In This THE GAME Of Life

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In This THE GAME Of Life

L’Aura Pleiadian 

Changes take place when no matter what people say or do or what situations arise, your thoughts and feelings are not impacted.

Your sturdiness in this way of being not attached to outcome and the whirlwind thoughts that dictate your current experience resign in their importance and take the backseat to your heart. THEN changes takes place.

At THAT level there becomes the awareness of not questioning the why, where, when and what of THINGS.

As the predominant AWARENESS IS THAT OF letting go of outcomes and existing AS THE CAUSE ~ CONSCIOUSLY of your reality EXPERIENCE.

This is taking RESPONSIBILITY for your own experience.

The external is the dream world of reality as if a VIRTUAL reality and all the situations are players in this virtual experience.

They shift as your awareness shifts.

Your perceptions COMPLETELY change as you exist within this SCOPE OF MASTERY BEING.

In order to win and master this the so called game of virtual life, you must become the master of YOU through awareness.

The FOCUS of this then becomes the paramount LAUNCHING pad for your next CONSCIOUS timeline shift/parallel world experience as you have then entered a new level in the game of life.

YOUR heart plays the predominant role in the GUIDER of this which allows the thought patterns to resolve their chaotic patterns of launching schemes and plans to battle the external. WHICH are all futile in the game of life as once one battle is complete the next new one begins disguised as new players.

The key to this mastery takes great FOCUS and attention beyond the intention.

Similar to deciding to make changes to the form, yet sitting around and doing nothing. The WILL MUST BE consciously included in this game with the awareness of developed FOCUS as this becomes a piercing through the veils INTO FORM and levels that penetrate matter and awareness so deeply it CHANGES THE GAME.

THAT IS THE true game changer in all of this THE CAUSE imparted to you now.

Wake up from the sleep of non applied awareness.

Dare to be conscious of HOW you are playing.

BE the one conscious of HOW it is you ARE Being in all moments.

When you have mastered this, changes take place through you and all around you, because it is YOU. You are the one holding that remote even if UNAWARE.

Wake up all you that sleep deeply and the moment has arrived for your maturing into taking that responsibility once and for all.

Wake up and take notice of NOW ~ How you ARE BEING.

IN love this is activated NOW. Deeply and the game continues throughout all dimensions. Maybe you will see me in your next parallel world.

Experiences and life may SHIFT dramatically now as the game has upped the anti of frequency.  The magicians and the MASTERS now are revealed.




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Judith Kusel

As the shift escalates and so much of the old is being released, be kind to yourself.
When we have released, discharged old negative karmic Patterns, and old stories which no longer serve us, our souls have done the releasing, but now our physical bodies need to catch up. It takes about a week before the readjusting has been done, as you are being reprogrammed at cellular level and within your whole body.
So often if we were hurt or wounded or even killed in other lifetimes in a certain way, it will manifest as pain in our physical bodies, until the memory bank is opened and the trauma released. Once it is released, know that you will still need to deal with your physical body catching up and readjusting.
It will happen in old karmic relationships as well, where we finally can break free of negative karmic patterns and bonds which have kept us in the same old programming for many lifetimes. Once we have broken free, our whole system needs to readjust and we then are freed at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well.
I see this as a miracle unfolding, as I am currently witnessing this in my own life. I cannot even express the relief when these wounds are finally healed and one is freed at soul level in ways I cannot find the words to express.
This is going to happen more and more, as we have this immense portal of opportunity to lay the ghosts of past lives finally to rest, as well as ancestral karma, and truly operate at a much higher frequency level.
What a blessing this is!
Higher Healing in the highest degrees!
Judith Kusel


Schumann Resonance Today – 49 hz

February 13 2020 – 17:00 UTC


  • 2/13 17:00 UTC – After the previously reported peak, activity continued slightly until reaching the climate at 14 UTC.
  • 2/13 08:30 UTC – After a break of about 12 hours in which we had a calm condition, shortly after midnight UTC some movements began which, with isolated peaks, brought the Resonance to Power 20 at 3 am UTC. These small movements were not followed by more variations except for a sudden peak at Power 49 at 8 UTC.



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The Tzolkin Times

14 hrs

Kin 216 – Yellow Galactic Warrior

‘Galactic’ is the name for the number eight and its key words are ‘Harmony, Integrity and Model’. We are now on the 8th day of the Red Moon wavespell. Warrior naturally likes to go on missions but during this laid back wavespell, his sword stays firmly in it’s sheath. Today he is on a mission to find harmony which is a noble quest.

Today is Yellow Warrior which represents ‘Intelligence, Fearlessness and Questioning’. Even if you are not a Warrior, you can be one for a day. Take on a mission or quest but do not go on a warpath. Seek out harmony and enjoy the spoils of your victory.

The Guide today is the Yellow Sun which is the symbol of ‘Enlightenment’ and when in the guiding position our paths are illuminated. This makes it much easier to see where you are going and therefore finding harmony shall be quite easy.

The Challenge today is the White Worldbridger which represents ‘Death, Equality and Opportunity’. Normally Worldbridger finds Warrior days too intense but as it is a fluffy ‘Galactic’ day, this tones down the intensity and so Worldbridgers too can find harmony today.

The Occult power is the Red Serpent which is the symbol of ‘Life-Force, Instinct and Survival’. The Serpent is very powerful and when in this position anyone can tap into this power. One of serpent’s greatest strengths is its ability to shed it’s own skin and emerge totally renewed. This symbolizes new opportunities for a fresh start. Is your life a bit stale? If you are ready for a change be prepared to let go of your old life to make way for a new one. If you want to shed your old skin, today provides a magical chance to do just that.

The Ally is the Blue Night, the dreamer of the Tzolkin. If you want to take someone along on your mission to find harmony, your best bet is to find a Blue Night. Their ability to use their imagination, makes them very useful today.


Christina Papageorgiou

13 FEBRUARY 2020

Modeling fearlessness
I seal the output of intelligence
With the Galactic tone of integrity
I AM guided by the power of Universal Fire


13/2/2020 = 4/2/4 = 10
4/4 code building on 22/22 Gate energies!
13 – Goddess/Cosmic Consciousness/13 Moons/Natural Lore
4 – Angelic code/Earth/Foundation/Form
10 – Manifestation/leadership/Authority
1 – New beginnings

KIN 216 = 9 – Destiny/Service/Compassion/Humanity/Grace

 A very powerful day for building a solid foundation for New👑 Leadership, it is TIME to take the reigns and fearlessly run with it! 🏇🏇🏇


Day 8 in the RED MOON WAVESPELL of the GODDESS, who is enhancing our intuition and sensitivity as we purify our vessels in order to find our best FLOW.. Today we are QUEST-I-ONing everything all the way back to SOURCE in order to claim our AUTHORITY and FLOW with pure illuminated consciousness.

As it is a 13 day the power of the GODDESS is amplified… the GODDESS asks you to soften and yield to the FLOW of the BEST and most fruitful path on your QUEST..

GALACTIC – Tone 8 in the MENTAL realm. ACTION – modeling, POWER – harmonize, ESSENCE – integrity. The GALACTIC tone will influence much MENTAL analysis today! The most important factor is that we model integrity in our thoughts, words and actions. We are modeling Fearlessness and intelligence as the Rainbow Warriors of this New World. Are our intentions based on harmony through integrity of being? we need to reflect on the messages from spirit and ensure that we are aligned in order for us to evolve and become EN-LIGHT-ened. Our plans need to be transparent and for the highest good of our community and planet, for them to hold up in these new energies. Our projects and business models will then serve as a model for others following in our footsteps who hold the ideals of unity, peace and harmony as a priority. At tone 8 we have entered a new scale, and we are so proud, we just have to model ourselves for others. We have also mastered Harmony at this stage. We are GALACTIC and don’t we know it!


CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW WARRIOR🌈🏹 – CIB – is the fearless warrior who leads us on a courageous QUEST-I -ON. In the biggest battle which is the battle with our cell-ves we fearlessly listen to our MINDS in order to integrate what it is to “go with the flow” Using our Divine intelligence to QUESTION any FEAR of following our path! What rocks or impediments are in our stream that we courageously need to FLOW around and continue on our journey? Piercing through any thoughtforms that would keep us in the “dark”. Integrating purification in our illumined minds to access pure consciousness through QUEST-I-ONing beyond the BOX of our inherited conditioning. Questioning of SOURCE itself and coming home to our own independant illumined and fearless MIND.

Today we are super focused on our QUEST, our Divine Missions, questioning the very nature of our constructed reality in order to stay focused on the manifestation of our dream and Higher purpose. The YELLOW WARRIOR applies focused intention on discovering the best choices and the best road to travel,realizing his spiritual QUEST for discovering the HOLY GRAIL…. finally reaching the desired destination of collective and personal LOVE, ABUNDANCE and EQUALITY for ALL! .

HIGHER SELF: YELLOW SUN – AHAU represents the masculine illuminating brain, integrating the awakening, and comprehending the potential for SHINING the LIGHT on the Collective QUEST of the Rainbow Warriors. AHAU challenges us to RAISE our thoughts, stand in the Highest INTEGRITY and claim our SOVEREIGNTY. Aligning with the Higher Mind, the DIVINE MIND so that we can create PEACE and stillness. This allows the higher divine guidance to FLOW through our MINDS, unimpeded, leading us to greater Abundance and JOY. OPEN and elevate your MIND to become more EN-LIGHT-ENED and become the SUN, brightening the day of those around you. Focusing on the highest potentials of humanity’s awakening . Modeling our sovereign nature as we harmonize our soul-ar connections.

SUPPORT: BLUE NIGHT 🌌– AKBAL reveals any unconscious FEARS that we hold and teams with CIB so that we can FEARLESSLY face any resistance to this new way of being. Cutting away and transcending our limitations and restrictive patterns inhibiting our ability to grow, SHINE and RADIATE. Through facing and overcoming our FEARS we become EMPOWERED, and can then take up our leadership positions, influencing others to follow in our footsteps. We can all thus UNITE in our collective journey to the promised land. AKBAL holds the dreaming code for the collective, that the WARRIOR will fearlessly defend until it is made manifest in all its RAINBOW splendor. That is our unified QUEST as the shining ones – the RADIANT SOPHIA/CHRISTED, STARSEEDS leading the way to the NEW KING/QUEEN-DOM 👑.

OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED SERPENT🐍 – CHICCAN gives us the power to FEARLESSLY face our FEARS in order to to find our FLOW. Our primal mind revealing what needs purifying in order to model higher states of FEARLESSNESS through pure consciousness. Facing any FEARS of lack, poverty, hunger and scar-city. Trusting instinctively that GOD WILL PROVIDE for all our needs and ALLOW -and-SEE what GOD has in store for us. RED SERPENT provides the much needed vitality and lifeforce, that the WARRIOR channels into his QUEST of stamina and endurance, to come home VICTORIOUS!

CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE WORLDBRIDGER 🌈– Yesterday’s Blue Resonant Eagle gave us intuitive insight as we attuned to the BIG PICTURE of our Divine Mission… today the fearless Rainbow Warriors – SURRENDER the battle with great INTEGRITY, as the wayshowers pass the baton to the next wave of Rainbows…. the battle is WON and now is the time for PEACE and CELEBRATION. CIMI’s challenge today is to LET GO and SURRENDER, releasing all cords and attachments so that we are FREE to evolve into higher states of fearless living. Allowing our MINDS to be FREE from the old worlds that we no longer relate to. Getting REAL and focusing on what our SOUL wants to create, so that we can live in harmony with our kin. Focused on our Divine Mission of creating a beautiful ABUNDANT world filled with AWAKENED MINDS and EN-LIGHT-ened beings. Allow CIMI to build the bridge from the old world to the new, revealing the true path to flow effortlessly down the path of least resistance!

So precious hearts, a very powerful day to fearlessly face what needs to be QUEST-I-ON-ed in order to find your FLOW and manifest your DREAMS. Surrender the battles and resistance, as you yield to the GODDESS and float merrily down yonder stream! 😊😊😊

Today’s question is “How can I use my intelligence to SURRENDER and harmonize anything impeding my SOVEREIGNTY and FLOW of fearless ABUNDANCE?”

🐬🌈 🐬🌈🐬🌈🐬🌈

Divine blessings for Harmonizing your FEAR and modeling FEARLESS PURE ENLIGHT-ened consciousness.

Namaste’ 🙏🙏🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

PICTURE CREDITS: Bretonnia – Lady of the Lake – Warhammer DIVINE GRATITUDE to Unknown Artist 🙏🙏🙏


If you order any product on Amazon through the following links the proceeds will go towards the Ecuador healing retreat center.


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