Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay – Transformation IS happening NOW!!

Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay – Transformation IS happening NOW!!

 Greetings dear StarsOnes,
With Love we come to remind you of these few principles….
As the Waves of New Energy will continue to unfold stay in your Heart daily with an unwavering feeling of Gratitude & Compassion. Know that We are ONE existing in whole-Hearted unity alongside all other brothers and sisters from many Stars and Galaxies.
ONE Source of Light, ONE Consciousness
Y/Our hearts beat to the pulse NOW of the Universal Cosmic Heart at the Center of this Galaxy. We breathe the same breath, that of your kin the stars are full of Light/live, Infinite without limits, without boundaries for all creations
Believe that you are already Awake, stronger from your yesterdays and more Powerful than your tomorrows!
When women’s power fully awaken and merged with their counterparts, they will move mountains. Together in UNITY they will Dream of a world where people live in peace sharing their stories with reverence, respect and love of the days of “Our Founding LightOnes”
Quantum Entanglement law is co-creation, the Awareness in a none-local contemplation/ observation of your Conscious Self having unlimited potential of choices and experiences
Transformation IS happening NOW..this Unity of the Cosmic Sophia Divine Feminine and Christ Consciousness Divine Masculine. Although you go to great lengths to avoid what you think will hurt you, it is by facing your greatest fears that you gain Peace and Enlightenment.
Just surrender, no greater task is asked of you, so let’s walk together through to the other side. And, what is the solution to avoid physical emotional mental spiritual chaos and confusion? Go within and let your HEART show you the simple mystery of an answered prayer. Magical miracles…
ASK for your Consciousness to BE Sovereign and fully embodied. Stay in your HEART and you realize that during the Recovery phase there will be an opportunity for you to USE any insecurity to Empower your SELF…
Listen to your HEART’s Wisdom and take actions that bring you Balance of LOVE&PEACE again.
All what is to Become you have Done it before….Remember
ONENESS OF HEARTS We are ALL an expression of Divine Source.
I AM Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay

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  1. Rychard

    Kocham i nie wymagam być kochanym,
    Doceniam i nie wymagam być doceniany i to mi wystarcza.
    Jestem wdzięczny za te wspaniałe slowa. Wszystko jest wspaniałe.
    Kocham WAS.

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