Energy Update: Becoming Aware of the New Energy

Energy Update: Becoming Aware of the New Energy

by Matt Kahn
Whether you are rediscovering your life from a more expanded level of consciousness, or believe your shift has yet to occur, today’s energy update is dedicated to serving both sides of experience in becoming aware of the new energy that has anchored into Earth. May it assist in embracing the uniqueness of all subjective experiences to expand perceptions and welcome into view the ultimate reality that each of us so beautifully embody.

In my previous energy update, I noted how the emotional and physical bodies are often the final aspects to shift as new energy dawns. If we now know the last places where shifts often occur, we can take the next step of exploring the initial pieces of evidence where the changes of energetic expansion can be noticed. Even though a common attribute of new paradigm energy is a palpable sense of vast spacious emptiness, I want to really dive into exploring where these shifts begin for the benefit of all.

As always, there is no such thing as “I’m good or bad at evolving”. It is merely a matter of becoming aware of how the subtle energies can be noticed within your experience, so EnergyUpdateOct1you can realize the magnificent changes that confirm your continual growth.

The first place to notice the shifting of energies is something I call “internal orientation”. It is much like your inner barometer of allegiance. When internal orientation shifts, your allegiance changes from being mortal enemies with discomfort and inconvenience to becoming more open and aware in response to such experiences.

If internal orientation shifts dramatically, it creates a sudden recognition that anything that was once interpreted as a barrier to overcome is actually a catalyst of divinity that is attracted into your reality to ensure the fulfilment of your highest potential. Such drastic shifts in internal orientation are often referred to as “realizations” or “aha moments”, but for some, the shifts are far more subtle.

Instead of going from “I hate my life” to “All is One”, the shifting of internal orientation is becoming more familiar with the patterns, reactions, and conditions at play. During this shift, you steadily transition from only being concerned with the things that you prefer, to becoming keenly aware of the things you cannot control, whether you wish you could control them or not. Even if you spend any amount of time trying to avoid, manipulate, or bypass your experiences, you are no longer lost in denial. You are not unaware, but becoming more aware, no matter how often you fight with the situations in view.

You might not think anything is different because you are still acting out in the same way, but at a closer look, there are a variety of progressive internal changes that allow you to be a witness of yourself, as a character in your life’s movie, instead of a victim of your circumstances.

As strange as it sounds, one of the key pieces of evidence that your internal orientation is shifting into a more expanded space of awareness is the presence of judgment. The arising of judgment can be a sign that your internal orientation is shifting in a more conscious direction, whether the ego is ready to be unraveled and integrated or not. Even though your ego might judge your behavior, criticize the actions of others, or even condemn your inner critic, the act of judging, condemning, opposing, or criticizing signifies an opening of awareness just beginning to expand beyond the parameters of your personal preferences.

While you are meant to remember how to be open, attentive, and responsive without the arising of criticism, judgment, opposition, or blame, that’s not the shift that initially occurs.

As awareness begins to expand, there is a more heightened sense of observation that opens up within you. When this occurs, judgments tend to amplify or become more noticeable, as the voice of ego projects conclusions and opinions onto the people, places, and things that enter the framework of your reality.

Improve-Your-RelationshipsOne of the reasons why judgments cannot be resolved by most spiritual approaches is because it maintains a negative view on how you react, while overlooking the higher purpose of judgment as an initial sign of change occurring throughout your journey. Once you change the way you are viewing each reaction and response, all perceivable obstacles can be recognized as a sign of evolution – no matter how slowly or quickly your progress seems to be.

Once you surrender the need to defeat judgment, and accept that it could only be a divine catalyst here to help you evolve, the role of life’s inner critic can be surrendered, simply by acknowledging criticism as a sign of expanding awareness.

To assist you in shifting into greater allegiance with your ever-expanding awareness, please repeat the following words out loud:

“I accept that before the things I wish would change are able to shift, the immediate changes occur in the way I see things. While I may still be as judgmental, critical, or cynical as I’ve been, or perhaps becoming even more intolerant to the judgments, criticism, and condemnation of other people’s ego, I accept it as evidence that I am becoming more aware, even if I still act the way I think I shouldn’t. As my internal orientation shifts into greater allegiance with Universal Will, I accept that every single facet of my experience is a gift of evolution given by the Universe, and in no way, is there anything within me that was created just to be thrown away or tossed aside.

When I accept that judgment is a sign of my internal orientation beginning to shift into more expanded awareness, perhaps I am able to sense a depth of spaciousness that signifies the new energy that has already entered my field.

Perhaps the subtleties of my evolution are showing me a depth of perfection and grace that I can become even more aware of, as I shift toward embracing each experience, as a guiding force only destined to help me evolve. This means everything is here to help me, no matter how I think or feel about it. And so I am free.”

As judgment acts as an unsuspecting sign of expanding awareness, no matter how biased or tainted of a view each judgment suggests, the next shift of internal orientation is noticing a decrease in the sharpness of painful experiences.

It’s as if your ego, which fuels itself by either insisting others are wrong, assuming your circumstances are some sort of mistake, or wallowing in the pity of its own wrong-doing, begins to lose steam when even the nature of judgment is no longer viewed as wrong.

As ego is no longer fueled by labeling behavior as wrong, it’s as if there is a lack of interest in correcting others, or condemning yourself as a more harmonious witness begins to view your life from within the spaciousness of body. From this space, it’s not as if you relinquish the need to control in a moment of spiritual triumph. Instead, you tend to forget about the control you’ve never actually had.

As ego runs out of things to oppose and loses track of beliefs in control, it becomes progressively more difficult to make the behavior of others about you. Instead, how others treat you can be seen as a response to their own unresolved pain or echoes of emotional turmoil. You may not feel motivated to offer love to them, but you may not also be as deeply-wounded or troubled by their behavior or even your response. Oftentimes the reason why you may not notice these subtle shifts in internal orientation is due to the fact that your unraveling ego is often the one who patrols your energy field in search of the very changes that begin to surface in the absence of the one who yearns for it. Simply put, the one who waits for the arrival of change dissolves as change appears.

From recognizing judgment as a confirmation of becoming more aware, to naturally taking life less personally, and even forgetting about the control you’ve never had, yourExpanding-Awareness-Image internal orientation continues its shift of allegiance by noticing how much faster you move through various emotional states. Maybe the difficult feelings that used to throw you out of balance for weeks or months at a time now shift throughout the duration of a day, or even in a matter of hours.

Soon the shifting of your internal orientation will cultivate such a more grounded awareness that uncomfortable emotions or personal friction can shift in a matter of minutes.

The irony is that when you get to the point of noticing how much faster your emotions shift, it is often when you wake up from a belief in being attacked by emotions to recognize each feeling as a gift to be fully received and welcomed into your heart.

The deeper you breathe each feeling in and breathe it out as blessings of peace, love, and harmony for one and all, the greater perspective you develop in recognizing your previous emotional enemies as unsuspecting allies in disguise.

Along with noticing emotions shifting faster than before and opening up to emotions as gifts to receive, no matter how each one is packaged or decorated, you may even notice yourself still judging, condemning, or criticizing, while on the inside, the objective observer watches the play of human behavior, but without a firm internal commitment in believing in such harsh viewpoints as you did before. At this point, it’s as if you’re barely going through the paces of personal patterns that continue to lose power and fall apart as you play them out.

As your internal orientation continues to shift, each surge of thought or emotion will flow directly through you as an passing experience that is curious and invigorating instead of feeling threatening in any way. From this space, you become aware of the activity of human conditioning from a space of openness. While it may feel like neutrality in the beginning, it is the vast spacious emptiness I’ve been speaking about as the arrival of 5D consciousness.

Even though you are getting used to life at a new zero point, where things no longer happen to you, but occur around you, it equally can be a time where passion, inspiration, joy, happiness, and fulfillment equally seem missing. As you acclimate to the climate of new paradigm consciousness, soon the vast empty spaciousness becomes the light of all things to return you to the inspiration, joy, ecstasy, and fulfillment of your highest potential that can now be anchored and grounded into a strong foundation of grace and maturity.

When trying to fast forward your journey is replaced by exploring the nuances and subtleties of each vital shift, you are able to see with greater clarity just how far you’ve come, as you begin to honor your efforts and embrace the beauty of your uniqueness at a more intimate level. As you advance through each degree of internal orientation, the most essential practice is a willingness to love the one who experiences life however it seems to you.

From loving the one who ridicules the activity of judgment, or embracing the one who wishes life felt more fair, to honoring the one who wants it all to speed up and get to the good stuff, each experience introduces you to the next aspect of self that is next in line to be loved by you. Even if your experience seems so beyond the realm of conscious action, it merely invites you to embrace the one who only knows how to communicate by either lashing out or shutting down.

No matter how you are experiencing the dawning of a new spiritual paradigm, it is my honor to serve the evolution of your journey, until you have no other choice but to see the magnificence of your being and dare to shine as brightly as you have always been meant to be.

Many blessings,
Matt Kahn


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