Cyber security is the practice of defending computers servers mobile devices electronic systems networks and data from malicious attacks, including viruses. It is used for web servers, mobile devices, and network devices, including software or devices that connect to the Internet.
The dark web is a section of the Internet not indexed by search engines and not accessible using traditional means of searching the Internet. It is often referred to as the “Deep Web” or the “Dark Web.” The dark web is an entirely encrypted part of the Internet. There are two major applications for dark web-only websites, one of which is an escrow service that can be used to facilitate online transactions. This type of service is most often used for illegal transactions, but there are legitimate uses, as well. For example, as an escrow service you may use it to safely facilitate the sale of legitimate goods or services.
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Dark web domains are registries that will not register any of the websites they host on behalf of the respective website owner, making it difficult for the individual who has been abusing the website to do any significant damage to the legitimate owner of the domain. The most popular dark web domain is “.onion” because the onion browser operates entirely on the Tor network. The onion browser is a special type of browser that uses the anonymity of the dark web to protect users from certain attacks and other types of technical vulnerabilities. Dark web uses onion addresses to conceal your identity from the person or entity that is illegally using your website. However, this will not protect you from a technically savvy attacker.
DSS (DarkSky) is the second most popular dark web protocol. It is a distributed cloud computing system that is deployed on Amazon Web Services, meaning it has the ability to tap into your personal information. The system is operated by cloud security firm AntiLeaks. DarkSky offers an easy solution to managing all of the personal data that is stored on your computer. The downside is that when you delete any files, you are prompted to input a certain password to be able to retrieve them later. You will have to enter a special password when you delete these sensitive files to prevent any malicious hackers from stealing them.
DISP.IC (Distributed Intelligence) is a distributed network computing application designed for encrypted communications (find more information here). It is an alternative to SIP for secure communications between computers and servers, and it can be used for searching for stolen information. DISP.IC can retrieve the encryption keys required for secure communications between a computer and a server without requiring that both computers have the ability to communicate directly.

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