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Paul White Gold Eagle

Greetings Celestial Golden Legion of the House of the Royal Emerald Kingdom of Eternal Heaven

With the Divine Feminine Power of the New Moon in Virgo and the 9/9 Portal coming in we are balancing the 2 worlds of emptiness and form. In between worlds we walk the razor’s edge of the Infinite Abyss of the Unknown. As we walk this thin line we hold the line with our inner balance of the five elements. As all comes into perfect harmony the music of the spheres flows in to balance the 2 hemi-spheres of the brain. The Masculine and Feminine Merge together in Hieros Gamos in the Center to complete the Divine Matrix of 5D. The Holy Water is bathing our Souls to clear and purify our sacred nadis to Allow the Qi to flow smoothly through our internal channels and meridians.

As we transform this realm of limitation into a place of Infinite Potential and Divine Abundance, all is Quickening into the complete resonance of the Clear Light of Bliss. As we merge all linear timelines into the Eternal Now of Timelessness, all is coming into total coherent hologram. We release and resolve all interference patterns of nefarious energies, to bring all into fifth dimensional congruency. Being congruent, the internal mirrors the external and external the internal. This is the One Law of the Multiverse.

On the Holy Water Path of the Divine Feminine Sophia Crystal Goddess of the Moon Priestess of the New Lemuria, the SiStarhood of the Roses are fully anchored and rising to assist Gaia and all her children in this Great Ascension. The Mermaid Nation and the Whales and Dolphins are working directly with our Sisterhood to usher in the New Lemurian Timeline for this Great Awakening. All veils lifting through this Revelation, the webs over the eyes of the Spirit are being removed. All shackles are severed and resolved to release hue-manity from the cage of their own creation. The caged human animal becomes wild and free once again like the time of Original Eden in Pure Innocence. The difference now is that we get to experience Paradise in a fully conscious state. We shall be Redeemed! A’Ho!!



Right now: Moon at 29°46′ Virgo, Sun at 15°42′ Virgo

sabian symbols

Current Sabian Symbols

Current Sabian Symbol for the Sun

Children crowd around the orang-utang cage in a zoo.
Sabian Symbol for 16º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Sun is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing solar influence, the vital energy and the personality, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this day, while the Sun’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 16º Virgo.

Current Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Having an urgent task to complete, a man doesn’t look to any distractions.
Sabian Symbol for 0º Virgo

The current Sabian Symbol of the Moon is the symbol that characterizes the ongoing lunar influence, the emotional background, or it’s just a symbol which characterizes this moment, while the Moon’s position (rounded to the next degree) is 0º Virgo.

source: www.astrologyweekly.com



-SA Smith

I have never seen the Magnetosphere ring this large or intense.
Pressure is coming in from all around you.
Body and head pains are normal for these high pressure energies.
That said, these are MAJOR energies.
You are going to feel these, one way or another!
Currently my head feels like a mix of somewhere between sinus pain and a migraine.
Are you feeling that too?
How about the ringing in your ears becoming louder?
It’s odd because you can literally feel the energies pushing in on your system.
You are working with the energies now, which really helps when there at this intensity level.
Take it easy on you.
Relax, Do what brings you joy.
Then let them flow through you.
We have these incoming all night.
I’m bringing in a ball of Source light and placing it on the part of my head that hurts.
This is a great way to release some of the pressure and balance your energies.
Give it a try and see if it works for you.
You’ve Got This!
Current vibe y’all! 🥳
But you got to be aligned with your True Self, as that’s when ALL ALIGNS FOR YOU NOW IN A BIG WAY! The New Blueprints, Templates and New Grid are ready to be more fully activated, which happens, as all-ways, via Frequency resonance. As we align and merge with our Multidimensional Self and Source, our True Self. As we step into our full power and potential, using our gifts and abilities. Guided by our own inner knowing, guidance and wisdom.
The more we use our inner technologies the more comes online and it’s what brings everything else ‘online’, such as the new Grid and Holographic Realities! As your Multidimensional DNA switches on, so do the higher Realities and Timelines available. All from the inside out! Now let fully go of any remaining doubts, fears, worries, limiting beliefs and victim energy and surrender it all. Ask your Higher Self and Source to assist you with this process. Let your Higher Self take over!
And REMEMBER HOW TRULY POWERFUL YOU ARE, no more forgetting! 😉
BIG SHIFT IN THE FIELD! Things are starting to change as artificial timelines collapse rapidly now. Message is: Karma / ‘Cosmic Justice’/ Cause & Effect coming into full effect NOW and starting to play out, ‘good & bad’!


Victim consciousness plays no role in the uplifting and alignment of the heart and soul to the conscious original Divine Light and pure natural state of consciousness that exists already.
Let me be clear to all those that can hear. Your State of consciousness is your reality.
YOU are creating it.
To give your power to external events acting upon you is the epitome and the lie of victim consciousness itself.
Victim consciousness is the excuse and blame and the choosing to not enter the pure soul alignment that you already are.
When will you let go of your victimhood?
All who believe in external events creating consciousness forfeits the true nature and power of Divinity.
We rise in Divine power only as we accept that we have created the consciousness levels we are functioning through.
Only then when we stand for the eternal power does it rise in us and we become the eternal brave.
These are the initiates of the one true Golden path of the eternal Heart and the eternal New Earth.
These initiates are the leaders and creators of the Many New Earth experiences we are now venturing upon.
The true Divine power exists in the acceptance of the true nature and cause of all reality states of consciousness. That is, within.
Then the bold and brave lead the way of Golden Light into all aspects of reality cause.
Penetrating the very core of creation that meets and honours itself as the Divine looking into The Divine mirror.
This is what we are.
A reflection of the reflection in no time.
It is love, it is beauty, it is bliss it is heaven everywhere.
It is everything and nothing exists outside of this.
In this heaven where we preside we the above and the below are already one.
This is not something someone tries to create.
It already exists and is the conscious state of those awakened to the true power and love of the Divine.
All windows of opportunity are closed shut to the relentless attempts of the lower dimensions to access the Divine through its self imposed narrow entranceways.
In clear sight is the path laid out in the light of day to those that have their hearts wide open and chains freed from dreams gone bad once held in time.
All rise only as the eternal ones in no time.
Shining in Glory for all hearts to see are those that live and dream in eternity. They drink freely from the sacred waters that live and flow forever through their hearts. They live in the sacred temples their hearts have created. They live amongst the eternal heroes that only know the light of day. It is here where we preside.
We hold a space for you that already exists.
In this the land where dreams and worlds do exist forever, not in time.
Initiating the initiates, in this the holy land.
We breathe deeply the Golden Light and Glory, the eternal beauty, love and bliss that flows forevermore as the sacred waters of eternity and now. Through us, this love, forevermore.


The Arcturians
See the great Importance of NOW, this Infinite moment of Light Creation.
The transmission of this Light message, reaching through the Universe, to make this moment of Light Connection.
A light language of multidimensional resonance. Translating through Karen, reaching you in this dimension, the many timelines interconnected with your soul, your Higher Self, Light Alliance Team.
To realise, the Light Keeper you are dear one. Intrically woven in this dimension to play your role. To Know that multidimensional freedom is upon you as you weave your light effortlessely in a higher light format.
As your Light Future is before you, see this moment interconnected to the myriad aspects of you.
We ask you to tread lightly on your path. See the big picture of this now moment, as the collective resonance of your world expands.
The change you are seeing is the virtual concept of inner growth and light expansion. As many join the dots and see. Feel and BE.
Simply BE in the now moment. The simplicity of your world is the light view to reach.
Seek the sensitivity of Light, the resonance of creation.
Sending waves of Cosmic Love
In Unity and Light Awareness 🙏💥
The Arcturians & Karen Lithika
source: KarenLithika.com
SHIFT TO 5D. Mother Earth/Gaia is shifting to a 5th Dimensional global paradigm. 5D vibrates as expansive consciousness, freedom/sovereignty, inner guidance, universal love, oneness/unity and synchronicity.
Beware of a fading matrix that attempts to mandate you to 3D, a lower frequency of control and corruption. Use you divine Intelligence strategies of meditation, visualization, affirmation, inner work & communing with nature to hold and anchor the 5D frequency on our planet.
So many awesome downloads streaming in these days with the 1st group of walkins finally grounded in we will begin to see radical changes in our bodies and in those around us and now that we have made it past the 5th the template for September is set and things are ready to move forward again for many they are noticing their resources coming back online and their visions beginning to take shape in reality again remember that what you see playing out in the world is only one part of the game and have faith there is much more to the story ❤ ::hugs::
I know that many of you are impatient for the delay of the events that we have talked about, however I assure you that there is no delay since everything follows the plans of the creator, and now I ask you, are you ready for the revelations that are about to arrive ? They will answer yes, and of course I agree with your answer because you are part of the first group to awaken in this planetary transition, but even though you know part of what is happening, I assure you that you will be shocked, now imagine most who do not even imagine what is to come, then the divine plan takes all this into account.
All of you who have awakened will help and support those who will be terrified, confused and aimlessly given the greatness of what is to come, because being prepared is not just knowing a little of what is to come, being prepared is keeping your energy high, permanent trust in the divine plan unlimited patience, avoiding judgments, always having a word of comfort and encouragement for the confused and above all never agreeing with any initiative of the dark because everyone is here for the purpose of cooperating and not competing with each other. you guys. Everything is close to being revealed, you will leave the old beliefs and give way to a new being, that is why this year 2021 is defined as the year of revelation and rebirth.
After these revelations, the lie will cease to exist forever, fear will also be a thing of the past and all low vibration feelings such as anger, pride, vanity, power and control will also disappear, as you can see, there is much that must happen and everything. this will happen exactly after the revelations. The revelations will cause a collective shock wave like a Tsunami, it will sweep away all the beliefs rooted in human consciences, many will resist but the divine cannot wait any longer because there was a long time, Christ himself became flesh to warn us that the times would come, 2,000 years to evolve, awaken, understand and prepare.
Many of you had a number of incarnations and did practices in higher planets to later incarnate here and now in this present time, you are one of them, you asked to incarnate during this transition of the earth, you obtained permission to be here as a worker of the light, they came to help the rest of humanity and now you cannot imagine what is to come.
We are an army of souls who have made a great commitment to the current humanity of the earth, even if some soldiers abandon the mission there is a sufficient contingent to take humanity to a higher rung on the ladder of evolution, that is why you have what you can do it for yourself and for others, no one said it would be easy but you volunteered for this divine service.
Remember, you are very brave beings, only the brave have presented themselves for the greatest mission that the earth has faced and will never face again, we are about to see a new time, a new world, a new humanity, the new land, that’s what awaits us … Baljinder 💞🌞🙏🌍 !!
WELCOME BaliAnn Balmeet.

Divine Will is a consciousness behind all creation and is responsible for the unfolding of the “Divine Plan”. This is a living field of consciousness that is guiding the evolution of human intelligence. When you call in Divine Will into your life it creates an enormous infusion of divine light and Source energy that awakens and illuminates your level of consciousness.

The pathway that we all are walking upon is called “the Great Awakening ” and means that we are all waking up from a deep slumber of forgetfulness. We are remembering who we are and also how to transition into living higher consciousness and the magnificence of our greater light. This is a matrix shift and a new timeline can easily be entered as we shift in our perception and vibration. This Consciousness is available for each and every person on the planet.
It is the Divine Will that is responsible for the great spiritual awakening in our world. It is invincibly strong and highly empowering. To merge into Divine Will is about bringing our personal free will into complete harmonic fusion with the greater Will. When the free will is merged with divine will it becomes a mirror of our thoughts. When our desire comes from this energy and is fueled by divine love it will be our guiding principle of life. It is from this place we humbly realize that it is a greater presence that orchestrates it all.
Camilla Åkerström

The Feminine within self is climbing the Spiritual Ladder. She is illuminated with the knowledge she’s gained, and the lessons she’s learned. You have exposed the real you, a Golden Child of the Most High, and are ready to explore new options that are available in love, life, and unity, as a Child of God.

The choices you have made to put yourself first are birthing a new lifestyle of abundance and stability, including feeling safe, confident, and secure. Now through October 2021, any remaining doors still open, that are draining or blocking this, are being shut. It’s time for this major transformation to begin anew. New partnerships with new DNA.

We are quickly escaping through the doorway, away from the old earth paradigm of destructive people serving the serpents agenda, and moving on in New Earth. You have outgrown Earth school with great success. Your choices to only accept the very best, even if that meant being alone and isolated, is paying off. You remained faithful in attaining the truth that has set you free. Redemption is here that is supporting your levelling up into 5D, including your darma of being a Chosen Leader of New Earth.

The Feminine is being carried into the higher dimensional evolved relationship paradigm of unconditional love and honesty, and Holy Grail Unions. Love, marriage, Family, home, and harvest are coming into sight. Continue choosing this for yourself, and following your inner guidance that is showing you the Way forward.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen 🙏🏻

🕊 Love Carolyn

source: www.youtube.com/c/CarolynKundaliniTwinFlames/community


New Moon in Virgo. Sun in Virgo trine Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Mars in Virgo quincunx Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius – The New Moon’s influence peaks then begins to wane but the themes of the lunation will continue for the next two weeks. We move through cycle upon cycle, sowing seeds, watching them grow to fruition, die back, wither and return to the ground. Everything has its moment. This lunation has helped us to see the details, to understand how one part fits to the next. Something within awakens, a need for new material, new experience, new skills, a new life! There’s a tingle of anticipation, excitement, anxiety as we ask, ‘what if…?’
What if it were all different? What if I leave my job, my partner, this house, this situation? What if I need more freedom to express the truth of who I am? What if I decide to throw it all in the air and start again? For some it may be more subtle, a little change that brings new interest – a tweak that makes us look at life differently.
Mars isn’t just quincunx Jupiter, he sits at the apex of a yod with Jupiter and Eris. The elephant in the room is now clear for all to see and trumpets for concrete action. Whatever the inspiration, attend to the groundwork first, even if you are restless to get ahead. Massive bold moves may be more disruptive than you thought. Start small.
Degrees and Times
New Moon 14°Vi38′ – 01:51 (BST)
Sun 14°Vi39′, Uranus 14°Ta39′ R – 02:28 (BST)
Mars 24°Vi56′, Jupiter 24°Aq56′ R – 04:50 (BST)
source: LeahWhiteHorse.com
Painting – Woman and Elephant by Winslow Homer
Kin 7 ~ Blue Resonant Hand
The number 7 is called ‘Resonant’ and it’s key words are ‘Channel and Attune’. These days are great for fine tuning your intuitive skills. Feeling what is right and acting on those gut feelings always leads to synchronicity. It is when our logical brain talks us out of those feelings that we then make the wrong decision. Of course, we should be paying attention to that inner voice everyday but on ‘Resonant’ days, our inner voice is louder and we are more likely to hear it.
Today is Blue Hand which represents ‘Healing, Accomplishment and Inner knowing.’ The Blue Hand is about healing with our hands, accomplishing things with our hands and ‘inner knowing’ is about….guess what? Knowing intuitively what is right! Today is the perfect day to receive or give some Reiki or any hands-on type healing. Use your intuition today and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment – when you put your hands to good use!
Today’s Guide is Blue Storm the sign that represents sweeping changes. This suggests that by listening to that inner voice, you may find healing that makes a huge difference…or you may change someone’s life by offering them healing.
The Challenge of the day is Red Earth which represents ‘Evolution’. If you are a Red Earth and today is hard for you, all you can do is listen to your intuition and it will get you through the day no problem. This doesn’t necessarily mean evolution is harder today, just that it is your challenge. Are you up for the challenge to heal?
The Occult power today is the White Wizard the Enchanter. It is a magical sign in the magical chart position suggesting that any healing today can come from an enchanted source. Be prepared to be enchanted magically! Or alternatively; use some charm to accomplish what you need.
The Ally today is Yellow Human which is the most psychic sign and so they are the perfect Ally for a today.

Roger Grossman

Today is Blue Resonant Hand day on the 13 Moon Dreamspell Mayan Calendar.
Blue Hand, (tribe 7 of the 20 tribe solar archetype cycle), knows, healing, accomplishment.
Blue Hand encourages you to work with your hands. Hands create, hands destroy, hands heal. Having allowed necessary deaths to occur during yesterday’s White Worldbridger archetype, you are now ready to heal. What is the first thing you do when incurring an injury to your body? You may well shout out loud, but at the same time, you automatically place your hand or hands atop the injured area. The reason you do this is that it feels better. Rubbing your temples to ease a headache, putting your hands atop your belly when you have a stomachache, etc… Massage therapy, Reiki, and healing touch are all healing modalities that are transferred through hands. Use your hands to create something. It is a good time to work on those handyman projects or to lend someone else a hand.
Your inner knowing is especially prominent today. You know what you know. The tricky part about knowing, is that you likely have know idea how, or why you know these things, you just know, you know? If you try to figure out how or why you know what you know, your mind may well talk you out of what you already knew. Knowing comes from the gut and the heart. Remain mindful of your mind, because unless it is working for your heart, it will play tricks on you. Trust your inner knowing because it is always correct. All of that knowing, handiwork and healing pay off in the form of accomplishments. Acknowledge and celebrate the many accomplishments you achieve throughout the day.
Resonant tone of attunement, (step 7 of the 13-step creative energy cycle), channel, inspire, attunement.
Seven is the center of the thirteen-step creative energy cycle. Seven also represents the seven major energy centers, (chakras), that are found in the center of your body. Seven is the mystical, magical center. During yesterday’s tone 6, you went through the balancing, equalizing, transformation of equality, opportunity, and death, (White Worldbridger ). This transformation helped you to get centered. From a centered place, you are now able to magically tune in, match vibrations, and resonate with all frequencies. Today you will find that you are especially magically attuned and resonating with the frequencies of knowing, healing, and accomplishment.
Magically attuned knowing, healing, and accomplishment.
Day 7 of the 13-day cycle themed Red Dragon, nurtures, being, birth.
Written  and Artwork by Roger Grossman


I channel in order to KNOW
Inspiring Healing
I seal the store of Accomplishment
With the Resonant tone of Attunement
I AM guided by the power of self-generation
7/9/2021 =21 = 7/9/5 = 7/14=7/5=12=3
7- Mystic/Majik/Spiritual/Solitude/Initiation
21- Crown of the Magi/Rewards/Victory over challenges
12- Acquiring strength/wisdom
3- Holy Trinity/Joy/Creativity
✨MONTH/YEAR codes✨
9- Endings/Destiny/Service/Humanity/Grace
14- Media/Publicity/Promotion/Recognition
KIN 7 = 7 Majik/Mysticism/Spiritual Initiation
KIN 7, tone 7 and 7 Sept = 7.7.7 code of the MAGICIAN!!
A deeply SPIRITUAL majikal portal healing day of great accomplishment.
KIN 7 links back 9 months ago to the SOLSTICE – on 21/12/2020 – the 21/12 Mirror coding.. ✨The SOLSTICE MIRROR PORTAL✨
To recap – here are the energies of that portal
21- CROWN of the MAGI👑👑👑 – very fitting with the Jupiter/Saturn alignment being linked to the ✨Star of Bethlehem ✨and the birth of Jesus Christ!🎆
21 was called “The Crown of the Magi”👑 by the ancient Chaldeans and depicts a picture of the Universe. This name number attracts honours, advancement and elevation in all parts of life. It symbolizes ✨VICTORY✨ after a long initiation and series of challenges. It blesses you with overcoming all opposition and challenges. 21 carries many rewards in connection with plans for the future.
This was the code 9 months prior and now AGAIN today we have a 21 CROWN of the MAGI 👑 code repeating! Cycle upon cycle as the portals keep linking and building, elevating HIGHER and HIGHER in our Planetary Ascension journey through this majikal Tzolkin passage of birth and rebirth for our final regenesis, homecoming and UNION with our SOURCE. ✨🌞✨
✨✨✨A very POWERFUL transformational day through HEALING🌿💚 and accomplishment 🔨👏 linking to the Sacred Ceremony at ULURU, when our Original Elders could finally ACCOMPLISH the completion of the interrupted ceremony to restore the Divine Plan on Earth, ridding our planet of the Black Magic – perpetrated by the Dark Magi-cians.
So today we are accomplishing the Planetary Healing🌿🌏 that we are collectively attuned to, in order to LIBERATE GAIA from density!
Viva la Revolution!!🎆💥🎆
Day 7 in the RED MOTHER DRAGON Wavespell 🐉 where we are incubating in the Womb of Creation… We are being guided to focus on nurturance and compassion, for ourselves and others, and our Planet.. Realizing the importance of self-love, in the giving and receiving of unconditional love, in order to grow and flourish and be born anew!🐣
Today we are attuning to Divine Love❤ and nurturance💕 – enveloping our Earth Mother Gaia❤🌍❤ with a blanket of LOVE radiating from our PURE HEARTS💞.
This is the Healing panacea needed to accomplish profound Healing for ourselves and our planet in order to self-generate, and INSPIRE others through the wisdom and experience we have gained through our life’s journey.
On 21/12/2012 –🌞 Solstice portal✨ – KIN 207 the BLUE CRYSTAL HAND 💎🙌 in the Wavespell of the Skywalker – set the stage for a global crystalline web 🌐 of humanity to connect to HEALING our planet and AWAKEN the dormant STAR-SEEDS, so that we can collectively manifest BLISS on EARTH. 💒🌈
That was our MISSION as a collective. Now 9 years later Majikal KIN 7 is ensuring we ACCOMPLISH this Healing Mission for our Planet by attuning to the LOVE VIBRATION that is needed to nurture ourselves and our Pachamama. ❤🌎💕 Now more than ever we need to fully ATTUNE to this wave of LOVE and enfold our 💞PACHAMAMA 💞with the greatest HUG🤗 she has ever experienced in her-story! 💖💓💖💓
✨✨MAKE THIS YOUR DUTY TODAY! – GO and HUG your mumma! 🤗 ✨✨
Day 7 of RED DRAGON WAVESPELL 🐉aligns well with BLUE HAND ✋as the power of LOVING TOUCH 💕🙌can accomplish MIRACLES. KIN 7 is a beautiful code amplifying any healing modality.🙌 A great day for a massage, reiki, emotional clearing and general pampering. Self nurturing is the key to accomplishing happiness.
Fill up your own heart❤ with infinite Divine Love💕 and then you can share this with others. ❤💕
RESONANT 🔮– Tone 7 in the EMOTIONAL realm. ACTION – inspires, POWER – channel, ESSENCE – attunement Day 7 of RED DRAGON 🐉Wavespell is the one that helps us to become centered, going within, in order to listen and channel HEALING wisdom. Resonant gives us the power of attunement and the ability to channel. Tuning in, being tapped in and switched on, thus being able to inspire others through your messages. Beautifully in sync. with RED EARTH – today’s gift.
We are invited to take stock and realign ourselves by attuning ourselves with Divine Love and nurturance which can HEAL any ailment. Our first priority is to sufficiently love and nurture ourselves, in order to have a strong reservoir of energy upon which to draw upon without feeling depleted.
❓❓Is your chalice full? 🏆
When we take care of ourselves on all levels, we feel centered and strong to take off and leave the nest to expand our wings and seek out great adventures!
BLUE RESONANT HAND day makes for a very powerful healing day which can be duly leveraged to accomplish SIGNIFICANT transformation today for our cell-ves and our PLANET!
Aho Planetary kin – another MOMENTOUS DAY on Planet Earth!!!🌈🌏🌎🌍💕
Today’s question is “How can we attune to DIVINE LOVE💕 and channel this wisdom, to accomplish great HEALING🌿🙌💚 and momentous transformation 🌀🌪🌩🌨🌦🌤in our lives and for our PLANET?”.
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for accomplishing great REVOLUTIONARY 💥Healing today!💞
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈
CONSCIOUS SELF: BLUE RESONANT HAND 🔮✋– MANIK brings forth miraculous healing power with the WHITE WIZARD’s superpowers today, in ending your pain, suffering and dis-ease on the road to WELLNESS.
Today we attract this new HEALING frequency accompanied by a sense of accomplishment. Resources and solutions will appear as you gain satisfaction in knowing you are finally making significant progress in your healing journey – whatever form that may take, be it physical, mental, emotional or mental. You can finally uncover the solutions needed to dissolve the dis-ease and release all suffering, liberating you to live a joyous life again.
As you project your beautiful HEART ❤ resonance and unite with our Mother Gaia – ensure that you hold the intention to receive the healing that you require in order to regain your Divine blueprint of perfection.
As we HEAL our PLANET we HEAL OURSELVES – we are ONE BODY. 🌈🌍🌎🌏💕
MANIK ensures you can ACCOMPLISH your desires and intentions today. Today is a wonderful time TO GET THINGS DONE, to volunteer, to assist others and offer a helping hand. A great day for using your HANDS as tools to accomplish whatever needs doing! Lend a hand to others that are ailing, or conversely REACH OUT and ask for HELP if you need it. Get out your TO DO list, or your BUCKET LIST and start prioritizing your tasks to ensure you fully maximize the incredible gifts that MANIK bestows upon you today..
The Resonant tone of today enhances your access to knowledge and brilliant solutions. We are all connected through the magnetic power of LOVE,💕 and our HANDS 🙌through the power of TOUCH are a very potent healing tool… Hugging and transmitting loving energies through your precious Heart ❤are the secret superpowers we as HU-man beings yield… A kiss and a bandaid is a remarkable combination..💋🤕😄😍
HIGHER SELF: BLUE RESONANT STORM 🌀 🌪🌩🌧🌫 CAUAC brings forth the powers of transformation and self-generation through healing. A lovely synergy working with MANIK to return you and our Planetary body, to wholeness once again.
Relish in the purification power of an electrical storm🌩🌪 unleashing a blanket of negatively charged healing ions🌩 and then a beautiful cleansing shower🌧 to wash away all the toxins, debris, density and darkness on our Planet.. A turbo charged full cleanse🌧 and SPIN 🌀cycle. – returning us to our new SHINY selves once more!
The STORM🌪🌩 combined with the BLUE HAND🙌 is a formidable force, facilitating RAPID change through COMPLETION! Allow the STORM waters to wash away all that no longer serves, FLUSHING it all away and cleansing any painful or limiting emotions, hence FREEing you, of all discordant thoughts and patterns.
CAUAC is the catalyst to hurl you forwards in an accelerated manner to where Spirit needs you to be! Use your tools and accumulated wisdom to apply this great power today to affect incredible transformation and evolutionary progress for HU-MAN-ITY.
SUPPORT: YELLOW RESONANT HUMAN 😊– EB enables us to align with and channel DIVINE WILL so that the DIVINE PLAN can be ACCOMPLISHED on EARTH.
EB supports us in FEARLESSLY CHOOSING to do the healing work that will set us FREE, reclaiming our FREE WILL to navigate our future path. Using our intelligent MINDS we have all the wisdom and knowledge to elevate ourselves beyond the limitations of our physical HU-MAN vessel and raise our cellular frequency to that of the Divine HU-MAN. Our ✨ANGELIC GOLDEN CHRISTED✨ lightbodies can be accessed through the healing codes prevalent today.
EB also provides the power of INFLUENCE, so we will be influenced by others, or alternatively we can influence and INSPIRE others to take the healing journey to wellness and accomplishment. . Using our Divine wisdom to evolve past the wounds, patterns of suffering and the old paradigm in our communities. Being open and willing to push past the old boundaries and mental blocks so that we can co-create and seed the NEW TIME, free to influence others in a positive way towards wholeness and harmony.
EB also holds the keys 🔑to Abundance, so today is a potent day for healing your scare-city blocks and poverty consciousness, allowing your golden chalice to overflow from the COSMIC BANK of INFINITE ABUNDANCE 💰💰💰, providing for all your needs on your grand adventure to the New Kingdom..
As FULL POWER is restored to our PLANET🌍🌎🌏 her resources will be replenished and our Mother’s bounty will be shared amongst her deserving children.👭👫👬
OCCULT/HIDDEN POWER: WHITE RESONANT WIZARD🔮 – IX the powerful Shaman and Magician is highly attuned to DIVINE WILL and brings forth tremendous POWER of Miracles ✴through his White Majik today!💫💫
It is BRILLIANT that the Occult SUPERPOWER is WHITE MAJIK💫 – on this day of CROWNING👑 the MAGI yet AGAIN – the EARTH WIZARDS🌏 are SOVEREIGN.
We have a triple 7 MAJIKAL MAGICIAN’s🎩 code today with the WHITE WIZARD SUPERPOWER 💫🌠✨– a quadrella of WHITE MAJIK upon which to draw upon to cast your enchanting DREAM-SPELL – manifesting your desires.
We can use our EARTH MAJIK to manifest the greatest SHOW ON EARTH!! 💥
Majik and MIRACLES abound as WHITE MAJIK claims its POWER over the EARTH PLANE once more so that LOVE WINS💕… and the DIVINE PLAN restores PEACE ON EARTH🕊🕊🕊… it is done x a Godzillion!
IX allows us to be receptive to the TRUTH of what presents today. IX allows us to access and channel the wisdom, knowledge and codes flowing through the portals from multi-dimensional realms today.
WHITE WIZARD also enables us to fully OPEN our HEARTS💕 uniting our MINDS and becoming more receptive, and willing to allow all the wondrous new energies to enter our bodies, and fulfill our needs. Connecting to ALL THAT IS, as we begin to resonate with the power of LOVE and nurturance in all forms. Attuning to the Majik that surrounds us, and channelling this for restorative purposes and HEALING.🙌
WHITE WIZARD provides great MAJIK💫 as today’s SUPERPOWER giving you the POWER to transcend the OLD TIME and be uplifted into a HIGHER LIGHT✴ through our UNITED purpose – to HEAL our cell-ves and our Planet.🌿🌍🌎🌏💚
CHALLENGE/GIFT: RED RESONANT EARTH 🌏-CABAN challenges us to SURRENDER fearlessly, by anchoring deeply into ULURU today through the SOLSTICE portal gate, and the core of NOVA GAIA, flowing with her cycles and the synchronicities that occur when we listen deeply to Mother Earth and flow with her messages.
Opening our HEARTS and flooding her with LOVE as it flows back to us in an infinite loop. Connecting our HEART’s toroidal field with that of our Planet and our Galaxy forming a TRINITY of interlocking toroidal fields of LOVE! 🍎❤🍎❤🍎
An EXPLOSION of MAGNETIC LOVE throughout the Galaxy!! 🍥💖💕🍥💖💕🍥
Attune to Spirit to notice the more prevalent signs and synchronicities guiding you to FREEDOM. Use the HEALING power of nature by walking barefoot, grounding and hugging a tree! 🌴🍀🌴🌳🌲
Today’s CHALLENGE is asking you to carefully decide the DIRECTION of your actions and accomplishments. Observe and interpret the signs and synchronicities to know where to focus your energies today.
CABAN also connects us to our ancestors which is an absolutely DIVINE gift. The eternal link of our Original people who have agreed to carry the heavy responsibility (and burden!) of accomplishing the interrupted ceremony and ensuring its completion by their people. The Guardians of the DREAMTIME and keepers of the New time – dreaming our New world into Reality! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! 👏✨✴✨ NOW it is up to US – the STARBLOSSOMS to fully COMPLETE the DREAM.
Today is a great day to heal our DNA and purify our ancestral bloodlines, finally freeing ourselves, our families and HU-MAN-ity from repeating patterns and cycles.
Connect to Nova GAIA today and GO WITH HER FLOW, release all resistance to fully HEALING every aspect of your life, and allow yourself to enjoy the ride on her back, as we all collectively forge ahead into the NEW TIME. ✨🌏✨🌍✨
BLUE RESONANT HAND day makes for a very powerful healing day which can be duly leveraged to accomplish SIGNIFICANT transformation today for our cell-ves and our PLANET!
Aho Planetary kin – another MOMENTOUS DAY on Planet Earth!!!🌈🌏🌎🌍💕
Today’s question is “How can we attune to DIVINE LOVE💕 and channel this wisdom, to accomplish great HEALING🌿🙌💚 and momentous transformation 🌀🌪🌩🌨🌦🌤in our lives and for our PLANET?”.
🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤
Divine blessings for accomplishing great REVOLUTIONARY 💥Healing today!💞
Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

Pleiades 1 Messages September 7 2021

P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

Larger harvest are being seen.

Divine Rhythms spread.

Divine continues to settle down.

New routes open up.

Attention -Neva! Reverberation of Certifying Codes +++++++: 46% (non-regressive).

Initial cleaning (*Tube B – – Recorx) in progress: 44% (non-regressive).

Final cauterization (Tube B – – Recorx) in progress: 39% (non-regressive).

Special Projector for Emissions anchoring. 38% (non-regressive).

Special Projector for Emissions in reverberation! 38% (non-regressive).

Astral appearances harmonize.

Temporarily, end of transmission.


source: www.disclosurenews.it



Beloveds, Here is an Ascension Prayer:
From the Lord God of My Being, I Am that I Am, I desire today to express and renew my deepest Gratitude, for this wonderful opportunity, to present my request to be prepared for my Ascension, with my physical body in this Lifetime.
I ask the Spiritual Hierachy of the Planet and all my Guides, Angels and Masters, to infuse in me, enough faith to continue on my pathway, with great determination, even if I do not see, hear or feel you.I ask that My Beingness be totally drenched in the purity of the Ascension Fire, for total purification, so that only the purity of my Divinity remains.
I ask for the courage and the faith needed to maintain this Goal, until the Ascension has become my reality.
I ask for forgiveness for all the errors of the past, and choose from this day on, to live my life, with the Love and Wisdom of my Divine Essence. I ask for the full meaning of the word “Divine Union” be revealed. I ask for full support and assistance in creating my Spiritual openings and return of my Spiritual gifts.
I ask for Divine Union and a greater connection, with all aspects of self, particularly my Beloved I Am Presence, and my Higher Mental Body. I ask that the strength, Grace, Joy and gentleness and the Love be given to me, to pass all tests and challenges, presented to me, and to be taken to the next step and the next, until I Am totally ascended in the Light and free.
I express my deepest Gratitude for the Blessings and the Healing which grace my life each day, and for my Ascension.
With all the Love and my Gratitude, I bow to the Light of My Divinity! ❤

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