KaRa of Pleiades ~ The Waves of Contact

KaRa of Pleiades ~ The Waves of Contact

By: James McConnell

I am KaRa. 
I come again at this time to bring what might be considered ‘Part 2’ of my message, my continuing message. Because I had asked that I be allowed to speak to this group and to all those who would resonate to these words, and was given permission to do so. For you must understand that this group is well protected, and is not allowed for any outside interference to break through, through this one that I speak through now. Only the light is allowed to come through. And I bring this light to all of you. I bring it to you as a Pleiadean emissary from the great councils. But not only the Pleiadean councils, but the many councils of light, and from the many different civilizations that are here now and working toward bringing the light to this planet. 
And I share with you now, as KaRa, that those of you in this group, and again those who would resonate to these words, are being prepared, prepared to be a part, not only of the many changes that are coming to this planet, but be a part of first contact with those of us. We are preparing the way for all of you. But it is because of what you have all been doing, intending, working toward, acclimating to the energies. Because you cannot come aboard our ships without first being acclimated to these energies. Your One Who Serves has said many times: we cannot come down to you: you must rise to us. 
And rising you have been doing! And rising you continue to do. Rising into the high vibrations, into higher dimensional frequencies where you can then meet us, and we can meet you. And we are preparing the way now for that. No, I cannot give you a timeframe for this. But I can say it is coming. 
The way is being prepared for those of you to be a part of what has been called “the secret wave.” If you would read that which this one, James, read some time ago, called “Prepare for the Landings,” you will understand what this secret wave is, and how it is the precursor of the waves to come after this, the waves of contact. We are here to make contact with you. We are here to bring you aboard our ships. That is what this group is being prepared for. Only for those of you, though, who would ask for it, who would want it. Your one, Cobra, has spoken of this as an emissary of ours. He spoke of preparing a place in your properties where a ship could land, or a place outside of where you live where you could be at that moment when a ship lands. Or certainly, be able to be beamed up when the time is right, when the energies are right for you to be able to do so. 
And know that as these waves of energy continue to come, you are rising up each and every moment into the higher vibrations where you can then meet us, and we meet you. But understand that the term “meet” is not quite relevant here because we know many of you, as you know many of us already. The recognition will be there. It is not only us, the Pleiadeans, who are preparing this, but the Cereans, the Andromedans, and others who are preparing the way for this. 
Eventually, there will not only be first contact, there will be full contact, and full disclosure. Then, we will be able to be in your skies, landing on your airstrips: you will be coming aboard our ships and traveling to the stars! Just as you were meant to do. 
I am KaRa, and I will be with you often now from this point forward. For the connection has been re-established between us, and will continue on for some time yet to come. 
All of my peace, love, and all that I AM be with all of you. 
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