Archangel Michael for the Council of Light – Day 12 of 111 Messages – Global Testimonials of What's Happening Now

Archangel Michael for the Council of Light – Day 12 of 111 Messages – Global Testimonials of What’s Happening Now

111 Messages in 111 Days: Ignite The Transition!
      Archangel Michael for the Council of Light
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#12 UPDATE: Global Testimonials of What’s Happening Now
Archangel Michael:
I Am Archangel Michael. I warmly greet you today with excerpts from three stories of transcendence this week from around the world: 1) a truck driver from Spain proclaims lasting freedom from old demons; 2) a mom from Belgium stays embodied to finally release her history; 3) a sales consultant from Russia who goes after what she has kept hidden, from herself.
There are powerful themes of lasting freedom within these wise words. I bring you these accounts, so that you too may glimpse the meaningful ways you are going within to break the invisible bonds born of personal and global suffering. With every Light-filled decision and choice, you raise yourself and Earth.
In my younger years I was a DJ in the night club business. During that time, it was not easy for me to overcome partying, alcohol, drugs, etc. I managed it by pulling out of that life and moving away for a couple of years to India and Thailand. It was not easy, but I came out of it.
The other day I went to a party in Spain with some friends and zaaaaack all that energy was back and brought me into a dark place. I have been fighting against it for the past two weeks. I’ve been fighting by not letting those energies back into my life. With Mother God’s help, today I can feel very strongly that it is gone. Thanks GOD for helping me. It has not been easy but it is GONE!!!!!
Right now I’m on my way to pick up my new truck. With all the new technical gear that exists inside, it will almost drive itself. It will be more fun than ever to continue building Archangel Michael’s Pillars of Light around Europe as I drive.
Thank you Mother-Father God, Archangel Michael and My Higher Self for helping me! I love you all so much! DJ Dolphin
Archangel Michael:
Just Because an Old Pattern Re-Visits, Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t DONE with ItAA Michael
Old patterns of behavior, even ones as strong as addiction, are like snakes that circle around to see if they might have another feed on you. The deeper your commitment to be free, and the longer you go without supplying the low frequency food, the less and less those snakes come around for a feed, until…it’s over.
Understand that the reclamation of self and Earth to God’s Light means your job is to make a continuous stream of Light-filled choices. In this way, you reverse the momentum of the downward spiral of experience Earth has been caught in.
Do not allow yourself to be fooled by a re-visiting old pattern of thought/feeling/behavior. Keep on! You have accomplished more than you know. Claim your victory now.
Healing the Seemingly Un-Healable Pain
I imagine telling my family about my life journey. I tell them about my father’s abuse, my mother’s inaction to it, and how I felt. Since I was a child, I’ve been in the process of healing, isolation, pain and forgiveness. This is a completely unknown story to my big happy family and would certainly be a shock.
As best I can, I have gone through the healing process over and over of: facing my shadows; acceptance; forgiveness of my mother (almost complete) and father. Yet, sometimes my peace feels incomplete because I have done this with very little actual memory. I feel like I want to remember it all, so I can own it totally, so that I can love it free.
I feel I have gone to war within these past years when life kind of forced me to go inside myself for answers. On my own initiative, I wanted to see absolutely everything. It has been three long intense years of pure shadow and deep pain, and no matter what I do or how I dedicated myself to the work, it seemed there was only more shadow and more pain. My core is shaken by it, and healing does seem every time so close, and yet unreachable.
My life is a pure paradox. I always defended to the whole world with all my heart what I know to be true, like: God, love, peace, joy and unity, yet I secretly never experienced any of it. It is so painful. It’s been a journey of nothing but faith.
I know in my soul that there is much much more than just my father’s abuse that I don’t remember, and the pain has been as extensive as the dissociation that I used to separate myself from it. I literally feel physical pain in my brain.
I have grown so much in spiritual maturity, in faith, in surrender and in acceptance. I feel deep gratitude for the COH and God for their ever present support, protection and mentorship.
In all humbleness I feel and I know I’m totally capable of accepting, forgiving and loving anything free, no matter how bad that could have possibly been. With the support of the COH and this family, I’m ready to know and remember all, and I’m ready now to free myself through acceptance and love. Love, A.
Archangel Michael:
To Be Healed, Let It Be
Once you have done the kind of inner excavation spoken of here, and healing does not yet seem to easily come, it can be so discouraging. Rest.
More than any other lifetime on Earth in the past long cycle, healing is available now. The answer is given here by this mighty one of faith. It is whenever you are willing to keep going in faith that the greatest gains are made for you and for Earth. This does not mean to remain in suffering.
You are reclaiming your natural ability to be peace in the midst of all conditions of life. You have been able to realize that inner peace is not a formula of behavior or the result of practice. It is a choice to be only that which you already are, no matter what.
Shift your efforts now from the investigation of pain to your claim of unwavering peace.
I’m joining you now by the Violet Fire, and here is what I’m putting into the flames:
  • All the years that I spent in meditation and “deep diving” (was it really deep?)
  • My escape from truly facing my stories.
  • The stories and lies I create to hide from pain
  • Manipulation
  • Dominance
  • Entitlement
  • Being right
  • Neediness
  • Pretending I’m a small girl who needs protection
  • Sexual manipulation
  • Indulging in thoughts like: Who is on MY side?  It’s not me, it’s you. I’m the queen of the ball.
  • Emotional vampirism by inventing drama
  • My fake tears performance
  • The lies: I can’t help myself. The world owes me for my pain.
  • The entitlement of knowing everything more than others do
  • Fake help
  • Unnecessary and shallow spiritual preaching to others
I know I have been doing a lot of fake spiritual work, but I do want to know the truth about myself now. I will stop lying, running away, shutting down and being fake. I know there is much more, and I will continue looking to see. For now I ask the Violet Fire to transmute it all into the Light of God. I Am a being of Violet Fire. I Am the Purity God desires. J.
Archangel Michael:
When You Are Ready
Thank you for your diligent inner work. Be easy. The answer I give applies to everyone…
There will come a moment when you really wish to know the full truth about yourself, beyond any version of victim or predator. You have assuredly been both.
The truth is you are an infinite being of Love. You have come to Earth and had an experience. It is now time to extricate yourself from the imbalance of that experience, so you may return yourself to true reality, everlasting Goodness.
This is done in the quiet of your own heart, with God, when you are ready.
Serving alongside you,
Archangel Michael
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(Channeled by Christine Burk, 11 October 2018. WhoNeedsLight, Dr. Kathryn E. May, Founder. Please include channel and full message when reprinting. Please no mechanical voice recordings. This Story Ends in Glory!)
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