Commune with Spirits

Commune with Spirits & Lumeria – Ev Zepernick

with Lilou Mace

Ev tried to conform to a conventional model of a service-oriented career as an 80’s-90’s power professional. She completed her undergraduate work at Cornell University and received a double Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and Art Therapy. Her educational background led her to work on a locked ward in San Francisco studying the development of mental illness and pathology with children and adolescents. The education was interesting, but the work left her yearning for a deeper way to access and enlighten consciousness.
Ev began carving stone as a hobby while getting prerequisites for Graduate school. She spent 10 years working hand tools with alabaster and 8 years using power tools with marble and golden onyx. Working with stone gave her the “push back” she needed to release, resolve and resource. The meditative state sculpting put her in also helped to assimilate, clairaudient, clairsentient and other psychic abilities. This experience helped her realize she had a gift and could teach others how to grow their own sixth sense. Once Ev learned the ability to channel Earth elementals, higher dimensions and incarnate and dis-incarnate people start to profoundly alter her life, she began to play with crystals and invoke them to assist in raising consciousness, elicit healing and actualize human potential. We are all born with the ability to commune with spirit in an infinite field of light. It is Ev’s great honor to reflect that place in others that resounds with the truth of the oneness in which we all live.

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