Blue Eagle Wavespell

Happy Magic Flight of the Blue Eagle Wavespell! The Power of Creating Vision ascends through the Cosmic Hand. Transcending Mind by Accomplishing the Knowledge of Healing.…

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Energy and the Field | The Council

This field encompasses everything of which you, as a collective, are aware. As a matter of fact, everything of which you are aware is made up of this field, because nothing else exists. Now you, being you, feel a need to name things. So you ask the field what it is. The field responds with, “I am that I am”. Okay. That is quite confusing enough, so you give it another name. You name it God, Allah, Wakantanka, or whatever, depending on your language and culture. We hope you can be broad enough of mind to accept that. This is quite alright with the field, because It knows It is everything.

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Update about the Plan for Planetary Liberation

The recent mass meditation that happened during the Solstice of June 21, 2019, was part of the Plan for Planetary Liberation. Different and independent channels helped to spread the information about this critical mass meditation that allowed the Light Forces to make important movements in order to ensure that the Goddess Leyline is being cleared and now, controlled by the Light Forces.

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