Guru Rinpoche ~ WE are NOW at a Crossroads in our Civilization – Beloved Pegasus

Guru Rinpoche ~ WE are NOW at a Crossroads in our Civilization – Beloved Pegasus



Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Multiversal Wayshowers of the Rainbow Tribes of the New YeruShalema

The Rainbow Body of Many Colors, Ja Lus, is being Activated within and around every Sacred Vessel of our Earth Angelic Ground crew of the 144. Guru Rinpoche is with us from the higher realms to assist in this Great Transformation into Eternal Light Beings of Infinite Life. All the True Gurus, Teachers, Sifus, Sensei’s along with all the Ascended Masters and Sages through all history, timelines and dimensions are with us for this Final Quantum Shift into the New Age of Eternal Bliss Consciousness and Collective Quantum Leap into the New Human, homo-luminous, beings of Infinite Light, Infinite Life. For Life is the Light of Source Creator, the Great Mystery.

We came for this final mission from eons past to allow this Grand Transformation through our bodies, minds, hearts and souls; Our Sacred Temples of Gold Ray Emanation. This is Christ Consciousness, Buddha Awareness, Cosmic Awakening of the Highest order of Gods and Goddesses. Our True Self is indestructible Diamond Minds of Physical Manifestation of the I Am Presence of Mother Father God. The Yin and the Yang, Shakti and Shiva, the Eagle and the Condor of the Hieros Gamos Code of the Empire of Love.

The Holy Spirit continues to descend from the Heavenly Realms to meet us halfway in between worlds to guide our Way Home.

We are in stride and flow of the One Law of the Pulse of the Universe. We keep going through and through and through until full compression breakthrough. No one knows the day or time of this Event of full Ascension Collectively into 5d and beyond but we know the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, we are closer than a hair’s width. Like a moment before the SuperNova expansion we are on the precipice of the threshold of the Totality of the Great Awakening. It shall happen in the blink of an eye in a flash of inspiration. This work has consisted of untold lifetimes of Spiritual Evolution of consciousness with the physical, mental and emotional alchemy of the balancing of the five elements and Energy cultivation for our full metamorphosis into Christed beings of the One True Way, the Tao.

As conscious co-creators of Heaven on earth it is our purpose and mission to Keep the Light burning bright and hold the line of our Grand Vision of Peace, Prosperity, Abundance,  Joy , Health and Happiness for all Sentient beings of the Clear Light of Bliss.

We rise into Unity to bring Peace unto this World. Shine on you wonder-full Krystal Avatars of Shambhala…A’Ho!

Salom Shalom




Right now: Moon at 18°53′ Libra, Sun at 19°11′ Gemini

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A cafeteria with an abundance of choices.
Sabian Symbol for 20º Gemini

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 20º Gemini.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A gang of robbers in hiding.
Sabian Symbol for 19º Libra

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 19º Libra.






Happy Guru Rinpoche Day everybody!

“When you delight all sentient beings, there are no Three Jewels to worship apart from that. When you cut the basis and root of thought, there is no innate nature to meditate upon apart from that. When samsaric existence is freed in itself, there is no awakened state to accomplish apart from that. Once you realize this, samsara and nirvana are not two.”
~ Guru Rinpoche, from the book Advice From the Lotus-Born: A Collection of Padmasambhava’s Advice To The Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal And Other Close Disciples


Guru Rinpoche
Guru Rinpoche


Anniversary of Guru Padmavajra.

Today (09/06/22) is the 10th day of the month of the sheep, on this month the evil ministers of Oddiyana tried to burn Guru Padmasambhava and his consort alive, Guru Padmasambhava transformed the fire into a lake with his magical powers and emerged with Mandarava on a lotus. The people of Oddiyana were instantly inspired with devotion at the sight of the miracle, and accomplished liberation in a short time. Because he was like an ocean of Dharma embodying the words of the Buddha. Guru Padmasambhava became known as Guru Padmavajra, the Guru with the Lotus and the Vajra.
Om Ahh Hung Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hung
~GBoW Admins
Guru Padmavajra
Guru Padmavajra
On the Higher Dimensional Earth there will be no need for governments, there will be councils of those chosen by their local communities.
There will no longer be money stealing politicians that open up business to only launder the money they have stolen from humanity.
All Life has been deceived and manipulated by such sources that only have their own agendas of stealing millions or billions to justify their criminal acts against all life on this Planet.
Everything that was stolen is being restored by our desires to bring more abundance to all life on this planet, including our children that are falsely educated to live in a system of separation and greed. This too will change, where children will be allowed to utilize the gifts, we are all born with.
Never underestimate the power of our Love, for our Love and Compassion for all life is literally changing this world.
Yes it is taking a bit of time, just don’t loose yourselves in the deceptive world of disinformation.
Let’s keep elevating our Love, bring everything that is dense in darkness and bring it all into the Light of Truth to be healed and transformed.
So it is. ❤
Rainbow Body
Rainbow Body
Something is coming
Something is coming
I heard, one hour ago
Humanity had been attacked, and had since been suffering a collective ptsd which was soon to be lifted
The time of fright , flight , freeze , energetic paralysis, disempowerment etc. has come to an end
We are stepping into our power now
Rainbow Body of Light
Rainbow Body of Light
Earth has reached a Timeline where labels will no longer exist.
It’s time to drop all the labels and boxes that humans were trying to fit into for generations, boxes dividing them based on religion, caste, sexual orientation, age etc etc. That was the old timeline that was created to divide humans so that it was easy to control and manipulate them. Earth has moved out of that Timeline, it has reached a Higher Vibration, a higher Timeline, a Higher Dimension where divisions will cease to exist.
Drop the Labels, move out of the Boxes, because New Earth is more about Collective Consciousness, it’s about togetherness, it’s about being kind and compassionate, it’s about standing in your True Power which was taken away due to divisions, it’s about being a HUMAN of Earth , a Human Of TERRA. Just BE YOU to align to this new frequency of Earth and not the label you have been carrying. JUST BE YOU 💚
Guru Rinpoche
Guru Rinpoche
Rise and Shine Dear Heart’s.
We are Shifting into Higher Frequencies and vibrations.
We are Transfiguring and Transmuting Eons of Ancestral Trauma and History.
Everything Not of the Light will be Brought to the Surface for Healing and Loving.
You are Rembering your Mission as you Listen to the Whispers of your Heart and Soul.
Rise and Shine
Rise and Shine
Sometimes old things have to crumble for new things to emerge. Sometimes “good-byes” to things, people, places, ideas, and dreams are incredibly hard. But, don’t become disheartened!
Stay centered in your HEART and move through each moment CHOOSING LOVE. Your HEART holds within it all the wisdom you need.
Be gentle and compassionate with yourself and release any thoughts and emotions that keep you in a state of “suffering.” As we remember to continually shift into our HEART- no matter what may be appearing before us- the more rapidly we move out of “suffering” and into the PEACE that is always present in our HEART.
Without the overwhelming suffering perspective, we are able to witness everything from a higher perspective and find our PEACE with what is unfolding- which is ultimately always for our highest good.
OPEN YOUR HEART, allow yourself to be guided, and don’t look back.
Bless everything that came before, and keep moving forward in LOVE.
LOVE is always the answer. Always.
I so love you beloveds!
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🤍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨🙏✨
WE are NOW at a Crossroads in our Civilization. . .
and the Days. . . Weeks. . . and Months Ahead are more Critical than Ever!
WE Keep Breathing Deeply!
It is All About Perspective Dear Ones.
Larger picture of the Great Universal Plan. . . with a small picture. . . small SHOW that is Happening Entirely NOW.
Our ENERGETIC World is Transforming on Earth. . . Opening like a Flower would open its Petals to the Sun.
There are Sacred Flows of LIGHT Consciousness Expanding. . . Linking us from the Earth into the Multi-Dimensional States of LIGHT. . . Creating Pathways. . . Opening Doorways to us back to SELF.
This “SELF-ENERGY” is a Natural Extension. . . a part of our Sacred Makeup.
We are BE-ing given Stepping-Stones back to Realignment to our Fluid FLOW of unique Consciousness LIGHT.
We are NOW BE-ing enabled to Link within the unique FLOW of our HIGHER Consciousness State of BEing.
This FLOW. . . which is the Natural Extension of the Makeup of our own Consciousness is available to us and can BE accessed through an Alignment to our HEART SPACE.
We are BEing STILL. . . and within the STILLNESS We will BE given ENTRY to the Multi-Dimensional aspect of our Hearts.
Here We find the ENTRY POINT to the Vast Space of our HIGHER Consciousness and Link within the FLOW of SELF.
This FLOW is Designed to Reposition us Energetically so that We can Realign to TRUTH. . . CLARITY. . . and KNOWING.
This FLOW Holds our unique Fluid GOD SOURCE Consciousness Signature. . . We are Recognized through this Frequency.
When We Align to this FLOW. . . our Physical Cells actually BEcome immersed within this FLOW.
WE BEcome Re-Infused by our own unique DIVINE LIGHT Flow.
This is a TIME of rapid Transmutation as our inner Sacred FLOW BEcomes Self-Realized within us.
WE Take this Journey NOW. . . this Next Step of SELF-illumination.
~ 💜 ~
Photo: NEW DAWN of the Divine New Earth – captured by Ana Cristina Bisog
NEW DAWN of the Divine New Earth
NEW DAWN of the Divine New Earth

~Terri Morehu~

Our bodies are changing and we are going through extreme releasing so that more light can enter our cells, and other previous dormant, or what scientists believe as junk DNA can activate.
As our old karmic imprints are being burnt away by the sacred fires of alchemy, higher light is able to enter because of these purifying fires. It’s been quite a whirlwind as these new energies are infiltrating.
We are all feeling the many subtle changes going on around us and within our bodies and this will continue to happen so that our energy has time to adjust to the new frequencies being transmitted down, helping us to not only clear the old blockages, but to integrate the very new rays that have new signature patterns.
Many are feeling the battle wounds of this and are feeling incredibly tired and spent. As the frequency rises it may be hard to see the benefits yet and easy to lose sight that progress is being made at all.
We are all going through a cleanse of eliminating toxins and emotional dross that have slowly built up over many lifetimes. Solar flares will continue to be released amplifying and helping us in upgrading our DNA, shifting our vibrational frequency. Heightened sensitivities, electrical surges and buzzing through the body, heightened sensitivities to sound and energy. Muscle cramps and heat flashes that are connected to the releasing of kundalini energy moving through the body. Sleep disturbances and a need for more stillness and quietness.
Dizziness, unexplained flu-like symptoms, feeling lethargic and headachy, and brain fog for no apparent reason. Feelings of exhaustion and burnout and the Thymus fluttering, heart palpitations as the heart charkra awakens like a sleeping giant stirring, are all indications of the change.
Our life force readjusting as gentle waves of light moves through us. These unpleasant symptoms will pass as our vibration continues to rise and we correct ourselves and release the energy blockages and distortions we have been carrying around.
These internal adjustments are here to attune us and clear away the inner pollution we have been carrying.
The more we can continue to process our shadow selves and the more we tend to the house where spirit lives the more effortless our transition will be and the more light can enter. We really are like baby switchboards learning to plug in to many more circuits that previously were not available to us. We can only handle a certain amount of energy at a time running through us otherwise we would literally blow our circuits. Our job is to be open to working the amount of increased voltage that is coming in.
We are opening up to the lines of extra-sensory communication that hasn’t been previously available to us. For this to be done successfully our spiritual, emotional, physical and mental bodies must be purified.
God Energies ❤
purifying fires
purifying fires

Philippe François

The approach and deployment of light is done by successive touches.
It is done according to the resonance established by the Earth and the noosphere as a whole,
i.e. the Earth Consciousness and the Consciousness of all humans and all living systems existing in the atmosphere…..
It is He, Our Sun, who will induce the great cosmic flash, announced and expected, who will be the “witness”, seen by all, on the surface of the Earth.
Thus, an important event cannot be ignored, from the consciousness of all mankind and Gaia, called the noosphere…
Gaia’s noosphere is the collective egregory (group thought-form) of humanity…
this is the remnants of the mental structure corresponding to the ancient world…
It is also Humanity’s responses to the descent of light and its deployment… Opening, closing… Resistance..
Responses to energy baths, or baptisms of fire, to ionic bubbles and radiation of the earth’s atmosphere and consciousness, cells…
Then there’s agitation, there’s warming, there’s projection or there’s just Love, and this is happening in this flesh, in these Times.
Everything is visible in the Noosphere, everything that takes place in different places of consciousness, in different places of the body, in different countries, and it all alchemizes, according to the assimilation capabilities of the body, from the noosphere of the earth, of Gaia, but also peoples, different groups of human beings constituted…….
It is through this planetary consciousness that the individual consciousness realizes (like the noosphere) that something imminent is happening.
So, this imminence, everyone will translate it in different ways, in their lives, in their dreams, in their moods.
This imminence becomes greater and greater, every day, because there are, indeed, a number of particular deadlines, connected to both Earth and Heaven, which must lead to the return of the Light
In the collective consciousness there is a collective sense of events to come….
This can be called the dream space, traditionally. Thus, so many human beings, today in incarnation, have dreams, not identical but of the same coloring.
You have entered, a short time, in the period apocalyptic, time of revelation. So it is quite logical that many human beings, all over the planet and whatever their individual Beliefs, are subjected to engrams in relation to the collective nature Consciousness….
“May it be done to you according to your Vibration and Consciousness”
and this will work out for both those who accept the original Light and those who reject it.
The Law of Grace is still in play in full effect, until a moment that could be called tipping.
It is not, to speak, yet, the tipping of the poles, but the tipping moment of the noosphere that will, at that moment, the lucidity of a transformation and its imminence will be within humanity in its sovereignty.
This moment is fast approaching. A number of elements, said external, will manifest.
The monitoring of your heavens is not a waste of time or an externalization of your Consciousness, but much more that will allow you to have greater clarity, to understand and live  precisely, what happens inside is happening inside as it is out side.
The revelation, in your heavens, of the so-called extraterrestrial presence, which actually corresponds to the presences of Light (or Shadow, in some cases), takes part in this revelation, too.
However, at the moment of this noosphere tipping point, each Consciousness will be exactly where it should be, in the life circumstances where it should be in, in the roles where it should be at, in the places where it should be.
A Presence……
Vibrational Keys to the New Paradigm
Vibrational Keys to the New Paradigm

The energies of the Sagittarius Full Moon are awakening your Sacred Wisdom from within. This is an expansion of your light that has been dimmed by others who have attempted to block it completely. A great awakening is happening that is bringing the necessary independence from those entities for your transformation.

As those interferences neutralize, you may be feeling more safe to expand your light and shine brighter. This is the infinite you that is blossoming your divine frequency from your heart out into the quantum field. As Lightworkers and Star Warriors we are being called continue on our soul’s journey and New Earth mission of sharing our light with the World, as God’s Masterpiece.

Matthew 5:14 “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.”

New ideas, sparks of interests, connections, travel, and conversations are bringing positive inspirations for the future timeline that has begun. It is becoming increasingly easier to break free from the old self, and claim your confidence and direction with commitment and dedication. Listen to your Spirit that is guiding The Way.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn



Star Warriors
Star Warriors
Lunar Aspects – The Moon in graceful, polite Libra is forced to duck and dive like a boxer in the ring as she runs into oppositions with Jupiter, Mars and Chiron. At times it may feel like it doesn’t matter what we say or do, others are going to take offence or take issue. Maybe it’s us that feels pummelled by life, pushed around, judged, hurt. Inner conflicts too could be a part of the picture where we expect too much of ourselves, forget we’re in partnership with the heart or let our triggers ruin our peace. Given the influence of The Scales, the prime objective is to return to a place of harmony without ignoring the problem.
Let go of any need to try and be all things to all people. Don’t expect to fix a huge life problem in a single day. Remind yourself of things you are looking forward to. Boost your energy if mood is low. Look for allies and support others where you can. Be willing to show your strengths and scars. Cheer yourself on at every opportunity.
Degrees and Times
Moon 04°Li56′, Jupiter 04°Ar56′ – 1:25 (BST)
Moon 11°Li29′, Mars 11°Ar29′ – 13:15 (BST)
Moon 15°Li46′, Jupiter 15°Ar46′ – 20:52 (BST)

Painting – Richard Humphreys, the Boxer by John Hoppner


Richard Humphreys the Boxer
Richard Humphreys the Boxer




Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation This is the twelfth moon of the Planetary Service Wavespell!

All events in the cosmos are related every moment by their unity in time. Since we are a microcosm of the cosmos all events in our daily lives are also related every moment by their unity in time. Taking responsibility for our thoughts and vibrations has a direct effect on the whole, more than we might imagine.
If we could see our species-wide thinking layer as a sphere covering the whole planet we would see it as a faulty patchwork web, politically, religiously and ideologically divided, morally obtuse, saturated by the effects of profit-making greed – and anything but unified. It is the wildly inconsistent and incoherent play of forces within the noosphere, that perpetuates and propels the political, religious, nationalistic and corporate decision-making that shapes the everyday world. Until we truly become conscious of it, it will remain out of control and continue to wreak havoc on the biosphere. —José Argüelles
Consider the following contemplations and see Manifesto for the Noosphere by José Argüelles:
Contemplate the meaning and evolutionary purpose of the noosphere as the self-reflective mind or mental layer of the planet.
Contemplate what it means that we live in an interactive universe.
Contemplate Earth as a whole system where all parts effect the whole. What thought-vibrations do we wish to emanate to the whole?
Contemplate the relativity of our thinking and our assumptions in relation to everybody else’s thinking and assumptions – and perhaps we may wish to rethink our whole program.
In the pulsar cosmology of the wavespell, the 12th position or tone, corresponding to the 12th Moon of the 13 Moon year, completes the third dimension mind pulsar that began in the fourth moon, the Self-Existing Moon of Form. This 12th position signifies the cooperation of form when we take stock of past actions and prepare future actions.
-Noosletter #76 (
Om Ahh Hung Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hung
Om Ahh Hung Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hung

Kin 22 ~ White Solar Wind

The number 9 is called ‘Solar’ and its keywords are ‘Realizing, Intention and Pulse’. The number nine in many ancient cultures is considered sacred and in the Tzolkin, the 9th day is always powerful – shifting the energy of the wavespell into the highest gear. Fasten your seat belts for this number of intention means that whatever you want – you can get. That’s if you work with this powerful energy. Every 13 days we get the chance to use our willpower and this is great practice. Remember that we are still in the White Wizard wavespell and since day one, we have had this agenda of enchantment. How can you excerpt your willpower today with regards to what intention you set out on the first day? The number nine is important with regards to the success of this 13-day mission because no other number has such powerful intention. Today you must summon up the will to succeed!
Today is White Wind, which represents ‘Communication, Breath and Spirit.’ This means that messages today have a great deal of power. Be careful what you say, be sincere and don’t be misconstrued. Deliberate what you need to say as words can change lives. Write that letter, sing your song, have that conversation you have been putting off, ask for a raise or contact someone you have been out of touch with.
Today’s Guide is White Mirror which represents ‘Reflecting Truth’. May your words today be guided by the intention to speak the truth. Sometimes it’s hard to be honest but clarity is vital and the only way we can make progress on our path is by knowing the facts. Let the search for truth guide your actions today.
The Challenge of the day is Yellow Human. Challenges are sometimes perceived in a negative light. The challenge of any day is simply a reminder that the challenging energy needs attention. For Yellow Humans, it will be tough to communicate but good for you too. For the rest of us what does it mean when we are faced with the Human as a challenge? It’s a wakeup call to remind us to use our intuition, even if it is difficult. It can be most helpful to ‘feel’ what is the right thing to say, rather than rely on that logical brain we depend on so much.
The Occult power is the Blue Storm, this suggests that magical changes can occur today empowering your communications. The Blue Storm is full of energy supplying a much-needed boost. I really like Storm when in this position, it’s the best thing about windy days. Changes tend to be magical in nature and using magic to create change can really yield incredible results. Stir some energy in your life and see what you can achieve.
The Ally is the Red Earth, the symbol of ‘Evolution.’ People born on Red Earth can be of great help and support today. If you need someone to talk to, they are your best bet. With such a helpful Ally, this also means navigating our way through the day is easier.
Kin 22
Kin 22



9 EK – KIN 22
9 JUNE 2022
I pulse in order to communicate
Realizing breath
I seal the input of Spirit
With the Solar tone of intention
I AM guided by the power of endlessness.
9/6/2022 = 9/6/6 =9/12=9/3=12=3
3.6.9. Majikal Tesla code ⚛💫⚛💫
9- Completion/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
12- Acquiring wisdom/strength
3- Holy trinity/Joy/Creativity
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
6- Heaven/Christ/Family/Romance/Fertility
12- Acquiring strength/wisdom
3- Holy triad/Joy/Creativity/Divine
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
22- Architect of PEACE/Master builder
KIN 22 = 4 KIN 22 is the ARCHITECT of PEACE and Master Builder frequency of our New Earth. Amplifing our DIVINE INTENTION for PEACE to REIGN on EARTH.🌈🌏
As we enter the second day of the second column in the Tzolkin Calendar, the 2 frequencies of Harmony through cooperation and PEACE are AMPLIFIED today… A very POWERFUL NEW EARTH LIBERATION day of DIVINE ALCHEMY 💫💫
HAPPY GALACTIC B-EARTHDAY 🎂to Lloydine Arguelles – Bolon Ik: The Archetypal Mother of the Dreamspell Codex. The Galactic Feminine High Priestess of the New Time. Lloydine co created the Dreamspell with her divine partner Jose’ Arguelles – Valum Votan..
Lloydine holds the 22 Architect of PEACE and 4 – Angelic frequency. Her OCCULT frequency was the Overtone STORM which is today’s superpower.. So BOLON IK’s presence is very strongly guiding these DIVINE WINDS on this precious holy day.. 🌬🍃
Lloydine’s Galactic Mission was to bring forth this powerful Dreamspell codex that is our Planetary blueprint to navigate our way to MANIFESTING New Earth – a planet of PEACE, BEAUTY and HARMONY.. Lloydine incarnated on Earth to pulse forth the Divine codes as a pure Angelic Messenger.. a blessing to us all…🙏 Divine Gratitude for your Legacy Majikal High Priestess 🙏❤🙏❤
Day 9 of White Wizard Wavespell continues our themes of majik, enchantment and endlessness today, powerfully aligned with Spirit..Today the WIZARD is giving us a SUPERBOOST in accessing the breath of Spirit to pulse forth these Divine intentions through our precious HEART… absolute PURITY in our connection to Spirit.🕊🕊
Today the SOLAR tone of CREATION – tone 9 aligns with the 9th of June.. the number 9 = 3 x 3 – 3 is a very HOLY number and the Holy Trinity TRIPLED gives us the number of humanity and COMPLETION.. A date with DESTINY and a day of COMPLETION of the old ways in time to align with SPIRIT🕊✨ and your DIVINE MISSION.
SOLAR🌞 – Tone 9 in the SPIRITUAL realm. ACTION – realizing, POWER – to pulse, ESSENCE – intention
The 9th day of the WHITE WIZARD Wizard 💫⚛✨Wavespell is the one that gives the last push prior to MANIFESTATION.. We have a DOUBLE MANIFESTATION CODE today as we have the WIZARD’s Majik, plus the SOLAR tone of pulsing our intention into being to MANIFEST our realizations.⚛✨⚛✨
The SOLAR🌞 phase is where we wake up to the fact that our WILL affects the reality we experience, so we begin pulsing, extending our intent into realization. Visualizing what we want to MANIFEST and pulsing that intention from our pure HEART, assists us in making our dreams come true. You are the humanitarian whose dreams unfold the larger pattern of our new world.
✨What enchanting dream are you pulsing forth into reality?
Today’s question is “Am I pulsing forth the TRUE Divine Will of Spirit, that is endlessly communicating through my being, to create MAJIK in our world?”
May the Winds of Heaven fill your sails and guide your boat safely to the tranquil shores of our New paradise. 🌴🐬🌼🌺🌈
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger
CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE SOLAR WIND 🌞🌬🍃IK unites with RED EARTH today to provide the wind beneath our wings. Follow the signs and really LISTEN to the voice of SPIRIT! Be still and present in the timelessness of the eternal NOW MOMENT that the receptivity of the WHITE WIZARD is providing. .
❓❓What are you hearing, feeling, sensing, knowing?
❓❓How does this information from Spirit align with your dreams, desires and intentions?
❓❓Are you in FULL alignment with, and ready to co-create with Spirit?
❓❓How do we integrate that into our reality?
We need to have an OPEN mind to receive the messages that assist us with our creative vision and our creative ideas. We need to allow thoughts to FLOW through us and not identify with them. We are the vessels for this consciousness to flow through.
❓❓Are you a clear conduit for the flow of Spirit’s messages?
Use discernment to know which ideas are the best to implement. Channelling ideas and messages, writing, painting, drawing, speaking, singing. The solutions come forth through allowance.. Switch off and tune in today, to the whisperings of the Angelic Spirit messengers. Can you HEAR them?
“‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesize, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” ACTS 2:17 The Bible
✨✨Today is a very HOLY day in which the WILL of SPIRIT overrides the WILL of MAN.✨..
✨DIVINE INTENTION shall be REALIZED through the DIVINE COMMUNICATION🌬 that is FLOWING✨✨ through us today!
DIVINE WILL is PULSING ☀throughout the COSMOS.. 🍥🍥🍥..
✨✨THY WILL BE DONE on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN!💒
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: wHITE SOLAR MIRROR 🌞🔎 ETZNAB encourages you today to gain a new perspective of your life. The themes are very expansive, emphasizing timelessness (WHITE WIZARD Wavespell) and endlessness from the WHITE MIRROR. The MIRROR opens a doorway or portal ✨– so the gate is WIDE OPEN for us to walk through into a higher dimension of our current reality!
ETZNAB is also the Mayan pyramid ⏏that AMPLIFIES all our messages and manifestation POWER today.. These energies harmonize brilliantly with the WHITE WIND giving us incredible clarity to TUNE IN to the voice and signs from SPIRIT..
We are able to stand in the Hall of Mirrors and reflect upon a multitude of different perspectives in order to SEE and KNOW the TRUTH. The WIZARD provides the sword of truth🗡 which cuts through all illusions revealing deceptions and falsities, making it crystal clear which options are most viable pointing to the solution needed.
Our minds can receive endless visions and truths as we align and marvel at the Divine order in the reflections of truth that we receive. Do not limit yourself, your options, or your possibilities as they are infinite! Be OPEN and receptive to what is revealed in order to reflect and receive from a timeless place in the order of the Universe.
✨The MIRROR of ILLUSION is no more… all travellers are standing on the shore with EYES WIDE OPEN NOW! 👁👁
The MIRROR as today’s higher power to the WHITE WIND, holds potent POWER to BREAK through the shackles using the WIZARD’S MAJIK💫💫 to cast a new DREAM-spell. The MIRROR SHATTERS all illusions today through the WORD of Spirit. All EARS can now hear the TRUTH very CLEARLY today and the MEDIA lies will be EXPOSED.
🙏❤Pray that all politicians, police, media and oppressors AWAKEN to a higher consciousness and turn away from the evil agenda.
🙏❤ VISUALIZE the return of PEACE and LIBERATION for each nation and our whole world. ur world.
Please hold the VISION that we have broken FREE, and a WAVE of LIBERTY🌊🌊🌊 spreads GLOBALLY to finally LIBERATING all of HUMANITY… it is done. 🙏✨🌞
SUPPORT: RED SOLAR EARTH🌞 🌏 CABAN DIVINE SIGNS and synchronicities are flowing through the energy of CABAN today. Mother Earth is totally aligned with Divine intention and is constantly pulsing forth the breath of Spirit in every one of her kingdoms… through the land to the sea, encompassing all elements as Spirit whispers everywhere. We just need to be STILL and receptive to witness the MAJIK that surrounds us.
The SOLAR EARTH🌞🌍 connects to the wisdom of the LAND, our ancestors and the wise indigenous custodians, who knew how to read the SIGNS – the stars, the elements, the plants, the animals. They understood the cycles and prophesied what was to come.
What would our ancestors think of where we have arrived today? What wisdom did they impart to get us back on track and find our FLOW. 🌊🌊🌊 Living in HARMONY with the land and respecting Great Spirit, ensured their tribes lived fulfilling and prosperous lives.
We need to OPEN our minds, our ears and our EYES to recognize these signs flowing from spirit, and then integrate this wisdom into our actions. Observe nature, the birds, the flowers, the insects and all creation for your messages.
What beautiful Spirit animal messengers will visit you today?
In which direction are these SIGNS taking you?
Set your course and allow CABAN and IK to provide the navigation tools.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE OVERTONE STORM☀🌀 CAUAC. Today’s STORM is DIVINE in its nature as it is the OVERTONE STORM which catalyzes radiance.
KIN 239 is also the UNIFIED/5D KIN of the birthdate of Lloydine Arguelles..
KIN 239 was the code on March 8, 2020 – when we had an 11/22/33 Master code operative as well as a double 22 PEACE code… So these encodings on that day are reactivated today as the hidden power of the day.
The SUPERPOWER of this spiritual Wind is that it seeks to EMPOWER👑 us, as it COMMANDS that our RADIANCE🌞 be brought forth.
A DIVINE COMMAND from our Creator who is sending forth his purging WAVE🌊 to manifest the RADIANCE we are all COMMANDING into being..
✨✨✨Today we can COMMAND that ✨DIVINE WILL be done,✨ here on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN!🙏🙏🙏 ✨✨✨
Our words carry EXTRA weight today as we COMMAND it into being through PULSING out our intention for a PEACE filled world. ❤🕊🌍🌎🌏
BLUE OVERTONE STORM is assisting the WHITE WIND, in bringing through a breath of FRESH purified AIR!! 🌬🍃 Ahhhhh. It is TIME to take OFF ALL MASKS and BREATHE FREELY AGAIN …
May this SUPERWIND bring forth the transformation humanity seeks for our FINAL LIBERATION.💥 🙏🙏🙏
CHALLENGE/GIFT: YELLOW SOLAR HUMAN☀😊 EB presents the battle of the EGOIC mind versus the BUDDHIC mind. Divine Mind versus human mind! A battle of the wills!!
In order to have an open and accepting mind we need to let go of judgements, criticism and FEAR. We cannot hear the voice of Spirit if our mind is cluttered with FEAR and busyness, which clouds our thoughts and pollutes our actions. The death of egoic control of our thoughts through SURRENDER, will accelerate our union with Divine Mind.
YELLOW HUMAN’s gift is to raise our consciousness through mindfulness, leading to our own self Mastery. No longer being a helpless victim of our monkey mind. Pledge your allegiance to Spirit today and OPEN your EARS👂 to the whisperings of the Great White Wind.🌬👂🍃
Our CHALLENGE today is to surrender our small hu-man will and align with the Higher Divine Will for the benefit of our Planet and all HU-MAN- KIND.
We must UNITE together and pulse forth the highest intentions for our BEST UTOPIAN DREAMS to be MAJIKALLY realized. 💫💫💫
Today’s question is “Am I pulsing forth the TRUE Divine Will of Spirit, that is endlessly communicating through my being, to create MAJIK in our world?”
May the Winds of Heaven fill your sails and guide your boat safely to the tranquil shores of our New paradise. 🌴🐬🌼🌺🌈
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger






Implant Removal Ceremony


Implant Removal Ceremony
Implant Removal Ceremony



Cutting all Chords and Contracts ~ Freedom from all False Programs :





Come on to me this day,
and impart your wisdom.
For your very existence guides me;
The sights of you delivers message
directly to the cellular knowing of all that I am
as all that I am.
Your movement across the skies is all
that I could ever hope to understand.
For the sight of you is truly beyond words,
Beyond beauty
and presents the feeling of the GOLDEN mean
of activation,
of the silver lining about the cherished white horse that
You are.
Show me the signs you hold
for important, delight and wonder
you are…
As constellation, your library of light is infinite
and I call upon you now with the utmost gratitude
as celestial master you call upon me
Just as I call upon you.
As GEOMETRY, you are the NINE
transmutators of darkness
and transducers of plasmic activity.
Bring me your flame
I repeat,
Bring me your flame,
Come on to me this day and
anoint me with your divine immortality
As QUEEN SOPHIA rides, as Victorias warrioress
upon your back.
Show me the divination I need
to know what cometh as comethess
as align me of all that is you.
We are the white winged collective of consciousness
Of nine….

Today is White Solar Wind day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

White Wind, (tribe 2 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), communicates, spirit, breath.
Incoming and outgoing communications are heightened today. It’s a great day to have that talk, lend an ear, write a letter, call a friend, tell a story, read a book, listen to some music or the sounds of nature. Allow spirit to communicate through you. You may notice yourself talking with someone(s) today where the conversation suddenly veers off into unexpected territory and without planning to, you find yourself sharing some obscure story or information. It’s the kind of unexpected communication that while you are confidently sharing, also causes you to ask yourself internally what prompted you to share something so out seemingly out of the blue? Likely the person or people to whom you are communicating needs to hear what you are sharing. Some combination of your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors, or theirs, whisper in your inner ear reminding you of that story, or information. When you allow that communication to come through you, you are then acting as a spirit communicator. This happens more often than most of us are aware. All things having to do with breathing and breath are amplified today. Pay attention to the rhythms and patterns of your breathing and breath. Go outside and breathe some fresh air, blow off a little steam, do some breathing meditation or breath work, take some deep calm cleansing breaths.
Solar tone of Intention, (step 9 of the 13-step creative energy cycle), pulse, realize, intention.
The number nine is composed of three sets of three. Accordingly, there are three different ways intention can be interpreted. The first way is for you to put out your intentions through your thoughts and words. Writing your intentions down is a great way to solidify this process. Remember to use positive language and ask for what you want as opposed to what you don’t. The world we live in is user friendly. It is designed to give you exactly what you think and speak about. Negative language goes unrecognized in the manifestation process and only serves to help you manifest what you do not want.
The second way you can work with your intentions is to go ahead and take action. When you put your intentions into motion it announces to the universe what you are aiming for. Taking action is the final step needed to trigger and release the manifestations that will arrive during tomorrow’s tenth creative energy tone.
The third way to work with intentions is to go ahead and do the thing you intend intentionally. Having attained a new extra solid foundation of integrity to set your upcoming manifestation upon during yesterday’s tone eight, you can now go ahead and very purposefully set forth your intentions about what you want to manifest.
Intentional communication, spirit, and breath.
Day 9 of the 13-day cycle themed White Wizard, enchants, timelessness, receptivity.
Written by Roger Grossman
Artwork by Erin Hanson
White Solar Wind day
White Solar Wind day
I am the High Priestess
Coded by the White Wind
I step into your universe
Through the Second Gate of Light
My number is two
The challenge of the wind
As he travels in all directions
Harnessing the power of “the word”
Let your tongue speak only the glorious
It’s my challenge to you – I am the Lady of the Winds
Guardian of the mental tunnels opened through crystal song
From my crown, my hair emerges
Like the infinite crest
I am a carrier of the spirit of prophecy
Enjoy the energy of breathing filling the body with vitality
The jewel in my forehead is the indestructible wisdom of enlightenment
Every thought of mine
It is sent by divine decree
My command is always on point
Just for your spiritual essence
Always listen to me when the wind
It came up out of nowhere
Coded by the White Wind
Coded by the White Wind



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