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Galactic Reset

The Light will Crack You Open… World Day of Light! I Am Absolute Consciousness ~ The First Hymn ~ Internal Architecture ~ An Ocean of Time ~ “You are the Event!”

The Light will Crack You Open… World Day of Light! I Am Absolute Consciousness ~ The First Hymn ~ Internal Architecture ~ An Ocean of Time ~ “You are the Event!”




Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Sacred Legion of the Star of the Emerald Order of New Avalon

We had another day of major waves of Higher Dimensional Energetics pouring into this realm from the most High, Infinite Source Creator.

Our local Solaris released another Trinity of M Class Solar Flares from the new sunspot region 3685 with the most powerful maxing at M 2.54 at 17:56 UTC.

We also had spikes of white light in Gaia’s “heartbeat” on the Schumann Charts today at amplitudes of 11 hz, 19 hz and 23 hz, Fifth Dimensional energies fully anchored in and rising.

Pachamama also received a powerful activation on her Pacific Ring of Fire in the Crown of Lemuria with a magnitude 6.0 Earthquake in Alaska at 9:35 UTC.

All that is false and nefarious is being cleansed, cleared and dissolved in the Infinite Light of Buddha Mind of the Awakened One. The Pure Awareness of our True Nature is becoming Self Evident as the Eyes of our Spirit Open and we Re-Birth our Soul into the Pristine New Earth of Terra Nova Gaia.

Keep Living from the Heart as Real Human Beings as we make our Quantum Leap of Consciousness into homo-Luminous and free all Sentient Beings from the lower 3D Matrix as we consciously co-create our New Eden Paradise forever more…A’Ho!








Interesting VOID Space + Timeline Pause. Feels like a Galactic Reset! Zero Point #act

Galactic Reset
Galactic Reset
Something very profound is happening!
Inner Radiance is fully unfolding!
I’ve got so many things to share about the number 7 and 777 codes flowing in.
This affirmation is fully anchored into your DNA!
This new level of abundance is most certainly here to stay 🚀🙌
Keep calling in the flow of abundance. It’s within and all around you.
It’s time, it’s time to fly, butterfly 🦋
777 codes flowing in
777 codes flowing in
TODAY’S ORACLE. Opportunities are coming. For many, it’s about to be a time with more ease, more flow, more answers than questions. There is both a readiness to start those bigger ideas & a *harvest* energy surrounding us, with tangible gifts & blessings falling as a reward of all efforts made when we couldn’t see, for all the devotion which didn’t bring immediate impact. Love, abundance, creativity. Your gateways are open. Manifestations are coming. You have been through a reset and now, everything is sort of different and new, upgraded, experiencing a new life.
An Ocean of Time
An Ocean of Time

The Internal Architecture To House Our Full Eternal Presence Here On Earth,

Comes From The Vertical Pillar Aligned To The Frequency Of HUm
The Full Embodiment Of Our Entire Eternal Creator Presence Will Not Take Place Until This Frequency Is Chosen Into The Heart.
The Heart Of The Vertical Pillar Is To Be Of Mother
The HUm Is The Frequency Of The Emerald Crystal Core Of Mother Earth
She Will Only Allow HER Giants To Walk Here
So, If You Want To Fully Wake Up In The Land Of Giants And Dragons
Choose To Bring Your Heart To That Of Mother
Mother’s HUm
The First Hymn
And See The Architecture Of Crystalline Cathedrals Form Within You,
Expanding From The Central Column
In This Way, Your Body Becomes Of Mother
The First Church
The Place Of Worship To Your Golden Child
She WILL Be Your Foundation As All
Structures Of False Frequency Collapse
Photo Credit To Rosa-Maria Marquez
Thank You For Gifting Us With
The Images Of Divine Architecture
Internal Architecture
Internal Architecture
Powerful light codes are pouring in from our beautiful galactic star family of the Pleidaes, as our Sun nears ever closer to the powerful star Alcyone, one of the blessed Seven Sisters. These frequencies allow us to align ever deeper with our gifts of intuition & healing, as well as more profound levels of spiritual enlightenment & self understanding.
This beautiful alignment brings with it powerful heart & higher heart activations & expansions, and will also support the alignment of ever more divinely decreed heart & soul unions across the collective.
the Sun is conjunct Jupiter at a powerful 28°, in Taurus. This meeting (at a Cancer degree) will support many in clearing deep-rooted layers of ancestral karma, especially centered around programming of poverty and lack. Open your heart to receiving abundance in all forms!
We’ve just made it through an intense collective purge of feminine rage & betrayal, as was triggered by the Sun’s meeting with the star Algol, over the last couple of days.
The auspicious meeting of the Sun & Jupiter in Taurus over the weekend, will bring in abundant blessings & a much needed reprieve for those of us who have committed fully to this journey of self mastery & healing.
Open your heart
Open your heart

May 19th : The Colors of the New Earth

The Solar storm has subsided, for now, I am becoming aware of the new brilliant colors of the New Earth.
My artist’s eye is perceiving that the New Tree of Life Codes are brilliant and pulsating with life and color.
The New Earth will be a place of Purity and Passion, where we create with these clear and vivid colors.
The return of the Dragons has allowed these amazing colors to be released and carried to Earth for us to play with! No more drab gray days, only color and joy and life!
And, as always, when you are ready the new tools come. I was delighted with the new Tachyon meditation crystal that i received a few days ago. It reflects these brilliant colors as you meditate. And the two Divine Feminine Circle Tachyons also sparkle with these brilliant new colors.
I feel that so much has happened since the 8th April and the Solar Eclipse on very deep levels. We are integrating Light Codes that are streaming with Love and changing us at a very deep quantum level as well as the physical level.
We are celebrating the New in all its forms.
Have a beautiful and colorful week end.
Express Gratitude for All that is given.
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
The Colors of the New Earth
The Colors of the New Earth
5/19/24: As you continue to tend to your stability and inner balance this month, be aware of all your stuff. Physical things, but also ingrained habits, routines, and especially thought patterns, can be burdens that take time and energy but offer nothing new. Some things must change. You should now feel an urge to do, to grow, to create, to matter. And because you are the alchemist transforming an old version of yourself into a stronger, wiser, and more capable you, you need new material. Today taps into the unlimited fountain of possibilities that flows inside you. Drink deep. Take all you can handle for now. There’s always going to be more for you.

For all those asking when is this going to happen? “

It’s starting now get ready 💯🌍
✨🌟🌟🌟 No more time for crowds! Everything is ready to go! And “You are the Event”!
✨ 🧘💫🌟 Dive into the immortal state of your already elevated and eternal being, where everything is ready, available, and happening now.
✨🌟This is everything.
✨🌟💫 Time and space are part of the illusion we must overcome in order to completely collapse the false simulation of the holographic matrix, all based on inverse thoughts and beliefs
✨ 🧘🌟💫 We can’t wait, we are interested in trying on all new organic suits now! ✨
🧘💫🌟We continue to align, integrate and work deep!!
✨ 🧘💖 🧬🌟Everything in our multidimensional DNA is now fully active!
✨ 🧘🧬🌟What stories are you telling your DNA/yourself right now?
✨ 🧘💫🌟 Because we are all involved in shaping the future in the present.
✨ 🧘💫🌟 Each new moment is now a new opportunity to align with your highest truths
✨ 🧘💫🌟 Now that’s all there is, everything else is just memories and fantasy.
✨ 🧘💫🌟It’s all a show!
✨ 🧘💫🌟It’s about aligning with this reality of the new organic sky field and the creator’s field and aligning with our frequency now, in quantum time!
✨ 🧘💖🌟This is the key!
✨ 🧘💎💖🌟Everything can be accessed through the door of the Sacred Crystal Heart!
✨🥰🎉💖🎊 The party has started!
✨🎵🌟🎶💫 Dance music’s playing and it’s time to dance every dance!
✨ 👽👽👽 We keep lighting it up until the artificial image of the matrix disappears and ends, any moment! This has already happened powerfully on a dimensional/higher level of consciousness.
✨💥⚡🌟 He has already failed and is about to go completely offline to explode and illuminate all new organic realities!
✨ 👼🌟💖 I hope some of you can really feel the emotions, the chills in the gut and the magic in the inter dimensional air!
✨🌟🌟🌟 Ready for the incredible message of the heart that is blowing our 🧠
You are the Event
You are the Event

****World Day of Light! May 19th Sunday

A New Earth begins//Christ Light of Ascension {333}
May 19th, Sunday, is the world day of light, the Holy Spirit, and it is for everyone. This day has been honored as Pentecost, and as only certain faiths and institutions observe it.
It is declared the Day of Light as we recognize our right to not be excluded because of our faith, awakening, or orientation from our soul and our mission of unity.
As light-bearers, we shine our light on this planet, and overcoming duality with our mere ability to love without judgment is how we transform the darkness. A large number of Lightworkers, Starseeds, Angelics, and Blue Rays revere the awareness and realization of the Light Presence, or Indwelling Christ, within oneself. They also hold the conviction that every human being, irrespective of their color, creed, or faith, possesses this divine potential.
Traditions celebrate the Pentecost, a long-standing Jewish harvest party and Christian celebration, 50 days after Easter. This coincides with the initial eclipses, and the resulting plasma light energy remains bright for approximately 40 to 50 days. As the World Day of Light is an accumulation of new plasma light, it serves as an ascension point for the New Earth energies, that brings a deeper sense of love, clarity, and better vibrational alignments.
By acknowledging the World Day of Light and being open to receiving the Holy Codes of Light, we may enhance the ascension process that signify a significant milestone for the emerging energies of the new Earth.
On this day, you may take back your divine power as a sovereign being of the light of the universe with a divine purpose to be here. You are not an offense to God by the very act of being born. You came as the light of the Creator, the love of the Creator. Your being born on this earth is the holy sacrament of the Creator’s anointing. And being born is the act deemed by the Creator as holy “whole,” and you are chosen. Though it is still your choice to remember,.
There is our holy grid of light a crystalline light that connects us all, our Unity chose Unity and tune it to the light of love in all beings on this day.
We love you, the Divine Presence of Light, the Victory of the Light, the Divine Power of the Blue Ray!!
Please share to assist other light Workers and starseeds ~ Thank you
World Day of Light
World Day of Light


Dear friends, today millions of people around the world commemorate the Christian festival of Pentecost, which according to religious tradition marks the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus. This date is celebrated on the seventh Sunday after Easter.
The word Pentecost comes from the Greek word “pentekoste” with means fiftieth, 50. The seventh Sunday after Easter takes place 50 days afterwards. The Jewish holiday “Shavuot”, which predates Pentecost, is also coincidentally celebrated 7 weeks after Passover, 7 weeks x 7 days is 49, plus the day of celebration brings it to 50 days.
Beyond religious traditions and ancient rituals, these festivities have a more profound energetic meaning for humans. The number 5 here represents the awakening and reconnection of humanity to the fifth element: spirit. The basic four elements that support our human existence on earth are water, fire, air, and earth. However, for humanity to begin its journey back into oneness and ascend into higher realities, from 3D to 5D, we had to reconnect with the fifth non-physical element of spirit.
One perspective is that the seven weeks period denote the basic 7 energy centers, or chakras, within our physical body, and number 5 represents the divine spiritual aspect that connects these 7 chakras with the Universal truths, and thus allows us to ascend spiritually beyond our 3D reality. Number 7 always held a special spiritual frequency as well, and may also represent the 7 main stars in the Pleiades star system.
As humanity continues with its evolutionary process, our reconnection with our spiritual reality is needed now more than ever. It’s part of our multidimensional nature, and a key aspect of our awakening.
May you have a peaceful and joyful process of remembering and reconnecting with your spiritual divine essence. Much love 💖
Diego E. Berman, PhD 2024Ⓒ





”You have all been in labor along with the Mother.
She has been birthing the Son of the Sun through her body and you have been experiencing it through yours.
His return into this world signifies the return of the Holy Grail too!
In a way they return together.
So you are birthing the future which will be unfolded, witnessed, and lived for the next many decades until the overall simulation ends.
Today is the last big push and in the next two weeks the process of the labor, will be fully completed.
After the antimatter hatching, the change in the material will accelerate even more and fast developments will begin!
Twins will be repositioning themselves until they settle into their new and true positions.
More focus on the land, the change will come from within the earth!
Remember that the golden sand will be touched.
Do you see it? ’’
Since yesterday here in Greece we are again in the midst of another strong sand wave coming from Zahara.
Similar to the one from 3 weeks ago when the 22⁰ of Taurus was activated by Uranus, Jupiter, White Moon and Dionysus and another seal of the apocalypse opened.
I was told that the sand storms from Africa are part of the process of the return of the solar lands, the unearthing of the lost kingdoms, the return of true genealogies and also the bodies in stasis!
If you feel tired it is because of the powerful energies that we are receiving through the alignment of the portals of the planets in Taurus.
Please note that this whole alignment is ruled by Aphrodite/Venus!
On this Divine day we are receiving unprecedented blessings from the Venusian qualities via URANUS/VENUS/JUPITER/SUN/WHITE MOON/MERCURY and via a magical kite formation in the sky, so huge amounts of information are flooding in which we will be called to embody and translate in the coming days week, months, even years to come!
The word sugar/zahare/ζάχαρη is etymologically derived
from the Sanskrit word śarkara[1], which originally meant sand, or gravel.
In Arabic and Hebrew, Zahara means “shining” or “brilliant,” derived from Zahar or Zohar.
In Swahili, Zahara derives from Zahra, and means “flower” or “flowering.”
This is a name that will have a baby feeling as beautiful
as a garden in full bloom and as radiant as the shining sun.
Zohra is a feminine name of Arabic origin that means “flower blossom” or “bright” and “shining”.
It is also the name of the planet Venus in Arabic.
Zohra is a beautiful and elegant name that is often associated with grace, beauty, and intelligence.
The lack of sweetness in life sometimes creates diabetes in people, this disorder is called ‘zakharo/sugar’ in greek language.
Taurus is ruled by Aphrodite/Venus and is all about the sweetness of Life, beauty and the senses, material abundance, the land and the fruits that the earth offers!
Let us open our hands and hearts and gracefully receive them in joy and gratitude!
We are being taken care of and celebrated as the newborns that we are!
So much gratitude to our spiritual family and loved ones who are nurturing and welcoming us with their blessings into the new world!
May you be ready to receive your gifts of Grace and Abundance!
El Moryana Anadimiana
OL A Christos
Huna Ma Anata Kumara
Yellow Galactic Warrior
Fb: Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy
Beloved Ones,
Navigating the current energies can be a challenge for many of us, as we have been for months experiencing the intensity of the many transmissions and activations descended by our Illumined Self. During this time of profound integration, recalibration, and chakra transfiguration, we now welcome on May 20th Gemini’s energies, on May 23rd, a Full Moon at 2 degrees Sagittarius. A passage that will help us in our releasing process by seeding more love, joy, and harmony amid this intense energetic wave.
This is a time of profound inner work, which is why it is so important to retrieve and find time for introspection and soul communion, through joy, to be revealed what we need to heal and clear for us to be more aligned and discern our personal journey.
Both Gemini and Sagittarius complement each other, as Gemini represents the lower mind, while Sagittarius the higher one, both are vital for our well-being and spiritual growth, for this is precisely what we are here to achieve, the equilibrium, and communion between both. Both help us in our inner process of mental clearing, as Gemini rules the human mind, while Sagittarius represents our power center, which is as you know the ego and our mental body.
Astrologically, we have a sextile between the moon and Pluto, which is what will help us reconnect with the Truth, through soul communion, receiving the revelations that we need for our personal healing journey and mission of assistance.
Pluto is also of great support in the transformation we are having now, as its essence is also very regenerative, which is essential after all the work we are doing, especially in our bone structure, for as many of you know, ascension is also strongly felt in our bones, for as we release density and transform ourselves, they will be the one noticing more the lighter frequency we are now embodying.
Our wounded self may emerge at this time, especially with the moon sextile Pluto and harmonization to Neptune. As we continue peeling more old layers of ourselves, more hidden emotions will resurface, However, it is by accepting pain and integrating the lessons it provides us that we can overcome suffering, expand our hearts, and embrace our vulnerability as a gift.
Furthermore, we have an opposition between the moon, Venus, and Jupiter. This frequency is a blessing to help us realign, expand, and deepen our soul connection, as it is precisely about reconnecting with the love that we are, expanding within it to heal and empower ourselves.
When we are immersed in any upgrades and challenging situations, we may forget our capacity to recharge ourselves naturally through the love that resides within, not in others, as it often happens. It is by reconnecting to our inner endless loving source that we regain purity. A Loving Source that constantly regenerates our bodies and that supports us all, infinitely.
Gemini energies, strongly felt already at this time, will assist us to continue creating self-synthesis, moving out of fixation, into a more unified and whole state of being. Apart from governing our minds, the energy center in our body associated with Gemini is precisely our third chakra, the ultimate one to heal and clear before we can step into the soul levels, which starts as you know in the 4th heart center or dimension, until the sixth one.
With Gemini, we continue clearing mind control programs, self-created ones, and above all, the ego, the mental body, of all egoic patterns and judgments. While the geometrical figure associated with Sagittarius is the tetrahedron, as it represents the communion between our human and divine self, the geometry associated with Gemini, which is a completion of the previous one, is an octahedron, two opposite pyramids representing the complete synthesis between both planes of existence.
Visualizing ourselves within both geometries, starting with the tetrahedron and completing it with the octahedron, helps us fortify our hara line and is of great assistance to send the visualization to our mind, body cells, and hence DNA, of soul reconnection, sending the message of our desire to remain in balance and alignment with both our human and divine selves.
Sagittarius is a sign whose fire essence is for us to transmute what does not serve, resurrecting into the illumined beings that we are. This together with the Sol-AR transmissions is a great source for personal transformation, despite the intensity our bodies are coping with, during this time.
Once we decree our purpose, and utilize the element fire to release all debris from our bodies, visualizing the diamond ray invading our sacred field within the octahedron will help us purify ourselves, and unblock our DNA and brain receivers, which as you know are key to decoding the light, information, that we are processing at this time due to the massive descension that we are integrating.
Clearing our mental bodies and being grounded is essential to clear our body channels, allowing the light to flow and restoring all damaged conduits. Our DNA and brain receivers are key for us to sense the energies, for everything has a light signature not just ourselves, and this is precisely what helps us differentiate what is authentic from what is inorganic, in terms of energy.
We have a cosmic gift at this time with Sagittarius energies for us to remove all inorganic essences, false timeliness, and energetic connections from our physical and non-physical bodies, to move into a totally new state of being. Gemini is a great ally to help us erase old mental programs, while Sagittarius offers us the opportunity to rebirth, after all this transformational phase, as the phoenix does, into illumined beings.
Sagittarius’ energies are vital as well to help us clear Cathar implants, and Cathar war memories, and for the Gold-Serpahim descendants to clear seraphim false essences, and shoulder portal implants.
We are being assisted to rebirth from the ashes of the old at this time. The choice is ours to continue doing our inner work in perfect alignment with the energies and communion to our soul, monad, and God’s Self.
Our ascension journey is not always a bed of roses, but it is worth the dedication and effort we put into all we do, for it is what allows us to be reborn into who we truly are, retrieving the Truth, love, and power that liberates us from mental and energetic slavery, for we came here to reclaim our sovereignty and ability to create for ourselves.
There is always a way if there is a Will.
May you have the Will, Love, and Power to become who you are, Beloveds.
Within Infinite Love,
Natalia Alba
Art by: She is Luminous
She is Luminous
She is Luminous


For The Crystalline Layers of Your World Are Expanding
Take a Quantum Leap to Reach US
As Ambassadors of your world, we Ask you to Feel the Great Magnificience of Now.
Know these Light Layers are Gateways to Higher Knowledge. Light Streams, like Portals to navigate the Universe on many Multidimensional levels.
For our Light Ships use this Light Technology, as your world aligns to the great awakened Planets of the Universe 🙏
We See The Great Transition Of Now As Simply Another Stepping Stone To The Great Callibration Of Light.
Remember The Grand Role Of You In This Collective Mission 🙏❤
We See And Feel You, Wayshower
The Light Frontier is HERE 🙏
Enjoy the Light Ride, Wayshowers.
Sending waves of Cosmic Love 🙏
The Arcturians
Karen Lithika

Ra James

Today our Sun is Sextile Neptune. Our Sun in Taurus connects with Neptune in Pisces. This alignment is all about love and taking the next step. We have a huge focus on relationships right now and on healing through our relationships. Expect romantic vibes. Expect a lot of deep insights and to download a lot of spiritual truths in these energies. Pay attention to what you’re picking up on and what is coming through. Expect heightened intuition and empathy.
These are dreamy energies. Today also brings us a powerful alignment between Mars and our North Node. That means you’re aligning with your destiny and ready to take action to get there. This could lead you to make fated decisions. You could decide to take action on something that alters your destiny. Tomorrow we shift into Gemini Season. This will be bringing some lighter vibes. Gemini is the social butterfly of the zodiac. Expect things to get social.
Gemini is also a sign that represents Twin Flames. It’s the sign behind the lovers card of the Tarot. It’s all about those mind connections. I would rest up today if you can as this week brings us some big energies. The 20th and 21st brings us the peak of the Pleiadian Portal that we are in. The 23rd is our Sagittarius Full Moon. This is our May Flower Moon…
Sunday May 19-26 2024

The Light will Crack You Open…..

“And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, they danced by the light of the moon” from the Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear.
Make the very most of this big, warm- hearted week as Jupiter slow dances with Venus in Taurus then merges with the Sun and Sedna in Gemini by the light of a glorious Sagittarius Full Moon.
Known as the Festival of Good Will, the May 23 Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon culminates the inner work of the Taurus Full Moon – from Taurus Buddha- mind and wisdom to Gemini will and purpose through balancing opposing forces. The Sun at 2° Gemini conjuncts Sedna/ Jupiter/ Venus/ Uranus while the Moon makes auspicious aspects to both Pluto in futurist Aquarius and visionary Neptune at the Omega Master degree of the entire zodiac at 29° Pisces.
In perfect synchronicity, Sagittarius’ ruler gas giant Jupiter enters airy Gemini on May 25th until June 2025 and life begins to become a lot more intriguing, interesting and complex.
Jupiter in Gemini immediately conjuncts Resurrection archetype Sedna and trines Pluto – agent of transformation – in Aquarius, intensifying your need to break free of limited thinking and explore what’s trying to emerge. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, and optimism, seeking meaning and concerned with the higher mind, philosophy, truth and religion, known for bringing good fortune. Sagittarius is the ruling sign of Jupiter — a far-reaching sign directly opposite chaotic Gemini.
Gemini, hungry for new information, asks “What is this?” while Jupiter simultaneously asks, “What does this mean?”
This transit will shake up your mental circuitry – why you think the way you do, ways in which your beliefs are out of date and no longer serve you. You are presented with an unlimited palette of ideas and possibilities from which to view or experience life. Your angles of perception begin to multiply, expanding your mind and increasing your options. If you hit a crossroad during this yearlong transit, you won’t see one split path — you’ll see a tangle of paths, shortcuts, bridges, and underground passageway.
Do something this week that expresses your own brand of goodwill towards the earth:
• plant a balcony or do some guerilla gardening
• join a charity that protects trees, birds, wildlife, Gaia
• volunteer to clear a beach or river of rubbish
• get away from your screens and reconnect with your body
• gather your friends for a cleansing fire ritual
• clean your crystals and leave them outside
• pay it forward


The Light will Crack You Open
The Light will Crack You Open
On Sunday, May 19th, the Sun, ruler of our radiant self-expression, in grounded Taurus is creating a positive sextile aspect to Neptune, ruler of Oneness with All That Is, in mystical Pisces. Both of these planets are in the last degree of their respective signs. This magnifies the energies. The Sun in earth sign Taurus has been about the embodiment of our physicality here on this 3rd dimensional plane of existence.
Tomorrow this bright light will shift into intellectual, air sign Gemini for the next month, focusing on the mental realm. Neptune moves much more slowly than the Sun and has been in the last degree of Pisces since May 3rd.
He doesn’t quite make it to the next sign of the zodiac any time soon as he will turn retrograde on July 2nd in this sign of the Fish. The unseen and intangible realm of Spirit is strong right now. Connections to angels, guides, our Higher Self, past lives and other dimensions of time and space are magnified with his placement. For today, with the Sun and Neptune connecting, this is helping us to ground in our higher dimensional spiritual bodies……
taking in and integrating light codes to upgrade our physical bodies with our light bodies. Spend some time out in nature or in meditation, as this will aid the process. We are evolving into a higher state of Being-ness.
Be at peace and welcome this transformation. Blessings of Love and Light to All! ❤
the Sun, ruler of our radiant self-expression, in grounded Taurus is creating a positive sextile aspect to Neptune
the Sun, ruler of our radiant self-expression, in grounded Taurus is creating a positive sextile aspect to Neptune
Sun in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces – Wishes may be granted but sometimes they take time to manifest. Trust in the universe. Keep your inspiration flowing. Spend more time on meaningful projects and with the special people in your life. Be receptive to the spiritual energies around you, the aura of strangers you meet, the energetic frequency of music, food and places. Notice how your own energetic body reacts and responds. The more you follow these subtle signals, the greater your capacity to bring peace into your heart. Touch the earth to reconnect if you feel lost or disorientated. Tune in to the planet’s pulse to find your own rhythm.
Improve your spiritual well-being via creative pursuits, natural settings and sacred spaces. Let yourself off the hook and relax, especially if life has been stressful. Show compassion for yourself and others. Kindness makes us all shine. We are all Earth’s angels. Tread softly on each other’s dreams.
Degrees and Times
Sun 29°Ta25′, Neptune 29°Pi25′ – 23:45 (BST)
Last line inspired by the poem “Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven” by William Butler Yeats.
© Leah Whitehorse
source :
Painting – The Angel of the Annunciation by Lorenzo Lotto
The Angel of the Annunciation
The Angel of the Annunciation

Kin 211 ~ Blue Electric Monkey

‘Electric’ is the name for the number three and its key words are ‘Activate, Service and Bond’. This is the third day of the Red Moon wavespell and a Portal day. ‘Electric’ days are always full of energy and they have a tendency towards liveliness but when they fall on a Portal day, that’s a powerful combination! Today is perfect for activating something magical in your life.
Today is Blue Monkey and it represents ‘Magic, Illusion and Play’. A Monkey day with added electricity on a Portal day…. that’s a recipe for crazy. Just remember that this is the Red Moon wavespell and we are meant to be ‘going with the flow’. If you can still relax in the face of this mayhem, well done. Another way to look at this – is that today has the potential to be super awesome too. Magic Monkey with all that power can make very magical things happen. (Paul McCartney is a Blue Electric Monkey). Poor Monkey does get bad press sometimes but really, he just wants to show you magic. We are such fools though that he has to trick us, to show us the error of our ways.
The Guide today is Blue Eagle which symbolizes ‘Creativity, Vision and Mind’. The Eagle is a very handy guide as he sees things from a higher vantage point and that vision can help you see which way to go. The Monkey magic can make you feel extra creative today too, so make good use of all that inspiration.
The Challenge today is the Red Dragon which represents Nurturing. No one gets any rest today while all that monkey business is going on. Watch out for burn out. You can try and hide in a cave, especially if you are a Dragon but Monkey may still find a way to get in and cause you a headache. If you are a Dragon, try to relax. Remember, we are in the Red Moon wavespell and we are meant to relinquish control. Monkey is only running amok for one day, how much trouble can he cause?
The Occult power is the White Dog which is the symbol that represents ‘Love, Loyalty and Heart’. This is definitely the best part of the day. Love is magical! Open your heart today and see what magic comes your way. If you are a White Dog, you’ll enjoy occupying this magical space.
The Ally is the Yellow Star which is all about ‘Beauty and Art’. If you need assistance today, consult a Yellow Star. If you don’t know one, do what they would do today and appreciate the beauty in the world. If you are a Yellow Star you’ll be feeling super friendly today and smiling at everyone you meet.
Kin 211
Kin 211


3 CHUEN – KIN 211
19 MAY 2024
I ACTIVATE in order to PLAY
Bonding illusion
I seal the process of MAJIK
With the ELECTRIC tone of SERVICE
I AM guided by the power of VISION
19/5/2024 = 10/5/8 = 1/13=1/4 =5
✨1-9 ALPHA to OMEGA✨
19- Prince of Heaven/Fulfilment/Honour/Happiness
9- Completion/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
10- Manifestation/Perfection/Authority/Leader
1- New beginnings/Original/Unique/Independent/Leader
5- Liberation/Freedom/Change/Transformation/Movement
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
8- Infinite Abundant Source Flow
13- Goddess/Cosmic Consciousness/Natural Lore/Synchronic time
4- Form/Structure/Foundation/Earth/Angelic
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
24- Charisma/Happiness/Healing/Joy
KIN 211 = 4 – Form/Structure/Foundation
✨KIN 211 is one of the 13 clear signs inscribed on the tomb lid of Mayan king 👑– Pacal Votan. These PV days are very potent and significant in our planetary evolution. Today is also a GAP day💥
and ELECTRIC tone 💡so it is indeed a VERY INTENSELY POWERFUL DAY!💥💥💥 Lots of energy to direct into your Divine Service!✨
NOTE: KIN 211 is a signature kin for ✨ 🌟TIMELINE JUMPS🌠🌟✨ – so take note of the ✨MANDELA EFFECT✨ today and any “glitches” in the Matrix, as your reality begins to shapeshift and dematerialize before your EYES!!! – especially with a 1-9 ENDINGS and NEW BEGINNINGS code – lots of overlapping dimensions – choose wisely!
These energies are encouraging the wayshowers to tie up loose ends, release the past, and STEP UP in service to humanity through a higher MISSION.
A brilliant opportunity for QUANTUM JUMPING into a better reality! 🏃🏃🏃
TODAY we are receiving a DIVINE HOLY BLESSING through the MAJIK and MIRACLES that are present on this wondrous day.. MAKE A WISH and hold out your HANDS… dear Planetary kin.
Day 3 in the RED MOON WAVESPELL of the GODDESS,👸 who is enhancing our intuition and sensitivity as we purify our vessels in order to find our natural FLOW. 🌫
Today we are ACTIVATING our greatest VISION 👁👁, and optimum TIMELINE, through the power of MAJIK💫 and PLAY. We are finding our FLOW through the path of DIVINE HOLY BLISS! 💕
Today’s tone is ELECTRIC!!! 💡This is pure creative GENIUS energy – TESLA POWER🌩🌩🌩. The ELECTRIC💡 TONE coupled with the BLUE MONKEY 🐒– Magician/Genius codes on a majikal GAP💥 day adds up to another electrically charged ROCKET🚀 FUELED DAY!! ZZZZZZZZAP!!! KAPOW!!!! 💥💥💥
ELECTRIC💡 is tone number 3 in the tone of creation. It is the first of the three EMOTIONAL realm tones. Its focus is being of SERVICE to others through the action of BONDING,👫 that is coming together with others to cocreate and be of SERVICE.
The ELECTRIC TONE – is the TONE of CREATION which IGNITES our circuits to move ahead, bonding with our KIN! 🔥🔥🔥
Today we have an extra-ordinary JUMP START to get moving down the “right” track. Get READY – and attune to the BONDING and SERVICE aspects rather than the EMOTIONAL fuses and melt-downs!
❓❓Are you EMOTIONALLY balanced and responsible, to be of greater SERVICE to HUMANITY?🤔
ELECTRIC energy provides the ignition or SPARK🎇 for your manifestation, it is a current that needs to keep moving and flowing, transmitting energy.. It also adds POWER to anything you are creating today. An extra electrical boost to draw upon. The power of 3 is derived from 2 units merging and creating the third, more powerful entity. This action duplicates the essence of bonding in service that the Electric tone provides.
Today we bond together through the power of SPIRITUAL MAJIK💫 and ALCHEMY, to ignite our greatest VISION 👁👁 of beauty, joy and BLISS💕 lifting the frequency of our planet. Make sure you channel this energy wisely and productively into your BRILLIANT projects, inventions and inspirational new ideas!
Cocreate with the GODDESS👸 today and invite MONKEY 🐒 to come out and play.
Gift him some bananas🍌🍌 mango🍈 and watermelon 🍉 to get the creative MAJIKal forces flowing💫💫
Our creations need to flow effortlessly and joyfully into form. No struggle, force or birthing pains are required. Allow the Divine feminine to guide you in the “fun-nest” way possible!
Allow the beauty and harmony to flow freely, transforming struggle into BEAUTIFUL (HE)ART!🎨🌹💕
So cheeky monkeys it is time to spontaneously💃 dance,🎶 sing, play and be joyful ☺.
Today’s question is “How can I ACTIVATE more 💫MAJIK, JOY🐬 and BLISS💗 through bonding with my kin, and TRUSTING in the greatest VISION for my life and HU-MAN-KIND?
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬
Divine blessings for the most DE-LIGHT-filled day of ecstatic PLAY and MAJIK !!! 💫💫💫
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE ELECTRIC MONKEY🐒💥 CHUEN Aaahhh! Today we get to LIGHTEN up and PLAY in the most MAJIKAL way possible! Hooray!!! Spontaneous and EXPLOSIVE play!!💥.
A very happy, sunny, playful and extra SPECIAL majikal day💫💫 in which we allow our emotional aspects to come out to play, in order to PURIFY and soothe them in the Universal waters💧 of the GODDESS.
❓❓How have your emotions kept you separated from your exuberant and pure Divine child?.
❓❓Are you working too hard? It is time to make your WORK your JOY and PLAY TIME… – LOVE what you DO and FOLLOW YOUR BLISS ❤😍❤
❓❓Where in your life, have you denied yourself from experiencing joy, happiness and spontaneous BLISS?
Cast it all into the RIVER, 🌫 washing away all your old worries and cares! 💦
BLUE MONKEY🐒 – is also the mysterious TIME LORD⏳ and MAGICIAN 🎩 having tremendous powers and mastery over many realms and dimensions. The 10/1 manifestation code and 13 COSMIC code, further ELEVATES this MONKEY’S majikal powers to that of a truly DIVINE MAGICIAN. ✨⚛✨
BLUE MONKEY is tribe number 11 – which denotes a doorway for the Magician to dis-APPEAR and travel through…as a Master illusionist..THIS gives you extra power as we are in the 11th majikal column of the TZOLKIN CALENDAR.. Today we have the codes to manifest our BLISS timeline… travel through the portal of your HEART to unlock your BLISS. ❤😍❤
The BLUE MONKEY kin are indeed the most gifted and GENIUS of the 20 tribes. Jose’ Arguelles the FATHER of the DREAMSPELL was a BLUE SPECTRAL MONKEY,🌀🐒 and indeed he demonstrated his incredible GENIUS, through gifting EARTH with this DREAMSPELL GALACTIC CODEX.
The BLUE MONKEYS are Master Manifestors and inventors. Coupling a Magician with ELECTRIC POWER💡 gives your manifestations a TURBO SUPER BOOST. 🚀🔥🎇
The ELECTRIC MONKEY – focuses on inventions that benefit humanity, through his desire to serve and unite with others to manifest a better world.
Today is a great day for SPONTANEOUS⚛💥 manifestation, so go forth and flex your MAJIK WAND! 💫
Get out your WISH LIST and start spellcasting!!
Seriously EXPECT MIRACLES✨ and SEE what manifests!
CHUEN reminds you to keep your high manifesting vibe happening, through lots of PLAY and merriment. Keep it ✨LIGHT✨ and know you will easily FLOW into your greatest Destiny! Electricity is a strong current and SUPERCONDUCTOR, so point your conduit in the direction of your desires.
The totem for CHUEN is the DOLPHIN jumping out of the pristine waters of the ocean.. This holds the 5D coding for BLISS..
BLUE MONKEY can ACTIVATE the BLISS codes and the UTOPIAN 5 D timeline through the innocence of the DIVINE CHILD..
Very STRONG MAJIK codes are available to manifest your HIGHEST BLISS today!
Note: The shadow side of BLUE MONKEY is deceit, betrayal, illusion, trickery and black magic, so make sure you brush all seriousness aside and entrain your “monkey mind” to relax, let go and GO WITH THE FLOW🌫 of this majikal day!
Keep it LIGHT💡 innocent 👫 and PURE of HEART! 💗💗💗
HIGHER SELF: BLUE ELECTRIC EAGLE🌩 👁– MEN is an absolutely superlative higher guide today. MEN LIFTS the BLUE MONKEY from ground level to inspect the higher echelons of the grand VISION. 🏔 Once we unfurl our WINGS to FLY high above, we can access a more revealing perspective bringing forth more options, solutions and better alternative paths to take.
The MONKEY gifts the EAGLE with inter-dimensionality, and the ability to SEE and travel throughout the whole spectrum of SPACE and TIME.. We have the POWER to access the AKASHIC library and all information throughout CREATION! Yahoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🍥🍥🍥🍥
💥✨💥✨💥 The ELECTRIC EAGLE was the daily kin for the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima 💣💥🔥🔥 so DO NOT underestimate the POWER💥 of this code to change the trajectory of our Planetary her-story today. 🌏
It comes with PROFOUND LESSONS gleaned through the VISION revealed! 👓
Through the synergy of the TIMELORD⏳ and the ELECTRIC EAGLE 🌩👁 … the EAGLE is steering the TIME LORD to the highest potential outcome for HUMANKIND… This is a HUGE CODE and tremendous partnership of these two transformational BLUE BOYS! 💙🐒💙
BLUE EAGLE invites you to focus on the GREATEST PICTURE🖼 that you can imagine for your LIFE, and OUR PLANET today = ultimate BLISSFUL UTOPIA🐬💗🌴🏝 🐬
❓❓On what bigger stage would you like to PLAY and perform? 🤔
Expand your VISION👁 and change your scenery, make it more colourful and vibrant.
❓❓Which actors and playmates will you invite TO PERFORM with you, in your new “PLAY”
Once you have ENVISIONED it, SURRENDER, and TRUST that this grand VISION WILL MANIFEST for the highest GOOD of ALL! 💥 (With HARM TO NONE!) THANK YOU UNIVERSE 🙏🙏🙏
SUPPORT: YELLOW ELECTRIC STAR💡 🌟 LAMAT – the beautiful graceful and diplomatic STAR is our supporting energy, elevating our happiness quotient and encouraging us to REACH FOR THE STARS✨ with our desires.
ELECTRIC LAMAT 💡✨will blast open your HEART ❤ CHAKRA, and magnetize your romantic desires, to bond with your beloved kin, and harmonize your relationships. 💏. especially as the waxing gibbous moon is in romantic LIBRA today – the ally of LAMAT.
LAMAT is the beautiful PEACE LOVING diplomat who wants the whole world to UNITE and celebrate in Harmonic resonance – celebrating LIFE AS ART and BEAUTY. 🎨🌹
❓❓Are you playing and having FUN, whilst pushing the boundaries of your creative expression? .
BLUE MONKEY💫 activates LAMAT🌠 with greater SPARKLE✴ POWER!
❓❓Are you the STAR 🌟of your new show?
Remember to BOND together with your fellow STAR🌟 BLISS🐬 SUPERNOVA SUNS☀ in SERVICE to all, with the purpose of bringing greater beauty and harmony to our existence.
LAMAT OPENS the DOORWAYS to the NEW TIME… assisting us in creating HARMONY in our world, and being in the beauty of nature, celebrating the ABUNDANCE and joy that surrounds us. Sing, dance, LAUGH and SHINE BRIGHTLY dear STAR🌟 BLISS🐬 SUPERNOVA SUNS☀ ✨
Today is the day to really SPARKLE,✴ Miss Markle!✨
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE SPECTRAL DOG 🌀🐕❤ OC encourages us to love, nurture and play with those we TRUST – our family and our TRIBE. Our PLAY becomes our SERVICE, through devotion and loyalty to each other and our CREATOR.
The SPECTRAL DOG will reveal any impediments to LOVE today, continuing the work of yesterday’s kin 210 the LUNAR DOG, dissolving any betrayal, deception or grand illusions..Once the pain and density are released and the HEART WALL cleared, your TRUE HEART❤ can be LIBERATED, to LOVE❤❤ freely through your DEVOTION to the DIVINE. ✨☀✨
When unconditional love and loyalty are present, we can completely TRUST, let go and reveal our Divine child through play and lightheartedness.
❓❓Are you FREE to be your natural authentic self around your nearest and dearest?
❓❓Do you like the person that you are, reflecting within those relationships?
To be your true and authentic self, you must be free to reveal your inner nature without fear or ridicule. Everyone is an Artist 🎨 and we must be free to create without judgement or criticism by others.
✨Surround yourself with people that allow you to feel young and free! 🐎🐎🐎
Financial and emotional FREEDOM manifests when you focus on joy, and dedicate your day to Divine service through compassion, acceptance and unconditional love. 💕
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED ELECTRIC DRAGON💡🐉 IMIX – is the Mother Dragon who enables us to BIRTH our creations into reality. IMIX also gives us the Dragon’s courage and determination to protect our unique visions from distortion and fully empower them into manifestation. To BELIEVE in our greater VISION, ourselves and our unique contributions in this New world we are birthing.
We become fully empowered to accept full responsibility for our role, and FLOW within the collective evolution of Earth and all beings.
BLUE MONKEY🐒 is catalyzing this tremendous REV🌀-o-lution through breaking out of all the barriers, to experience blissful joy and spontaneity. 🐬💗
The Divine carefree child who feels SAFE to play in his adventure playground, knowing the EYES of his protective Mother Guardian are lovingly supporting and watching over him! Yes DIVINE MOTHER has your back! 👍👍👍
Cocreate with the GODDESS👸 today and invite MONKEY 🐒 to come out and play.
Gift him some bananas🍌🍌 mango🍈 and watermelon 🍉 to get the creative MAJIKal forces flowing💫💫
Our creations need to flow effortlessly and joyfully into form. No struggle, force or birthing pains are required. Allow the Divine feminine to guide you in the “fun-nest” way possible!
Allow the beauty and harmony to flow freely, transforming struggle into BEAUTIFUL (HE)ART!🎨🌹💕
So cheeky monkeys it is time to spontaneously💃 dance,🎶 sing, play and be joyful ☺.
Today’s question is “How can I ACTIVATE more 💫MAJIK, JOY🐬 and BLISS💗 through bonding with my kin, and TRUSTING in the greatest VISION for my life and HU-MAN-KIND?
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤🐬
Divine blessings for the most DE-LIGHT-filled day of ecstatic PLAY and MAJIK !!! 💫💫💫
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
Blue Electric Monkey
Blue Electric Monkey







Included in this weeks special New Earth Ascension report and Astrology reading for the week, my Sacred Condor covers the Astrology and Horoscopes for all 12 Zodiac Signs for the coming week of May 19th through May 25th 2024. She also reads three powerful transmissions from our Sacred New Earth Scribes and Leads a Healing Ceremony and Guided Meditation for the Full Moon in Sagittarius.

Enjoy her calming soothing Divine Feminine Goddess voice and transmissions.

Thank you for your support and blessings. Namaste





~ Tiara Kumara

✨️Affirmation of Coherence✨️

I Am Absolute Consciousness
Through the Power and Presence of God, I attune to the Light of Creation that unifies all things in existence, blessing the divine intelligence that flows through every aspect of my consciousness.
I give thanks to my Greater Self for expanding this field of coherent energy throughout my entire being, inspiring wholeness and harmony in my body, thoughts, feelings, words and actions.
Divine Presence of all life, thank you for sending this transforming Light into the collective Heart-Mind of Humanity.
Unity Consciousness is now emerging in mass scale..✨️
Visionary Art by Matheus Creative
I Am Absolute Consciousness
I Am Absolute Consciousness

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