The 08:08 Gateway of Light ~ Activating The Petal of the Overflowing and Prosperous Heart

Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this magical month of August as you deepen into the knowing of your magnificence and Light, as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love and Master Beings of Light. And in this month of August, sweet ones, as you experience the 8:8 Gateway, you deepen into your Christed Hearts and the activation of the Petal of the Overflowing and Prosperous Heart.

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Lifting the Veils

So much is happening energetically at this time. The incredibly powerful Lions Gate energies are building. For some this energy is knocking them down. Lots of sleep as the body is processing these upgrades. Some are finding themselves in full blown detox mode with stomach upset, nausea, headaches and all over body aches. Some, like myself are finding themselves grounded so that we are still. I fell off my bike and the subsequent knee injury has slowed me down considerably.

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The Ascension Mysteries

Join David in this epic two-hour tour-de-force of highly classified insider information revealing the true multi-million-year cosmic history of our solar system. A battle rages on between the forces of good and evil and it is still playing itself out in today's headlines.

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AS WE SHIFT - #PUSHBACK (TIMELINES, PARALLELS & VEILS, OH MY!) Things are getting weird. The veil is lifting, timelines are merging, and parallel realities are showing up in the…

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The Third Wave of 2016

The energies for the September wave, our third amplification of 2016, are already arriving. To recap: The first wave (late December – January) was aimed at dissolving looping programs which interfered with HUman perception of the Shift in consciousness. These programs which kept people doing the same things, thinking the same thoughts, repeating the same beliefs were dismantled. As always, the collective recreates old patterns out of habit, so there is a delay between what occurs and what the collective can perceive due to our experience of linear time. That is the free will choice of Creator-in-carnate HUmans, with powerful DNA, who are able to collectively create realities.

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A Message of Light

As a conduit of light there is no such thing as a convenient time when information and knowledge comes streaming through you. And information may come short, brief and to the point, on the other hand it may open the flood gates streaming through you for hours.

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