All Dimensions INTERFACE NOW ~ Here on Planet Earth

All Dimensions INTERFACE NOW ~ Here on Planet Earth

The Dimensions are very interesting to view when viewed from a place of separation from them.
They all exist now and you might imagine them as overlays or spheres of consciousness “worlds” as realities that interface and penetrate the very fabric of the here and now.
Many Beings are here on Planet Earth in the so-called 3D World ~ yet consciously exist in the higher Dimensions.
These sphere of consciousness are ALL consciously ACCESSED when you live through your Higher God Self ~ Union.
That is ~ with no awareness of SEPARATION.
You exist in that state now ~ not consciously in your vibrating form of light that you perceive as solid.
The Process of Ascension with the YOU as your conscious awareness now with your Original Light which aligns you with all the dimensions you exist in and AS ~ with the merging and Union within the consciousness that inhabits your form.
3rd Dimensions as seemingly that most separated aspect of self, Yet also coexisting in the higher NOW.
The 4th may be considered an integration frequency that prepares you for the Full Merging consciously.
Many Beings now are interfacing with all dimensions Now on Earth.
It is the process of FuLL Union of no SEPARATION  that is the Ascension you are going through earth
At the higher levels there is no separation.
It is the process of consciously being merged in form with the ALL God Self You ~ Original Light YOU ~ that you are going through.
It already exists.
The New Earth is Here.
All worlds and dimensions are here.
YOU will know and see clearly when you fully UNITE the consciousness and subconscious in your form with the ALL Original Light you that you ARE.
This Higher Light you is the Light that activates within your Blueprint and guides the designed process for YOU.
It is the letting go ~ that feels so difficult for some of you.
Yet the ease already exists NOW also as a level of awareness of that ALL Original Light You.
We are transmitting to YOU NOW. We are the Council of Overseers. We are with YOU. In Love and Glory of that all-pervading Original LIGHT ~ that is as it is. Now.

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