You are currently viewing Strange Animal Behaviors all over the Planet ~ Earth Shifts and Ascension : Whiteboard Teaching

Strange Animal Behaviors all over the Planet ~ Earth Shifts and Ascension : Whiteboard Teaching

Strange Animal Behaviors all over the Planet ~ Earth Shifts and Ascension : Whiteboard Teaching


This is my insights and intuition on all the reports and videos coming in from all over the planet on the herds, flocks and swarms of many different species of animals walking, swimming or flying in spirals and circles, some for many days in a row. Earth shifts and activations and electromagnetic frequencies. The World is Awakening and We are the World!!



Many insights from our ground crew Earth Angelic teams of the 144 about this pahnomenon coming in from around the world about the animals walking in circles and spirals.

I’ve been looking at this footage of animals in China going in circles. – I see a light being in the center of the circle. She is absolutely beautiful. She is spinning and the sheep are following her. Her energy is shooting up from the ground.

Fish also float because of the phenomenon. And the earthquakes became active.

The last one is in Turkey.👌

After the herds that go around in circles without stopping here are ants that are experiencing the same phenomenon…
What’s going on ? 🐜🐜🐜
Are you ready👌

Sheep continue to walk in circles in the Middle East. It’s been more than 15 days that animals are like this around the world. What’s happening?

They are showing mankind what is transpiring in the Living Earth. This is all related to the coming Shift for all Life on Earth. Many animals are changing locations and gathering in groups. These are Expressing emotions and reflecting what is unseen.

Tatiane Landim da SilvaSoul Tribe⚜️🎆🪬⚜️🌗🌜🌝🌛🌒

In the Van Allen Belt, the Earth has increased its energy vibration from 5 Hz to more than 40 Hz/second, meaning that it is moving at a faster rate, so that a day is no longer than 24 hours. is in 16 hours and at this time it is already less hours, it affects the electromagnetism of the “planet”, the change in the pole is done slowly, and also the same gravity which is 9.81m/s, now decreases That is, the body’s weight decreases until the same mass safely reaches 6m/s, the Earth’s rhythm from the third dimension to the fifth dimension.
The quantum leap is happening in a consistent way right now, because we have reached the critical human mass for this quantum leap.
This entire process affects animals that detect electromagnetic changes

#NEIOH In a shared Collective Consciousness, these animals are reacting together by sensing Energetic changes within the Earth. As they are Communicating and feeling the changes in all nature which is their home, they are reacting almost holographically.

Sitara Luz

I bring it up again. Everything is an electromagnetic field and everything works according to the poles of the earth and the electromagnetic mesh that the earth possesses and the radiofrequency signals the earth receives from the lunar spacecraft sent by the andromedans. Moon and electromagnetic maya not only influence human minds but animals minds as well.. Right now these electromagnetic frequencies are moving because the system set up to operate this hologram is falling from one side and the directly affected are the animals losing the direction of the poles. Each animal deals with a different electromagnetic mental frequency, so it’s not completely in all millions of animals when they lose connection to the earth and moon’s electromagnetic field… Even if you’re already all over the world in sea animals, fish, caribus sheep chickens turkeys worms ants etc….. Because the circle this attitude is a protection system for animals themselves so they don’t lose direction because they feel confused they make these circles as a way to protect themselves to feel that they are not losing…. they also say that they are warning you that something will happen to the whole world when it is not.. When an animal sees or feels something is going to happen they run to the opposite side from where the disaster comes. When you see a stampede or when you see millions of cockroaches and rats coming out of the sewers, worry about it because then something big will happen on earth… They say it’s a bacteria when vets or doctors in the field they don’t know about the energetic movements much less about the electromagnetic maya that rules the earth connected to all the minds that inhabit the earth… It is impossible for one bacteria at the same time in different parts of the world to be handled so quickly… A bacteria simply lowers its energy, leaving the animal lying down not wanting to move because it feels bad… The system is falling apart for the cabala and the federations themselves and they have to see how the hell they solve the disconnect these are having in their mental field animals… Beware, it can happen to humans, but a human will not make a circle. They’ll get aggressive to the point they want to beat you or they’ll just get lost without coming home because they’re lost because they’ve lost the connection to their memory… REMEMBER THAT ALL YOUR THOUGHTS AND MEMORIES ARE NOT IN YOUR BRAIN. THOUGHTS AND MEMORIES ARE IN THE ETHER SINCE A THOUGHT IS FLOATING ENERGY… THE MIND RECEIVES INFORMATION FROM THE ETHER AND IS DOWNLOADED TO THE BRAIN BY ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE.. REMEMBER YOUR WHOLE SOUL IS ELECTRIC YOU ARE ELECTRIC..
Solar Aliam

ıllıllı⭐🌪️🌟𝙒𝙤𝙧𝙢𝙨 𝘾𝙮𝙘𝙡𝙤𝙣𝙚𝙨​🌟🌪️⭐ıllıllı
🐛 The phenomenon of many animals
exhibiting abnormal behavior is the
formation of groups or herds walking
in circles continuously for a long time.
⭕ Wow….Today, there was a videographer
in #Venezuela 🇻🇪 a strange phenomenon of
a swarm of worms walking together in circles
as if under hypnosis once again….please
friends. Be sure to notice the changes. Of
the environment around you to be good.💢👏

Have you ever heard the old saying that people who get lost tend to walk in circles?
Just like sheep in a field, when the farmer and his sheep dogs assist to move them in a new direction, they circle in fear to protect each other.
Jan L. Souman, a German psychologist, wanted to determine scientifically if this was true.
He took participants of an experiment to a large forest area and to the Sahara desert and used a global positioning system to track where they went.
They had no compass or any other device.
Instructions to them were simple: walk in a straight line in the direction indicated.
Dr. Souman later described what happened. “Some walked on a cloudy day, (darkness) with the sun (Son of God) hidden behind the clouds… all walked in circles, with several of them repeatedly crossing their own path (ego) without noticing it.”
Other participants walked while the sun (Christ within) was shining, with faraway reference points in view…. (Seen within, prophetic knowing).
“These … followed an almost perfectly straight course.”
This study has been repeated by others with different methodologies. All returned similar results.
Without visible landmarks, (God’s guidance) human beings tend to walk in circles.
Without spiritual landmarks, (internal guidance of God’s Holy Spirit) mankind wanders and walk in circles.
Both as individuals and as societies, we see this pattern repeated over and over in every dispensation since the beginning of time.
When we lose sight of the Word of God, (Truth) we get lost.
Let us be reminded. God is moving us to a new place in Him that “we” do not know the way to… the first reaction is to gather and circle in fear.. even repeat patterns of the past believing that will make the change God wants. To do so is to delay being moved, to slow it down.
In the days to come, many will be confused and walking in circles who attempt to hold onto what they know.
There’s a call of God to His sheep to not walk in circles for days….. allow His Holy Spirit who speaks to you to shepherd you to a new land.
It’s time to heed God’s truth within.
You are made in the “Image of God”, you are not the fullness of God.
By His spirit in Christ (Yeshua) and perfect union in God, clear guidance can be heard.
So if you are confused, spinning in any way in your life, not knowing peace and wisdom, our God, who is above all things created, is infinitely desiring and ready to be your guide and shepherd you through the coming days.
To alert you to the “sheep” in wolves clothing (darkness).
As not all sheep are “adorned in the Light”, guided by God. Be not confused.
May the Eye of understanding (Providence:God) be opened that you may see Truth.


Earth Sphere Federation Forces
November 24 at 8:34 AM
The Dimensional shift will change the molecular structure of your body. That is the only way you can make this transition. Your body must become less dense. We’re currently being prepped for it in various ways.
“As everyone obviously can see worldwide the animals strange behavior, …. Or is it strange?
….the TRUTH is that the Cymatics Dimensional shift happening and will experience the 3rd dimensional state of consciousness recede away moving up to 4 t in some cases 5 t for those who are ready.”
Now this happens, and we will start to see synthetic materials begin to disappear that are not of the natural world.
In my opinion they will not disappear all at once it will depend on what they’re made of.
When the grid of 3rd dimensional consciousness begins to break down along with the magnetic field this is when these synthetic materials will disappear.
What so many don’t know is that axis and grid changes have been happening for millions of years this is why there are no manufactured items from previous civilizations that are of synthetic material. Which is ironic because these past civilizations were much more advanced than ours.
Soon you will see:
Objects start to disappear, especially to those who are and have been completely oblivious to the changes happening on this planet. They also don’t understand what’s happening to themselves. They begin to go crazy.
This is why very advanced civilizations built massive structures out of stone. These structures make it through the dimensional changes and remain there.
When this 3rd dimensional interface occurs you will notice the colors of the objects won’t match in ways you’ve been used to. It will boggle your mind.
The Galactics that have been monitoring this shift are hoping for a gradual movement through this interface. You will be able to watch this change happen for only a short time before the magnetic field completely collapses.
Your field of view and vision will disappear and you will find yourself in sort of a black void. The 3rd dimensional consciousness will be gone for you. It is best for some people will fall asleep and start dreaming for 3 to 4 days.
The proverbial 3 days of darkness? This is a natural process and we’ve done it many many times, but fear will be an issue for some humans on the 3rd dimensional level.
During this process you might all of a sudden remember you have done this before. As the 4th dimensional world comes into perception Light comes back again. You will be in a world unlike you’ve never seen before although you just haven’t been able to remember because memory erasure.
It will be a brand new place. All the color, shapes and textures will be new to you. There are a lot of similarities when you shift worlds but this one you will shift as you are, not as an infant. And probably minus your clothes depending on what they’re made of.
The human race as is cannot live without an electromagnetic/ magnetic field. When this corrupted field collapses it will bring in a whole new reality for us. This is what we natural humans have been working tours, and that is why this is not in the news. Hence, the Shift.
“We are going to show you a whole new world. Those who are blind will soon see the light. A beautiful brave new world lies ahead. We take this journey together. One step at a time Anons!”
“Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming, Nothing.”
(NCSWICN) is not just a catch phrase!


Sitara Luz
We are getting a lot of pictures, videos, showing animals walking in circles.
Do you know why?
“UNIFIED FIAMS,” and so we enter the planet in the next HARMONIC UNIVERSE.
(Animals always realize it before humans because they are one with Gaia, we, many of them don’t yet)
Don’t be alarmed if when you’re about to walk, you get disorientated and, instead of going north, walk south… or move one way and move the other way.
-Melchizedeck Instruction-


Aliam Solar
November 24 at 4:31 PM
I say it again. Everything is an electromagnetic field and everything works in accordance with the poles of the earth and the electromagnetic maya that the earth has and the radio-frequency signals the earth receives from the lunar ship ejected by the Andromedans. The moon and the electromagnetic maya nothing else influences the minds of humans, also the minds of animals… Right now these electromagnetic frequencies are moving because the system mounted to operate this hologram is falling on one side and the directly affected are the animals losing the direction of the poles. Each animal handles a different electromagnetic mental frequency that’s why it’s not completely in all millions of animals when they lose connection to the electromagnetic field of the earth and the moon… Even if it’s already around the world in sea animals, fish, sheep, caribus, chickens, turkeys, worms, ants etc….. Because the circle that attitude is a protective system for the same animals not to lose their orientation since they feel confused make those circles as a way of protection towards themselves to feel that they are not losing …. They’re also saying that they’re warning that something will happen all over the world when it’s not you… An animal when they see or feel that something is going to happen they run the opposite way from where the disaster is going to come. When you see a stampede running or when you see millions of cockroaches and rats coming out of the sewers there worry about that then if something big is going to happen on earth…. They say it’s a bacteria when the vets or doctors in the field don’t know about the energetic movements and less of the electromagnetic maya that drives the earth connected to all the minds that inhabit the earth… One bacteria is impossible at the same time in different parts of the world to be managed so quickly.. One bacteria simply slows down your energy by throwing the animal off unwilling to move because they feel bad.. The system is falling to those of the cabal and the same federations and they have to see how fucking solve the disconnect that they are having in their mental field these animals…. Watch out humans can happen to them but a human won’t make a circle. They will get aggressive to the point that they want to hit you or they will just get lost with no return home because they are lost because they have lost the connection memory…. REMEMBER ALL YOUR THOUGHTS AND MEMORIES ARE NOT IN YOUR BRAIN. THOUGHTS AND MEMORIES ARE IN THE ETHEREUM SINCE A THOUGHT IS FLOATING ENERGY…. THE MIND RECEIVES INFORMATION FROM THE ETHEREO AND DOWNLOADS IT IN THE BRAIN BY ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSES…. REMEMBER YOUR WHOLE SOUL IS ELECTRIC YOU ARE ELECTRICITY….


Geoffrey Beauvillain
November 24 at 2:10 AM
The world is changing, do you doubt it? As you may have probably noticed (because I’m the last to catch the news 😏), for weeks videos have been pouring in from all over the planet, showing animals, mostly farmed or domestic, circling around for a while. s days, sometimes to exhaustion.
Some herds of hundreds have been going round and round forming a perfect circle, and it’s been since early November and it hasn’t stopped… The phenomenon affects as many sheep, goats, cattle, as well as fish, cetaceans, birds, insects… and even the dogs.
No one is so blind as he who will not see, for the message cannot be clearer..
Time to stop running in circles… Samsara’s infernal circle has to stop.
The Jews in Israel see through this phenomenon the announcement of the coming of the Messiah… Indeed, Christ must be revealed in everyone of us for the world to come, I agree 💛
You can speculate all you want, inversion of magnetic poles, Nibiru’s arrival, 5G deployment… All I know is that I know nothing; but what I observe and feel is the arrival of a wave of chaos that will aim to restore harmony where humans choose to continue feeding the vicious cycle of life iu to accompany the transition towards the New World of Light and 5th Dimension Consciousness 🔱
It’s been a long time since we’ve been doing anything, the Earth is giving us one last warning…
“There is a roaring of roar; the flocks are approaching” – Job 36:33
Time we had to question ourselves… The movement is on and it won’t stop… resisting change is to suffer.
We came to accompany our Mother Earth in this transition, so let’s do our job, together, or the elements will deploy all their potential to eliminate the “vermin”..
It may seem harsh, but I think if he continues, man will have no choice soon but to stop underestimating the power of Pachamama… 🔱⚡
Praying for a smoother transition for all 🙏🌱🦋
Let us be one united force, released and thrown into the flow of harmony and Love that comes to sweep the world with these brushes of our stardust, bringing an infinite nuance of color and joys wherever it is possible bc thats who we are 🙏💚✨
Let’s dare to dream the world, Together, Always, because that’s what we know how to do best 😊🌱🌀🦋
Mitakuye Oyasin.
🔱 Geoffrey Beauvillain 🔱
Therapist / Healer

November 23 at 6:23 AM
Just like sheep were seen circling non-stop in #Mongolia, now it happened in #UK.
Report two sightings of sheep roaming around very unusually in the UK and people have been surprised.
This happened after what happened in Mongolia.
In case it were little, they are reporting that in a semi-frozen lake in the United States there are crows circling non-stop like sheep.
Reports continue of birds and crows behaving strangely in several parts of the world.
There is no doubt something is happening are the animals warning us of something coming on earth?
Or is the Earth’s magnetic field changing?

Koussaïla Beroual
November 23 at 4:28 AM
November 2022 Planetary Circus ✨
“Only When The World Stops Turning Round, It Will Be Good”
Video Designs Flowing From Different Regions Of The World, Show Several Animal Species Adopting Strange Behavior.
The most common explanation on the web states a bacteria, however this is contradicted by the Fact That Sheep in China performed these movements in circles for 12 days, where a ruminant would have seen its life expectancy brought back to 2 days with this kind of contamination To finish this Bacteria does not affect ants, ducks and cannot appear instantly on several parts of the globe.
The assumptions of electromagnetic disturbances remain the most serious source, despite the Scientific Silence regarding the effects of these waves on the living in Medium and Long Term and at Different Intensity…

Hitalo Rolian Mottin
November 18 at 12:07 PM
A very strange phenomenon that confuses scientists. Sheep’s walk in circles for 12 straight days.
A video of sheep wandering clockwise inside their enclosure in northern China has gone viral in images dating back to early November. The perplexing scene has left people in shock and confusion as they try to understand the behavior in the viral video. The sheep owner was surprised at the behavior of her flock.
Scientists have long been studying why other animals, like sharks and turtles, move in circular patterns. However, they have not yet reached a conclusion on the cause.
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Sabina Dukai
November 21 at 3:49 AM
Is Earth’s magnetic field at stake?
A herd of sheep has been walking in circles in Mongolia for 14 days, starting November 4, 2022 without stopping. Owners and experts are surprised. No one knows why such a strange behavior of these sheep.
This is a sign that something big is coming…