Fifth Dimensional Awareness

Attaining A Fifth Dimensional Awareness

We would like to address the process of attaining a fifth-dimensional state of being. It is within the fifth-dimensional state of being that duality and polarity are completely integrated, and the unconscious “dark side” completely embraced, bringing an end to the human genetic patterns of death, destruction, competition, control, and abuse.
Attaining a fifth-dimensional awareness allows the initiate to fully embody Unconditional Love and Unconditional Acceptance of all other lifeforms on the face of the Earth. To accomplish this, all emotional records of pain, abuse, shame, anger and fear are erased from the cellular structure of the entire embodiment. Once accomplished, a fifth-dimensional state of awareness brings about longer periods of bliss, love and divine union within the initiate.
In the pyramids of ancient Egypt, initiates attained a fifth-dimensional awareness over a many year time span. These initiations gradually allowed the embodiment of each initiate to become “crystalline” in form. Within the crystalline cellular structure, each cell appears as a tiny crystal, and contains many properties similar to crystals. Much like crystals, a crystalline cellular structure can hold a very high vibration, which can be utilized for the purposes of healing, channeling, or bringing to fruition magical capabilities such as teleportation, instant manifestation, or interdimensional travel.
It is through the conversion to the crystalline cellular structure that all emotional records recorded in the initiate’s embodiment can be released and erased, thereby leading to an ongoing state of bliss.
In order to embrace a fifth-dimensional awareness, a sum total of 1,024 segments of DNA must be embodied, which both convert the remainder of the embodiment to crystalline in form, and simultaneously builds a fifth-dimensional vehicle that coexists with the fourth dimensional form. This fifth-dimensional vehicle allows the current form to experience a fifth dimensional state of awareness which transcends all limitation, emotionally embodies a state of Unconditional Acceptance, brings to fruition a complete surrender of one’s “free will”, and leads to an inner state of tranquility and peace not experienced on the Earth Plane for over 40,000 years.
It is our wish to cover the process of embodying all 1,024 segments of DNA for those of you who are about to embark upon this next step within your personal evolution. In order to best explain that which must be processed and integrated during this next wave of initiations, we would like to digress a bit into the history of the fall of this creation, and the fall of all creations, and into the painful karma held within the cellular memories of the humanoid form. In order to embody 1,024 segments of DNA, the entire unconscious plane of reality must be integrated, and any karma held within the unconscious released. It is our wish to go into detail about karmic agreements with other races of beings that will come up to be cleared for those who will be integrating their unconscious in the years to come.

Twisted Polarities Caused Fall of Creation

We would like our readership to first travel with us to Dimension 4000, where there exists an Ovum that can be likened to the “Source of All Sources”, from which all form emanates. For eons of time, this dimension was made up of two planes of reality, one plane embodied by a masculine and feminine consciousness, and the other plane, which is an exact mirror of the first plane, by a feminine and masculine consciousness. All experiences of form emanating from the Ovum on the 4,000th dimension had known nothing but a peaceful form of evolution for a time span equal to many trillions of Earth years. The “God” or Consciousness beyond the Ovum wished to experience something different. And so the two planes of reality were “intermingled”, creating one plane that was governed by two masculine consciousness, and the mirror plane that was governed by two feminine consciousness.
This shift in polarities caused a twist in the flow of energy emanating from the Ovum or Source of all Sources of our Creation, which eventually affected all of Creation with one of two energetic patterns. The twist in energy emanating from the two masculine consciousness flowed in a counter clockwise spiral, and lead to the experience of “free will”, which lead to the experience of imperfection, and then, over time, lead to the experience of destruction in some segments of creation. The energy flowing from the Ovum governed by two feminine consciousness caused the energy to spiral clockwise, which lead to the experience of total non-free-will, which lead to the experience of perfection, and over time and in some segments of creation lead to the experience boredom and a lack of creative self-expression.
About 24 million years ago, the new spiraling energetic flow filtered down the interdimensional highway to our creation and impacted the Creator holding dimensions 1 through 144. The spiraling energy caused the feminine side of the Creator to split off and move to the Creation next door. Additionally, the masculine half of the Creation next door also split off and moved into our Creation. Our creation ended up with two masculine Creators in charge, which lead over time to the experience of free will, imperfection and eventually destruction. The destruction prevalent within our creation is a result of the two Creators going into competition with one another rather than working cooperatively together. One Creator went into the background, becoming a “secret government” that sought to undermine and control all of this creation. The other appeared to be in control and charge, much like the governments of our Earth, but was actually ultimately manipulated by the secret government of the other Creator.
It is the wish of the Cosmic Hierarchy for our readership to understand that the problems currently experienced on Earth are problems that are also present to one degree to another throughout this Creation and beyond. Up until 15 million years ago, there was nothing within this creation below the fifth dimension. Per our human genetic records, evolution had continued to move along peacefully up until this juncture.
All events of any related species are recorded holographically within the genetics of their embodiments, and humanity is a holographic record keeper of all occurrences within all of creation and all of the humanoid experience. Per our genetic records, a group of renegade beings from another creation, who had lost the ability to love, and who had become warlike and abusive as a result, came into this creation as their Universe was destroyed. These beings were able to enter our creation due to an interdimensional tear between the creations, the cause of which has yet to be revealed.
These beings invaded and overtook a peaceful and loving planet with a humanoid form incarnate upon it, bringing about the first experience of abuse, torture and rape in the human genetic records. In addition to these painful experiences, this race was unable to make their own Ascension and evolutionary leap into the next dimension when their time came. As the planet entered the Photon Belt, instead of ascending into the next dimension, the entire planet and all incarnate upon her spontaneously combust and ceased to exist. The spontaneous combustion caused the Great Central Sun to twist downward in vibration, throwing all of 5th dimensional form into the 3rd dimension, all of 12th dimensional form into the 5th dimension, all of the 25th dimension into the 12th dimension, and separated the Mahatma from God. This is the cause of the original “fall” of our creation.
Our channel has discovered that all genetic material related to the emotional experience of pain, anger and fear is rooted in the karmic episode of the humanoid form who were invaded by another abusive species about 15 million years ago. As this karma is cleared, so is the related pain, anger and fear from the initiate’s cellular structure.
Many may wonder why there is so much interest in Earth and her impending Ascension at this time. The reason is a simple but extremely important one. If Earth did not make her Ascension, and spontaneously combust, it would further twist all of creation and the Great Central Sun downward into dimensions so low that all of this Creation would collapse in upon itself. Visionaries from other incarnate beings in other galaxies of both human and nonhuman forms foresaw this impending disaster and called for help. Their call for help was answered by an Order of Beings from the 800th to 2,500th Dimensions known as the Order of Dari. The Order of Dari is an order of Occult Masters that specialize in assisting parts of creation in distress. The symbol for the Order is the Dragon, and there are many from this order incarnate upon Earth at this time to bring to fruition the changes necessary to assist Earth in her Ascension, and assist in the repair of all of this creation.

Races that Lost the Ability to Love

The invasive and destructive beings that invaded our creation so long ago are genetically related to other third dimensional races presently incarnate within our Universe known as the “Greys” and the “Illuminati”, as well as a twelfth dimensional race known as the “Andromedans”. Both the Greys, the Illuminati, and the Andromedans have a similar genetic problem that must also be solved. Each of these races have lost the ability to love. As a result of the loss of love within form, evolution within our Creation has become based on the attainment of power through control and abuse rather than the attainment of power through love and compassion. The Order of Dari is responsible for anchoring a new blueprint for all of third, fifth, and twelfth dimensional form that will call for a genetic restructuring such as each race embraces love and compassion before they take their next evolutionary leap.
The Greys are well documented by many authors. It is our wish to touch on the genetic karma between the Greys and the human form so that initiates may address these issues within their own Ascension. A portion of the White Race is a result of the Greys mating with Aztec and Mayan women about 7,500 years ago. The Greys, who have time-travel capabilities, saw their own future impending cataclysm upon Earth’s upcoming Ascension, and discerned that the best way to keep control of humanity was to mix their genetics with ours. Such a mixture creates karma or agreements that become inherent within our genetic structure. In blending the genetics from the Greys with the Aztec and Mayan Races, the resultant white human form lost a portion of their ability to feel. As a result, a portion of the white race became abusive, controlling and manipulative, and ventured forth to war upon and conquer other races.
With a loss of emotions, compassion is also lost, which leads ultimately to present day pain and abuse prevalent within civilization. Not all of the white race has lost the ability to feel. Within the masculine form, the emotional body became fractured into many pieces as a result of the genetic blending with the Greys. This fracturing makes it impossible for a white male to feel as deeply as a female, at least until it is healed. This fracturing is repaired as an initiate transcends their 24th initiation, and the emotional body is unified with the Light Body.

One Cannot Evolve Without an Opened Heart

The genetic karma between the White Race and the Greys was at the root of the abductions around the world for the past 70 plus years. The abductions were a result of the Greys’ search for a genetic solution to their own inability to love, and ultimately to evolve. Without a heart chakra, a species cannot evolve. It is through the heart chakra that chi or energy obtained through the breath is translated into calories that the embodiment can consume to support a higher vibration and ultimately ascend to the next dimension. Without an open heart, no race can generate enough chi to take their embodiment to the next dimension during the Ascension process. It is also only through an open heart that an initiate can experience that ecstatic state of divine union that comes as a result of their evolutionary process.
Evolution was designed to be based on love, and it is for this reason that the heart contains the very mechanism necessary for Ascension. In cases of abductions, the Greys move the abductees’ embodiments outside of time such that no lapse of time are recalled within their memory. Additionally, the mental and emotional memories are erased of the incident, however, it is recorded within one’s soul records, and often the soul itself actually fragments during the experience. Most abduction memories are cleared and healed by the end of the 8th spiritual initiation.
In December of 1997, the Greys left Earth, both on the physical and on the etheric planes of reality. The reason for their leaving was twofold. First, the Greys obtained the information necessary to begin the repair of their own genetic problems. This information came as a result of the Ascension process and genetic restructuring that the human form is currently undergoing on Earth. By December of 1997, Mother Earth had elevated high enough in vibration that it no longer became feasible to retain the vibration of the Greys on Earth, and so they left.
The Illuminati are a race that also exists elsewhere within our third dimensional universe. The Illuminati’s karma with the human form goes back over 50,000 years ago, and originated with the Sirian race. The Sirians, who are a fifth dimensional humanoid race, made agreements to support the Illuminati’s longevity when both races were in third dimensional form. The Illuminati have a similar genetic problem to the Greys and are unable to love. Because they have a dysfunctional heart chakra, they are unable to translate the chi or energy from the breath into a usable form to sustain their embodiments beyond 50 years in age. The sharing of energy between the Sirians and Illuminati allowed both the Illuminati and the Sirians to sustain a 2,000-year lifespan. As the Sirians ascended into 5th Dimension about 500,000 years ago, the karma was transferred to the human race here on Earth. We are related to the Sirians as they seeded our planet with the humanoid form about 200,000 years ago, and so we also carry any genetic karma related to the Sirians.
For the past 20,000 years, the human race has sustained the chi for both the Human Race and the Illuminati Race. Following the “Fall of Man”, and our genetic mutation to only two strands of DNA, the continued siphoning of chi from the human form has resulted in a lifespan of less than a century, along with the experience of aging, illness and death.
The Illuminati work through electronic devices to psychically attach to the human energy field. They hook into the human form through television. Television puts most humans into a mild trance state, and it is through such a trance state that the Illuminati can merge with the body and take as much chi or energy as possible. The Illuminati also work heavily through drugs and alcohol, and as a human ingests such substances, the Illuminati pull the human soul out of the embodiment and climb in, again for the purposes of taking energy. It is for this reason that we recommend that spiritual initiates limit such things as television, as well as drug and alcohol use.
The energy field of the Whale community is the only energy field on Earth that the Illuminati have been unable to penetrate. Whales utilize sonar, and these low sound vibrations are incompatible with the metallic vibration of the Illuminati, and make it impossible for them to come near. The Illuminati are also responsible for over 1,000 vortexes that they had created all over Earth to leach life force from Nature. Each vortex had created a tear in Earth’s etheric body. These vortexes have been closed and the Earth’s etheric body healed in 1998 as Mother Earth released karma with the Illuminati.
As each initiate completely translates the embodiment to crystalline in form, the embodiment becomes too high in vibration for the Illuminati to merge with. As our planet continues to ascend, the Illuminati will be forced completely off Earth, and then will be faced with their own experiences of aging and death, until their genetic problem within the heart chakra is repaired.
It is our wish for our readership to understand that no race of beings is superior to another in the eyes of God. Each race within the third, fifth and twelfth dimensional form will receive whatever help, love and guidance needed to repair their genetic problems, open the heart chakra, and restore evolution such that it is based on the attainment of love rather than power within this Creation.

Integration of the Unconscious

Now, it is our wish to go into detail surrounding initiations 109 through 1,024. Initiations 109 through 1,024 involve the full integration of the unconscious of both a personal nature, as well as for the initiate’s entire genetic family lineage. Additionally, all unconscious karma related to the humanoid experience must also be addressed and released. The unconscious plane of reality was severed off from humanity 44,000 years ago by the Order of Melchizedek. The Order, in the desire to stop the increasing amount of destruction that had become prevalent due to the warring between races in the third and fifth dimensional forms, decided that evolution had to be stopped. Evolution and destruction occur at exactly the same pace, and the Order understood that if evolution was stopped on Earth, both evolution and destruction would cease Universe wide.
In order to severe the Unconscious, the Order altered the orbit of another planet within our Solar System, known as Nibiru. Nibiru’s orbit, which originally was just outside of the planet Pluto, was stretched to an orbit with an approximate 3,600-year cycle around the Sun. Nibiru, in astrological terms, rules the Unconscious, and it is within Nibiru’s Akashic records that the records of the unconscious plane of reality are stored. As Nibiru pulled far enough away from our Solar System, the Unconscious ceased to have an influence over humanity.
The Unconscious is a parallel plane of reality in which the exact polar opposite experience to that which is physically manifested is simultaneously recorded. So, for example, if one is extremely heavy on the physical plane, they will be extremely thin in their unconscious manifestation. If they are extremely outgoing and social on the physical plane, they will be a hermit on the unconscious plane.
As the unconscious is integrated, along with the two polarities, it allows an initiate to fully embrace the middle path, which means that they can move beyond limitation. In the above example, the initiate would become social at times, and then a hermit at others, and instead of being either extremely heavy or thin, their embodiment will come to the middle path in weight. In addition to the polarities within personality traits or the embodiment, the unconscious records any karma incurred on the physical plane in an exact polar opposite experience. So for example, if one human cheated another and killed them, on the unconscious plane, they would experience being cheated and killed themselves.
Prior to the Fall of Atlantis, any soul, upon death, would review both their conscious and unconscious manifestations. In so doing, any karma incurred was automatically cancelled, and the soul was free to move on to another solar system to continue its evolution. As the unconscious was severed here on Earth, upon death, a soul was then only able to review one plane of reality. This leads to the karmic indebtedness that has trapped most souls on the Earth plane for the past 40,000 years. In so doing, evolution within our entire universe, as well as upon Earth, ceased.

Accessing Higher Dimensional Libraries

As all 1,024 segments of DNA are embodied, and the form is converted to crystalline, the embodiment can embrace larger and larger parts of their soul that was previously inaccessible. Each part of the soul that is embodied brings with it, information and gifts, that will assist the initiate in fulfilling their soul’s purpose on Earth. Additionally, as the Light Body expands in size, each increase is much like a key that enables the initiate to access records of information from libraries in higher dimensions.
The following is a brief synopsis of the steps involved in embodying all 1024 segments of DNA. Please note that initiations 1 through 108 must be embodied before embarking upon this next wave of initiations. Initiations 1-12 were covered in Chapter 1, and Initiations 13-108 in Chapter 2.
Initiations 109-250: Transcending Archetypes of this Creation
The archetypes of this Creation include those Archetypes that govern Dimensions 1-144 and the Creator Logos for this Creation, known as Lord and Lady Alora. The archetypes that must be transcended to complete this initiation include those of separation and union, creation and destruction, masculine superiority and feminine inferiority, and karma and indebtedness. As these archetypes are transcended, a new operating system is embodied that is based on unconditional governance. During this segment of initiations, a total of 250 segments of DNA are embodied, and the remainder of the body, including bones, muscles and major organs, are converted to crystalline in form, except for the nervous system. In the process, the initiate embraces a segment of soul that vibrates at Ray 26.
Ray 26 – Ray of Unconditional Acceptance of All Creations is the Ray of the Omnipresent All, and is bright pale blue-white in color. In completing this segment of initiations, a portion of the unconscious plane of reality is integrated into the Flower of Life chakra and auric pattern, causing the auric field to intensify in presence, and to grow beyond the size of the Earth. As the soul segment vibrating at Ray 26 is fully embodied, the Light Body expands in size to have 125 panels on top and 125 panels on the bottom, or a total of 250 panels.
Initiations 250-360: Transcending Archetypes of the Omnipresent One
The Archetypes of the Omnipresent One are those Archetypes governing all Creations on Dimensions 143-244. As these archetypes are transcended, the human blueprint is brought into alignment with the Divine Plan on the level of the Omnipresent One. The archetypes that must be transcended include the archetypes of separation and union, creation and destruction, and karma and indebtedness. In the process of completing this segment of initiations, a part of the initiate’s soul segment vibrating at Ray 27 is embodied, and the initiate receives a new operating system based on unconditional vision.
Ray 27 – Ray of Unconditional Vision for all Creations is the ray of the Oval All, and is bright pale-yellow white in color. As initiation 360 is completed, the remaining 1/3 of the nervous system is converted to crystalline, and a total of 360 segments of DNA are embodied. A portion of the unconscious plane of reality is integrated into the Flower of Life chakra and auric pattern, causing the auric field to intensify again in presence, and grow in size to the orbit of Earth’s moon. As the soul segment vibrating at Ray 27 is fully embodied, the Light Body expands in size to have 180 panels on top and 180 panels on the bottom, or a total of 360 panels.
Initiations 360-520: Transcending Archetypes of the Omnipresent All
The Archetypes of the Omnipresent All are those Archetypes governing the Omnipresent One. The archetypes that must be transcended during this segment of initiations include the archetypes of separation and union, creation and destruction, and karma and indebtedness. As these are transcended, the human blueprint is brought into alignment with the Divine Plan on the 300th Dimension of the Omnipresent All. In the process of completing this segment of initiations, a part of the initiate’s soul segment vibrating at Ray 28 is embodied, and the initiate receives a new operating system based on unconditional harmony.
Ray 28 – Ray of Unconditional Harmony for all Creations is the ray of the Oval All, and is bright pale-green white in color. When this initiation is complete, the remainder of the brain stem is converted to crystalline and the initiate has embodied a total of 520 segments of DNA. The Light Body of the initiate, which not only has a total of 260 panels on top and 260 panels on the bottom, but also is able to unify with other Light Bodies around the globe of other initiates who have completed this initiation or higher, helping to maintain the initiate’s vibration, and to assist Mother Earth in holding her vibration. The unified Light Bodies of upper-level initiates builds a bridge of gridwork that extends 10,000 miles outside of the orbit of the moon and anchors Rays 26-36 on Earth. An additional portion of the unconscious is integrated into the initiate’s auric field as this initiation is completed, and all related karma released.
Initiations 520-960: Transcending Archetypes of the Oval One
The Archetypes of the Oval One are those that govern the Omnipresent All. The archetypes that must be transcended include the archetypes of separation and union, creation and destruction, and karma and indebtedness. As these are transcended, the human blueprint is brought into alignment with the Divine Plan on the 330th Dimension of the Oval One. In the process of completing this segment of initiations, a part of the initiate’s soul segment vibrating at Ray 29 is embodied.
Ray 29 – Ray of Unconditional Truth for all Creations is the ray of the Oval One, and is bright opalescent white in color. In completing this segment of initiations, the initiates completely surrender their “Free Will” and embraces Co-Creation with a Council that exists on the 500th Dimension of “The One”. The remainder of the center of the brain is converted to crystalline, and the initiate now embodies a total of 960 segments of DNA which results in the full formation of a fifth dimensional body and simultaneously exists along with a fourth dimensional form. Another portion of the unconscious is integrated into the auric field, and any related karma released. As Ray 29 is fully embodied, the Light Body expands in size to have 480 panels on top and 480 panels on the bottom, or a total of 960 panels.
Initiation 960-1,024: Attaining Liberation
This segment of initiations has to do with completely liberating the physical body and emotional body of any remaining records of pain, anger or fear that have been stored within the cellular structure of the embodiment. In the process, the two lobes of the brain are converted to crystalline. Additionally, the original two strands of DNA inherent within the embodiment are healed of all genetic fear-based belief systems. This requires an RNA/DNA re-coding that may take many months to complete. It is within the original two strands of DNA that such genetic belief systems as competition, lack, abuse, shame, anger and fear are recorded. As the RNA/DNA is recoded, these patterns are replaced with patterns based on Unconditional Love.
This book is lovingly dedicated to those Courageous Souls who choose to walk the Path of Ascension within this lifetime on Earth. May you bring the Love of God Goddess/All That Is with you in every step of your walk.
Cosmic © 2018, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth

This book has Cosmic Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expressing, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.
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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 2. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.
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Ascension Activations

Now that June has arrived, we are moving into the annual alignment opposite the spinning vortex located in Sagittarius at the Galactic Center.  Today’s New Moon in Gemini opens the gateway to the powerful creative force that emanates from the black hole of the Milky Way. Envision a direct pathway opening to Source Force!
Gemini represents the two sides of dualism. Instead of engaging in the opposing forces of duality, we are evolving into a field of harmony. In a couple weeks the Solstice arrives at exact zero point position with the Galactic Center, launching the powerful solar events of 2019.
Currently the north/south nodes are holding court in Cancer and Capricorn – also representing the feminine and masculine aspects of life. There will be two eclipses in July at these nodes, accentuating any discord or divisiveness requiring attention. All points to unity consciousness!
Every year between the 26th of July and the 12th of August a new wave of Galactic Light from the Great Central Sun streams toward Earth in conjunction with the Rising of Sirius in the North. On August 8th the 8-8 Lion’s Gate opens the Infinity portal that propels you past all previous limitations. It is the symbol of expanding beyond your normal boundaries. It is pure spiritual atomic energy, a pure power source streaming onto Gaia.
We are in the process of transfiguring our physical cells from carbon density into crystalline Light receptors. Open the space surrounding your atoms and fill with Light! When you expand and blend in harmony with the Field of Order at zero point, the atoms in your body begin to rearrange themselves into order. You are self-correcting the atomic structure from reptilian hybrid code to re-form in perfect order.
Imprinted in every cell of your body exists a record of your entire history on Earth. All past and potential future outcomes are encoded in the DNA, dormant and waiting for your attention. Tune into your genes and the essence of your Soul to discover the truth of your Being.
In this Wednesday’s New Earth broadcast I will include ascension activations to integrate the plasma light upgrades and the evolving dual-brain higher dimensional access. We will also work on decomposing the reptilian hybrid genetics and replace with divine human crystalline lineage.
Join Manette and myself with Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world as we activate the Ascension codes. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:
Lovingly, Meg
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