Home Free. There are many Lightworkers now in the ranks of the military around the world, and especially in the United States, who are prepared to oversee a massive program of this sort. They will work with our teams of angels and Masters, overseen by your beloved Ashtar, Sananda, Archangel Michael, Kwan Yin and St. Germain, among others. They are working closely with their twin flames on the ground to create fertile ground for the success of this program.
One of the previews to this great change has been to allow some of our well-known and recognizable Masters, including Sananda and Archangel Michael, to provide “Sightings” of themselves around the world, to reassure Lightworkers that they are as interested in making contact with all of you as they are in bringing the cabal under our direction. They have begun doing this in a very low-key way, appearing to some who are quietly in support of the Light. This will increase, just as the sightings of ships are increasing, to include some who will write about their “visions” on the internet. What our delighted and very humorous Masters now call “Operation Peek-a-Boo” will soon become “Operation Hello, Everyone!”
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My beloved children, my heart sings with delight as we see the glorious effect of all these efforts take hold in your dimension. It is like the updraft through a great chimney – the sparks rise on the waves of bright energy, as you all raise your eyes to the sky and speak to us with one voice. We hear your cry, Beloved Ones. We hear you saying, “We want peace on Earth. We want an end to suffering and a new life without fear and without the old heaviness and dread we have lived with for what seems an eternity to us here on the ground. We long for the freedom and happiness we envision as our New Golden Age. We are ready!”
Yes, Dear hard-working and dedicated Children of the Light, you are ready. Indeed you are, and we are delighted with your contribution to this
glorious transition. You have led the way, Dear Ones, and we could not love or respect you more.
I am your loving Mother God, awake and alive and vibrating in the frequencies of joy that you will feel as the updraft that will carry you all into the celebrations of Life, Love, Joy and expansion you will feel within yourselves and around you from this day forth. Breathe with us, Beloved Children. We are creating a New World with you as the ones who will carry it forward. We have promised you a New Golden Age, but even we of the Company of Heaven are breathless as it comes into being before us. We are doing this together, Beloved Creators. We are One.
I am your Mother God, beside you in all you do. I love you with unending admiration and joy.
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, September 15, 2015
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