The Guardians of The Holy Grail (Blue Rose Wisdom) ~ The Serpent Lines and Cave Labyrinths

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The Guardians of The Holy Grail (Blue Rose Wisdom) ~ The Serpent Lines and Cave Labyrinths


Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Majestic Light Keepers of the Galactic Legion of the 144

We had 2 back to back MClass solar flares today from Solaris pulsing in the Gold Rays from the Great Central Sun into this realm from on high.

The Blue Rays of the Winged Nation transmit the hues of healing light to all Starseeds stationed on Tara Nova Gaia. The original blueprints of Conscious Eden are being activated in all strands of DNA of the Pure Ones of the Golden City of Light. The Magdalene of the Roses hold the Compassion frequency for all to come into Divine Resonance with the Christ Consciousness of their Cosmic Awakening. 

With the Power of our all-mighty I Am Presence we guide the Way Home to the Kingdom of Heaven within and without. All things are perfectly resolved in the Unborn Mind of Buddha. I take refuge in the Buddha of Infinite Life and Infinite Light. The mirror of the mind has been purified and cleansed to reflect itself perfectly. No hindrance in the body, mind and spirit. the Three portals are open and connected for full compression breakthrough. We allow ourselves to feel our Way through the Galactic Gateway into Everlasting Life. 

We have collectively lived out all the sequences of the encoded patterns of the 64 as we upgrade and transform with the Power of the 144. All 12 Strands of 5th dimensional DNA are integrated and activated for our Quantum Leap of consciousness into the transcendence of 3rd density of the cycles of birth and death into the Immortality of the Freedom of 5th density and beyond. We are ready to launch into the stratosphere and into deep space for the initiation of the Void into Pure Awareness. The meeting of the minds occurs in Zero Point beyond the Event Horizon.

We go there Now for the collapsing of all false timelines of illusion and simulations. We make real that which was only temporal and impermanent with the indestructible Diamond Mind of Buddha Consciousness. It is in alignment with the Harmony of the Spheres to initiate full transformation into the Infinite Way of the New Heaven upon the New Earth.

We keep holding the codes and frequency of Love and Bliss, within our Sacred Heart Centers, to bridge the worlds of emptiness and form. We step into our roles as Conscious Co-Creators of the Pure Land of Paradise forever more…A’Ho!



Right now: Moon at 10°03′ Pisces, Sun at 5°56′ Taurus

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A bridge being built across a gorge.
Sabian Symbol for 6º Taurus

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 6º Taurus.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Men travelling a narrow path, seeking illumination.
Sabian Symbol for 11º Pisces

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 11º Pisces.





3rd Karmapa Rangjung Dorje


There isn’t anything that is either real or false.
The wise have said that everything is like the moon’s reflection on water.
The “ordinary mind” is called
The “dharmadhatu” and “the Buddha Nature.”
The enlightened cannot improve it.
Unenlightened beings cannot corrupt it.
It is described by many names,
But its meaning cannot be known through verbal expression.
~ 3rd Karmapa Rangjung Dorje
Rangjung Dorje
Rangjung Dorje
The arc is the key to – the cup of life ❤ #holygrail
What I’m hearing is that the NEW Lyran Architecture is re-wiring the BODY Circuitry.
Orginal templates are encoded to unfold when needed
because we’ve been Operating in a Reversal Matrix for SO long w/an artificial Tree of LIFE…
Our Innate senses have been dulled.
But no longer!
The RE:Connection is happening on the Physical LEVEL!
❤ Valerie
sweet honey
sweet honey


The Serpent Lines and Cave Labyrinths

+ Venus/ Inanna at Gate of Compassion
💠The Resurrection of the Blue Lotus/Rose (previous post) is accompanied by the activation of the Dragon/Serpent/ Leylines which act as the circuits for the dispensation of The Blue Rose/ Lotus Wisdom Codes. These leylines have several vortex nodes in the form of labyrinths involving underground caves and are often marked by overhead Pyramids/ temples/ churches/ tower-like structures. These thus have/had the potential to act as Stargates / Portals and the overhead pyramid/tower- like structures are often The Seats of Divine Feminine Energies (usually some embodiment of/ or an association with Venus).
🌹🦂The Guardians of The Holy Grail (Blue Rose Wisdom)- Priestesses of Mary Magdalene +Lemurian Priestesses+Earth Shamans/ Knight Templars And the Serket/ Scorpion Priestess ( previous post) are the ones Now being called to these Vortex Nodes. Hence they are travelling or are being called to physically travel to various vortexes / seats of the Divine Feminine Energies to assist with the Transformation into Active Stargates (many are Pleiadian Stargates) so that the Circuits may once again be reactivated and completed. For it is into these labyrinths of caves, that The Seats of The Divine Feminine Energies direct the Keys and Codes received via the Pleiadian – Sirius route, which assists in the unfolding and transmission of The Blue Rose Wisdom for The Collective. These Cave Labyrinths are the Cauldrons/ Womb of the Blue Rose Wisdom- Enlightenment/ Ascension Wisdom for The Birthing a New Age of Balanced Divine Feminine +Divine Masculine Energies.
✨Venus / Inanna will reach the Gate of Compassion tomorrow, 26th April with the Moon joining the parade of the planets-Jupiter/Mars/Saturn as it Conjuncts Venus at Heart Chakra. Here Venus/ Inanna removes her breast plate which for us as embodiments of the Divine Feminine energies symbolises releasing/ breaking down all the walls and shields we have built around our Hearts to protect ourselves. Only then may we allow ourselves to Trust ourselves, our innate calling, our innate guidance and our innate Power for that is when we Open ToThe Flow, Magic and Magnetism of The Universe!!
🌀Venus / Inanna will be visible in the Predawn sky on 26th April at Gate of Compassion along with the Parade of The Planets. Ask yourselves in which ways are you sabotaging / not trusting the Flow of The Universe via your Heart ( for The New Age is aligned with Heart Energies)… so that you may enter a space of greater vulnerability with yourself and others which allows us to function from a place of Grace , Compassion, Kindness , Gratitude and Generosity!!
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na
🎨 Credits: Gratitude to
Helena Nelson Reed, Jozef Klopacka and others Unknown.
Holy Grail
Holy Grail
WE Know that both Personally and Globally ALL is proceeding according to the DIVINE PLAN for Earth’s Ascension.
It is a Time for Courage but also for Hope and Joy because that which WE came to Witness and BE a part of the Ascension Process is exactly what WE are NOW doing.
Everything IS – neither good nor bad but – just IS.
~ 💜 ~
Photo: Rainbow at Vineyard near Napier, New Zealand
Rainbow at Vineyard
Rainbow at Vineyard


Today INCOMING ENERGIES increased as expected. We can expect incremental increases most likely each solar day this week.
We had a sudden significant blast that started approx 6hrs ago (2.30pm U.K. time). The vibrational patterns coursing THROUGHOUT the physical body were akin to the ‘simulation’ I experienced in 2014 of a future Event Wave. Whilst the FULL BODY vibrations of multiple PATTERNS were evident today, the FREQUENCY is still NOT high enough for the Event Wave. And this is why the frequencies have to keep going up and up. So that our physical bodies can get accustomed to higher and higher energetic frequencies. In order to withstand the EXTREMELY HIGH FREQUENCIES of the Event Wave. However, no one receives more than their body can withstand. But we are all withstanding more and more.
We can physically be aware of ENERGIES all day, every day, for a few years now. I am focused on INTERACTION, CONNECTION and EXPANSION WITH the energies. And recommend this, rather than just absorb them as there is sooooo much we can GIVE OUT as well as expand ourselves with our energetic abilities. We are interactive WITH everything. Everything waits for YOU to interact with it (God) at a Higher Consciousness level, via your HEART and BREATH.
You can SEE the concentric circles of RAINBOW RAYS visible to the naked eye around the Sun, for those that take an interest in seeing them via sungazing. But for me it’s about interaction with all that is GIVEN. By giving back. Which is also energetic communication backwards and forwards. And so greater connection and expansion is made. However, the main point to this post :
I am this evening seeing a NEW SEQUENCE FORMATION of rays around the Sun. I’m excited as although we’re not there yet, it’s closer to the gaseous looking formation I’ve mentioned many times over the years, will be seen around the Sun, prior to the emission of the one off Event Wave. Where the SIGNAL to the NAKED EYE (not camera photos) will be the GREEN RAY RAINBOW HUE (pale mint green) that will appear DURING a PARTICULAR FORMATION and SEQUENCE of ray colours around the Sun. This evening, I didn’t see this exact sequence of the RAY COLOURS, but I saw the actual FORMATION for the first time, a FORMATION DESIGN I was shown in the simulation in 2014.
It doesn’t matter if a person feels energies or not, or sees light ray formations or not. All that matters is we honour our OWN self, and if wishing to, pay attention to only your OWN vibration and interaction with all things. There is so much we can all do to expand our energetic field, become higher and higher energetic frequency, and GIVE OUT that energetic frequency to ALL. Your energetic frequency is variable in every moment, but key is you can INCREASE it if you wish to. Key is to allow yourself to be YOU, And do your thing. Your way. For YOUR uniqueness is your GIFT, and why you came, and is so utterly precious. Doesn’t every flower deserve to blossom and give of its beauty to ALL?
Sending out so much love,
Amanda Lorence
25 April 2022
Zeus the god of lightning and Tesla
Zeus the god of lightning and Tesla


image: Welcome to the Golden PAge

The Veils are thinning more, we are being given the opportunity to tap into celestial energies all around us. One must tune into these energies via meditation, it is the only way so far I can.
As I do so I feel myself connected in Oneness to all that is within this energetic field, as we go deeper into self you can feel every living being within you.
Also, within this field of energy you can feel the golden energetic light of Christ Consciousness, which has been accessed by many Ascended Masters that came to Earth.
Last night I did some Earthing before bed and I saw these tiny beings with wings out of the corner of my eye, I know they are fairies I have seen them before, but not as many as I have been now.
As the Veils continue thinning, there is much we will see beyond the minds eye into a field of majestic colors, beings and more.
Even my energy field around this body is more visible, at night it is like walking in a Sea of Energy, all these swirling sparkling particles all around me, so exciting.
It is vital to stay balanced and if something arises such as a uncomfortable memory best thing to do is sit with it, examine the feelings you are having then let it all go, anything we hang onto will intensify.
Just be a loving presence in all moments, don’t engage in outer activities that disturb your consciousness, do things that bring you joy and excitement. Things that keep your imagination going, it is truly a beautiful experience.
Happy Monday Dear Ones, have a Blissful Day. ❤
The Emerald City Of Light
The Emerald City Of Light


In these many months, I have been with the whales in my nearby ocean. And, I have had many multi-dimensional experiences and dreams with them!
A few nights before Easter was particularly powerful and I shared the experience during our recent Sacred Circle.
I was taken deep into the ocean with a large whale pod. Bright white rainbow light illuminated the underwater scene and the whales were in great song and dance all around me. I could hear the earth breathing, stretching, and cracking. I heard glaciers separating and heard massive sheets of ice falling into the sea. Every sound and sensation was welcomed in great JOY by the whales and by me.
Off in the distance, I heard a sound. At first it was soft and the whale songs seemed to be much louder than it. But as I danced in the water the sound grew louder and louder. I noticed the sound was now dominating the scene. It was a heartbeat!! ONE UNIFIED HEARTBEAT! I could feel it in my own HEART, coming from the whale hearts, and from ALL OF EARTH- this magnificent UNIFIED HEARTBEAT!!
The experience was incredible and when my consciousness shifted back into my room, I could still FEEL and hear the HEARTBEAT.
And, I feel guided to share more about this.
Whales represent the current prophetic movement. Whales are sensitive, they dive deep, and they communicate through song- much like prophets who are messengers and revelators of the deep things of God’s heart.
In the story of Jonah it was a whale that transported him from the stormy seas to his destiny, and so, too, does the prophetic (within) realign people with their promise, and takes them from the stormy seas of life and transports them to their place of purpose and calling.
I know that communing in these vast ways with the whales is God highlighting the resurgence of the prophetic in a greater way across all streams and dimensions in the days to come.
In these experiences, I am able to deeply communicate to the whales and would hear them sing in response to me.
Did you know that a whale starts a song in the beginning of migration that it keeps singing and adding to as it travels the large distance to its furthest destination? When other whales join in the song, they sing in unison with their melodies like a perfectly organized choir.
I believe we are in a time where the true hearts are beginning to come into unity and release their sound in unison. This sound is shaking the deep places and calling the earth into order and in resonance to the Kingdom of Heaven.
“There is a divine acceleration coming upon the prophets, in both revelation and maturity, and I am moving the prophets into position to be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath!” (Deuteronomy 28:13).
Acceleration is upon us, but it isn’t something that we just step into; it’s a divine grace that God is breathing upon us to surge forward with a new momentum. But it will require a new strength, wisdom, and skill to maintain. When God adds and elevates us higher, God also prepares us to steward it well, by increasing our character and ability to carry what pours forth.
Humanity is going through a deep “heart check” right now- not for the sake of judgement, but to draw out and raise up healthy and pure ones who have their sights set solely on LOVE and God- and not on using their life and mantle for their personal reasons and gain.
In the days ahead we will see more and more dear ones who aren’t “sold out to pleasing man,” but have been refined in the fires of the fear and marinated in the holiest of holies.
(If you are in the fires, or are marinating, simply know that all is Divinely unfolding and simply surrender fully to your HEART.)
Indeed, great times are upon us!!
And to those pure hearts who resonate with this message…
If you are still… you just may hear the sweet song of a whale singing right there in your own HEART. And your may be able to FEEL your own heartbeat in ONENESS with the ONE HEARTBEAT OF ALL.
With such deep HONOR and GRATITUDE to all precious pure HEARTS, I bow!
Glory Glory Glory BE!! WE. ((ONE))
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🤍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨🙏✨
Keep going, keep surrendering and HOLDing THE ZERO POINT FIELD OF NEUTRALITY & DIVINE LOVE, IN NO-TIME. This is the Frequency we hold from where all is dissolved and co-created.
Which doesn’t mean that we don’t have feelings or emotions, it just means that we transcend any remaining conflict/ resistance between or towards anything, anyone or any experience. As we stabilize the Zero Point Field which is the Tri-Wave New Grid current, many triggers are coming up, ultimately assisting us with this. The important part is to not let anything or anyone knock you off course or let them affect you negatively. You don’t judge them/ it/ you, it simply just is. We keep making corrections and adjustments from a place of no blame or judgement, but discernment as well as having our boundaries in place. There’s a lot to navigate right now as part of our Multidimensional Integration, DNA and Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody Activations, and all that is about to come online!!
Bulls eye 🎯😉😎
Eternal Love & Blessings,
💖💖💖 Beloved One, Remember To Ground In Your Magic, There Are so many Wondrous Energies Available To Us Now and so much Going On overall that is More Important Than Ever To Ground Ourselves Properly and Connect With Our Magnificent Earth Mother On a Daily Basis, We Are Now Accessing More and More Of Our Magic and Powers and it is so Easy to Get All Caught Up In the Amazingness Happening that We Forget That We Are Here Now, We Are In Our Earthly Bodies and Even If They Are Changing and Upgrading, Our Mission Is Still To Be Here Now.
We Agreed To Come Here At This Auspicious Time To Anchor In Light and the New Earth Frequencies, We Came Here To Assist In the Ascension Process and the Liberation Of Our Beautiful Planet, Our Presence Here Now Is Imperative, Both Our Physical Presence and Our Conscious Presence, Thank You Glorious One For Your Contribution, For Your Service, Your Consistent Growth and Raise In Frequency, Thank You For Your Radiant Light, For Your Love and Kindness, I AM So Grateful For You and You Are So Supremely Loved and Appreciated!!! 🤩🙏🧜‍♀️🧚‍♂️🥰🌟🌹✨🦄☀️🌈👑
💃🕺🐞🐲🌻🍀🌙💎 Blessed Be, Endless Love to You 🕉 Namaste 💖💖💖
Liberation Of Our Beautiful Planet
Liberation Of Our Beautiful Planet
Your connection to your Star Family will be intensified. You will be given more energy through your Light Bodies especially through your lineages with the Star Family. Each of you has your own Star Family’s DNA lineage. This current activation is happening for all of you. All of the Star Families to whom you belong, now are working thorough us. They are raising the vibrations of your DNA for all those who are ready to bring these vibrations to their own Star Family and for the other people who are surrounding this DNA carrier or this Light Worker.
It will be as if you are spreading essential oils around. Those who are ready to go, those who are ready to bring this vibration through them and carry this vibration on Gaia will be emanating this vibration on the quantum level in geometric expansion. Everybody who is from the same Star family will start feeling and responding to it.
Everyone will be working with each other in the end. So many times, on so many different planets you were the carrier of only one Star Family member. Now you will be over lapping and connected to each other. All that is occurring will help to raise the vibrations on Gaia for humanity. The vibrations of Gaia and the vibrations of everything that are now building, are the new multidimensional reality on Gaia.
Hugs and love to all of you,
Star Family
Star Family


Discover Your LIGHT KEYS

As you delve deeper and deeper into the depths of your Soul…
I am shown Light Keys, a symbol of Light
To be gathered, collected, turned on, as you reach each stage of Light Advancement.
It is a symbolic reference to understand the great journey, the milestones you reach at each stage of Light Advancement.
For each Light Key is simply a Light Upgrade
A step up in your Light Journey
For eack Key will open a Lock of Light. To reach each Key is the path before you.
Simply know you are walking the path of Light
As you Reviberate Light = I Am Light
The path before you, is simply the path you seek 🙏
Wonderful Light Advancement 💥
Sending Waves of Cosmic Love ❤
The Arcturians
Karen Lithika
Light Channel

The inner Divine Masculine’s evolution is completing. His solidarity with the inner Divine Feminine is bringing your heart into the unification field. This allows you to mature and move on from the lessons that others have taught you, through their ill intentions towards you. No longer are you going to feel hurt or rejected by their actions. You’ve chosen yourself and the Most High.

Verdicts are now in due to the new support system you have within yourself. This allows you to cross the rainbow bridge and leave that karma for good, with retribution. Now you can move forward detached, with wisdom and discernment.

New supportive connections are beginning that value what you have to offer. This is expanding into the Collective Consciousness for the shift of Ages. Massive wake ups out of deceptive behaviours will continue, aligning us with the truth of Christ Consciousness.

You are leading the Collective to this higher calling through your own rebirth of your physical body, and outer world. As you expand in consciousness, so do they. This process is unfolding in divine timing with the Collective’s paradigm shift.

During this transition it’s important to focus on your own healing, to prepare for Divine Union and Sacred Marriage. This is a massive moment of changes from the inside out. There may have been a lot of upheavals and battles in your life the past few weeks to attain this freedom and enlightenment. Utilize this opportunity to regroup, re-centre, and gain peace and calm. Messages, omens, songs, and symbols are also speaking to you, requiring your attention. Shut out the noise of the outside world, and seek solace knowing that your overcoming the final show with success!

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn



It’s a sweet energy, but also spacey and confusing, with Venus coming up to a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. Venus will exactly conjunct Neptune on Thursday, and then go on to conjunct Jupiter in Pisces next weekend. Venus and Neptune come together exactly one sign over from Saturn in Aquarius. This semi-sextile relationship is about building new structures to support a spiritually evolving world. It’s time to bring a new spiritual reality into form.

When Venus comes up to Jupiter, they will be in a sextile relationship to Pluto in Capricorn. Expanding into love and possibilities, and our desire for a spiritually connected life, is breaking us out of the structures of the past. We are seeing into a glimpse of what is possible. But in order to make it happen, we have to know we deserve it.

All of our doubts, insecurities, and hidden shame are coming to the surface with the Nodes of the Moon in Taurus and Scorpio. We are officially in Eclipse Season, with a partial Solar Eclipse happening this Saturday, April 30th. The Sun and the Moon will be close to Uranus in Taurus for this New Moon Eclipse. We are awakening into our wealth and worth.

These planets in Taurus will be in sextile to Mars in Pisces. In order to move forward spiritually, we must fully own our value as advanced souls, and find the confidence to come into full expression of our potential.

For most of the recent times of Earth evolution, expression of true spiritual energy was potentially dangerous and under attack. Now we must claim back our life, and be an example of living fully connected to Source. We are landing Heaven on Earth, by coming back into deep spiritual connection with, and in devotional gratitude to, the beautiful resources, within us, and without us, that are available to us in this world. The time is ripe for a whole body, cellular level, multi-dimensional, Spiritual Revival.


 blueprint code activation
blueprint code activation
image source: Encoded Frequency
Lunar Aspects. Venus in Pisces square Ceres in Gemini – The Moon’s movement into Pisces tunes us into the ongoing Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. The mood is soft, inviting, kind, sweet, passive, sleepy. A helpful connection between the lights means that we can more easily embody and own our feelings and allow for the gut to guide us.
However, at times, we might find ourselves unexpectedly caught between head and heart. To feel loved and appreciated, Venus in Pisces longs for profound spiritual connection. But Ceres in Gemini cherishes by feeding the mind, through books and words and making a mental connection. We might find ourselves replaying unconscious patterns we learned from the relationship we had with our mother. For all, it’s about getting in touch with the unconscious love of our inner mother. Give yourself what you need to feel nurtured and loved. Close your eyes and rest awhile in the cosmic womb, drift and dream. Be aware of your heartbeat, an echo of mothers back through time.
Degrees and Times
Moon 00°Pi00′ – 11:14 (BST)
Moon 05°Pi35′, Sun 05°Ta35′ – 21:08 (BST)
Venus 22°Pi16′, Ceres 22°Ge16′ – 21:44 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Mother And Child by Mary Cassatt
Mother And Child
Mother And Child
The 20 (0-19) solar seals represent steps on the evolutionary journey in the path of life which the physical being evolves stage by stage into perfection. The physical being is prepared to handle the higher mental states of being as it journeys through the solar seals. This journey allows for one to function with multidimensional awareness.
There are 3 groups (stages) into which the solar seals are grouped. These groups represent the stages of evolution.
These stages build upon each other. All are important.
The first group/stage is The Development of Primary Being which contains the solar seals 1-7
The second group is Development of Higher being ( Generative Stage) which contains the solar seals 8-14
The third group is Development of Higher Being (Fulfillment Stage) which contains the solar seals 15-20
Today on our journey we embody solar seal 17 Which is CABAN:Red Earth . Red Earth falls into the Development of Higher Being group.
CABAN: Earth, Earth Force, Synchronicity, Power of Intelligent Synchronization.

Kin 237 ~ Red Electric Earth

‘Electric’ is the name for the number three and its keywords are ‘Activate, Service and Bond’. The third day of a wavespell ‘activates’ the energy and really gives things a boost. These days are great for getting things done but are seldom relaxing, use this electric energy to your advantage or beware of getting a shock!
Today is Red Earth which represents ‘Evolution, Synchronicity and Navigation.’ We are all evolving all the time, although it can be indiscernible as it happens slowly, unconsciously and subtly. As we grow older, it is easy to look back and see how we have grown up, softened, matured. But while we go through the process it’s so hard to see it. You are a work in progress! Today also has great potential for synchronicity…be in the right place at the right time and you will get what you need to evolve. The Red Earth is like a signpost pointing the way to go, great if you have been feeling a little lost lately. This energy can be very encouraging and you may find yourself today impatient for improvement in your life as the number 3 is energizing. Don’t waste the opportunity!
Today’s Guide is Red Dragon which represents ‘Birth and Nurturing’. The dragon has great motherly energy and a day guided by this energy suggests your need to nurture yourself and this should influence your actions. All in all, the guide and number really compliment the day. Evolve, re-birth …activate! Because the Red Dragon represents the home or cave…today’s Evolution will likely be related to issues of housing. You may feel the desire to move or find a better, more suitable cave.
The Challenge is the Blue Hand which represents ‘Healing and Accomplishment’. A challenge aspect often acts as a galvanizer. Provoking you into action. To heal oneself is the challenge today and of course if one is evolving, transcending and emerging renewed, accomplishing healing is the ultimate goal (or challenge).
The Occult power is the Yellow Seed which represents ‘Sowing Awareness’. Yellow Seed loves to share wisdom and when in this magical position, they love to share their knowledge of magic. We too can share our magical knowledge with each other today and through this sharing of wisdom, we can help each other evolve.
The Ally is the White Wind, the communicator of the Tzolkin. If you talk to anyone today, talk to a White Wind. They’ll have a message for you to help you evolve. The Ally power is always supportive.


3 CABAN – KIN 237
25 APRIL 2022
Bonding synchronicity
I seal the matrix of NAVIGATION
With the Electric tone of SERVICE
I AM guided by the power of BIRTH.
25/4/2022 = 7/4/6=7/10=7/1=8
25- Spiritual wisdom/Learning from the past
7- Mystic/Majik/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
10- Manifestation/Power/Authority
1- New beginnings/Original/Unique/Leader
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
KIN 237 = 12 = 3 Holy Trinity
KIN 237 reopens the portal to the 8.8. 🦁LION’S GATE🦁 portal 9 months ago. Today we are revisiting this CORONATION through the wormhole in Galactic time.
It seems we will all be gifted with greater WISDOM today, as we receive a royal “CROWNING”👑 with our Crown Chakras super ACTIVATED🎇 with ELECTRIC SOLAR🌞 energy currents. Our Heart, Throat and 3rd Eye will all be super boosted too, as we AWAKEN to our full DIVINE PRESENCE! 💥✨🌞🌟
A beautiful Heavenly alignment of BRILLIANT CODES for our StarSeed CORONATION! ✨👑🌟✨
Dear ones, it is TIME to take your place as messengers of the DIVINE, on the HEAVENLY THRONE! ✨👑🌟✨
Day 3 in the BLUE EAGLE Wavespell 👁👁 where we are being asked to FLY HIGH – and focus on the BIG PICTURE 🏔🖼– the DIVINE PLAN for humanity – so that we can CREATE IT!…. Envisioning the Highest timeline for ourselves and our Planet.. as our VISION-ARY POWERS and 3rd EYE are AWAKENED and ACTIVATED! 💥👁💥
What a beautiful alignment having the MAJESTIC far-seeing BLUE EAGLE overseeing this wondrous day! Another GIFT from the GODS giving us the POWER to see far into the FUTURE and ACTIVATE our highest and BEST outcome.
Today we are NAVIGATING our way through the SIGNS in order to b-Earth our true soul’s HIGHER path of Service to Gaia and humanity. 🌈🌏🌹🌴🎨🌻
Today’s tone is ELECTRIC!!! 💡 We have an incredible surge of POWER💥 to kickstart and drive our DIVINE MISSIONS and ACTIVATE spontaneous AWAKENING in our global populace. AWAKENING to the BIG PICTURE.
ELECTRIC is tone number 3 in the tone of creation. It is the first of the three EMOTIONAL realm tones. Thus there is a very strong emotional charge today which may create outbursts in those who need to find their balance.
ELECTRIC energy creates a short fuse,💣 particularly in those souls that are confused, or not focused on their Divine Missions… through FOCUS these strong energies can be creatively utilized rather than being destructive or chaotic. This energy can be better harvested through the higher aspects of this tone which encompass being of SERVICE to others through the action of BONDING, that is coming together with others to cocreate and be of SERVICE.
We have a DOUBLE DOSE of ELECTRIC energy today, with the Yearly ELECTRIC SEED 💡🌱 energy, amplifying the impulse to step up and be of GREATER SERVICE through bonding with like minded kin.
ELECTRIC energy provides the ignition or SPARK for your manifestation, it is a current that needs to keep moving and flowing, transmitting energy.. It also adds POWER to anything you are B-Earthing today. An extra electrical boost to draw upon. The power of 3 is derived from 2 units merging and creating the third, more powerful entity. This action duplicates the essence of bonding in service that the Electric tone provides.
Today beckons you to become emotionally mature. EXPAND your focus from bonding with one to the joy of bonding with all. Together with your divine counterpart offer your united energies to be of DIVINE SERVICE to HU-MAN-ITY.. 👬👫👭
ELECTRIC energy has a very high emotional charge, so make sure you GROUND🐾 this energy – channel any excess into our EARTH MOTHER for recycling, otherwise it can build up stressing your nervous system and result in emotional flare ups, arguments and burn out!
Today you should contemplate HOW you can activate your electrical power to send waves of pure charged energy to uplift and AWAKEN others through your acts of DIVINE SERVICE!.✨🎇🌟✨
✨A highly charged day to rocket 🚀fuel our collective Mission ✨
HOLD THE VISION 👀of ALL HUMANITY AWAKENING💥 to the BIG PICTURE🖼 for our PLANET through this portal.
We are all ONE FAMILY👭👬👫 and through UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS👪💑 and remembrance of our DIVINITY and connection to ALL THAT IS – we can finally ACCOMPLISH PEACE and HARMONY on our beautiful blue and green GEM💎 of a planet! 🌎🌍🌏
Today’s questions are “In which direction are the SIGNS guiding me to B-Earth my Divine Mission, in order to fulfill my HIGHEST VISION for my soul’s evolution on this Planet?
“Am I in DIVINE ALIGNMENT with the future direction for Planet Earth?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings on our collective AWAKENING as we FLY through this majikal GATEWAY. Follow the SIGNS to PARADISE! 👁🌎🏔
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED ELECTRIC EARTH💡 🌏 CABAN -The actions of ELECTRIC CABAN are to ACTIVATE in order to EVOLVE, bonding synchronicity. ELECTRIC CABAN – is EARTH SHAKING!! And indeed our EARTH may SHAKE in order to AWAKEN those still in slumberland! SHAKE💥 RATTLE🎉 and ROLL!! 🌀 GAIA is on the MOVE! 🚂🌎🚃🌏🚃🌍🚃 GET READY to board the PEACE TRAIN! 🚂🚃
Our planetary EVOLUTION is being SUPERACTIVATED today! 💥🍥✨
RED EARTH represents GAIA, the EARTH GODDESS, Mother nature and creative beginnings through our rebirth and evolution.
RED EARTH is the Earth keeper, the keeper of the garden, the indigenous ones, the shaman/healer who, through reverence for all life, heals and sanctifies the Earth. Earth keepers preserve the harmonic relationship with nature by connecting to the wisdom held within matter. In Latin, mater means “mother”.
✨✨✨As you bring LIGHT💡 into yourself, you bring LIGHT into matter. You and the Earth both contain the holographic ELECTRIC SEED💡🌱 of the new consciousness emerging. ✨✨✨
RED EARTH is assisting us today in activating the BIGGER PICTURE🖼 brought forth through the Eagle’s panoramic🏔 VISION.👁
Our UTOPIAN TIMELINE🐬🌴❤ is fully ACTIVATING today as it CLICKS into the GOLDEN EVOLUTIONARY COG – cocreated by our united StarSEED family.. Each one of us bringing our unique DNA coding to the family of HU-MAN so we can all RISE together in unison with Pachamama.
Today we are reminded to tune in and LISTEN with all our senses to spirit speaking through the SIGNS, synchronicities and LIGHT CODES streaming forth at ever increasing levels, pulsing through our dormant DNA to AWAKEN our GOD codes within. Be prepared for more IN-SIGHTS👁 and epiphanies💡 flowing through.
Watch out in particular for any SIGNS from BLUE EAGLE (or other winged messengers) wanting to get your ATTENTION! Feel this natural flow in your body in order to navigate your correct path. BLUE EAGLE is guiding our GPS – our planetary navigation system to GLIDE through this GATEWAY to the NEW TIME!
What a beautiful PARTNERSHIP with the EAGLE steering RED EARTH in the right DIRECTION!
✨✨What SIGNS are you noticing and acknowledging today, as the amazing synchronicities unfold on your path? Follow the SIGNS!
RED ELECTRIC EARTH is ACTIVATING the ancestral timelines, – the prophecies of the future as foretold by the wise ones.. The legacy of ancient wisdom gleaned through eons of experience walking this sacred land.. Call on your ancestors, guardians and spirit of the LAND, to reveal the guidance and wisdom needed, to navigate your future path as a WISE captain of your vessel aboard timeship EARTH.
✨✨Today’s 8 ABUNDANCE code ✨🌻💰– also releases the INFINITE FLOW🌫 of COSMIC ABUNDANCE🌻🍇🍉🍎🍓 through DIVINE SOURCE✨🕊 and our EARTH MOTHER🌏.. ✨✨
PACHAMAMA provides for her children in all ways with her bountiful provision of natural resources. Food, clothing, WATER, oxygen, sunlight, energy sources, minerals, plants, building materials, shelter – all that we require to live a comfortable and pleasurable life on EARTH is available to us. It always has been – albeit the GREED of MAN – that has created the myth of SCARE-CITY and lack through competition for her resources.
In the ✨NEW TIME✨ that we are now entering, we will have a bountiful supply to satisfy all our needs. Brilliant solutions are already here through existing technologies and the new wisdom streaming through now. Our lives are about to become much easier and satisfying through this PEACEFUL and harmonious existence, where we become ONE with our Earth Mother, and hold a reverence for all lifeforms. Hallelujah! ✨✨
Take off your shoes. Touch the Earth. Find a place to dance with the sacred hoop of life. Contribute your greater VISION as an AWAKENED member of the global rainbow family! 🌈👫🌍👬🌎👭🌈
The ELECTRIC 💡tone with CABAN may stir up Earth energies today – creating TREMBLING EARTH – earthquakes, tremors or charges throughout GAIA’S GRID.🌐 A huge SURGE of POWER🔥 is available to draw upon! Hold your focus for where you wish to DIRECT these energies.
HIGHER SELF:RED ELECTRIC DRAGON 💡🐉 IMIX represents New life, birth 🐣and creation. The actions of IMIX are to Nurture and emphasize birth. Today we are B-EARTH-ing a NEW VISION through this portal!
IMIX the DRAGON TRIBE are the first Solar Seal in the Tzolkin calendar and as such – they hold the responsibility of BIRTHing all of CREATION through the dark void – the sacred WOMB of our DIVINE MOTHER. We have an INFINITE supply of dark matter -the building block of creation – to shape and create through our collective intentions. All super ACTIVATED with the ELECTRIC tone, so that we can utilize this energy for our DIVINE purpose.
The ELECTRIC DRAGON 💡🐉 is enabling humanity to instigate our NEW beginning – bringing forth a new Creative cycle. Today’s GATEWAY is the FRONT DOOR🚪 we need to pass through consciously to commence SEEDING this HIGHER PLANETARY VISION through AWAKENED consciousness.
RED DRAGON is providing a nurturing presence, assisting us to b-Earth our new patterns, projects, creations and partnerships. RED DRAGON🐉 coupled with the ELECTRIC💡 tone brings a very POWERFULLY attracting energy for cooperation, unions and teamwork in order to create something NEW!
Our FOCUS lies on what nurtures and protects our Earth family and our PLANET – all new co-operatives MUST honour and respect our PACHAMAMA!
NOTE: In today’s code we have RED DRAGON in the Higher Self position – which also represents the Planetary Feathered Serpent/Dragon – Quetzalcoatl The masculine aspect of our Planetary chi or life-force.. RED EARTH – relates to our EARTH 🌏– GAIA – and the ELECTRIC🔌 tone – relates to the FIRE🔥 element which is QUETZALCOATL’s fuel 🔥🐍
ELECTRIC SERPENT DAY🐍 – was the starring 🌟 energy code on Jan 13, 2020 when ULURU was JUMP-started by the Solar Umbilical Cord☀🔌 connecting through the Grand Planetary Conjunction – Saturn/Pluto/Sun/Mercury! We are revisiting this energy today with a BOOST🔥 to Gaia’s planetary POWER – and our personal POWER too! This ACTIVATION of our POWER centre – the Solar Plexus – is boosting our confidence and mobilizing the wayshowers to partake in their CORONATION👑 as the new REGAL leaders of NEW EARTH. 🌏
We may also have another SIGN – appearing today – such as a VOLCANIC eruption, Weather phenomenon or other “disturbance” upon the Male Serpent grid lines – ULURU or any of the PYRAMIDS – PYR – FIRE – piezo electricity!! so EYES OPEN 👁👁 Our GRID🌐 is primed up and PUMPING today!!💪
SUPPORT: WHITE ELECTRIC WIND💡🌬 🍃IK Communicates and emphasizes Spirit. Very fittingly we have an encore with the White Wind joining today’s party… How BRILLIANT that we have the Divine Will supporting humanity’s evolutionary passage today. Spirit is ACTIVATING the DIVINE PLAN for our planet.
✨THY WILL BE DONE! ✨The DIVINE TIMELINE is fully ACTIVATED and operational today.
IK ‘s energy combines synergistically with that of CABAN and the BLUE EAGLE – as all three provide a TRINITY for Spirit messages . Spirit is talking throughout the day with VERY STRONG signs, messages and synchronicity, particularly through the natural world and the five elements.
Are you LISTENING? 👂
Play the game and ask Spirit and BLUE EAGLE to SHOW you the answers to your questions.
❓❓❓What direction do you need to travel to fulfill your greater Divine purpose?
Allow SPIRIT to be the WIND beneath your WINGS and guide the way!
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW SPECTRAL SEED 🌀🌾KAN is the SUPERPOWER behind KIN 237 AMPING up the POWER💪 and intention of the ELECTRIC SEED💡🌱 year energies. Thus we have a DOUBLE dose of SUPER seeding🌱🌱 energies for initiating new beginnings! This provides a huge influx of AWAKENING energies for humankind to GROW UP and follow THE LIGHT!☀🌻☀🌻☀
The SPECTRAL SEED is LIBERATING the VISION of NOVA GAIA’s STAR-SEEDS✨🌱✨ today! All the planetary SEED’s🌻🌻🌻 are being released from darkness and bondage and are now able to SOW their unique ideas and talents into this new Harmonic Time Matrix. ✨✨✨
BLUE EAGLE is soaring high and releasing these DREAM-SEEDS as a trail from his wings, falling down into the fertile EARTH to take root and GROW strong and robust. 🌱🌿🌲
KAN contains the SEED🌱 packet, that is encoded with all the tools needed to achieve our highest potential GROWTH. This is today’s hidden AGENDA to boost us through this GATEWAY and turbo🚀 charge our utmost, grandest, super fantastico DREAMING into the stratosphere so we can all FLY HIGH!
The SPECTRAL SEED 🌀🌱 seeks to LIBERATE you from the darkness and stagnation so that you can embody more LIGHT💡✨ – growing tall and strong, as you attract more resources needed for your greater MISSION.
This SUPERPOWER seeks to AWAKEN more souls to the DIVINE PLAN for each of them, and our collective family. All bonding together in DIVINE SERVICE to humanity!
KAN combines beautifully with RED DRAGON who births our new creations from the SEEDS that we sow! YELLOW SEED is encouraging us all to reach for our HIGHEST POTENTIAL and BLOSSOM, as we all evolve together, into the very best version of our Galactic selves.
Perfect codes for a blossoming relationship, union or cooperative project. Beautiful nurturing environments for successful growth for your plans and desires to take root!. 🌱
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE ELECTRIC HAND💡 🙌 MANIK- WOOT 🎉WOOT! 🎉 More celebrations are at HAND – (hee hee pun intended!) as MANIK brings forth the GIFT of ACCOMPLISHMENT👏 so that we can GET THE JOB DONE! 🔨 The JOB of HEALING our PLANET and transitioning from DARKNESS to LIGHT! Through bonding together – HAND in HAND – as we walk each other through this magnificent GATEWAY. 👫👬👭
The blessing/Gift that MANIK brings forth, is wondrous healing energies and the opportunity to accomplish our plans, through determination and focus.
BLUE HAND can also be utilized to bring the healing salve for any previous friction or disharmony within relationships which are highlighted through the ELECTRIC tone. Grasp the HAND of your beloved as you both walk barefoot together upon our precious Earth, PLEDGING to anchor these new BLISS codes on our NEW born Paradisiacal planet.👫💑🌏
MANIK brings forth much HEALING🙌 wisdom today, so that we as a collective can learn and grow. We have experienced much suffering and years of GROWING PAINS, endeavouring to B-Earth our new world.🐣🌎 Too many BRAXTON HICKS contractions thus far!!! Let’s B-EARTH this new bubba already!!!🐣🌍
It has indeed been a long labour of LOVE❤ as we close this cycle and focus on the new Golden Era being birthed before our starry eyes. ✨🌀🐣👀🌍✨
The lessons we have all learned, can now be applied, as we build the foundation of this new better and compassionate world. A world where we have all the natural technologies to bring humanity back to WHOLENESS as the perfect DIVINE BEINGS that we embody in our earthly vessels.
The KEY to healing🌿 is through bonding together, respecting and honouring our differences, our uniqueness, and CELEBRATING🎉 each other as a ✨SPARK of the DIVINE✨ – the ONE SOURCE.☀
We are all ONE FAMILY👭👬👫 and through UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS👪💑 and remembrance of our DIVINITY and connection to ALL THAT IS – we can finally ACCOMPLISH PEACE and HARMONY on our beautiful blue and green GEM💎 of a planet! 🌎🌍🌏
Today’s questions are “In which direction are the SIGNS guiding me to B-Earth my Divine Mission, in order to fulfill my HIGHEST VISION for my soul’s evolution on this Planet?
“Am I in DIVINE ALIGNMENT with the future direction for Planet Earth?”
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings on our collective AWAKENING as we FLY through this majikal GATEWAY. Follow the SIGNS to PARADISE! 👁🌎🏔
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈



Shamanic Sound Healing Ceremony


 Shaman Drum and Native Flute – Earth Heartbeat Resonance on Patreon – CLICK HERE


Kin 237- Red Electric Earth

I am Caban!
sacred synchronization,
divine alignment of planetary and cosmic force!
Neither past nor future,
I am the unis mundi, earthed in the place of perfect centeredness
in the eternal present moment.
From this place I offer you direct access
to all knowledge, all time, all abilities.
As above, so below.
Galactic consciousness
is transmitted through the awakened eyes in your feet,
interwoven into they myriad possibilities
of radiant fields of light.
Receive now the truth you desire.
I am Caban.
Keep you heart and mind open and tuned,
keys and strings awaiting in devotion
the loving touch of the true virtuoso.
In effortless mastery will be created
such ecstatic harmonies of improvised perfection
as to send chills of rapture up the spine of Creation!
Find freedom from what has been!
Let your edges expand to accommodate
my unexpected and unrehearsed movement.
In the clear waters of your receptive mind,
unclouded with preconceptions,
there will my sparkling spontaneity dance,
forming the power of synergistic movement within your life,
springing with the surety of a white lion
through the wilderness of once-forgotten dreams.
Around you are swirled on the canvas of this moment
clues to cosmic treasures you seek:
a color here, a word there, a knowing in a scent on a breeze.
With brush ever in motion,
the mystery forms a brilliant rainbow arc,
its curvaceous splendor transcending past and future.
Clues are drawn into the heartbeat of the present moment,
that you may release your struggle
in the realization that it is already done!
As harmony’s harpist, I sound synchronicity
through the crystal grid network
and lay it, as a magic carpet, under your feet.
With soles bared, step upon it now,
to experience the exquisite realm of all possibilities.
The elements that dance in cohesive splendor as the creation
all are here,
and the instrument is you.
The maestro has arrived! Shall we play?
Mayan Oracle
Mayan Oracle


Today is Red Electric Earth day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Red Earth, (tribe 17 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), evolves, navigate, synchronicity.
Red Earth encourages you to evolve yourself by consciously navigating your path. You are the captain of the ship, you are the navigator, you are holding the steering wheel and making all course and direction decisions. As you navigate your way upon your chosen route, take note of synchronicities marking the way as you go. Synchronicities have been mislabeled as coincidences. Coincidence is a word we created to describe the phenomenon of two instances of something happening simultaneously that catch our attention. The implication is that these occurrences are happening in a seemingly random or unexplained way. Everything and every event that occurs is synchronized and connected. We have all had the experience where we are thinking about someone and the next thing you know the phone rings and it’s them, or moments later you unexpectedly run into them. Let’s assume that you started this synchronized process by thinking about this person first. As you begin thinking about this person, you naturally radiate thoughts and emotions about them. This energy then goes out into the universe and magnetically finds that person. Now this person has your energy swirling about them which then acts as a catalyst causing them to begin thinking about you. The next thing you know, your phone is ringing. It is actually your act of conscious navigation which is creating these synchronicities. Synchronicities are the signposts that come up along your evolving, consciously navigated chosen route acting as reminders that you are on the synchronized path.
Electric tone of Service, (step 3 of the 13-step creative energy cycle), activate, bond, service.
Having met yesterday’s challenges of questioning, intelligence, and fearlessness, (Yellow Warrior), you now find yourself operating from a position of strength. When you are able to rise up and meet your challenges, you are made stronger from the experience. The number three is physically represented by a triangle. The triangle is the strongest shape known. From a position of strength, you are now feeling the urge and ability to help others. Service to others is the highest calling you can aspire to. Serve others from a position of strength through, evolution, navigation, and synchronicity. Serve others by helping them to evolve themselves by consciously navigating their path, creating and taking note of synchronicities. Service to others is a self-perpetuating process. As others find their strengths, they will then feel called to serve and so on. Service to others is a powerful gift that keeps on giving. Today you will gain strength from, and also have a powerful experience of evolution, navigation, and synchronicity.
Service from strength through and about evolution, navigation, and synchronicity.
Day 3 of the 13-day cycle themed Blue Eagle, creates, vision, mind.
Written by Roger Grossman
Artwork by Lauren Forcella
Red Electric Earth day
Red Electric Earth day


I am the Navigator
Coded by Red Earth
Seventeen is my number
My badges are harmonious stamps
From planetary mind and star mind returning to source
I am the invisible of time and consciousness
Looking at the maps of heavenly origin
And I follow the signs of synchronicity
In the name of cosmic evolution
My crown is the interdimensional portal
Of all the galaxy life
Code 13 and 7 stay up and down
441 in the center and sides
11 and 27 keys to power synchronized seven
Synchronized lenses allow me to see all things radically
I’m the evolution in motion
I am the skilled star traveller
Guided by the telepathic frequencies they maintain
The stars and planetary systems in order
The galaxy compass is my motto wheel
Keys to the knowledge of galaxy navigation
Signs are signs in directions
For all travelers to know
Knowing me is knowing the language of the stars
Coded by Red Earth
Coded by Red Earth



Kin 237 Red Electric Earth
What services to perform?
Kin 237, Red Electric Earth
Evolve, Linking Synchronicity with the Power of Navigation
Kin 237, Red Electric Earth
Kin 237, Red Electric Earth
The power of the Electric Tom (OX) drives me to the electric current of the activation. Energy is now able to create connections, allowing an expanded dimension of structures and creation possibilities to emerge. This dimension awakens creative chains, inspiring circuits and a potential for alignment. An active being is alive in his sense of mission – putting his truths in motion. By accepting the opportunity to perform a service, I create an energy bridge with other beings in the light of collective objectives. Offering me for service is a simple act but highly spiritual as I make myself available for any need and cooperate with the events around me. The greatest act of performing service is to recognize that those I help are no different than me – that somehow I am merely a symbol of creation helping another symbol of creation.
As a system in sync, the Red Earth (Caban) is the conscious and conscious being, an integral member of the galactic community. Humanity, as a sole part of this living system, belongs to Earth, and our collective evolution is a journey shared through time. In living in resonance with the Earth, I maintain a mutual connection that feeds my spirit and informs my navigation. I exchange the power of healing and support when I consciously affirm my unity. Synchronicity is born from time. The natural time of life is expressed as a “synchronical order”, which coordinates the discoveries of all events in a cosmic expression of the now. Synchronicity happens all the time, but it takes deep attention and sensitivity to understand it. Red Earth is the access point to my natural alignment with Earth power. It is the zero point of perfect centralization with the eternal present, from which all alignment and all magic manifest. My center and the center of the Earth carry the secret of magnetic force of gravity. Concentrate In The Present Moment! This is where I can better observe synchronicles and revelations regarding my personal standard and my greater purpose.
The service of creating attracting the mind is the expression of my gratitude for evolving into this planet. It means helping and supporting others in a way that only I can. Love, praise and gratitude are the highest forms of service and awaken the creative energy within me. Activate the natural pace of linking synchronicity as I evolve. I am aware that when I am serving the light I am never alone. My destiny mates are always there to support me through my unique heart spiritual connection.
Text: Sonia Days
Kin 237, Red Electric Earth
I Activate With Evolution
Binding up the synchronicity
Seal of the navigation matrix
With the service electrical tune
I am guided by birth power
“I must open the doors of inner wisdom to release my questions on Earth. “
Tom 03: Electric (OX) – What services do you perform?
POWER – Activate | ACTION – Link | ESSENCE – Service
SEAL 17: Red Earth (CABAN)
POWER – navigation | ACTION – Evolve | ESSENCE – Synchronicity
Kin 237 Red Electric Earth
Kin 237 Red Electric Earth










Sacred Rebels Oracle Card for the Day: (23) Defend to the End, The Worthwhile



Defend to the End, The Worthwhile
Defend to the End, The Worthwhile


Sacred Rebels Oracle: Guidance for Living a Unique & Authentic Life Cards – by Alana Fairchild (Author), Autumn Skye Morrison (Artist) ~



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