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Christina Papageorgiou

KIN nos. 1-13
1-13 SEPTEMBER, 2021
A NEW ERA is B-EARTH-ed 🐣🌍🌎🌏🌈
We now commence our new journey for the next 13 days with the RED DRAGON as our guide. This is the FIRST wavespell which kicks off our new higher octave spin of the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar for the next 260 day journey.
RED MAGNETIC DRAGON is our host – KIN number 1, as we are escorted back to the WOMB of CREATION, for some much needed LOVE and nurturance, through connection to our SOURCE/HOME..
During this cycle we will return to the womb, and the safety of our Divine Mother – cocooned in our inner world as we are invited to GO WITHIN and fully connect through our divine umbilical cords to Mother Creatrix who is b-Earthing our beautiful New World. We are in a period of “incubation” and so we must have great patience and compassion with ourselves and our kin.
The RED DRAGON WAVESPELL🐉 initiates the new cycle every 9 months which aligns with the human gestation period – the period from conception through to birth.🐣 The 13 moons/months of the mystic GODDESS!
The DREAMSPELL CALENDAR is directly synchronized with our DNA, our soul’s evolution and creative expression through the Harmonic Matrix. ✨✨ Each spin of the Tzolkin births us at a higher octave of existence in our soul’s journey. As each individual soul evolves and grows through this cycle, so too does the Collective or Planetary soul body – which is the sum total of all the individual souls.
The exciting part is that this SPIN is particularly UNIQUE and SPECTACULAR – as we are literally b-Earth-ing🐣 our new Golden Era – the NEW EARTH 🌏🌎🌍🌈– that we have been DREAMING about for so long.
It is no coincidence that this RED DRAGON – b-Earth-ing cycle is happening at this particular juncture in TIME.. Although it feels peculiar as the old world is still crumbling – out of the ashes the new world is RISING. Just dig into the burnt soil and you will find the new saplings breaking through the ground! 🌱🌱🌱
In the Southern Hemisphere this cycle is aligning with the season of SPRING 🌺🌸🌼– a time of FERTILITY, new growth and exciting new beginnings. All DIVINELY PERFECTO as the Southern continents energetically are the WAYSHOWERS breaking the ICE, or rather breaking the WATERS,💧 in the birthing of this NEW GOLDEN ERA.✨
The SOLAR UMBILICUS ☀🔌was reconnected to ULURU during the grand celestial alignment on Jan 12/13 which started 2020 – with a BANG!! A JUMP start to accelerate this evolutionary process of AWAKENING.. The SOLAR UMBILICUS connection was fortified by our ORIGINAL people in their ceremony during the DEC 21ST, SOLSTICE IN 2020. The SOLSTICE EVENT was a transmitter from the SUN, CENTRAL SUN and SOURCE itself. Transmitting SOURCE energy through this cord into ULURU which is the planetary battery – ready to hold the charge – a STORE of DIVINE ENERGY.
As GAIA has had her umbilicus strengthened and fortified we too as CHILDREN in her womb are receiving more DIVINE NURTURANCE and support through this umbilicus. This RED DRAGON Wavespell is providing the opportunity to RECONNECT with this EVENT and this energy to fortify our own personal connection to SOURCE☀ and MOTHER/FATHER GOD through our EARTH MOTHER.
The HOLY SPIRIT🕊 is more readily available now and we can choose whether we wish to embody this DIVINITY. Those who reject this reconnection will wither and eventually perish as it is through this DIVINE connection that humanity will be recharged and full vitality will be restored. We will all be able to FEEL the connection to ALL THAT IS and be attracted to a life of SERVICE to others and our DIVINE SOURCE. The NEW WORLD will then form on this solid foundation.
During this RED DRAGON birthing cycle.. Humanity gets to wipe the slate clean from the trauma of the past and use our CREATION POWER to birth this NEW WORLD into being!✨🐣✨
RED DRAGON holds the SOPHIA Dragon codes. The POWER of DIVINE MOTHER and THE GODDESS.👸 IMIX is the Divine Feminine, the first tribe that initiates creation by birthing our reality.
When we incarnate on this planet we are connected to our Earth mothers through our umbilical cords which provide all the sustenance, nourishment and oxygen needed during the gestation period.. keeping us SAFE and protected as we develop and grow. The MIRACLE of BIRTH🐣 and the creation of NEW LIFE🌱 is a constant reminder of the presence of a DIVINE FORCE that is responsible for the whole of CREATION. 🍥
The themes for this wavespell cover new beginnings, birthing new creations, rebirthing ourselves and our ability to
conceive and ignite new sparks, projects and goals.
On a micro level we can turn inwards reflecting on our own birth, purpose and destiny within the larger matrix of life. CREATION holds the potentiality for ALL EXISTENCE and creative expression so you have potent RAW power from which to paint your canvas.. the prime considerations during this wavespell will be:
❓ How will you nurture and pamper yourself (and others) each day, and
❓ What creation will you birth?
Mother Dragons lovingly watch over their brood of eggs and hatchlings in the safe, secure and secluded confines of the Dragon’s Den. The family home. Thus these energies bring into focus your home base,
🏡Is your house a home?
🏡Does your home nurture you?
🏡Is it safe and secure?
🏡Do you LOVE your home?
🏡Where do you belong?
🏡Does your family enjoy harmonious relationships within this space, that you occupy today?
Usually the onus falls on the Mother to create this space and fill it with her loving essence. The inspiration of the MOTHER is to care, to nurture, and to be inspired by the bigger picture. To AWAKEN through caring and nurturing and looking after others. Our capacity to sense and to feel.
❓What is OUR responsibility?
❓What is our ability to respond to the needs of our family, our communities, or humanity as a whole?
❓Are we in Service to others, to Humanity, to our planet?.
This transition will bring together our TRIBE, our family and Planetary kin as ONE GLOBAL FAMILY where we shape and hone our new Planetary home for our new societies and social structures. As we UNIFY as ONE EARTH family we will then be introduced to our extended family – our Galactic brethren and realize WE ARE NOT ALONE – and we never have been!
RED DRAGON is supported by the WHITE MIRROR- Etznab throughout this cycle. This will be revealing all THE ILLUSIONS which block LOVE💞… All that is NOT of LOVE will be revealed! The MIRROR represents the Matrix and the false construct of reality. When we are disconnected from our MOTHER/FATHER/SOURCE we become confused and wander around lost in the maze. Connecting to SPIRIT and our home helps us to find our clarity and our focus, knowing where our new path leads.. the path with the most LOVE and nurturance.
It is no longer the sole responsibility of the Mothers to love and nurture others. We ALL need to take loving ACTION in looking after each other, our friends, family, loved ones and ALL our planetary brothers and sisters. Whether male or female we all embody aspects of the Divine Feminine and it is now time that we ALL become more loving, caring and compassionate human beings. We are no longer just nuclear families or units of 1, 2 or 3 people. We are a GLOBAL family, and soon to be GALACTIC! Holding the bigger picture of reuniting with our Galactic star family.
❓How much LOVE do you have in your heart?❤
❓Is there enough to give yourself, your family, your community, your country, your planet, your galaxy? 💞
In these precarious times of uncertainty, it is vital that as we are cocooned in the safety of our home sanctuaries, we reach out with love and compassion to our families, loved ones and planetary kin to uplift, support and UNITE as ONE FAMILY!
Now is the time to prioritize and re-evaluate what is truly important for the re-VIVE-all and continuance of our HU-man species.
We have turned the evolutionary wheel and now are opening up to RECEIVE greater Universal support and MIRACLES to unfold through Divine Nurturance.
Over the cycle of this 13 day wavespell, we are invited to nurture ourselves, and others, on all levels of our being, as we embrace new beginnings! Focus on self-nurturance and you will in turn RECEIVE the Divine Nurturance and support you seek. . Open your being to be intimately supported, cared for and provided for by life! Held lovingly and embraced in the arms of Mother Goddess!
I unify in order to NURTURE
Attracting being
I seal the input of BIRTH
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I am guided by the power of my own power DOUBLED!
May you experience all the endless LOVE of CREATION through your being. ❤❤❤
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: New baby DIVINE GRATITUDE to The Jordan Collective Photography 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

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