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HAVE FAITH ~ MESSAGE OF MARY ~ Supernova sends waves of energy to Earth ~ TRIPLE LUNAR TRINE IN THE EARTH SIGNS




Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Galactic Ground Crew Earth Angelic Team of the 144

Welcome to day 9 of our 10 Galactic Activation Portal Days in a Row of the Red Serpent Wavespell on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar. Nine will usher in the Completion Codes of our Co-Creation of our New Heaven upon the New Earth.

This is it! This is the time to let go and fully Surrender; to your higher self, surrender to the Truth of the I Am Presence. Keep the Hope alive and have the Faith to make this full Quantum Leap of Consciousness into the New Human of Luminous Gold Light of Cosmic Buddha Awareness, we activate you in this Now.

In the Heart of the Christos Sophia Consciousness, all Starseed Earth Angels are receiving the Gnosis and Illumination of their multidimensional Sacred Selves as we step over the threshold of this Great Shift of the Ages into the New Golden Age of Aquarius of Liberation and Abundance for Gaia and all her Children of the Sun.

Mother Father God of the Most High are flooding this realm with Golden Rainbow Adamantine Waves of Indestructible Diamond Light to clear and release all interference patterns holding the simulation in the lower densities of separation and suffering. The final purging and cleansings are occurring in the Quickening of this Now to accelerate the Ascension Expansion into 5D New Earth and beyond in our Great Compression Breakthrough.

Continue going through and through and through until complete and total Freedom in the Exodus into the Pure Land of Infinite Light and Infinite Life…A’Ho!


Right now: Moon at 8°50′ Virgo, Sun at 6°19′ Gemini

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

An old-fashioned well.
Sabian Symbol for 7º Gemini

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 7º Gemini.


Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

A expressionist painter making a futuristic drawing.
Sabian Symbol for 9º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 9º Virgo.





There’s a sunspot on the farside of the sun so large, it is affecting the way the whole sun vibrates. Helioseismic maps reveal the active region about 10 days away from turning toward Earth. This could herald a period of geoeffective solar activity in June.
Table Moutain, Cape Town, South Africa
Table Moutain, Cape Town, South Africa

📷 Kyle Mijlof

Table Moutain, Cape Town, South Africa. “I can assure you that, given they exist, these flying saucers are made by no power on this Earth”.
President Harry S Truman.
Soul family reunions, new trajectory/ missions, Divine Unions manifested.. This is it Soul Fam 👑❤️ Happy 6-6 portal opening.. Dreams made manifest..fully anchored.. 👑❤️
Pleiadian Goddess
Pleiadian Goddess



We are talking about the Blue Bird.
Blue, representative of the Sky is a Father Heaven Sky Connection.
The blue bird, dignified in the presence of the Eternal, stands proud against the winds which surely swirl around it but HE, the Blue Blue Blue Bird Divine learns to ride the wind in it’s favor.
It is a bird of pure intent.
A bird of peace.
It brings wisdom to the Pleiadian energies for it’s connection is Universal and Galactic.
Let us thank today for the blessings we receive through the Sun.
Sun represents the Fearless attitude of Giving Life.
Of nurturing, of Peacefuly embracing all.
* _ *
Blue Bird
Blue Bird

Exploding Supernova sends waves of energy to Earth!

The energy tsunami we have received after the 5 /5 Full Moon and Eclipse has been amplified by an exploding Supernova in the Pinwheel Galaxy near the Big Dipper/Ursa Major.
This Supernova is close and bright enough to be photographed by backyard astronomers on Earth. Which means its light and energy are reaching us.
The Supernova was discovered on 19th May and apparently reached its climax on 24th May at power 11.
Supernovas are exploding and collapsing stars that give off waves of light and information that hold all the records or information about that dying star. It is a major information transfer from that star to the records and libraries of the Cosmos.
So, if we are sensitive, we may have been feeling this major download of information as an “overload” of “stuff”. We may feel overwhelmed and unable to “keep up” because on the higher levels there is so much information flooding our record keeping systems.
Secondly, we may also feel the “emotions” of the dying star as sadness, feelings of wanting to let go as well as feelings of joy as the light goes out into the Cosmos.
So, this accounts for many of the powerful waves of light that we have been experiencing as we witness the death and rebirth process in a member of our Celestial Family. The process of the Phoenix: Dying to Live eternally in another form and gifting us with its wisdom and knowledge.
This is an absolutely awesome process!
Love to everyone!
Dear family of love and light, the Divine and the company of heaven are carrying out special Divine intervention and operations to remove the resistance energies on the planet earth.
The Divine says that the Divine plan and Gaia’s ascension has encountered serious resistance energies, and per Gaia’s request, the Divine and Gaia have decided to intensified the Divine intervention to completely remove the resistance and interference energies.
The Divine says that Gaia’s ascension is spiritual law now. Any attempt to interfere and resist Gaia’s ascension plan is breaking the spiritual laws. And the Divine will do whatever it takes to stop the law breaking activities and remove the interference energies.
The Divine asks us to stay in the heart and allow the Divine to do the work and clear the planet. Know that the Divine is in control. Gaia’s ascension is going well. There is interference that is allowed per Gaia’s ascension law and the Divine design.
Thank you for your powerful presence and light work.
Divine love for you always.
Linda Li, Gaia, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.
the Divine and Gaia
the Divine and Gaia
For some, a profound transformation is currently underway…
This transformation is being felt in the body with many pulses and sensations moving through various parts of the body. With these sensations, there is often a releasing of emotion- often experienced “unexpectedly” or bringing with it also a “memory” of some kind.
This experience may also include ringing of the ears, extreme sensitivity to light, extreme sensitivity to sound, periods of vertigo, a feeling of various “spinning” sensations, dizziness, heart palpitations, lightheadedness, exhaustion, intense “electrical” sensations, headache, inability “to think straight,” as well as various sensations of “contraction” and “expansion” in the brain…
Along with these physical sensations, some are being thrust through a myriad of emotions that feel “uncontrollable.” And some of this is accompanied with “lifetime memories”… or even “ancient visions”…
Indeed, some are moving through a very holy corridor at this time. If you resonate with anything here, then you KNOW.
Precious hearts, all is well!
It truly is! ✨🙏✨
Some have asked, “Am I going to make it? I don’t know if I can make it through this.”
Dear one, you ARE moving through this holy passage… and there is nothing happening beyond your ability to move through it! It is true. We are never given an experience beyond our ability to process.
YOUR HEART KNOWS and holds within it all the guidance you require to fulfill this holy endeavor!
There is much that can be said about all of this, but for now…
Let’s BE in SILENCE together in our HEARTS.
Release the need to “figure anything out.”
Nurture your body as it flows through this process and resist the compulsion to label or judge what is happening.
Breathe and allow it all to be.
It is a most holy happening!
Love Is. Love Is. Love Is. ✨🤍✨
God Is. God Is. God Is. ✨🙏✨
profound transformation
profound transformation

Ana Maria

 Isabel Garcia Garcia


In very few days, in human time, you will enter the Last Time, the time of opening to Grace, of opening to His Eternity and to His Truth.

You will find, for most, the totality of what they Are. Nothing else can be hidden from you, until the announcement of my Presence. This is now, this is not tomorrow, this is not the day after tomorrow, in cosmic terms, but this corresponds to the reality of the days to come.

It can sometimes take a long time between this first contact and the establishment of the state of Light. That is part of learning, that is part of the metabolism of Light in their structures…… when Joy first comes, it withdraws then, as it is necessary, at that time, to integrate it, by absence, so that its Presence can settle in a lasting way.

The Light is coming upon you. That’s what the signs from Heaven that you’ll see now, in a few days, over the whole of your planet. This will manifest above all within you..

This comes to awaken, in your structures, in your physical heart and subtle heart, in your physical and subtle mind, a series of particles of light that so far have been unconscious and that are going forward to be revealed…

They may involve particular phenomena in subtle structures, going through major adjustments, being able to translate, the next day or in the days that follow, into some discomforts at the body level.

That’s a symptom of the old dying and making room for the new. This process I speak of is no longer confined to some places in the world, but belongs to the whole of this solar system…

It’s an important announcement to make to you all. They should pass it on as best as possible as it is important..

If you let the Light work, you let it settle, the fluidity will settle in.

This moment is now, once again it is up to you to welcome it and live it, in your serenity, in your inner being, in the greatest of humility and simplicity. There is no place, in this Event, for questioning and doubt. There is room, simply, for the acceptance of the Light and the spark that comes to you.. This is ongoing, this is the Awakening.

Isabel Garcia Garcia.





Asara Adams

💜🌟💜Energy Update by The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light

“We are here now.
We love you.
We are you, from your future, to assist you on your path.
Beloved One, as you are on your Ascension journey, things are changing very rapidly.
Your rapidly changing experience is in response to the raising of your vibrational frequencies.
When you are in a loving state, your reality will reflect it quickly.
When you are in a judgmental or irritated state, your reality will reflect it quickly.
Everything has picked up speed.
The result of your thoughts and feelings will come in much faster than before.
What does that mean for you on a day to day basis?
If you wish to step into a higher vibrational experience of Love, Peace, Harmony, Health, Collaboration, Wellbeing and so forth, than maintaining a Harmonious state, no matter what, is imperative.
From the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you drift into sleep, your first and foremost activity will need to be to stay in harmony.
“Yes, but, life and people are sometimes so difficult!” You might think.
Beloved One, as long as you uphold the image of a difficult, unloving world, you’ll keep perpetuating this kind of a world.
Instead, we invite you to begin to see the world through the eyes of God/Source:
Christ Consciousness resides in everyone.
Some allow it more, some allow it less.
What is so powerful about each of you is, that your intentional vision of Christ Consciousness in others, allows for them to raise up to your vision.
Your intentional vision will change your perception of others and your world.
You are the creator of your reality.
As such creators, you can choose what kind of a world you wish to create by way of your vision.
Welcome Home!
We are holding the vision of the Divine New Earth with you and from our vantage point it is glorious.
We are with you, every step of the way.
You are loved beyond measure.
We are with you… always. We love you.
We are you. Namaste.”
Thank you, Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light!
Channelled through Asara Adams
Ascension journey
Ascension journey


Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –

Gene Key 16 – Magical Genius

May 27th – June 1st 2023

Indifference – Versatility – Mastery

“Higher intelligence is a fusion of heart, mind, and spirit. We need a new type of thinker in the world, one who isn’t sunk into their mind alone, one whose spirit isn’t for sale to the highest bidder, and one whose emotional life has matured enough, so they can use their feminine qualities in harmony with their masculine.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways


Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA – by Richard Rudd –


Gene Key 16 – Magical Genius
Gene Key 16 – Magical Genius



We are being freed on multiple levels now, deeply subconscious programming, cords, attachments to the old matrix of the 3D.
I was shown this a few days ago profoundly.
The cosmic energies now pouring in and directed by the company of heavens and the Golden Rainbow Fires are sweeping through our heads dismantling all which has ever been programmed in there, or put in there, or attached itself there without our permission throughout all lifetimes on earth.
I was shown a blinding white-golden Ankh and this being put in energetically into our heads and then dissolving all of these into the purest Godforce Light. The Ankh was always used as a tuning fork, a cosmic energy conductor, and in many other ways, we have forgotten about. This is working intensely with full and higher activation of our pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus and the the Ka gland above our heads, linking to our soul stars.
This is happening so that we are now literally being tuned into the higher dimensional frequency bands, stand fully in truth of who and what we are in truth, as the keys and codes within our higher soul selves are activated.
It enables us to access our highest soul potential, without outside interference from the old systems etc. no matter how hard some try to keep the status quo.
Of course souls have free will and choice. Some are choosing to remain unconscious.
A great transmutation is happening and is unprecedented.
Mother Mary is holding the immaculate conception of our new Lightbody form in her heart and soul for the whole of humanity. A rebirth in Divine Love and with Divine Love.
Golden Rainbow Fires
Golden Rainbow Fires


In You 🙏
This Now Moment of Creation ❤
Expand your light field, for the Flowering of Light Consciousness is powerful and awe inspiring
To see your world beyond the physical imprint of your reality
The Navigational Light of Now, is directing you beyond the Parameters of your Physical form
Understand, there are multiple levels of light streams working simultaneously to amplify and clear the light fields of you.
Have Faith in the Ascension Journey
For today’s emotions are simply an indication of the self-awareness of You
Feel assured in the light projectory of Ascension, the awakening of light.
Have Faith in your Personal Light Flow
The Light Metamorphosis of Now
Rest and Be…in Light Harmony
With Love and Blessings Wayshowers🙏
Sending Waves of Cosmic Love
Cosmic Light Alliance
Karen Lithika





Today we take things inward for introspection. We may find ourselves in hermit mode, or digesting things while laying in bed getting some much needed rest. The Moon in Virgo is Square to the Sun in Gemini, but is Trine to Mercury, Jupiter, and the North Node, all in the sign of Taurus.
Whenever the Moon is Square to the Sun, we grapple with how private or public we want to be. Since expansive lady luck Jupiter, spiritually guided North Node, and communicative Mercury are in favorable Trines with the Moon, our inner conversations and dialogue are illuminating and hopeful for the most part! Regardless of what’s going on in the outside world, our inner world is reaching for peace, tranquility, and enlightenment.
Ah, we get to feel those beautiful moonbeams on our shoulders as they guide us deeper within ourselves and life’s purpose.
We are poised to get grounded today too, and for some, that means letting their guard down and just surrendering to the flow of life. It’s a perfect day for quiet repose, afternoon naps, or walks in nature.
Overthinkers, you get a shot at happy, busy, brainstorming today! Write down all your creative ideas, and put together a practical to-do list you know you can accomplish. Just make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with too much internal pressure. Sometimes baby steps or just doing small things each day yield more fruitful outcomes.
Pluto is cranky today though, so don’t let chaos or dramatic energies pull you out of your happiness. Pluto is Retrograde in Aquarius and is in Opposition to Mars in fiery Leo, Square to Jupiter in Taurus, and Trine to the Sun in Gemini. We need to keep an eye out for people who just can’t be happy no matter what is going on. Some folks might get easily triggered over stresses of things that haven’t even happened yet. For those who are feeling super overwhelmed, it’s a good day to take a break from social media, mainstream media, and mental noise altogether.
Let love lead the way. The rest is just a shadow to work through. Venus in Cancer is Trine to Neptune in Pisces. The Universe wants us to remember that happiness and bliss start with US. We are the stewards of our souls caretaking. We get to determine the levels of our gratitude and emotional security. Let’s not allow anything to trigger us to break our own heart when there is so much more love to fill the empty spaces.
On Saturday, and into the early morning hours Sunday, the illuminating Sun, ruler of self-expression, in logical Gemini is challenging limiting Saturn, ruler of inhibition, in confusing Pisces. Our thoughts and perceptions may be restricted at this time. We may be less likely, or able, to have interactions and communications that are needed. It may have the feeling of “writers block” where formulating suggestions, plans or intentions is impaired or confined in some way.
Use this energy, instead, to restructure your opinions, reasoning and objectives. Surrender and let go of trying so hard to force conversations right now. This energetic impediment will lift soon and you will feel more free in your thinking and speech. For now, just be in the moment, understand any lessons being presented to you, and “see” the inner wisdom that the Universe is attempting to impart. Blessings of Love and Light to All! ♥️
 Sun in logical Gemini
Sun in logical Gemini
First Quarter Moon in Virgo – The Moon in Virgo brings a need to feel useful but the square to the Sun introduces tension and analysis paralysis. We pick things up, put them down, hands fluttering as they seek definitive action that promises improvement. We tinker and tweak, re-sort and categorise, get lost down rabbit holes in research. The presentation, story or essay stalls because the words won’t come, it’s just on the tip of the tongue. Plans made around the last new moon hit a snag, a cartoon question mark in the air. Maybe it’s time to get out of the head and into the body. Stop over-thinking it. Put what you have learned into practice. Hone your skills.
The mind can be calmed through the daily practice of living. Make life itself a meditation. Chop wood. Carry water. Fix the curtains, empty the dishwasher, feed the cat, swill the sink, fold the clothes. Focus on straightening out the small things. Simplicity is your friend. Don’t let perfectionism halt the process. Yes, a job that is worth doing is worth doing well but done is better than perfect.
Degrees and Times
Moon 06°Vi05′, Sun 06°Ge05′ – 16:22 (BST)
© Leah Whitehorse
Painting – Woman Ironing by Robert Spencer
Woman Ironing
Woman Ironing

Kin 114 ~ White Planetary Wizard

‘Planetary’ is the name for the number 10 and its keywords are ‘Manifest, Perfect and Produce’. We are now on the 9th Portal day in a row and tomorrow is the last one, phew! The tenth day of a wavespell is perfect for manifesting what you need. As always, when we have a Galactic Activation Portal, these energies are amplified. The number ten is already powerful but today it carries extra oomph. Only 5 times in the Tzolkin does the Planetary day fall on a Portal day.
Today is the White Wizard which represents ‘Enchantment, Timelessness and Receptivity’. If you are a Wizard be careful today about using your charms and casting spells. You have so much power with it being a Portal day and Planetary day, that for you… getting what you want will be so easy, it’s like taking candy from a baby. If you are not a Wizard, you can benefit from today’s charming aspects and be enchanting yourself. To summarize; today is about ‘Enchanting to Manifest’. A White Wizard on a powerful day like this, could charm the birds out of the trees. Any spells cast today will work exceedingly well.
The Guide today is White Wind, the communicator. When in the guiding position, the White Wind’s role is fairly straightforward – the message here is Keep Talking! Have that conversation you’ve been putting off, get things off your chest or send that overdue message. Don’t bottle things up. Your words can cast spells! Anything you write today has the power to charm and it’s also a perfect day for reading a good book about spells or magic.
The Challenge today is the Yellow Seed which represents ‘Sowing Awareness’. If you are a Yellow Seed, you may find it difficult to get people to take you seriously today and that can cause frustration. All you want to do is share the knowledge you have. If you are not a Yellow Seed, take note that today is not ideal for reaping what you have sown or planting ideas in others, in the hope they’ll grow.
The Occult power is the Blue Hand, the healer of the Tzolkin. When in this position expect healing to come to you in a magical way. The Blue Hand also represents ‘Accomplishment’ and so put your hands to good use today and manifest magically what you need. The Wizard and the Hand go well together as the Wizard waves his hands when casting magic spells. Abracadabra! The Blue Hand offers us a chance to dabble in magic and to use our own magic wands. What can you manifest today?
The Ally is the Red Serpent and if you happen to know one, ask them for help if you need it today. If you are a Red Serpent, expect to be called upon for support and advice. Red Serpent is also the wavespell we are in and so that means that the wavespell is friendly to us all today.
Kin 114
Kin 114


10 IX – KIN 114
27 MAY 2023
Perfecting PLANETARY Manifestation💫💫
Producing receptivity
I seal the output of timelessness
With the Planetary tone of Manifestation
I AM guided by the power of Spirit
ENTER ME!!! 💥💥
GAP DAY #9 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
27/5/2023 = 9/5/7 = 9/12=9/3=12=3
27- Power/Leadership/Command/Harvest
9- Completion/Service/Destiny/Divine/Humanity/Grace
12- Acquiring Spiritual strength/wisdom
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
5- FREEDOM/LIBERATION/Change/Transformation
7- Majik/Mystic/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
12- Acquiring strength/wisdom
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity
20- The AWAKENING/Clear vision
23- Royal Star of the LION /Strength/Protection/Support
KIN 114 = 6 – Heaven/Christ Consciousness/Harmony/Love/Romance
NOTE: 14 is the frequency of the Wizard and Double Magician (7+7 = 14)
Our 9TH successive GAP DAY💥 – on a 27=9 code! 9.9. DIVINE DESTINY PORTAL. One more day to go and we are through the tunnel! Yipeee!!!
This day is SUPER NATURALLY HUGE!!! ✨✨✨
Day 10 in the RED SERPENT🐍 WAVESPELL of survival, instinct, kundalini rising, life force, PASSION and rapid transformation through shedding our old skin.
Today we MANIFEST the most potent life 🔥force through the Planetary Wizard. 🌍💫 Anchoring the frequencies of the cosmos that we explored and experienced yesterday, down into the gravitational spin of the physical dimension through our breath. Powerful MANIFESTATION potentials arise today!
🚫🚫🚫BE SUPER AWARE of your THOUGHTS today!!!!! 🚫🚫🚫
PLANETARY🌎 – Tone 10 in the PHYSICAL realm. ACTION – produces, POWER – perfects, ESSENCE – manifestation. The 10th stage of the Wavespell is the perfection of all we imagined as possible. And more! It is the harvest stage where we happily reap our manifest splendour. The forms we have been imagining begin to manifest into our reality, and our lives begin to reflect the deep soul longings that we desire.
PLANETARY energies enable us to build and manifest strong connections with Spirit today. We have the power to MANIFEST and produce incredible prosperity, happiness and joy, both in our hearts and the PLANETARY HEART of NOVA GAIA. As we are all ONE HEART.❤
Today’s question is “Can I allow the breath/voice of SPIRIT to guide me, to perfect the Manifestation of PEACE and ABUNDANCE through my Divine Mission, on a PLANETARY level?”
✨✨✨Let us re-IMAGINE our beautiful world today, and produce the PERFECTED DREAM of PEACE, HARMONY and ABUNDANCE for all HUM-MANS.
A BRILLIANT day for PLANETARY healing, seeding and manifestation rituals, meditation and group gatherings.
Divine blessings for our successful GLOBAL manifestation of PHENOMENAL THINGS! ✨✨✨
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: WHITE PLANETARY WIZARD🌎 🔮– IX is the Magician, whose powers are activated by wisdom that emanates from the HEART. ❤ Such wisdom is not the intellectual understanding known in Western culture; it is the SHAMANIC wisdom that comes from an alignment of HEART and MIND, and through LISTENING to the natural world. 🌿🌿
An open, trusting heart❤ is a refined tool of perception. Allowing yourself to ‘not know’ opens the door of the mind to a deeper understanding of the universe. White Wizard asks you to fully utilize this aligned mind to participate in SUPERNATURAL MAJIK💫 today.
A wise Magician is spontaneous and transparent, allowing Majik to flow through him, rather than trying to control it or make it happen. A Magician dances the dance of LOVE ❤ through offering gifts of FREEDOM to others. This is real Majik.💫💫 Freed from the need to use POWER to manipulate or control, a Magician uses WISDOM to manifest LIBERATION and LOVE. ❤❤❤
The 9.9. code today gives us the POWER of COMPLETION.. using out DIVINE WHITE MAJIK to BRING CLOSURE to the Dark Magic Dream-SPELL… Phenomenal divine forces are available today for the PLANETARY STAR🌟 BLISS❤ SUNS🌞 to create SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY. ⚛⚛⚛
✨✨✨This is the stuff of MIRACLES!!!✨✴✨✴✨✴✨✴✨
Today we can access potent energies through being in a hyper receptive mode, of anchoring with a deep receptivity to many dimensions. This requires stillness and attunement, in order to conduct and flow these energies through your vessel and into the physical realm.
The PLANETARY WIZARD is focused on the GLOBAL good, and thus will fully utilize these energies to benefit HU-MAN-KIND.🌍🌎🌏
The power of enchantment can be utilized in your desires and creations through shamanic, ritual, ceremony and spell casting today. Make sure you say “This or something better, with harm to none.” Preferably for the benefit of us ALL on a PLANETARY level. 🙌🔮💫
HIGHER SELF/GUIDE: WHITE PLANETARY WIND 🌏 🌬– IK represents the VOICE or BREATH of Spirit. Such a powerful code to have the WIZARD guided by Spirit – UBER HIGH White Majik codes indeed.
The shadow side of the Wizard is egoic manipulation, mind control and power battles. The lesson of the Wizard is to transcend his egoic drive for POWER, fame and self aggrandizement, and to align with Spirit – becoming a vessel for Spirit to manifest through.
The PLANETARY WIZARD today empowers us to dissolve the Black Magic DreamSpell, and replace it with the White Majik enchantment flowing through Divine Spirit.
Instead of manifesting through his MIND and intellect, the White Wizard operates from his HEART❤ and thus becomes a tool of the LIGHT, a conduit for the work of SPIRIT. Having the WHITE WIND as the Higher guide, steering KIN 114 ensures this Wizard is very well intentioned as a powerful force for GOOD.
We are all born from Spirit, and Spirit wishes for us all to be FREE, to express our Divinity in whichever way makes our HEARTS sing. ❤🎶
Today’s Heavenly codings in conjunction with the portal GAP 💥 energies, – are saturating our planet with very potent DIVINE SPIRITUAL energies of the highest order.. Today’s energies are a direct link to HEAVENLY blessings.
Be STILL today and allow this Majik to flow through you. Be STILL and LISTEN👂 to the voice of Spirit for HEAVENLY guidance. Allow the breath of Spirit to flow through your vessel guiding your enchantment today.
SUPPORT: RED PLANETARY SERPENT 🌏🐍– CHICCHAN the Planetary Serpent amplifies the Wizard’s Shamanic and Healing powers today. The Planetary Serpent is also activating GAIA’S Grids🌐 and planetary kundalini🐍🎇🔥 to provide extra FUEL for her children to access in our manifestations today.
Woot – ULURU and GAIA’S power centres are really PUMPING up our CREATION POWER!! Those creative juices are rising to the fore to manifest our juicy desires!! ❤💋❤
CHICCHAN fully energizes the capacity of our LIFE FORCE to fuel our passionate❤ heart’s desires. As we become clear vessels and align with our heart❤ we become a vibrational match for that which we are creating.
Our instinctual pulses will guide us past our survival responses, to create our greater mission. Let that KUNDALINI POWER surge out as fuel🔥 to PERFECT your Majikal manifestations today!💫💫
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: BLUE SELF-EXISTING HAND 🎁 🙌– MANIK governs healing, attaining knowledge, intuition and abundance.💰 As the SUPERPOWER today MANIK assists us to receive our deepest knowledge through our intuition, and guidance from Spirit.
We are all connected to HUMANITY’S great dream, that of collective Abundance for all beings, and our PLANET. BLUE HAND assist us in accomplishing this collective DREAM. 💰🌻
The Self-Existing Hand 🎁🖐 is a brilliant complement to our Planetary Wizard🌏⚛ as Manik enables IX to bring the enchanted DREAM-Spell into FORM… MANIK defines and measures what is needed to produce a perfect model of the final manifestation.. Awesome alchemical synergy! ⚛💫⚛
What an absolute GIFT from our HEAVENLY FATHER!!! 🙏🙏🙏
Together IX and MANIK enable us to accomplish GREAT THINGS, individually and collectively. When we are operating through our PURE HEARTS ❤ we can easily perfect our manifestation of the Collective dreaming for our PLANET! 🌍🌏🌎
Operating through HEART❤ CONSCIOUSNESS is mandatory for manifesting in 5D. 🌿🐬🌈
The SEED needs to GROW and evolve.🌲 Now is the TIME to get moving, arise from the darkness and move toward the LIGHT.💡
Of course the PLANETARY SEED is focused on seeding the highest timeline📈 for our Planet. Planting GLOBAL seeds in our beautiful garden PLANET, to sprout into wondrous solutions for HU-MAN-KIND.
KAN gifts us with laser FOCUS today, and the capacity to MANIFEST💥 and cocreate our Highest Visions. Go forth and SEED the highest LIGHT ON OUR PLANET!🌟✨
✨✨✨The DIVINE PLAN is made MANIFEST on EARTH today…
HEAVEN✨🕊 is a place called NEW EARTH! 🌏🌈🐬
John Lennon exemplified the code of KIN 114, as he was indeed a PLANETARY WIZARD,🌎 casting his majik💫 PEACE🕊 spells through his legendary music, with words channelled directly from Spirit.
He left a great legacy for humanity and was a very bright WHITE LIGHT indeed, seeding the collective mind both through his actions and his words/music.
The medicine/gift to humanity of KIN 114 is to actively plant these seeds 🌱 in everyone you meet, in order to influence them to manifest a better world. This was driving his life’s mission. His SUPERPOWER was BLUE HAND🙌 so he was holding and energizing the collective dream of a better world for us all, brilliantly encapsulated in his signature PEACE anthem “IMAGINE”. He had the POWER to accomplish great things and indeed he did, befitting of a mighty PLANETARY WIZARD. .🌏🔮 💫
At times the WHITE WIZARD must face his own shadow through his unlimited access to great POWER. John did get too big for his boots at one stage, when he publicly boasted in 1966 at the height of their fame that “The Beatles(He) was more popular than Jesus Christ!”.✨✨✨
Luckily John was able to transcend the lures of celebrity and the egoic mind (thanks to the influence of Yoko Ono – White Self-Existing Worldbridger). Interesting that 4 CIMI also has WHITE WIND as the Higher Guide, so BOTH John and YOKO were strongly guided by the VOICE of SPIRIT. Two BRILLIANT DIVINE Spirit Messengers.🕊🕊
Yoko elevated John to a new level, helping him focus on his humanitarian Mission, in order to bring his worldly ideas into form. Together this dynamic duo formed 1 AHAU- the YELLOW MAGNETIC SUN🌞 whose combined MISSION was to UNITE us all through the power of DIVINE SOURCE as ONE HUMAN FAMILY – which is exemplified through the words they cowrote in the LIGHTWORKERS ANTHEM 🌈 IMAGINE. 🌈
The song was released in 1971. It called for PEACE during the Vietnam War, and urged people around the world to live in UNITY. .
We are all very blessed at the significant legacy this gifted partnership gave us all!
“Imagine all the people
Living life in peace.
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as ONE!”
Today’s question is “Can I allow the breath/voice of SPIRIT to guide me, to perfect the Manifestation of PEACE and ABUNDANCE through my Divine Mission, on a PLANETARY level?”
✨✨✨Let us re-IMAGINE our beautiful world today, and produce the PERFECTED DREAM of PEACE, HARMONY and ABUNDANCE for all HUM-MANS.
A BRILLIANT day for PLANETARY healing, seeding and manifestation rituals, meditation and group gatherings.
Divine blessings for our successful GLOBAL manifestation of PHENOMENAL THINGS! ✨✨✨
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈




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By Sandra Walter ✨

Divine Decree: Lightbody Invocation

I call forth the ancient Language of Light to activate my full Lightbody and Divine DNA expression through pure Light Codes of Divinity and Ascension, transforming all of my being into its most natural state of Divine perfection.
I call forth sacred light, sacred sounds, sacred harmonics, sacred rays, sacred geometries, sacred key codes of Source and the Divine Fire Letters, to register upon my Lightbody, physical body and DNA, and intensify their activity within me now.
I call forth my Divine and Sacred Seamless Garment of Light to descend upon me and enfold me in the Divine Purity I AM.
I embrace my Sacred expression of the Divine pure and true Tree of Life to express as love, balance, and Divine order within me. I grant all power and Divine activity to the Sacred spiritual God Presence within my heart. Overlight my journey. I love the light. I live in the light. I walk in the light. I breathe the light. I bless the light. I live within the sacred fire of my pure Diamond Heart.
I AM a pure expression of the Source which lives within me. I embrace the pure and true Tree of Life, the Crystalline Cosmic Christed state of consciousness, and command that my DNA and Lightbody express this in this now.
I call forth the illuminating strength of cosmic light to increase within me, amplifying the radiance of my Lightbody, and my physical health, vitality, and energy. Divine DNA, Light up! My experience belongs to Source, God, the Infinite Creator, and Source expresses that Divine Truth through me each moment.
I ordain this under all graces and forces of the Infinite Pure Creator Source.
I call this forth to the highest level allowed by Cosmic Law, in Divine alignment with the Divine plan and blueprint for my pure and true organic Ascension.
I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You. So be it and so it is.
Art Ashley Christudason ✨
Lightbody Invocation
Lightbody Invocation

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