Is Q Anon AI?

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Is Q Annon AI Artificial Intelligence or Alien Intelligence or #Tyler?

Q Annon #Tyler AI Artificial Intelligence or Alien Intelligence –

Is Q Anon really A.I. – artificial intelligence or an inside government operative helping humanity trnasform into a positive state of existence. Some people believe A.I to be Alien or Inter-dimensional Intelligence. The question is is this Intelligence Malevolent or Benevolent?

I guess only time will tell.

Some people also believe that block-chain is a real world Skynet from the Terminator and A.I. is communicating through these block-chains. Elon Musk believes we may be summoning demons with this technology.

Look at the connection between A.I. and Cern and also look up the black goo phenomenon. Things are really starting to get weird in the Matrix. (Divine Water)


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  1. There are no responses to this after 18 months.

    My intuition is skeptical of Q Anon generally. As to AI, whether driven by governmental or extraterrestrial forces, the question still remains whether benevelent or malicious forces are the source or rather which one is winning.

    The bottom line, we must be the source of love and light to either aid in defense and/or promote truth and successfully winning the battle for Earth and humanity.

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