Aloha beautiful LOVE family,
No more excused of “one day” or “when it’s convenient for me to get around to it”. Each’s REALity will play out EXACTLY as one focuses their energy, creates and allows.

HEAVEN ON EARTH…. waits for all who are TRULY READY TO EMBRACE, truly ready to get on-board, truly ready to commit and DO THE WORK to make it happen….Heaven on Earth
NEW Earth does not “just arrive” … it is a HIGHER DIMENSIONAL TIMELINE/VIBRATION that all must ACHIEVE FULLY from within. It is each dedicating to themselves, their souls and all Souls that walk this Earth now.
Glimpses will show you, you will feel it, see it and know it… then you will be “asked” …. What are you WILLING TO DO to make it happen for you (and all too). What’s truly more important? What truly matters deep down in the depths of your SOUL YOU?
Your committed energy, your honoring your huge physical body upgrade process that occurs, your choosing, your consistent action, your surrendering your human’ness to your own Higher Self You-niverse.
Until you are truly dedicated to BRINGING HEAVEN ON EARTH to your own physical reality world, then you cannot fully experience it. It is a dimension (all of them merged into one), where you WALK as your Ascended Aspect Master Self and everything you are & do is for all of HUmanity…. not the broken one of the old, not in victim saving mode… in “Here’s the bar, reach up, grab it… Here’s the portal, it’s open, you are free to walk through it” and YOU ARE THE PORTAL by all that you are and do.
Until you commit all that you are, all that you have, all that you do TO THIS EXISTENCE, THIS NEW WAY OF LIVING…. until you decide that you really are ready to “go all in”…. it’s just a dream that doesn’t seem real.
YOU BELIEVE IT back into reality, you make it happen from inside, from holding that vibration in everything you are/breathe/do. YOU vibrate into this dimension and out of the old, by allowing/honoring your physical body’s need to re-calibrate, infuse/embed light encodements into every particle/cell/molecule of your BEing. You challenge your own mentalities, you take command of your thoughts, you re-program yourself/your crystals, you open up to share & support…..
This 11:11 Gateway today… THIS IS IT… this is what all have been waiting and working for all along. These moments are always the beginning of our NEW.
This morning I awoke (and as usual) there are no words after last night and today. This is how it is. Pure Divine Love, Gratitude, Bliss and Sacred Connection for what we’ve achieved vibrationally. Here we do not take anything for-granted, we do not sit and wait, we do not waste this beauty, this magnificence, this brilliance… as alchemists, magicians and Creators, we take all and we form it into more bliss, more love, more awesomeness, more physical world abundance & wealth for everyone to experience when they are truly ready to join us.
We are not on old earth anymore. Earth went Quantum when it ascended in 2012, collapsed the gridwork of the entire matrix in 2015/completed her crystalline structure for all to come online and went plasma (more), merging galactic atmospheres, massive Divine Masculine energies and moved into Super Quantum last September & completing this cycle in December too. Earth is not one dimension. It’s an overlay of a multitude of all of them.
Earth now plays out the physical manifestation of what each holds within. Hell or Heaven or a mix of both…. wherever you truly live/exist inside is what you/we all experience physically here. All unconscious programs play out to be visible and your awareness/full consciousness gives you the ABILITY to choose the dimensional reality/timeline you are going to live/exist in. It is that simple. The complicated part is the human that isn’t open to listening, learning, seeing, sharing, supporting, refocusing and still needs to have fear, struggle, drama, loss, devastation and suffering to play out in their own physical reality world to get them to wake up/open up to something different, free and not bound by the suppression, linearity, dis-empowerment and constraints that are now only held in place by belief, mentality, insistence and story…. And mostly because they’ve not been exposed to or had access to the information and highest consciousness knowledge before. That’s changed. Everything is available to all who are ready and invested fully now.
WE are the WayShowers, the Guardians of NEW Earth, the ancient Elders, Ascended Masters, Christed Light BEings, God-Incarnate Galactics RETURNED in the PHYSICAL to bring peace, love, joy and unity back to an earth that was lost, unconscious and anchored in a lower dimensional timeline that now removes the veils of amnesia for all to see/feel/know and REMEMBER again.
We are the PURE ONES, the HOLY ONES, the Saints. There is no denying our existence anymore. It’s up to EACH to STEP INTO THEIR ROLES FULLY NOW….. ∞
Today, the atmosphere is so full of crystals and plasma, walking through the thick air of mega high frequencies, with an orange & gold sun that we can look directly into with our human-crystal eyes. The air full of what was only a dream before… yes, it is FINALLY HERE.
Now it’s all up to you…. WE ARE ALREADY HERE.
Welcome aboard/welcome home….. It’s all right NOW. ☼
Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth

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