THE LIGHT JOURNEY ~ Crystal Command Mother Ship ~ Nova Jerusalem Prophecy ~ Eclipse-Pleiadean Lineup – Floating Within Turtle Island

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THE LIGHT JOURNEY ~ Crystal Command Mother Ship ~ Nova Jerusalem Prophecy ~ Eclipse-Pleiadean Lineup – Floating Within Turtle Island

Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Cosmic Awakened Wayshowers of the Pure Land of Eternal Bliss Consciousness

 With the eyes of our Spirit open and the Queens Chamber in the Heart Center fully fired up and activated we merge all realms, dimensions and timelines through our Galactic Rainbow Bridge of infinite multidimensional resonance.

 This Friday’s Eclipse at the Full Moon in Taurus will be the longest Lunar Eclipse since 1440, this Sky Phenomenon is encoded with the 144 code of the New Hue-man of the 12 Strand Crystalline DNA. All is coming into perfect alignment in this Celestial Orcha-Star of the Music of the Spheres. The Prophecy of Heaven upon Earth is being fulfilled and made manifest.

Today is a powerful 7:7 Portal on the Mayan Calendar with Kin 77 Red Crystal Earth, 12 Caban of the Divine Goddess. The Red Queen of the Crystalline Earth is Rising with the White Queen returned and fully enthroned, the Yin Power within the Yang Force, we Rise and Expand like a Great Hurricane sweeping away all the dregs of the Past to clear and cleanse the PAth for the Great Awakening of Gaia and all of Hue-manity. Today is also a powerful Galactic Activation Portal bringing in all Aspects of our Great Spirit to complete our Mission of this Grand Ascension Process.

In Divine Grace our Rainbow Tribe of the New Earth Timeline Rise and Full ,Embody our Higher Dimensional Self into this Sacred Vessel of our Holy Avatar to Manifest our Highest Light our Highest Codes into the Field of Pure Energy that is the Unity Consciousness of this One Realm of Physical Manifestation. We empower you in this Gnosis Now.

In this Quickening we Transform this Dream into a Lucid Conscious Emanation of Pure Awareness…A’Ho!!

Abundance codes for today –  5254 ~ 5955 – 3421 ~ 14312 – 7777




Right now: Moon at 0°09′ Taurus, Sun at 24°58′ Scorpio

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

An x ray photograph.
Sabian Symbol for 25º Scorpio

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 25º Scorpio.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A clear mountain stream.
Sabian Symbol for 1º Taurus

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 1º Taurus.





COLLECTIVELY there is a SIGNIFICANT SHIFT occurring today. The energies are WITHIN YOU! Each will experience it by degree, differently & uniquely 💜🙏💚

Nova Maxx

Galactic Federation Crystal Command Mother Ship ~ Nova Jerusalem Prophecy

In The Prophecy,
They Call It, The Nova Jerusalem.
It Is The Largest Ship Ever Build In The Cosmos. It Is Approximately 5 Times Larger Then Earth.
And Was Prophetise To Arrive To Earth During The Final Transition To The 5th Dimension
Of The HuMan Terra Collective.
The Ship Is Housing Hundreds Of Different
Galactic Angelic Races.
It Is Also Housing Millions Of Races Of Animals And Plants From All Over The Universe. It Contains Continents Full Of Nature Of All Kinds.
Many Castles Of Crystal In Which Our Beloved Families Are Living In.
The Floors Are All Made Of Pure MonoAtomic Gold, Platinum, Silver, Copper, Palladium, Iridium, Rhodium And Many Others.
The Walls Are Made Of Crystals So Pure,
They Emanate Light Colors You Have Never Seen, Carved With Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst And More.
The Vibration Is So High, Time Is Suspended.
All Is Made With Sacred Geometry
So It Creates A Powerful Healing,
That Regenerate The Bodies.
Once The Final Quantum Leap Occurs
Most of the 144 000 Co-Creators Incarnated On
Earth Will Be Taken By Light Sphere Merkabah,
And brought Into Smaller Ships, To Then Be Transferred To The Mother Ship For 3 Earth Days. As Time Is Slowed Down,
3 Days Will Be Perceived As 3 Years,
During Which, The 144 000 Will Have Their Physical Vessels Upgraded With The Christ OverSelf. They Will Be taught So When They Get Back, They Will Be Fully Ascended.
Therefore, They Will Lead Earth Collective Into The Fulfillment The Evolution Of The Whole Social Memory Complexe.
We Are The Prophecy!!💙🌈🙏🌈💙
I Will Meet You There!!!💙🌈🙌🌈💙
Nova Maxx 💙🌈🙌🌈💙🔯☄🌠🌟🌟🌟

Eclipse-Pleiadean Lineup

The first of two eclipses arrive this Friday, November 19th when the Scorpio sun opposes the full moon at 27° Taurus. This is the first eclipse occurring along the Taurus-Scorpio axis since 2012-2014. The cosmic alignment of this eclipse cycle between 2012 – 2021 acts as the accelerator of the Quickening. This intense lunar eclipse exposes unresolved trauma for deeper emotional healing and spiritual evolution.
With the lunar eclipse occurring in Taurus, it is in the Earth element, feminine and receptive. Taurus is the giver of form and structure – your foundation in life. As you transition into the New Earth Timeline, you are forging a new earth-bound foundation for living in unity consciousness. The Taurus Eclipse affects the very foundation of your earthly existence…are you ready for an upgrade?
This year the full moon eclipse occurs during the Pleiadean Lineup on November 19th. Every year between November 16-19, earth is in direct alignment with the Pleiades star system. The Pleiadean agenda enhances spiritual development, raising consciousness and attaining more harmony amongst galactic races.
Those Starseeds encoded with the Pleiadean bloodline or star blueprint will experience activations during the Pleiadean gateway. The Taurus Lunar Eclipse increases healing and clearing of archaic code and systems that block Soul embodiment. Open and receive the infusion of divine Pleiadean Light this week as cosmic blessings for your new ascension foundation to develop.
As we move through these powerful ascension gateways, the Family of Light is assisting the up-leveling into higher awakened consciousness and galactic genetic crystallization. We are unlocking from the old Atlantean timeline and adjusting to the crystal foundation of the New Earth timeline.
Lovingly, Meg Benedicte
Copyright (c) 2021 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved *

Ra James

We are moving through the energies of this week’s Pleiadian Portal.It’s already kicked off some solar winds that will join it.We are in a powerful Pleiadian Alignment right now.Right now the Sun, and our Earth are in perfect alignment with the Pleiades.This is an alignment that happens twice a year May 15th-23rd and November 15th- 23rd.These two portals come as a pair.They are very much a twin flame pair.Back in May the Pleiades began to rise with the Sun on Beltane.The Sun at that point began a 6 month dance with the Pleiades.


They always form an infinity shape too.During the May Alignment it’s time to connect with the energies of the Sun.During the November Alignment it’s a time to connect to the energies of the Stars.This Gateway brings some powerful DNA upgrades.The energies of either Pleiadian Alignment very much prepare us for the Solstice.These are very much energies for the heart, so expect a lot of heart chakra activation with them.There is also extra magic in the air that can be felt everywhere.The Pleiades are also known as the stars of Hathor.Right now we are also feeling the energies of Friday’s Taurus Full Moon.


This is also a Lunar Eclipse that is very much aligned with the Pleiades.These energies are here to take us higher.Tonight we have a beautiful alignment happening where we can see Orion and the Pleiades above it.Below it we can see Sirius.



Arcturian Gateway

The world will not end, trust the divine plan.
Yes, a cycle of time has closed, a new era begins, there will be the transformation and transmutation of this planet, love will unite and transcend.
Our Creator wants change, evolution and not destruction.
Be firm, strong and always keep your faith and your light to follow along with the change coming for the better, to be even stronger in the future.
Think only good, only do good, only want good, and the positive energies of good have accompanied you on the journey.
Beings of Light approach those enlightened from the heart.
Your heart cannot be heavier than your soul.
24 October 2021.

E N E R G Y U P D A T E ❤️

Big energy spike in last 24 hours.
It’s hitting the Root Chakra & Emotional Light Body hard.
The Root Chakra is linked to your foundation in life, like the roots to a tree. As it purges, you may feel distinctly childlike, with a notable uncertainty, lack of safety and instability. In short, it’s taking you back to period from womb to the first 5 years of life in which you were most vulnerable and the source of trauma for many.
It’s triggering a whirlwind of big emotions, namely rapid fire anger, irritation, discontent, insecurity, disconnection, lack of balance, restlessness, feeling ungrounded and acute loneliness (even if other people are around). It may be hard to properly name them as they swirl around together.
Physical symptoms have also been prominent, with lower back pain/ spasms/ tightness, gut issues, inflammation, tiredness, listlessness and dis-regulation of the central nervous system.
You may find yourself calling into question your current home situation or environment, or feeling like there is somewhere else you need to be (in this earth or elsewhere).
Now is the perfect time to have a conversation with your Inner Child as the Parent/ Elder, ask them what they need, reassure them, give them a cuddle and send them love. This inner relationship is one of the most important you can cultivate as it underpins all others.
If you need any support, please reach out. This is one of the areas I specialise in – connecting and healing the inner child can lead to profound and positive shifts.
Sending lots of love
Leyla ❤️❤️❤️
Image source: @georgiarosehardy

~ Abigail Stellar Shekinah ♡


Your freedom and your sovereignty are a birthright and it’s important to take advantage of the memory that comes from an inner feeling rather than outside of you. The only limitations we have on our freedom are those we are putting ourselves on. You may be buying many 3 D illusions right now and the way to free yourself is to remember the eternal nature of your soul that always has access to freedom and sovereignty.
Your freedom comes from the ability to choose what you want and the knowledge that the captain of this sailboat is you. You are the director of your life and it is your masterpiece. However, you may have many unconscious projections, which makes things seem like you have no power. It is crucial that you take advantage of freedom from within to experience joy and abundance as you are the Source of Everything. Anywhere in life, you feel trapped & as if your rights are taken away from you, and this comes from this disconnect wound from your soul & God.
You have this God-given free will to bring the Light of your soul to your conscience. You can do this regardless of any outside circumstance that tells you if you have freedom or not. As a Divine Alchemist what you’re doing is learning about action and reaction, cause and effect as well as being on Earth based on choice.
No matter the situation, you absolutely always have the option to think in a spent or limited way. It’s time to not stop making yourself and others wrong for these lessons. Allow your inner child to finally free themselves from the demands and expectations you place in yourself. It’s time now to bring through the essence of support of nurturing and livelihood, releasing you like this. You will start changing once you stop looking only at areas where you feel you have no freedom and begin to see a broader picture of all areas where you have freedom right now, as well, creating more freedom from soul level ..
To step fully into the new Earth, the new life
all needs to dissolve.
The old ego.
All the personas.
The old belief systems.
The old programming.
All the old pain and suffering
All which blocks and hinders
All which separates you from yourself, others and the Divine.
All which blocks and hinders.
All fears.
All calculations.
All you ever thought or believed yourself to be.
Into no-thingness.
Yet in the dissolving you become All That Is.
Only when all is dissolved into no-thingness can you be reborn and resurrected into the Infinite Whole, the truth of who and what you are in truth: The Divine experiencing, living, breathing life through you, As One.
My Father and I are One.
My Mother and I are One.
The Holy Spirit, the Shekinah, and I are One.

Ulrikke Aagaard

Merging with the White Flame from where I came. Millions of particles in the form of sparkling diamond crystal pyramids of light , activating my key codes of light

Recognize myself as an initiate of Source Light with a purposeful intention to provide an alchemical anchor for these key codes of Light ▲▲▲
I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become
I am the alchemist
I am the creator of my life
I am the Temple of Divine Creation
I Universal Service ▲
I △M
~ Ish Sha Ulrikke Aagaard
Time is not linear in the way we understand it in the 3D world, meaning it is not flowing from point A to B. We experience it as one point moving to another, but the truth of time is that it is non-existent.
We only have recordings of the past via experiential memory and projections of the future through patterns and expectation. But all of those things exist in the NOW.
There is no past, there is no future, there is only your gateway into those projections through right here, right now, in the present.
This literally means that everything that has ever happened or will ever happen is happening right now, we are just resonating with the Frequency of the timeline we are experiencing, so that is what we see and feel.
Even if you wake up and choose between your red shirt or your grey one, you have chosen both, at the same time.
This is an example of a small timeline schism, where, most often, the day is very similar and does not wildly swing in possibility, unlike the decision to move across the country, vs. across town.
A decision like that would eventually lead to two different people full of different memories and experiences, who both feel like you, because they ARE you.
Looking back on your life, can you see the possibilities of who you might have become? Of the path you have chosen to be right here, now?
How did you choose this path? This is the major blindspot of a culture experiencing time as a flow from one point to another. It seems like reality is just happening around you and you have no control over it.
If every possible version of you exists, why have you chosen this one? Why are you not in a timeline of magic and epiphany, open to the abundance and wisdom of the universe?
Well…you are. The difference being that version of you instinctively feels worthy, powerful, beautiful, magnificent and loving beyond all bounds of limitation. That version of you has completely cast off the constraints of a control system spanning an epoch and has released all trauma, from physical, to ancestral, to genetic, to past life levels.
You already exist as that Human. What is keeping you from experiencing that timeline?
Nothing more than resonance.
Turn your focus inward. Explore the deep woundings of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine. Shift through the traumas passed down to you by those who came before. Hold space inside of these wounds and truly *feel* them for what they are: choices to hold onto the past, which never existed to begin with.
You are not the sum of your experiences. You are not the damage that has happened to you. You are not the damage you have caused others.
A new life is right in front of you for the taking, but the sadness, hatred, shame, guilt, fear and anger plaguing the inner world of our species cannot magnetize that space, because those energies do not exist in that timeline.
Turn your eyes inside. Let yourself relax and heal. Without the triggers, traumas and woundings of the past, untold levels of worthiness, love and magic are possible for each and every one of us.
As we individually align with our highest self, the collective is exposed to more of this energy,. Eventually, the entire collective will be able to shift as a species into what many know as the Event, or the Golden Age of Humankind.
We can choose through our own inner journey.
This is how to step outside of time and create with the paints of the Universe, using the inner canvas to reflect to the outer


As your construct introduces artificial realities, can you see the journey before you? The future realities of your world?
We ask you to take a moment and view the future you. See the reality you wish to live and prosper. Spend a moment capturing the light, vibrational surroundings.
Know the light work you have completed up to now is integral to the Light Expansion of many. As a Light Founder, holding the light, paving the way for future Generations. See the importance of this light knowledge and sacred understanding shared to the children.
As many have felt the pressure to comply, we ask you to see the other side of the coin for these light workers. To see this challenge as a greater view point of expansion. An opportunity to rise above….
For the power of your light body is beyond the construct of your physical form. Do you see the true power of YOU? To commune with the Earth and the biochemical signature of every earth being for biochemical healing?
See the opportunity now to see the advancement of your light skills. To ask for light technologies to assist the compromised. To assist eachother in this decision space.
For the decision to assist others is the higher light role of a wayshower. A healer, a truly compassionate light seeker.
For the light work of your divine self is just beginning, as you face new challenges aligned to the awakening of your reality.
Remember the task before you, the Light Renegade you are 🙏❤
As we Journey to Light 🌿
With love for your light journey 🙏
Can You Feel The Upgrades?
Wonderful Light is entering our Reality, empowering expanding frequencies.
Sun gaze, ground and align to the higher light codes.
An important opportunity to receive guidance and vibrational awareness from your Soul Family.
Be open to teachings, synchronisity, Soul Family signs and messages.
Cellular Light Expansion and Healing is available to everyone awakened to receiving Higher Light Healing.
Attune to nature who seek guidance and a way forward.
I ask you to feel within this new Light Liberation, Higher Light Expansion.
As we collectively AWAKEN to the greater knowing of who WE ARE🙏
To Acknowledge the Great Progress❤
To Live in a Heart space of Purity and Light
As we join in Global UNITY🙏
LOVE for your day Global Family💥
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Illumination in the consciousness is helping us see where changes need to be made. Possibly your actions and behaviours were for other people, rather than your own true organic nature.

Being raised to think that you have to work really hard to have success created a fear based lack mentality. That mindset may have played a role in your relationships as well, subconsciously thinking that you have to put in a lot of work to make your partner happy. That way of being is collapsing with old earth, to begin a new joyful peaceful lifestyle through our Father instead. Today is an opportunity to look closely at motivations and actions, and make changes to find better balance, and prioritize responsibilities and play.

There has been so much upheaval of the seed point of unhealthy destructive behaviours that needed to collapse with the old timeline. We are on a new path, and jumping into a new timeline with new/renewed relationships. This path becomes clearer as purification completes itself during this time of transition and self-discovery.

Today your being guided to rest, and get grounded and centred. All these clearings and inner work needs more time to release from the physical body, especially if you’re already experiencing burnout. Imbalances such as bacteria, infection, and feeling sick can happen when the body is releasing a lot of stored memory at one time, without support. Take time to strengthen the body, detox, and do healing modalities to avoid the body getting overloaded.

Ultimately this is about taking back your power from the ego mind, and dominate controlling narcissists. You could have been suppressed and drained your entire life under them, until now. Restoration of what they stole from you including your energy, drive, gifts, leadership and more are revealing themselves. Alignment of the body, mind, heart, and spirit with the Most High is recommended as the next step in revealing the real confident you.

Focus on all you have accomplished and what you love and appreciate about yourself. The more the pain from the past is released, the easier it will be to release what’s holding you back for your transformation. As you see these truths, it will be easy for you to utilize your sovereign authority and clear thinking to cut out whatever needs to end.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏🏻 God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

Adrienne Elise

GAIA DAILY – Nov. 15-19 – SHINE ON

It’s a powerful week as we come up on the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on Friday. This Blood Moon is the longest eclipse that has happened for 600 years. This Eclipse Season is a new start for humanity, as its time for an era of of human slavery to end.

Mars in Scorpio is ready to rumble and fight for the abundant life we all deserve, by birthright. In opposition to Uranus in Taurus, we can only have a revolution of wealth, if we are willing to face and clean up the darkness that has been lurking in the shadows. This all has to do with whether humans are content to stay as slaves, or whether it is now time to throw off the chains of control, so humans can take their rightful place back in the cosmos.

With asteroid Vesta approaching the South Node, everything is pointing to SuperNova Souls reclaiming their spiritual destiny. These times are a culmination of a project that we have been working on over many lifetimes. Time to get back on the horse of this high holy epic quest, and ride again. It’s been a long haul but we are finally, almost there. And we are just getting started on the fun part of what we came here to do.

Fun part? Most SuperNova Souls are feeling like they are battling day and night with demonic energies. This is because we are in End Times. The End for Evil, that is. And the New Dawn is just around the corner.

This week, asteroid Eros, representing the power of creation energy, is coming up to Pluto in Capricorn. It’s time to break down all of the false authority energies and contracts that have kept us from our own sovereign connection to life force.

Saturn in Aquarius has progressed to 8 degrees, making an exact sextile to Chiron, who has retrograded back to 8 degrees Aries. This exact sextile will last through the end of the month. The Aquarian Age is marked by human sovereignty. It begins when we claim back our God Given right to our own life force energy.

No wonder this battle is playing out on the stage of our immune system. Spiritual ascension is about vibrant vitality, being autonomous in our life force energy. Humanity is no longer for sale. SuperNova Souls, we are here to lead the way. Let’s get our SHINE ON.


Sun in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn – Deep stirrings from the soul invite us to recognise that this is a powerful moment in time. The power is in the present. Seize the day. What you do today has the potential to make a positive impact. Be open to change. Be consistent. Be patient. Change is a process. Persevere.
Let your vision unfold. Follow the path of your dreams. Your intuition guides you to your truth. Heartfelt honesty brings transformation. Empowerment comes through self-knowledge. The clearer your self-perception, the clearer your mission. Your imagination becomes a potent force when combined with a concrete plan. Reclaim your inner gold.
Degrees and Times
Sun 24°Sc43′, Pluto 24°Cp43′ – 21:01 (UT)
Painting – ‘Lady in Yellow’ by Max Kurzweil

Kin 77 Red Crystal Earth

– The Crystal Earth Floating Within Turtle Island –
The crystal structure of the earth is an interdimensional ley line matrix in resonance with the psi bank and the electromagnetic field
The crystal structure itself is the intelligence of the earth. The ley line matrix formed by this crystal structure is earth’s revolutionary program.
The psi bank and electromagnetic field provide the resonant feedback memory matrix for the information generated by the interdimensional ley line program of the earth. The resonant feedback matrix includes cosmobiological as well as solar imprint matrices.
The crystal structure/interdimensional ley line matrix of the earth is a synthesis of universal geometric, possessing a purely mathematical character which is at the same time simultaneous and holonomic.
The surface earth we know is the playground of the The interdimensional Crystal earth that lies within. The lines comprising the crystal structure of the earth within are referred to as interdimensional ley lines. A ley line is an energy axis running between two power points. Power points may be conceived of as points where an unusual degree of geomantic energy may be experienced interactively with the biopsychic energy of life force.
Since the crystal structure of the earth is the intelligence of the earth and the ley lines comprising the crystal matrix provide the planet’s evolutionary program as well as the key axes forming the mystic continents, the ley lines are referred to as interdimensional. This means that the ley lines of the crystal structure are information carriers simultaneously interacting with each other and possessing past and future programs
-Crystal Earth Papers Preparation for Harmonic Convergence. A Planet Art Network Time Release by Valum Votan (José Argüelles)
Kin 77 – Precept 25 – By becoming conscious of the three universes: phenomenal, imaginal and moral, that are always simultaneously in operation, you may begin to create an enlarged assessment of who you really are and what you are really doing here.
Some shall be made the glory’s receptacles
And vehicles of the Eternal’s luminous power.
These are the high forerunners, the heads of Time, The great deliverers of earth-bound mind,
The high transfigurers of human clay,
The first-born of a new supernal race.
(Savitri: Book XI, The Book of Everlasting Day, p 705)

Kin 77 ~ Red Crystal Earth

‘Crystal’ is the name for the number 12 and it’s key words are ‘Cooperate, Dedicate and Universalize’. The 12th day of a wavespell is all about doing things with others, finding your people, engaging with other humans rather than being on your own. Cooperation is what it is all about and together we can achieve much more than we can individually. Find some like-minded folk today to hang out with and remember no man (or woman) is an island. . It also represents ‘Dedication’ and today is great for dedicating yourself to your cause.
Today is Red Earth and it’s key words are ‘Evolution, Synchronicity and Navigation.’ Red Earth days are all about progress and growth. These days are great for taking a leap forward on your path. As it is a ‘Crystal’ day, this suggests that we can evolve by getting together with like-minded folk and we should be working together to evolve, that’s the nature of mankind….’Cooperate to Evolve!’
The Guide for the day is the Red Moon which symbolizes ‘Going with the flow’. This suggests that by relaxing, trusting in the universe and relinquishing control, will guide your evolution in the right direction.
The Challenge of the day is the Blue Hand which represents ‘Healing and Accomplishment.’ The role of the challenge aspect of a day can seem confusing. For those who are the challenge, the day is tougher for them because their issues will surface. For everyone else, the challenge is more like the ‘pay attention’ energy of the day. So, evolving – naturally would lead to healing – but it is not easy, we have to stretch ourselves.
The Occult power is the Yellow Seed which represents ‘sowing awareness’. This means that awareness about magic will aid your evolution. People born on Yellow Seed days are in strong position today and can share wisdom about their magical knowledge.
The Ally today is the White Wind, the communicator of the Tzolkin. A great friend to have around today if you are lucky enough to know one. If you are a White Wind be prepared to be of service to others today.
It is a Portal Day! This adds great power to folk who are consciously seeking to evolve!

Today is Red Crystal Earth day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Red Earth, (tribe 17 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), evolves, navigate, synchronicity.
Red Earth encourages you to evolve yourself by consciously navigating your path. You are the captain of the ship, you are the navigator, you are holding the steering wheel and making all course and direction decisions. As you navigate your way upon your chosen route, take note of synchronicities marking the way as you go. Synchronicities have been mislabeled as coincidences. Coincidence is a word we created to describe the phenomenon of two instances of something happening simultaneously that catch our attention. The implication is that these occurrences are happening in a seemingly random or unexplained way. Everything and every event that occurs is synchronized and connected. We have all had the experience where we are thinking about someone and the next thing you know the phone rings and it’s them, or moments later you unexpectedly run into them. Let’s assume that you started this synchronized process by thinking about this person first. As you begin thinking about this person, you naturally radiate thoughts and emotions about them. This energy then goes out into the universe and magnetically finds that person. Now this person has your energy swirling about them which then acts as a catalyst causing them to begin thinking about you. The next thing you know, your phone is ringing. It is actually your act of conscious navigation which is creating these synchronicities. Synchronicities are the signposts that come up along your evolving, consciously navigated chosen route acting as reminders that you are on the synchronized path.
Crystal tone of Cooperation, (step 12 of the 13-step creative energy tone cycle), dedicate, universalize, cooperation.
Having liberated yourself yesterday through creativity, vision, and mind, (Blue Eagle), you are now ready to re-crystallize and reform into a higher order. The Crystal tone of Cooperation encourages you to step into and work within the group dynamic. As you work in cooperation with others in group situations, you become a catalyst for the entire group, and every individual in the group, including yourself, to have an exponential experience. Experience the synergy brought on by working in cooperation with and celebrating the gifts that each individual has to share with the collective. Combine your energies with others to experience exponential group evolution, navigation, and synchronicity.
Exponential group evolution, navigation, and synchronicity.
Day 12 of the 13-day cycle themed White Worldbridger, equalizes, opportunity, death.
Written by Roger Grossman


12 CABAN – KIN 77
16 NOVEMBER 2021
Universalizing Synchronicity
I seal the matrix of Navigation
With the Crystal tone of cooperation
I AM guided by the power of Universal Water
16/11/2021 = 7/2/5=7/7 =14=5
16- Tower struck by lightning/Unforseen events
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Initiation
14- Media/Publicity/promotion
5- FREEDOM/LIBERATION/Change/Transformation
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
2- Twins/Partner/Cooperation
5- FREEDOM/LIBERATION/Change/Transformation
7- Spiritual/Majik/Mystic/Initiation
KIN 77 – is the DOUBLE MAGICIAN’s code! Double the MAJIK 7 7+7= 14 The WIZARD’s number.. We also have the date creating a 7.7 MAJIK code so we have QUADRUPLE the MAJIK code today!
We also have a 5.5.💥💥 year/day code fueling our PLANETARY LIBERATION! 💥💥
Lot’s of Majik abounds with this AMAZING day!! 💫💫
TODAY is also a GAP day – Galactic Activation Portal = so we have extra intensity and access to multi-dimensions.
✨✨Another very significant evolutionary day for Planet Earth and her inhabitants! 🎆🌏🎆
NOTE: We also have a 14 MEDIA code today – so watch out for BREAKING NEWS and unexpected events and announcements today.
It is very interesting that locally here in Melbourne, Australia we have the controversial PANDEMIC ultimate POWER legislation being presented to our upper house of Parliament for discussion and voting – all EYES on the results! AUSTRALIA the WORLD is watching!
KIN 77 – RED CRYSTAL EARTH💎🌍 is the anniversary of the FUKUSHIMA earthquake💥 and nuclear⚛ disaster which actually shifted Earth’s axis!!
Take heed of the SIGNS and possible EARTH SHAKING that Pachamama is communicating today as she navigates Timeship EARTH on her favoured trajectory!
For a detailed analysis of the Dreamspell codes relating to Japan’s nuclear history click here
Day 12 in the WHITE WORLDBRIDGER WAVESPELL of surrender, letting go, forgiveness, networking and building bridges.
Today we are focused on COOPERATION, networking and joining together with LIKE MINDED kin in communities to evolve and build bridges to other worlds and realms. Let’s leave the PAST behind and build the bridge to the NEW!
CRYSTAL💎 – Tone 12 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – universalizes, POWER – dedicates, ESSENCE – cooperation. The CRYSTAL tone 12 is the highest level of the mind (MENTAL realm) The other two MENTAL tones are tone 4 Self-existing and tone 8 Galactic. Yesterday we focused on dissolving and releasing our FEARS, in order to reclaim our POWER and SOVEREIGNTY. Thus, new space is created for something new to emerge.
At the CRYSTAL level of MIND we have the capacity to co-operate, or operate with other minds. Just as a crystal can be programmed, so too can we program our minds on this day. So focus on the CRYSTAL clarity of our minds today through the power of cooperation with others. Thus we create telepathic links in our communication grids allowing for cooperative thoughts, ideas and inspiration to flow. A day of greater CONNECT-I -ON to each other and Mother Gaia!
✨✨✨NOTE: Today is a great day to MEDITATE and set forth your intention through GAIA’S GRIDS to energize the program for the NEW TIME and NEW EARTH… All hearts and minds joining together in this UNIFIED PEACEFUL field.
KIN 77 provides very potent codes and GIFTS for humanity as it challenges us to EVOLVE! To do BETTER as a species. To join together and PROTECT the common interests of each soul, our entire collective family, our Planetary/Celestial family, and our Galactic family.
✨The beauty of this code is that it HANDS us the SOLUTION✨ – through the GIFT of the CRYSTAL HAND – through the POWER of ACCOMPLISHMENT through our DIVINE CONNECTION to each other and to our SOURCE! What a DIVINE BLESSING..
Spaceship Earth is making a strategic MOVE today to ALIGN with our desired collective destination of the NEW GOLDEN ERA on NEW EARTH.
Today’s question is “How can I co-operate with like minded souls to SEED the highest potentials for our communities, going with the Divine flow for our Planetary evolution?”
Today is a beautiful day to be in nature, connect to Mother Gaia, communicate with the Crystal Devas and cocreate Divine new projects with your kin. In Joy!! 💐🌼🌸🌹
Divine blessings for the successful harmonic CONNECTION of our collective MINDS today! “Viva la R-evolution”💥🌐💎🌎
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: RED CRYSTAL EARTH💎 🌏 CABAN attunes us to the signs, synchronicities and flow of the natural rhythms of Gaia. CABAN is our evolutionary compass that shows us which path to take and how to navigate through our life’s journey. GAIA is taking charge today to set the NEW COURSE in HER favoured direction.
RED EARTH has a softer, more feminine and flowing energy today, compared to yesterday’s masculine Warrior challenges! The Warrior questioned and thus rejected the status quo, now CABAN is bringing forth the era of PEACE!. Changing the combative and competitive culture to one of peace and unity, in harmony with Mother Gaia and the natural synchronic flows.
Today we tune in and LISTEN to the heartbeat of our Mother – the Schumann resonance, and begin to fully connect as ONE being. As we synchronize with the natural rhythms of Mother Earth, we become aligned through the natural harmonic matrix and can easily attune to the New Time, rapidly accelerating our personal and Planetary evolution.
The CRYSTAL💎 tone aligns BRILLIANTLY with RED EARTH – as it activates GAIA’S crystalline 💎💠🌐 Diamond Grid – like a huge reboot, bringing it online to the MAX. Gaia will be infused with this Planetary POWER through her meridians, chakras, ley lines and sacred sites… Engines are switched ON and operating at full capacity – TURBO BOOSTED. 🔥🔥🔥
Our hearts and MINDS become attuned to each other and Mumma Gaia as we sync together – one MIND on the same track – a new better harmonious track – of benefit to all for our best evolutionary path – the GOD timeline for Planet Earth.
As we attune and FLOW with the synchronicities, the CRYSTAL tone brings greater opportunities for CONNECTION – bringing us together with our communities to co-create our better world. Common-unity. Our focus is to gather with pure MINDS to listen for the messages which navigate our path, revealing our collective evolution.
Sit STILL in Mother Nature today and LISTEN to the SIGNS and messages that Pachamama is delivering through the natural world. Feel and sense the ONENESS and know that we are merely passengers riding on the back of our great Pachamama as she steers a course to our UTOPIAN future paradigm!
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: RED CRYSTAL MOON🌛👸 MULUC adds more gentle feminine intuitive energies and a beautiful sensitivity to the day. GAIA has a feminine expression of consciousness and MULUC is guiding our reigns today ensuring our Planetary GPS is steered towards restoring balance on Planet Earth by bringing back the Divine Feminine qualities – of LOVE, care, nurturance, compassion and empathy, through a greater presence of the GODDESS on Earth.
✨✨✨The key to this restoration is through CONNECTION and seeing every soul on Earth as equals – all our Divine broThors and SiStars – ONE GLOBAL FAMILY. 🌎👬👫👭🌍
This FLOW of consciousness through the Universal Waters of the Goddess, attunes us to the minds and thoughts of our kin and we can then respond in cooperative and compassionate ways. The power of the Goddess and the Universal waters allows us to flow with the thoughts, ideas and opportunities arising today. Our focus is on PURIFICATION of our thoughts, beliefs and programs, detoxing and RELEASING anything not in alignment with our new cooperative communities.
Today we focus all together on evolving the collective MIND to that of the HIGHER DIVINE MIND bring us all closer together in our collective quest.
SUPPORT: WHITE CRYSTAL WIND 🌬🍃 IK brings forth more Divine signs and messages from Spirit making this a powerful day to attune and listen to Spirit for guidance. As we channel these messages and pure LIGHT codes we can gather together and rejoice through singing, dancing and creativity, allowing the Divine messages to flow forth into our expressive creations. The masculine aspect of Creator is aligning with the Goddess to give us the signs and synchronicities revealing the Divine path, for each and everyone of us, to navigate this new era.
With the expression of Father/Mother God/Goddess and Pachamama all delivering signs today we have a very powerful DIVINE VOICE steering the future course for humanity today…
We are held and supported through the DIVINE PLAN for us and Mother Gaia – TRUST the PLAN and watch the miracles unfold to steer our Planetary boat to our desired destination!
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: YELLOW LUNAR SEED 🌾💐– KAN holds the SEED of new potentials through expanded GROWTH. This SEED is a LUNAR one, which will highlight the duality challenges that have kept us pitted against each other as opponents and battle combatants – such as the war between the sexes, races, skin colour and wealth.
The greatest divide currently is that between the pro Mask/Vax…een and the anti Mask/Vax…een… This division is very apparent through the physical appearance of the populace driving a wedge between friends, family, colleagues and communities. Never before in history has this division been so great on a GLOBAL level – pitting friends and allies against one another as we try to navigate the future direction for humanity. The choice is down to transhumanism – AI or DIVINE HU-MAN Angelic Christed beings. Each soul is making their choice and determining their personal timeline through their behaviour and actions…
This duality argument will be debated in our VICTORIAN Parlt. today so it will be very HOT, HOT HOT and many politicians will indeed be feeling the HEAT🔥 as they choose which SEED🌱 will be planted to germinate in our future. A very interesting day indeed.
What a code – what a show – on PLANET EARTH today – grab your popcorn folks! 🍿🍿🍿
❓❓Will YOU choose the path of LOVE❤ and DIVINITY✨ or will you choose the path of FEAR – and AI control? 🤔 The choice is yours and yours alone to make and will determine your soul’s evolutionary path.. We are at a very pivotal fork in the road.. LISTEN for DIVINE signs and guidance and the true path will reveal itself.
Whatever the polarity the LUNAR SEED reveals today, this SEED is also providing the SUPERPOWER to balance and harmonize these challenges. The LUNAR seed assists you in AWAKENING and GROWING towards the LIGHT by responding to the challenges with RIGHT ACTION.. If you do not make a conscious choice and move in that direction, then your seed will become stagnant and bogged down in the mud!
✨✨✨It is time to GROW and seek the LIGHT, together bringing forth the era of PEACE through UNITY consciousness.
We are all SEED packets with potent LIGHT packets encoded within us. KAN enables us to express our creativity today and to cocreate the beautiful gardens of the future. One by one, each sowing our own unique seed through our unique talents and contributions until one day our garden has flourished into the GARDEN OF EDEN! A haven filled with abundance that we can harvest at will. Collective abundance for all beings.
The SUPERPOWER of the KIN 77 – the Lunar Seed will allow us to BLAST through any duality challenges and activate mass AWAKENING through souls seeing and SEEKING the LIGHT. The ground will be cultivated for each AWAKENING soul to be FREED in order to have new opportunities to reach their highest potential.
As we collectively strive for our highest Planetary potential – which is the ultimate intention of this Kin, we will need to work together as ONE UNIFIED MIND to manifest the harmony desired by Pachamama.
CHALLENGE/GIFT: BLUE CRYSTAL HAND💎 🙌 MANIK – Today’s challenge is the BLUE CRYSTAL HAND which is the EXACT energy of Solstice Dec 21, 2012. Marking another very significant and pivotal planetary day today. Our challenge is to HEAL our capacity to co-operate with other MINDS, transcending the lower mindset of competition and service to self, into the new paradigm of thought. – unity consciousness. Releasing the concept of scarcity and competition for limited resources and outmoded technologies, and the need to defend our territory. We are learning to evolve from competition into co-operation and learning to fearlessly focus on the change that transforms our intelligence from fear-based to fear-less.
Our global family is divided and enveloped in FEAR as the masses have succumbed to the FEAR based control Matrix and sadly cannot even SEE that they are imprisoned, manipulated and exploited.. making it extremely difficult to break free. Judgement, blame and arguments drive a greater wedge of division.
The BLUE CRYSTAL HAND – offers the gift of RECONCILIATION and mediation today. Using the power of acceptance through empathy and compassion, we can feel and sense what the other is afraid of.. in this way we can offer LOVE, acceptance and forgiveness blessing our opponents and praying for their AWAKENING to the DIVINE TRUTH.
❤LOVE❤ is the only panacea healing this separation and bridging the gap between combatants.
The blessing that MANIK bestows this day is the potent power of accomplishment! The ability to accomplish our collective mindset and manifest our collective dreams into our new reality.
KIN 77 provides very potent codes and GIFTS for humanity as it challenges us to EVOLVE! To do BETTER as a species. To join together and PROTECT the common interests of each soul, our entire collective family, our Planetary/Celestial family, and our Galactic family.
✨The beauty of this code is that it HANDS us the SOLUTION✨ – through the GIFT of the CRYSTAL HAND – through the POWER of ACCOMPLISHMENT through our DIVINE CONNECTION to each other and to our SOURCE! What a DIVINE BLESSING..
NOTE: KIN 77🎩🎩 is the current Galactic Signature of Pres-i-dent—Tru-MP so he may make another PUBLIC move today…
Spaceship Earth is making a strategic MOVE today to ALIGN with our desired collective destination of the NEW GOLDEN ERA on NEW EARTH.
Woot🎉, woot 🎉– TRUST IN THE DIVINE PLAN! 🙏🙏🙏 WWG1WGA👥👫👬👭👥
Today’s question is “How can I co-operate with like minded souls to SEED the highest potentials for our communities, going with the Divine flow for our Planetary evolution?”
Today is a beautiful day to be in nature, connect to Mother Gaia, communicate with the Crystal Devas and cocreate Divine new projects with your kin. In Joy!! 💐🌼🌸🌹
Divine blessings for the successful harmonic CONNECTION of our collective MINDS today! “Viva la R-evolution”💥🌐💎🌎
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

Pleiades 1 Messages November 16 2021

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

P1 + Return belt sequences active in 5D+++-.

Terrans! P1 newline sequencing in fusions.

P1 dynamism spreads.


Nevic Control Centers in terran realignment.

Island of Purification in expansion of the astral zone for new receptions.

Neva+R+++: 12th Akashic Projector aimed to evaluate support. 94% (non-regressive). Next >>>13. Forecast of 19. +++ AUTHORIZED. JEBÊNÇÃO.

Attention *Neva! Certifying Code Reverberation +++++++: 54% (non-regressive).

Initial cleaning (*Tube B – – Recorx) in progress: 52% (non-regressive).

Port 144 liberated. DIVINE TEACHING standards are announced. Nevic/Terran Reverberation: 61% (non-regressive).

Temporarily, end of transmission.



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We advance tomorrow. Rest.

Let the show begin.
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  1. Dear Beloved Family of Divine Love Light, and Divine Light as above, so bellow, and around, and in within, and without, with all Company of Heaven, We are all in huge crossover, right now at Full/ Partial Lunar eclipse, on this Friday, 19th of November, this Lunar eclipse with 97% covered by Earth shadow, never happen for 700 years in New Zealand / Lemuria /, but now and here has great important for our huge transformation to 5th and higher dimensional frequencies, starting on out beloved Mother Earth, reflecting to our Solar belt, and Golden rose /Milky way / galaxy, and whole Cosmos with closing the last dark portal at Algol Star system, wherein dark energies started their ruling dark control program over this part of Universe, some eons of time.
    This Lunar eclipse is in square with Jupiter / former false god / in our Solar belt, and in trine / triangle of 120 degree / with Pluto / with dead – rebirth as Phoenix bird /, and with 27,14 degree with Taurus constellation / ruled by Venus of Love and Romance /, but with 26,28 degree with Algol / Head Medusa / star system, surrounded by Perseus Star system, that is under Cassiopeia Star system. Algol Star system is binary with two Stars / One Blue with positive orientation, and other is Red Star with negative orientation / orbiting clockwise in exactly times of 2 days, 20 hours i 49 min. Dark holes from parallel dimensions and future time lines, comes through this binary Algol star system, and trough Perseus / symbolically this Greek ancient hero was presented in movie as a “Lightening thief” /, and Cassiopeia, and Andromeda, involving into wars and destruction Lyra, and Orion and Draco and other star system, to our Universe and Solar belt, actually whole Cosmos, by advanced AI control matrix programs with Archons network and microchip, now nanotechnology tech system. In old story, as a legend, a Cassiopeia as a the most beautiful daughter of Andromeda / actually the beautiful star system, created by Andromeda Star system was a target for negative entities to take over this star system, and infiltrate others after, presented lies and false stories to creators of that part of Universe, so take opportunities of controlling Cassiopeia, and continue with deceptions and lies of their dark magic of illusion of AI, to involve other Star systems /. So, Perseus, legendary hero, who decapitate Medusa, using her head to turn to stone sea monster Ceteus and save beautiful Andomeda’s daughter Cassiopeia /being captive by false story that is more beautiful that the Creator itself, was actually taken under control of dark entities and Ai control program to froze with false illusion and perception other Star systems, putting them into very destructive wars, by turning against each other by false story and treachery, particularly after taking control of female energies by negative entities.
    They using the same technique of dark magic and deception through eons of times, and they will try again, through Algol / shortly from All Goal, or all to go by our program /, working as amazingly exact timing, spreading their negative energies through Cosmos and frizzing it by time and space, They are trying to do, though this Lunar Eclipse, as being closer and realigning 1 degree closer than Taurus, and trying to take control over our planet and Solar system again. But We are become aware of this, and I am asking the Great Central Sum / our Beloved Father Mother God / to send new waves of Divine Love light energies, through all 12 zodiac constellations, nut particularly through Taurus / ruled by Venus of Love, and all Kumaras coming to our Solar system /, and through our Sun Solaris, and through heart centre of our mother Earh / New Gaia Sophia /, and through all 144 Angelic team of Lion hearts and Sophia Christ reunion with all With Brotherhood / Sisterhood as above so bellow with all Humanity and all Souls from all Kingdoms / Crystal m ineral, plajt, and animal, and Elements with beloved Elohim as a builders of physical new Golden age of Gaia, as our expression as a Human collective as living in new world of Divine Love and Peace, and Freedom, and Abundance for all, and respecting each other equally, and harmony and happiness. From our planet, Divine Love and Light energies will be spread all around, and accumulated with Divine Love of our Sun, will be bathing our Moon, and transforming all negativity into Light, and love in the middle of energy trunk, passing to Algol Star, activating blue star to transfer more light of Love energies, changing clockvise system to opposite direction, that will close dark portal to freeing that part of Cosmos, and melting frozen time space continue, with bringing more light and love, bringing peace and freedom to all Cosmos. The las dark portal is going to be close with this Lunar eclipse / starting with 144 Angelic team of new lemuria , connected with Lemuria and Atlantis, and all parts of globe with great reunion of all humankind with all souls with all Kingdoms, clearing all from the last remnants and entities of dark energies. The last remnants of dark energies will be complete dissolved or turned to light, because of closing the last dark portal and rising frequency of our planet for one degree more.
    Our forgiveness and compassion and love to our past live times, and to our fallen brothers and sisters, still playing dark role, and our last call to rejoin with us in this the most auspicious times. Starting of emitting Divine Love light is NOW and HERE.
    My love to all Cosmos, and Love and Healing energy to Beloved Father Sun Solaris, and Mother Earth-Gaia Sophia.
    The time of great reunion with our Beloved Father Mother God / Prime Creator/ and entering the Golden Age of Gaia for Humanity and Mother Earth, our Solar system and beyond, is nearly here.


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