You are currently viewing THE INNER LABYRINTHS ~ A New 144,000 Portal of Clarity is Now Open – Golden Light Womb Healing
Sirius forefathers

THE INNER LABYRINTHS ~ A New 144,000 Portal of Clarity is Now Open – Golden Light Womb Healing

THE INNER LABYRINTHS ~ A New 144,000 Portal of Clarity is Now Open – Golden Light Womb Healing



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Great White Buffalo Nation of the Great Mystery of the Sacred Way

In the Clarity of Buddha Mind we lead with our Hearts as Wayshowers of the New Earth Paradigm of Peace and Prosperity for all.

As we tap into the Genius within and activate our DNA with the 12 Strand Crystalline Codes of our Holy Avatars of Light. As artists of the New Eden we call upon our full Creative Potential to consciously Co-Create the Pure Land of Paradise forever more. We rise in the Honor and Glory as the Children of Mother Father God and shine our Bright Virtue as True Spiritual Warriors of the Rainbow Tribe of the New Jerusalem.

In this Gnosis our Life becomes our Sacred Arts and we Weave our tapestries of Truth and manifest our True Hearts Delights. The Seven Colors of  the Electromagnetic Spectrum become our Palettes to Paint our Canvases with the Beauty held within the Mind of God.

The Eagle and the Condor Fly wing in wing as the Shakti Dances with Shiva and the Dragon and Phoenix merge in the Yin and Yang of Creation. We create the Story of our life with each choice me make and each step we take. With Divine Wisdom we hold the Vibration of Freedom Earth to Transform this realm into the Paradise she has always evolved to be.

Seek the Kingdom of Heaven within the Still center of your being for the external mirrors the internal and the internal mirrors the external. In the Holographic Nature of the Universe the one is the many and the many is the one. Starseeds, you came here to blossom and bloom in the Flowering of Human Consciousness to free Gaia and all her Children of the Sun from the Wheels of Karma and Samsara by keeping the Dharma alive. This is the Truth of the Way to Enlightenment.

All beings are born perfectly Awakened Buddhas, this we must remember and live from our Hearts being connected to all things. Do not forget the True Path always leads to the Love of Source as we take each step in Peace with the Knowledge of our Oneness with all Life. The Divine Cosmic plan is coming to fruition in this Now…Victory to the Light! A’Ho!







Right now: Moon at 27°56′ Libra, Sun at 28°29′ Leo

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A mermaid emerges from the ocean ready for rebirth in human form.
Sabian Symbol for 29º Leo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 29º Leo.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A man in deep gloom. Unnoticed, angels come to his help.
Sabian Symbol for 28º Libra

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 28º Libra.







Transitionary life review period since 8/8 coming to a close as the Lions Gate transit is completing..After new trajectories were grounded and anchored, many have been in a “holding pattern” (as council called it). 8/22 expected to be a New timeline dropping in setting the trajectories for 9/9..New co-creations expected to manifest as choice points during the transit are now culminating into physical form. 🌹♥️👑
Goddess of the Grail
Goddess of the Grail
💥️Strong Energies coming in (since 4/5am) 💥️ releasing densities 💫 themes emerging: loss, lack, grief, guilt, manipulation, powerlessness 💫 they are underneath fear/anger
✨️Moment of Trasmutation of Densities ✨️ Be Present…go deeper and deeper…unravel your emotions…✨️❣️✨️
Much Love
Cristina 💜
21✨️ 8✨️2023


Higher Soul Selves
Higher Soul Selves


Whew what a day yesterday!
Felt a MAJOR timeline drop out this morning ❤
Land related
Ojai had 10 quakes back to back during the most intense Storm yesterday afternoon.
(Lots of aftershocks today in Ojai)
A place I started doing gridwork 2012-2014
A MAJOR grid point here in So Cal that connects to MANY places in the Southwest.
Calling all SHAMANS to connect in to their Grid Point to see if anything has shifted.
Catalina ALSO a big node which was evacuated a few days ago.
The BUFFALO calling in the support for this next phase.
Sending so much LOVE!
❤ Valerie
buffalo appeared on the beach
buffalo appeared on the beach
We are in the process of returning to Oneness, to Unity again.
I woke up at one a.m. this morning, with a profound message regarding Oneness from Lord Melchizedek. He asked me to meditate on what is means that all is One.
Indeed, I got up and got my journal out and started to writing down whatever came to me about what Oneness in truth means.
We so often use words like platitudes and do not contemplate their deeper meaning.
I suggest that you make some quiet time as Lord Melchizedek suggested to me, and comtemplate what Oneness in truth means. If the Divine is ONE with you, and ONE with me, and all of creation, visible and invisible, then it means that there is no-thing which is not One with everything and everyone else.
This brought me back to the eternal everlasting circle of life, which becomes the spiralling tiers of Creation itself and many octaves of existences within it.
In truth you already are ONE within the Oneness.
You are the miracle of the Creation itself within the One.
returning to Oneness
returning to Oneness
8/21/23: August is working through your inner stuff, your insecurities and worries, to help you release the Light that lives within you… that elegant essence sharing space with your ego. It’s trying to help you get to the point where your human identity dances with the divine. August is not trying to strip your joy. It wants you happy, healthy, and ready to shine. Today is a very high frequency energy magnified by love.
Your Right Action is to intentionally dismiss negative thoughts and replace them with positive action. Get off the brain train and do something interesting. This is just one way to “make peace with your surroundings” and elevate your mood… which sparks that awesome internal flame.
happy, healthy, and ready to shine
happy, healthy, and ready to shine
Many have NOW realized that the only thing they could do to accelerate change was to assist in the awakening process.
If the only way to destroy the matrix is to help ‘unplug’ people from it, then that is what you must do.
What is important to innerstand, is that you don’t need to have a channel or a podcast to have an impact, every seed of truth that you plant in your own network is extremely important.
This is a grass root movement, it’s success lies in the power each of you have to affect change in those around, by word and by example.
So when you find yourself feeling frustrated with the situation and wanting to do something about it, just know that every small act of defiance, every word of truth, every informed choice, every act of courage and every step you take in the right direction, is helping all of you get there.
Never underestimate the importance of who you are and what you stand for. That is your mission, your contribution and your greatest purpose, so make it count.
Your existence brings a Light into this world like no other. Please keep that light shining
Be the LIGHT house you came here to BE
You are LOVED
grass root movement
grass root movement

Eirini ~ Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy

AUGUST 21 2023


“A new 144000 portal of clarity is now open.
The imprinted inner Labyrinths were essential structures of the system.
The inner Labyrinths are now breaking/burning down and all living essences that were trapped in them can be retrieved!
This is a huge DNA recovery and upgrade which will cause a great shift in consciousness as a field
of unprecedented clarity will be sensed and experienced again after a long long time.
Well done!
You made it to this point of great transformation and revelation!
Own it and celebrate your achievement!
You are not who you thought you were and all junk information is leaving your system.
We are celebrating with you!”
These days it feels like we are processing the presence and meaning of the inner Labyrinth.
Why would someone create a labyrinth and why would one choose to enter a labyrinth?
Was it a trauma and death trap or a test for one to overcome inner limitations and reach inner oscillation?
It seems that as we are on our way to receive the Cosmic Flame,
we are called to go through certain components and structures of the game
like the Dark Magician or the Labyrinth
and liberate ourselves in order to be able to move beyond them via our initiation to the knowledge that they hold.
The Labyrinth is an inner imprinted pattern that has been serving certain functions of the game.
Its imprint can be detected in the different brains of the human system.
The Labyrinths were holding big portions of living essences because of how many that were lost in them and how many aspects were left in them because of trauma.
Blessings of Love!
Huna Ma Anata Kumara
Nymphs of the Mist
Nymphs of the Mist
Maritime/Admiralty law was allowed during the womb/water dimension enslavement. This dimension has been returned to the jurisdiction of the eternal mother whales.
🌹Clearing Lunar Programmes And Aligning The Womb To The Solar Mother Light🌹
⚜️It Is Our Sacred Duty To Ensure The Integrity And Sanctity Of This Powerful Portal Of Creation
⚜️Clearing The Shadows And Karma Of Humanity.
⚜️Reclaiming Our Spiral Centre
⚜️Dispelling All False Feminine Magnetics
⚜️Ushering In Creation In The Golden Light.
⚜️Golden light womb healing🌹

💛🐋💛🐋💛Eternal Mapping💛🐋💛🐋💛

🛶🛶🛶Freedom of the Sea of Creation🛶🛶🛶

⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️🌹NATURAL ORDER🌹⚖️⚖️⚖️⚖️
Ego structures are loosening, so that we may see all the ways we offered them support.
One way or the other, either under foot or above others, we have given our life force to these structures.
Playing victim or victimiser….
they are one of the same.
The step back, the sacred pause allows us to see ourselves in it all.
And once we see ourselves and truly send all sustenance to our souls….
We begin to see God’s Natural Order emerge around us.
We also see that this is called for now.
We see that natural order can not come without its structural pillars.
We are not wanted on the fringes or in the shadows anymore.
It is asked for us to stand in our fullness
As beacons of undistorted light.
To take a stand and allow creation to find the truth of itself in our eyes.
To offer a node for the ancient eternal structure of light to arrange around.
Natural balance is restoring. Divine Order from chaos.
Andara Kaleidoscope of Lavender Star Magic
Andara Kaleidoscope of Lavender Star Magic
Dear family of love and light, recent changes to mother earth and human meridian systems have shifted the planet and humanity to a much higher vibrational realm. As a result, the low chakra based energies are in a hurry to be released by humans and that is why everybody is on a mission to release and heal.
The planet earth has an updated meridian system so that the old densities no longer can exist in the planetary systems. Mother earth has literally let go of the low densities and now she is happy and content. Humans too, have been reconfigured so that the low chakras no longer can support the low energies. The low densities have to be released from every human on earth. The planet and humanity have been upgraded in a sense that low densities are no longer being able to sustain themselves in humans and on the planet. The new earth systems have a much higher vibrational existence, and low energies have no room on new earth. That is why the low densities have been released from humans and the planet in all directions for total transmutation.
Because of the fact that heavy releasing is going on right now, the Divine and the company of heaven are working extremely hard to assist humanity in this releasing and transmutation process. The Divine asks light workers to participate in the process and help with the transmutations of the low densities so that the process can be done quicker.
Meanwhile, the Divine and the company of heaven are very optimistic about ending this transmutation process so that the Divine plan can move onto the next step. Gaia’s ascension can be smooth. The Divine says if light workers can pitch in and help with the releasing, the process will end much quicker. So the Divine encourages light workers to help with the process.
The Divine says that light workers are powerful. Light workers have innate capacities to transmute great amounts of low densities beyond human understanding. Light workers are built for huge amounts of capacities and that is why light workers are here in great numbers so that they can help with Gaia’s ascension process. The Divine says now is time for light workers to step in their big shoes and do what they are here to do so that we can end this transmutation process sooner.
Thank you for your wonderful contribution and great work. Divine love for you always.
Linda Li, Gaia, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.
the Sun, ruler of how we shine our Light, spends his last two days in Leo the Lion
the Sun, ruler of how we shine our Light, spends his last two days in Leo the Lion

 Asara Adams

💜🌟💜 Energy Update by Adama of Telos

“Greetings, Beloved Ones.
We are most joyous to connect with you here, today, and we are sending you our utmost Love from the heart of Telos.
Dear One, as you are on your Ascension Journey, there are many pathways of Light.
Pathways of Light are being forged in your Mind by your desire for your Ascension into Heaven on Earth/The New Earth/The Higher Dimensions.
Pathways of Light are being forged by your asking.
Pathways of Light are being forged by your reaching for Light and Love.
Pathways of Light are being forged by your reaching for Wellbeing and Peace.
Pathways of Light are being forged by your reaching…
When you reach for the Light, the Light of God, your I AM Presence, the Holy Spirit and Christ will meet you and fill in the required amounts of Light and Love to propel your journey.
It can’t happen without your desire and reaching for it.
Your heart knows where you are able to go…
Your heart knows that you are meant to live in a better reality…
All it takes is your reaching for the Light in your thoughts and feelings.
Your reaching and asking is the permission that you give to God, your I AM Presence, the Holy Spirit and Christ to allow you, to leave the Illusion behind and to enter the New Earth and the higher dimensions.
Do not get impressed by the illusion experience…
It is not real.
It is an illusion.
It took you lifetimes to create pathways in your mind to reinforce the lower dimensional Illusion construct of your Ego Mind.
Now, you can choose to create pathways of Light and Love in your mind to leave the Illusion.
The more you overwrite the old pathways with loving messages, the weaker they get.
The more you lay a new message of Love and Light over your old beliefs and habits, the stronger your pathways of Light become.
Pathways of Light… are your way out of the Illusion into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.
We champion your victory in the Light!
Welcome Home!
We send you all so much love…
You are carried on the wings of Angels, to bring forth The New Earth.
Know in your heart, that you are always surrounded by your Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Galactic Families of Light and yes, also by your family and friends in Telos – and always will be.
Dear Ones, we are walking with you on this journey and you are loved beyond measure – always.
I am your brother Adama of Telos.”
Thank You, Adama! 🙂
the heart of Telos
the heart of Telos
Beloved Ones,
As ascending souls who are not only in constant evolution but of selfless service to All, we are now immersed in a passage of planetary reconstruction and stabilization. After the intense energies that are now anchored on our planet, together with the many natural, and often devastating, earthly events, that are taking place on our planet, our main mission is to restore ourselves completely, so we can serve as harmonic and healing pillars.
As grid workers and planetary healers, it is vital to send our love and utmost respect for our planet. At this time, the Trees, which as you know work in group consciousness, the lungs of our earth, need healing and restoration, as well as the first chakra of the earth, the soil, mountains, etc. for when fires and other destructive phenomenons occur, seeding the love and focusing on reconstruction, is of utmost importance, even though the results will not be evident until many of our human years to come.
When we awake to our true nature as divine beings holographically connected to All, we begin to feel everything as part of who we are. When something occurs on our planet, we feel it, for we have already restored our connection to our planet’s living consciousness. It is then that we begin to think, feel and act consciously, for we know that behind the illusion of separation, all is One.
This is a time for many to awake to their mission as New Earth’s anchors, grid workers, stabilizers, and many other roles within Creation. Some will receive their activation during their sleep time. Others will receive it through deep communion with their soul, through inner knowing, for all is always within, and the outer world can only bring us confirmation.
For some planetary workers, these activations will begin when visiting sacred sites, activating their soul memories and mission. These earth locations are precisely built by other interdimensional beings, in key locations that are linked to other dimensional portals. Sacred places that have been cared for and handed down by our ancestors.
These sacred sites unlock our potential, mission, and memories as we touch them, for they also have an agreement with us, while we dwell on this earth, for many agreed to help them retrieve their sacredness.
Earth’s locations hold unique records that when in contact with someone whose mission is to help the earth, are activated. The planetary healer then will receive these earth records as clear memories coming back to them, codes that will too activate your specific purpose with these locations or the earth. Every role is unique, some will serve as healers, others as stabilizers, while others will need to transmute all men’s damage on earth.
Your physical senses will begin to reconnect with the earth’s organic portals, as well as all the codes within your DNA that need to be awakened, at the time, as many Sirian descendants will already know, through personal experience, for our Sirius forefathers are precisely one of the many benevolent beings who left important information within our DNA, for when we were ready. This is why working on the rehabilitation of our DNA, is so important, so we can prepare our bodies for our personal mission of retrieving our true potential, and our universal one of serving the earth, and its living organisms.
All comes when we work on ourselves, open our minds and hearts, and are ready to serve All, humbly, without expectations or personal agendas. Our mission is to follow our guidance and flow with what comes from within ourselves. Once we are on the path, we will be sent the light transmissions necessary for us to anchor them where required.
Being grounded is pivotal to discerning the guidance that we obtain, for energetic balance, at all levels is key to receiving authentic information.
We all are here on a specific, equal, and sacred mission. All important within the Divine Plan. Our responsibility when we begin this path is to know ourselves and our mission, through constant inner work, without comparisons, for it is how we realize who we are, and the unique God’s plan for us.
May you honor yourselves and your precious role within Creation, Beloveds.
Within Infinite Love,
Natalia Alba
Sirius forefathers
Sirius forefathers

Self reflection will help you see where you are holding yourself back in stagnant patterns. These may be the programs you were raised on, or have been experiencing in your home for a while. Through seeing thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours as “no longer serving you,” gives the opportunity to grow out of them, and change for the better.

This can be connected to your mental, emotional, or physical health. It’s important to not be the victim due to external circumstances. Take your power back and command wellness and happiness. Tell every cell in your body this daily until the energy shifts. Doing so will continue revealing what’s been stored in the DNA and cellular memory, bring it to the surface, and transmute it for good.

This old stuff has to go to be ready for the new coming in dear Family. Go with these energies as they are here to help you for the long term.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn


golden cloud
golden cloud



VENUS has been retrograde in Leo for exactly four weeks now, and MERCURY is about to join in its own retrograde in two days!
This special period allows for so many discoveries!
With Venus retrograde in Leo (inner fire) and Mercury about to retrograde in its own sign of Virgo (healing, Earth) the awakening includes learning how to work with the WISDOM of the BODY.
You naturally have a strong connection to your physical body.
At this time you are deepening your commitment to operate out of your feeling center – your gut, your solar plexus.
✨The solar plexus is where you hold power in your body.
✨It is where you emit power out to the world.
✨You also PERCEIVE the world in your solar plexus.
Your feeling center is how you process data and feel your way through events, including those that the logical mind can’t make sense of.
So always check in with your body. Your body wants to work with you!
Even if it feels like a detour – it is a direct link to divine wisdom.🌺
Photo: Emily Shirron
divine wisdom
divine wisdom


Colleen Lemma

If we rise into, and connect, with our Higher Soul Selves, we can find acceptance, peace and love for one another. We are all Divine Souls having a human experience. If we move past the earthly challenges and look at the greater picture, we will know in our hearts that Unconditional Love trumps all! ♥️

On Monday, August 21st, the Sun, ruler of how we shine our Light, spends his last two days in Leo the Lion. Today, this fiery ball that rules confidence, courage and leadership, is inconjunct Pluto planet of death and rebirth. Pluto’s transforming energy is assisting us in transmuting and releasing old energies and patterns of disempowerment. There could be power and control issues with others.


There could be secrets that need to be revealed. Perhaps we are still trying to hide an aspect of ourselves or our gifts that desire to explode forth with a fury. Pluto’s essence here can bring radical change, endings, evolution and renewal. It is time for you to roar like the Lion and let your bright Light, enthusiasm and creative self-expression be seen! Blessings of Love and Light to All! ♥️




the Sun, ruler of how we shine our Light, spends his last two days in Leo the Lion
the Sun, ruler of how we shine our Light, spends his last two days in Leo the Lion





Kin 200 ~ Yellow Overtone Sun

‘Overtone’ is the name for the number five and its keywords are ‘Empower, Radiance and Command’. The fifth day of a wavespell adds tremendous power to whichever day it falls on. It’s an excellent combination of number and day which shall help enormously with whatever quest you began on day one. The number five commands respect and so don’t waste the empowerment it offers.
Today is Yellow Sun which represents ‘Enlightenment, Universal Fire and Life’. When the Yellow Sun happens on an Overtone day we are empowered by enlightenment. This is one of the most profound days in the Tzolkin. Expect light bulbs to appear above your head. Revelations, insights and good ideas seem to pop out of nowhere. Make the most of it, these revelations will have long lasting effects. You may feel like you have some ‘fire in your belly’ which is useful when on a quest or mission. So, get er done! The Sun gives us life and with that life comes consciousness. The Yellow Sun offers you today a download of information that will empower you. You can march forth on your Quest and yield results with the knowledge that you have been gifted.
The Guide today is the Yellow Star which symbolizes ‘Beauty, Art and Elegance’. Enlightenment led by the beautiful shining star, it’s awe inspiring! Be dazzled by all the light today and may it illuminate your path to a wonderful place. May you feel inspired to beautify your outlook on the world. Consciousness is a beauty to behold. Discover yourself today and be empowered by your inner beauty.
The Challenge today is the White Dog which represents ‘Love, Loyalty and Heart’. The Dog is concerned with matters of the heart which is opposite to the Sun which is concerned with deep thinking and gray matter. Dogs will have to think with their heads today for a change and if they do, the day won’t be so challenging. If you are one, don’t despair. You too can be gifted with enlightenment today. It’s just that you have to strive for it and put in the effort.
The Occult power is the Red Dragon which is the symbol of rebirth and when in this magical position it offers a real opportunity to renew yourself. This all ties in nicely with the Empowering and Enlightening that’s on offer today. The Dragon represents birth because the Dragon lives in a cave and that is a symbol for our Mother Earth’s womb. All life springs from her. Today is ideal for starting something new, it has a magical boost to help it along.
The Ally is the Blue Storm which symbolizes changes. If you need help today, consult a Blue Storm. They are in a friendly mood today as they are in the Ally position. If you don’t have access to a Stormy person, be like one and that entails summoning up energy to catalyze a big change. In fact, making any changes today is a good idea because of this friendly aspect.
Kin 200
Kin 200



5 AHAU – KIN 200
21 AUGUST 2023
Commanding LIFE
I seal the Matrix of Universal Fire🔥
With the Overtone tone of Radiance
I AM guided by the power of Elegance
21/8/2023 = 3/8/7 = 3/15 = 3/6 =9
21- Crown of the Magi/Victory/Rewards
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Happiness/Creativity/Communication
9- Completion/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
15- Spiritual Alchemy/Charisma/Magnetism
6- Heaven/Christ/Romance/Family/Fertility/Joy
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
2- Partner/Twin/Cooperation/Alliances
23- Royal Star of the Lion/Strength/Protection
KIN 200 = 2 – Partnership/Cooperation/Polarity 0 – Source/Power
An absolutely DIVINELY GLORIOUS, BEAUTY filled day!! Today is a very potent ASCENSION gateway!! A day to SHINE as BRIGHTLY as the DOUBLE SUN! ☀🌞
Day 5 in the YELLOW WARRIOR WAVESPELL🏹🌈 of fearlessly QUEST-I-ONing everything in our path with a profound intelligence, disabling the old paradigm and fully focused on forging a new path to a brave New World.
Today we find the courage to FEARLESSLY SHINE🌞 our LIGHT creatively, allowing it to RADIATE☀ as we emPOWER our independant Missions.
OVERTONE ☀– Tone 5 in the SPIRITUAL realm. ACTION – commands, POWER – empowers, ESSENCE – radiance Number 5 represents the Center, core purpose, foundation and central intent. It is the CENTER of the wheel from which all the spokes emanate. This is the phase where the energy of Creation returns to the center and then RADIATES outwards.
Overtones command the unbounded. They order it to BE and so it becomes! Their POWER radiates from their soul essence through a pure connection to SOURCE, this is the true source of unlimited power. Today we are EMPOWERING our Divine Missions through claiming our Sovereignty. 👑
OPEN your HEART fully and embody the DIVINE LOVE that you ARE. Once you REALIZE this, you can RADIATE this LOVE out endlessly.
We need to recognize the full magnificence🦁🌞 of EVERY SOUL, as an aspect of DIVINE SOURCE☀ – our CREATOR, and afford them FORGIVENESS, respect and honour. We are all walking embodiments of the ONE SOURCE! 🌞
As we do this we become illuminated✨☀✨ into the full expression of our divinity, surrendering to our truth. Magnifying our full presence.
As you move toward your core of SOURCE LIGHT, you will find a clear-light awareness that is innately innocent. Clarity and freedom become expressions of being, and BLISS becomes the body. A new reality is born. From the union❤ of our cell-ves with our SOURCE🌞 we birth cosmic consciousness.✨☀🌟
Open your HEART❤ as a flower to the Sun, 🌻and become the same LOVE❤ that holds the COSMOS✨🍥 together!
You are the dawning of the new Soul-ar age, beautiful innocent Children of the SUN. 🌅☀🌞🎆
Today’s question is “AM I READY to fearlessly ILLUMINATE💡 my true core essence as I EMPOWER👑 my Divine Mission?” 🕊🎆
What a GLORY FILLED day to be A-LIVE on planet EARTH. 🎉🎊🎉🎊
NOW is the TIME to fully ALIGN with what we are here for!! To SERVE the Divine, and truly step up and give our gifts to b-Earth🐣 the New Earth, and the New Time! 🌍🌎🌏
We are once again GIFTED with a very divinely SPIRITUAL day, supporting us to IGNITE OUR LIGHT, ✨ step up and truly SHINE✨ very, very, very BRIGHTLY🌟🎆✨
TODAY we can AWAKEN to our full remembrance of who we truly are, GOLDEN SOUL-AR SOPHIA🌹 CHRISTED 🌞 HU-MANS!! 💛💛💛
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for a RADIANTLY EMPOWERING day! 🌞🎆🌞 Enjoy the RADIANT SUNSHINE! ☀
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
We are in the first MOON/MONTH of the White Overtone Wizard Year – so our OVERTONE power of COMMAND is DOUBLED today.. We have great SOLAR power to radiate our LIGHT as DIVINE SOVEREIGN ALCHEMISTS with the BLISSING of this 3.6.9. TESLA code today.
AHAU prompts us to STEP UP and become independent 👑 Sovereign beings, who are complete and WHOLE-some. This enables us to perfect the ILLUMINATION💡 of our own PURE essence, away from the influence or reflective distortions of others.
Accessing the Universal fires 🔥that AHAU 🌞provides, and using this energy to nurture and restore our cells, our organs and our bodies. Storing this chi energy deep within our core. We can then draw upon this reserve as fuel for our passion🔥 and drive, to manifest our own independent and unique creativity.
The YELLOW WARRIOR gives us the much needed COURAGE and tremendous will power to FEARLESSLY choose to step into our FULL GLORIOUS RADIANCE☀🌟 today. Questioning the old FEAR PARADIGM and rejecting it unequivocally! 👎
We use our intelligence to gain revelations and bring fearless illumination💡 into our lives and those we influence. Consciously choosing to fearlessly create the most ENLIGHTENED and harmonious culture that we can imagine! That is our collective mission and no-thing can get in our way of realizing this Divine plan.✨
✨✨IT IS TIME for us to claim our MASTERY, but in so doing we must WALK our TALK, and LIVE our DAILY LIVES through the lens of SPIRIT and the Enlightened Masters that we are becoming! .
The sparkles ✨ that we receive, as we honour ourselves as sovereign light beings, fills us with the grace, now that we have the courage toSHINE. The harmony of the DIVINE SOURCE that we are. The Sun shines upon us the utmost beauty, elegantly on the mission radiated to us by SOURCE… 🌞🌞🌞
Aho, Children of the SUN 🌞 how BRILLIANTLY we all SHINE ON! ☀🌞🎆
🎼And we all SHINE ON,
like the 🌛MOON, 🎵
and the ✨STARS
and the 🌞SUN!🎶
Last GALACTIC SPIN of KIN 200 – I had a REVELATION 💥🌟 – which the BLUE EAGLE showed me..
✨✨✨The true name of JESUS is – 🌟YESHUA 🌟 -YES – HU-A meaning YES HU ARE!
As HU✨ means GOD… YESHUA’s name literally means YES- GOD YOU ARE!! 🌟✨🌟
JESUS THE CHRISTOS came to EARTH to teach us that WE ARE GOD, and that everyone of us – has GOD INSIDE US… Within EVERY CELL of our being, in our DNA (as revealed by GREGG BRADEN in the GOD CODE)
We do not need to go to CHURCH or any EXTERNAL place to find GOD – all we need to do is LOOK within.. This INNER-SIGHT reveals the path to GOD through LOVE and forgiveness.. OPENING your HEART is the key to your ASCENSION to become ONE with ALL THAT IS.
This EPIPHANY is very timely, as today the 🌞OVERTONE SUN🌞 is COMMANDING us to CLAIM OUR GODLY POWERS!!!👑👑👑
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW OVERTONE STAR 🌟☀✨– LAMAT🌟 and AHUA 🌞are shining brightly upon us today and revealing the utmost beauty, elegance and harmony that is amplified by the STAR, as we radiate our LIGHT illuminated through our Divine purpose. The MOON is in peace loving LIBRA .today which marries well with the romantic STAR energy providing a beautiful synergy of energies. Enhanced opportunities to RADIATE our soul LIGHT✨🌟✨
The OVERTONE STAR🌟 opens a ✨PORTAL🌠 to the NEW TIME✨. The TIME of HARMONY, PEACE and beauty. This SHINES a LIGHT on the current LAMAT 20 day passage – from 9 AUGUST – 29 AUGUUST 2023 . In 8 more days we pass through the 2nd STARGATE – YELLOW COSMIC STAR🍥🌟 -through the COSMIC portal to the NEW TIME!!!
NOTE: We have passed the half-way mark this week, on RED LUNAR EARTH day and we are well on our way through this journey, to reconnect and RISE into our DIVINE SOPHIA/CHRISTOS I AM presence.
These LAMAT gateways are enabling us to access this NEW TIME. A world of exquisite ART- istry where we can express our lives through creativity, imagination and JOY. The OVERTONE STAR is calling us forth to COMMAND this NEW TIME into our lives, and our world IMMEDIATELY. 🌟🐬🌟
LAMAT illuminates and activates our solar plexus chakra, our POWER center, spinning harmonically so that this energy takes form and manifests through into your reality. As you independently SHINE your LIGHT by perfecting the creation of your Art . 🎨 Reflecting the beauty and elegance that surrounds you, as you fearlessly focus on your creations, made manifest.
We are all Artisans🖌 crafting and shaping our beautiful new world, we just need the eyes to see and appreciate this beauty that exists all around us.
Today, BE the extensions of this beauty, made manifest in the physical form, as the beautiful and grace filled STAR🌟 BLISS🐬 SUN ☀ shining with new found creative confidence. ✨✨✨
The OVERTONE STAR🌞👑🌟 is em-POWER-ing you to SHINE your LIGHT even brighter!
Step up onto centre stage and be the RADIANT STAR of the show! ☀✨🎆
SUPPORT:BLUE OVERTONE STORM☀ 🌀– CAUAC continues to SHAKE the old pot today, ensuring the old stagnant energies are dispersed and transmuted. The OVERTONE STORM is so powerful, it stirs up the core of your being. You can catalyze the tremendous POWER🌪 of the forces available, in order to RADIATE at your full potential today. Renewal through self generation, catalyzing this STORM power!
It is time to COMMAND your sovereignty, and fearlessly step up into a greater Mission.
❓❓How can you reach a wider audience and empower others as you do so?
Are you READY for this?🤔
BLUE STORM🌪 supports us in making this collective shift, to a more JOY filled and creative reality for all. Make the decision to set your intention to fully embrace your LIGHT🌟 and be the MASTER that you came to EARTH to be!👑
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED SOLAR DRAGON☀🐉 -IMIX is the Mother Dragon who enables us to BIRTH🐣 our creations into reality. IMIX also gives us the Dragon’s courage, and determination, to protect our unique Missions from corruption and fully empower them into manifestation.
The SOLAR DRAGON embodies the wisdom of the SOPHIA DRAGON🌹🐉 tribe. The Divine Feminine wisdom keepers, who guard the keys to the COSMOS.. That key of course is to pulse out LOVE and COMPASSION that is radiated from within your SACRED HEART.❤ This is the SOURCE of TRUE POWER!
The SOPHIA 🌹energies perfectly partner with the CHRISTOS🌞 masculine SOLAR energies today, completing their DIVINE RE-UNION in order to attain WHOLE-NESS, that is ONENESS. All perfectly entwined in our ASCENDED state.
We are bestowed with confidence, to BELIEVE in our QUEST, ourselves and our unique contributions, in this New world we are birthing. We become fully empowered to accept full responsibility for our role, PULSING our radiant confidence to those of our kin. Sharing our LIGHT through the spark that ignites passion and creativity. Bonding with our kin to FLOW with the collective evolution of Earth and all beings.
Realizing the power of our sovereignty, we can step up and place our unique puzzle piece in the Giant jigsaw of Divine Creator. The way forward is through RADIANT compassion and empowerment of ourselves and our Planetary family.❤👪
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE OVERTONE DOG ☀🐕 -OC challenges us to express PURE unconditional❤ love, compassion and acceptance towards ourselves and others. Through loyalty, devotion and compassion we allow others to become empowered too. Rather than subjugating, manipulating and dominating through the use of conditional love.
LOVE is the key to our ASCENSION.. this was the main teaching of YESHUA – that LOVE is the most powerful force in the UNIVERSE, and leads the way back home to our SOURCE. Without an OPEN HEART one cannot ascend.
The OVERTONE DOG challenges us today to HEAL any old wounds of betrayal, jealousy, deceit, mistrust and abuse. Release any barriers to expressing LOVE, through dissolving the walls in your HEART.
OPEN your HEART fully and embody the DIVINE LOVE that you ARE. Once you REALIZE this, you can RADIATE this LOVE out endlessly.
We need to recognize the full magnificence🦁🌞 of EVERY SOUL, as an aspect of DIVINE SOURCE☀ – our CREATOR, and afford them FORGIVENESS, respect and honour. We are all walking embodiments of the ONE SOURCE! 🌞
As we do this we become illuminated✨☀✨ into the full expression of our divinity, surrendering to our truth. Magnifying our full presence.
As you move toward your core of SOURCE LIGHT, you will find a clear-light awareness that is innately innocent. Clarity and freedom become expressions of being, and BLISS becomes the body. A new reality is born. From the union❤ of our cell-ves with our SOURCE🌞 we birth cosmic consciousness.✨☀🌟
Open your HEART❤ as a flower to the Sun, 🌻and become the same LOVE❤ that holds the COSMOS✨🍥 together!
You are the dawning of the new Soul-ar age, beautiful innocent Children of the SUN. 🌅☀🌞🎆
Today’s question is “AM I READY to fearlessly ILLUMINATE💡 my true core essence as I EMPOWER👑 my Divine Mission?” 🕊🎆
What a GLORY FILLED day to be A-LIVE on planet EARTH. 🎉🎊🎉🎊
NOW is the TIME to fully ALIGN with what we are here for!! To SERVE the Divine, and truly step up and give our gifts to b-Earth🐣 the New Earth, and the New Time! 🌍🌎🌏
We are once again GIFTED with a very divinely SPIRITUAL day, supporting us to IGNITE OUR LIGHT, ✨ step up and truly SHINE✨ very, very, very BRIGHTLY🌟🎆✨
TODAY we can AWAKEN to our full remembrance of who we truly are, GOLDEN SOUL-AR SOPHIA🌹 CHRISTED 🌞 HU-MANS!! 💛💛💛
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for a RADIANTLY EMPOWERING day! 🌞🎆🌞 Enjoy the RADIANT SUNSHINE! ☀
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




🔥 Shamanic Negative Implant Removal Ceremony 🔥


Implant Removal Shaman Ceremony ~ Cutting all Cords, Attachments and all False Soul Contracts ~ Freedom from all Negative Programs and Entities

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Sandra Walter

Divine Decree Focus: Purifying timelines and Calling forth Highest Trajectories

Beloved I AM Presence, beloved Higher Levels, flow the Diamond Golden liquid light into the cells of my body and Divine DNA to undo all discordant density that has ever registered there.
Beloved I AM Presence, Divine Mother, Heavenly Father, Paradise SUNs of God, send the purifying Diamond White Flames of Ascension into all of my relationships, loved ones, family monad, soul monad, OverSoul monad and to all willing hearts whom I connect with each day.
Beloved I AM Presence, I surrender all uncomplementary beliefs, habits, thoughts, emotions, and activities which do not honor the complete activation of my Divine DNA and Ascension. I surrender all fear, doubt, struggle, lack and limitation, clearing all distortions so that the full radiance of my Divine Self may merge with me and become my consistent Divine awareness.
Beloved I AM Presence, I stand in the freedom and splendor of the infinite Creator and surrender everything that is not the eternal presence of Divine Love. I surrender all limiting words, thoughts, feelings and deeds that I have ever registered in any reality. There is now nothing within me that opposes the truth of my own Divinity.
Divine DNA, you are free to express my beloved Christed Presence and my pure and true Ascended Self through this body vehicle. I call forth the indestructible purity and power I AM.
I call forth the Crystal Blue Flame of Infinite Purity to clear my mind, body, and emotions of any discordant activity from first separation until now. Clear my timelines and DNA of all discord, and purge the cause, core, record, effect, and all memory of it now.
I call forth the Rays of Divine Perfection from the Great Central SUN, through Solaris (the SUN), and through my Christed presence, Higher Self, into my body vehicle, to grant me complete support to integrate all initiations, activations, wisdom, and the infinite blessings that are perfect for my journey in this now moment.
Let all that is sacred be set forth as my reality in this now. Divine DNA activate, rebundle and reconnect all strands, layers, fields and gateways to provide this experience of Divine perfection and Embodiment of my Highest Self; the Pure Presence of Source in this now.
I ordain this under all graces and forces of the Infinite Pure Creator Source.
I call this forth to the highest level allowed by Cosmic Law, in Divine alignment with the Divine plan and blueprint for my pure and true organic Ascension.
I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You. So be it and so it is.
Art Sophia ✨
Purifying timelines and Calling forth Highest Trajectories
Purifying timelines and Calling forth Highest Trajectories

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The Dragon Hearted ones Awaken 🐉
Dragons 🐉💮🐉
Enlightened humans with Dragon Wisdom (Gnosis) and Dragon Power (Kundalini) appear at the end and beginning of each great cycle of time. At the end of a cycle their wisdom and Kundalini power assists those who have completed their karmas to achieve God-Realization and extrication from the Matrix – i.e., the illusion. They then appear at the beginning of a new cycle to teach humanity the sacred and mundane arts that will characterize the new cycle.
Typically, the Dragons gather at “Edens” or Gardens of the Dragons around the globe, which are Dragon Lairs (vortexes) full of high frequency life force (Kundalini) and where the veil between the dimensions is thinner so inter-dimensional connections can easily be made. In the past, leading the Dragons has been that entity portrayed as the “Serpent on Tree” of Eden. The Gnostics referred to him in their texts as the First Instructor and the Savior Son. The Sumerians knew him as Enki, the HIndus remember him as Sanat Kumara, the Yezidis know him as the Peacock Angel, the Hopis call him Masau’u, etc.
We are now at the end of the 4th World and on the threshold of the 5th World, so the Dragons are again appearing on the world’s stage and at the vortexes. The Serpent on the Tree and Leader of the Dragons is also returning. Are you ready to extricate yourself from the Matrix?? Or will you be an engaging and long term citizen of the 5th World?