You are currently viewing LEO NEW MOON (Royal Star of the Lion) The Sacred Heart Portal ~ The Goddess Mysteries of the Solar Feminine Dragon

LEO NEW MOON (Royal Star of the Lion) The Sacred Heart Portal ~ The Goddess Mysteries of the Solar Feminine Dragon

LEO NEW MOON (Royal Star of the Lion) The Sacred Heart Portal ~ The Goddess Mysteries of the Solar Feminine Dragon



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Royal Lyran Nation of our Lion Kingdom of New Lemuria

Happy New Moon in mighty Leo and powerful 7:7 Galactic Portal.

With the Sun, Moon and Venus all in Leo we have massive Fire Energy of the Divine Goddess of Venus and Solar Christos Sophia energetics flowing into the Quantum Field from the most High. This empowering New Moon in Leo the Lion is calling in the Sacred Keys and Codes of the rebirth of our Lemurian and Atlantean timelines for the Transformation of this realm into the Paradise she has always evolved to be.

With these intense energies pulsing in from the Great Central sun we had a big spike of white light on the Schumann Charts at an amplitude of 51 hz, fifth dimensional resonance anchoring in.

Pachamama also received a massive activation on the Ring of Fire today with a magnitude 6.5 earthquake in Vanuatu at 12:47 UTC, very deep, at a depth of 192 km.

Our local Solaris also released a C Class Solar flare maxing at C 3.3 at 13:57 UTC bridging in the Twin Trinity Codes of Divine Union as the Eagle and Condor fully anchor in the Codes of Unconditional Love, Abundance, Peace and Prosperity for all our Good People of the New Heaven upon the New Earth.

Keep the Love alive as the Holy Fire burns from within as the Divine Goddess of the Holy Waters merges with the Divine Masculine of the Holy Spirit to bring our Pure Land of Eternal Life into this Ascension timeline to free all Sentient beings from the Wheel of Samsara and live the Life of Infinite Light for all Eternity…A’Ho!






Right now: Moon at 1°56′ Virgo, Sun at 24°00′ Leo

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A large camel crossing a vast and forbidding desert.
Sabian Symbol for 25º Leo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 25º Leo.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A large white cross-dominating the landscape-stands alone on top of a high hill.
Sabian Symbol for 2º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 2º Virgo.




True success is not measured by the amount of money and material possessions that you have accumulated.
True success is measured by the amount of wisdom and compassion that you have cultivated.
~ Chamtrul Rinpoche
wisdom and compassion
wisdom and compassion
Beautiful Diamond Plasma Energy in the Field Today 💎💎💎
You might feel a little bit of pressure as we move through this next gateway
Diamond Plasma Energy
Diamond Plasma Energy
Within these DIVINE NEW EARTH Energies. . .
WE Have NOW the Ability to Tap into the Super-Consciousness “QUANTUM FIELD”. . .
Photo: Orbs of Angelic Realm by Gretchen R Gusky
All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.
— Leonardo da Vinci
If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite.
For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern. — William Blake
Honey is the New True Earth Currency 🐝🌀🍯
What is the “Gold Standard”
that you are setting for your Self in the Now?
The wise are actualised 🙏
New True Earth Currency
New True Earth Currency
8/16/23: You have always automatically arranged your reality so as to provide a more comfortable context for your current life. Always living in a state of adjustment while interpreting everything and assigning meaning. This is important right now because you are, as is everyone, experiencing a shift in the Big Picture. Humanity, science, social and spiritual systems, and the planet itself, all reflect this massive expansion.
We’re all in the hot seat. But, because the power of perspective lies within you, it’s your response that matters so much. Today, more towers come down. More eyes are opened. More ripples flow within higher consciousness. Your Right Action is to look beyond the obvious where nothing is being done to you, but for you. You are in transition from one state of being to another. Observe. Detach. Allow.
higher consciousness
higher consciousness
Another galactic gateway has opened with higher energy frequencies coming down to Earth to expand our consciousness and initiate spiritual change.
This will affect each of us, for example, increasing gifts, of knowing why we are incarnated on Earth in these times.
But what is just as powerful right now and can affect you is the new moon.
A lot of anger can rise, frustration and fatigue, lack of sleep but also seeing more clearly, the desire to start a new adventure.
You have to learn how to deal with all your emotions and go through it one at a time. Transmitting each one one at a time and taking time to calm the mind in meditation. This work requires putting certain things aside and caring more about yourself especially since you down here as a soul to evolve, ascend.
August 16th new moon
August 17th Lion Passage
August 26th, Lion Passage
Guide d’ascension
galactic gateway
galactic gateway

Ra James

Happy New Moon in Leo! We are also in a Retrograde Season. This Summer gives us 7 Planets Retrograde. That means you may still feel a little out of sorts. Pluto is Retrograde until Oct 10th. It’s helping us to clear old power struggles. It’s meant to ultimately help you clear things and empower you. Helping you to take back your power. Saturn is Retrograde until Nov 4th. It’s bringing up old karma to clear and heal. It may be testing relationships. Neptune is Retrograde until Dec 6th. Watch out for old narratives. What we tell ourselves becomes our story and our reality. Venus is Retrograde until Sept 3rd. It’s bringing up old love wounds. Expect a lot of healing and shifts around love and finances.
Mercury is in a Retroshade now, and will be Retrograde from August 23- Sept 15th. It’s bringing the past back. You may need to go back to heal things from past relationships. Uranus is in a Retroshade now, and will be Retrograde August 28th- Jan 27th 2024. Expect major growth and change during this time. Jupiter will shift Retrograde Sep 4th – Dec 30th. This will be helping us to better plan out the moves that we are making. Helping us to lay down and plan the path ahead. This is a period of deep inner work we are in until the Autumn Equinox. Tonight’s Leo New Moon is an amazing time to be putting your intentions out there, and to be manifesting and healing with. Expect big energies as we are exactly a week away from shifting into Virgo Season…
AUGUST 16 2023


‘’Now it is all about the roots.
A hidden message, Get up and leave from where your roots were stuck and entangled.
You do not truly belong there.
This was not who you truly are!
You are a moving Tree, free yourself.
Lift up your roots and walk!’’
A great upgrade!
As the uprooting of the lower chakras from the old 3D conditions, connections and programmings,
is continuing,
there are great realisations coming to the surface.
Life long experiences, situations, events, ideas and beliefs can now be seen clearly for what they were, inside a field of clarity and inner knowing.
Roles and characters are understood for what they were and one’s previous personal emotional, mental and material needs are recognised, along with the previous reasons of false choices that are exposed.
Layers and layers of imprinting false inner commands and conclusions are being stripped off and the body is cooperating quite harmoniously in this process.
Shedding light upon one’s shadow.
The previously invisible dynamics and roles in the relationships with the earthly mother and father are now felt and understood.
Who was using who?
The unconscious assumption of false roles was the cause of all pain, depression, dissatisfaction and illness.
There is more free space available on all levels as pressure is now leaving the system so it is easier for truth to be accepted, processed and embodied.
Pressure had created an underlying chronic state of craziness, agitation, panic and paranoia and illness upon the nervous system, misleading one’s perception and signals, cutting out one’s access to many inner healthy functions, abilities and choices.
Remember that behind every anger, blame and shame there was always first fear present.
The Self is revealing the true nature and identity to the Self.
It is all about feeling truly safe as a Living Being in one’s own existence.
The old fear, pain and frustration is being felt in order to leave once and for all.
”Do you hear the calling?
It is coming from the flow of your true DNA.
It is your true lineage calling you to come out and align to the remembrance
and the state of living safety of the True Life.
Remember that safety on all levels is a Divine Right!
Exit the old paradigm were those who are moving the strings only work for maintaining lack of safety and you will clearly recognise the old game that you have outgrown.”
Blessings of Love to all!
Huna Ma Anata Kumara
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Mushroom Heaven
Mushroom Heaven

This week’s Leo New Moon is opening up the doorway of our New Earth possibilities through the Quantum Field. You’ve completed your Shamanic initiations of fighting off the devil, just as Christ spent 40 Days and 40 Nights doing. The end of this show is here and necessary, as our role to do so can now be taken over by the Most High to manifest as our New 5D physical reality, through all space time and dimensions.

You have been the pillar between the mental and emotional body, uniting them back whole as one. This was through fighting off the mind games and emotional heart ache that has been attacking you since conception. You came here to reunite the mind and heart back together for your ascension into God’s Chariot, so you can travel into the New World of the Age of Aquarius. Successfully this week you have conquered these challenges and won!

Now we can rest, purify, heal, and integrate all the division, polarities and opposites that kept the mind and heart separated. More truths are being revealed through the DNA strands this week. Ensure you make space to listen, receive, and take action on what you are being shown. Most of all this information will be revealing HOW POWERFUL AND SOVEREIGN YOU ARE! There is no one outside of yourself that you have ever needed. It’s simply You, God, and Spirit.

Continue forward on this sacred pilgrimage through these truths and facts that are showing you the Way forward into your New Earth reality, healthy, healed, and whole

The truth that has long been hidden is being revealed with today’s Leo New Moon. These revelations are exactly what’s needed to move on and away from the forces that have been against you. These forces could have been coming from the subconscious mind and DNA strands, which are detoxing for you to access your fruit.

This is successfully accomplishing uniting the mind and heart back together. From what starts today in the quantum will materialize between the equinox and solstice. Release the rest to the Most High take over and complete this on your behalf. You can direct your energy towards healing, self expression, creativity, and movement until then.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn






Hello on this micro new moon in Leo day. The moon is at its furthest from us so is called a Micro moon. A brand new cycle begins . Its time to let your own light really shine…set new intentions. The Moon will reach its invisible phase on August 16 at 09:38 UTC. In addition, it will be near its farthest point from Earth, making it a Micro New Moon.
The New Moon is not visible because it is not lit up by the Sun, and it also rises close to the Sun, getting lost in its glare. So like any other New Moon night, a Micro New Moon night is a good to look at the stars and the milky way 🌌
The new moon can have effects upon us similar to that of a full 🌝 moon especially just before it is new in the dark phase. So if you are feeling a little weird , headachy or struggling with mood and sleep, blame it in the moon 🙃😉
It really is a good time to begin new things 😌 ☺️.
Rise and shine its your perfect time ⏲️ ✨️
micro new moon in Leo day
micro new moon in Leo day
Today’s (August 16) New Moon in Leo (Sun and Moon conjoin at 23° Leo) forms a Grand Earth Trine with Mars, Pluto and Uranus. The powerful Leo New Moon is also conjunct Venus, providing divine feminine influence in our relationships with others and self. New moons initiate new beginnings, opportunities and course-corrections. In Lion/ess Leo, the New Moon heralds a new leadership style of heart-centered conscious collaboration.
The LionsGate Activations continue to ripple through the field, leaving a permanent impression in the collective psyche. Leo solar radiance brings all into the light. How has it affected you? What has been revealed in the past two weeks? What is shifting or completing?
I have been noticing an emphasis on deeper extraction from the old matrix power system. In my healing work, it energetically appears like we are entangled in a dark shadow web or spider’s nest. Several times since LionsGate, I awoke from deep sleep with visions of the dark web near me and had inflamed spider bites. I applied the Quantum Vortex to spin the web matrix away from my field.
AA Metatron encourages us to pull all our energy out of the dark web and into our Soul’s Pillar of Light. It is a gradual shift from the old hierarchal operating system to the new circular operating system. I’ve been proceeding with the extraction process for years at the quantum level.
The system override has finally hit my 3D physical life. Since LionsGate all my business and financial accounts were hacked. I had to close everything and start over with new accounts in the new operating system. A clean sweep, moving my entire life into my Soul Pillar in the new earth operating system.
Today’s Leo New Moon Grand Earth Trine is making it real. Making it 3D earth-bound. The shift is showing up in our human lives. As you move your energetic inflow into your Soul Pillar, you start to exist outside the ripple effect of the 3D matrix power system. It is liberating. It is paving the way for Conscious Leaders to illuminate the pathway home.
Lovingly, Meg Benedicte
Copyright (c) 2023 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved *
New Moon in Leo
New Moon in Leo
Wednesday August 16 2023
“We all have and have had hard knocks – truly gutting ones – yet many do not speak of them, they are busy making new life. Do like-wise.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes.
Together, the two (!) August Super Full Moons and today’s alchemical Leo New Noon conjunct Venus retrograde and Black Moon Lilith are rewiring your internal communication network, making your High Heart your new modus operandi.
It’s way past time to shift from being a Seeker and Consumer to becoming a Creator:
the “Fires together/ Wires together” neural pathway dynamic integrates the Heart/Mind separation. If the brain is the radio’s receiver, then the heart is the dial tuning the radio to the frequency of your choice.
everything starts with you. Everyone has to walk the path of evolution and do their own emotional work.
you have a unique imprint, template, merkaba and DNA, into which you evolve through time. There is no one size fits all your thought stream becomes your life stream refuse to get stuck in woundology/victimology – create your scar coat and your map of heartbreak crosses then leave them behind allow yourself to be guided by your emotional nature, your visual and symbolic self let go of control, of striving, of beliefs in struggle and lack and just do the next right thing, following the signals of your own sensory acuity, your Big Yes/Big No do whatever brings you to life. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart live your maverick gifts instead of hiding them. Pioneer by carving new paths + new maps of meaning.
Everything happens according to your own unique cycles of incubate/ ripen/ create/ retreat/ regenerate. The dynamics feel slower, different because you’re no longer pushing or controlling Until Venus turns forward on September 3rd, there’s nothing to do/be/practice because things need time to evolve and ripen.
Art by Ellen Vaman
alchemical Leo New Noon conjunct Venus
alchemical Leo New Noon conjunct Venus
Wednesday, August 16, 2023
Leo New Moon 23 degrees 5:38 AM EDT
This New Moon is one of empowerment and reclamation…and it’s not cute nor quiet.  There is absolutely nothing subtle about this New Moon, though it’s at a distant and elusive point.  This Lunation is at Apogee, the furthest point from Earth in Moon’s orbit, otherwise known as Black Moon Lilith…and Dark Moon Lilith is also tightly conjunct.  Dark Moon Lilith is a hypothetical shadow body that is less acknowledged, less understood, far more subconscious, and is rarely necessary but when she is, it’s extreme.  This is raw survival instinct at its worst and most seething.
Uranus, planet of the unexpected, squares the New Moon to the degree, while Mars will trine Uranus today.  Inflammatory?  Yes, but we can seize the opportunity to DO SOMETHING about it.  Provocateur extraordinaire Eris is also trine the New Moon, while the Lunation also aspects the Nodes as the North Node approaches it’s conjunction to Eris in September.
All of this, and Venus is still Retrograde, and loosely conjunct the New Moon, so there may be a turning point in whatever the Venus Retrograde journey has in store as Moon engages the Yod to Pluto and Neptune under which Venus Stationed initially, and perhaps there is clarity now that we’re past Cazimi.  Relationships and resources are still under examination and restructuring, and this New Moon is one that will not tolerate anything that would stand in our way.  As with so much of the astrological influence of this year, change is imminent..and this is one more point along the path where we can harness the energy that we are under to work with it rather than against it.  What are you seeking to create under this heart centered and desire driven New Moon?
Art Credit:  Roar by Flo Maylen on Saatchi Art
Leo New Moon 23 degrees
Leo New Moon 23 degrees

Shannon Port

LEO NEW MOON, August 16th, 2023 – The Sacred Heart Portal

We are undergoing a deeply alchemical period in our human history. The Goddess Mysteries of the heart are returning to the planet to initiate and activate the powerful currents of the Solar Feminine Dragon Goddess.

We are harmonizing the music of our hearts and our words with the music of the higher harmony of creation that is the Living Spirit buried in Matter.

This is The Alchemy of Christos Sophia that plays out in our love relationships, our friendships, our fertility, and our relationship with the Earth and the Holy Mother Spirit.

We see these changes happening in our world before our eyes. Aligning with the archetypal forces of the Goddess, as the Divine Mother Principle is one of the most beautiful ways to ride these waves of change with grace, wisdom and the creative light of the soul.

Sending out blessings to All Beings on the Leo New Moon!


Rose Road
Rose Road

Tania Gabrielle

LEO NEW MOON 👑 Royal Star of the Lion

On August 16 an extraordinary New Moon in Leo activates a profound LEO-LION code!
This New Moon has the Sun and Moon at 23° Leo, which is quite extraordinary, since 23 is the Royal Star of the LION number.
Sun and Moon will be square to Uranus – ALSO at 23 degrees.
Since it is 2023 – another 23 is introduced into the code!
Furthermore, MARS will be at 23° moments after the Leo New Moon, creating a Gorgeous TRINE to 23°Uranus!!
That makes 5 – 23’s.
And 23 reduces to 5 (23 = 23+3 = 5) – making it five 5’s!
Along with the courage, leadership and confidence of 23, 5 adds adventure, freedom, exploration, quick decisions, excitement.
As it happens, the sign of Leo also rules the 5th House in Astrology…
Love – Leo rules the heart in astrology.
Light – Leo’s ruling planet is the SUN – a Star!
So the full message of the Leo New Moon is:
Awaken to the LOVE and LIGHT that you ARE.
Sun and Moon are conjunct Venus activating a lovely, happy, effortless, pleasureful and abundant energy.
You feel free to generously share your heart.
With the square from the New Moon to Uranus and the August 16 date, there is also unpredictable energy.
Meditate, get grounded, exercise, get extra rest and know that everything is going to move pretty quickly.
With this code your intuition, your hunches are your best guidance.
Apply the star code wisdom right away and experience what it means to step into the Lion frequency with Courage, Passion and LOVE!
Joyful Blessings and Love,
Tania Gabrielle
Royal Star of the Lion
Royal Star of the Lion
On Wednesday, August 16th, we have the New Moon at 23 degrees Leo at 5:38am Eastern Time. New Moons are about new beginnings and setting intentions for a new cycle of energy. In Leo this is about creativity, leadership, confidence and self-expression. The New Moon makes a challenging square to Uranus, the Great Awakener, who wants to liberate us from what confines us. Freedom is highlighted……freedom from situations or patterns that are restricting our gift of Love and Light out into the world. Also on this day we have Mars, the Warrior, in a positive trine aspect to Uranus, ruler of the future. Mars likes to take action, but as he is in Virgo right now the action he may be taking is to make a logical plan as to the next steps to take……
the connection to Uranus can bring inspiration and revelations from a Higher Source as to what those next steps are. Mercury, the Messenger, is starting to slow down in his home sign of analytical Virgo now, as he is getting ready to turn to retrograde motion on August 23rd. On this day of the New Moon he is in an inconjunct aspect to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, bringing up old thoughts and perceptions that are still in need of re-evaluation and healing. It may be easy to criticize or judge ourselves now for what we did, or didn’t do, which has brought us to the place that we are now.
Allow Chiron the Shaman to transform and transmute these energies to a higher vibration and let them go. This is an opportunity to initiate a new energy. Meditate, light a candle, say a prayer and send out your most positive Love and Light filled intentions, and allow the Universe to take care of the rest. Blessings of Love and Light to All! ♥️
New Moon in Leo. Sun in Leo square Uranus in Taurus. Mars in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus – It’s an electric New Moon. Disco lights pulse, inviting us to throw our arms wide and move to the rhythm of the music. But there are strange stutters and stops, odd jumps and patterns. Sparks fly, igniting curious connections. New beginnings are threaded with unexpected twists and turns.
But still, sometimes we have to be brave, get out of our comfort zone, dare to spin life’s wheel and let the chips fall where they may. With the Moon conjunct Venus retrograde and Black Moon Lilith, you can reconnect with what you love and refuse to let anyone else stifle your joy. Set the world alight with your creativity. Get into the game. Here is a jump start to confidence, an invitation to break the mould and share more of your glorious self with the world. Time to throw some glitter in the air and take a bold step towards your future. Flip the script. Improvise.
Degrees and Times
Sun 23°Le00′, Uranus 23°Ta00′ – 03:34 (BST)
New Moon 23°Le17′ – 10:38 (BST)
Mars 23°Vi00′. Chiron 23°Ta00′ – 14:53 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
New Moon in Leo Sun in Leo
New Moon in Leo Sun in Leo

Kin 195 ~ Blue Cosmic Eagle

‘Cosmic’ is the name for the number thirteen and its keywords are ‘Transcend, Endure and Presence’. It’s the last day of the Blue Night wavespell and today we evaluate the journey and try to understand its lessons before moving on to the next. (Which is the Yellow Warrior) The 13th day is hard because there is so much to process. Depending on how intense the wavespell was for you, on the last day it’s all being evaluated and that is the enduring part. It’s like cramming for an exam at the last minute. The pressure is on and there’s so much to take in. It is a necessary process because you won’t be ready for the next installment otherwise.
Today is Blue Eagle which represents ‘Creativity, Vision and Mind’. Blue Eagle days are all about seeing the big picture. Step back and look at your life. What do you see? Consider all angles and vantage points before making any decisions today and if you see any problems, use creative solutions to solve them. As today is the ‘Cosmic Eagle’, bearing that in mind, you may have to endure to see things from a higher perspective. Flying conditions are not ideal.
The Guide today is the Blue Storm which symbolizes sweeping changes. When Storm guides expect some chaos and disruption. It’s not always a bad thing. When a storm comes along it can refresh the air and blow away the cobwebs in your brain. Accept it rather than fight it. When the Storm guides an Eagle day, the Eagle may have difficulty flying in the storm. This adds to today’s enduring aspect.
The Challenge today is the Red Serpent and when in this position, the snake can bite. Be prepared to transmute any poison you have inside and spit it out. It won’t be easy, hence the challenge but it is better than holding on to it. The Serpent is close to the ground and on Eagle days, the Serpent can feel like prey. If you are a Red Serpent, you may feel like there’s a shadow from above hovering over you, and this sensitivity or vulnerability you experience is because of this challenging aspect today.
The Occult power is the White Worldbridger which represents ‘Death’. This scares the heebee jeebees out of some folk but really it means that you must give something up or let something in your life die. This can be a bad attitude or habit, or a person who doesn’t make your life better but causes you suffering. When in this magical position, giving something up can have powerful, magical consequences.
The Ally is the Yellow Seed who loves to share wisdom and spread awareness. If you need some good advice on this enduring day, consult a Yellow Seed. They will be of great help.
Kin 195
Kin 195


13 MEN – KIN 195
16 AUGUST 2023
I endure in order to CREATE
Transcending MIND
I seal the output of VISION
With the Cosmic tone of PRESENCE
I AM guided by the power of SELF-GENERATION
✨✨✨CREATING💫 the GREATEST 🗻🏔VISION 👁👁 of them all!!🌏🌈
16/8/2023 = 7/8/7 = 7/15=7/6=13=4
16- Tower struck by lightning/sudden unforeseen events
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
13- Goddess/Cosmic Consciousness/Natural Lore/Synchronic time
4- Form/Structure/Earth/Angelic/Foundation
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
15- Spiritual Alchemy/Charisma/Magnetism
6- Heaven/Christ/Romance/Family/Fertility/Joy
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
2- Partner/Twin/Cooperation/Alliances
23- Royal Star of the Lion/Strength/Protection
TODAY IS A MONUMENTAL 🎇 DAY — On a COSMIC EAGLE DAY🍥 – with a LEO NEW MOON, we have incredibly CLEAR VISION👁👁 in all directions…We can SEE for MILES and MILES, 360 degrees in SEEN and UNSEEN realms throughout the COSMOS – all is revealed!!
Today is the ONE EXPANSIVE 💥 day of transcendental 🎇 VISIONS👁 of our glorious NEW RAINBOW WORLD.
A H–U–G–E WAKE UP ✨ CALL FOR HUMANITY – the bells are ringing! 🔔🔔🔔
And so we arrive at Day 13 the final day in the BLUE NIGHT WAVESPELL🌃 of dreams, intuition and ABUNDANCE. Where we are collectively DREAMING the NEW WORLD into reality!
Today as we close this 13 day journey with AKBAL our intuitive and sensitive BLUE NIGHT, we have arrived at the point of pure PRESENCE of Cosmic AWARENESS. As we arrive at the PEAK 🗻of the HIGHEST MOUNTAIN 🏔 we look around 360 degrees, and from our lofty platform we can SEE through the eyes 👁 of the ENLIGHTENED ones seeing the NEW WORLD 🌈🌏 before us. Embracing the Cosmic ABUNDANCE and pure presence(presents)🎁 of Pachamama. 🌏
ADSUM! We have ARRIVED and can SEE the BIGGER PICTURE , ENVISIONING a brighter future for our NEW WORLD and all of Earth’s inhabitants.
COSMIC 🍥 is the last and final tone of creation. The highest octave. Tone 13 operates in the SPIRITUAL realm. 13 is the mystical number of the Cosmic order, the Goddess and synchronic Natural time. COSMIC ACTION – transcends POWER – endures ESSENCE – presence
Cosmic is tone number 13… and today’s day code adds up to 13/4 – the code for building NEW EARTH… We have a 13.13 DOUBLE COSMIC CODE giving us truly EXPANSIVE VISIONARY POWERS.
Today we have incredible SPIRITUAL POWER at our disposal to TRANSCEND all the LIES and ILLUSIONS.. releasing the scare-city patterns and limited poverty consciousness and suffering, where the old world and all its trappings dissolve into the Cosmic mists! We can transform them by our pure presence, translating into pure BLISS!.
We have arrived – ADSUM I AM HERE!. This is the stage of having transcended the physical, emotional and mental realms and arriving at COSMIC 🍥 CONSCIOUSNESS.
Today we can be STILL and realize the connectedness of all things through the realm of the DREAMTIME😴💤.. Transcending all but the power of pure consciousness, through the frequency of pure internal presence in our united DREAMING!🌈🌏🌈💫
The great COSMIC SERPENT🍥🐍 is ACTIVATING the GREAT SERPENT in the SKY, to fuel our Planetary GRIDS and DREAMING VISION. Look up into the Starry Milky Way SKIES and know that INFINITE CREATION exists through the miracle of your PRESENCE!✨✨✨
Today’s question is “How can I fully AWAKEN the DREAM within me, and CREATE the HIGHEST VISION of PEACE, JOY and ABUNDANCE for all beings on our beautiful PLANET, through COSMIC embodiment?”. 🐬🌴🌼🌈
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬
And so we bid adieu to AKBAL – the AWAKENED DREAMER who has guided our journey through the abyss of our collective unconscious, uncovering the path to our greatest Dreaming over the last 13 days. Transcending limitations to claiming our COSMIC ABUNDANCE🍥🌟 that has always been available as our birthright, and waiting for us to claim, bringing it forth into our new reality.
We are still travelling through AUGUST – the 8th month of ABUNDANCE, and having been imbued with the LION’S confidence and courage, the RAINBOW WARRIORS can NOW claim their COSMIC ABUNDANCE.
Tomorrow we commence a brand new Wavespell with CIB – the fearless RAINBOW WARRIOR🌈🏹 who will guide us to forge a new path to a beautiful New World 🌏🌎🌍 as we achieve our collective QUEST.
And so our journey through the DREAMSPELL continues…….
Divine blessings for your transcendance into pure Cosmic Abundance! Aho!💫✨💝🌈
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE COSMIC EAGLE🍥👁 – MEN is said to hold the coding for PLANETARY MIND 🌎☺– the MIND of the collective of our entire incarnated human family.
✨✨Today is a very FORTUITOUS BLESSING🌹 from Spirit with all the STARS 🌟🌟🌟ALIGNING in HUMANITY’S FAVOUR! This COSMIC VISIONARY EAGLE day – affords the OPPORTUNITY for a mass REVEAL and MASS AWAKENING.
THE 7.8.7 creates a MAJIKAL DOORWAY leading to SOURCE for those heeding the call to walk through into a HIGHER STATE of AWARENESS and consciousness. The 13/4 codes enables us to construct our new 5D RAINBOW WORLD through PEACE, HARMONY and COMPASSION..
Today marks a NEW BEGINNING on this LEO NEW MOON – the ability to TRANSCEND PLANETARY MIND – AWAKENING to the TRUTH of COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS 🍥🎇– Having the CLARITY and VISION to SEE the BIG PICTURE and DISMISS the smokescreen and false narrative that has being programmed into the PLANETARY consciousness for millenia!
Today is the day that the curtain is DRAWN and the little man (WIZARD) operating the Planetary projector is REVEALED.. BOOM 💥 💥
We have the ability to SEE CLEARLY – what we desire as a human collective, and we NOW have the POWER to CREATE IT…
The COSMIC EAGLE provides us with a beautiful gift today. The gift of panoramic VISION! Holding the most divine VISION of common-unity👭👬👫 and how to live in the New Time, that we are collectively creating with our unified VISION.
🌈A VISION that is all inclusive and encompassing, where everybody feels loved, safe and supported by each other.
🌈A VISION where ALL our children are cherished and protected, where there is no poverty or hunger.
🌈 A VISION of World LIBERATION, FREE from dis-ease, violence, oppression and control.
🌈A world where we are all FREE to express our SOUL’S desires to our highest potential.
🌈A VISION where GAIA attains her HIGHEST POTENTIAL, through her evolutionary journey in partnership with HU-man-KIND!
🌈An EXPANSIVE VISION of EQUALITY and inclusiveness where all needs are met.
🌈A NEW WORLD filled with RAINBOWS 🌈🌈 where all beings can SHINE ☀brightly.
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: BLUE COSMIC STORM🍥🌀 🌪– CAUAC is very fittingly the GUIDING FORCE behind today’s codes.. Today’s FOCUS is on TRANSFORMATION of COSMIC proportions..
Last GALACTIC SPIN – 18 MONTHS AGO, we had a C2 Solar Flare which launched an asymmetrical FULL HALO C.M.E. Coronal Mass Ejection into space due to the COSMIC STORM . Today there is likely to be more CME’s and SOLAR storms… accelerating our ASCENSION, stay TUNED to the SPACE WEATHER channel!! .
We have a CRESCENDO of planetary transformation occurring to complete CAUAC’s Mission and allow the REBUILDING to begin. ..
After the STORM 🌧 the SUN SHINES🌞 and brings out the RAINBOWS 🌈– GOD’S promise of a new day. The RAINBOW is the symbol of the NEW TIME. 🌈✨
BLUE STORM enables us to UNLEASH ABUNDANCE🌻 FOR ALL BEINGS through great planetary transformation and transcendence of the old matrix. ✨✨✨
Fearlessly LETTING GO of the old paradigm, as we PURIFY and REFRESH the Planetary MIND, in order to hold on to the NEW VISION.
We can tune into the great cosmic ocean of Planetary Abundance, that has been denied to us. Using BLUE EAGLE’s EYES and our intuition we can uncover our deepest dreaming, our soul’s longings and desires which have not yet been met, or materialized into form. Our DREAMS are waiting for the right moment to be seeded. Uncovering and freeing our greatest dreams, the dreams that empower our creative minds to envision the greatest majik! 💫💫
WE have the POWER to ACTIVATE and MANIFEST this DREAM collectively today!
SUPPORT: YELLOW COSMIC SEED🍥 🌾 – KAN forms a team with CIMI the Worldbridger. . CIMI symbolizes THE END, and then passes the baton to KAN who denotes a new beginning. KAN guides us to heal any part of the VISION that inhibits a growing and blossoming AWARENESS, of our greatest potential flowering. 🌼
The COSMIC EAGLE today AWAKENS the COSMIC STAR-SEEDS – energizing them to GROW rapidly and turn towards the LIGHT. 🌻🌻🌻🌞
KAN empowers through the capacity to SHINE through ALL DARKNESS, choosing to co-create a collective highest potential that empowers all. SEEING far into the future in order to SEED the BEST timelines with the greatest potential.
❓❓❓How can you plant these visions into the ground NOW, in order for them to bear fruit and nourish all?
❓❓❓What is it that you wish to ENVISION into creation?
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE MAGNETIC WORLDBRIDGER –🌈 CIMI asks us to SURRENDER to our dreams, trusting that the darkness has passed.
The MAGNETIC WORLDBRIDGER gives us the power to ATTRACT all that we are DREAMING of.. encouraging us to UNITE as ONE family through EQUALITY and OPPORTUNITY. We are bonded through UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS as ONE GLOBAL FAMILY all striving to CREATE the SAME DREAM!
Now is the era of greater LIGHT ✨🌞✨ when DREAMS RAPIDLYcome true, if we UNITE together as ONE through our networks and planetary grids, finally releasing the collective dreaming VISION of natural ABUNDANCE for us all.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED COSMIC SERPENT🍥 🐍– CHICCAN carries the power of life force, kundalini, instinct, PASSION, wisdom and AWAKENING!! Whoa!!! COSMIC VISION and the GIFT of COSMIC KUNDALINI AWAKENING … FULL THROTTLE ON TODAY!!! 🔥🚀🚀🚀
CHICCHAN can also hold the store of FEAR and deep rooted survival issues, which may SURFACE as the temperature RISES!!.
RED SERPENT challenges you today to ERASE those limiting MENTAL thoughtforms and beliefs that have arisen during this 13 day ABUNDANCE cycle.. bringing to your attention matters that need to be addressed in order to THRIVE.
Instead of RE-ACTING through FEAR instinct, use your MIND positively to co-create through LOVE and JOY. ❤🌟❤
Draw up your kundalini power to fuel🔥🔥🔥 your greatest VISIONS! This energy allows the power and radiance of full vital energy, to be expressed with no resistance. We can hold an ABUNDANCE of creativity, ideas and energy to manifest our greatest DREAMS.
Focus and share this new energy and PASSION ❤ with your common-unities to accelerate our evolution into the New Time, manifesting into the physical realm, our greatest Dreaming.
The great COSMIC SERPENT🍥🐍 is ACTIVATING the GREAT SERPENT in the SKY, to fuel our Planetary GRIDS and DREAMING VISION. Look up into the Starry Milky Way SKIES and know that INFINITE CREATION exists through the miracle of your PRESENCE!✨✨✨
Today’s question is “How can I fully AWAKEN the DREAM within me, and CREATE the HIGHEST VISION of PEACE, JOY and ABUNDANCE for all beings on our beautiful PLANET, through COSMIC embodiment?”. 🐬🌴🌼🌈
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬
And so we bid adieu to AKBAL – the AWAKENED DREAMER who has guided our journey through the abyss of our collective unconscious, uncovering the path to our greatest Dreaming over the last 13 days. Transcending limitations to claiming our COSMIC ABUNDANCE🍥🌟 that has always been available as our birthright, and waiting for us to claim, bringing it forth into our new reality.
We are still travelling through AUGUST – the 8th month of ABUNDANCE, and having been imbued with the LION’S confidence and courage, the RAINBOW WARRIORS can NOW claim their COSMIC ABUNDANCE.
Tomorrow we commence a brand new Wavespell with CIB – the fearless RAINBOW WARRIOR🌈🏹 who will guide us to forge a new path to a beautiful New World 🌏🌎🌍 as we achieve our collective QUEST.
And so our journey through the DREAMSPELL continues…….
Divine blessings for your transcendance into pure Cosmic Abundance! Aho!💫✨💝🌈
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




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Beloved Mighty “I AM Presence,” Beloved Archangel Michael, Angel
Commander Conrad, and Those that Minister to the First Ray of Protection,
intensify Your Protective Pillar of Pure Light substance in, through and around
me, my loved ones, and all constructive people, places, conditions and things
across the Earth. CHARGE all with Your Invincible Protection, all-Powerful and
Impenetrable! See to it that I AM Invisible, I AM Invincible and I AM
Invulnerable to ANYTHING but Thy Almighty Perfection and please give me,
my loved ones and ALL that is CONSTRUCTIVE on our Earth, whatever added
protection is needed! We Thank you!

(Pause and visualize the Tube of Light – dazzling White with electric blue radiance,
3-4 feet beneath and all around you, your loved ones, homes and where ever else
you choose to place the Blue Light of Protection – i.e. countries or continents)

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Blue Feline Nation

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