11:11 GATEWAY ACTIVATIONS ~ Arc of Transformation ~ Galactic Portal ~ Diamond Rainbow Plasma Light

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11:11 GATEWAY ACTIVATIONS ~ Arc of Transformation ~ Galactic Portal ~ Diamond Rainbow Plasma Light

Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Celestial Navigators of the New Positive Timeline of Eternal Bliss Consciousness.

Happy 11:11 Gateway to the New Earth. Today is a powerful Galactic Activation Portal on the Mayan Calendar with Kin 72 YELLOW RESONANT HUMAN. Golden Ones of the New Earth resonate with the Source Codes of Infinite Creative Potential. The Great Mystery spins the web of life to create infinite patterns of sacred geometry to manifest the Imagination of the Unborn Mind of Buddha. As all comes into perfect alignment with the Harmony of the Spheres we co-create the Divine Dream of Heaven upon earth. We spin the New Dreamspell of Unlimited Joy, Blessings, Abundance and Happiness for all Sentient beings of the Pure Awareness of the Clear Light of Bliss.

Living from our heart we realize our True Nature as our connection to all things in all realms, timelines and dimensions through our Sacred Still Center of complete Illumination. The veils lift to reveal all that has been hidden from the Eyes of our Spirit. We awaken and rise into our birthright of the Christ Consciousness of the NEw Jerusalem.

The Great Spirit gave us an 11 hz frequency on the Schumann chart to synchronize with this 11:11 Portal, creating a triple 11 Portal Activation. All Portals of Higher Resonance are fully open and fully activated preparing us for the coming transformations at Lunar Eclipse on the full moon in Taurus and the 12:12 through the 12:21 portal into the 222 of Divine Cultivation. With the vitality of our higher life force pulsing through our meridians and channels we use the full Power of our Heavenly Chi to manifest our Visions of the New Paradise forever more. We are going spacial as we bridge the physical with the non-physical, the linear and non-linear, the beauty with the mundane as we transcend into Time = Art. We become the guides and conductors of our lives to create the Great Symphony of the Divine Covenant.

I Am a Galactic Activation Portal to Heaven on Earth ~ Enter Now, go within into the Sacred Temple of Eternal Life….A’Ho!

Abundance codes for today :  11 ~ 1733 ~ 585 – 256 ~ 371 ~ 11



Right now: Moon at 26°59′ Aquarius, Sun at 19°56′ Scorpio

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

A woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway.
Sabian Symbol for 20º Scorpio

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 20º Scorpio.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A tree felled and sawed to ensure a supply of wood for the winter.
Sabian Symbol for 28º Aquarius

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 28º Aquarius.

source: www.astrologyweekly.com




11:11 is a wake-up call you sent to yourself. A reminder of your true purpose here on Earth. Usually during times of heightened energy or accelerated personal change you will notice the 11:11 more frequently. Seeing the Master Numbers 11:11 is ALWAYS a confirmation that you are on the right track.
~ Solara’
This 11:11 day is underlined by the energy of Creative Destruction-The Energy of Kali, The Energy of the ouroboros . Cycles are closing so that new ones may take their place …the foundations are being laid for the next 8 years…so if your world is being rocked a bit…that’s why!! Foundational Changes are underway.
11:11 is the Bridge/ Gateway / springboard where we definitively leave the past cycles that no longer serve or are too great a burden to carry forward …even though the New Vistas are not quite visible. This is a space of chaotic unrest and change and the only way to cross this gateway/ bridge is to answer the call for action with courage and to trust the unfolding.
The Cosmic Cauldron of Energies have been stirred ,all that which had been put on the back burner comes forward to be addressed and brought to it’s just conclusion . And in the midst of these chain reactions , we set our intentions for the manifestation of the highest outcome.
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na
Art by Barandash Karandashich,
The Goddess Guidance Oracle deck

Ra James

Happy 11:11 Portal!

The energies of today’s 11:11 Portal is very much a Gateway to your dreams.The energies of the past few days, have been helping you to clear the blocks and limitations. Sometimes these are deeper feelings that may have been holding you back.We are very much stepping into these energies anew.Many of you can feel you’re self shifting and changing too.This deeper transformation that is occurring is what this is all about.The energies of the 11:11 Portal are powerful for your manifestations and in anchoring in the new.There are many light codes coming in that you need.Codes that will help you manifest your twin flame union.This is a powerful gateway for ascension, and for love.11 represents two lovers coming together.If you notice the number 11 a lot, you have a different type of energy then most.If two people with those type of energy come together it can be almost explosive.


The 11:11 Portal is bringing a huge shift that will take you so much closer to your highest divine timeline.Right now our Planet, and Sun are coming into a powerful alignment with the Pleiades.This takes us into a powerful Pleiadian Portal next week.As we receive these energies we will receive many activations that we need.Next week also kicks off Eclipse Season.Next week’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will play out in the sign of Taurus.This will amplify the Pleiadian Portal we will be in.This month will wake up many.Expect it to take the Planet next level and into a deeper alignment.Things will speed up a little.It may feel like we wrap up 2021 very fast.We have 8 weeks left til 2022.November is going to continue to bring a huge influx of Galactic energies.The 11:11 Portal is very much unlocking these higher frequency energies.It also has the potential to unlock your timelines.That’s why this is the most powerful space of manifestation of the entire year.


source: www.sparksofdivinelighthealing.com



Can you feel these super powerful Crystalline Diamond Plasma Lightbody and DNA Activations? Our crowns are receiving a huge amount of light and so is every atom and subatomic particle of ours, wowzies! Very tingly!! I’m feeling in between bliss and wanting to cry at times. Better today 😅, yesterday was a drag.
Both mornings I have felt like I’ve been out drinking the night before and so much nausea and vertigo as we are rapidly shifting in Frequency. But besides much up and down, cranky mood and and achy body, we keep returning to and resting in the Zero Point Field within. In NO-TIME. In Neutrality. Where we feel what we need to feel as well as observe and transcend it all.
It’s a bothand. That’s the Trinity.
The Tri-wave. The energy current of the New Grid System. That’s how we embody this. When we hold all three states (both Polarities and Neutrality) within the Zero Point Field within, without any charge or friction between the three! Collapsing the lower Realities through the neutral Observer state. When we can act from a place of Neutrality in the highest interest of ALL, instead of influenced by the negatives ego subjectivity.
These Lightbody and DNA Upgrades are no joke, we are and have been receiving massive amounts of cosmic rays and plasma infusions that are vastly accelerating the transformation of our physical bodies and Consciousness! So much is moving very quickly now as sudden shifts keep unfolding.
Staying in the flow and flexible is a must, refraining from rash decisions, it is best to keep pulling it all within and keep going deeper to unravel it all. There is nothing to rush, as all unfolds organically and naturally now. Stay in the present NOW moment, let go of things that are unnecessary and stress you out. Our bodies require to be taken extra good care of and the more relaxed we can bez the better!
We are receiving powerful Galactivations especially to our third eye, crown, mouth of God (8th chakra/ back of head), thymus and the HEART!! These super extra POW TO THE WOW HEART EXPANSIONS, ACTIVATIONS & HEALINGS are truly The Key to our BREAKTHROUGH THAT IS HERE NOW!!
Our Crystal Heart Complex is The Key to the integration with our Multidimensional Self and the StarGate to the higher dimensional Realities. THE KEY TO UNLOCK it ALL! The Key to our Freedom and Abundance! It’s the most important piece to our Lightbody and connection to Source and we have been receiving some very powerful Activations and Healings of late that have paved the way now for it all to come together and online!
Like every moment, every breath, all and everything, has lead to this point.
Our Heart together with Earth’s Heart and Crystal Core ready for the Finale!
THE Most noticeable physical side effects I am noticing: Nausea, headaches, dizziness, vertigo, sinuses, hunger pangs, third eye/ behind eyes, body aches and pains especially around lower back and neck, massive Heart Openings and Expansions, kidney pains also connected to the blood/line clearing, Solar plexus – Power Activations.
There has been a HUGE amount of iridescent White Diamond Rainbow Plasma light since this morning, purifying the grids and our and the Planetary Morphogenetic field. This is one of the three main layers I’ve been observing and working with. Also the Mother Arc, as the 13th Dimensional Aqua Ray, is assisting with the dissolution of the Frequency Net and re-encryption of the dark matter template. We had a new powerful Portal opening today which I see as a White Platinum light ray coming directly from Source, resetting our Blueprints to our Core Encryption Template, with Upgrades.
This Ray brings COMPLETE PURIFICATION & HEALING OF THE MORPHOGENETIC FIELD. This ray is the precursor of The Event as I am perceiving it and is purifying ALL at accelerated speed now (yes even more so) connecting directly into the Crystalline Core of Earth that has received another powerful Activation today on the 11:11 as a result!! All is being prepared for the final Purification. Through the Reclamation of the Core Manifestation Template and Mother’s Cosmic Egg we are restoring our Blueprints back to ‘perfection’ at super quantum God-Source speed! The elemental matter is changing at subatomic level and supporting the Planetary body shift into higher density.
The most beautiful Activation today that unfolded was the correction of the Planetary and Cosmic Sound harmonics within the Core of Earth. As I mentioned in my Cosmic Update video  I am seeing the 12 Krystic Dragon Luminaries positioned at the StarGate locations since Wednesday. The Crystal Eggs that to me represent the human tribal records (our True History and DNA records), they have been guarding, are still within the Crystal Core of Earth. As the White Platinum Portal opened and kept pouring light into the Core of Earth, the 12 eggs started to crack open to reveal three baby dragons within each, representing the 36 & 144 corrected sound and light harmonics (and DNA Strands), which were previously scattered and distorted. Especially related to the 3 lower Dimensions.
Afterwards the Crystal Eggs closed again and started spinning and glowing, emitting the new sound harmonics! Dragons flew off, to clear the Grids of the not so good dragons and to further activate the Grids.
These Activations are assisting in the re-coding, re-programming and re-essembly of our Multidimensional DNA Plasma Lightbody. I saw and felt myself turning into iridescent Diamond Plasma Light, that was pretty awesome!! I know the amount of gamma light can be very activating and not always easy to rest or sleep but if you manage to relax your body you will be able to tune into some pretty amazing, crystallizing, cutting through any remaining blockages, blissful love waves, directly from Source. Try to keep coming back to Neutrality as often as you can. Keep coming back to the peace that is always available deep within.
These Frequencies can be very ungrounding, some of these tips may assist: earthing/ bare feet on grass, grounding foods like potatoes and carrots, stomp your feet on the ground/ jump up and down, go for a walk in nature like a forest, do something physical like cleaning or cooking if you have the energy, rest and sleep even if you find it hard to calm down, try deep breathing (exercises), clear your energy field, showers/ salt baths, essential oils, relaxing music and meditation all support, get a massage/ treatment etc.
Also it is important to keep connecting to Earth’s Crystalline Core, her Heart with ours and the Heart of God-Source. You can for example visualize a beautiful White Platinum light all around you like a pillar of light all around your energy field, with a Cord of Diamond Rainbow Light in the middle of your central collum, connecting you through your Heart and Crown 👑 with Source and to the Earth’s Krystal Core. See beautiful Crystalline Rainbow Diamond liquid light flowing through all the Grids and Sacred sites, infusing and activating the New Grid System. It’s important that we ground and anchor these Frequencies into the Grid System, which also helps us release the energy through our body, especially when we can connect in Nature.
Lastly, I want to mention that there certainly have been many tests and initiations for us, last exams tests before we get our PhDs! It’s basically a version of Groundhog Day or another until we ‘get it right’! Until our wounds and triggers no longer bring us off balance. When we have healed enough to no longer fall for the gaslighting and tricks. When we react and act in full Alignment with our True and Higher Self. So see the triggers and illusions for what they are and stop feeding them your precious life force energy. See past the smokescreen, the veils, masks and illusions.
Keep FEELing THE TRUTH! That’s how we dissolve it all, by KNOWing our Truth no matter what this false Reality may be reflecting back to us. Because NOTHING IS AS IS SEEMS! When we know, we just KNOW, and this is what all of this is ultimately about. For us to be our own greatest Authority and trust our inner guidance system above all else. When there’s no more doubt left and only clarity remains, and WE REMEMBER FULLY AGAIN..
Any moment NOW 😉
And remember to keep DREAMing REAL BIG because all the limitations and boundaries are now removed &
Eternal Love & Blessings,
Ramona 💙

Bali Bali added a 3D photo to UNITY of LIGHT.


The Company of Heaven has stated that we are in uncharted waters.
The intensity and positive effects of the influx of Light that we will experience during the 40-day accelerated cleansing process we are now entering will depend on the cooperation of Lightworkers from around the World.
Beginning with the opening of the 11:11 Portal of Light on November 11th and building momentum towards the Solstice of December 20th-21st, you, me and the rest of Humanity’s Awakening have a unique opportunity to move humanity, the Kingdom Elemental and Mother Earth ahead Enlighten in NEW and hitherto unknown ways.
On November 11, 2021, the multidimensional 11:11 Portal of Light will open in its entirety. During this Cosmic Moment, Lightworkers around the World will have the opportunity to use this influx of Light to assist the masses of Humanity to reach ever more into the frequencies of Unity Consciousness now present in every Flame on Earth. Helping Humanity reach this level of Consciousness of Unity and Divine Mission that we are ALL called upon to help during the critical remaining weeks of 2021.
This is an essential facet of the individual and collective Divine Plan of Humanity that will smooth the path for the life. transformative year 2022. We are powerful beyond our knowledge and when we focus our attention and our Divine Intentions on Light and Co-creating the patterns of perfection for the New Earth miracles to happen. As the Hopi prophecy says, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” In order to make the most of the 11:11 Portal of Light opening on November 11th, we are co-creating in unison with the Company of Heaven a FREE online Portal of Light activity. The Divine Intent of this event is to unify the Hearts and Minds of Humanity and accelerate the Divine Alchemy that takes place in our Earthly Bodies in the most positive way.

11/11 Portal…and after…

So today we stand at the portal entrance. This transit through the Scorpio Gate under the light of Antares is an important moment in our Galactic Evolution, and the energies are intensifying accordingly.
But this is only the first step in a Trajectory or “Arc of Transformation” that continues to the December Solstice on the 21st of December.
After the 11/11 we enter Eclipse season, with two Eclipses: a partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 19th of November and a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius non the 4th December. These Eclipses always bring in powerful energies. The Moon in Taurus is exalted, so an Eclipse in this sign can have powerful effects for the good in aspects such as finance and home affairs. Sun in Sagittarius is also powerful, as Sagittarius is a fire sign that has visionary potential to create the future. As we activate the New Earth timeline, these new Light Codes will shape our path into the manifestation of the New Earth.
This is followed by the 12/12 portal on the 12th of December, when we will again be given access to energies that can motivate abundance and new creation. On the 19th December, the Sun transits the Galactic Center, sending in more intense Diamond Light Codes, and then we move into the Solstice on the 21st December.
This will be the climactic point where we will begin to see the path forward into Abundance and Peace in the New Earth.
So, dearest friends, the 11/11 portal transit commences a powerful arc of experience that we can ride…straight into the New Earth frequency and renewal and rebirth.
Now is the Time.
Be prepared and be excited!
It’s Happening…at Last!
Love to everyone for a great transit tomorrow!
❤ ❤ ❤

1 1 . 1 1 . 2 1 P O R T A L 🔮

The 11.11.21 Gateway energies are PEAKING. You are standing at the GATES OF INITIATION of the next stage in your Soul’s evolution.
Annually, 11th of November is a PORTAL of TRANFORMATION, activation and awakening, bringing new ideas, people, situations, ways of being and creations.
It’s like a massive energetic door swings open, bringing with it a BURST of FRESH CREATION ENERGY. Out in front of you, opens a pathway for the next 12 months.
Today, moreso than usual, you get the chance to VISUALISE, DREAM & CREATE what happens along this pathway.
You are being called to focus on the one area of your life that has remained elusive. You know what it is.
It’s the KEY to your SOUL PURPOSE + WHOLENESS. Where you get to transcend the limitations that have held you bound across lifetimes, and fully access the power of your ANCIENT SELF.
Its worth noting that soul purpose can mean a myriad of things and varies by person – it could be parenthood, deeper self love, being the light in the room, moving continents, accessing healing gifts, aligning to a new career, finding orgasmic pleasure, transcending ancestral karma, standing for something, healing past trauma, living in a state of love, claiming freedom & sovereignty, or all of these things!
It’s time to walk forward towards it now – as BEING IN MOTION in which Soul Purpose + Heart Coherence + Aligned Action comes together in perfect balance and harmony.
Ask for the following as you explore and journey along this pathway leading into November of 2022-
🔮There is greater FLOW, STABILITY and POSSIBILITY.
🔮LESSONS come via EASE, JOY & GRACE, rather than suffering or struggle.
🔮Your HIGHER SELF is so DEEPLY INTEGRATED, there is no separation in the current self vs future self.
🔮You can EASILY SEE the HIGHEST POTENTIAL at every major choice point.
🔮You can EASILY SAY NO to that which doesn’t serve you, and CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY.
🔮CHANGE HAPPENS EFFORTLESSLY, and you INHERENTLY KNOW when to take that next step.
🔮You get to experience unlimited PLAY, BLISS & PLEASURE.
🔮SELF LOVE & the LOVE from others is easily received & abundant.
You have earned this, my loves. Enjoy every moment of the next year.
With divine love from my heart to yours
Leyla 🧬💫💜🌈
Image credit: Indigo

✨11:11 Portal✨

The 11:11 Portal is Open Today and is a powerful Stargate that can help to bridge the distance between you and your manifestations. 11:11 Gateway/Portal – Also known as Stargates, These are astrological alignments that are created during a specific date in time. They are most known for being an Energetic Gateway for others to Awaken and also known to create energetic shifts and manifestations. It could also signify that “11:11 is the doorway between two worlds – the physical and the spiritual. Between the 3rd dimensional and the 5th dimensional worlds. It’s time to get so intentional with the Universe. People say make a wish when they see 11:11 for a reason. These energies are about taking action and letting your manifestations guide you. 11:11 is said to be the luckiest day of the year. It’s said to be the most magical. The 11:11 Portal carries special codes you need for your awakening. 11:11 is sometimes known as the “wake-up” code or code of consciousness, the ascension code or activation code.
The 11:11 Portal is also an energy, and a sign for twin flame love. It’s all about coming together in unity. 11 is always a twin flame number. 11:11 is the Universe’s synchronistic way of speaking to us. It’s a sign of new love. It’s also a sign your Twin flame or Soul mate is near you. This portal also represents the true reunion of the divine masculine energy and the divine feminine energy. All of creation came to be through this portal. Through divine masculine and feminine energy creation is birthed. All things must carry both parts as everything in this universe is comprised of both masculine and feminine energy, this is the way of the universe. As this portal arrives, many can and will begin to reunite with their TRUE Twin Flame Union. If you still haven’t found your Twin Flame, you can use November 11th to connect with them. Call out to your Twin Flame if you don’t already have them by your side. And if you do, use this day to strengthen the bond. We have big shifts happening right now. Higher timelines and higher dimensions are opening up. Expect lots of miracles to come though with this Gateway. Make sure your focused on what you love right now. We are manifesting, so much right now, so we need to be extra positive right now. Make sure your really aligning with what you want right now.
This month we are very much in alignment with the Pleiades. On November 11th, a very important portal will open with a lot of activity of the Pleiadian fleet. The 11:11 Portal will create a Gateway through which the Pleiadians can start to work more directly with those people who feel drawn to connect with them. As the veil thins, building a direct relationship with the Pleiadians and anchoring their frequency through your spiritual and physical body allows us to bring the Event and first contact that much closer. Not only that, but you can also receive a deep healing through working with these frequencies on the 11th. Our specific focus for this day will be the unification of humanity with our Pleiadian brothers and sisters as well as are Galactic Brothers and Sisters. We will focus on visualising first contact, the building of our relationships together and the co-creation of our beautiful 5D future. It will be a magical journey!
This is a time of greater clarity, downloads, messages in dreams, integration in the physical body of new light codes that will open up gateways of new exploration for us. As you open up to receiving the light… your soul will be blessed with what it is ready to receive. The intention you put out will help you manifest it into your life. November is also the month of passion, creativity and being intimate with ourselves, our truth and asking those deeper questions of what we desire and what we are truly passionate about. It is a month for introspection and reflection, making space to balance doing with being so that we can make space to receive insights, listen to our truth and soul’s calling. The energies of November are all about Love and Spiritual Awakening.
Magic 11/11! 1111 is a powerful angel number indicating that you are aligned and ready to manifest whatever your heart’s true desire is! To work with the powerful energy of this day, connect with the wisdom and truth of your heart. Know that when you align with your heart field energy, it becomes easier for you to create and manifest. This is a good day to create intentions for the future and to think about what vibration you are emitting. It is also a powerful energy for connecting with your guardian angels and spirit guides. This is a wonderful time to journal, meditation, engage in extra self-care, and focus on your physical health and spiritual health.
11:11 Portal ~ which activates within you, greater levels of your conscious Ascension.
This 11:11 portal Graces You with Higher Frequencies of Light, that you will receive within your DNA. Your Blueprint. Your unique life plan. This Power of Divine Light will bathe your awareness with Higher Dimensional frequencies, and downloads. Take time to consciously acknowledge this Presence, this Activation, as the 11:11 Portal activates, within you. You have experienced many Shifts. There is more, that you are now ready for. Earth vibrational frequency is shifting also, all in Unison, with the Divine Plan. The Cosmic Plan. In which you are within and apart of. But, those of you who are shifting, transforming and ascending with the Earth will follow the Flight of the Phoenix. This represents the complete transmutation of the old and the past, and the birthing and ongoing manifestation of the New Earth and New Humanity! As the Phoenix takes flight shrouded in Angelic Fire. The 11/11 Portal itself is a powerful Consciousness Doorway or Time/Space portal that is held by the Sirius and the Pleiades, and it is also the closest portal to the Galactic Center/Central Sun of the Galaxy.
The day of 11:11 is a wonderous portal. It opens up an energy field of Divine Light. The Angelic Dimension and others who work in the Light of God & Love of Goddess are here today to help us all to step through this gateway today and feel the shift of light energy that it gives us. It is just another step toward the completion of Oneness or Union within of being with the Divine Source. The 11:11 Gateway is a supreme moment of time, yet the Divine Light causing evolution within you during this moment, is a gift from the Universe that all is in harmony with All of Life on Earth. 11:11 gateway brings us to a period of immense renewal of our spirit and a greater Divine connection with Source/Creator. We are able to receive more clarity as to our purpose here and a remembrance of who we truly are as a beautiful expression of Love & Light.

Gillian Macbeth

✨ The 11:11 Lifting ✨

All of heaven known and unknown enters through this 11:11 Gateway. Align with all you know to be the highest love. A flooding of the heart allows you to rise above previous emotional tide lines and the barnacles of this past year. Set sail into a heart that is free of debris, free of the definitions of the past. What is good within you has survived the storms and floods. What was darkened will be cleared and polished into a bright light. Anoint with this knowledge for a new level of life that has been sequestered bursts forth from your atoms.
You are surging with galactic memories and truths that have laid dormant deep within your DNA, waiting for the exact energetic signature to awaken them.
11:11 is a number activation sequence. Each time that you see 1111 on a clock it represents that you are being given an opportunity to walk into a ‘Gateway of Manifestation’. The universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts, which then are manifesting into the physical in record speed.
The time period from November 11, to January 11 is considered to be the HOLY TRINITY months. All in All it is a divine decree and opportunity issued to all of earth. Wake-up, and become your true light. Eleven is also the number of masters. 11:11 is an encoded molecular structure of Remembrance, activating the Master of Light we have always been. This is the Biological Ascension, and 11:11 is the Ascension Doorway. The Light of Ascension comes in many forms and on many levels. It comes not always in one day, or one moment. For we Ascend and descend continually word by word, thought by thought. Ascension is birthed from every breath, every thought, and every word.
The energies of the 11:11 doorway are enhanced by nature this year, All of life sees you and knows your secrets. The trees whisper about your sadness, the fairies leave you a feather as a sign you are loved and watched over. The birds sing to heal you. This 11:11 door asks you to listen to what earth speaks to you. Hear with your heart. Use the silent sounds within your own quiet universe.
Allow the pulsing of your blood the beat of your heart, the sound of your breath to be heard as music of the spheres. Even the cracking of your knees and bones gives to you the sound of life, in all its frailties and vulnerabilities.
Humanly you expand, and spiritually you will soar.
Use this time to decode the secrets that live within you. You exist multi-dimensionally. All of your actions of earth are as a centerpiece. You are an intersection of dimensional fluxes and time adjustments. All of your choices here on earth influence the outcomes of other stellar and galactic experiences. All avenues of time and space deliver you messages, incoming and outgoing, time to listen and learn.
You sit at a longitude and latitude that requests the presence of a higher level of your own light. Your soul broadcasts beyond the boundaries that you knowingly seek. The next level of attunement that you seek lives within the solar crossings of your light and thoughts. Your spirit stands ready to take you to uncharted territory.
Everything stretches itself looking for more of its true identity. As you stand in this portal there will be no more excuses. Everything that you do in upcoming time influences the outcome of events. Every negative thought that you have about yourself or others shifts the scales of polarity. Every positive thought that you have shifts in accordance with the light. No longer are you at the mercy of others. All of life and light sits and awaits your actions, your thoughts, and your clarification.
The 11:11 doorways are continually expanding and contracting in accordance with humanities needs. Like one who stands in front of an automatic door walking back and forth before making up their mind – should they enter or should they exit. You no longer have the luxury of playing with those automatic doors of expansion and contraction for all movement forward is not to be taken for granted. All movement backward is also taken literally. It is time to make internal peace with your God Light within. It is necessary before you can ever see the external peace that you so seek.
Octaves of what is hidden reveal itself as a scroll is rolled out to be read in the language of the heart, but not understood by the eyes. Everything holds a holy composition within it.
We are living light.
Within your words, within your voice is living light.
You are the Language of Light that you so seek to speak.
The geometry of your words and your intent is felt above all other things..✨
source: www.thequantumawakening.com

Shanta Gabriel

Union with the Self

The 11:11 Gateway opens the way to this union within the self. You can use the image of the double helix to remind you of your linkup from Heaven to Earth. The Archangels stand ready to welcome you into the new creative power of exalted awareness. Retraining and guiding the fearful thoughts that plague your days are only a prayer away. Each prayer raises your frequency of energy and could be the one that unleashes the critical mass for Spontaneous Evolution on the planet. Imagine that your prayer is the turning point – the key that fits the doorway to Oneness.

Divine Presence, All That is, and the Archangels of Light:

As I prepare to be guided through this 11:11 portal of time, I ask that the Light of Divine Love clear any disharmony within my energy field. I willingly let go of the burdens of old beliefs so I may stand tall and move freely through the gateways to Unity Consciousness.
Within the spaciousness of my cleared energy field I ask that it be filled with the power of Divine Love, Harmony and Peace. I ask to receive and radiate the strength and courage to embody this Divine Light and ground the presence of Love, Peace and Healing into the Earth and assist its evolution.
I join with the Angelic forces and the millions of those who work in the Light of God, as we are led through the 11:11 Gateway. I know that as one is lifted up, all are uplifted. I allow new patterns of exalted Light energy to engage my human structure in the completion of Oneness ~ Union within my being with the Divine. I dance through the Light-filled gateways feeling your guidance and knowing that loving awareness of new possibilities in my life is being provided in every moment, with every heartbeat. I awaken in your Light and embrace the Divine Gifts being offered to me now with supreme gratitude. You are giving me the Divine Connection to greater life and I gratefully receive this. I am honored to anchor this Light into the Earth as the presence of Nature awaits my awareness.
Hold me with Love and guide me as I step through this gateway into 5th Dimensional awareness so I may use your Divine Love to bring greater Life, Peace and Joy through my being and be a blessing for the Earth.
For this and all your blessings, I say Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
So be it, Be it so. Amen
The new levels of 5th Dimensional awareness that are available beyond this gateway can impact all aspects of your being. You are being offered a supported and liberating path through these exalted portals to new territory for your Soul’s growth on Earth. The 11:11 Gateway is a supreme moment of time, yet the Divine Light causing evolution within you during this moment, is a gift from a Timeless Reality that is in harmony with All of Life.
And so it is.
For Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: November 8, 2013
11.11.21 As you take in the energy of this art, take your soul link, through your 3rd eye/pineal to the Solar energy through the crystal upgrade and reconnect with the Divine in all you are right here and now 🙏🏼💎. Through the 11/11 Portal Gateway.
Your Divine link is EVERYTHING. From your Soul to Spirit/Higher Self FEELING INTUITIVELY, you are a spark of the Divine.
We are all Gods and Goddesses within. And sometime soon you will need to make a CHOICE deliberately with ‘something’ for yourself. This is a PERSONAL choice that you will need to make.
You WILL FEEL a deeper resonation WITHIN of what you may not have words for in reading and feeling into this, for yourself. All will be revealed SLOWLY if you allow.
This is not what others are writing about, of you will need to make a choice of either the old of a reset or the new of a new earth energy. This is not about choosing from 3D to 5D. Yet it is all linked.
This is of Beyond below the Iceberg of:
This is much much deeper that is personal and private of a CHOICE you will need to make Masters of the old and the new ways for YOURSELF. Of YOUR WHOLE KALEIDOSCOPE of ENERGIES of ALL your DIAMOND FACETS.
It is TIME for you to start to FEEL the experiencing of the KNOWING in embodying your human and spiritual ascension into GROUNDING INTO reality. Keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the stars.
We of the First Wavers are new new new that many of you are newly starting to grow into your POWER NOW! And in doing so you are held accountable energetically for your words, your energy and your intent…and not letting the head rule or take over..in being very REAL and HONEST.
This HONESTY begins with Self. The mirror rune Mannaz.
“The starting point is the self. Only clarity, willingness to change, is effective now. A correct relationship to your self is primary, for from it flow all possible right relationships with others and with the DIVINE.
This is a time of Major Growth and rectification and, as a rule, rectification must come before progress. The field is tilled before the seed in planted, the garden is weeded before the flower blooms, and the self must know STILLNESS before it can discover its true song. The Self is required to balance the Self”.
That is ‘why’ I AM still here, remaining to continue to bring through something new and first to the planet/humanity.
Thankyou dear Megan Katherine who wrote this below, after seeing the recent #01 What is a First Waver – a new series of a new platform in Co Creating with other Masters and First Wavers Streaming LIVE, of which there will be a PART TWO to this coming soon:
“Today I received a vision ~ first of a baton being handed off. It shifted and became clearer: You started on the path 26 years ago. 26 years. A marathon, without realizing it was one. And you’re not needing to stop or pass on the baton ~ but people are running/walking/floating/dancing/moving alongside you now. And actually…it’s exhilarating! It’s energizing, it’s bringing JOY and SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT and the YES is just filling the air. It’s uniting people with the realization that we are not alone, we are in this together, we are one and we are ready to STEP UP”
For now, just focus on this brilliant amazing picture of energy from the Anastacia Books, the Ringing Cedars series…
And now I Am right here with you…are you right here with you too…
Anastacia Blue Beyond Guide
9th Dimensional Ascended 5D Earth Master
GrandMaster Emotional Trailblazer
Blue Ray Elder
Over-Soul of HUmanities New Earth Ascension
As always I AM right here with you of 26yrs – Keeping it Raw and Real
Below the Iceberg and Ahead of Time of both Spirit & Soul firstly
‘If you react to my energy, you are welcome to the trigger of a healing for you’
The book of Runes by Ralph Blum
Art: Vladimir Megre – Anastacia books series
Beloved Ones,
Today a wisdom portal opens. One that this day 11/11 introduces and that will continue with the Eclipse in Taurus, together with the Solstice on December 21, and lastly, the second Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4th. Eclipses that kindly and progressively initiate us into the New Year, a year for us to anchor harmony and continue with the changes that we have already started during this changing and hence, transitional year.
Today we welcome energies that help us descend the wisdom, the revelations, especially with Scorpion energies among us, required for us to commune with our God Self, bringing all the clarity we need to continue with the creation of that which will benefit All. For the majority of us, as ascending souls, came to work in unity, within Divine Love, for All, not just for the self, as it is when we come to experience a more individual human journey.
Today is a day in which we also begin a new initiation, one that will reach its peak in the Taurus eclipse, with the stellar frequencies that we will receive, and that will help us to continue with the activation of our light bodies, an inner work that we began even before the Lions Gate on August 8th.
Crystalline energies that are already being anchored on the Earth’s Grids and that once integrated, as many grid workers are assisting with this too, we will pass to embody and work with. This is why these last months of the year is pivotal that we work with the dissolution of past timelines if we truly desire to manifest anew, rather than continue bringing energy from the past.
Feeling tired at this time is totally natural, as our bodies are massively integrating-releasing, and we shall be compassionate witnesses of our own process, as well as Earth’s one, and give our bodies what they need if we do not want to run out of energy and feel exhausted at every moment. It is better to stop for a few days than continue creating from a space of total pain, tiredness, and non-clarity.
Protect and honor your body. There are many energies and not all of them have the same benevolent nature. Do not take what is not yours to experience. Work with energetic sovereignty in these transitional times, for it is the only way in which you could differentiate between authentic guidance and the manipulated one that often is very similar.
Creating healthy boundaries and learning how our bodies and energy works is one of the most important things that we should do, during our journey of remembering how to become, again, master sovereign beings.
As Scorpion energies invite us to do, at this time, taking some time to rebirth into the Illumined Being that we already are, is essential. It is a time for us to surrender and prepare our bodies for what this new cycle, that we have already consciously created, from within, will bring us.
I wish you a wonderful and revealing 11/11 Beloved Ones!
Within Infinite Love,
Natalia Alba
Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Carolyn 144 GODCODE

Blessed 1111 portal beautiful family 🕊 Expansion through this portal, and into your true destiny that’s calling you home, is happening. A balanced field within has completed for you to continue forward to your North Node.

All the programming and brainwashing has been dismantled. Critical thinking is expanding in the consciousness mind. You know who you are, what you want, and most importantly your value and worth system to fully restore your relationship with the Most High.

God has brought the sickle on the devil for your relationship and remuneration with the Most High. This is fully supporting your health, relationships, and wealth to quickly expand with new fresh offerings. Past experiences on the Earth were lessons that you can now implement in New Earth.

Shadow work has cleared this and past life marriage contracts with the narcissistic serpent. You’ve cleared temptation and energy vampires, and all the damage they caused to your heart and emotional body. Mastery over these cycles on earth, and in the New Earth paradigm, is completing with great success. You’ve attained your birthrights and ability to alchemically create your fruitful life and new marriage contract.

God is saying “what’s yours is mind and mine is yours, the truth will set you free.” You and the Most High are rebuilding your Covenant relationship which gives him more authority in your life. Our Father can make a bigger wiser impact in removing opponents from your life, family, and home. This will continue to expand, as your relationship continues to expand. Entities will have to deal and answer to the Most High directly through you, which they will quickly learn is a grave mistake. Thy Kingdom Come.

The mental constraints, stress, and working hard to please karmic people is ending. New Source Codes are helping you today align your mental and emotional bodies so you can unlock the sensitive, open hearted, intuitive traits you carry, that you’ve had to supress to please others. A new beginning is commencing where your free to be yourself, and express yourself accurately, without being punished from the narcissist.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏🏻 God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn

source: www.youtube.com/c/CarolynKundaliniTwinFlames/community

Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd – https://amzn.to/2KRJTTr

Gene Key 43

November 11th – November 16th 2021

Deafness – Insight – Epiphany

We rejoice above all at the coming of divine will.
We feel it in our bodies as a tremor of truth.
We sense its descent into all forms, within
the mystery and illusion of time.

The Seven Sacred Seals

“We don’t waste energy being someone we’re not. We don’t follow someone else’s purpose. True Insight makes life simpler, not more complex. It’s funny that the more evolved we become, the simpler we make our lives. It seems to be a mystical equation.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways


source: genekeys.com


Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd – https://amzn.to/2KRJTTr



First Quarter Moon in Aquarius. Mercury in Scorpio quincunx Chiron retrograde in Aries and trine Pallas in Pisces – The seed intentions set at the intense Scorpio New Moon are now tested as the lights form a square to one another. Maybe we too feel cornered, pushed too far, forced to take action to resolve the tension. But the Moon in intellectual Aquarius counsels, don’t lose your head. Breathe deeply. Distance yourself. Take a more objective stance.
Faulty thinking happens when we doubt ourselves. Mercury’s mission in Scorpio is to find out the truth and speak honestly but the connection to Chiron taps into old wounds. Flashes of anger may seep out unconsciously making the atmosphere uncomfortable and discussion difficult. Wise Pallas however reminds us that the problems we encounter are solvable. The more we think ‘this is impossible’, the more impossible it becomes. Change your thinking to find the solution. The power of thought can move mountains.
Degrees and Times
Moon 19°Aq20′, Sun 19°Sc20′ – 12:46 (UT)
Mercury 09°Sc04′, Chiron 09°Ar04′ R – 14:05 (UT)
Mercury 09°Sc05′, Pallas 09°Pi05′ – 14:19 (UT)
source: LeahWhiteHorse.com
Painting – Mountain Landscape by Albert Bierstadt


11:11 = Today is a portal of Manifestation… MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS… 1-Deer
In the ZONE, imagining and painting the synchronistic waves of Creative LIGHT.
Holding centered, allowing inner peace to resonate and vibrate through consciousness.
With 1-Deer its a time to initiate something new, and Deers 4 hooves bring stability, and the agility of Deer helps you avoid traps. Return to nature to receive spiritual strength. In the 109th Day, an 18 day cycle of LIGHT on the Ninth Wave Universal frequency level of consciousness. New Cosmic downloads bring advancement and a new transcending growth opens the door to see and understand on higher levels.
source: www.rockartgallery.com


Kin 72 ~ Yellow Resonant Human

‘Resonant’ is the name for the number 7 and its key words are ‘Channel, Free Will and Attune’. Number 7 days are all about using your intuition, trusting your gut instincts. We all have this ability but sadly too often we ignore what we feel. If you look back in your life, I bet you can think of countless incidences where mistakes were made because you didn’t listen to your intuition. Listen carefully…spirit is always trying to send you messages, you just need to tune your receiver!
Today is Yellow Human which happens to be the most psychic sign and so we have a combination of number and day which are almost identical in meaning. Today is the most powerfully psychic day in the Tzolkin. Take advantage of this and tune into the Cosmos! You will know exactly what to do today and all the decisions and choices you make will be beneficial if you trust that inner voice. It is subtle so you must chill out and be calm…this fine tuning of your reception will facilitate incoming messages.
Today’s Guide is the Yellow Seed which represents ‘Sowing Awareness’. The desire to share knowledge will guide your actions today implying that what we channel we must share.
The Challenge for today is White Wind which represents ‘Communication and Spirit’. This suggests it is difficult to communicate what you channel but it is what we are striving for, so be patient…not everyone wants to hear what you want to say. If you are a White Wind, remember to practice listening to your inner voice, it’s something you always need to brush up on anyway and on Yellow Human days it is a good reminder to do so.
The Occult power is the Red Moon, the most chilled out energy of the Tzolkin which is fitting because the moon influences our minds especially our feminine intuition. We really do need to ‘Go with the flow’ if we want to channel. You have permission to relax today!
The Ally is the Blue Hand, the helpful healer who is invaluable today and so if you know one, contact them if you need any advice or support.
It is a Portal day! This should be fun, your intuition can take you places you’ve never been before.

Today is Yellow Resonant Human day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.

Yellow Human, (tribe 12 of the 20 solar tribe archetype cycle), influences, free will wisdom.
Yellow Human encourages you to exercise your free will and have an influence on and be influenced by your fellow humans by exchanging knowledge and wisdom with them. There is a reason you have that feeling that you are supposed to reach out and communicate with someone. In all likelihood, that person, or people, has important information for you, and you for them. When this is the case, you are automatically drawn to that person, and they to you because you each have information that benefits the other. There is a natural energy balancing act occurring. When you get that impulse to connect, the first thing that you need to do is respond by exercising your free will. Go ahead and make contact. This opens the way for influential wisdom to be exchanged. Sometimes the information is found in written form. Books, articles, music, and social media posts can also be great sources of new knowledge and wisdom.
Resonant tone of attunement, (step 7 of the 13-step creative energy cycle), channel, inspire, attunement.
Seven is the center of the thirteen-step creative energy cycle. Seven also represents the seven major energy centers, (chakras), that are found in the center of your body. Seven is the mystical, magical center. During yesterday’s tone 6, you went through the balancing, equalizing, transformation of play, magic, and illusion, (Blue Monkey). This transformation helped you to get centered. From a centered place, you are now able to magically tune in, match vibrations, and resonate with all frequencies. Today you will find that you are especially magically attuned and resonating with the frequencies of influence, free will, and wisdom.
Magically attuned influence, free will, and wisdom.
Day 7 of the 13-day cycle themed White Worldbridger, equalizes, opportunity, death.
Written by Roger Grossman
Artwork by Kevin Beilfuss

7 EB – KIN 72
11 NOVEMBER 2021
✨11/11 PORTAL ✨
I channel in order to influence
Inspiring wisdom
I seal the process of free will
With the resonant tone of attunement
I AM guided by the power of flowering
I AM a Galactic Activation Portal
11/11/2021 = 11/11/22_1 = 22/22_1 = 4/5=9
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
2- Twins/Partner/Romance/Twins
9- Endings/Destiny/Humanity/Service/Grace
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
11- Portal/Gate/Polarity
2- Twins/Partner/Cooperation
5- FREEDOM/LIBERATION/Change/Transformation
7- Spiritual/Majik/Mystic/Initiation
KIN 72 = 9 – 9/9 DIVINE DESTINY portal! ✨🕊✨
A POWERFUL GAP 💥– PORTAL day aligning with the ✨11.11✨ portal💥 gives us a DOUBLE SUPER DUPER GATEWAY of GALACTIC proportions.
✴✴✴A momentous EVOLUTIONARY🌠 day on PLANET EARTH. 🌍🌎🌏💥💥
Day 7 in the WHITE WORLDBRIDGER 🌈WAVESPELL of surrender, letting go, forgiveness, networking and building bridges.
Today we are attuned to Spirit through this powerful gateway, channeling messages in order to inspire others, sharing the new opportunities arising to bridge worlds.
RESONANT 🔮 Tone 7 in the EMOTIONAL realm. ACTION – inspires, POWER – channels, ESSENCE – attunement. The RESONANT tone very powerfully ignites the new timelines and potentials today, as it provides the ability to fine tune and channel the majikal forces. Remember that it is our VIBRATION that will energize our creation, and that this is broadcast through our EMOTIONAL body, rather than our mental body. So it is uber important that we are stable, calm and receptive to our feelings and what frequencies we are actually emitting, as a transmitter to the aetheric realm.
At tone 7 our vibrating phenomenon learns to be still and to listen. Mystical 7 understands that EVERYWHERE is majikal but right here is better, once we attune and then channel the majik through this present moment that is available to us all. Number 7 is also the frequency of the Mystic and the Magician which strengthens our ability to affect real change and transformation in our lives.
❓❓What CHANNEL are you ATTUNED to today?
What is possible for you and which potentiality will you choose to energize?
✴✴✴NOTE: The 11.11 is a GATE to other dimensions – you have a CHOICE today – which door will you walk through?
✴✴✴Many dormant souls will be called into their NEW MISSIONS today – so OPEN your EARS and your HEART and stay tuned.
If YOU have been wondering – “What is next for me Spirit?” – ASK the question today – to reveal your new path and open those doors.
LOVE❤ is the bridge🌈 to Spirit, so walk over that rainbow bridge to find your inspiration. Reaching across worlds to allow Spirit’s calling to be done, surrendering fully to listening and channeling messages from Spirit whose purpose is to UNITE all in the ONE HEART of CREATION..❤
WHITE WIND’s blessing today strengthens our channel and our connection to co-create with Spirit in new wondrous ways, so that we can reach new heights that we never imagined possible.
✨DIVINE WILL is flowing forth very strongly today✨ and the ✨DIVINE PLAN for EARTH✨ will be solidified in our current REALITY bringing the much needed SPRINGBOARD to the NEW WORLD. 🏊 🌅
Get ready💥 to DIVE IN to a purely Divine partnership with Spirit. 👫
We are all but conduits for the Divine Will to flow through us. Open to the MAJIK and be receptive to the VOICE of GOD/GODDESS.
Today’s question is “How can I attune to DIVINE GUIDANCE, channeling wisdom to co-create the most profound potential I can accomplish this lifetime?”
“Am I READY to walk through the portal to the new WORLD?”
Divine blessings for your attunement to your BESTEST ever potential timelines.
Go with the PATH of least resistance!
Go with the FLOW……. 🌬🌊🌊🌊💕💕
In Lak’ech a la kin 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: YELLOW RESONANT HUMAN ☺ EB Finally we SURRENDER our small human and his FREE WILL to attune to and channel DIVINE WILL. The 9.9 coding AMPLIFIES the DIVINE frequencies being broadcast through this potent 11.11 GAP day enabling us to UPGRADE our Missions and our lives through SERVICE to humanity. Through this transition we recognize ourselves as DIVINE HU-MAN BEINGS✨😊 with the WILL to do GOOD.😍.. to perform GOD’S WORK in order to influence others to do the same.
As our LIGHT expands our egoic self diminishes and SURRENDERS to HIGHER MIND.
EB enables us to use our intelligence today to choose to focus, not on what is now, but on the potential of a new world, ✨GOD’S DREAM for HU-MAN-KIND. ✨ Look through the PORTAL and focus on the HIGHEST potential timeline for humanity drawing it to you in order to manifest a new better, more DIVINE reality. .
We can now channel new ways of manifesting BETTER outcomes, based on ancient wisdom but applying futuristic solutions.
We can use our WISDOM and intelligence to INFLUENCE those who bask in our glory.🎆 Our Golden chalices🏆 are full to the brim and our DIVINE cup runneth over. It is time to share your Golden Nectar with your common-Unity.
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: YELLOW RESONANT SEED 🔮🌾– KAN is the HIGHER GUIDE influencing your choices and actions today, ensuring they are attuned to the HIGHEST TIMELINES for yourself and our Planet.
KAN urges us to GROW! As we CLOSE the old cycle and dip our toes into the Ocean of the New Era, we are focusing on our Divine Missions and HOW we can move forward once again. Through attuning to Spirit we can receive our best guidance in order to fully BLOOM.🌻
YELLOW SEED encourages us to focus on all the opportunities and new potentialities that exist in our NEW timelines. Keep branching out and putting down deeper roots, gathering strength, confidence and joyful anticipation of the wondrous opportunities unfolding and blossoming. Our HIGHEST POTENTIAL is fully realized and MANIFESTED through our focused intent and channeling DIVINE GUIDANCE.
The RESONANT SEED as the HIGHER GUIDE on this monumental ✴✴EVOLUTIONARY✴✴ day – is AMPLIFYING the annual ELECTRIC SEED energy, which is thrusting us all forward to UNITE in DIVINE SERVICE through our collective MISSIONS.
This is a HUGE CALL📣 for humanity to STEP UP to the plate today and hit a home run – bringing all the players HOME safely with you!
✴✴✴A HUGE DIVINE GIFT today – ✨SEEDING the NEW TIME✨ and the ✨DIVINE PLAN✨ through this 11.11 GATEWAY – the PHOENIX is indeed RISING today and FLYING HIGHER than EVER before!
SUPPORT: BLUE RESONANT HAND🙌 MANIK inspires us to complete our Healing cycles. Accomplishing the final closure of what was incomplete or needed our attention, in order to FREE up our energy and LIBERATE us from the past.
There is a very strong emphasis on HEALING🙌 and returning to wholeness through the WISDOM gained from channeling Spirit today. Attuning to the GOD FORCE/Spirit/SOURCE through our DIVINE HUMAN ✨😊enables us to easily access the knowledge, wisdom, skills and clues needed to effect this change.
✨Sit still, put your HAND✋ on your HEART ❤ and allow the answers to flow through you.. You have great assistance to accomplish HEALING🙌 MIRACLES today..✨🌿💚
We will also be volunteering for new responsibilities and acquiring new skills, channeling more wisdom and guidance to set us on our new path, so stay TUNED for more info. to flow through you.
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: RED RESONANT MOON 👸 MULUC The GODDESS energies in the Occult position are of great influence to that of the masculine EB energies aligned to GOD/DIVINE WILL bringing a beautiful balance.
This Goddess is a RESONANT GODDESS so she is highly attuned to her SOURCE GUIDANCE too, bringing forth very strong guidance through your intuition and feminine qualities.
MULUC’S SUPERPOWER is her communication qualities and purification powers of her Universal Waters, which provide very valuable HEALING tools to cleanse and purify your vessel and allow for a purer FLOW of information.
MULUC assists in purging and detoxing any remaining stagnation or restriction, working with MANIK to effect great transformation. MULUC then allows us to FLOW with the current, allowing the power of Universal waters to support and guide our boats, steering us in the NEW direction over the Rainbow Bridge to the Promised Land. HALLELUJAH ✨✨✨
CHALLENGE/GIFT: WHITE RESONANT WIND 🌬🍃– IK asks us today to totally SURRENDER to the Will of Spirit. ✨ IK challenges us to open our CHANNELS and become more receptive to the whisperings of the White Wind. Attuning to the information forthcoming from many dimensions and realms. TRUSTING and allowing SPIRIT’s messages to help us deeply anchor our UPGRADED missions here on Earth.
✴✴✴Many dormant souls will be called into their NEW MISSIONS today – so OPEN your EARS and your HEART and stay tuned.
If YOU have been wondering – “What is next for me Spirit?” – ASK the question today – to reveal your new path and open those doors.
LOVE❤ is the bridge🌈 to Spirit, so walk over that rainbow bridge to find your inspiration. Reaching across worlds to allow Spirit’s calling to be done, surrendering fully to listening and channeling messages from Spirit whose purpose is to UNITE all in the ONE HEART of CREATION..❤
WHITE WIND’s blessing today strengthens our channel and our connection to co-create with Spirit in new wondrous ways, so that we can reach new heights that we never imagined possible.
✨DIVINE WILL is flowing forth very strongly today✨ and the ✨DIVINE PLAN for EARTH✨ will be solidified in our current REALITY bringing the much needed SPRINGBOARD to the NEW WORLD. 🏊 🌅
Get ready💥 to DIVE IN to a purely Divine partnership with Spirit. 👫
We are all but conduits for the Divine Will to flow through us. Open to the MAJIK and be receptive to the VOICE of GOD/GODDESS.
Today’s question is “How can I attune to DIVINE GUIDANCE, channeling wisdom to co-create the most profound potential I can accomplish this lifetime?”
“Am I READY to walk through the portal to the new WORLD?”
Divine blessings for your attunement to your BESTEST ever potential timelines.
Go with the PATH of least resistance!
Go with the FLOW……. 🌬🌊🌊🌊💕💕
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
PICTURE CREDITS: Abundance Portal DIVINE GRATITUDE🙏❤🙏❤🙏 to unknown artist
The H I G H V I B E H E A T is O N for
The G O L D E N G A T E of O N E 1 1 . 1 1 . 2 O 2 1 = 9
to MERGE A L L as O N E in Y O U R
C H R I S T allyne H E A R T C R O W N
as O N E with A L L of CREATION for ANEW START to SEE
A L L is D I V I N E L O V E +
As MASTER S O U L S W E are H E R E for
W E are A L L but O N E +
from Black vs White to U N I T E D R A I N B O W L I G H T
Step into Y O U R PASSION + F E E E E E L through L I F E
Speak less + S H I N E M O R E for
as H U man L O V E L I G H T HERO
R I S E N from point Z E R O
for D I V I N E M O T H E R + Y O U
A L L 😍 I A M is 😙 Y O U R S 🙏
🙏 💖 🌎 🌟 🙏

Galactic Archetype 12-Sage

12 Sage
I am the Sage
Coded by the Yellow Human
Twelve is my number
Perfect order and root of the mystic 144—the perfection of the human temple Benevolent, kind and wondrous
I am the wise one, the judge, and discriminator
I have mastered the seven centers
And perfected the laws of external and internal forces
Higher mind control is the power of my influence
In my right hand, I hold the double-terminated crystal
Of equalizing skillful means
In my left hand, I hold the crystal ball
Of universally impartial wisdom and clear seeing
My way is spontaneous conduct
Free from fabrication
I am the blueprint of the purified solar human
I speak with the voice of the noosphere
Announcing the return of all things good
To know me is to
“Know Thyself”
source: 13moonpeacetime.com

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11:11 Portal
Divine Union – Inner balance of masculine /feminine
Aphrodite /Dianosis – Minerva – Hyperboreans Orion
Diamond Tourquois codes from Turkey (Gopeli is in Turkey)
Emerging from the Sea – Emerging to be See(n)
Sea Dragon, Sea horse, Jelly fish , Neptun – Sound (fork)
Sea – SEE – Water – Emotions – longing for Harmony , Truth
Sound travels faster under water
Jelly fish sound masters
Turtles – Time – Momos Cassiopaia
Cassiopaia – Wale monster
White Beluga – The wale monster is purified
The gate to hell – we are leaving densities behind
Green Omega in the sky
Quite some interesting stuff came up and left me a bit bambuzzled at first. Aphrodite and Dionisyius were found , emerging from turkey, where btw we also have Gopeli which came up and is a most ancient site related to time and Cygnus/Avebury net. A Fluorite crystal from Minerva mine appears.. Another level of Union of femine and masculine is taking place with the support of the morther arc. True love will be emerging again. Then a mosaic in the river Eurathes emerges from the aqua-turquois aqua sea. Minerva , Mother arc codes. The mosaic includes diamond codes. Another confirmation was shown in Eva Precious pictures showing 8 females around a patio in a park.
“This is to link the 13th gate opening to connects into the Andromeda Core to access the star body of the original body of the Mother earth. This is a inner core alignment to the inner core of the Mother Earth body in Andromeda of which the ultraviolet liquid plasma field is generated from the crystal in the Aqualine Sun.”
EDIT : Erin provided that link with the Hyperboreans from Orion who were split from their counterparts .. ❤ quite neatly ties in.
Besides those archetypes raising to be seen also some prominent Sea creatures made their appaerence and are present. There were Turtles, Sea horses and Jelly fish. Recently we saw the peach ray being being prominent which was linking into the sacral healing for which the moongoddess reminded us on our own voice as sound healing tool. Singing stimulates the vagus nerv, if you male or female that healing works. Another sign was a underwater cave , female womb healing (sacral). The Jelly fish apparently are a master with sound just like the wales as Gabrielle Ellem very nicly describes.
For all of that to happen heart healing is essential .. Now the sea horse carries the name horse and Horses heal hearts. Which also reminded me on a older energy update post around Union and yaweh matrix healing containing horses. A black Pegasus and other black horses and swans. While the black also stands for the masculine and white for the feminine. May be the healed masculine is the true Dark which is not evil. Black diamonds appeared, black swan from Sistar Fekecs Timea taking care of his young ones. Healing healing healing ❤
The sea , a vast water body .. emotional body , its healing and everything is coming up to be seen. Turtles also have a close connection to time and it brought me to think of the movie Momo – where the grey men are stealing time. Cassiopaia the turtle is guiding the girl on her journey to heal the time that was stolen. Did you know Cassiopaia was the mother of Andromeda ? Cassiopaia was bragging about her and her daughter Andromeda to be the most beautiful beeings there are .. which angered Neptune and he send his sea monster Keto .. Cassiopaia , Andromeda and Keto are in the stars as Wales. That was curious when that white orca baby appeared – The Wale “monster” is purified and peaceful again. The weirdest code of them all was when the gate of hell appeared on my newsfeed and I was like .. huuuh ? what .. until a conversation about a white calf , I heard the answer in my head … We are leaving hell behind and enter through that gate into heaven on earth. That sistar was no other then Katara and she shared a wonderful post about what is a portal in particular the 11:11 portal. I highly recommend to read it. To confirm that we are passing through an end to begin again a green northern lights Omega showed up. You cant make it up.
So much healing , so much happening.
I been overwhelmed and I have so many more codes to crack on colours , aspects, crystals related to sound .. this post wanted to be out though.
Lets walk through this gate together leaving all density behind into the heave on earth.
❤ ❤ ❤
In the ancient Greek religion, the Twelve Olympians are the major deities of the Greek pantheon, commonly considered to be Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Athena,Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hermes and either Hestia, or Dionysus. Hades and Persephone were sometimes included as part of the twelve Olympians (primarily due to the influence of the Eleusinian Mysteries), although in general Hades was excluded, because he resided permanently in the underworld and never visited Olympus.
When the Electric Wars happened to the Hyperboreans, they were split apart from their higher counterparts in Polaris. So when you think of Polarians and Hyperboreans, these are part of the 1st Root Races that were ever seeded as a part of spirit coming into a type of body and having a consciousness. Having some kind of experience on a planet in a body. Hyperborean in the beginning stages, was again, a golden age but by the end, the electric wars happened. Again, this is a part of the the Orion Group and the conflict over dominion over planets such as the Earth. Who’s going to seed here? Who’s going to live here? Why are you here and I’m not? This is what happened and because of this massive tragedy of war, the Hyperboreans split and fragmented. Some of them were incarnated on our planet and those mythologies, what we call a mythology of the Hyperborean, are actually the Titans we know in Greek mythology. So, when we are talking about Perseus, Zeus and the Olympians, were talking about the original races that sourced form the Hyperboreans. The Hyperboreans are related to all of that Greek tragedy. When you understand a Greek tragedy, my God, is it a tragedy. Everything about that mythology is just terrible, it’s tragic.The Hyperboreans is a part of what became known on our planet, so I would say there’s a genetic relationship to that and there is also a landmass relationship to that. Think of our planet, in this density, merging with its higher body. Think of our own bodies. We have a soul body and we have a monad body, same thing with planet Earth. Planet Earth’s soul body is Tara. Planet Earth’s Monad body is Gaia. On the Gaian body, the monad body of planet Earth, the Hyperboreans existed as a consciousness and that access point is in the northern part of our planet. So, when you think about how large these bodies are, remember the monad body is like 16 to 20 feet high. When you think of Titans and Olympians you get my meaning. The monad body is a lot bigger than the body we inhabit on planet today. The Hyperboreans, at that time, being in a type of pre-prototype monad body, their bodies were huge. They were big beings. Those are the Titans. I am sure a lot of the Nordic mythologies came out of that. Think of Thor, and maybe more into Swedish, Norwegian and Celt histories, there are probably a lot of overlays coming from the Hyperboreans. When you think of the Titans and Olympians there are a lot of similarities. Again, when we understand that this is a part of the 7D Earth and a part of the monad body, remember that the 7D Earth was invaded. So, this electric war is related to understanding how the planetary mind was invaded. What is happening on 7D Earth has a repercussion to the earth we are on. When you understand that this is all happening simultaneously, through various timelines and creation that are reflecting an aspect of Consciousness of that entire planetary body.”
Jelly fish and sound by Gabrielle Ellem
“ Forecast ~ Jelly Plasma ~ Bio mechanical physics
Prana plasma is yet to be discovered on a science level and fully evoked, jelly fish emit this prana and have been evolving gracefully since creation, Jelly fish are represented in many sacred scripts, rock drawings, carvings and have an intimate connection to the Pleiades through coded bio mechanical physics, on a quantum level these sacred souls emit electric pulses that assist the frequencies of Oceans songs echo through the cosmos, imagine them as the Chanel of static signals being transmuted into clear cosmic codes, jelly fish are fine tuners of the Schumann resonance and are able to emit energy via plasma
They work closely with the Dolphins and Whales transmitting sonic songs and receive a “recharge” via the sharks electrical signals, jelly fish can be likened as the sound producers of the Oceanic frequencies, they fine tune, signal and send all through quantum plasma which is a form of telepathic sound, connected to free energy, in the future will also assist our genetic coding and expansion via plasma though connected to the blood”

The 1111 Portal Of Divine Bliss – Dr Schavi

When our lunar orb moves into the sign of Tropical Aquarius on the evening of Tuesday, November 9, 2021, just after 10:00 PM (EST), this will open the portal to the “1111 Gateway” of Thursday, November 11, 2021.

We are dealing here, of course, with the Gregorian dating system; however, because human collective consciousness world-wide has accepted this calendar calculation, it is indeed an energetic frequency of power.

In Sanskrit, the number “11′” is “ekaadashi”, and it engenders “Higher Consciousness, Intuitive Power, and Mastership”.

Therefore, a double “11” indicates a double-dose of power.

This is similar to the Pythagorean system wherein the number “11” has the message of the “Master Teacher, the Psychic, the High Priestess (or Priest), and the Motivator of Others”.

As just mentioned above, on Thursday, November 11th, the Moon will be in Aquarius, having arrived into the sign on Tuesday night of the 9th of November.

Aquarius governs revolutionary ideas, technological development for the greater good, and humanitarian concern.

It is actually a water element sign, even though modern “Astrology” gives it an air element.

Its depiction is a person dressed in ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) clothing holding a pitcher with which water is poured onto this planet.

Its symbol is two waves of water on top of each other.

The original zodiac can be seen on the ceiling of the “Temple of Dendera” in Kemet built by Nesut (“Queen”) Hatshepsut during the eighteenth dynasty.

It was known at that time as “Djser Djseru” in the Medu Neter language (pronounced “Jeser Jeser-oo”) which translates as “Splendor of Splendors”.

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the original twelve-sign zodiac.

Thus ancient winds blow into this “Now” as we approach the “1111 Gateway”.

Thursday will be a powerful day in which to engage in the process of LIGHT AND SOUND TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION via the pronouncement of sacred sounds as we concentrate on our “third eye” LIGHT (pineal gland)—known as the “Ajna” chakra in Sanskrit.

As we envision bright LIGHT at this placement, also called “the black dot” because LIGHT comes from darkness, we should see our planet enveloped in bright SOURCE LIGHT pulsating and flowing with healing currents.

Then prayers should be sent forth for peace and healing for the entire globe, for others whom we know may need specific assistance in some manner, and then for ourselves.

This ritual should be done while we are comfortably seated either outside in a beautiful Nature setting or inside.

After our prayers, we should pour water onto the ground or if we are inside, it should be poured into a thriving green plant.

Even if we are in a chilly autumn climate and perform the prayers inside, afterwards, we can step outside for a moment and pour the water onto the ground.

After the completion of the ritual, we can spend the balance of the day in quietude and reflection, perhaps writing in our journals about any revelations which occur to us during the day or about our nightly dreams in the days leading up to the gateway, for they may have some personal messages.

If possible, those who work outside the home, may wish to take a vacation day from the office.

There are times when DIVINE connections must take precedence over mankind’s material demands for work and money-making.

The collective attunement such as the “1111 Gateway” is such a time.

To anchor to the LIGHT of the “1111 Gateway”, the following are added accoutrements:

1.) Wear the color blue which symbolizes water, calmness, and healing.

2.) Wear a Turquoise mala onto which you have placed Sandalwood oil. Turquoise is sacred to the ancients of Kemet and Bharata as well as to the “Indigenous People” (who many still refer to as “Native Americans”). The “Indigenous People” trace their heritage far beyond the shores of North and South America—they are of galaxies far beyond this one but also many indigenous nations trace their earthly heritage to the ancients of Kemet.

3.) Drink plenty of spring water with lemon (we should be doing this daily anyway). The water gives us oxygenation and hydration and also cleanses our cells for the reception of greater LIGHT.

4.) For those who wish to recite a specific mantra, the NARAYANA mantra is superb: “AUM NAMO NARAYANAYA” (“Oh, Divine, I bow to the Sustainer”). NARYAYANA is depicted sitting in the middle of a huge ocean on a lotus blossom and is the second of the three aspects SOURCE: BRAHMA (The “Expander”), NARAYANAYA (The “Sustainer”), and SHIVA (the “Transformer”). These life forces are birthed from the vast, watery cosmic womb of SRI MATRE (“Divine Mother”) ,also known as MUT-EM-UA (“Water of the Virgin Mother”), SHEKINAH (“Divine Presence”), ALLAT (the “God” later changed to the male pronoun “ALLAH”) and many other sacred names throughout the world—most of which are feminine.

5.) Eat lots of fresh organic fruits, “grounding” veggies, nuts, and seeds.

What the mind believes can be achieved. Let us believe in our ability to have a world of LOVE, PEACE, HEALTH, ABUNDANCE, and DIVINE BLISS.

Watch for lots of numbers of “1” and “11” or “1111” in the coming days leading up to the “1111 Gateway”.

As i conclude this document, I have just noticed that the clock on my computer reads the Divine code of : “11:44”.






For the first time, Soul Light Codes will be activated permanently.
Same ones that were deactivated thousands of years ago.
Thus, the essential condition for the arrival of the New Earth is fulfilled: Human Being must be complete to rise.
In this way, we will regain what belongs to us: remembering who we are and what we have come for, and the abilities that are stuck in us. But it’s one thing to get back and another to know how to use 11:11 in that
For people who are awakened, reclaiming memories and opportunities can be a blessing. Many have missed them for years. Yet those who are still anchored in old energy may suddenly find themselves immersed in deep inner chaos.
Memories of those who don’t find sense and insights they don’t understand and which further scare them.
After this date, people working in the Service of Light will have to join forces to help them integrate process 11:11. Each of us must prepare for this moment beforehand, so:
1. Find inner peace. A moment of silence a day to listen to your heart.
2. Consciously receive sunlight, with the intention of absorbing its healing power and increasing frequency.
3. Head in the direction of your heart. What we are is manifesting nowadays more than ever. The bonds that blinded us fall down, the barriers that restricted us are falling. Finally, many of us are encouraged to take what we came here for in this dimension.
4. Practice detachment from old, limiting patterns. Give up thoughts, habits and reactions that still feed old energy, trying to turn them into light through love.
5. Encourage love in all our relationships, those we love the most and those that connect us to fear. The latter will exalt us the most if we can bathe them with love and acceptance.
6. Receive the energy of Sources in meditation. His influence on our subtle bodies is enormous. It has a great power of transmutation that sets us free and connects us.
7. FEEL UNITY. Practice the Union in your views with everything that is and with everything that exists. When the time comes, we will receive the Great Light within us. This Light brings activation codes we need to remember. These are codes with very high vibrations. The greater the vibration on the same day, the more harmonious the entrance of the Light and its anchoring in each of us will be.
We can prepare as Master Kuthumi advises, but additionally, on that day, we must devote ourselves especially to caring for our own energy, inner balance, maintaining a very high vibration. Classes such as meditation, sunbathing or contact with nature are the most recommended.
Above all, we must avoid everything that disconnects us from our being. We need to eat in moderation, trying not to eat low vibration products like transgenic meat or vegetables, and do some exercises that help us activate blood flow, because the Light Codes will be carried through blood from heart to heart. the rest of the body.
Activation will last throughout the day, but its effects will only be fully felt the next day after sleeping at least six hours.
From the morning of November 12, many people will feel a deep desire to fully return to their lives, others will begin their journey with a new strength, and others will feel a great inner confusion. Effects will vary depending on the degree of evolution of each of them and the resistance they stand against the change process that we all experience.
The purpose of this activation is to put an end to the limitations that prevent us from evolving or awakening. This is not interference in the free will of human beings. It’s about removing the restriction that was imposed on us thousands of years ago when some confused beings decided to intervene in our evolutionary process.
Let’s pause to explain how and why this event would mean stepping into the old energy of separation and struggle that we are already distancing ourselves from. It doesn’t matter how, when, where, who or why. Will be resolved soon.
11 out of 11 great activation will take place, but it won’t be the last one.
We have great events around the corner.
Let’s accept them with love, without fear and worry, because the kingdom of Light is coming to Earth and it deserves a big party.
Jose Luis Lopez Gonzales
Laura Flores
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