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Daughters of The Emerald Sun

Daughters of The Emerald Sun

Daughters of The Emerald Sun



Devyani Singh


✨An Ancient Sacred Circle Will Be Cast Tonight as Pleiades Culminates at MidHeaven…
🕸️The following information has been pieced together via numerous one on one channeling sessions with these Pleiadian Priestess and Tonight is a Major Marker in our current Evolution Spiral.
⭕Tonight, as Pleiades reaches culmination at mid Heaven on Nov21/22 midnight, The Daughters of The Emerald Sun- The Pleiadian Wise Woman of the New Light will regroup in a Sacred Circle in Spirit at The Pyramid Of The Sun to bring in the New Light/ Earth Codes on what is considered the Ancient Samhain Day.
✨The Daughters of The Emerald Sun have revealed themselves in various capacities during our channeling sessions- Keepers of The 4 Winds of Change, Serpent Sophia Wisdom Keepers and King Makers, Platinum- White Serpent Womb Priestesses , Fire Dragon Warrior Priestesses, Record Keepers of the Lineage of Seshat/ Maat n Thoth…all of whom are Energy Benders of one or more of the elements of Air/Fire/ Water/ and The Earth Grids.
✨🐍The Pyramid of the Sun has been shown to me as an Altar not only to the Pleiades , But also Venus and an Energy Frequency that reveals itself frequently as the Rainbow Winged Serpent . This is the energy that these Pleiadian Starseeds too embody- The Pure Primordial LifeForce Energy guardian/ protector of The Cosmic Egg of New Creations/ Manifestations.
🍀These Midwives of the New Earth have a special connection to the numbers 4, 7 and or 22. In some channeling sessions the No 4 has been referenced by the 4 Directions/ 4 Winds of Change / 4 Elements / 4 Foundations of the New Blueprint. The 7 is often to 7 Gates of Initiation that the Priestesses need to go through apart from the 7 Pleiades Sisters and Goddess Seshat. 22 is the connection to the Rose Wisdom / Sophia Wisdom/ Mary Magdalene Wisdom and the Birthing of these very Codes of New Creation that this Wisdom entails.
🥚✨And Tonight , at the Sacred Altar of the Pyramid of The Sun which is the confluence of all 5 elements- Air/Water/ Fire/ Earth/ Spirit (Rainbow Winged Serpent ) , these Priestesses/ Midwives of the New Earth will Hold the Pleiadian Samhain Portal open ,bring in healing n redemption for ancient Bloodlines and Ancestral Lineages and bring through The Pleiades Codes of New Light/ Age / Civilization ….for these are The Wise Wisdom Keepers who through their presence Transmute/ Destroy the Old and Bring in the Wisdom For The New. They “Come” at the Turn of every New Age/ Civilization.
🪄THEY have done this numerous times before, and THEYwill do so again…. TOnight . You Will Know if This is YOU….n you will Know What To DO!!
🌎Let’s Heal Ours and Mother Gaia Womb of her Wounds of Patriarchal Woundings of control, entitlement, domination and subjugation . For when The Womb is healed (ours , our ancestors and Gaias) and it’s Magic and Power restored, then The Goddess Energies Reign Once More And the Path of Spiritual Ascension and Liberation opens…. And we can finally move out of the Loop of Death and Rebirth into Liberation and Freedom.
⚖️Let us usher in a New Age of Light ,Grace, Kindness, Compassion and Justice where all Sentient Expressions of Life Force Energies are Honoured Revered and Protected in alignment with Ma’at’s Principles of Divine Law , Order, Justice, Truth,Balance and Morality.
🙏So much Gratitude to ALL the Pleiadian Wise Women Wisdom Keepers who have had a very special role to play in the weaving of this post today!!! You Know Who You are and I’m so grateful for our Sacred Circles cast during our co creation sessions well beyond the limitations of Time and Space!! May The FORCE Be With You TOnight and Always!!!
Art Credits – Elihu Vedder, Emily Balivet and Unknown
EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy
Be The Change You Want To See
Sa Kei Na


Daughters of The Emerald Sun
Daughters of The Emerald Sun







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